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ShasuX Sep 12, 2:38 PM
Of course there are no plot deviations. I'm pretty sure the author or the novel publisher would have vetoed it if it turned into some kind of spin-off with the same title. The anime recounts what happens in the story but shortens or simplifies many parts, probably to make them more acceptable for the general viewers.

If you read the novel, I can give you an easy example: There's the part where they lure those adventurers into the Tomb of Navarick. The book describes the mood, the gruesome way those adventurers get slaughtered and depicts their fears fairly decently, painting a quite dark and horror-like scenery. The anime of course shows that scene as well. But it feels there more like, let's go in a dungeon and get screwed over.

Well, that's not really something only happening in Overlord though. But I felt that not properly showing those elements in that story, which kind of lives from its dark aspects that are depicted by the twisted characters and the often described brutal, dark atmosphere degrades the story to yet another isekai-anime with just a little twist on the usual tropes and templates.

The village battle in the novel is described in similar dark manner but the battle in the anime appears lacklustre and pointless (some other reviews even commented on that particular part iirc).

I know it's hard to properly let the viewers feel a specific mood but it is possible as there are anime that show such darkness like Berserk or Gantz. My suspicion is that it's a problem with the animation itself that uses too many bright tones rather than the storyboard, but I'm no professional to judge what would need to be changed.

All I can say that the dark aspects of the book aren't carried over to the anime in my opinion.
Poseur Sep 12, 11:37 AM
Actually you are a cool dude keep it up :)
Poseur Sep 7, 5:45 AM
obscure/underappreciated anime is all that matters.
Poseur Sep 6, 10:52 PM
I know those already. Tell obscure
Poseur Sep 6, 7:52 PM
hey i just watched Mitsudomoe and i thought it was pretty decent. Can you recommend similar pervert anime
Poseur Aug 29, 8:36 AM
Liking elitist anime doesn't you interesting person
Poseur Aug 28, 11:10 PM
Recommend me evil anime you hated

I'm baffled affinity is 24%, I disagree with you on every anime, should be negative
lichbane Aug 21, 7:37 PM
I've caught up to the latest chapter of a currently publishing manga for the first time ever. It feels kind of like culture shock right now.
Karhu Aug 4, 8:03 AM
We can call it a poor word choice for the lack of better definition. It reminds me of what I have seen and I despise it for that. Still, I wouldn't even mind the drinking if I found the series to be funny, but I have tried it several times over the years and never changed my mind about it. I feel like some other studio could have managed that, but Zero-G surely ain't the one.

Haha, no, I hate everyone equally. ヽ(´ー`)┌
Karhu Aug 4, 7:29 AM
The generic Japanese/Asian drinking culture are different, hence me calling it white trash drinking culture instead for the reason that it is identical to Northern Europe's alcoholism which I am very aware of. I think I am allowed to call my own culture with terms that represent it without it being racist. On the other hand, everything seems to be racist in today's society, which have made me think something being "racist" has the exact same value as the sky being "blue", so it's kinda, you know, so what if it is?
Karhu Aug 4, 6:37 AM
Yesterday, I read news about some Mexican kid who started college at the age of 12. That's irrelevant, tho.

You're correct, but I don't think I am very wrong when I say it promotes the same white trash drinking culture most people discover in their early teens.
Karhu Aug 4, 3:58 AM
All I am seeing is ACHUALLY she is a 700 years-old loli vampire.
NemuiOtaku Jul 23, 5:55 AM
yes I did watch the whole episode it is kind of weird that we seem to have interpretted things so difrently and the only way to solve that would be for me to re watch it and take allot of screenshots and gifs and use them to argue or something but honestly I don't care about grand blue or that you like it so could we just agree to disagree because I'm not suffering through that episode a second time?btw I should mention I don't have anything in particular agains't parties or alcohol please don't make assumptions about me to justify how I could possibly dislike something you like or interpret something in a different way. Anyway I don't have the patience to argue any longer about a show I found boring and irritating with you or force myself to re-watch said show to get "proof". Have a nice day and please be nicer to the next person you disagree with please
NemuiOtaku Jul 23, 1:37 AM
I think he's generic because he literately acted like the same weak willed no personality protagonist I have seen hundreds of times and never liked, if you want to prove he isn't generic try to list his personality traits first lol.The animation you're right is pretty average but the thing is the average anime only sporadically has animation other than lip flaps and when they do it's something easy like someone raising their arms or running mediocrely animated so yeah it is average for animation and I have a right to not like that cause personally I think the average is a really low bar and just because something is done at an average level doesn't mean me criticizing it isn't valid. And yes I am going to shit on whatever I dislike what did you expect from my opinion piece lol. I totally agree that acting stereotypically "immature" if that is fun for you can in alot of cases be mature let me get into the reasons why I think grand blue isn't doing that in a way that's "mature". To me the biggest difference between having fun in a "mature" way and having fun in an "immature" way is whether you understand the effect your actions are having on yourself other people and the slightly more long term consequences of those actions and being mindful of them all these people force the main character and yes even if he ends up enjoying it that still doesn't mean they didn't force him that's like saying if you ended up liking being raped some in the end it wasn't rape which is bullshit. He tried to decline and didn't want to pretty much every time and they pressure and push the fuck out of him along with trying to trick him some times. Him being forced to party ended up screwing his relationship with other people up and ending up at school in his underpants screwing with everyone he saw there's opinion of him and making him uncomfortable I could go on but a bunch of people forcing someone who doesn't want to drink and party a bunch because he would rather do other things and knows it will probably have a bunch of negative consequences on him and when it does have negative consequences they keep forcing him to is super "immature" and shitty. If he understanding the consequences of drinking and partying decided to do it of his own accord instead of being forced or giving in to peer pressure then it would be "mature".
Yanri May 12, 9:13 AM
Well, yeah, but most of the h uploads come from you, Dille or SeventyX7 :P

Anyway, just wanted to thank you for all the uploads. We're grateful to you