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All updates can be found in this thread [Set the thread to toggle watching (and be subscribed to the club - check club's main page) for getting notifs when a new update appears] 07/21: B.F.G. Challenge added, misc updates | 05/12: Hentai Challenge released | 04/29: Released 2018 Challenge added | 04/05: Shounen Jump (Weekly) Collection added, misc updates. | 03/14: Supernatural Challenge added, misc updates.
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Supernatural Challenge
fraideii - Mar 14
29 replies by MeiXiang »»
1 hour ago
Historical Challenge ( 1 2 )
riho88riho - Feb 7, 2017
71 replies by MeiXiang »»
1 hour ago
Junji Ito Collection ( 1 2 )
riho88riho - Jan 26, 2017
53 replies by MeiXiang »»
1 hour ago
Sticky: Challenge Turn-In ( 1 2 3 4 )
riho88riho - Jan 19, 2017
189 replies by TheEdgelord »»
10 hours ago
Psychological Challenge
Schlopsi - Jul 25, 2019
46 replies by miaxnder »»
12 hours ago

Club Comments
Schlopsi | Jul 28, 5:14 PM
Thanks for all the recent challenge suggestions! We will work our way through them, soon-ish! :))

Schlopsi | Jul 21, 12:36 PM
July 21st, 2020: New Challenge & Updates


One-Shot Challenge:
- Added clarification that one run through all difficulties consists of 90 One-shots in total (15/30/45).

- Added rule that rereads are not allowed, unless there's no alternative for the needed syllable/letter left.

Fantasy Challenge:
- Added new badges.

Rebranded the Discussion Thread into a general Feedback Thread. It is still a discussion thread as it was initially intended, but now with the explicit opportunity to leave the club/us some feedback.

Schlopsi | Jun 26, 4:19 PM
June 27th, 2020: Small Update

Yes, this is quite some text; no, you don't have to worry we might be leaving you.

Pfew, it's almost July! How are you all doing? Already melting under the heat? Manga are perfect to fan some air... just saying... that is... if you read actual physical copies...

While it's been a bit silent here, we cracked the 600 members mark! Which is pretty cool for a tiny manga-centered corner on MAL. Thank you all for stopping by, staying and actually reading!

But we can do even better. Tell your friends who always wanted to pick up reading manga and drag them in here, too. Also those friends of you who always say "Yeah, I'm going to read something but I don't know what I should read". Some challenges are perfect to get you out of that slump and offer some ideas where to start at. Just try it! If I may add, we are also quite chill, so feel welcome.
There's a neat little Club Banner section a bit above. They are pretty good looking on profiles...[/subtle advertising, fin]

We are currently recharging our batteries, so there hasn't been any updates lately. Yes, the sun is getting onto us, too. Sorry about that. But I can promise you we are working on new stuff lowkey. So please bear with the lack of updates just a tiny bit longer. If you have any Challenge Suggestions though, please feel free to drop them in here. Helping us out with that takes off a chunk of work from our shoulders, therefore suggestions are always super welcome! And we tend to overthink them much less than other challenges... especially Collections and Themed Challenges (you can basically just throw a bunch of Mangaupdates tags together under one hat). So, in case this has inspired you... ;)

Also a short notice that two challenges weren't featured on the club page for whatever reason (I probably just forgot to add them), so here's a special shout out for them:

We are working hard on our comeback. Untill then!

Schlopsi | May 12, 8:58 AM
May 12th, 2020: New Challenge & Update

Hentai Challenge added

Alpha-Manga Challenge: Can now overlap with the Genre-Manga Challenge.

Looking for:
We are currently looking for a helping hand (VFX wizzard) to provide challenges with badges. We have a lot of challenges that need some, so if you want to help us out, please feel free to get in touch with me. :)

For more information, please check out this thread first:

Subscribe for updates
It seems like not every post in the Updates-Thread sends a notification to you, even if you set the thread to watching. I can start adding your username to every update post, which seems like the only way to assure a post reaches you. I offer you mentioning your name in every update that gets posted (don't worry, it won't be more than twice every month - unless I screwed up something pretty hard). So if you feel the need to "subscribe" to this thread, just leave a reply in here.

Schlopsi | Apr 29, 4:10 PM
April 2.1: Quick Update/Fix

With the possibility of an x2 run for all the Released in 20XX Challenges, the rule for previous read titles had to be adjusted. Therefore, the x2 runs won't be able to use previously read titles and you need to read new manga.

I'm super sorry for not putting the info into the previous update.

As a compensation, the already turned in x2-challenges will be excempt from this rule and remain valid. I'll add a note to your turn-in, unless you want to start the challenge anew. You can delete my note from your turn in-form or delete it in general.

Schlopsi | Apr 29, 10:47 AM
April 2.0: New Collection & Update

Released 2018 Challenge added

All Released in 20XX Challenges can be done a second time! (Now officially :))
An x3 run will be considered.

Looking for:
We are currently looking for a helping hand (VFX wizzard) to provide challenges with badges. We have a lot of challenges that need some, so if you want to help us out, please feel free to get in touch with me. :)

For more information, please check out this thread first:

Welcome UnipolarUnicorn! Hope you have fun! :)

UnipolarUnicorn | Apr 28, 5:48 PM
Thanks for the invite!

Schlopsi | Apr 6, 5:54 AM
April 2020: New Challenge & Item replacements/updates

- Item Changes for the following Challenges:
#3 Challenge:
- Replaced Read a manga from Comic Megastore or Comic Unreal with Read a manga from Betsucomi or Ribon Magazine.
[No more hentai required for this one, sorry lads. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]

Top 100 Manga Challenge:
- Updated the Top 100 list. - [It feels brand new!]
- New Badges donated.

Supernatural Challenge
- x2 Badges added.

Every Genre-Challenge now has a Sign Up-Code for easier accessibility.

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