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AnimeChallengeby MyAnimeList

Anime featuring characters with good or bad luck.

Feb/Mar 2023 Official Challenge Stack
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(*) Anime you completed before the challenge started (Feb 1) will not count. You will need watch something new, finish something you have on-hold, or re-watch something you've watched before.

30 Entries · 10 days left


MangaChallengeby MyAnimeList
34 Entries · 10 days left


Animeby kihel
27 Entries · Mar 17, 3:58 AM



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Mangaby KoKoJin81

Those titles are either center around brothels or feature them as important parts of the story.

Note: arranged in the order of release. Most of the titles are NSFW.

Work in progress!

19 Entries · 4 hours ago


Mangaby hwanghyunjin

mixed with some non-mystery or non-fantasy victorian era/gothic-style manga
funnily enough many of them have vampires

**disclaimer: i have not read everything in this stack, im kind of using it as a to-read list of sorts (apart from my favs that i've already read) and just sharing in case others have similar taste

50 Entries · 4 hours ago


Animeby RealCheeze

Every Bungo Stray Dogs animated content in order

7 Entries · 8 hours ago


Mangaby Keybladium

All of Carnby's works

6 Entries · 12 hours ago


stuff you'll prob like if you liked arifureta

13 Entries · Yesterday, 2:49 PM



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