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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
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Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!
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Maoujou de Oyasumi
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Hirugiku 3 hours ago
you are not predicting future by any chance right? :D but i wonder what would've happened if all major countries would be ruled by the worst party or just bunch of thugs. Not sure i'd want to see that :D but on the other hand you only live once right, so might as well see something unusual/interesting.
Hirugiku Sep 19, 12:02 AM
Man pls pls vote for Centaur, best ED i want it to win so bad :(
Hirugiku Sep 18, 2:29 PM
its pretty useful,i've been doing it before myself. Also reply to my message as well pls :(
Hibbington Sep 14, 3:24 PM
Hey, I'm just making a stop to everyone that participated in the nomination thread and I feel teased.
First I see your on team Kuroneko and I'm happy but then i see your on team Onodera and I get sad =/.
Hirugiku Sep 13, 3:41 PM
lool that made me laugh quite a bit :D Congrats Congrats on finishing it lol. Also Glad that you managed to finish it TODAY, i was scared that you would prolong it till next week. Damn though you actually gave it a 2, THE ABSOLUTE MADMAN. And thats when people thought that second half is much better. Yeah lol hajimete no gal is over as well, seeing how fast you finished it it seems you were that hyped about watching every episode huh :D and you gave it a 1 because you have a tsundere love towards it.
You'd say watching 3 ep of Sakurada and 1 hajimete no gal is bad for your health? and sanity.
I guess you are right about RE creators there...
Dunno about you tho but i still have lots of animes i hate left.... If anything Sakurada was like top 7 in the top hate list. SO I STILL HAVE To suuuuuuufeer.

Btw i might cry on saturday really hard T_T I DONT WANNA SAY Goodbye T_T
Btw also saw that you wrote your nominations. I dont think i will, there are more than 3 animes i dearly love i'm not gonna choose some of them. Like choosing your favorite family members? weird too right. same for characters. It was somewhat easier last season tho... Btw the winners will be our clubs new profile image just like Chthollly and Bnha right now.
Hirugiku Sep 12, 7:38 AM
yeah one episode before it all ends. Honestly how will you keep on living without Sakurada in your life? :P but honestly you should finish it before thursday so you can consider that you watched it seasonally? Also Re creators is ending and hajmete no gal but you are caught up on it i bet you are so eager to watch it that you are always caught up on hajimete no gal :P All 3 animes are the ones i wanted to end already.
Btw if anything you have to give props to David production for NEVER having delays and being the first anime to end. meanwhile RE:creators is ending as well but it only has 22 episodes... while sakurada is 24. Production indeed.
Anyway since i know you hate those 3 as well im congratulating you for surviving :P Btw Sakurada is definitely the anime i hate the least out of those 3.
Hirugiku Sep 11, 10:22 AM
cant wait to see how Sakurada's reset score will change, its ending in 2 days if you forgot :P yes yes finally i know. You are so behind on it tho :O you should catch up before wednesday.
For now watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqfV4N0nbTg For reference its from Vivid Strike, i surely love this anime a lot.
Hirugiku Sep 3, 4:15 AM
maaaan looks like my last message was so long that i broke the limits that mal comment can handle :D
anyway that last part all over again

Dont read the spoiler part before you get to it in the other message or it'll ruin the excitement factor :P

Now some of your animes i didnt watch
Youko-chan - chinese anime is so much different from japanese, even puns and humor are different. Doesnt seem like you are liking it as much, also i didnt watch it cause its not seasonal lol, it aired last year. Btw if you like quizes in the quiz anime, and you like getting excited getting correct answers im sure you would be happy for what's winter is gonna bring us ^^
Knights and magic - that sounds very weird and wanky lol. The reason why i didnt pick it up is novel +8bit 2 things you dont combine :D I knew i would be very upset so i just spared myself. I was thinking to pick it up every week but i just went better against it. Cause if i watched it, tsuredure, and kakegurui there isnt many animes left that i didnt watch from this season, those would be only fate,owari 2 AND THATS pretty much it, lol can you believe it. Oh and surely i havent started jigoku shoujo 4 yet, but i will eventually :D so im assuming it as something i watched. Anyway dont think i ever watched as much as this season, picked it up way too much, dont forget about 2-cour leftovers as well. Oh and teekyuu 9, im sure i would watch it soon.
Fate - I dont think i understood much here but i kinda got the gist :D
Teekyuu 9 - "Btw, have fun trying to find things to talk about for the episode-discussions... in the mean time, I'll go and find a mental clinic for you" Aha, i think my mere human mind couldnt apprehend what's happening for the 5 seasons, i was feeling my brain cells slowly dying out, but man what a legendary anime, absolute legend. To think that it became so popular to get 9 seasons even though Mappa didnt use that much money on it. I do think though that MAppa gets a bit out of control with other animes thinking that they are Teekyuu and going too fast-paced on them :v
My favorite OP is probably 2 followed up by a 5, great OPs. Yours is 5 huh.
Tsuredure - :( maybe next week i'll finally get to it? :P I heard of honabono log, gotta watch it...
Kakegurui - T_T i just have to at this point dont i?

You want to watch Hitorijime my hero? surprising... i think its a pretty good anime with things said and done, a well done anime. Thats my first shounen-ai so maybe im not familiar what is considered good. but i like the art, characters are likable (even though i dont like them i admit they are likable) I think its the anime you'll enjoy, not gonna spoil, not gonna spoil but it has a similarity with TkG, thats it im keeping my mouth shut :P
Reflcetion? dont man, just dont, forget all that and run. RUUUN

I know i responded to this late but yeah do watch Shoukoku no Altair, its my favorite this season but i gotta say that i quickly lost interest after weeks of waiting for a next episode. We had a week break and then i just lost the drive i had for the anime? so i think you should be really attentive if you dont wanna miss anything. Kinda how you were writing during Vatican. Also main reason why its so low-rated is because Mappa didnt handle it too well, while it has amazing visuals, the story looks great, its really really confusing. Not as much as Vatican though, kinda ironic how both of them air on the same day :D What is friday? a day of confusing animes? :D but then there is made in abyss which even a 2 year old will undertand :P
I read the manga btw, and its the best thing ever, i liked it so much, kinda like in game of thrones, everyone wants to be in power. The anime is really really politics centered just so you know. But its interesting. If you watched Arslan senki (i did not) its pretty similar to this, i cant confirm all that since i didnt watch just read recommendations saying how similar they are.
Also dont worry even though it late you have lots of time to have it consider being your seasonal since it has 2 cours yep yep, we are that lucky :D so knowing that its 2-cour its pretty much a must watch right now, as it shoul have lots of worldbuilding. IN 5 episodes that i watched world building was great already but it should get even better.
If you like history this anime is especially best for you as it has lots of turkish words, if you dont understand them, you should look them up, they are explained in comments section usually.
Also feel like there is no need to read manga since we are having 2-cours, adaptation is really faithful, but it just doesnt explain things as well as manga does, i was understanding everytghing in the manga but i was overly confused in the anime, you gotta watch really seriously to get everything.
i like 18if, its episodic tho. some of the episode are really great too, there was an episode about cambodian history, Pol pot and genocide i was like HOLY FUCK so many symbols its crazy, took me quite a long time to understand the episode after lots of digging through different comments and cambodian history xD but that was great to finally understand it in the end. Feel like anime is really underated.

Oh right right the most underrated animes is tenshi no 3p+ hinalogi, im so sad by them being so low-rated :( The story in tenshi no 3p was so good.
I also realized that im not reading light novels before anime airs ever again :( screw all that :(
I really need to read some mangas mainly: koi to uso,centaur (pretty much my main mangas to read) im a bit lazy and just read pretty badly when it comes to reading manga to be honest, i read novels much better.
I also i used to hate Dive but its actually not as bad. Also thanks to those animes like reflection and some other my mean score got to 7.30 :( despite me being overall a high-scorer, thats what happens when you pick lots of trash in the season... Also took me about 2 weeks to catch up on sakura quest. I just couldnt watch more than one ep a day, it was getting kinda boring? but at this point im loving the anime much more and on the last day i wathced 3 eps of it and finally caught up. I think ill be really really sad when its gonna be over :( i got used to characters so much, i spent way too much time with them and since its character-focused and so realistic as sol. I'd feeel really empty and sad when the anime gonna end :(
On another note Sakurada reset, we only have 2 eps. we did it boys. But dont worry man dont be sad that it's over be happy that it happened :D but honestly cant believe its actually gonna end. For other animes? im gonna be really sad for most of them to end, overall im more attached to animes this season than to last one or the one before. At least youkai apt, balroom and altair are 2-cours <3

Did you watch death note movie btw? or at least heard of it? i just watched 2 videos and read some reactions and it was enough for me to realize what happened :D Probably the worst thing is when anime gets ameracanized, oh oh now do you know what i felt during reflection?
Also finally GOT ended so i wont have to deal reading lots of comments and just hearing people discuss it adsadasa, "hey guys did you watch that latest GOt episode" " i know neat right?" MFW

LOl you surely hate american cops huh. well na cops, na movies, na president. na politics, na elections. I can go on and on here, but to be fair its a large country alright, dont be so critical :P
Hirugiku Sep 3, 4:14 AM
Really sorry, it was a very big delay i know i know :( a month later, jesus... feel free to crucify me all you like :( so your previous 'sorry for a late message' is incomparable to mine :(
So Ita is a training right? and you have college/school apart from that? you say you spend 30 hours per week in school after all. Why'd you want to train as Ita btw. Yeah lol at least you read lots of manga, i noticed that. When you have downtime and have nothing to do, manga is just the best.
I dont read at all lately, just not interested/cant get myself to read anything...
Anyway since we are on final weeks and my last message was during first weeks :D i know i know still feel bad :( we ought to talk about its final episodes and just overall final feelings about animes and such... you have lots of changed scores i think, so your opinion changed on many things.
Try replying to my thoughts as well as including your own, so i wouldnt feel like i wrote all that for nothing :( i'd do the same of course.
Also i'd include them in my love-meter range (From worst to best) obviously only those we both watched.

Tales of touken ranbu. LOl now now thats a name, including Tales because of zesteria which you also hated. You dont like ufotable that much, or should i say their fancy artwork and animation is not enough for a higher score from you huh. Pretty much the same for me, also im not REALLY the biggest fan of the way they animate. Its just the same in any anime? and characters look awfully simialr. I was playing Tales of berseria and i couldnt help but compare the characters with TOuken Ranbu because of HOW SIMILAR they look. Touken ranbu is my only ufotable anime btw.
But yeah this anime is pretty much a disaster, even beyond Hajimete no gal. Hajimete no gal has a story at least and there's something happening in the episodes. While in Touken Ranbu its pretty much ZERO and i dont mean Zero from Grimoire of Zero. Honestly in 9 episodes that i watched i cant recall much CAUSE NOTHING HAPPENED lol. My biggest complaint and its really boring. Imagine going to the uninhabited planet where nothing is happening and you just go aroung in circles cause there's nothing better to do, well thats more interesting than watching this anime because at least its cool that you are alone on this planet and you are the first person to walk on it.
18if this season is pretty good card-game adaptation btw. I did not say great, jsut good. Wow i didnt know touken ranbu is the 3rd lowest rated ufotable anime. Something has to be lowest right? :D
Oh right they want to prevent changes in history, how exci....... sorry i fell asleep where was i a-again?

Vatican kiseki- I definitely grew on totally hating the anime after the last 4 episodes, i used to like it much more, because of two MC's relationship mostly and the mystery,religion-centered, miracles all of that is just very excting. So me hating on it now is basically it failing to live up to expectations and just being very very bad?
You say that its difficult to say anything before the climax but the anime does have arcs, so you conclude A LOT of things after ep 4.... Oh god that was just something out of this world and dont think for a second i mean it in a good way.
I can totally judge a meal before its cooked tho :( if its a chef you respect right?
I was watching Occultic;Nine and i stopped after first episode... What in the actual fuck was happening, and there wasnt any interesting characters for me to continue watching or you think that oversized Oppai girl is worth watching for LOL, and now there are two oversized Oppai monsters, her and Hajimete no gal's Nene. What a way to ruin a name, Nenechi is such a great girl she doesnt deserve to have the same name as Nenechi.
As it looks like they didnt manage to wrap everything up, all those 5 smaller cases you are talking about. And holy shit that's a long list you made of what happened in 1 episode, jUst wow so you do watch mystery animes very seriously huh that you even write it on a list to make sure you dont forget anything, thats definitely useful to better understand the anime, nice!
So now that you are at ep 7 and that arc is long past us, do you think those events you listed were relevant after all? or did it not matter that much in the end?
MAyoiga is definitely the anime i liked much more, one of the fewer people who liked it, lots of good psychological concepts even if ending was shitty imo of course. Definitely more fun than a flesh-wound :P
LOL 'in EP 3, they said something about Micheal Brown having come to Japan through a Nazi-Blimp in '45 and I've decided to take them seriously for a bit there, but that was definitely a pretty weird thing xD.' funny hearing that after knowing how ep 4 will look like :P
Anyway my main complaints: too fast paced, really really fast paced, considering how greatly the story benefits from world-building we basicalyl have none. Really shitty explanations, like they dont even care to explain it, the mystery and the story overall. So i'd say story telling is really bad and lastly the story in general. Pretty much 2 guys going around the world solving Religion-related mysteries? but there was no continued story, well like even in ERASED the goal was to save a girl, while in Vatican we dont really have an end-goal, feels like anime has no sense of direction is what im trying to point out.
While its not always bad, coupled up with other faults of the anime, no story is kind of a big deal. I might've uped my score from 4 to 6 at least if we had story, proper backstories,proper characterization

Hajimete no gal- Honestly you just dont watch worser animes this season that i do, cause hajimete no gal wouldnt be as low for me if you did. Anyway since you are pretty much a biggest hater of this anime i think i've ever seen. LOl im actually certain of it, i've never seen someone hate it as much. YOu gave it a 1 thats just something beyond every hater i've seen. And since i know for you to give 1 is a special event like a 10, i know just how much you hate it lol, i can actually imagine.
I remember you saying 1 and 10s has to be for the most special animes and unique animes. And you said you were trying not to throw things during Kuzu no honkai so i imagine how sitting through Hajimete no gal is for you :D
Lol you're right he did have a red hair huh, also Nene was different, much much different. I actually think that NAZ just tried to make money, there were lots of ads and they tried to appeal to otakus for making it too sex-oriented. It all makes sense actually, why'd they include those pedo screentime?
Like you said there was only one panel where pedo stuff was mentioned and it wasnt really a big deal at that time, it was said in a light way. I remember the exact line btw, well not exact but it was when Nene appeared, it was in chapter 24 i think, and since Nene appeared in 1st episode they used that line in the 1st episode.
I know you are not laughing at it and i also definitely am not, as unhilarious as ever. I unfortunately agree, Ranko is incredibly unlikable, while not on the same level as you, i do hate her as well. Why its unfortunate? well its because she is voiced by my favorite seyuu.
Same with Yui, also my favorite seyuu. I actually never ever seen those 2 in the same anime so its pretty much a christmas present for me b-but if only it wasnt in the atrocious anime :(
Well at least i still have my Taketatsu Ayana in Youkoso even if she had like 3-4 lines in the whole anime so far LOL despite being the main character LOL at least she WAS a main character in the novel :( anyway later for youkoso.
You say you like Yame so the anime isnt a 1/10 but it is a 1/10 right now :D what happened?
I agree for sure, she is rather quite pretty in the manga but she is so ugly in the anime :( more of a reason to hate NAZ, i also thought that when has a hair down she looks like Kawakami Mai(musaigen) with hair down.
Really? while i know KitaEri is in Mayo Chiki, i didnt know Yui Ogura is on there lol. I'd sure like to watch the anime even without that, seeing how much you praise it but the thing is the only non-seasonal animes i watch are those that i just cant hold myself from not watching them. Like how i watched Kill me baby because i couldnt hold myself, i jsut wanted to watch it as badly as a soccer playing trying to score a goal. And even then it took me a lot of time because i didnt have enough time between seasonals and my kinda busy life...

So what are you thoughts of it now? since you watched more episodes, throw everything at me, speak your heart out lol. Also tell me whaat you think of masou gakuen hxh AD? LOL to think that your hated anime makes a full-time appeareance in your other most hated animes :D what are the chances lol. I wonder if they got payed to promote masou gakuen hxh or what not.
I kinda liked the episode for the references, i always like references, always even if i didnt watch the anime they are referencing, its just so cool to see. My favorite one was MIki Sayaka and the reason for that is because KitaEri was voicing her and Ranko and she was cosplaying as her SO COOL. And also "miracles and magic do exist" her quote from ep 4. Actually the title of the episode if you care to look up. There is Yame in Madoka costume as well if you noticed.
Btw i hope you dont skip through the episode and genuinely watch every 23 minutes of it :D and in your case suffer through it :P Im sure you are hoping there are lowerer scores than 1 at this point lol

NoraNeko - I have to, have to learn what you feel about the GOAT episode. Overall the anime is just so random(and tell me if it isnt the best way to describe the anime), nothing connects together, also did they forget they tried to turn him back to human? hm? not interested anymore? :D It also is an eroge but it doesnt have anything ecchi related, but there are some funny puns here and there i felt like.
Did you like the OP tho? you didnt like the animation which is understandable but the song is quite catchy, i like it for sure.
Speaking of awful genres, how is Youkoso a comedy? or a romance? w-----whaaa-aaaaattt. That always bothered me way too much. And dont even attempt to joke that you laugh at how bad it is cause i know how you hate it :D

Konbini Kareshi - Jesus your score surely dropped lol, did you have like an 8 for it at one point? or was it always a 7? regardless the score drop i insane, the highest i've seen from you personally. What are your reasons? it has to be something drastic right, its not just because its really boring right? My main complaint is that its way too realistic? while i appreciate the realisticness (tsuki ga kirei) i still prefer that anime will show us the exciting stuff, where is excitement? not much is happening lol.
Im sure the 8 episodes could've been 4 just as well. The anime has no sense of direction as well... Why its called CONVIENCE STORE BOYFRIENDS, i still have no idea. Anime also focuses on some supporting characters who are literally as useless as one of mine history professors who basically has a policy "you are on your own boys" My biggest facepalm was for sure the Incest episode, WHy, WHY WHY in the world did we SUDDENLY switched focus to totally new characters and their relationship when our main couple is not settled yet.................... Remember there was a revelation about main heroine in ep 6 and next episode its like we forgot all that and went to another couple :/
There are some other useless characters as well, watch the Opening, there are like 10 characters, from those only 2 are usefull. I cant call main couple useful because of how undeveloped they are, we dont know much about them,they didnt get much screentime, no development as well.
Any other problems in the anime? i'd be very interested what else you think is wrong with the anime. Cause it might be even worse than it is, i have it as 5 for now... and 5 isnt exactly hate for me. The redeemable, a definite redeemable feature for me is that the anime is realistic, relationships and all.
Also i feel like characters look awfully similar, their design i mean. I have no idea if i saw the charcater already or not LOL. ALso did you notice that everyone has pretty much a similar hair-color. Well for the most part, so no unusual colors.

Gamers just kidding just kidding. I meant to say Aoyama-kun. This anime definitely turned 180 for me, from liking it to getting way too old and way too absurd for me to the point i cant take it anymore. That was my main worry, is that its gonna get too old for me and it did. I know that you love this anime so i'll try not to bash it too much,ill just say what i feel in general, so sorry in advance if its too mean.
I was writing in ep. dicsussions so i can just go back to them and see what exactly i felt there. Well lets take last episode for example, the ep 9. AT that point the humor was getting too old for me, i was pretty much yawning for the most episode, not a good sign right. IM REALly really really tired of Aoyama's constant cheer squad, that girl who is more obsessed with him than his boyfriend, is just truly sickening, and to think that her boyfriend keeps up with all of that is just goes way more to being annoying to being really disgusting to watch.
The anime in general is just absurd, especially that beach ep. way too silly for me. Those 3 friends ruin the anime for me especially the guy with glasses. I WAS BEyond mad when they decided to make an episode dedicated to him........ the most uninteresting character in history. And him scoring with his butt................................ N/c here alright :D
Karin was way too obssesed with her brother, she is 14 right? there's literally no way she'd be so obssesed with her brother when she has her own life, girls that age only think of themsevles and their love interest. They for sure dont care about some brother who they see everyday at home, well unless you are tellign me he is her love affection which i highly doubt. Anyway obviously her being obsessed isnt the reason for my score at all, just a complaint i guess.
Ep 8 is pretty much where i lost all my reamining love for the anime. IT was such a painful episode that my mind even forgot it, oh right i remember, it was about Moka and a new character falling in love with her and him supporting her love interest... I basically got really mad at Moka in that episode, felt bad for the guy who loves her and felt infuriated at how SLOW she is taking things with Aoyama, that poor guy set up the perfect date and confession place and she just ..... uhm :( Basically my love for Moka was the ultimate savior of my love for the anime, now its gone, she is just the same character as everyone else.
I really really liked ep 6 tho GEKKAN SHOUJO OZAKI-KUn and just showing how mangaka lives and all that.
Anyway the other reason is that the anime doenst really have a story despite being sports, also not to mention its as much of a sports as Teekyuu. Episodes are basically random tbh, we have lots of characters, not enough development screentime for all of them and they bascially become Aoyama's supporters. We stil dont know anything about Aoyama, looks like ep10 is his backstory more or less. Still no progression in romance.
I guess my main main reason for not liking it is because of Aoyama himself. Why wont he date Moka already? Aasdasdada or even if not her how about Mio? who btw has more favorites (13) than Moka(5) he's comfortable touching her after all ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) While in Saiki's case it was clera its because he doesnt like attention and knows people inside out so they are not as pretty inside, well obviously when you know every little detail of person he doesnt become interesting for you to date.
But i dont know what's Aoyama's problem is... you might say its him being clean-freak but i'll counter that that everyone knows that, so his girlfriend, lets say Moka will respect that and wont force him to do anything touching related ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
And just overall i cant take him and his supporters, worshipping him like a God, and its just way too absurd for me. Dont they have their own life? why'd they spend their whole time cheering for Aoyama lol.
Also seeing last OZaki-kun's episode i can kinda see how Aoyama-kun's mangaka is and i certainly dont like him as a person.
The main things i really like in this anime is it having way too good of visuals. But i really dislike EXTREME OVERUSE of Chibi-characters... but without that the art/animation department is seriously perfect for me, im not complaining here lol. Apart from Aoyama, seyuus are great, i dont like his seyuu and him as a character.
Characters could've been fine if they werent devoted Aoyama's supportes and if they werent too many of them. Why would i care about another Aoyama supporter? :D
That being said the anime is still somewhat enjoyable from time to time so i might give it a 6 at the end. Still cant believe we didnt get much story or sports in 9 eps.
MAN ALSO i know i mnetioned it but damn those 3 retards very annoying gentlemens are way too hard for me to handle, especially dude with the glasses.
You are right btw Ozaki-kun and the character from Jojo are identical, its actaully crazy lol.
I didnt think you liked the anime as much btw, more than gamers even wow.

Quiz anime - severely disappointed me beyond belief. TOO MANY CHARACTERS, way too many, just way too many. ofcouse we lack focus and screen time on specific ones. I extremely hated ep 8 where basically MC had 2 lines xD and overall just not enough development for any charcater because they are busy introducing another one. Also why did those girls (see even dont remember their names, i mean how would anyone remember them? there are too many characters) so why were they Nuns LOL.
Also anime is not exciting, in the slightest. 'it just feels like they took a few too many lunch-breaks while making this anime ._- .' exactly as you said, just doesnt feel like they put a lot of effort into the anime. Also another complaint that its not very interestning, dont get me wrong quizes are intersting, but not in this anime, and its not like we have full episode full of quiz stuff right? there are a lot of other moments in the anime which is not quiz related. Remember them going to arcade? why? why? what was the point of that. Ah to introduce a crossdresser who is YET ANOTHER character...
Why was Jinko introduced again? we spent quite a bit of time on her, i thought she'd be a team member, but she is just making buzzers? well okay then :D Also not sure about you but now that i think about it, i certainly didnt like buzzers infodump that we got, and just the focus on them, they are important for quizes i know, but i wish they would skip all of that, it wasnt very intersting, it was interesting how they would use calculator instead,i'd give it that. And mentioning how buzzers are expensive for a school, also shows how quiz-clubs are not popular for a school to invest in buzzers. All of that is okay to keep but when the anime decides to spent even more time on that then it goes overboard right?
Also not enough episodes. The pacing and the anime in general is really slow where it feels like not much happened in the episode, we focus on some really useless stuff that CAN BE SKIPPED. But then we get 12 episodes? what in the world? anyway just a big disapppointment. Yowamushi pedal is pretty much a perfect sports anime, but if it had those truly amazing 12 episodes and that'd be it for the season, then i'm pretty sure the score would not be 8.14 that it has right now, it'd be in the same area with the Quiz anime. First season was 38 episodes, to have a good sports anime you just have to have a lot of episodes. Its that essential. Those 12 episodes of Quiz anime is just an introduction.
Anything i missed? just mention if i missed anything for this and any other anime in general >_<
I totally agree the OP is really good and gets better the more you hear it, even in OP or ED you see all those characters, so many of them and most of them are so useless. LOl imagine it being Kill me baby with only having 3-4 characters in it xD well not that extreme but still i was hoping for focus on 6-7 characters only since its 12 episodes and all..
I definitely hate when studio gives adaptation to D-team instead of their usual A-team, so unfair that one adaptation gets more love and attention than others :( like RELIfe, its tms entertaiment right?
Lmao i just realized that this studio did Yowamushi pedal >_<Adasdafdagasd zzzzzzz.... basically my reaction lol.

Smartphone - You definitely hate this one huh, you even dropped it jesus, didnt expect that one, why'd you drop it over hajimete no gal though? At least you tried liking it, thats reassuring, im liking it tbh, its pretty enjoyable despite having lots of mistakes in it. And the fact that Slip is unbeatable ability that can even defeat dragons :v Since you dropped it not gonna say much apart from me liking it.
I just wanted to mention that its possible to like this anime, for me personally i started liking it, not loving or anything just liking and enjoying it ever since 1st episode while there were some pretty bad episodes that i didnt like, i still overall enjoy the anime. Hearing how much they skipped, ignored from LN im sure if i read it i would've had a much lowerer score lol. Especially if i knew that including those stuff they skipped would've made anime much better and more likable, but as im anime-only i like it.
I dont think its a bad anime in general as people make it out to be,sure its not great but its not as bad. you kinda just need to realize its greatness and love it for what it is, just like for any other anime. Its just that the anime doesnt appeal to many people and not many people understand why its good. While anime like Drifters appealed to many more, but its still unlikable to both of us per say, but it doesnt mean its bad or anything just because its bad for us. I believe you can like ALMOST any anime if you find the appeal. I do have a friend who gave hajimete no gal an 8 and gamers a 7 for example and when i asked why is that he said he likes sex jokes in general.
I'm kinda proud this season that there are very few animes that i actually hate. And in a good mood i can actually enjoy the worst animes of this season. Compared to last season where i just couldnt take a good amount of animes, a lot of them were pretty disgusting as well... But thats just me being disappointed in myself last season, those animes i hated are the ones that could be enjoyable, if i had a different mindset and tried to like them more.

Youkai apt - a very nice anime oh and yeah at this point its all the animes i LIKE. The anime is gonna have 2-cours btw, so we are not near the end. I dont really like how we are becoming an exorcist show pretty much, wish we didnt :( that youkai teacher is a bit too much to handle, but ep 10 isnt out yet so i dont know how "scary" the exorcist part will be, who knows they might handle it well and anime is saved :D
I guess he got accepted to their family and found his place so there isnt much to show but i wish we had more heartwarming scenes, like ep 3,4 and even the one with the Tengu who totally looked like a cyclops lol.
Hase was also a bit annoying and unintersting character but that changed after he accepted his new family and brought everyone presents :D but in reality was scared of them all along, just made him likable.
Anyway it has 2-cours there should be lots of things happening later. At least you so far didnt change your score of 8.

bghs - I know i know you hate the anime, i mnetioned it in the other message, but i really like the anime, used to hate it,now im loving it. All my love for Anko was like a hurricane of feelings that made me like the anime :D
She has lots of great scenes :D http://imgur.com/a/4aX6Y Cant wait to encounter her in game :D The things i enjoy in the anime is mostly SOl stuff, like ep 6 (renge's episode bodyswap) Since the anime is really character-based i quite enjoy it, probably the reason why i didnt like it at first (well first my love for Anko wasnt established yet :D) but i just didnt know the characters at all since they were just thrown into my face.But as more episodes went by and we encountered more and more of them i started liking it quite a lot actually. Shiho and Kanon episode then Renge/Kurumi episode. Lots of Anko, Urara and Miki is likable as well.
As i started caring more for characters and liking them i started liking the anime since its so character-based. I agree that while it might be pretty bad in terms of direction and story, i still like the anime. and gonna give it a 7 for sure man. I also dont think it deserves such a low-score, at least 6.00 or higher :( or does mal really think its comparable to worst trash imaginable aka Reflection :( by having a similar score to it. HELL even Cheating craft another AWFUL anime has a higher score :( thats just so sad.
I kinda recommended the anime to my friend by kinda i mean that it was just me saying how i'm starting to like it back during 4th week and he jus started watching it. And he likes it pretty much like me, so im not the only one for your information :D also another friend of mine who i didnt recommend it to (on mal) likes it as well. 3 people man. 3!!! Btw its quite popular in the Japan, i dont know if its only game or if the anime is kinda popular as well, but it definitely appeal more to Japan than to us. Just like Bang dream which is much popular in Japan.
Also i really really like the OP, and i listened to it for quite a lot.

cheer fruits - I started liking the anime, then went back to disliking it when we focused on uninteresting charcaters like two sisters and some other ones, then ep 6 came...
Momoi gotta be the character i like SO MUCH and just like my love for the anime increased, again its very apparent in character-driven animes, that when i like the character i start liking the anime. She is just really great honestly, first of all she sits in a crane :D also she is very devoted to that one person, and will never betray, offend her on purpose. But i started loving her so much when her father (who looks like a really rich,important person) asked if she wants him to make Cheer fruits let him join and I know a lot of ojou-samas who would agree to that, but not her. She gave pretty much a perfect answer that if she cant get there by herlelf, getting there any other way is useless for her.
Also i like how devoted her butlers/guards are to her :D doing everything for her. Then even though she wasnt accepted at first she made up her mind that she will join them no matter what, she started helping them out and it hilariously went pretty badly in some cases, a little over the top even :D poor Kanon couldnt breathe :( btw Kanon is another girl i relaly like ESPECIALLY FOR her seyuu <3
Then her performance was pretty great and she got accepted <3 was pretty happy for her honestly. And liked reactions of other girls, An was even crying because of how good it was :D I also am glad that she said that she doesnt want to join them just to be closer to Gouzen-sama but its because she came to love Cheer fruits <3
Ah <3 there are a lot of heartwarming moments and thats my reason for liking the anime. Also looks like Misaki wants to get the best team, she has ambitions for it.
Also came to like the entertaining part, i mean their performances, they are pretty good honestly. And they have a certain team, villains, heroines... Yellow,pink :D
And then ep 7 aka MIkan episode <3 she got confidence problems and i liked how her team helped her out, some true nakamas right there. I really liked how she was cheering up kids, that was probably the best scene in the whole anime, and tongue twisters. Yellow go, go Mikan, great character :D
I also like Kanon An relationship, KAnon has rivalry for her while An is just zoning out :D also the backstories and just stories in general are pretty good in the anime.
No idea why its not rated higher, really underated :( but thats just a usual story eh? good anime being underrated.

Aho girl - There is nothing i can say that is different from what has been said before there is that one video that summarizes the anime pretty well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23gKPJvzmdA
The reason why the anime is so good btw because despite having it revolve around one joke its actually very entertaining and there is always something new that is being shown, unlike lets say Aoyama-kun which really got old. Even take last 2 episodes for example, we got to see new characters, and when you think Yoshiko couldnt get any more stupid or annoying (to other characters) she surprises us all. There is no limit in this anime, limitless posibilities, they can have her travel to the moon and its gonna something exciting, seeing her reactions. While lets say for Aoyama-kun or Sakamoto, if they went to a different planet you'd anticipate that no matter what they will come out on top and inhabitants of that planet would fall for him. It just gets old, while with Yoshiko its actualyl unpredictable what she'd say, what she'd do, so its always something new.
Also they use different scenarios, showing new characters like 3 delinquent girls. And even with returning characters like Inchou its again something new, lmao making her let the boy who confessed to her touch her boobs.
IM sure even if there were 100 episodes, it wouldnt've gotten old.
Also i really like how Opening changes all the time, like its a different skitch all the time and we have no ED which is also cool (more screentime) and the fact that episode just fly by, it gets kinda sad that its suddenly over :(
Aho girl OP being used for other animes is just a great meme stuff right there :D there are actually a nice amount of memes that aho girl generated, thats cool cool. Its cool that there are lots of gifs and screenshots on the net as well, got lots of saved as well.
My main complaint is that its likely gonna be 12 eps and its too soon to end tbh and where are we even gonna be left of. Since we dont have a so-called story.
Poor guys whose life gets ruined by Yoshiko tho because of her meddling :(

youkoso -JEsus dude you sure hate it so much lol, its even a 5... probably those 2 fanservice episodes dropped a score huh. LOL i'd never expected 2 fanservice episodes back to back, what's director thinking lol. There reason why the anime is not higher for me is simple - im disappointed, in last 2 episodes especially they just ruined the anime for me, now you'd think its because of fanservice but thats not exactly that, well firstly they skipped volume 3,4 completely. How's that sounds? There are main characters like Karuizawa Kei who has my favorite seyuu or Hinata the class inchou. They are actually pretty important, especially Karuizawa because she's the only girl MC has relationship that is close to romance, so she is a girl who is the closest to him, and you know what they did they just gave all Karuizawa scenes to Horikita, man...
There is a very very good topic you can read as to why its not getting a second season and that Japanese fans are PISSED OFF and rightfully so https://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=1658447 the reason why westerners are not is because those volumes are not translated yet, hell we dont even have 2 volumes translated lol.
There's been actaully lots of complaints on mal for these last 2 episodes, calling them out as fillers and what not, i think while ep 7 was useless and fillerish, ep 8 was a great buildup episode. Still i have no idea why the score is not dropping at all, it stays as it is despite lots of complaints. And some people calling it the worst anime ever, so im just saying that so you dont feel alone, you are not the only one hating it :D
I personally think its a good anime,pretty good anime but its not great as people make it out to be, and how mal score indicates. I can count up to a lot of animes which are better than Youkoso but have a lower score, so yeah im pretty salty that the score is too high for it. I just dont like when its undeserving, if it was super true to LN then i'd be pretty fucking happy but since im super disappointed, its just me being sad. Still though your score would've been a 7 regardless, i dont think you likje those types of animes, but at least not a 5 right.
Also there is a love character for me there, so no matter what there is no way im gonna hate this anime you know. Its Kushida btw. While you and other people might think that its because of her psycho personality, no its not. Also its not like its her true face, its just her alternate face, she is actually a kind girl who likes helping other people, but she does it not more for the people but for more for herself, cause she feels really great after doing helping them, having people depend on her, seeing them satisfied makes her feel really satisfied.
So when Horikita ignores her even though she tries really hard to be friendly of course she'll get pissed off. Tbh i was really mad at Horikita myself. And when MC tries to leave Kushida and just being avoidant more or less it also makes Kushida really mad that he's avoiding her after finding out her alternate personality. Its all really understandable for me. Her voice, also her voice..... Just really great? Even though i started liking her before the anime.
I think i should add her to favorites one day. Sakura is pretty adorable as well, what'd you think of that? http://i.imgur.com/W2hbcn1.gifv
Also i think that whatever your reason for not liking the ep 8 is pretty much something i didnt like as well, so feel free to include that. Oh also its not like i disliked fanserivce episodes per say, its just they made that cliffhanger about MC in ep 6 and then we got nothing realted to that in the following episode and also Horikita stealing other characters storylines :D She is actually really hated in Japan btw. Well to understand that feel imagine Kirino who you hate with a passion i know, stealing your favorite character's moments and storyline :D
I like Ayanokoji btw, but i never expected him to appear with such expresionless face and being that badass and godlike character. I had totally different imagination of him in the novel. But i liked him that he's trying to not to get too much attention to himself, kinda like Saiki, deliberately scoring 50s on tests. Also i liked the story because despite its premise and being a school anime, it doesnt have any romance moments or comedy. Which is pretty unusual.
I dont think i like Ayanokoji for the same reasons other people do, jesus crist he has 1000 favorites right now thats truly insane(in a good way)Btw also my reason for liking him is because he is actually really nice, he likes helping people, well he mostly does it because its a right thing to do, but regardless its quite admirable to help people like that, like how he saved Sakura <3
I didnt watch baka to test but i see what you mean, seen lots of people recommending those 2 before as well. Btw maybe you just hate LErche? Kuzu no honkai,now Youkoso? i know i know you loved Ansatsu, but thats an exception. Maybe its Lerche way of making animes that makes you not like them? I definitely find some vibes between this and Kuzu no honkai, but thats mainly because studios have souls, so its not rare for two animes from the same studio having similar vibes in how they are executed.
Ah at least you were entertained for 2 seconds of that fight, not bad :P
Youkoso is masively popular on mal btw, LOTS of pages in episodes discussions, well there is a lot of stuff to talk about i guess so thats not very surprising.
What do you think of some highschoolers who definitely dont look like one? First of all Albert. HOLY SHIT this guy is jacked and big for his age... He has some of the greatest lines btw, all of them are in english, just a very well done by seyuu honestly. Arisu is pretty cool, playing chess like everything is a game for her. Btw the reason why she is absent from survival games is because she is a bit crippled, not sure about the story there though. This guy btw https://myanimelist.net/character/128915/Rokusuke_Kouenji is pretty freaking hilarious with how he walks around naked saying he never wiped off before. JUST THE CONFIDENCE IN THAT GUY is insane. he is way too ignorant and i actually like him for that, though he'd be a total pain to deal with in real life. OR how about a bald guy? do you think he really is a highschooler LOL.
Also who is your favorite character? I also like Ichinose, she is a nice person she is btw the most popular character after MC in popularity charts and thats expected she is great.
I think i talked about Youkoso for way too long :P

New game 2 - uhm... i just dont like as much as i liked season 1, it just became too diffferent for me? even episodes structures are different, its like the episode is divided into 2-3 parts. And the anime is just not fun for me anymore, maybe i got bored of it? i did watch first season twice after all.
I still like it dont get me wrong just not on the same level.Also im not sure whats the point of watching second season to be completely honest. I had totally different expectations after that final episode of first season.
Surprising how my favorite episode is ep 2 and its your least one :D Also it feels like i dislike Hifumi now :( im actually so sad, she's been my favorite ccharacter for a year, so what do i remove her now T_T T_T_ T_T_T thats just very sad. I hope i start liking her again :(
"I still gave it a 9, because I still love this anime like few other SoL's" LOL 'Few othe sols' more like any other sol :D since pretty much all of them are 8 or higher. you sure love sols.
OVerall my feeling for New game > i just dont see it as shiny and dazzling as i once saw it, not once i mean but for close to a year. The other factor might be me not being in the mood for Cgdcts ever since i watched Sayuuki. Which is pretty much as opposite as cgdct can go lol, the most opposite would be shounen-ai though.
That being said i still like lots of cgdcts right? so why am i not liking new game as much .... Also there are just way way less jokes. But i really like character development, i always been a fan when anime has character developments.
There are 4 eps left, my opinion might change and i might be back to loving it again.

Gamers - Firstly im really glad you like it as much, i love the anime after all. The reason why its not higher is because i love other animes more. But Gamers is still my favorite so dont misunderstand. And i have a favorite character for 3 months already LOL.
You calling it KOnosuba of romcoms is pretty upsetting with how much i hate konosuba's way and how much i like gamers on contrast.If you like Pine jam then you'd be pretty excited for Just because. I was pretty scared of what studio its gonna pick up but my worries were all for nothing, regardless of what studio picks it up even Studio pierott (can we appreciate a little that it wasnt studio pierott lol) you just cant ruin gamers, its just too good to be ruined by any studio, you have to really do something incredibly drastic to fuck up story like gamers, which is really enjoyable.
Still i'd wish that a better, more experienced studio picked up my favorite novel, but Pine jam is not bad, not bad. I still dont like that they skipp all gaming stuff or skipping Karen's father who is a legend lol. And many interactions of characters, there was a game tournament as well that we skipped. REGARLDESS of all that, it still managed to adapt the most intresting stuff and animation and art are somewhat acceptable, so im not as disappointed as in youkoso, could it be better? absolutely.
SO you like MC huh, thats cool, he is actually really relatable it feels like, during ep 6 for example trying to complete the dating-sim. his decisions and all, what do you think of him inviting Karen to a date? and a date in general, how he pushed aside Chiaki saying Karen is his girlfriend.
"considering that there're only two romance anime (this & Tsurezure Children)" Koi to uso maaaaaan :(
Chiaki became your favorite character? really? wonder why. Just for that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUbHZ0sS3gs maybe her gaming views and ideals appealed to you? maybe the way she cleverly thinks of how much she hates MC,saying stuff like "if he was the last person on the planet she wouldnt talk to him" lol
Yeah lol if MC was voiced by Fango's seyuu that would've been really weird. But he is just a boy living his life you know. HE is happy with little things, just likes to enjoy his life as it is, not going for something big,he is changing a bit as he took direct approach to Karen.
I Loooove stell no mahou op but Gamers is even better honestly, especially gaming references, and i dont just mean visuals the song fits perfectly. Well there is also people who identified references in the OP in youtube comments :D the pubg one was the most insane. because of how MAINSTReAm it is right now. I wasnt lazy and actually checked pubg reddit back when OP was released and there were some threads about Gamers :D thats so sweet right :D bringing two communities together :P
Glad that you truly think that everything in this anime is awesome, you probably felt even strongly about it after ep 6 and 7 right? :D
ONE+One isnt two. One+One is LOVEEE.
My favorite episode is probably ep 4 btw as its centered on Karen and shows her magnificent day. The reason why i admire her is because she has a daily routine which she calls her magnificent day, and she does things for experience, to experience them i mean. Just like the reason why she plays games, to get the thrill, to get the fun experience, and what's a better experience than when you are winning and the thrill and hunger when you win. Obviously she got really upset when she lost that hunger, it was mentioned in LN more, she didnt have hunger for games anymore because of Amano and she decided to spend time with him to get out of her slump.
Also there was something interesting being said in novel how Karen and the other guy from her club were debating if being smart=being good at games, being good at studying=being good at games, cause you need to be quick and learn really quickly during games. I think its pretty much correct, smarter people will always be better at games, but it doesnt mean not smart people will not be able to play games, its just that it will take them longer to learn.
Anyway i just feel i really understand Karen, it feels like im her guardian angel LOL, what i mean by that is that they are always near you so they know you in and out. While i cant say i know that much, it just really feels like i can understand and most importantly feel for her, understand how she feels and all and the reasoning for certaint things she is saying.
I think my love for her is not the waifu love its more like admiration love.

centaur - a really great anime, i got what i expected to be honest, i expected to love this anime looking at the seyuus and the anime in general and i did love it. There are tons of enjoyable, cool events. And i just LOVE how it focuses on life things, like how centaurs use toilets, how they dress, everything. Cause its interesting, its interesting how different species do daily things we do. And evne if they were humans it would still be interesting seeing daily things that we do.
Its a very good sol in general. And the fucked-up stuff that were happening, i loved them as well, i also like world-buidling that we get. I like Kyouko, especially for her seyuu, she is a cool character as well, i liked her segment with her father where she was forcing him to write :D Nozomi is pretty cool as well, reading Monster musume manga :D and just her personality is really great, a karate instructor as well. Hime is just adorable, lots of great scenes with her since she is a main character.
I looooove triplets and little angel <3 also Manami is pretty great. Her personality is great, seeing how she cares for her family over anything is great. Seeing how centaur swim and everyone else swimming was great, Shiho is pretty adorable, has lots of great scenes.
I also love how each episode we learn more and more about different species, about Quetzalcoatl for example, jeesh that smile :D
Its just very enjoyable in general, and as always me liking the characters indicates a really great enjoyable anime for me. I love them all so much, i also kinda wanted to make Centaur go into my favorites cause i love it so much, but i think i will refrain from it.
YOu say that anime is better, but i heard manga is way better :D you probably just disliked certain chapters, while those people who were liking manga much more actually liked those ones.
YOu dont like the OP? why? do you at least like the ED? my favorite one this season. Visuals 10/10 song 10/10
You mean this one? https://streamable.com/vu0l9 i liked that scene so much actually. girls dont kiss each other when they grow up :D
Oh also the anime feels pretty realistic well not a surprise with how much it focuses on real life stuff, by realistic i dont mean species going to school and humans being eradicated from the world (this is a story after all)
Well i actually like that its sol and it has a really complex world that is thought-provoking, so im glad i can enjoy it as sol and still think during episodes.

balroom - behind on 4 episodes T_T man i gotta catch up on it very quick, i'd hate for it to get out of hand and it becoming sakura quest all over again where i have 14+ episodes to catch up on zzzz Thats anotehr anime where score of your got down :( why? not liking it as much? I expected it to remain as 8 for you. Since im behind on 4 episodes im still speaking on behalf of my previous experience, so obviously my love for this anme can plummet if i watched those 4 episode or it could get even higher for all you know. Amazing anime in general and deserving score, not too high not too low. Just in the right place it feels. Also visuals are so great. JUst like in Aoyama-kun, pretty much perfect for me.
I also am glad that they dived into that part and Hyoudou got penalized. I think Shizuku got upset that he wasnt taking care of himself and was overexerting himself. He wasnt thinking about himself nor for people who would be sad if something bad like long-time trauma happens to him, Hyoudou could've mentionted about his knee and everything could've been resolved but instead he was being SELFISh and thought only about himself, he didnt want to lose Shizuku to another partner (remember him being INFURIATED with MC when he saw him dance with Shizuku?) Basically his pride wasnt allowing him to let Shizuku dance with someone else and the reason for Shizuku being really upset with him.
I guess you are right,there are people who dedicate themselves upon seeing something once like circus show because for a first-timer it can look amazing and he'd be like YEP im so gonna do that. Did you like the OP part where MC is looking at the window sees reflection(not the stanlee reflection :P) of himself but then notices it fading away,basically signifies that he is there, but he actually is not,because thats not what he is,sitting in that classroom.
Im so glad the anime is 2-cour, i'd be pretty frustarted if it wasnt, its a sports after all. Anyway there's a lot of story to come. BEST GIRL COMING IN https://myanimelist.net/character/110443/Chinatsu_Hiyama cant wait cant wait. look at her amount of favorite lmao. Anyway there ought to have a lot to dicusss and im sure your score will rise maybe to a 10 :P what? everything is possible right? :D Just you wait for hajimete no gal to have an 8 from you after those AMAZINGLY CRAFTER 2 episodes that will put you to shock :D
So far im enjoying the flow of the anime and how things are progressing, the pacing is good, its very enjoyable as well. characters are well written and really great. Did i forget anything? honestly its not very easy to mention the points of the anime you like, when you really like the anime you just like it wholeheartedly without thinking of what specificly you like about it,but since we are talking about it, me just saying i love the anime would be a lame ass explanation since we can be liking the anime for different reasons. Its way different when its something you hate, cause you know exactly what you hate :D

made in abyss - When forgotten_memo gives an anime a 9 that just speaks for itself i think :D about the greatness of the anime, cant believe he gave gamers a 6 :( but thats pretty much his regular score. Anyway the anime is just great right? all around? i cant say thats the execution is masterpiece or anything like that, its pretty good but it could've been much better epsecially Ouzen episodes... ALso the pacing could've been bit faster as we didnt cover much so far. Lol there's a funny comment i read how one mal user was so infuriated with Ouzen because she hit quoting her "my adorable children" so she went nuts on Ouzen DESPITE knowing that she did it to make them stronger, she just couldnt put away the fact that she hurt children LMAooooo. Its not freaking NA come on, their world is much differnt than ours, being a child doesnt give you many priveleges.
Cant believe someone actually disliked the anime because of cruelty towards children. Also a pretty upsetting thing for me, i know its not a big of a deal, but its pretty impossible to rewatch, so my internet was down and things i could do in my browser is to listen to some songs that were loaded already in youtube and made in abyss episode, it was late at night, so its either going to sleep which i didnt want to do or rewatching the made in abyss episode. I coudlnt even answer to messages cause for that i need internet :P so i tried rewatching the episode and it got so boring honestly, not as exciting as during the first time. Luckily my internet recovered but still its impossible rewatchning made in abyss for me at least.
Also because just that little is hapening in each episode, i totally expected made in abyss to be much more difficult with how high the score was, but its probably one of the easiest anime this season to watch.
Also the reason why the anime is never going to be my favorite is because regarldess of how amazing it may seem, the characters are just really bland for me at least. I cant seem to like or care for any of them, sorry :( I cant love the anime as much when there arent characters to love.

Koi to uso - i honestly cant believe you dont like it more :( its behind youkoso and vatican for you and those two are 5 and 6 for you so koi to uso is even worse for you? T^T
Anyway i honestly am i nlove with the anime, thanks to Ririna, i have never seen any anime be carried by one character as much as this one. Literally make or break for the anime, would've been 6 for sure withour Ririna there. I actualyl can not remember any anime being carried by one character for me personally. Oreimo and Kuroneko might be in your case but i didnt get far in Oreimo :P
Anyway Ririna is just adorable, sweet, sincere,innocent, best girlllll. Also guess which comments ENDing has? :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aG3WwTZaRgY&t=2s as if there were ever any doubts, waifu wars are super popular as always :D
I think the anime might make it to my favorites, or manga maybe, even if it wont its SUPER Close. even though my love for it is kinda fading, before it would've been top 3 anime for me, now its top 6.
Again because of Ririna mostly, i cant believe how much i love her actually its crazy. And i thought my love for Anko makes me love bghs the most. And just like in Karen's case i truly understand and feel Ririna very well. I like her with her hair down and her outfits :D
Thats cool that you like MIsaki, our club mostly loves Ririna btw, at least those that spoke out in discord and such but Misaki has more favorites on mal, also i have lots of friends on mal who are Ririna fans.
I have top 3 favorites of the season on my profile right? it was pretty funny how one person who i never really talked to before goes to my profile to say how much he likes Ririna as well :D
Oh the love for Ririna is not admiration one that i have for Karen its more of a waifu love :D
Man overal there are just so many characters i love this season its crazy. Dont fortget Centaur centaurs who i also love. Man im definitely happy with myself and the season that there are a lot of charactes and animes i love.
I Love love love the ED and the OP, they are just so godlike, i swear if ED doesnt get to the finals asdasdasda
Btw Misaki is a nice character she is really likable and really pretty but i have my heart for Ririna.
Btw by filler parts you meant the swimsuit episode, the romeo-juliet 3 episodes right? I dont mean that only swimsuit scene happened in that episode, there are lots of other nice things that occured in the episode. How do you think the anime will end tho? is it going on teh manga course?
I dunno i dunno about Nisaka, have you seen him? https://myanimelist.net/character/148515/Rui_Kanoya looks like a girl but actually is a boy. Just because Nisaka has femenine looks doesnt mean he is a girl :P Also im sure he would be so mad at you if he heard you calling him out a girl :D
Btw not sure what got into me but after typing all that out i had an exterme crave for kuzuno honkai's op and so i listend to it, damn the OP is great, best thing of the anime.
Now basically on a finish line right? its time for my top 3, nvm its actually top 4 :D i didnt notice another anime.

Isekai resaraunt - Jesus crist, i will never forget how i went from hating the anime to absolutely adoring everything about it, while it might not be my favorite anime and will never get in my list, its actually because i dont put an anime like that in favorites, episodic animes i mean. But wow those stories are AMAZING. Wait i need to remember all of them... Oh ill go to character section, just check what character im referring to if you are confused.
Adelheid(lonely princess) that part was super heartwarming and just a wonderful story>>> Victoria it probably has to deal with the fact that she has my favorite seyuu TamaYuki, i share this love with my friend cause he just adores her so much, more than me even :D It was intersting to hear about half-elfs, so much i didnt know, for example didnt know that two humans can have a half-elf child. >>>Lion gladiator story, just a magnificent story all around >>>Lizzard story - i really loved the narration it was so on point, lots of things i liked about that segment.>>> Vegan elf aka Faldania just a well written story.
I cant find him on mal but Tom cruise one was pretty great lmao xD basically what would happen if tom cruise found a restaraunt :P >>> Disney mermaid story lmao.
Man man man anyway there were just lots of great well-written,heartwarming stories that i absolutely adored. AND im not mentioning great Kuro story, feelsbad for Kuro :( and lots of heartwarming Aletta segments, poor girl finally found her place T_T I love her relationship with Chef and how kind Chef is. Actually the more im talking about it the more im loving the anime right now.
Also OP is just GREAAAAT, i love when Chef bows :D
But despite all that i understand why anime doesnt appeal to many people and why its so underrated, its episodic and just not many people will get the flavor of the anime.
A good friend of mine was talkin about seasonals and said there isnt really much to talk about Isekai rest. And i was like are you crazy son and proceeded to write 2-3 pages :D
For sure will remain a 9.
I understand what scene you are talking about i like that one as well where all of characters meet and have a nice time eating together, it actually did happen in the episode you should be happy xD And it wasnt even a final episode or anything :P
The vegan one wasnt half-elf though, vegan was a full elf and was it pudding that she liked? wasnt it tofu steak? since she is vegan :P
Also pretty great that even legendary dragons enjoy some good ol' japanese/western food :D

Time for top 3 eh?

Hinalogi: jesus crist i love this anime way too much, i want to make it into my favorites list. I also know im not the only one who likes it so much because Bajar likes the anime just as much and when it comes to cgdct i trust his opinion :P
Hinalogi is the type of anime for me where you cant believe you can like it even more you know? I love all characters and hearing from you that you confuse characters from bghs and hinalogi is really sad T_T characters in hinalogi are so distinct and so great, all of them.
Lets start from the best shall we? wanna mention first that im really conflicted on who the best character out of 3 is, its between three main girls, each of them i really really love. Lion,Mahiro,Nina, so i think i wont call any of them the best, ill just say that i love each of them equally which means FAVORITE MATERIAl. I actually wanna add them so badly :( but if i were acting on my urges and were adding everyone i liked as much as them, i wouldnt have any spot left :( I mostly add characters i admire and love at the same time or when my love goes so out of the roof that i cant help but add a character.
I'm also glad that Yayoi is such a nice girl, i definitely thought she would be a meanie in the first episode :( but she is such a nice girl!!! Her 2 friends who are following her everywhere are quite nice as well,really devoted and really nice.
OVerall its just a very family-friendly anime, just such a nice nice, sweet heartwarming anime <3 My favorite types, also i never thought i would like cgdct as much as i liked anne happy, but i guess hinalogi got something to say about that :D I just enjoy it soooooooo much. Also i think the anime is very well done,aaaah i cant take this anymore, i just love it so much, my love is unstoppable...
Maybe the reason why im loving it so much is because i was watching it when i wasnt watching anything else? hinalogi only basically and even then i only watched 3 eps in a day and rewatched every single one :D when watching an episode once isnt enough, i cant believe i was liking the episode just as much after rewatching it on the same day.
I only watched 6 eps so far, but all of them were so amazing so there isnt basically any way for me to go back on disliking it. I also really like the world and the story. I liked the exam in ep 5, Lion winning <3 those 3 examineers who i quickly recognized they are from the original Luck and Logic!!!! a very fun episode for an exam.
Yuuko episode was pretty great. Mahiro showcasing her insane computer abilities. Cant believe Yuuko was calling computers mechas lol.
Lion's father is just the best, and just a correction he didnt dig out the pool in a day, he did it in half a day :D what an amazing father, how much he loves his daughter is insane and really admirable! Remember him saying to his wife that it took a bit longer for him to build the country. :D i loled, legimately. What a legend!!!
Also really like interactions between different characters, im a really big sucker for friendships in animes, and this anime has those, lots of friendship moments that are really heartwarming <3
Also guess which opening i was listening to for the whole message basically? yep yep, its hinalogi. Its a new opening for me, since i only encountered it very recently. Im really crazy for it atm, after all this time its pretty much 300+ and counting for the amount i listened to it. And the visuals are great as well.
Also Nina, Nina is pretty great, i adore her, so pretty <3 and just a nice girl.
I remember Azuma Mizuki she is basically like Renge from Bghs :D pervy for girls, she was so excited to see them in swimsuits <3
And Mahiro is just unbelievably sexy, much more than all hajimete no gal characters combines and multiplied by 2. IM super attracted to her she is really really pretty and sexy, but she also has a really great personality. And a cute fang <3
Also i really liked the first episode, the introduction and what not.

Tenshi no 3p - i know i know, kinda seeing your reaction right now :D watched it last, liked it just so much thats it insane. Just a disclaimer that i only watched 3 eps so far, but i liked every single second of it. Didnt think i would enjoy fanservice, but i did, it was really nice tbh. Now imagine hajimete no gal fanservice, ugh, youkoso fanservice, while it looks good still just out of place. And then we have tenshi no 3p ecchi stuff which is AAAAH.
I never ever expected to like this anime as much as i do and the reason why its higher than hinalogi is because this one has a better and more defining story. I liked so much that MC and girls found each other, they were like lost souls before, lonely by themselves, but now they have together. When a character who is lost and has no place he belongs in finds a special place for himself/herself its just the sweetest, same with Sakura quest, yoshino found her place <3 or Youkai apt, but i like Tenshi no 3p more than those 2 combined and thats a lot to say.
I liked MC and the story around him, him being an introvert and being an avoidant was really well done and portrayed, he was bullied and he is just scared to face them anymore, which is really understandable, bullying part was done really well. I also like what Sakura contributes to the story, she is pretty great. She was saying how she got scared to tell she is living in a orphan home being afraid to be ridiculed.Which is also done pretty well.
The story about 3 girls trying to say thanks in a form of a concert to a place that is really special to them is so sweet <3 Master is a nice guy as well.
Anyway the anime is done really really well thats my main reason for liking them, the characters are so lovable. another reason for having it as favorite, im sure i wouldnt have liked the anime without good characters. 3 girls are great. GEEEEEEEEEEE :D Sakura is great, his sister is a bit annoying,but she is a nice girl,also nice fanservice i guess? i kinda like it for sure, very subtle fanservice surrounding lolis?
Anyway those are my main reasons, didnt really dig into op or ed too much but they didnt seem to be that great when i listened to them during episodes. Oh i also like how during previews, characters pray for their sins :D
Also lots of hearwarming moments are too good for my heart <3 WEll those are pretty much my main reasons, obviously i like moe and stuff as well of course. But i dunno the whole vibe of this anime is just so great? and i like how its executed. I think will be a 10 for me. then again i only watched 10 eps.

And lastly tadu-dududuum. Princess principal. AS IF THERE WERE EVER ANY DOUBTS, thats gotta be even less surprising than Youkoso plot twists that you predicted before they happened. But unfortunately for you, it getting a top place here gives it a privelege of me not talking about it :D just take my word that its something i love wholeheartedly. And asking what exactly? everything about it :D i fi
Hirugiku Aug 27, 12:16 AM
I didnt include that about sakurada in the previous message, well not previous since that one is a Karen's expression, im referring to previous Long message :P Anyway its cause i read this just now https://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=1656280 and a person accuse that people are not thinking and refuse to think, that person even mentioned that people like to turn off their brains rather than think. anyway interested to know your opinion cause im just sighing atm.
Edit: also my chair broke :( and i came to understand just how much i value my chair just as much as my dekstop lol. I still manage to baaaarely sit on it but it hurts :( basically my chair is split in half and im sitting on the other half ^^ so i just barely manage to watch something before being completely worn out by sitting like that, so for now writing long message is just a no, but ill get my new chair around monday-tuesday and ill respond to the other message later on tuesday.
Hirugiku Aug 26, 11:15 AM
Hirugiku Aug 25, 1:43 AM
Lol to be honest i thought you forgot about this message (even though its pretty hard about it right) but hey man i'm just as guilty. My last reply was how long ago? 20? that's just too long ago,sry man. Was feeling under the weather for couple of weeks or so. Obviously wouldnt be able to write a message where i should be high in the mood or my message would feel wanky where it feels like im on edge, cause its not easy and it takes lots of time so it for sure can get on the nerve when you are under the weather. If you noticed i also didnt watch much, i dunno its kinda impossible to watch something and like it when you dont feel like watching. Cant quite understhand how some people can watch something if though they are awfully on edge or just feel really bad.
But hey im glad that you'll be able to have some time for me in the down time of classes ^^

Yeah ^^ started liking balroom a lot, thanks to Mako <3 just like after Ririna one character made me completely in love with the anime. Mako even has more favorits on mal that Shizuku, maan Shizuku is just a nono.
Oh right 703x is an easier way to call Quiz anime :P Jitesna-bu and Long riders are the only cycling animes apart from Yowamushi pedal which is crazy how little of them out there and all of them aired not long ago.
I heard from a cycling fan that Jitensa-bu is not bad at all but its super low-rated,people just dont like cycling i guess.
Well YOwamushi pedal is not guilty of this trope of 'pushing MC onto the big stage' he was riding on his bike for his whole life so it wasnt a surprise that he was doing well in races. but when a new character goes on a "stage" for the firts time and suddenly does really well, i call kinda it kinda bs. Like how in balroom he went on a stage while being completely inexperienced and did really well.
Its not tha big of a problem to be honest cause we can give it a benefit of the doubt and say that MC has just an innate talent.
The more you listen to Fate/Apocrypha Op the more you love it? i feel ya man, not for this anime but for some other ones, like? like... smartphone? haha kidding kidding i cant like the OP regardless of how many times i listen to it, granted i mostly listen to it during the episode.
Koi to uso has great songs the more i listen to them the more i'm in love. Granted most of my songs i listened to this season are the ones i fell in love from the start <3 they're just so damn great -_-
Man same, i really didnt like Fate/apocrypha visuals, jsut a big meh. I never listened to it fully until my friend just forced me to watch ED (the one he loves a lot) and the OP, but we listened to ED the most.
I see, i see so we are pretty much similar on those songs. Speaking of new game 2 OP, liek you said its too similar to first one and its the one i listened to for 1000+ times? on Osu, on youtube, maaan just too much, so i dont think i can listen much to OP 2, really got tired of the song too quickly xD
Touken ranbu OP? its ufotable, i kinda find their openings to be kinda good, but not for my tastes, sorry :/ kinda generic and all feel the same? I've been playing Tales of berseria recently and without even checking i realized the animation is done by ufotable xD (experience what can i say :P)

How do you feel about OP contest? had fun participating? I SURE DID LOL. My fav opening won, how could i not have fun LOL. And against Koi to uso OP, the one i rooted for as well, so it didnt really matter who wins there but i was glad it was Princess principal, it actually destroyed in the final, but man oh man was the contest stacked OR WHAT. All rounds were super super close. Like 3 vote differences decided the outcome?
But damn PP sure had a tough road. What was it? on top of my head Fate/apocrypha to Made in abyss to Balroom to Koi to uso right? all those 4 had great OPs. I also love Isekai restaraunt's OP, listeened it for quite a lot but it got to face against New game 2 which won. So as you see first round can get quite rough ._.
Anyway that was the happiest i've ever been in that club after PP won cause usually my favorite never wins T_T
What i hoped though is that we should've had more Openings, symphogear OP wasnt included and its one of the best. Nana Mizuki after all. Jigoku shoujo has a godly opening 4 but wasnt included as well, saiyuuki, mahoujin guru guru etc...
Haxx said that its because they are not popular enough. So your fav OP Warau wasnt even a part of competition last season :L
As for the ED i'd be ROooooooting for Centaur, i love the anime and that ED is just GODLIKE. and for Koi to uso as well, didnt check the bracket hope the only time they meet is in the finals :v

Wait wait so for New game i went from 11 to 12 by pressing the plus but i didnt get any boxes like that 'Did you finish rewatch' one. But i did manually set it to 1. So days get affected only if you click on the 'did you finish rewatch' box huh.
Are you plannning on starting a rewatch any time soon? Im quite busy as it is, dont really have time to rewatch something but after season finished i do want to rewatch princess principal maybe, or centaur. And there are some others as well. Oh and Aho girl has to be rewatched as well, its short and its hilarious? :D
I have no need to rewatch Tsuki ga kirei because when it was airing i rewatched 1-5 3 times or so, one with a friend, the other just by myself. And i rewatched some other individual episodes after 5, i think i rewatched 7 or an 8 not sure. When a 7 week wait is too long that you cant wait for the next episode basically :D We also had episode delays, so it wouldbe 2 weeks sometimes.
But i rewatched New game and Anne happy(2 eps left) So im in need for a new rewatch :D I guess i have time to correctly finish Anne happy rewatch on mal lol.

LOl you definitely put it in a way that RyuZU would say :D "well, I wouldn't exactly trust them with anything that requires a brain" How she'd roast people all the time by saying how inferior we are to fleas. RyuZU's face basically :D

I only played Sonic adventure DX, it was a childhood game i liked and even when playing it couple of years ago i liked it in the same way. Didnt know you hated it so much.
Ofcourse i saw that crunchroll anime awards, that made so many people salty with Yuri on ice winning in most categories that i couldnt not heard of it.
I mostly laughed at the most heartwarming scene, like there is no way many males would vote for that right? Best villain Jojo vs pervert teacher both 33% so it was very close.
Speaking of popular i never expected Gamers to be that popular, well now that i think about it, there arent many animes with something realatable to games in the title, so most people are like Oh gamers, im watching that, mostly due to title honestly, but then they realize its not exactly what they thought xD
I liked Shakunetsu as well, i thought it was very nice overall. It doesnt have that bad of a rating either. I dont think i'll be able to go to Haikyuu even though im sure its really good and all, i jsut cant.. cant stand MC, i wont be able to watch, root for him or his team. This little prick >_> i couldnt get past 1st episode because of him and i tried watching the anime 2 times.
Overall crunchyroll awards are quite weird, i dont really like polls like that in general because the mainstream ones are always nominated, i dont mean win but nominated. Like all those entries all have popular animes in them, where is Anne happy etc. you get what i mean.
Or like there are some threads on mal and all like "if there is one thing to change about an anime what would it be" you'd notice there're always talks about mainstream animes. Or like for "the most misunderstood character" its only popular characters from popular animes that people talk about.
Overall i have a beef against most mainstream animes,i mostly like not really popular ones. So im kinda said Gamers gets popular? but then on the same time im happy?
I kinda want Tsuki ga kirei to be underrated masterpiece and dont want it to become more popular cause i want to monopolize it to myself? but on the same time im happy it gets the recognition it deserves.
OR for my waifus as well, i dont want her to be popular, i dont wanna share her with anyone. Oh btw i find a character i love but she's popular, it wont stop me from adding her. But so far i only have one really popular character that is Misaka Mikoto. I just accepted that she's popular already but i'd be more glad if i had her all for myself and for some other people as well i guess :D in the range of 1-3k is a great amount in general, cause its in between from being too popular and being ignored where no one likes her enough to add her.
Oh god Yowamushi pedal is pretty much a perfect anime for me tbh, somewhere in between, it has lots of devoted fans and overall not that unpopular but it doesnt even have more than 120k members on mal at least. Its not that popular in Japan from what i know, but devoted fans are great overall. There are tons of nice videos and some good merchandise.
But honestly if the anime is super great ill have it as favorite. i have more favorites than what it says on my profile jsut so you know, well pretty much 9-10s are all the animes that are special for me and the ones i feel really great about, and MOST OF THEM are my favorites. I do love (actually love) a lot of animes it seems.Btw i found some new favorites from this season, just need a season to end to confirm all that.

Whole gintama over 2-3 weeks? damn he is just plain insane even if its rewatch. I dont think i will ever be able to watch that much in the span of that time, i like to anime slower and try to absorb as much information as possible :L and for that i need a lot of time. But hey at least i was able to retain pretty much most of animes in my memory. I think i remember seasonals very well in general cause for them i spent the most amounf of time for and there are a lot of thinking involved so i guess they kinda layed their eggs into my memory xD and thats honestly very remarkable and a huge bliss, if there's one thing i hate the most in the whole life and that is forget something important to me. Animes are really important to me so if possible i'd like to retain my memories about them as long as possible. And everything if possible, not just the story or how the anime ended in general.
Well for that i spent a lot of time, so i do spend much more time on animes than other people. And i absolutely despise bingewatching, cause like for example last season i bingewatched SukaSuka, all 11eps in 1.5 day? thats basically as fast as i can watch. And in the downtime when i tried thinking okay what exactly happened in those episodes i can hardly recall T_T and i really hate that >_< Man and overall i just feel extremely bad when i dont give a certain anime its necessary attention, kinda watch everything perfectly and understand every part of the anime and not just a story overall. Unless its the anime i hate like Dive, i would watch them like any other normal person will, but to animes i like/love i give them my undivided attention. But man i think i became much better person thanks to animes and become stronger with each episode i watch. And thats pretty much my bliss in life, just the process of improving yourself and becoming better and better and seeing your progress no matter what it is.

The most hated anime will pretty much be the most popular anime though right? sao is top 2 in popularity so it should be really high in most hated list, death note i think will be quite hated as well,million people on mal watched it after all :D
So you are just like me on hajimete no gal then, they for sure didnt show the best parts of the manga (which are all with Yame)and just went on their own course. And that ep 7? holy shit just a full on ad of an ecchi you also hate quite ironically right :D I think its your top 1 most hated animes right? im referring to masou gakuen hxh. But still i was surprised that from all 800+ animes you completed hajimete no gal is your 3rd worst one, what are the chances :D
This season is quite incredible honestly for me personally. On one hand there are 10 animes or so in which im DEEPLY IN LOVE. (last season it was only 3-4) but on the other there are some of the worst animes i've ever seen. Reflection, Tylor which has a score of 4.05 atm lol. I know you said that one should always be picky with 1s and should give 1s to the worst shit out there :D and i have 2 1s this season and some 2-3s lol. But thats a given right? when you watch pretty much everything, i think i watch 35 this season, there should be lots of utter trashes right. Like love kome was for you last season, still cant believe love kome is "better" for you than hajimete no gal :D with how much you hated love kome.
I usually dont notice awful animations but damn it i actually noticed how atrocious hajimete no gal's animation is. Btw dont forget to tell me oyur thoughts on ep 7.

That saying if Nanbaka will ever get season 3 :( it feels like while its not that impossible to get season 2, its almost impossible to get season 3 for any anime out there huh. Still was very very surprised how Nanbaka season 2 was suddenly announced and it was right in the next season lol,why was it not 2-cours if there was no downtime pretty much.

Speaking of bad parents who do you think good parents are? lets go with the ones we both watched, so this season? We didnt get to see Karen's father in the anime while he was in the LN T_T actually sad that it was skipped and that was an entire chapter of him, that was a really funny misundertanding that we had there, but oh well anyway he is really nice buying games for her daughter and all :(
who else who else? Not many parents were even revealed this season eh? How about centaur? do you like Hime's mom? or Kyouko's fther maybe? who gets pressured to write by his daughter xD pretty hilarious in general... How about master in Tenshi no 3p? like him? He does everything for his daughter after all.
Oh her father https://myanimelist.net/character/151876/Hatsuri_Momoi was pretty kind, spoiling her daughter, doing everything she wants and all, kinda a pathetic father but he's still kind.
How about Souta's parents in re creators? im referring to first episodes where there was literal chaos in his room and she didnt even notice anything :D But man Zokuro was quite a great grandpa right, not just to Sana but to his own grandchild in general. How about tsuki ga kirei's parents? like them?
King Victor in Haine? he is actualyl really great as a parent right? the enough amount of strictness and kindness, he really loves his children in general. and holy shit how does he manage to mantain his perfect looks is the mystery xD
Or is it a father of Ao(Fag) literally because of her father she was sent lots of talking figures :D best present ever thanks daddy :D Lol sorry for reminding you of Fag again :P
I'll stop at 2 seasons.

You bought Nisekoi manga? huuuuuh. I see i see well if you hate Chitoge i guess thats a given that you cant continue reading a manga, woudl be the same for me if i knew the girl i hate is gonna win and she is a main character i'd be really hating on the manga and that'd be a pain to read. But you have an extra reason since you are an Onodera fan. Maybe if new season will be announced your love for Nisekoi will be refueled and you will finally get to it.
I am hero manga huuuuuh, oh you gave it a 6, i see that you disliked it. Never heard of it, hopefully anime comes out so i will find out what you experinced in the manga :D
YOu say that, but isnt all harems for you should be the same? especially when you have a favorite girl there. they start really strong but then fail miserably by the end.

Hahahaha that made me laugh out loud :D those 2 laughing didnt sound like a laughter indeed.
Those 4 categories are interesting i guess. Made in abyss is 1 huh(i overall agree i guess),it looks simple but there's so much to think about, the whole world, how people live, i guess it does being told pretty simply, isnt the anime overall a big inspiration of ghibli movies? even though i never watched one myself so im not sure about that. But basically stories like that which has a simple narrative and easy to follow are the ones that are really popular cause most people understand them? and its easier for a viewer to connect to the story and characters.
While i might agree that made in abyss's narrative is pretty simple and it might be a simple anime to understand but there are lots of variable in the story and the whole world that really makes you think.
Onizuka has lots of lessons in it and mroe complex than it looks like,there are tons of things to think about. I agree with SukaSuka being 1.
Man all the animes you mentioned for 2 are hard animes af :D also requires way too much thinking. all of them are very deep as well. I guess i only watched 1 of them so i cant really be a judge, but i kinda know others as well.
Still shouwa rakugo was pretty thought-provoking, was it really told in a simple way? hmmm never though about it.
Oooooh now that you mentioned Baccano now i see what you mean, it was really complexly Told(yeah thats a word :D) and it was soooo unique that i really liked it but most animes are being told in simple way so it would be easy to understand.
Thats right then shouwa rakugo wasnt told in the baccano way or anything
LOl speaking of paint dry, was recently just yesterday reading a really short review for konbini kareshi(it being short is the only reason i read it i nthe first place) and he described the paint dry there as well :D
c)Pudding during an earthquake? looool. d) dude its just too real, its so true it hurts, i also noticed how something horrendous happens in terms of story and story-telling and next episode we come off as if nothing ever happened before :D
By talking about poeple seeing it underrated masterpiece do you think its because they actually understood it or is it because like you were referring in other message how if you dont know how to convince someone just confuse them to no end and thats how sakurada reset operates.
Do you think if you were a different person you would've liked the anime? You should check out a reddit sakurada thread sometimes. Like see what people write about it and why they think its good. It can be quite knowledgable if you care what other people think or want to understand why they feel this way? some of them have mal profiles as well so you can check out which type of person he might be by checking out his favorites. So you'd understand which kind of people like this 'garbled mess' like you referred.
Didnt know you were reading Trump's twitter o_O didnt think you'd care about some NA president.

Hazardous to both of our health? loolol. But that's honestly quite nice that you manage to write so much about the anime you hate, its actually great to listen to why someone dislike sometimes and you put a lot of text/effort into it, while most people would've written a line about how much he hates it without much constructive criticism. So thanks for that lol. Also also if you dont mind, mind writing your thought on ep 19, that was the best episode of sakurada for most people and me included. The bath scene was just really well done, the door shows how Kei is so close to her but yet so far and she cant quite close the gap between them.
Not sure why i write all that when i can just screenshot what i read ^^
Also mal ep. discussion had a lot of explanation if you are interested.
Lol thats actually incredible 22.78% of people dropped? jesus christ, i gotta remember that.
Speaking of success how about that Noraneko GOAT Episode for your tastes? it was so mmm incredible :D that aside from standart 14-20 comments per episode, episode 6 managed to get 70 of them :D if thats what they were aiming for, for it to be "recognized" they succeeded, cause i never and other people i think as well never seen something as horrendous as that :D i was laughing out loud no joke for the whole episode, thanks studio that was my 4 minutes+3 minutes or so reading comments of euphoria :D
What exactly did you feel when you saw a GOAT? i was like is it a wrong video? did moderators or whoever uploads new episodes made a mistake? cause if oyu remember there was no sound for 30 seconds or so only when they started speaking i realized ...............

There is one quote i read on someone's forum signature. "To be Great is to be misunderstood." - Ralph Waldo Emerson LOl and im just like thinking maybe its just like sakurada reset, ill remember that quote

I did say pretty muhc every anime after all :D Jesus mars of descrution. LOL "If there's seriously someone on this planet that thought 'yeah, this was good.' then I'm pretty sure that they're just seconds away from being admitted to an asylum" made me lol pretty hard.
Looks like my friend list is safe from asylum :D

Yeah monster is indeed one of the horrors out there but granted i never realized it is one until i saw other people mention that. Its because media got into my head that horors is basically gore and jumpscared, oh wait the horrors that i actually dont like because of how LITTLE sense they make. speaking of jumpscared holy shit Vatican no kiseki what have you done what have you done :D im referring to ep 3 jumpscare and ep 4 had one as well.
Horrors for me are something really hard psychological stuff, Jigoku shoujo is a really great as an "actual horror"

Hm Ems did indeed has an ova-like stuff in between but the last part with MC seeing his sister is getting better at socializing and overcomes her hikikomoriness was really heartwarming and my reason for a high score. And that was the whole story to begin with? not the romance or anything, lol for sure ems 2 should be really disastrous, just imagining ELf lose makes me emotional >_> She doesnt deserve this :(

Aha MAde in abyss down :D tsurezure and kakegurui to go. Kakegurui ...... sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I'd have better chances to finish Reflection, even if i know kakegurui is about as better as the distance between 2 planets xD but seeing people undergo their psycho syndroms? save me God.
I wonder if you'll remind me to watch them again :D until i finally start them.

I dunno graphics are very important to me in general, i dont think i can play game with bad graphics, it should visually appeal first and then appeal as a game itself. Thats how it is for most people though in animes as well, visuals should be appealing so people ACTUALLY start it but then the story and everything else should be great as well in order for a viewer not to drop it.
I think after looking for millenium i finally found a game i like. Deponia doomsday, that was quite a nice game and it happened like i said visuals appealed to me and story and gameplay made me stay and not drop it. The game is done by a German i think you should know it. NOt like every person should know a game produced in their country but i think its popular enough? no idea a friend recommended it to me, thats how i found about it.

Btw listening to this song atm by Inori Minase https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTwaKVI1ESc she has quite a voice for sure, i love her songs. and this one is just heartwrenching [--____--] And then there were none, it was too late T_T
Fine fine i wont buy a new Escapist game :D

Apart from forgetting i also really really hate youtube reviewers, jesuuuuuuuus its just unbearable to listen to and most of them are american and im not trusting in NA education and NA parenting, while i dont have a beef against any race or nation in particular i just found that most americans are jsut unbearble people, but i do have some very close friends from NA. Anyway just forget what i said about NA i mostly hate youtube reviewers in general, just listening to their voice and reasonings makes me cringe.
Lol i already love this guy's reviews

especially that im off to a fantastic start arent I. Review seems really personal now cause its not really professional to write that right? but i dont want to read wannabe professional reviews i just want to read a human being's review not a robot's one :D
I couldnt read anything past that cause he goes into explaining, because i have opposite opinions since i know RE zero is actually really great there's no point in reading something that you know you will disagree with. And he might be just saying random bullshit for all i know. Like you can call a show generic while its not, you can call it cringey, you can call it edgy, its all your personal perception. The anime might not even be any of that but there's that ONE Person that perceived it that way. Oh by that i wasnt referring to RE:zero i was just referring to all animes in general that you can use any word in existence to describe them and it might not be even true.
Now i dont mean it for reviewers in general, if its a friend's opinion who messaged that to me i'd read that and reply. But that reviewer is just a random person who i wont be able to even hold dialogue with. You can say i can leave a message on his profile but that hardly be called a discussion cause its a review he was writing so it has all of his sorted out thoughts that he 100% agrees on, i dont think someone will write something he doenst personally believe in. And most reviews are not open to discussions,they are made in a way where a person 100% agrees on his opinion and no one will manage to change his opinion.
While if its a discussion with a friend about a certain anime, its kinda by definition open to discussions since its a message written to you.
I guess i like reading to episodes discussions as opposed to reviews because while review is a generalized thougths on the anime, ep. discus. talk about the episode itself and its interesting to see what other people think of the episode also reading that helps me understand something i didnt or find something i missed or just open my eyes on something instead of just watching without reading and relying on your and your perception alone.
Also you can hold discussions its called ep. discussions not for nothing after all :D

This description for Aki-sora though is quite interesting :D

Drifters? that was a painful anime to watch for sure, it was such a horrible and painful memory that my mind just tried to forget everything related to Drifters asap :D
Anyway from your positives 1)ocassionaly interesting tactics and strategies indeed is a plus, Nobunaga the hero of the anime. 2)action scenes were done pretty great, thanks to the animation.3)gatling gun? dont remember dont remember :( 4)man that opening was cool for me at first but as i started hating on the anime the opening just makes me want to vomit x_x
For negatives: comedy was indeed atrocious, not only you and me agree on that lol,pretty much why anime is not higher rated on mal. I found artstyle to be fine, not the worst that happened. Non-existent charcater development? while it might be the issue you have to agree its not the reason for why the anime is disgusting for me and you :D I dont think anyone was ever disgusted by the anime because of no char. development. But you were referring to anime problems in general not what makes the anime disgusting for you so i understand.
Villain never characterized, i actually liked villains tbh :D more than main characters for sure, i guess you are referring to the main villain who isnt really a villain right? what they were called again? ends? right right ends, drifters v ends. There was a Jeanne Arc as one of the ends which i found to be a nice touch. And ends were being sent there by Easy https://myanimelist.net/character/43719/Easy Easy easy easily best girl :D
Characters thrown for only one episode. YOu are referring to Jeanne Arc i guess, again its not the main issue which made me dislike the anime and i would've never thought of it as an issue if you didnt mention that.
CLiffhanger ending you sure dont like them huh, we did get a confirmation for second season at least. so it doesnt make it as bad.
Rape? Jesus that was just painful to watch >_> what actually made the anime disgusting.
Firearrows? you mean the scene where they used dead bodies for ammo? I think by the time they were making fire arrows was when i started really hating on the anime so it was just painful to watch.
Bow held sideways? LOL i'd never noticed that :D

Anyway while negatives are the reasons i dont think they are solid reasons enough for a rating of 4, some of them look like nitpicks. My personal hate reason is that world is just too brutal to the point that its painful to watch. Like the rape you mentioned, i know its supposed to be realistic, showing how horrible the world is but its just painful to watch :( Like when they stormed through lots of people and put their head on pikes right? and just brutally murdered people in general. Jeesh just lots of blooood. Also it wasnt like the people they were killing were monsters or anything right? they were just regular soldiers, is it even their that their country and leaders make awful decisions, they are fighting for their country i know but its not like they want to right, its kinda a duty for a citizen to fight for its country when needed.
Its really disgusting seeing something so brutal in the anime.

I dont know much about naruto unlike you but i still know some stuff i probably know a lot more but i just didnt know it belongs to naruto. Even though i never watched Sao i surprsingly know a lot about it :D
Oh right Fairy tail btw has no blood, at all, literally zero. It looks really ridicilous in a battle shonen, also i think manga fights where character gets stabbed is replaced by something else in the anime but im not sure on that so dont quote me here.
It has fanservice of Hinako note though :D even the way fanservice i shown or handled :D

I see what you mean, if antagonist or villain is not a really important focus of the anime like in Grimgar(which i didnt watch) then its fine having a decent enough villain.
Akashic records villain was pretty retarded so it was hard to take him seriously and he was just awful in general.
Four Nomus? LOL i didnt know that... people seem to love it though since score is ridicilously high or was it just ignored by people. MAn even though you are dissing the s2 i think im sure ill like it if i start it as i absolutely loved season 1, well that is if i ever start s2 x_x

Oh oh i see thats a pretty solid reason for liking black clover manga nto for serious stuff but for the in-between. thats one piece for me as well, but i liked everything about it, but the most interesting things were aftermath after a big arc and it was a in-between arc as the ones you like in black clover.
Damn those actualyl are really solid reasons why anime will be a disaster, if factor that its studio pierott wasnt enough by itself we also have the fact that its doing that boruto stuff which they will give their full attention to.
and the staff as you said huh. Honestly studio pierott been as shitty as it ever was nowadays, and im not even saying that from my experience just look at their modern anime scores.
I loooove NEnechi and the reason why i loved Liones is her voice but also her personality, basically Chiya (urara)
LOl and if i didnt know that already you put e)

LOL LOl LOl so you did read that opinion of mine about Reflection :D Teehee, a bit embarassed >_< 'more akin to an American superhero cartoon than an anime' Indeed indeed thats the best way to put it.

While he might've helped her its still doesnt change the fact that she wasnt strong enough to find reasons or strength not to kill herself that was proven in the anime when Blitz was telling his creator how Altair's creator is much more respectable and Blitz's creator mentioned her life and how painful it was, how much she cried because nothing was working out for her, how fans werent supporting her work and she was saying how he doesnt know what she went through to get to where she is now. So now i dont agree that its Souta's fault, suicide is always always fault of the person suiciding, no matter how sucky the life is you gotta be strong like Blitz's creator for example.
I have depressions as well, not ever am i gonna ask for help or blame someone for not being my pillar of support, if i'm not being able to get over a silly depression how the hell am i gonna take on much harder hardships in life as i grow older and i wont try to ask for help because i should find strength within me to beat the problem.
And also people deal with way worse than what she or me faced against.
'Unterlassene Hilfeleistung' thats actually a very interesting law. Never though something like that existed.
Anyway just to reiterate i agree that Souta or someone in his situation could've helped out but i dont believe its his fault she died as suicide bears responsibility on the suicider itself. Even if her life was hell (which was far far from it) she can still strength to live on, to live for a better day. LOl remember what Tanaka in ep 12 said? too deep lol. Basically how no matter how bad your life is you should live on in the hope for a better day cause it will come a day, a month or a year later.

You seem like you are quite familiar with depressions yourself calling it a poison and such and overall seems like you are that sold on your opinion that nothing will bulge it and the thorough descriptions in general makes me think that you are really familiar with how it feels.
WEll you say that people do things out of selfish reasons but even if i wanted to kill myself for whatever reason and i was ready to do that i would think of my friends and family, how much of an impact it may leave on them and would've stopped. But i guess how can i know that if that never happened right
And my mom is not the most richest people but she donates to orphans places and i know her, she is doing it for them and not for herself. I know cause she does it wholeheartedly. While if i'd ever donate, the main reason would be because its the right thing to do. But again how can i know if that didnt happen yet.
Or like even take that review for example, i totally didnt want to read that but since you sent me the link i had to read some of it, i know it wasnt full but granted if you didnt send it i wouldnt even have wanted to read a word.
Oh oh and remember Aoyama-kun's ep 8? Tsubasa fell in love with Moka but realizing her feelings are for a different person he wholeheartedly wanted HER TO BE happy. He even stated that.
And there are many many other reasons where someone does something while not thinking about himself.

Seeing some of those low-rated animes for you makes me really sad :( mainly youkoso and bghs. and you forgot to include Vatican there it's 6 for you!!!

I really really really really like bghs even though i said i dont like it originally :D thats actually the type of anime i like and i actually legitly find it to be good, not great but good. I also started playing the game but its fully in jap. T_T no idea where to click or anything, but i think im progrssing in the story :D
Also i got legitamately a waifu in the anime and the reason why i started to like the anime and wanted to check out a game. well what can i say i guess like Aguri(gamers) was saying along the lines that when love hits you unexpectedly you cant do anything about it. There were some cases in anime where a character will unexpectedly fall in love with the enemy and because of that he goes easy on her/him and lets him/her go even though its an enemy.
Same for me :D it was just unexpected is the best way to put it. That and also i did try to like the anime and i guess it worked out.
As for hajimete no gal i fully agree, the manga is not great or anything but its a masterpiece compared to what that anime is and lol again dont forget to talk about that ep 7 with me. that was just something else :D i even left a message on ep discussions with lots of screenshots :D my fav one was Kitamura eri's character Ranko cosplaying as Miki Sayaka.
Wow at least you tried liking Hajimete no gal, thats reassuring xD

I totally lol'd :D "The shit he say is almost as disgusting as what a certain orange President tends to say in connection with his daughter... and now that I've thought of THAT, give me a second to adjust myself and have a quick, nice and cleansing puke. X.X."
You should read ep discussions once in a while 80% of them talk about that fat pedo :D and basically all comments have the same meaning as yours.
Btw something that i thought of recently is that those 3 friends in hajimete no gal are way too similar that its actually even crazy to Aoyama-kuns trio. Glasses guy, fat guy and more or less normal guy. And boy oh boy in both they just ruin the anime and the experiecne for me with absolutely flat and bland and even retarded jokes
Also after most recent episode of Youkoso i got reminded that MC's friends (the 3 guys, Sudo, Ike and the other guy) are really similar, they are just different in looks but they are as perverted as others, granted youkoso is not a comedy so they dont try to push those silly bland jokes so in terms of similarity to those 2 cases i'd say its mostly 45% or so? but nothing,im telling you nothing can even compete with hajimete no gal's trio.

Also some similarity i found is that both Gamers and Youkoso have 1-cour both adapted exactly 2 volumes in 6 episodes, both skipped just tons of stuff(for gamers its not so critical) but Youkoso is way worse in that regard cause they rearranged, cut, they even changed some scnees. LIke Kushida's scene was supposed to be on a roof where she pressed him to a wall not in the open field where he could run away :D it kinda made more sense being pushed to the wall cause it shows how little room you have to move or resist.
Also both had beach episodes in ep 7 :D but granted Gamers one was much more tamer, just 2-3 provacative shots of Karen (and im telling you as someone who is in love with her :D) and in both cases its considered to be the worst episode by the community. You wont believe how much ep 7 of youkoso was hated. As for gamers people here and there dropping the show, writing nasty reviews how they couldnt take it after ep 7 since they went too far with misunderstanding and such.
And coincidentally both in my favorites under manga category and both of them i read :D
If you are interested in youkoso well a bit at least :D its all that needed. Basically volume 3-4 were skipped which i cant know since only 2 are translated xD and not even 2 more like 1.75 then there is her https://myanimelist.net/character/152098/Kei_Karuizawa she is a central character in vol 3,4 and hehe guess what she didnt get any development or exposure whatsoever since we skipped those volumes xD
and also what were those huge walls of text near character when Horikita was explaining them? What a lazy way to introduce a character jeesh.
Also it did something that no adaptation should ever do if they dont want to find their house be burned down by angry mobs of fans :D its taking character scenes and give it to ther other character :D thats what they did, they took Kei's scenes(the girl i linked) and gave them to Horikita. Worse of all is that Kei should be the only girl who should ever have a chance scoring with MC (romance i mean) as she'll become the closest to him.

That's basically the main complaint and im really saddened by it but since i didnt read im not that infuriated :D since im not anime-only watcher i was fine with the episode despite it being beach one, just like i dont like fanservice (but damnnn i wont lie seeing this one in particualr was really nice especially since its Kushiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiida) i seriously love her just too much :D
Lol you should check me changing the score for the anime after i get to read those volumes 3,4 but for now its all safe :D
You should wait for volume 6 jesus christ lots of shit's going down. 5 volumes are basically introduction (quite a lot i know) i wish it was 2-cour so it would be a truly masterpiece anime with everything being adapted, eh.... oh well.
Anyway sorry for typing all that since i know you dont like the anime :(
how bout that btw? http://i.imgur.com/W2hbcn1.gifv surely you couldnt not like it :D

Is there something familiar you found between 2 animes? this season? but you can use other seasons or combine one season with another.

By comments being a giant toxic swamp do you mean that? lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G12dlvX1CoA I wonder if that admin of yours will delete those types of comments.

LOl nice character page for peeping life :D you shoud've added some yourself :D

Yeah if only youkai's apt was introduced a bit better and i was thinking why i didnt like it at all during first 2 eps. Ruruko is inded like Hina in flying witch. and i know i know its Ru-ri-ko :D

Oh thats nice i surely had an idea that you just watch whatever whenever pretty much :D but you actually care enough to watch Vatican only when you are fully awake so you dont miss stuff, thats nice to hear. Its indeed the anime where you need to have full concentration mask on :D
So since you watched episodes now, what do you think :D i know i know it was hard one to swallow especially ep 4 lol.

I know rigth that Working! segment is just too great :D

Oh man since i sent you that gif which i found to be hilarious i need to send some other images that accumulated from last time i sent you a message :D

Oh man oh man i have more but ill stop here :D
Aha jk one last one.Thats you after messages :D not me, definitely not me :P i still have tons of energy left :P https://gfycat.com/ConcreteHelplessEyelashpitviper

and one last https://gfycat.com/ImmenseDiscreteAlbino just too smooooooth :D

Also there is one part in gamers where Uehara said he baited everyone it was in ep 5 but in LN he actually said something that they either didnt translate right or the studio used different words for that.
IN LN he said he is a master baiter :D it was just too damn hilarous.
Hirugiku Jul 29, 7:51 PM
typical american cop right here
Hirugiku Jul 29, 6:30 AM
I love that opening for sure as for the anime i dont think im that big of a fan especially after the last episode? MC just recently started dancing but already gets a chance at
big stage and performs kinda well considering its his first time dancing with the girl. And that photographic memory :cool: But opening, i can listen to opening for ages.
And honestly did he really just say "his neck is too long" in ep 3? Lol. Same with me I really love Aho girl, i never listened to Fate one but since its Egoist im sure its great.
And Kakegurui man... its just not for me, you probably love the opening so much because its your favorite anime. From those anime that you watched my favorites are probably:
Balroom,gamers,princess principal,quiz anime, youkai aptm, centaur is alright as well, new game is nice, koi to uso is nice. There are way too many good openigns this season
hard to decide my favorite, there are tons more openings of animes you didnt watch like Saiyuuki reload blast. Great season for openings overall much better than last one.

Wait nijiiro days is still rewatching at my page? wow, i think i changed it ( i just removed the checkmark near rewatching) that's how you do it right? I thought once you put it
as completed after rewatching its considered as completed.
I see what you mean, yeah their relationship stayed the same :D but she did realize that she loves him and that was the point of that arc i guess.

I do consider haikyuu as maybe a masterpiece by how a lot of people love it and its really high-rated pretty much everywhere in the world and a lot of friends on mal have it in
favorites, i never asked why they love the anime. But i couldnt get past first episode because of that Orange-haired annoying prick x_x i tried watching it 2 times and couldnt
get past first episode asdasda. It was weird with Yowamushi pedal since i thought im gonna hate it and tried to at least survive and at least like it a little bit. I Never ever
expected to like it from the first episode :D i think it has to do with the fact that characters are so lovable and yeah of course i never expected it to becoem favorite later on.
That's cool to know that only oen anime from your top 10 is something you expected to be a favorite, it kinda is the same for me but not really. Let me look, well most of my favorites
are the one that i started without knowing much about them. I knew madoka is considered to be really good, but others hmmm... nah not really expected them to be favorites.
If anything i expect Jojo to get that spot sooner than later :D oH right i expected toradora and angel beats to be my favorites (and they were at some point)
I dunno dude, you are saying you are bad with long-series but isnt it all of us? and if anything you are a really really fast watcher, i was noticing through my friend updates
that you got through that 52 episodes gintama like it was 12 episodes for me :D
I need to watch ping pong animation as well at one point. I have a lot of other things i need to watch first tho >_< shokugeki souma is my big ptw since its airing next season.
but its a cooking show and i already described my feelings towards it :D and its an ecchi, cooking +ecchi+possible harem(im not sure abouit being a harem) It might be really
painful to watch x_x

Yeah i noticed that you watching that super super old anime shoukoujo sara, are you busy nowadays or what? i thought you would complete it in like a week :D but regardless even
if you are busy right now you are still watching everything faster than someone non-busy like me :D

Jesus you are making me crazy with those amount of rewatches, you are a great anime fan my friendo :D 9 rewatches O--O
Im planning to rewatch overlord honestly. Really craving for it T_T

Lol you go and show everyone that you hated KzH no one in this world should think for a second that you liked the anime. Imagine if mal had top hated list. YOu could've added
KzH there and be satisfied. Perhaps the worst anime with the original ending and anime going for original ending is gonna be Hajimete no gal, well just you wait, they already
adapted most of the manga of course by skipping pretty much everything that was good in the manga and that is Yame interactions and scenes. I loled when 10 chapters Ranko arc
was squeezed in 1 ep

Btw there is a video i was saving for a while(for this message) so sorry if you've seen it already. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERhJ-8wtd4Y
And a great article about aho girlu http://goboiano.com/11-times-aho-girl-described-your-daily-life/

Oh there is one comment that literaly made my day. stupid bullies i know right :(

And your favorite anime https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvreKmgXlZc&feature=youtu.be I was happy to find that video cause i kept rewatching it back in fall for 4-5 times every day
until i got tired :D

Oh really? glad that you like my profile then <3 i write my thoughts its week 4 atm, i try not to repeat myself so i just try to say something new all the time(my personal feelings
i guess) and i change openig and anime every week to signify that i like that anime or the opening. The only opening that i had for 2 weeks was Saiyuki reload blast and thats
because its my favorite and i've listened to it like 500 times. If only stupid youtube would stop blocking the video every time x___x
and i put my favortie charactesr, favorite anime of the season just like you want to indicate and show everyone that you hate kuzu no honkai i want to show everyone that i love
those characters and animes.
I see so you hate oreimo, well just like me then that anime was quite unbearable. Just like you i only liked Kuroneko, not as much as you but she was a likable character.
Just whole MC family, his father(the worst father in history) then his sister asdasafada, my most hated character in all animes to date and MC himself is just a retard.
My very good friend like Ayase and has her in favorite so i dont wanna say bad things about her, ill jsut say i hate yanderes in general :D
I really really liked first season of Nisekoi, but i really hated manga, well thats a no surprise since its a harem thing you will like the manga for the majority of its time
but once its close to an ending we get to see the resolutions and multiple girls being rejected left and right and god bless you if you are a fan of that girl (thats just really
heartbreaking) and you dont wanna read the manga anymore. THE only time harem endings are enjoyable if you are literally a fan of the girl that wins :L

I actually really agree with you on the Robotics part, they just include bunch of smart ideas, bunch of smart things in a dialogue without any context and use for them. Alright
i guess 3 laws of robotics is the good dialogue since i understood it ( btw its because i read some comments which referenced robotics laws) I think robotics laws were during ep 2
and the comment that i read was in ep 13 I think? Anyway the point is that Haruki is an android :D ahaha that's about it lol. She does become less and less of an android tho
as time goes on she shows emotions in most recent ep in ep 17 she actually laughed. Btw tell me what you think of that laughing scene it was kinda sweet and funny :D first time
laughing in Sakurada? o_O i thought Sakurada not only gives you power but also blocks you from laughing and in that department store is the only place where you can laugh :D
There are some people that consider anime an underrated masterpiece. So i guess its just for indigo childs :D
I liked how you compared Sakurada as a gradeschooler who just learned a cool phrase and keeps saying it over and over and its Sakurada for you. Lol i gotta remember to use that
comparision :D

Im pretty sure 95% of viewers have no idea what Mcguffin is, like me, i've never heard of it. I still dont understand what Mcguffin is and what was his use in the anime, it felt
like we just went nowhere with it? wasnt sure what was even the point of McGuffin in the first place. Man i really hope, i would even donate some money to that person who will
discover Sakurada and will write a huge article which explains literally everything, and significance of every dialogue, of everything :D but i guess only an indigo will manage
to understand all that and why would indigo write an article for us plebs? waste of time.

Loled at those drops from your friends. I wonder if those ptw will result in watching or dropped later on? Btw i caught up on the anime yaaay. Managed to watch 2 eps in one day
even though, even though the interval was like 8 hours i still watched them and didnt manage to fall asleep. Usually i would just fall asleep but i guess i was interested.
OH and those 2 eps were the most intersting ones for me, Souma is indeed the most interesting character in the show. And shows the most emotions(she really suffers and you can see
Btw did you see the amount of drops? 7k people dropped, 2.5k people on hold. Thats insane really. I guess we are like some of the few people suffering through it :D
how great that it got 24 episodes right. Well i feel like it would get better in the remainder of episodes, still doesnt change all its flukes and awful things that made Sakurada reset
the way it is right now.
I wonder if you are falling asleep to Sakurada episodes since you only manage to watch 1 a day and you still havent caught up.
Am i crazy that whenever i see words save and reset i say them in Haruki's voice?
Btw is main antagonist the repair guy in ep 10 of Kei's flashback.
Also i hope that one way we discover who actually is the less robotic person in Sakurada even little girls are robotic. WAit wait wait, i just discovered a mindblast o_o what if,
what if its all intentional and its Sakurada making them lifeless? that would be one hell of a plot twist wouldnt you say? Wow and that would explain why studio makes them so

Jesus that sellout was realy lol as expected of Jojo studio

And since you sent that screenshot it only makes it fair if i send one as well :D

Quite a few people still following it eh? the most crazy thing is that people who dropped it are not droppers :D sakurada makes people drop lol.
I dont drop it cause even if i suffer i will suffer it till the end, in life you dont often get to choose the most enjoyable moment in your life and stick through it, sometimes
there will be quite a few Sakurada resets in your life and you wont be able to run from them and you'll have to sit through them. Gotta be flexible and not picky live with what
you have in front of you and dont run from it.

Hai to gensou's special was jsut that bad huh? i never watched the series but it seems like you really love the original series while hating on special. Yeah i agree when a studio
or mangaka tries to satisfy fans they turn it into a fanfiction and its never good. Anyway most realistic Isekai ever made? interesting...

I dont think i even have a comfort zone at this point, i love everything as long as i find it great. I think all animes are great if you understand what their greatness is,
i mean pretty much every anime has someone who love it after all, even put it to favorites and sing praises of them (like sakurada reset) anyway if i find the anime is great then
i dont even notice what genre it has.
And i totally went out of my comfort zone this season after watching horror (that i never watch) unless you consider monster which isnt that type of horror. It doesnt have zombies
or all other undying shit jumping at you after all :D i never watched dementia and i never ever ever ever watched shounen-ai, and i guess i also never watched Yuri, i dont consider
animes like New game or madoka to be yuris, they mgiht have yuri-vibes but they are not yuris like ntr trap or Centaur no nanami(which is btw super amazing) I think i like that shounen-ai?
and i think that its made pretty well just like thsoe yuris but they are not my cup of tea but i enjoy them since they are done well (and i like art in hitorijime my hero and its opening)
And as i said i think that you have to deal everything that comes at you in life you wont really go and say "sorry thats not my comfort zone" xD so im not gonna be picky and just
watch everything, but Kakegurui :D im too scared x______x

Lol i thought you gave eromanga an 8 i was so surprised to hear you gave it a 6 thats a wow. I really liked the ending and the reason why its an 8 and not a 7 is because of
the ending. It really showed that Sagiri grew and becomes more sociable as it was shown when she was waving at elf and muramasa from the window and talk to them and even invite them
to the room. And the whole point of the anime was MC wanting to be more of a family with Sagiri even though he loves her,he'd rather be just a brother to her and them having a family,
and he also wanted to make her more sociable and have more friends and that smile at the end from him made me realize that he felt fulfilled.

Being quite honest i wanna say that the best thing about stark scores that i've seen is him writing yowamushi pedal review and giving it a 9 ^^
whatever i give a 4 too is just too disgusting to me just to look at, even if the opening is good i just cant stand listening to it cause it reminds me of that horrible awful
experience i had with the anime. In short I just utterly digust and hate the anime just so much. And i also think the anime is just really bad.
3's are just something as bad as Love kome we love rice i guess?
and 1s are really reserved for animes like Yami shibai season 4, that was the worst anime i've seen i think. Especially that art, i still have nightmares because of it T_T
you should watch it one day, you dont need to watch other seasons since they are not connected, but you need to gaze on what is absolute nightmare of an anime :D
5s are just somethign that i hated but didnt quite hated at the same time? at least 5 dont disgust me quite much and i can listen to songs, but i do think the anime is terrible
and most of the episodes just not watchable but at least im not utterly disgusted by how horrible it is.

Haha "I'll now say 'Watch Made in Abyss, Tsurezure Children and Kakegurui' in every message from now on until you finally do :3" I'll note that :D i'm definitely watching 2/3

I remember you telling that, that you were afraid kids would die, thats a good enough reason for a drop i guess. Ah i see, i do kinda understand what you are getting to by
mentioning its similar to Rakudai Kishi. I was watching the anime for Chtholly but realized i like Ren a lot lol. It's gotta be the worst world i've ever seen though. 0/10 would
never want to live in that world. I see what you like about SukaSuka though. Most of my friends liked the anime i thing, there are only a few 7s and no 6s. Again i just wish
i started it earlier and not watch it in a single day a week before a final episode aired, if i watched it weekly i would've appreciated and learne about the anime much more.

Good job mal indeed, tgk also got higher than Oregairu, the most prominent anime of feel.
Btw i got reminded of Shimoneta and im just non-stop listening to op and ed :D i remember back when i watched it i uploaded ED since it was so good *-* but it got removed by evil
youtube :(

What do you think of the game escapist btw? i dont really like games like that one, are they called rpg ones? i never really understood game genres whenever i see a game.
Oh i got reminded of escapist after clicking on that youtube link of that game reviewer.
Jesus dont even get me started on those mal reviews. They try to act critically and objectively but they are so fucking biased. And wont ever explain the reason for the hate,
the objective reason. Hating imouto animes and incest animes is not a reason :D Anyway i just hope they would write good reasons. Thats why i dont read reviews unless
it starts interstingly with an interesting catch. First of all its a guy that i've never seen and reading review from someone like that is just stupid? :D and they are just biased
whats the point of reading a review of just a single person? who you dont even know. I do have a friend who reviews pretty much everything LOL i have no idea why would he review
literally everything he watches, but hey let him be him i guess. And he reviews all animes in the same style. so i dont even read them even though he is a friend and i respect
his opinions hence why would i have him as friend lol. But his writing style is so monotinic that it isnt interesting one bit.
I just have to say that my favorite reviews and the one ill read are literally fanboy ones. They are not hiding they are biased about the anime and love it they dont try to hide
it as objective and write it as subjective anyway. And as my friend they are not writing animes in a moodless style (the kinda neutral style is something i always hated) if you
like the anime Just show it lol.
I had to look for this review but here https://myanimelist.net/reviews.php?id=241796 this is what i mean, one of my favorite reviews :D PLUS ITS SHORT (another great plus lol)
I love to see when some anime literally changed someone's life cause its relatable for me.
I guess a review like your review on Chu(which doesnt exist unfortunately) are the best reviews ever. I literally had nosebleeds when you so passionately were talking about Chu
(remember when you had 3 short heart attacks when you realized a movie is coming :D)
I guess i should read your drifters review, but drifters is the kind of anime that makes me really frustrated just thinking about x___x i dont want to remind myself of it again :(
but i do remember the anime quite well, the events and such, but i feel so disgusted reminding myself of drifters :D maybe ill read your review soon. well since your review is
a hate one (since why else would write a review for an anime that you gave a 4 too) so that alone makes it excited to read.

Oh i see so the reason why you hate shounens and animes like akashic records is because antagonist, their enemies, their fights are just ridicilous as hell, really badly written,
really weak antagonist, who have all that build-up who appear really strong but then get one-shoted. Wait that reminds me of something :D (anyway dont ever watch fairy tail) lool.
LOl the formula that you wrote is exactly fairy tail lOOOOOOOOl. man that is indeed one hell of a wanky and stupid formula. I dont think its wront hating shounens
because of it. For me i found lots of good shonens that i watched that might've had that formula, its because there was other things i liked in that anime like characters or the
story, so even if antagonists and stuff like that and the formula is retarded i would still enjoy the anime and not think much about it.
I know really understand why you love Jojo, because antagonists are really great and it doesnt have a shounen formula i guess and its just well done.
I liked anime like Bnha because even though its cliche its just very well done, and i dont mind cliche one bit, even though its cliche its still has a lot of uniqueness.

I kinda see what you mean by twilight zone basically if old styles of shounens will work together with modern style visuals. I see, i dont blame you thats a very good reason to
watch something, to find that good one finally. TO find that tsuki ga kirei of shonen. I think bnha is really good :( its so high-rated on mal right now btw its crazy.
Did it become even better that the score jumped from 30 to 22?
Black clover huh? that sounds interesting i will watch it especially since you say you like the manga (you liking shonens pffff)
You gave a very good reason why you dont like shonens btw.
Btw if you are trying out every shonen to find a good one why not watch Reflection? and see it with your own eyes? I find the anime to be hilarious and very very and i repeat VERY

Well for sure not being connected to any characters is a problem so i dont blame you for not liking Saekano since it sometimes happen to me when i jsut dont feel characters
and dont care much about them so even if the anime is great its hard for me to like it much since i just dont care about characters >_> Freaking to love ru is a great example.
man how am i ever gonna finish it :( i'm so reluctant on continuing where i left off. Im definitely not ever watching Saekano tho, oh hell no. I dont need another SOuta from re creators
and the harem where a best girl loses. and that fanservice x_xx

My problem with SOuta's past in recreators is that he sounded like he killed her while in reality he didnt do anything, it was her who did that. He blames himself that he
didnt prevent her from suiciding. She had suicidal thoughts and he didnt stop her. I know he was particularly blaming himself because he felt satisfied that she is getting flamed.
But that has notthing to do with "killing her" he didnt know she would kill herself. And even if he knew even if he didnt make any attempt to stop the suicide how the hell does
it make ihm responsible and the one killing her? wtf?
So lets say, lets say a friend of mine on mal has suicidal thoughts and if i dont make him feel good and feel that life is worth living that would mean that i killed him if he decides
to suicide? XD
man i hate suiciders so much, it was relife and now its recreators with people who suicided why does it have to start with RE :D they kill themselves because of their own
personal feelings and dont feel what other people would feel like. Like those both woman didnt think how MC would feel like, how their family would feel like? thats why i hate
suiciders. They only think of themselves. HEll if i ever wanted to die( and i dont think i ever will there's too much to watch X____X) and i dont even need to kill myself if i want
to die all i need to do is to watch Higurashi (that i only want to watch on my deathbed) and i will succeed in killing myself :D anyway the point im trying to make is that its retarded
that those people didnt think of other people what that would do to them and only thought of themselves.
I guess if my family member suicided i would be in a depression for a year or something and be blaming myself for not talking to them that much T_T but still i wouldnt blame myself
that it was me who killed them. If they wanted to kill themselves its only their free will, if they are running away from hardships then there is nothing to be done honestly.
Speaking of running through hardships its like dropping, im sure that people who drop like 50+ have suicidal thoughts xDDD
I think im getting off tracks I thought that Souta's past would be something like WOW, so thats what happened? and i was like eeeh? "I was so eager to find out why he feels
guilty and thinks he killed her but then we got that :D

Im glad you liked Fukumenkei noise at least i personally feel about it the same way you feel about Love kome we love rice. And its the feeling of disgust (the score of 4 mind you)
and damn i just hate the anime so much also i think its veryyyyyyy bad. but again its imo. I think you just found your reason for why its great and i just didnt find it so
thats why i just hate it.

Come on dude love kome wasnt that hard those recipes was something i was looking for every time, i swear they are so skillful, the cooks i mean. It was a delight to watch,
and everything is made from rice. I didnt felt disgust from the anime btw,i watched it normally in like several hours? Anyway was really easy to watch, unlike how hard it was
for you even considering its only 4 mins.

Since the time i wrote the message my 4s changed since i watched more. At that time 3 animes of 4s and lower were battle girl high school, that hentai anime which just like you
i have no idea why those are getting popular and Ntrtrap and the reason why you saw it there is by the time you answered to the message my opinion on NtrTrap improved.
Btw ITs actually called NTRtrap during the opening so its not just me shortening the name its the actual name :D I think i realized more about characters as we had a backstory,
so once i understood them i started to like the anime and its not that bad i currently have it rated as 7 which is a good score. Also in short 7 minutes it manages to pack more
story and have more usefull and interesting moments than Touken Ranbu(The one that airs this season)

Right now my lowest rated animes are: Reflection, the hentai anime, touken ranbu, hajimete no gal, tylor, ikemen sengoku,noraneko In no real order, quite a lot huh, well I did
manage to watch a lot after all. About battle girl i found its greatness and the reason for liking the anime so im liking it much more than those 3 eps.
And i found my favorite character and she is the main reason for me watching it ( i still dont excuse its really poor story and writing)
There she is http://battle-girl-highschool.wikia.com/wiki/Tsubuzaki_Anko scroll down for more images!!!
Btw about hajimete no gal i tried, i really did and i was liking it a bit in first ep and i liked the manga bu then studio NAz decided to make literally a worst adaptation possible
by butchering the story completely and cutting off a lot of stuff, its a short manga come on at least adapt it properly for manga fans :D then they decided to overuse ecchi,
manga didnt have much ecchi but anime made it look like every character is a slut and the anime is just ecchi-fest? while the story is more a romance. They also decided to
show that fat-friend of his mention gradeschooler literally every time he appears. In manga him mentioning his love for grade schoolers only happened once and thats where Nene appeared
it looks like NAZ really liked that and decided to quadruple the usage :D lol but seriously its not funny, its just depressing and annoying and also very rude to people who look like
that fat guy basically indicating that all of them are virgins who are pedos because they cant score with a girl their age :D
And that abysmal visuals also i never manage to notice drops in animation or reall bad animation (im really surprised how anyone even notice that) but i did notice how horrible
animation in hajimete no gal is. And please NEVER EVER refer to hajimte no gal as hng, imma kill you :D its my favorite anime and manga hayate no gotoku, the only thing that can be refered
as HnG.

I can kinda understand what you hate the most and your lowest rating so there's any point in asing and you explained it very well in the other message that i replied to already :D

I see so its anilinkz (never used it btw) aha dont worry i never wanted to ask the origin behind your name as its something personal for most people and its not very important for me
whatever the reason is doesnt change anything for me :D
I didnt hate but i didnt like Megumi in eromanga her dick talks also gave a very very bad image to the anime making it look like eromanga-sensei sets of bad examples by making it look
like all little girls want dicks. That was a very bad move for them and many people started hating Megumi after that.
MArie from CloPla i agree she isnt very likable in anime, but in novel (since i read 2 volumes lool) she is very likable and there are tons and tons of details abotu her character
that makes her very likable but anime skipped on all of them. Btw she has a sister who is a current head of the family (not their father) i wonder if there is a competition
to be a head of the family and her sister managed to beat their father.
Im still sad CloPla didnt have any exposition and was really dead (episodes discussion were really dead, even haters disappeared saying fuck this shit :D) and anime wasnt promoted
or something? that even characters dont have any profiles also did you notice some characters are not even added to mal database? like one businesswoman, or the android woman and many more.
The anime just doesnt have any fans it seems, usually fans are the ones who write char descriptions and add characters to database. I really freaking hate mal for that, hire
some competent people who dod this stuff. I still to this day cant comprehend how this character https://myanimelist.net/character/139108/Mitsuya_Majime had literally
no char description despite him beint the main one, sure he does have it now but im sure the last time i checked it a few months ago he still didnt have anything written.
Btw Tsuki ga kirei despite being original was very good at updates a lot of characters had descriptions and such and there are a lot of background characters who were
added to database.

The reason why these stuff is important for me at least its that its just unforgivable that some animes dont have a proper mal database. Why some animes have it and others dont?
i might not be the fan of some animes that dont have anything written but i know this anime has fans and its just rude to them :( and since i'm a fan of Fune wo amu(great anime)
i felt really bad that that anime had no exposure that even main character had no description up until recently (a year later lol)

Since you talked about most-hated characters of last season lets see... for me it's Magane (recreators) cant stand her, quite literally can not. SOuta as well really hate him.
I dont like Alice, selesia,altair i just really dont like them, but at least not hate. I hated the cat in Renai boukun. I hated Kado in general, there are 3 important characters
there and i hated all of them x_x i hate all characters in fukumenkei noise they are so unbearable x_x Otome beats boys there were some really dislikable characters too x_x
FAg had those twins that i hated a lot
Thats quite a lot hated characters i know :D

I see well thats good that you will find the club usefull at least. score changes is something very interesting indeed. Btw the club has Hibiki as profile pic Aaah <3

See i predicted that hajimet eno gal is gonna end up like this :D I was soooo surprised when the first episode aired (before i watched it) the score was like 8.34 holy shit
i thought that was the end of the world for ecchi to be that high-scored, seeing the score drop was hilarious, basically chunk of rating was dropping and dropping by 0.20 or something
and it resulted in it being 6.51 as of today.

I also thought sunrise would animate it and not Xebec. Btw i think you made me even more confused than i already was trying to explain what the anime is about lol. I think i just
have to look at it myself, but i see you value it quite a lot, i know that its definitely something to watch then.
I did realize its a canon lol, it looks cool as a mouth but its actually a cannon haha :D

Lol you gave vaklyrie drive mermaid a 2 Wow i dont think i would've seen another Hajimte no gal rating if you didnt point that out to me lol. Since you are not a lowscorer and
only give 2s when its really atrocious. I guess i'll have to take your word for it and never set my eyes on that anime (not like i had any plans OR EVEN KNEW about the anime in
the first place :D)
LOl king Jj's song was indeed amazing, lol speaking of narcissism, its like having Hosaka sing it :D Hosaka still the best Narcissist character ever.

I see you are sticking to your promises of always reminding it :D "Watch Made in Abyss, Tsurezure Children and Kakegurui! :P"

Its mainly because Misaki looks like Hanabi and art is kinda similar even though its done by different studios i think those are the main reasons for recommendations
kuzu no honkai x koi to uso. Since people recommend when they feel a similar vibe, many people a similar vibe to kuzu no honkai by watching Koi to uso, thats really understandable.

I was sure gamers is gonna be your favorite anime this season (by favorite i mean one of the favorites) i've seen you increase the score to a 9. Ever since i was reading LN
i already knew you would love the anime greatly unless they literally do a NAZ(see how quickly i got used to using Naz as a reference? :D) on the story and literally skip everything interesting about it :D
I also knew that episode 3 (knowing what its gonna be about) is gonna make Gamers score go up and it did. from 7.52>7.58 and thats a great change :D
The reason i knew you would love it is not because of games but because of love misunderstandings :D and it being similar to Nijiiro days in the case that there are multiple
couples(well only 2 but you get what i mean) seeing that my prediction and read on the situation was correct makes me feel bliss :P
OP is so lively btw i realy love it. Overall i'm glad that you love it so much since its my favorite thing lately (with novel) i have novel added to favorite so everything is daijobu. I dont think i need to add anime as well to indicate the series is my favorite x_x

Oh right you dont like giving out 10s so thats why its rare for you to have any, lucky TgK
I did watch Youkai apartment i'm gonna give a better description in the other message but i wanna say that i didnt like first 2 eps much but damn that ep 3 was so insanely
amazing and heart-wrenching its insane. ALso heartwarming when MC cried and fell asleep on her lap. That definitely brought me to tears, and thats weird cause most animes that
bring me to tears are the ones i feel connected to (and i didnt feel connected and didnt like youkai apt)
anyway the episode did bring me to tears and i started liking the anime ever since, ep 4 was nice as well(not as good as 3rd episode tho) but "hands girl" story was sooooooo sad T_T
sorry i dont remember her name and i know it sounds rude to her but i'll just go with calling her a "hands girl" :D
I was really sad when a dog died because its about loyalty (the ones that can easily bring me to tears) loyalty is the best quality. And how loyal and thoughtful the dog was to that child
and how much he cared for that child T_T just can't make anyone not feel any sadness or make them cry in that scene. So i undertand you for sure, but the whole episode was just sad.
And mother's storys are just so relatable to literally anyone cause everyone has one Duh :D I liked reading one comment where a guy said how he realizes what it means having
a horrible mother and how a lot of people in his real life diss him for hating on his mother saying its your mother how can you be so cruel to her while they dont realize how bad she is.
He was saying its because they dont understand what does it mean to have a horrible mother since they didnt experience the same thing.
And he said how he doesnt like how MC tried to compare his mother to that boys mother, that guy was saying how they are incomparable since they are so different and their situations are different.

Hope you liked my "brief" review lol. BUt other than that episode i wonder what else will make me cry. Oh right new game ep 2 made me cry T_T its maybe becuse im really connected
to characters and if i see a cheerful girl like Aoba cry i cri as well T_T
But i wonder what else will bring me to tears or'll make me weep :( im all excited *doki-doki*

LOL chaika is the best :D so you did like the anime, thats good to know i totally thought you woudnt have liked it. Yeah you should definitely rewatch it, i also find a strange
phenomena that whenever i rewatch something its score magically increases :D when i realize just how great the anime is and just how much i love it. New game is very very recent 9>10
Index 7>9 LOOOL thats weird index my favorite anime received a 7, well at that time i watched it, it wasnt quite my favorite. I rewatched it and thought to myself how retarded
i was for giving it a 7. STill havent finished rewatching it im at ep 18.
Is there a point in rewatching Overlord? its a 10 and i dont think its changing lol.

No i dont think i edite anything :P whenever i reference shocking truth i always pin a youtube video with it.

I understand,understand :( its hard to like a song of the anime you didnt watch, i love the song because im really connected to the anime and the song is pretty sad :( since its about a sad event T_T
I never even looked at game looking at its soundtrack, i of course enjoy a good nice soundtrack but its not that important for me to consider a game bad or good just because of sound.
Those things that you described dont make much sense but they make the game enjoyable and easier otherwise if they went full-realistic it would be really hard and not as enjoyable

Btw im quite curious what's your opinion on latest Vatican episode since you are German and all. Holy shit the anime is so fast-paced and there is just way too much happening lol. I swear even 4 touken ranbu episodes had less info than Vatican lol.

I see that you joined :D well hope you'll have a good time. Chtholly is so pretty right ^^ btw you still didnt vote for anything T_T

Btw did i ever sent you this? http://imgur.com/a/aLwGv i could've sworn i did, but just to make sure i didnt skip on showing you off something so funny.
Also did i ever link you that opening? http://m.bilibili.com/video/av11528243.html it was very funny, too bad site loads so slow.(Btw you need to click on the video lol)

And lastly the best video i recently found that someone made (bless that guy :D) can watch this endlessly. Count the amount of times you watch it https://streamable.com/v3tiu
Hirugiku Jul 24, 3:08 AM
I just saw it https://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=1641490 i really couldnt stop hysterically laughing from the title alone Lmao.