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Released 2015 Challenge
Schlopsi - Jan 26
19 replies by isahbellah »»
May 20, 8:14 AM
Released 2014 Challenge
Schlopsi - Aug 18, 2018
27 replies by isahbellah »»
May 20, 8:14 AM
Released 2013 Challenge
Schlopsi - Apr 20, 2018
30 replies by isahbellah »»
May 20, 8:13 AM
Released 2011 Challenge
riho88riho - Jan 27, 2017
47 replies by isahbellah »»
May 20, 8:13 AM
Released 2012 Challenge ( 1 2 )
riho88riho - Jan 27, 2017
50 replies by isahbellah »»
May 20, 8:12 AM

Club Comments
Schlopsi | May 18, 11:10 AM

Schlopsi | May 5, 5:13 AM
New Challenge/Collection

Drama Challenge added

yu6 | May 1, 9:11 AM
@Schlopsi: ok, thank you :)

Schlopsi | May 1, 5:15 AM
@yu6 answered on Discord already, but to answer it here again:
1. No, you don't have to re-read a title for a challenge (except for certain items, but definitely not for collections). However you can if you want to.
2. Like one user said, check for irregular chapter counts/the bonuses - According to the pics on the MAL entry with the bonuschaps, it's them (since they were originally bundled with the volumes 1 & 3).

yu6 | Apr 29, 3:07 PM
I wanted to ask 2 things:
1. If I have already read an entry, I have to read it again for this challege?
2. if an entry isn't available (for example Tsubasa: WoRLD CHRoNiCLE - Niraikanai-hen Shucchouban in the CLAMP challenge) what can we do? We can't complete that challenge?

SheyCroix | Apr 23, 5:41 PM
[paste from discord]
Hi everyone~

Considering our club is forever ever-growing, with many challenges and more to come, I was wondering...

How are you guys keeping track of all of your challenges?

I mean, considering I joined back in 2016 (the anime one) I think I have over a 100 post sparse out there. SO! Since I don't really like the idea of adding all that to my profile and I'm starting to get tired of the blog, I decided to make a tracking club and invite all challengers. Come and check it out!

LukaThe12th | Feb 22, 6:52 AM
thanks! @Schlopsi

Schlopsi | Feb 22, 6:50 AM
@LukaThe12th: Oh, I'll fix it right now. You can use this link to join: AWC/MRC-Discordserver

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