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Days: 154.7
Mean Score: 7.25
  • Total Entries1,546
  • Rewatched139
  • Episodes11,314
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Days: 100.5
Mean Score: 7.63
  • Total Entries397
  • Reread15
  • Chapters17,135
  • Volumes424
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Hirugiku Jun 21, 7:38 PM
gratz, that's really great,being a completionist that you are that's a good achievement to think about at nights when you are trying to sleep, but you cant since you are really happy you got that accomplishment,something to be proud of, just to think about it, HOlY JESUS my days watching/reading went so much up. WOW, im incredible. Yes yes its all me, wow.

P.S at first when i saw the word "NOTEPAD" and then i read the first sentence, i instantly thought you were writing something down, like quotes or your favorite moments. But no, it was just simply something that ANYONE can remember on the top of its head, well alright i thought then :)
Hirugiku Jun 21, 5:21 AM
also get shrekt, i messaged you faster than you so your punchilne or whatever you were thinking on for that long didnt work. xD
Hirugiku Jun 21, 5:17 AM
btw so i was trying to think of something to mention. What changed, what i watched, but ofcourse i didnt add half of what i watched >_< I think i have like 100+ episodes of stuff i didnt add...................
Hirugiku Jun 21, 5:06 AM
traitor :( how dare you skip sites. So when im gonna be dying are you gonna skip to someone else too? :v betrayal is a sin. ALso there is a thing as ghost of a dead person following you, no pressure :)

Oy you poor soul, you cant post images, oh nooooo :( its not like you never post images, your whole text is just a white wall, but ofcourse now that images arent working you are craving for them.

that's why you save images on your phone and you always have your soul food whenevre you want.
still happy for you, for jojo :v
Hirugiku Jun 21, 3:24 AM
cuse me? why are you not replying to my messages? and your last reply was on may 28? WTF?


Very cool verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry cool stuff................

also was a bit, JUST A LITTLE cautious whether all our messages would be gone x_x those messages,those words that were made through sweat and blood or bloody sweat or sweaty blood . AFakgfsdhgfsdgsdfjksfjafa



Ok im feeling better, smiley face :) we are back to positive smiley face :)
Hirugiku May 28, 2:56 AM
Hirugiku May 28, 12:55 AM

arent you surprised that i finished it in 3 days? and actually finished it. my fraulein (gotta be using this new word i acquired)
Hirugiku May 28, 12:25 AM
end me
Hirugiku May 27, 7:34 PM
2 beach one pool
2 beach one pool
2 beach.......
one pool.............

Hirugiku May 27, 6:46 PM
there are lots of multi games, also there are online games likes card games or monopoly (not saying i want to play it just giving an example)
I suggested thinking maybe you are bored, but you said you are basically fine and will play with you friend.
Well if you want to play something i dont mind, also you suggested paid games come on......... What if i buy it and not like it?
or maybe i can find a pirated version that works in multi.... after all i dont have those ideals that i need to buy a game and support someone.

Also i dont understand why someone updates right away, always hated it. you are more focused on updating rather than watching. whatever its not that big of a deal as the guy who watches in 14 minutes. I still didnt delete him btw....
Hirugiku May 27, 8:58 AM
why is it always my friends that are such baboons, first i have someone who watches saiki and then watches tada kun next in 20 minutes giga wtf and then i have this...

and then i have a friend who watched 14 episodes in 24 minutes, wtf?
Hirugiku May 27, 6:22 AM
i was mostly referring to the fact that they are both dropped. Never seen 2 animes that i dropped so close to each other and that red color on drop really annoys me :v also all capitalized :v

its fine then, go play with your friend.
Hirugiku May 27, 4:12 AM
find a multi game i'll play with you
Hirugiku May 26, 7:46 PM
never seen something like that
Hirugiku May 26, 3:17 PM
WAIT where was i Bad Hiru what did i say? also what's with the bad habit of not replying to stuff you dont want to reply to wtf. you are not the only one in the conversation :v
I always reply to everything, sure i didnt reply to some messages, but its not because you said something bad in there, but because im late and also i forgot. Point me which messages i didnt reply to and i'll do so, except rainbow. See, im not an escaper (unless it has to deal with Zero two) EHEHE
really cant blame me there :v

Wait i watched garo at oct 8? WTF? so much time has passed but it seems like i only watched it recently. WAIT ACTUALLY i've listened to Garo songs for such a long time, but i've been listening to any for 3 months(im referring to old season, not the new) So i guess it really has been 165 months :P

Ddude how are you replying to me when i write such crap :v feelsbad to even read it. But i do feel the same about your messages and yet i reply to them :v maso everywhere.
So what do you do, do you change the score after?

why did I give this anime that score?'. I have those thoughts as well.
And nothing weird about that, i always think get this "interesting encounter" whenever i go to your account and see bnha or steins gate as 5 but then the worst of the worst like Alice to Alice is a 6 or amaama inuzuuma a fucking 9, ok im not going down your list anymore, but point proven, i do see those interesting encounters very often and can see them anytime if i go to your profile.

I only said that the anime is as fun and lighthearted and have a similar feel to it as the other anime. What's wrong about that.
At least remove it right away if you want to remove it not a year layer jeesh.

Yeah its all thanks to you, maybe you should watch stuff i want to watch more so my desire to watch it goes out of the roof? Why didnt you watch Uta kata when i added it to ptw? you had like 1 day to do so, you could've prevented your friend from experiencing the stuff he is experiencing right now, mooooou. >//////////<
I just dont understand how you can put a beach episode into a horror mahou shoujo. Come on............

What do you mean by tone-deaf in the anime? So you feel like all characters are laughable is that what oyu think of it? Dont worry they also think you are laughable, you pathetic 85, im sure if they saw you irl they'd laughed as well, and then you'd ran away because they are crazy and have a knife :D
Hope you get a dream like that, smiley face :)
What else dont you like in the anime? pls dont say it in a critical way :v just say what annoys you smh