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Mangaby KoKoJin81

No matter if you're a regular yuri reader or not, maybe you'd like to try somewhat more niche titles which don't fit in the "yuri is the ourest form of love" stereotype that was created by the public? I'm not saying all of those are unsung masterpieces, but I think at least few are worth checking out, depending on your preferences.

Note: arranged in the order of release. Some of the titles are NSFW.

12 Entries · 1 hour ago


Mangaby TheIceKing103

Seeing effective stories that have limited page count is inspiring to me.

15 Entries · Yesterday, 9:09 PM


Mangaby Meroem

leia quando estiver no fundo do poço.

5 Entries · Yesterday, 1:21 PM


Mangaby hanakocheeks

Less than 20 pages per chapter. (Include all genres)

13 Entries · Yesterday, 10:40 AM


Mangaby Konn493

A list of manga inspired by a tiktok fom @haroxharo

21 Entries · Yesterday, 3:16 AM


Mangaby Tzutzu_Dan

Official Manga translated in Romanian
(Attack on Titan soon)

5 Entries · Yesterday, 8:05 AM


Mangaby rudeAi

ranobe / light novels that would be interesting for older audiences.

5 Entries · May 30, 12:41 PM


Mangaby LemonBoi13

Mangas which can be binged in one sitting.

6 Entries · May 30, 12:28 AM


Mangaby Keizakomu

More trans girls and women in manga

50 Entries · 5 minutes ago


Mangaby gl9tched

Rom-coms with characters that live together, or romcoms in which the characters interact often in a home setting.

Contains works from a wide spectrum of romance, such as shoujo and yuri manga.

read tonikaku kawaii

23 Entries · May 29, 7:22 AM


Mangaby Rissio

not on the list:

14 Entries · May 28, 8:18 AM


Mangaby Rissio

Abstract, odd, weird manga I found.

28 Entries · May 28, 8:38 AM


Mangaby rosieposiee

updates regularly :>

31 Entries · May 28, 12:30 AM


Mangaby vexziz

21 Entries · May 27, 8:19 PM


Please read these before choosing your majors.

10 Entries · May 27, 11:25 AM


Mangaby Siaksx

Manga with a good jazzy atmosphere, immaculate music recommendations, character development, and general idea.

5 Entries · May 27, 11:12 AM


Mangaby LamiaNymph

Includes comics with with a furry/beastmen and a human girl. The duo doesn’t have to be romantic to be on this. They can be friends, coworkers, or have a familial relationship

As long as they are the main focus, they can be on here.

Not on MAL titles
- Heian Juukon Monogatari: Juujin Danna-sama wa Shojo Hanayome wo Amaku Torokasu
- Moujuu Idol no Ejiki ni Narimashita: Tenshokusaki wa Jujindarake no Geinoujimusho!? (I Became the Prey of a Beast Idol)
- Juujin Kareshi ni Aisare Anthology (Beloved by Beastman Anthology)
- Juujin to Toraware no Shoujo
- Ookami + Kareshi
- Ookami-san to Shinizokonai
- Jujin Kareshi to Dodokuri
- Jujin Kareshi to Dodokuri Seikatsu (Sex Life With My Beast Partner)
- Mahou Shoujuu Sherbert (Magical Beast Sherbert)

16 Entries · May 27, 6:20 AM


Mangaby fizzletrie

basically if you want some romcoms to chill and laugh to, here you go :)

(I'll add more as I read more)

7 Entries · May 27, 1:47 AM


Mangaby FatCaiman

13 Entries · May 30, 9:01 AM


Mangaby Axris29

An ongoing series and will update it soon when the series ends or a new series appears

23 Entries · May 26, 7:27 PM


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