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Days: 630.2
Mean Score: 4.74
  • Total Entries6,587
  • Rewatched147
  • Episodes44,223
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Days: 138.8
Mean Score: 5.14
  • Total Entries2,462
  • Reread8
  • Chapters21,274
  • Volumes2,768
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Yanri May 12, 9:13 AM
Well, yeah, but most of the h uploads come from you, Dille or SeventyX7 :P

Anyway, just wanted to thank you for all the uploads. We're grateful to you
Yanri May 11, 2:50 AM
BBT. You probably upload less h stuff on AB
Yanri May 11, 2:35 AM
the dude that uploads craptons of hentai
Yanri May 11, 2:25 AM
so you're the hentai dude, huh?

all your hentai are belong to us
romagia Apr 18, 7:35 AM
Hello i heard that you might know the secret behind the MAL chatper count of Hi no Tori. Mind telling me? :O How come such a long serialized manga has such a small chapter count on MAL?
Miru Apr 16, 7:23 PM
Oh, ok
You're welcome ~
Miru Apr 15, 9:02 PM
Hello! How are you? (✿˵◕ ɜ◕˵)
I'm in the Anime Challenge Group, and I noticed something.
In the "GAR Challenge" some badges (participant and finished challenge) are not appearing.
It looks like the web site that contained these images ( is no longer working.
LalatinaDarkness Apr 3, 5:27 AM
I just came across your profile.

Wow, you are impressive!
Marnie Mar 22, 8:23 AM
Sure, I'd be interested in reading the book.
Marnie Mar 21, 11:25 AM
I take it your native language is Czech? Your English proficiency is more admirable than most native speakers in the United States, at least where I live.

My town is bearable, and I could probably live here for a long time and be content. However college is my greatest chance to see a more interesting world where people of many backgrounds and beliefs converge. I'm planning to attend an university in the second-largest city in my state, which is Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I've read that the Czech Republic is one of the least-religious nations in the West. What is that like? Where I live, if you don't profess a belief in the salvation of Christ people will assume you're a nefarious hedonist who will one day meet the flames of hell.
Marnie Mar 21, 7:44 AM
Oh, my apologies. I assumed you had seen it and didn't want to answer, so I deleted it to avoid lasting awkwardness.

I had asked what profession you intended to work in, and I mentioned that I was going to major in Religious Studies in college.
Marnie Mar 18, 11:52 AM
You mentioned that you were in college once, yes? How is that going?

Your dedication is continously impressive. Honestly if I had a friend who would just watch anime with me all the time I might be in the same boat.

Myself, I've got one year left until I'm shipped off to college. I really hope I don't end up wasting four years of my life. I don't care about how much the actual degree is worth, I just want to make sure I'm doing fun things I won't regret during that period.
PsyQonaut Mar 4, 1:10 PM
Like your favorites list man. I'm watching Sayonara Sensei for the first time its pretty damn entertaining. Also cool to see someone that watches a lot of the obscure short films too
Huss Mar 2, 8:01 PM
Yo, there's a Hyouge Mono server on discord if you wanna join. Since the manga is being translated regularly there should be lots of people who read it now. whether you like to discuss the anime or discuss the new chapters or the manga as whole, the server can be good place for any of that.