Angel Beats!

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Japanese: Angel Beats!(エンジェルビーツ!)
English: Angel Beats!
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Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 3, 2010 to Jun 26, 2010
Premiered: Spring 2010
Broadcast: Unknown
Studios: P.A. Works
Source: Original
Genres: DramaDrama, SupernaturalSupernatural
Theme: SchoolSchool
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.081 (scored by 11820991,182,099 users)
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Ranked: #4662
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Popularity: #24
Members: 1,893,415
Favorites: 46,028

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What is death? What is friendship? Both series explore these themes in different ways, but in ways which touch the target audience. The audience is also likely to fall in love with the characters of either series, making for a rather nice slice-of-life watch with a supernatural twist. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both written by the famous Maeda Jun and have the same amazing production behind his works. Both however could be better if longer, but are still good given their short allotted time slot. Both will make you smile, laugh, and cry as are typical Maeda Jun's works 
report Recommended by orangeblo0dz23
Drama has similar fell and has same over the top comedy relieves. Both have great animation and music has been done by same composer. 
report Recommended by monkatx
Both series have clubs ,Some band playing, Gods, Fighting, and the Main characters are alike. 
report Recommended by Sealkid
Life after death, or better say: afterlife. Both series are significantly based on this concept. Which makes them both overall quite interesting. While Death Parade might result to have a darker atmosphere and tone than Angel Beats, this last one instead has somewhat of a more "colorful" atmosphere and in some occasions can get deeper than DP, but both series can still have lighter and funny moments here and then. Esepcially AB at the start. Now, we need to mention that both plots are different from eachother but still, the series share a great deal: - aside from the already stated strong main concept of the  read more 
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
Both series have a white-haired, cute girl protagonist. They become friends with the male protagonist - a genuinely nice and sweet guy - and their friendship gradually changes over the course of the story. They both have humour integrated into an otherwise emotional story.  
report Recommended by tearbender
All characters in both series have some tragic past, accident or something tragic will during the series to them  
report Recommended by Bladeguy
Similar animation style, both involving a mystery surrounding a high school. Similar character archetypes. Really funny moments of randomness, but can be very poignant at times, too. 
report Recommended by Nek0
Fates entwining, paths crossing perhaps only for a brief moment. Romance, sadness, packed together with a nice little bow of a well written plot, but prepare as well for a good cry. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
While Haibane Renmei couldn't be more dissimilar, the concept of the characters being in a supposed afterlife or purgatory are both extremely integral to the setting. Although in Angel Beats!, it seems like they fear the next step and thus rebel in anyway to ensure they don't disappear. However, in Haibane Renmei, they do the exact opposite and are more resigned to their fate, and there is little conflict. 
report Recommended by BluMeino
Both directed by Seiji Kishi. You will see a lot of similar comedic gags between the two series. 
report Recommended by fatalbert357
The pull comes from wanting a last moment with the ones a person loves, yet the art style for each leans towards the Gothic style with the slight horror twist with the plot. Both anime are beautifully made. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both series take place in and around an abnormal school, with its students trying desperately to understand their situation with deaths taking place pretty much constantly. In Angel Beats! death is cheap (and impermanent), but Another plays for keeps. 
report Recommended by lithiumflower
baseball, feels, same creator... character-centric plot also something more but I'd get into spoilers :( 
report Recommended by KandaRainbowsoul
Seems like they're at a school type of setting trying to get over some sort of past they had to move on and live life. Each character has some unique personality or past that is gone over and also has a story to go with them.  
report Recommended by Excelion
In both anime, the protagonists get to redo their lifes in high school. 
report Recommended by toumei_
In both series the main characters are trapped in a world where they would rather not be in. They try to resist and fight this world in order to regain their freedom. This is why I would recommend watching both series if you liked one of them. Both of them also involve a love story 
report Recommended by Darkbow
Both have great stories, are very emotionally charged, and have similar feels. Mahou is much darker in the bulk of the episodes, while Angel Beats has more comic relief, but both are powerful anime that I highly recommend. 
report Recommended by baltar
Start of like a comedy and increasingly develop intense drama. Both are adolescent stories with youths going for their life goal, or new life. 
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Secrets involving the main female protagonist, but the theme of death run through both. Both use very similar Gothic styles with only slight differences color wise, but there is an emotional pull regarding the characters. The series get very dark, and very emotional, but doesn't dive in full blown right away. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Kinda similar in some ways: includes some sort of relationship with boys and girls carrying out a gun in school grounds and fighting against one another for some certain reasons. It's comedy and enjoyable to watch! Great animations as well 
report Recommended by cherichelly
They give out the same feeling. They both have really good somewhat crazy humor moments, and touching moments, too, while the overall plot is poor and one can hardly speak about the whole anime story development. Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? and Angel Beats are similar in this: they're not your usual episodic anime and it seems like there's a story that progresses from one episode to another, but in reality it's only a ghost of the story that only takes place to move the anime on and to connect those funny and sad moments. And it'll be fair to say those moments are nice  read more 
report Recommended by Neesan-chan
Both have swapping between drama and comedy at a fast pace. Both have similar girl main interests. A stretch, but anyone who enjoys one can probably enjoy the other. 
report Recommended by YuriInLuck
Both Have Similar Artwork, Story Structure, Music And Are Made By The Same People, Key! 
report Recommended by SpaceHoliday
Both Anime have simular art style. Both slowly build up to a climax. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
These shows are alike in a lot of ways. Both involve clubs, and have some fighting.  
report Recommended by Cheating
Both series share a similar style in theme and direction and an under lying plot that is emotionally heavy. They also share the same mix of character development, action, & romance throughout the series. 
report Recommended by CodeVyse
Unexpected twists are good in making these shows have more emotional effect. Plus the characters are well developed 
report Recommended by Silver-King
Both shows follow the lives of highschool students who try to live a normal highschool life despite the situation. 
report Recommended by wightwulf1944
Angela Beats is the more shounen friendly version of Elfen lied. WHY!? there are no similarities! Yes there is. Both AB and EL have the same core when it comes to the characters. Both have Characters that either had or are having a SHITTY life. a life of pain and suffering, and those charathers are fighting for just one little bit of happines.  
report Recommended by Typhor
imagine life as a coin... the lighter part of the coin you see and the dark part behnd.. are somewhat the same analogy i can give them both 
report Recommended by mallowag3124
The Day I Became A God and Angel Beats are two anime created by Jun Maeda of Key (a company known for Kanon, Air, Clannad, and Little Busters) fame and produced by P.A. Works. Both anime are about a boy who meets a girl who says some remarkably weird things as they meet, only to find out that some of what she says may have some truth in it after all. Don't let its fast-paced comedy and the whimsical slice-of-life activities the characters participate in fool you into thinking feels aren't included though. Also, both Ashura and Hinata are voice acted by Ryouhei Kimura and  read more 
report Recommended by Fario-P
They both have a group of kids in an exaggerated school setting (one school in the afterlife and one school that has students battle). They're both comedies and both have some romance in them as well. Angel Beats is a little softer on the romance and comedy, and more emotional and deep as well. It really pulls you into the story. Baka to Test on the other-hand is a slapstick comedy that will have you laughing to yourself twenty minutes after you've finished watching an episode. The romance is balanced in well so that you end up loving many of the characters to boot.  
report Recommended by bloodless08
Dead teenagers trying to achieve their dreams even though they are already dead. Solving traumas from when they are still alive with their friendship. There are music and singing too 
report Recommended by dindasmart
Death - can one have a second chance at life? Or is life lost forever? Both series delve into similar constructs in different manners, yet are emotionally drawing fro the viewer. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
-Both about fighting in order to survive or be safe. -Both are very touching story with little bit of romance. -Both story surely make you feel like wanna cry. -Both has a very nice and touching song that surely make you fall for it. -Both are about teamwork and friendship. -Both story shows that everyone has their own past that has been kept secret all the way. -Both story shows the sadness and the difficulty when departing with your friends or someone you treasure the most. -Both of the main character did met up in the end of the story. -Both has a peaceful ending and all the character continue to live their  read more 
report Recommended by Yumii1606
The series share a similar doom and gloom attitude which leaves the viewer hoping for a better future, but whether the better future comes would provide spoilers. Specifically, there is this fight for one’s life going on, yet this normality that contradicts this fight which the characters find themselves needing to balance out. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both these Anime feature girls kicking butt despite the odd situations they find them in. Both Anime push the boundary of "willing suspense of disbelief" and yet the viewer still finds themselves believing what is going on could possibly happen in another reality. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both Have Like That Same Vibe / Feeling even though one is about zombies and one is about dead kids and their life. U get the feeling that like the group is fight against everything else and like stick together with lots of comedy =D hotd has more eechi though. 
report Recommended by Asian48
Romance delving into the intricacies of death and fate are features of both series, but both feature a purple tones color scheme through good parts of the scenes. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
If you indulge in the atmosphere, you're gonna have a feels trip. If you analyze both series however, you'd find them average at best.  
report Recommended by FacesReality
-Both deal with characters regrets in life -Both focus around a group of likeable characters in high school -Both are full of tragedy and are known for their 'feels' 
report Recommended by thelectricow
Comedy and funny moments are superficial in addition to profound themes and meanings. 
report Recommended by reluctantbeeswax
The feeling after the last episode is the same as when you finish Angel Beats but multiply it by about 2 xD They were both stunning Animes but SukaSuka takes the definitive lead ! 
report Recommended by SexyJalapenos69
Both are about a school club and have mystery elements. Like Otonashi the mainchar in Hyouka is not very interessted in this club and trys to avoid it. 
report Recommended by Madotsuki-chan
they both have really sad moments but yet really happy moment just trust me and watch it , You'll find out ;) 
report Recommended by static64
if angel beats combine action and sol/drama but you want some extra romance, then koi choco would be a great choice. since it combine sol/drama with a lot of love. but less action though... 
report Recommended by sora2eugene
Both anime have good action, with guilty crown having some of the best fighting scenes I've seen in a while. Also both Angel Beats and Guilty Crown tend to be more serious anime with a little comedy thrown in. Both anime focus on the importance of relationships and both have great music! if you liked angel beats you will love guilty crown as well!!  
report Recommended by lemonlime00
They both share a similar characteristic of playing with your emotions, although Mirai Nikki has a much much stronger element of fear added in the mix. Both have strong plots and dark character backstories that become motives for their struggles. One could also argue that Mirai Nikki is a perversion of Angel Beats! since the participants are forced to fight each other to alleviate their live's sorrows instead of working together to overcome them. 
report Recommended by regithegamer
Both have a group of characters who are fighting the authorities (rebellion) 
report Recommended by EarWormOfNight
Both of them have a Group, and well The main character loved the other girl than the girl who likes him. And well both series character got serious problems in their life 
report Recommended by Clerericus
Out of all the seasons of Little Busters, LB!:Ex is propably the most similar to Angel Beats, mainly because of the first "Arc" of Ex. We have a girl fighting against some kind of force on the grounds of school, the main guy helping her out and then them trying to find something in the underground of said school - meanwhile trying to dodge several traps etc. The similarities go on like that but to keep this spoiler free I won't go into more detail on this - you know what I mean by Angel Beats and the first Arc of LB!:Ex being pretty similar  read more 
report Recommended by PokeL
Both series have teenagers dealing with Supernatural concepts. Though Soul Eater is more goofy and has lots of elements typically seen in your everyday Shounen series while Angel Beats seems to be more serious and emotional at times. 
report Recommended by SuperTiencha
Although placed in rather diffrent settings, both anime are centered around self-made and rather unusuall high-school organizations, wich leads to some fights. 
report Recommended by hajil
Similar in terms of tragedies befalling on the characters and art style. Although, Angel Beats! has a mix of comic relief. 
report Recommended by hokeymon
Both are really funny at the beggining and throughout the series. But they both make you feel sad at the end. But Ouran isn't as sad at the end as Angel Beats! is. 
report Recommended by 4Brads
Surprisingly I found a lot of resemblance while watching Angel Beats, the jokes, the set-in-school environment, these are very similar yet different... Both Angel Beats & D-Frag tend to focus on the comedy more than on romance, while also having a similar artstyle. 
report Recommended by blank
Both shows deal with teens locked in a purgatory-like state, each of them needing to come to terms with their scars and accept the future rather than cling to the past, rebelling against a cruel, unfair world. 
report Recommended by Melodic_Musings
Weird school afterlife with students against respective place's head or mastermind. 
report Recommended by Disillusion
Though KEY and Sunrise are two very different Studios, Code Geass and Angel Beats are similar in several ways. Both focus on a teen resistance group trying to defeat a force much more powerful than them, and both have that sort of bittersweet feeling that makes you happy and sad at the same time.  
report Recommended by JediEspada
These two are among my favorites for "music-incorporated" anime. While in both series there is an emphasis of plot elsewhere from music, music nevertheless weaves itself into the fabrics of the story, producing a perfect, brilliant, interesting complement to the main storylines. 
report Recommended by S2VX
Both series deals with the hardship of life and the unfairness of it all. We get to see many relationships blossom and see the power of friends. Prepare for saddness/tears! Overall awesome shows that are done far too soon. 
report Recommended by DataPrime
Both have angels, women beating the hell out of men, "death" of main character(s) just to be revived again, similar looking main character, and very funny. 
report Recommended by Nylogik
These two animes involve two parralel worlds and both are pretty realistics. 
report Recommended by Axepig
Both are fun and sad anime at the same time. The endings are surprising and will make you cry a lot. 
report Recommended by Ko-gil
The characters in both anime tell about unjust life & they also hate God. 
report Recommended by ilcre108
Bakemonogatari is the most classical representation of the last 5 episodes of Angel Beats. There is no visible difference between the two since they are both about helping others advance through their mental troubles.  
report Recommended by imjustjk
The reason why Fullmetal Alchemist is similar is because they both have alot of action and some comedy in them.But they do also have there sad moments.When they are in a action like situation it will keep your eyes glued to the screenThere's always something interesting going on in these anime's,I think there fantastic and hope that you find them the same way as i do. 
report Recommended by TomoyaandNagisa
Drama, action and fun, two good animes to see. 
report Recommended by Henrique_Leal
Both start off very light hearted with some comedy and action but as the story developes it turns into a more serious and dark story.Both shows have major changes in the charcthers as they remember their past.I will say though Mawaru Penguindrum is alot more complex then Angel beats and can be hard to follow at times. But overall they're both great and they are both "must see" shows 
report Recommended by Ozzey
Tenshi of Angel Beats is identical to Momo of Shinigami no Ballad, both physically and mentally. Their role is the same, too: they have to bring children/teenagers souls to the heaven. 
report Recommended by Disillusion
Both of these anime's an inspiring MC that meets a white haired girl who's both quiet and a little violent. They equally amusing comedy scenes, and the conclusion for both series is heart-wrenching and headache inducing (Meaning you'll be on the edge of your seat as your heart pumps too quickly and you get headache). So really, stop reading this recommendation and go watch Angel Beats (if you haven't, it's pretty famous you know). 
report Recommended by Luckpast
Random characters learning to accept and share the pain with each other to make more friends . 
report Recommended by FilipeJourney
Both based on visual novels which is very apparent in the style of adaptation which is something I personally enjoy a lot.  
report Recommended by unnamedhuman
Both with good character development and drama Both with romance In both the main character tries to help all characters Both have some comedy scenes, but angel beats is a little more focused in drama 
report Recommended by Boli_UwU
Life isn't as it seems, nor is the end game. Friendships abound, but around them is darkness within the plot rather than a simple slice-of-life story. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
It is similar because people are trapped in a school setting. Also it has a person trying to "redeem" others. Different is that angel beats is dead and caligula is alive 
report Recommended by Alex_Bradley
Just because both Haruhi and Yuri both look the same and almost has the same personality. Haruhi has the SOS Brigade and Yuri has the SSS. What more you want? 
report Recommended by Jmac
Both anime deal with the theme of death along with having 'angel' charters. They are both very deep stories that rely on paying attention. Both stories have a very interesting cast of charters and charter driven story. 
report Recommended by NiniAlex
Both uses the combination of sociopathic comedy and anti-comedy as an entertainment. Character dramatization are backstory reliant though tearjerking in sometime. The OST of both series are almost the same. Only difference is the themes and art-style, moe & anti-moe. 
report Recommended by Azraniel
Both are stuck inside of a game and confused if they really are dead or alive. They have to battle there way out by playing along with the game.  
report Recommended by Jackster27
Both anime are focused on death, the unexpected, things left unsaid, and the jarring shifts in tone. How things can go from happy to sad at the drop of the hat, the brevity of things, how you don't end up getting to do everything you want to. 
report Recommended by RogerSmith2004
Shows that introduce you to the characters through comedy, then show you how they deal with drama and matters of life and death. 
report Recommended by BoyHime732
Both of these shows are high school dramas which swing from comedy to blood shed. Also they can both get away with killing all of the main characters but not have them actually die.  
report Recommended by J_to_S
Themes of memory and identity, being trapped in another world, computer programs, the sense of a larger plot not being fully explained... There are plenty of big differences between them, but both shows have these elements,and they're both very enjoyable in their own regard. A lot of thought seems to have gone into their concepts. Plus, the creators of Angel Beats! seem to have ambitious plans, so it may come to have the same kind of multimedia project kind of feel that .hack's been expanding on for so long. 
report Recommended by tozoku
Stories about a cheerful high school life of specific students clubs, with special condition. There's a mysterious gods that triggers the students' struggles to fight. Yuuki Yuuna was first opened with the mission to protect their God and world, while Angel Beats! was the opposite. Both has similar atmosphere of lighthearted, comedies, mysteries, and past dramas, but there's more bitter truth waiting for them as the stories progress... Both are directed by the same director, hence if you watch them closely, they have similarities in term of direction styles and comedies. If these 12 episodes aren't enough for you, both also have light novel and visual  read more 
report Recommended by toumei_
Very similar with Styles aliens similar female characteristics angel beats being little more emotional. 
report Recommended by coke
Both of these Anime have parts of the animation that has bright colors and other times it gets dark but still maintains those bright colors. Both Anime are also about fighting for ones dreams and finding out a big secret. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Though they start off very differently, the eventual idea of both series centres around a cast of characters with internal scars which prevent them from leaving the place they are trapped in. Angel Beats is more slice of life-ish while Mayoiga is more centred around mystery. 
report Recommended by tearbender
Various moments of pure amusement, really funny scenes, and epic battles are the main similarities between Noragami and Angel Beats. It combines comedy with drama and mystery. In Noragami, the characters who are living an afterlife (just as on Angel Beats) and fight ghosts which haunt the city and corrupt souls. Yato is a silly version of Yuri, who wants to keep peace and fight the evil, besides his bad past. Some characters can't remember anything from the time they were alive, which is relatable with Angel Beats 
report Recommended by Cloversntombs
Similarities: Both are written by Maeda Jun Both mixed with emotions which can make you laugh, cry, or even be depressed (lol I don't mean it) Characters of both shows have supernatural powers where they attend special schools Both Female MCs has the same colour hair 
report Recommended by Yuukinaa
The charisma of this Anime is similar, but not the exact same. With Daisuke Niwas special side, it's including fun that makes Angel Beats! so special. The characters in general are similar. The story is not comparable, all though the title seems almost similar. 
report Recommended by lukii
Both involve main characters who are unable to die, but often randomly get maimed to the point where they would die, for no other reason than random comedy. Angel Beats!is a little more story and a little less humor (not by much) than Kore wa Zombie though. Both of the aforementioned main characters are also 'brought back to life' in a sense as well, with some sort of back story as to how they died. 
report Recommended by Icarussian
I think that you will enjoy Angel Beats! if you liked Sakurada Reset. I cannot explain it because there are no obvious similarities, but the feel is definitely there. I think both shows have good balance of drama, romance, and elements of supernatural. After watching Sakurada it really reminded me of Angel Beats. Give it a try! 
report Recommended by askGleb
The plots and characters aren't very similar at all. However, both animes have a similar sense of humor. If you were watching it for the comedy and liked it, you will probably like the other too. 
report Recommended by 14marsbar14
Utena and Angel Beats mix drama, humor and action to a very good standard. Both deal with similar issues, especially the idealization of youth and idealized in a different place. Utena is much deeper, but Angel Beats has a better pace. 
report Recommended by MillaMaxwell2
Similarities - Both protagonists wake up in a world they don't know, and they don't have memories. - Both animes develop their characters in a fantastic way. - Both anime have some drama aspects (even though Angel Beats! is a lot more dramatic). Differences - One is set in a medieval fantastic world, the other in a after death school. - One has swords, the other has guns. - The struggles are based on different reasons.  
report Recommended by pedrosp14
It's Otonashi in a new form: I say this because the English Voice actor is Otonashi from Angel Beats! And during Episode 2, he says something that Otonashi would say and act, plus it feels like the English Voice Actor wanted it to be like Angel Beats, and I sense it when he voiced this show. If you miss Angel Beats, and wanted more, this is the show, and it's all thanks to Otonashi English Voice Actor. 
report Recommended by Narukami4Golden
The Two of Main Character With Same White Hair Allen And Kanade Have Same Weapon, Kanade Use Weapon Right Hand With Hand Sonic, Allen Use Innocence , Left Hand With Crown Clown. Allen and Kanade Can Playing Music With A Musician Piano, And Same Energy When Allen Have Crown Belt to Protector Armored, But Kanade Have Wing Angel to Fly Sky. But Still Strong Kanade Than Allen, But Allen Can Be Stronger If He Had Control Power Of Noah 14th. 
report Recommended by DedyWalker
the best action adventure fighting isekai anime of all time  
report Recommended by manueltherod
At first this may seem completely unrealistic, mainly because Angel Beats is far superior, but hear me out for a couple minutes. -Both involve characters going back to confront their past to move on -Both involve high schoolers in a fantasy world -Both revolve around a group of friends -Both hint at romance 
report Recommended by thelectricow
Both shows are about "students" which have to grow as character over time.  
report Recommended by Riskshocker
Both have beautiful and similar characters. Both have hilarious moments, and will make you cry at some moment. Worth watching both if you like comedy and sad animes 
report Recommended by CaNNaBizZ
All loveable characters, amazing concepts, thrilling twists and great comedy. They're both written/created very well, so heartfelt and atmospheric.  
report Recommended by flobadobadoo
They are both comedies but there is a fair share of action in both. 
report Recommended by Bloomberry
Both have a scene setting in a diffrent world from ours. They also share the same atmosphere, that makes your eyes water at times. They both have a mystery genre. I enjoyed watching them both, and i hope you will too. 
report Recommended by requimcompany123
Both anime started with a huge cast of characters fighting for something as a group. Basically, the characters are part of some kind of military group (I know that Angel Beats is not military but they have guns and sharp weapons so I guess that counts). As the show goes on, characters slowly "disappear" from the show and they are even removed from the opening/ending credits. If you want shows that has the entire cast in the credits and slowly remove those who are no longer in the show, then these two are for you. :) 
report Recommended by Shin-D-Quil
This is an odd recommendation, but both of these are hilarious without relying on cuteness or grossness. Grand Blue is humour for an adult audience while Angel Beats! has more tame jokes (still gut-busting though). If you've seen Angel Beats! are looking for something that is actually laugh-out-loud funny, then watch Grand Blue. If you've seen Grand Blue and are looking for hilarious comedy that is not gross (like the top Prison School recommendation), then watch Angel Beats! (just be aware that it is more dramatic and has an actual plot). 
report Recommended by TMoane
looks happy and fun on the surface masking pain and deeper more lovely story  
report Recommended by imperialblack1
You become very close to the characters and there is an underlying message in both shows. They are both a must watch 
report Recommended by vicious_Panda244
If you liked the comedy in Angel Beats! you will likely enjoy Assassination Classroom. They both have teens trying to kill what they believe to otherworldly beings that they later form alliances with to take out the main threat. Aside from having very similar animation styles and lots of GUNS, they both have a similar formula of emotion+comedy to create an overall enjoyable experience. However the emotion in Ansatsu isn't as strong but the comedy is a lot better than in Angel Beats!. They're similar enough that you'll like them, but not so much that you won't be able to appreciate them for what they  read more 
report Recommended by kallocarina
Sora and Otonashi—young boys transported to another world. The difference is that the former is well-versed in the rules of that world, whereas the latter isn't. Of course, the real parallels come in when you consider that they both have lolis who are better than them at their job accompany them to victory, while at one point, they both also manage to turn an enemy, who happens to be a cute girl, into a loyal friend with useful powers. While Angel Beats! sports more of a melancholic vibe to everything, being a Jun Maeda work, No Game No Life is much sillier and more exciting.  read more 
report Recommended by SAT0rii
The World Ends With You The Animation and Angel Beats are two action anime with an orange-haired boy as the main protagonist. He wakes up to find himself in an unfamiliar urban setting where the supernatural is very real and visible, and cannot remember anything other than his name. Then he's immediately asked by a girl with red/magenta-ish colored hair to join her in this world. Ryouhei Kimura also voices a character in both series. Expect some sadness—the original TWEWY game is a better experience than the anime though. 
report Recommended by Fario-P
Both deal with moving on from the afterlife and presents death in similar ways. Though Angel Beats! is more serious and action oriented and Konohana Kitan is much more slice of life and lighthearted.  
report Recommended by BiggestAdvocado
Scout. AB and BSD both feature a protagonist who is unlettered of the complicated surrounding they find themself in. With this, they are both forced to join this crew in their mission that needs every bit of help they can find from rarities as themselves. AB does this with Otonashi joining the SSS in their quest to get revenge on God. BSD does this with Atsushi joining the Armed Detective Agency in policing against the crimes within Yokohama. Both are good action and comedy anime with both having the slightest touch of romance. 
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Both are anime that are mostly funny, but can and will probably hit your feels out of the blue. Though the situations are vastly different the vibes feels pretty much the same. Also both made me cry like a kid. 
report Recommended by GanSan
Hanayamata and Angel Beats are both TV anime where the main characters are a group of friends in an unofficial high school club. Many characters get episodes dedicated to themselves and there is a decent amount of fun mixed in with those feels. Angel Beats may be set in a fantasy high school, but it doesn't change the fact that both shows still have the same kind of vibe and friendship, all set with some nice music (and a rock band) and beautiful color choices. 
report Recommended by Fario-P
Harem romance (not ecchi but multiples girls around one male MC) in a paranormal/fantastic setting. Same twist, except that Bunny Girl senpai doesn't bother to build it up properly.  
report Recommended by Pumpkinyaaan
Both are titles the main boy saves the main girl's life but he himself forget what had he done... 
report Recommended by mhkr
Will at times make you feel. Storytelling is great and the love interest is very entertaining. 
report Recommended by itsfreeze
The lightheartedness and comedy will surely intertwine at times. 
report Recommended by ChaximelOld
both have great character development, with good dramas. you'll find it similar. 
report Recommended by damboyy
Both of these animes have really good music in them, one one than others  
report Recommended by MidnightSprinkle
Angel beats is about accepting death, The persona 3 movies (and the game aswell) also have a similar theme of accepting and living with death though persona 3 does go about it in a darker way.  
report Recommended by unnamedhuman
If you like emotional Anime, I really recommend 'Angel Beats', an anime series with beautiful courage, love, and friendship. Otonashi awakens only to learn he is dead. A rifle-toting girl named Yuri explains that they are in the afterlife, and Otonashi realizes the only thing he can remember about himself is his name. Otonashi decides to join the SSS and battle Tenshi, but he finds himself oddly drawn to her. While trying to regain his memories and understand Tenshi, he gradually unravels the mysteries of the afterlife. 
report Recommended by 1mke
while each show has a different focus- stars align (tennis club) and angel beats! (afterlife) both share similar character development. characters have a darker backstory than is first appeared and the main characters helps them through it.  
report Recommended by coffeejellystan
To me, these are similar for the quality of their music, their animation, and their stories. Shelter might be a one episode story, but it still feels warm from the sadness that the main characters of both shows must feel when they think about their "end of the world" kind of past. 
report Recommended by NatoBoram
Both have similar ties into romance and are dramatic towards the end. They both have good uses of both humor and action. 
report Recommended by CodedbyDays
The characters and their personal struggle is the main resemblance of these animes. They are made for you to appreciate them as they are, with their imperfections, dreams, and weirdness. 
report Recommended by NatoBoram
This work really reminds me of Angel Beats!'s spirit. Although the plot has nothing to do, the kind of humour is quite similar (crazy, but not absurd). The characters are very charismatic and they have their own little trouble. Also, once in a while, this piece offers you some sad and dramatic moments. 
report Recommended by DHancock
The theme is not really the same, but if you like animes with deeper story you might consider looking into this anime :3 I think it will move your heart too if you dedicate a little bit of your attention to it ~ 
report Recommended by Kong38
Both extremely sad and both have the most elite openings ever, plus both revolve around teenagers 
report Recommended by SaucyGeezer
An unusual mix of typical high school hijinks and gunplay. 
report Recommended by NeoRinTinTin
For some reason, I always compare these 2 a lot. Both have a huge set of characters, Angel Beats somewhat fails on this while Baccano succeeds. Both include comic relief breaks to make the pacing refreshing in the forms of T.K. and Isaac and Miria. If you love to see a big cast of characters go crazy, both are must see. 
report Recommended by IllegalCyrus
Both shows involves with being dead, unable to die and using guns and swords to fight. Although, Zombie loan focuses on killing zombies, Angel beats focuses on a story on people who are unable to live their youth lives properly. Zombie Loan involves more mystical(supernatural) abilities/creatures. 
report Recommended by lostplanets
Both involve students doing unschooly things like going inside dungeons. There is also great music. They also involve reaching out to the truth. Smack me for the punnery if you will. 
report Recommended by Yukariki
-Main character enters into a new world that they never knew existed (Angel Beats: world of those who died and cannot rest peacefully and Houkago: the existence of alien, space, and magic) -Meet irreplaceable/memorable friends and shows you their pasts, their wish, and why they ended up in the position where they are now -Both involves having to do a mission/a purpose -Both the animes romance are very similar to each other -Basically, both animes are very similar, but Angel Beats is more dramatic and dark. As for Houkago, it's more happy, yet depressing. It's not as deep as Angel Beats, but both are very great. -If you like Angel  read more 
report Recommended by iNinjeek
Both are visually beautiful and filled with otherworldly imagery. End of Evangelion is more realistic and lively though. 
report Recommended by CatStasher
both have team planning . both have strong girls. both have may girls. both have all out war. both fight as team. both have leader. both have strategic planning and fighting. both have same feel while watching. 
report Recommended by TrOjAnHoRsE
Both shows talk about the unfairness in society/life and helps one an another to solve a problem.  
report Recommended by lostplanets
Both Angel Beats! and Durarara!! are amazing for the same reasons, including engrossing (but much different) story lines, lovable characters, great use of animation and art style, in depth development of characters and much more. For this they're both similar and just as amazing as each other. Don't let the difference in genre put you off, if you enjoyed Angel Beats! and can handle violence in anime then I 100% recommend Durarara!!  
report Recommended by lunafloon
Both have girls with guns fighting, although in Upotte, the girls are guns and in Angel Beats, they are not. Both have some good humor in it, but Angel Beats swings more to the romance side. I highly recommend people who saw Upotte to watch Angel Beats. 
report Recommended by Smior
Both are heart warming stories that deal with the daily lives of teenagers and an occurring supernatural event. Animes talk about death, life and reincarnation.  
report Recommended by Princes
Both series fluctuate between surreal comedy and sombre drama as a group of spirited teenagers struggle with their core existences. And as the main characters are so easy to root for, this leads to a vivid emotional experience for the typical viewer. 
report Recommended by PreFuturism-0
Both series involves action, comedy, drama, and girls with guns. Crude humor and stunning soundtrack are also present. 
report Recommended by Stark700
- Heavy emotional involvement - Involve watching someone slip away right before your eyes - Touching character interactions - Good character development (which Kowarekake no Orgel amazingly manages to do in 30 minutes) - Moe - Tugs on your heart strings - Great music, including some tracks with powerful vocals In reality, Kowarekake no Orgel is good if you're a fan of ANY of Key's works, but it's most similar to Air in terms of plot. 
report Recommended by DraconisMarch
The Main characters look very much alike Both shows have a 'Tachibana' who both look alike (hair, eyes, politeness etc.) Both anime have the same feel to them bought about by the illuminating colour schemes They don't have over stylised fight scenes They're both very light-hearted (exception Angel Beats at the end) And of course mysterious girl introduces main character to whole new world 
report Recommended by Bladetswordsman
if you watched angel beats you like for garanty ga-rei:zero their is also a sad story in both action, supernatrual and comedy so their almost the same 
report Recommended by 9nl0dutch
Both having all sort of characters with all sort of crazy personality Both are funny and enjoyable 
report Recommended by d0uble
Same style of "all-out" comedy and fights but both still rely on a serious story-line to carry the series. 
report Recommended by UrbanFlare
Both are 2010 shows. Both shows have tacticians that make you think they are really serious but they do have their own funny side as well. 
report Recommended by nalferd
It is kind of hard to explain why I would recomend these to. To me, they both had lovable characters, the humour was simular, though one storyline took on a darker side. I also enjoyed the character designs and the crispness in the animation. I guess the best way to put it is, both are kind of like Fairy Tales in the long run, though some people may not realize it for Angel Beats! at first. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
If you enjoy a quirky kind of humour or something that makes you laugh unexpectedly then this may be right for you. The two animes are of different genre though so don't expect them to share the same vibe! 
report Recommended by taro_jellybean
My similarites is Haruhi Suzumiya is looks like Yuki Nakamura both are their attitude and being leader of the club. Haruhi is the founder of SOS Brigade while Yuri is the founder of SSS 
report Recommended by YumikoMegurine
The two have the plot centered about heaven, reborn, love and friendship. In both there´s also a goal that the main ones have to fulfill so they can go to another place. Also, Kanade and Kobato are voiced by the same voice actress.  
report Recommended by Orulyon
Well. Both have clubs, music issues and kinda similar characters. And when you watch Angel Beats! you feel like you are watching K-ON!  
report Recommended by Nolongerusedxx
Both animes involve serious clubs, and have eye-catching fighting animations. 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
They both have that sad feeling at the end that makes you wish it could just continue. Plus, they make you fell fufilled when you do finish even if you do wish for more. Both are also great animes!! I love them and I am positive you will too!! 
report Recommended by 4Brads
Both have strange plot, good comedy and dramatic parts, thin love story and too little episodes. Angel Beats! is closer to mainstream though.  
report Recommended by bo4onok
Both are about defiance against God and about harsh lives. Both are really sad and funny aswell.  
report Recommended by Darkhawk220
Once again we have girls and the main character guy in a different world with powers fighting an evil girl 
report Recommended by kiona76
Both animes use music, singers and idols as a way to fight in the world that they are living in, whether it is to survive or for power/hope. 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
This may look like a strange combination, but it's not. In both series you have a group of kids (all with their personal problems) who are in a different world. They all have to overcome their problems in this world. 
report Recommended by Nerdo
The characters are cute and it has fantasy and supernatural with a bit of romance 
report Recommended by kairi07
Both fighting and have murdering  
report Recommended by END1E55
Both of them are about a regular guys that end up in a high school were they can both be killed, the difference is that in Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei you have to do it so you can leave alive, and in Angel Beats its not as threatening. 
report Recommended by Israelrc
Both are set in another world where people supposedly won't die even when killed there. Both shows have the same feeling. There are action with gun and blades, light-hearted moments, survival theme, mysterious incidents that leads to annihilation of people from both worlds, and FEEL-inducing events in the end of the shows.  
report Recommended by toumei_
-Both has something to do with life and death. -SSS club is same as the astronomy club, they solve problems in and around school which is many times with bits of fighting/violence. -Main protagonist has two girls which could end in a relationship. -Both have the theme of friends and going through misfortune. -Kenny really looks like TK. -They both give the same feeling in some way  
report Recommended by VortrexSx
Furiko crafts a tighter and more engaging narrative with more compelling characters in four minutes and 20 seconds than Angel Beats! manages to accomplish in four hours and 20 minutes. If you want a recommendation for Angel Beats, you're almost certainly looking for a recommendation for a tearjerker. While I wouldn't personally classify either of these as tearjerkers (because they didn't jerk any tears from me, and that's how I define it), they both fall into the same tone and even use incredibly similar themes. 
report Recommended by Fall
Angel Beats! isn't a yuri, but it does have a lot of the same elements as Kannazuki no Miki especially the fighting scenes and the main character having lost their memory. They're also both romantic and very touching. 
report Recommended by Etoile_sama
If you have seen Date A Live, it will remind you of Angel Beats. First off, Kanade in Angel Beats will remind u of Tohka in Date A Live because both of them give off a similar expression i.e. both of them attacked or tried to attack the main male protagonist. *SPOILERS FOR BOTH* The main male protagonist falls in love with with the girl who tried to attack him or did attack him in the beginning of the anime and the girl falls in love with him too. 
report Recommended by kevdragoneel
In both anime's the main male protagonist find themselves (for them at the moment) in a wierd place, surrounded by strange people. But in no time they get used to it. Both anime's have a piece of supernatural related storys, and the comedy is mutual in them. The music is also good if you ask me.  
report Recommended by ElemenT
In both Angel Beats & Accel World the main character is put into another world either by force or by owns free will for a reason. -Both include alternate world where you fight for survival. -The male MC in both "Accel World" & "Angel Beats" follows a female leader. -In Both animes the life is said to be "Unfair". -The MC in both series helps the other cast members overcome certain problems they face and to move on. 
report Recommended by Miyuki_Kotone
It may not seem like it but Angel Beats and Shiki do have a few things in common. In both of these anime, the dead come back to life and live in a specific area. In Angel Beats, it's the school while in Shiki it is the small country town everyone lives in. Another thing is the action. There is a bit of fight scenes in both although Shiki is more of a mind game rather than the fighting that goes on in Angel Beats. They both had a sense of mystery as to what the heck was going on too. 
report Recommended by purdystar
both have fighting scenes as well as manny funny scenes added to it. They both have manny lovable characters. 
report Recommended by DarkenNightLife
Similarities + Both stories revolve around past events, how they affect individuals in the present, the ramifications of obsessing over past events, and letting go and moving on said past events. + Death is a driving factor many of the characters and the world (micro and/or macro level). + Finding/fulfilling purpose is something that is touched upon to varying degrees. + Both are set in worlds that have an underlying supernatural presence that continues to exist indefinitely, even after the story of the featured characters is completed. Differences - Angel Beats has a much lighter tone - literally and metaphorically - that eases viewers before and after  read more 
report Recommended by namelessspecter
The literature club in Yuki-chan starts off really quiet, and the growth is catalyzed by a mysterious student. The SSS from Angel Beats starts off lonely and angry, and the growth is catalyzed by a mysterious dead kid. 
report Recommended by LoidNerdy101
"Angel Beats!" and "Kataku" / "House of Flames" both depict the afterlife in unique ways in which the situation confuse the protagonist into questioning its purpose. Furthermore, the person in the afterlife from the two anime both have regrets towards the life they once led and are pained by their past. 
report Recommended by StevenHu
There are no real villains. There are people who oppose the protagonist, but they have their own personal reasons. I like how these shows show both sides. In Angel Beats, Angel and Naoi kinda opposed Otonashi. In K, HOMRA is trying to get Shiro. 
report Recommended by LilRadRidingHood