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Mangaby umutozer323

19 Entries · 2 hours ago


Mangaby Dreik55

Series that feature assassins, hitman, etc.

Part 2 =>

10 Entries · 5 hours ago


Mangaby 10--56

From my own personal list
One shots not included


5 Entries · 14 minutes ago


An interest stack featuring the top 20 winners of the Kono Manga ga Sugoi!" (This Manga is Amazing! aka このマンガがすごい) annual magazine for 2023, with female and male winners included (so 40 winners total).

This stack will feature both male and female category winners, alternating between the female and male winners, from first place to twentieth place.

Publisher format follows MangaUpdate conventions - Serialized In (magazine)

Please feel free to comment/DM if any information is off/missing.

Last updated: May 2024

Currently not on MAL:

11th place male readers’ winner: Seikatsu Hogo Tokku wo Deyo.
Listed on: MangaUpdates
Publisher: Leed-sha

12th place female readers’ winner: Hanayodan to Issho
Listed on: MangaUpdates, Anilist
Publisher: Sonorama+ (Asahi Shimbunsha)

15th place female readers’ winner: Madame-tachi no Roomshare
Listed on: MangaUpdates, Anilist
Publisher: Kadokawa

17th place male readers’ winner: Youki na Yatsura
Listed on: Anilist
Pending approval on MAL
Publisher: Action Comics

18th place female readers’ winner: Fashion!!
Listed on: MangaUpdates, Anilist
Publisher: Bungei Shunjuu

20th place female readers’ winner: Hatsukoi, Zarari
Listed on: MangaUpdates, Anilist
Pending approval on MAL
Publisher: Koruku (Kadokawa)

34 Entries · 5 hours ago


Mangaby keikx

more that's not listed on MAL:
• Bed for Three [원, 투, 쓰리] - manhwa
• 3-Angle Lovers [트라이앵글 러버즈] - manhwa
• Help Me, Teacher [도와주세요 선생님] - manhwa
• Tachi to Neko Docchi ga Ii no? [タチとネコどっちがイイの?] - manga
• Love Debugging [러브 디버깅] - manhwa
• Trick Turned Into a Threesome With the Tachibana Brothers [橘兄弟と悪ふざけしてみた] - manga

18 Entries · 8 hours ago


Mangaby faratnis

20 Entries · Yesterday, 3:03 PM


Mangaby keikx

As the title suggests, this list will include main characters who work in the adult industry; adult streamers, camboys, pornstars, prostitutes, callboys and also hosts :3


more that's not listed on MAL:
• On Air [싸불생중계] - manhwa
• The Secret Life of the Demon King [마왕님의 이중생] - manhwa
• Taming the Tiger [눈에 범이 서리다] - manhwa

46 Entries · 10 hours ago


Mangaby keikx

more that's not listed on MAL:
• Mania [열광] - manhwa
• Roses and Champagne [장미와 샴페인] - manhwa
• Minmotion Syndrome [민모션] - manhwa
• Miscreants and Mayhem [개차반] - manhwa
• The Origin of Species [종의기원] - manhwa
• Full Time Freelancer [일간알바] - manhwa
• Mayday Mayday Mayday [메이데이 메이데이 메이데이] - manhwa

17 Entries · 8 hours ago


Mangaby alis89

16 Entries · May 25, 7:19 AM


Mangaby leuscius

A collection of anthological stories.

50 Entries · May 25, 8:25 AM


Mangaby briqk

BL about..
- Video games
- Gaming culture
- Transported into a game
- Gamer characters
And whatever else fits the definition! Includes manhwa/hua

"As a gamer, I don't get respect."

17 Entries · May 25, 12:35 AM


Mangaby Mosaique011

Manga recomendations from very special youtube channel: adult Cocomelon, Aka drawfee🫡

Will write who mentioned it if i rememmer and also if it was recommended or just mentioned neutrally

Also promare super recommended by all but i cant find it here
Any junji ito recommended mostly by Julia

20 Entries · May 24, 11:05 PM


Mangaby leuscius

A collection of oneshot stories, specifically curated in artistic cover designs.

50 Entries · May 24, 11:57 AM


Mangaby zedtronic

Uber-kawaii Y2K girly pop manga you HAVE to read if you wanna feel like the I T G I R L...or if you just really like silly kiddie shojo from the 2000s like me. =)

A lot of sparkles, a lot of frills, a lot of bright colours, a lot of elementary-level girly goodness that you probably have come across if you were a wee manga reader from the mid-to-late 2000s--if that's what you're looking for, it's here.

A portion of these titles are more on the 子供向け (kodomo-muke) side--that is, they're aimed towards the younger sub-demographic within the greater shojo demographic, and that's evident by the simplistic or even downright goofy plots in contrast to the ornate, super-stylized nature of their art (TLDR; Empty brain like shiny pink thing with no substance--and that is nothing to be ashamed of,) but in general, they're all fun reads, no matter what age you are.

31 Entries · May 24, 8:07 AM


Mangaby zedtronic

Oldish manga featuring characters that evoke the 萌え (moe) reaction as per the standards in the early-to-late 2000's, when the so-called moe phenomenon was at its peak in Japanese wota-culture. The titles I've listed here vary greatly in terms of genre, subject matter, and popularity, but they all hold the moe factor in common (in my opinion, anyways.) Some of the popular titles have resurfaced here in the Western side in recent years as part of an internet-born aesthetic known most commonly as "animecore."

*I've only listed manga here. Some of these series originate as light novels, or their light novel counterparts predate the manga (if they're based on anime or games, for example.) In the case of multiple manga adaptations, I've only included the earliest published title.

**If you're not familiar with the concept of "moe" or would like to learn more about it, I also recommend reading these great books on it:

50 Entries · May 23, 1:43 PM


Mangaby WanderingWisp

One volume each, no anthologies.

20 Entries · May 23, 11:47 AM


Mangaby soljoe

20 Entries · May 23, 1:16 AM


Mangaby SirDudeOfGol

Shonen and Seinen series which have individuals battling against each other, most often with special powers or fantasy-style special abilities, and also have a large number of chapters. Not recommended unless you have time to kill.

50 Entries · May 23, 10:51 PM


Mangaby Sasha_AT

Top 10 "BEST COMIC" in 2014 by

10 Entries · May 21, 8:17 PM


Mangaby Sasha_AT

Top 10 "BEST COMIC" (volumen) in 2016 by

10 Entries · May 21, 7:59 PM


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