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Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin
Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin
5 hours ago
Watching 18/26 · Scored 9
Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
Yesterday, 2:50 PM
Watching 8/13 · Scored 9
Overlord II
Overlord II
Yesterday, 2:10 PM
Watching 7/13 · Scored 6
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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!!
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!!
8 hours ago
Reading 16/? · Scored 8
Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!
Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!
8 hours ago
Reading 737/? · Scored 8
Seitokai Yakuindomo
Seitokai Yakuindomo
8 hours ago
Reading 460/? · Scored 8


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Hirugiku Yesterday, 2:51 PM
ayyy, finally you told me about hajimete noj gal without me asking it firtst :D Tho too bad you didn think it was a good idea to explain why such a great anime ryou no oshigoto is now a 6 and i thought latest episode was the best so far. Btw read my comment in ep. discussions, it'd be fun xd
hajimoete no gal tho... i'll watch it too, yay, finally, ova i've been waiting for. Quick question tho, if hajimete no gal does a 2 minutes episode (not any longer so that it doesnt tilt you way too hard, the longer it goes the higher the chance) just watching hajimete no gal for more than 5 mintues is hurting enough :D Anyway IF hajimete no gal did everything perfectly and something you were just craving to see in any anime (maybe subconsciously and you dont even know what that you want to see on the top of your head) anyway it left you in OMG kinda feel. Would you give it a high rating?

Hehe you'll see what the big plot twist is :D Also you didnt reply to the megumin picture :(

Well yes it doesnt matter what anime he is talking about, its all about him finding his own TgK like you said. So yeah reddit does have those heartwarming posts like that.

Donal dump loool, you just went and did that lol. Well at least i know how you feel about all this, whether you are from that main country or not... I agree tho with the studio's decision, it was just very funny when i read it. "oh no no, we dont know the guy::D" whether they are the same mindset or not, they cant ruin their reputation, its just like you described, i didnt even think about that, their employees would just leave to other job, not wanting to be nowhere near that place. I honestly wonder tho what made that director say all that in public, was there a discussion coming to that point and doesnt he know that its one of the worst ideas to fight off public and its popular opinion all by himself. Who else need to suffer or die for this so people understand. Maybe he was drunk? people always are the stupidest when they are drunk. And whats your deal with gate lolll, did you seriously just made a comparision to gate lol.

funny how its your first time seeing gangstercat, its hard to believe someone who is alive doenst know him.
Not sure what happened there with my profile pic o_O, but im glad you like it lol.
Hirugiku Feb 19, 9:40 PM
new profile picture for ya
Hirugiku Feb 19, 2:31 PM
its fine man :( i'll keep it as it is. Would be unfair for the anime that im gonna replace. Its like you send you invite people to your wedding but you only have 50 spots, and then you remember that you forgot to invite "that person" it'd be unfair for the person that im gonna replace for "that person" and i dont wanna ruin that fun for that guy. Well you'll see what anime would've been cut off :D
Check last message, i edited right before you posted :D

Edit: also tell me what you think of this hot topic now? i like how signal MD bailed on him, "he has nothing to do with us" LOL, that was funny.

Also that made me laugh way too much than it should, DANK
Hirugiku Feb 19, 2:22 PM
its fine lol :D on the other hand fuck fuck fuck, i sent my PRC and i was struggling with a couple, and now 3 hours after that i realized the mistake .......... i forgot to add hitori no shita :((((( thats what happens when you go to seasonals page and check all seasonals and forget that there is something called ONA which is wayyyyyyy below current seasonals.

EDIT: check this
see, there are some good things too
Hirugiku Feb 19, 1:27 PM
why why why, ah why did i read this :( i can never be the same again :(
Hirugiku Feb 19, 1:08 PM
I get confused what message you are answering :( i think you combined 2 right?

Huuuh,ok,thats good to know i guess. WEll i already knew you dont care about people's opinions. If you believe that you wont die until you accomplish your dream you wont fall to anything, even if the whole world is saying that asteroid is gonna fall and its gonna be the end of life. You'll still wont believe you are gonna die.

Oh nice, thanks <3 also interesting that everyone i know love hestia the most from danmachi :D its the only universal thing i think everyone agrees on.

SPIDERS? s-spider? spiderman? :D wait you didnt read it, how do you know so much.
Oh another reminder that you are one of the few individuals that liked Sao lol. Its something i'll never fully believe, its like a dream :O how come you hate everything there is that is fun and good and popular like bnha, but you like sao. Well you are already explained(in a way) i still cant believe it tho :v

So you dont have a video?
Well i'd be mad at you usually, but fine you can watch it in 12 mins... Firstly its because mal lists it as 12 minutes, so its fine to watch only 12 minutes, and secondly you do indeed have more important things to do... like... like... answering all the late messages :D search for them, there are some you didnt reply to yet... gl in your search :D
Btw so the second half of popi is the same as first half? but they are showing you 3d stuff? i actually have no idea how the anime runs... at all... i saw some clips and can only form my opinion of that. I have a lot of questions actually, but dont worry, i wont torture you anymore, i'll ask bajar, he likes the anime, i dont want to disgust you with popi again :D you need to forget it, i need to stop bringing it up

LOL, its great right? say thanks that i didnt add sora yori into that mix as well, its all thanks to you, im sold its very good. Well its not only you, 1)its the very fast boost in scores every week 7.70>8.00 2) all my friends loving it, and telling me how dumb i am for not liking it lol, but dont worry you had an influence in me respecting it as well lol. But it didnt work for violet tho lol.
Im glad i made you laugh tho.

The other mess is from feb 15...
Well as long as you are fine and not tired, then its all good :v gl with other messages :D
O god, please don't give them any ideas. The last thing I want to encounter is a guy wearing a Pop[...] Shirt. That'd just be my queue to call it quits with my life right then and there x.x.

mongrel xD and Fuck i forgot to ask you about my blog reply on rabb, yes im proud of that :D i had tons of fun making that. I wonder if someone else reads it, what will they think lol

I get it, i get it. Its Mae`hen, right? Btw you are so secretive :( i thought you'd tell me what you think of the new OP, even though i told you this on rabbit.... how will i know how you feel about a certain thing when you dont tell me :(
Btw ryou oshigoto thoughts and Mae`hen annnd hakumeti to mikochi and maybe slow start, is all im interested in :D oh and death march too i guess, since you already shared 6 episodes worth of stuff. You can talk about other animes too, its that i either dont watch them(So not like i can ask anything) or i hate the anime.

PS yes im a fast replier today :D
Hirugiku Feb 19, 12:00 PM
i wanna send troll prc so badly :( with popi, darling and sora yori as top 3 loll. But for my real prc that i sent, i'd rather die than put some of the animes in my top 20 ..
Hirugiku Feb 19, 12:07 AM
guess what on top of reddit?
And yes i agree with what you said about romance, and please dnt remind me of Koi to uso, a painful reminder i liked it and a painful reminder i have to read 70 more chapters of pull ups :D its how you pull and pull the rubber, and you wont stop pulling, thats how i feel about the manga.
And how am i supposed to know what SSR is :D
Hirugiku Feb 18, 11:42 AM
re: zero was very very very very very emotional ;-; you dont have to think into it much, why i'd like it.

i like good guys tho more than evil overlords :(

no you are wrong, reddit is a representation of what a community is like. Since im all around animes all the time, its fun being around people who also talk about it,alias the community.Whats popular on reddit is popular in the "west" lets call everything thats not japan as west lol. Not to mention its a news site. Well ofcourse everything can be looked at in negative way. it all depends on your perspective, i know you tend to rather avoid people and open yourself and talk to few people. And you hate masses, and communities, cause you think of all those negative things you said and you think they are idiots.Nothing wrong in viewing it like that, and you are right for the most part i guess where i said wrong in the beginning wasnt exactly true. I still kinda want to be around the community and see the trending talks.
I just hate when some animes are put on pedestal like the best animes ever and everyone watch them and everyone talk nice things about them. In general i hate mainstream opinions and hate people who like mainstream, now its darling in franxx.
I already didnt use reddit for one week lol.

Still man, you gotta be happy for me at least :((( yes ofcourse something about jojo again LOL, when i saw the news on mal just by looking at the image i knew its jojo-related lol. Well its just ova so nothing biggie, hold your horses. MEANWHILE danmachi ---- NEw season +movie, good good.

Heh im sure you'll like goblin slayer :D btw am i the only one who craves for a MC who is a non-human, like troll or goblin? and seeing life from that perspective. Why do all MCs have to look like Kirito aha-haha.

Do you have a video? and wait did you drop it on minute 5? kinda confused there, if so, then why do you add that you watched ep 7???? cheater :P btw i've been meaning to ask for a while, but are you watching a full version, or just 12 minutes?
Hirugiku Feb 18, 7:29 AM
im way too happy, stop life >_< or i have to think that something very bad is gonna happen to me :( NEW DANMACHI +new etotama ++++ new very good isekai goblin slayer, and dont you dare read it before me, we will watch and get the first impressions together. DOnt even attempt to watch the Pv lol. A lot of my friends read goblin slaer manga and seem to like it and people say its a savior of isekais.
On the other hand ofcourse you didnt tell me that you finally dropped Popi
Hirugiku Feb 17, 6:23 PM
i found it... its just 10 seconds man........... ignorance is a bliss
Eh sorry, my favorite isekai is re:zero :D weird its pretty popular but i like it, gosh whats wrong with me.

O-overlord is gonna be l-l.... l-word *gulp* and to a 6? ok dont talk to me again, i dont know you anymore xD
So if Citrus is so good and got to the great part, why is score lowering and lowering. 7.20 is VERY low.
Darling is my number 1 on the
i tihnk i just need to move on and forget it, bu twhenever i check reddit guess whats always there? right, some thread about darling in franx(mostly zero two) i swear soon there will be analysis. FIrst there will be analysis of zero two, then some weeks later analysis of the anime, then there will be the usual trigger appreciation thread. Then some moron will change his car to zero two centered car. and then... and then... Ah i need to stop thinking about it, gotta move on, gotta move on...
Hirugiku Feb 17, 4:31 PM
i cant find that brothel scene.... its so infamous at this point and people talk about it, but i went back and forth and couldnt find it :v LOL i think i missed it during the episode lol. Well no doubt then, that someone who cant take Nayu's nudity, will ever not drop the score by 1 if something brothel happens. At this point its worse than isekai smartphone for you too, thats remarkable.

#20? cuse me? lower than maho yome excuse me. At least Citrus is climbing :) everything else stayed the same, you also added darling(which i cant agree with but ok) im tired of all those darling fans at least you dont put her on your profile or anything.
Hirugiku Feb 17, 10:48 AM
you are not alone, i didnt like that episode at all myself, especially theater, especially theater play. Ep was very boring too :v lol true what was that narration lol. Dont even remember what the sedcond half was about lol.
What didnt you like about MC in those last 3 minutes?
Hirugiku Feb 17, 10:08 AM
im glad for you :v
and 2 now? :v