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Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara
Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara
6 hours ago
Watching 8/13 · Scored 8
Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken
Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken
6 hours ago
Watching 6/? · Scored 5
Imouto sae Ireba Ii.
Imouto sae Ireba Ii.
8 hours ago
Watching 7/? · Scored 3
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Hokuto no Ken
Hokuto no Ken
10 hours ago
Reading 113/245 · Scored 8
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
10 hours ago
Reading 37/? · Scored 9
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
10 hours ago
Reading 22/? · Scored 8


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Hirugiku Nov 18, 9:45 PM
I see, btw can you tell me what you think of the ED song? like it? it sounds bonkers af, btw do you hear any german words? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkHVrv_KEwk The funny thing about ED btw is that even after 2 eps there are no visuals on the ED...... not enough budget? its just a regular credits roll +the song. That's very sad... btw i have no idea how this is happening but i actually actually ACTUALLY like the anime :v even if i think its really bad, directing is bad especially, but i still like it. I'd probably really love VN that i probably should play at one point.
Anyway im pretty happy with myself for somehow liking it despite expecting to really hate it. GOES TO show once again to not take mal's judgement that much.
That being sad im really disappointed in how little effort was put in the anime by the studio and director. VIsuals are pretty bad too.

Btw still cant get your story out of my head,about you watching Inuyashiki's ep 4 in that situation. hehehehehe, that really is quite a story that i wont be able to forget very soon :P I replied to that message below btw.
ALso ever since you told me that Leonhard is the german name i keep seeing and seeing it, in Dies irae and Code realize(if you remember that one official's name was Leonhard who was loyally serving the one and only that bae Queen, she surely looks different from how i remember her in history :D)
Hirugiku Nov 18, 7:14 PM
wtf looool so a totally useless quote, and i thought it'd be something incredible, anyway thanks for translation >_< btw oh how i love the feeling when you have to go to mal forums and read comments because you have no idea what's going on in the anime
Hirugiku Nov 18, 6:28 PM
Also could you please translate this? yes yes its NOT translated in the episode and im curious what it means :(

Feels like im exploiting someone :P
Hirugiku Nov 18, 4:14 PM
Congratz on getting better at PRC :P

Man why are you so mean :( imagine Urahara gets a second season and you'd be so happppppy, jumping out of your seat and all, and there'd be people saying "god fucking damn it Japan" since Urahara is so hated on mal, not as much as eromanga tho. All im saying is that there are people really looking forward to the new Ova or new season, that's kinda mean to them saying such comments.
Btw im that person :D i really liked eromanga, so i was really happy it got something, even if its just an ova. Btw still cant get the thought out of mind of some statistics that were done and finding out how people aged 55 or higher watch a lot of eromanga. Something like that, i dont remember the exact thing >_>

Wtf lol did that actually happen, i only thought it happened in some videos. wait let me find some... there it is lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXWgHnXWV4c
i think the last thing, absolutely the last thing i'd ever do is watch an anime in a public place, anything that's not my sweet home, especially when someone is behind me. I respect anime way more to do that, not to mention its just uncomfortable. But damn that's a rough thing that could happen and that happened to you in that episode wow. SO you didnt even finsih the episode eh? but still updated it on mal? To think that beginning part affected you that much lool.

whats cheating BS? :( i feel like im missing a really easy one :D
The thing with some 9s for me is that i dont like them that much, and i can count those on my one hand. 3-gatsu is one of them, i think its a pretty great anime, but i personally just dont like it. Same with made in abyss(but i changed it to 8 just couple of days ago) i think its a great anime but i cant like something like that. I still like them tho, i can say that i like them for a 7, if i would just rate based on like. But critically approaching 3-gatsu is a 9. Actually i might like 3-gatsu for 8. Because of the very last arc with .... (checking his name real quick xD) Shimada, right Shimada. This guy is the real truth btw....
rakugo season 2 btw is a 10 for me, and undoubtedly a masterpiece, but i probably love it for 8.5...

But in general please assume that if its a 9 or 10 my love for it is out of the roof and 90% the anime is really special for me,well you know something that you hold very dear to your heart and did a lot for me.

Ayyy i know about that already :P Speaking of alarms, one day mine didnt go off you know why? because we had a time change and alarm clock on your phone apparently bugs out, anyway it just didnt ring, and when i woke up it was still set for 6 AM, so its not like i accidentally set it for 6 pm or anything.
You are house-cleaning too? weew, looks like fun. ALl you need to is be like Ryuuji(toradora) and enjoy cleaning :P

How do i even explain that.... i'm really attached to the anime, setting and the characters. I probably approached the anime with different mindset than you, i dont want to assume but you probably just watched it casually? while i was prepared for something really bad after ep 2's ending. So i was totally in the mood and i was prepared to cry a lot. I cant quite say tho that i was in the world(well you know that feeling when you are totally absorbed by the anime and it feels like you are in their world during the episode) it wasnt like that for me quite yet, but i still was managed to feel >_> My poor girl Sami :((( especially when Chakuro was trying to carry her T_T and the very last thing when they cried even though it was prohibited for them, they just couldnt hold it in, just like me at the very end, i definitely had a burst of emotions T_T
And also i felt pretty emotional when Lykos(my favorite character along with Sami who is now RIP T_T ) was treated SOO horribly by her own gang, pulling her hair :( i felt for my poor girl :(

ANyway hope it was a good explanation so you could feel how i felt. And also i told you before didnt i? you can like ALMOST absolutely anything and make it special for you if you approach it with the right mindset. There are bunch of animes i dont like that you like, well that's probably because i didnt approach it correctly and thinking of them differently, and i feel like the more animes you like the more flexible you are, the more things you like the wider your horizon is. Its quite a feat to like a lot of things after all, take a look at one of my mal friends who im not gonna announce, giving everything a 7 or 6 and there are 2-3 animes that he gives a 9 too. And i cant say the 9 he gave is like to the greatest animes ever, there are other just as great animes he could've given 9 to.

But yeah my biggest challenge is to like everything, but im not forcing myself, if i dont like something i just dont, but i definitely know that its my fault along the way, i could've liked that anime if i approached it differently. Wow its like approaching different people. Btw thanks Chiaki-sensei(youkai apt)for teaching us losers such a valuable lesson that you need a different approach to different people (in ep 17 when they were talking about Aoki-sensei or whatever that nasty woman name is) without you Chiaki who knows where we would've been.
Btw i really thought Youkai apt and the way its directed, that it's goal is to reach 100+ episodes? or actually never end... you know those animes that never end? well i thought it'd be one of those. It'd be just going to another's life, to Inaba's life every week, every day, every hour every second arrgrh........... Only 26 :( weakling get out of here >_<

I saw that, gratz to another Himouto manga :D Lol about nanbaka's sequel tho...btw any reason why you gave 9 to manga and 8 to anime? talking about himouto.

So i was starting Dies irae and saw that comment in episode discussion

thought you'd get a giggle or two :P
Wait i didnt know Dies irae is about NAzi germany.... oh well will hope for the best, hope i wont cringe that much >_<

ALso lol'd at this comment, you can find it as well in the quiz sign up.
Hirugiku Nov 18, 12:18 PM
nanbaka 2 counts 100% btw i forgot to count that in..... and love kome we love rice 2 (how could i)
btw that was the event i've been waiting for for so long and when i was inviting you to club originally i said there is a fun thing in december :P
btw cant believe i watched more than you.... im at 122, i only watched about 40 in 2016.
ALso i swear if i see no saiyuuki questiong, ( -_・) ︻デ═一 >>> myself.
Watched 120 episodes for nothing? :PPPP
Hirugiku Nov 18, 12:04 PM
149 tho o_O there is no way something like tsuki ga kirei special, or dies irae episode 0 can be counted tho, i only counted seasonals...
Bajar Nov 13, 11:19 PM
isshuukan friends needs more love. that was a really sweet show.
Hirugiku Nov 8, 5:43 AM
just watched kujira no kora, i encountered that scene you were talking about finally. And my reaction was "Wait where do i cry" but i totally cried all over ep 3 ;_; that was really sad, and the anime is super great ;_;
Hirugiku Nov 7, 5:30 AM
i really really dont understand you

also you didnt tell me how you felt and what you felt during the scene before the opening in Inuyashiki, i have a habit for reading first comment before i start the ep and it told me to skip the first part, i wish i listened to him.

Well i was implying that all glasses characters are like that in 5 animes of this season....


Definitely the things that make you feel are quite complex to understand or i guess pretty different from mine. I'll tell you when i feel really emotional next time kay? SO FAR, from this season, wel lets see lets see (checking seasonals) Inuyashiki ep 1 and 2, Yome ep 1, houseki no kuni ep 3(because of how beautiful it was) For this season alone. FOr yours, i'd say i feel you on 3-gatsu, but i dont get that emotional there nor do i like the anime that much and i've yet to pick it up >__>
Made in abyss made me really emotional but for bunny :( i only feel for T H E B U N N Y. Have yet to watch kujira no kora, so thanks for spoilers :P
Hirugiku Nov 6, 2:48 PM
what exactly dont you like? and damn 5 is so brutal. Is that the rape, drugging, the opening scene? or the whole atmosphere? with just brutal things going on, yakuzza and the things i described in ep 4, bullying in all other episodes, and just overall the feeling of how shitty out world is, since the author is exploring and showing us the bad side of the coin.

I mean i watch 5 animes and there is a https://myanimelist.net/character/149257/Kaoru_Sakuraba this type of character. Get it now? they all act the same way and attach their glasses.

Well good luck there :P i've still yet to watch Steins gate that i started 3 years ago :P watching one ep xD

You are just like an emotionless whale most of the time during your anime watching, but who knew Children of the Whales could warm up that iceberg of your heart :P
Hirugiku Nov 5, 5:00 PM
I think i watch 5 animes in this season where there is a 4-eyes character which acts exactly the same, adjusts his glasses, has the same "cool guy" personality. Wooooooo.

Watch girls and panzer then (not like i watched it but...) and so ra no wo to o yo go wo.
Cant believe you made screenshots(thats pretty great) My favorite part about the anime btw, and the reaason i have it listed as "great" animes is because of the feel of discovery. Girls are discovering what is simple things for us, like music in this episode and its absolutely sweet. Whats better than discover and excitement that comes with it in someone's life? no tell me? you discovered Jojo :D AHAHAHAH sorry had to say that :P
My favorite part of the episode 5 (Copied from forum)

And the music ofcourse the music, again the sense of discovery that comes with it.
Hirugiku Nov 4, 8:52 PM
I really doubt it, its just i can find anything amazing if i think and try hard enough. And the name is great, there are so many puns you can make aww.
For girl's last tour, its pretty much a ballroom for us. (short version of saying you think its amazing while i do not) and thanks to you for discovering new way of using ballroom. It reminds me of made in abyss quite a bit but its very different. Things it reminds me of is things i dont like (which is apparently the thing most people love)
EDIT: damn cant wait for your reaction to inuyashiki's ep 4, the beginning of it at least. Also he reminded me of Albert(Youkoso) my advise skip the opening :D as everyone says.
And a wild prediction your score will go down after this ep.
Another EDIT: When Chito said how safe it is being with 4 walls and roof protecting you, i felt her so well >_> whenever i come home i always feel so safe as opposed to outside >_> I mean anything can happen outside, not to mention you have to constantly move and all
Hirugiku Nov 4, 5:35 PM
no please dont do anything rush towards creator of your favorite anime. Cherish him until the end!!! (and even after that) Also thats quite a lot of titles that ended lol.
And just because is a 8 for me now. All that was necessary for this is to not watch any animes and be so hungry that any episode of any anime will be super amazing for you. Also not watching for quite some time made me realize how much i treasure anime, and what did it for me is especially watching some openings on high volume ^^