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Nov 19, 2017
michaeljoudan (All reviews)
Having had this MAL account for more than 2 years I’ve decided to make my first review.

Good Ending, as the title implies, has a good ending (maybe???). I guess that’s enough, right? However, how they got to that ending is a wonderful rollercoaster of emotions and a story one should not pass up on.

Don’t let the synopsis fool you, there’s more to it than what it says, it doesn’t really do the manga justice, but I guess by not letting much details out, you would be more invested in the story. The one shot was amazing. The story was simple, compact and somewhat cliché but read more
Nov 18, 2017
YaoiTakeOver (All reviews)
Ah! First off, this artwork is such a beauty to the eyes. It flows so nicely. And how their bodies just seem to connect to one another perfectly is truly breathtaking. Their eyes truly show so much emotion towards each other! I can't get enough! Even just the expressions shown on their faces, from a slight smirk, a simple frown, or a laughable eye wink, it translates well on to the reader. But, the Yaoi hands are always present. I always seem to overlook this general aspect, but whenever I read Yaoi manga, I try to take in account every element. And the large hands read more
Nov 18, 2017
darklordwendt (All reviews)
Yuri fans, this one’s for you.

I came across this sweet 4 koma manga during a time of procrastination and frustration, and thus the gods blessed me with adorable lesbians! Surely lifted my spirits enough to feel happy during the incoming doom of a 6 min presentation on flu vaccines.

Simple yet intriguing scenario where we find our main heroine Arisa having amnesia and waking not remembering the last three years of her life. What she discovers is that she’s gay and got a girlfriend during that blank period. Said girlfriend Mari, feared Arisa would no longer love her because of her lost memories. No fear because read more
Nov 18, 2017
moozooh (All reviews)
Inuyashiki, the latest action manga from the author of Gantz... which will remind you of Gantz in many ways. (Not kidding, it actually references Gantz in several chapters.)

This relatively short manga—you can finish it in an evening—instantly stands out thanks to its unconventional protagonist, CGI-heavy backgrounds the author is known for, and some thriller/body horror elements that may and probably will disturb the squeamish.

So, is it actually good? I would say yes. It's rather captivating, fast-paced, well-drawn and can be touching at times, so I would give it a soft recommendation. Could it have been great? Yes, definitely—but alas, it wasn't.

See, Hiroya Oku has this read more
Nov 18, 2017
69thStreet (All reviews)
Story (3): It has a somewhat good premise going on, but it reminds me to much of other mangas like Soul Eater with the girls turning into weapons and the masters being the boys. It's a girl battling against sexism and bias in a school where girls are seen as nothing as tools, sounds like some feminist ideology to be honest, and that's not why I'm giving it such a low score. I did like what the first few chapters told, but as soon as it kept going, it got confusing, dull, a chore to read through and the ending just leaves us with too read more
Nov 18, 2017
_Unknown_Waifu_ (All reviews)
First of all, I only got attracted to this manga is the "harem" on the title and genre. As fan girl of harem animes, I was not convinced...anyway

I agree with the other reviews, the manga started off interesting then became fucked up. Not like in "School Days" but very confusing,makes you skip through the conversation and find something eye-catching. The comedy was okay, the school life genre was off. This should be named the Sniffing Dreamer with Ducky and Friends TxT!

The problem of the story about its characters is that some... they got introduced then at the end they didn't matter. Even one of read more
Nov 18, 2017
ProfoundlyCrazy (All reviews)
This manga is actually very enjoyable. This author tends to be more romantic, but this manga has a perfect mixture of emotional and physical, if you know what I mean...

The characters are very charismatic and soon enough you'll empathize with all the boys (I can't guarantee you'll enjoy the female characters though...). There are no big "love rivals" as there are in some other mangas of the genre, so you can enjoy the flow of the plot without worrying about someone appearing in the nick of time to snatch away the protagonist you love.

But most of all, the theme of the touching thing is very read more
Nov 18, 2017
UnoPuntoCinco (All reviews)
My best guess regarding Punpun's success in the west is that it basically works as a Sophoclean Tragedy.
I read this work about 4 years ago and haven't actually re-read it all the way through so my review may be all over the place; the method will consist on speaking of the formal aspects and the ideological aspects of the manga.
We can't deny that there is suffering in the world and that most of us have asked ourselves and the sky "why do I have to suffer? do I deserve this? how can we avoid being wronged and hurting others? is this just a practical joke read more
Nov 17, 2017
Doumu (Manga) add (All reviews)
RnDNEET021 (All reviews)
In what is assumed to be contemporary Tokyo, the Tsutsumi Housing Complex has experienced a series of unexplained deaths over the last three years.

Responsible for the string of death is an old man, called “Old Cho” by his neighbors, with a child-like mind and strong extrasensory powers. His motives are that of a child — he sees something he wants, and takes it at the expense of the life of the owner.

This may seem a spoiler, but despite the mystery tone of the narrative's first half, it is clear to the audience who is responsible very early on. The first half deals with read more
Nov 17, 2017
PlotIsImportant (All reviews)
Usagi Drop tells it's story at a wonderful pace. It's never too quick nor too slow, and always seems to pause at the perfect place for the reader to take in its plot and resume again.
If you wish to keep reading, there will be spoilers.

The timeskip in Usagi Drop, in my honest opinion really deserves to be praised. It really highlights how different and how varied the characters are. Rin is still so pristine and pure and her love for Daikichi really shows it. The timeskip felt like a way of naturally developing the characters (Albeit a little lazy) without having to rely on read more
Nov 17, 2017
Urazoe (All reviews)
I dont usually write reviews and this will most likely be the onlyone ill write but there are just some things that i need to get out befor i go mad.

But first, lets talk a bout the some of the things i do like.

Story: 8
The Story start more or less generic but hints at some deeper ideas right of the bat.
From here on as we finished the Prolog we get pushed into the acual story. Its pase
is quite fast but slows down heavily the in goes to explain some of the more political military stuff. but it reads well and easy can can be skippt read more
Nov 17, 2017
ZJZJ (All reviews)
I'll have to agree with others that the later half of the manga isn't as good as the first half, but this is still a manga I am still glad to have read.

I think the characters are both the strengths and weakness of this manga. I do rather like the main characters as people I don't mind following around and witnessing their story. Wolfram in particular grew on me quite quickly (but I can see why people won't like him), and the other mains are rather pleasant people to watch, even if they are pretty cliche. I don't mind watching the characters going about with read more
Nov 17, 2017
SovietWeeb (All reviews)
I found this kind of lacking and just kind of Eh. All together it's not a bad story and it does have it's moments of fun. But for the most part it barely held any of my attention and just kind of had nothing but Cliches.

From reading the description itself i thought that the story was gonna be the reincarnation of a hero that has forgotten his memories and him slowly gaining them back over time, And him also finding one of his former companions sealed in a tomb and her being release.

That or i thought it was just gonna be dude finds hidden read more
Nov 17, 2017
Blend S (Manga) add (All reviews)
_SwiftShadow_ (All reviews)
After loving the adaptation, I just gotta find that sweet source and here it is. The original Blend S manga. I understand that you're not supposed to compare the manga and anime adaptation to each other and just give scores based on the manga itself. That is why I tried to forget everything about the anime first before reading the manga and reviewing it.

The story isn't really something that will make you jump out of your chair while reading. For the first chapter, I feel like the situation of the main character wasn't really explained well enough for someone to understand their situation. The author read more
Nov 17, 2017
MissMisu (All reviews)
I read this on a whim due to my how much I enjoyed the look of the main character and the art of Yukiru Sugisaki in general, and I can assure you I was not displeased.

Story: It's simple and is something seen so many times before, but it's written in a way that makes it feel fresh and unique. It can be a bit dark in dealing with the topic of racism, it doesn't take away from the overall sweetness of this series.

Art: The art, as I mentioned earlier, is something I'm quite fond of and the entire reason I read this manga in read more
Nov 17, 2017
Matt_Targaryen (All reviews)
I found Nyotai-ka as one of the best stories I've ever read on this particular subject. Apart from being the first manga I find, I like it because at least it saves us some of the most common topics (The protagonist seems upset by the attraction he awakens in men) and in any case the story is becoming more interesting as that advance the chapters, without being limited to "Ooooh, I was a boy before and now I am a beautiful woman, I will enjoy it as much as I can".

Personally I expected a larger portion of ecchi, but his absence does not compromise the read more
Nov 17, 2017
BBCotaku (All reviews)
This manga has a very interesting premise. However the story, despite being only one volume. Feels a little slow. The characters are weirdly flat, I couldn't quite get a grab on any of their personalities or really come to like them.

The art, while good, was a little hard to follow, as was some of the dialogue. On occasion, I'd find myself thinking "oh, okay. So this is happening now?" And one specific plot point, which I cannot go into because of spoilers, had me scratching my head because it seemed to come from nowhere.

The ending also is very confusing.

It's an alright manga, read more
Nov 16, 2017
TheLewdOtaku (All reviews)
This review is gonna contain spoilers so heads up

This is a terrible survival manga, the narrator or whatever is just annoying and points out the obvious as well as used as some sort of explanation for when the Mangaka does some really dumb plot armor sh*t like how he accidentally figured out how to make leather more loose and wearable among some other god awful contrived BS just to force some plot along. This isn't fun, exciting, intense or thrilling at all to read like a survival manga should be, there are no stakes involved no risks and fear for the main character because he read more
Nov 16, 2017
Entraya (All reviews)
If you were to ask me what i just read, i'm no sure how i'd put it

i needed something different from what i normally read, so i found this obscure random thing, and started reading, thinking, 'this seems dubious, dark and possibly smutty', and i was fine with the prospect of some emotional smutty vampire s&m garbage with some supernatural bs, you know?

it's not what i got.

it was so classical a story about vampires, some biblical undertones, vampire hunters, the church, amoral science, creepy kids, but it was executed with a mixture of maturity and childishness. the main characters were mature people, as though they read more
Nov 16, 2017
nikolinasan (All reviews)
Ok so I never usually write reviews on mangas or anime series. However, this manga had only one review and it really bothered me.
From beginning to end the manga had me completely hooked with the story, the outstanding artwork and, generally, everything. In fact, I can say with literally no hesitation that this manga is by far the best yaoi manga I’ve ever read.

There was, however, a rather disturbing scene, but compared to all the other works by Harada, this was way softer. This is yaoi though. If someone isn’t into hardcore or semi hardcore content, he’d better stick to reading shounen ai..

All read more
Nov 16, 2017
xxAsphodelxx (All reviews)

Chikan Otoko or Molester man is a web manga (doujinshi) based on a real story from 2chan (the Japanese equivalent to 4chan) and tells the story of our main protagonist Molester, as he gets mistaken for a stalker by a young frightened girl and gets send out to jail. Later on the girl (Miss Understanding) visits him in order to clear out if he is an actual molester and trough some circumstances he ends up meeting her co-workers, while trying to help protect her against her stalker problem in order to get into her read more
Nov 16, 2017
edeeyx (All reviews)
This manga was a pleasant surprise for me. When I first saw the cover, I almost groaned as I thought it might be a harem between the main girl and the four boys but I was wrong - though spoiler alert, there is a love triangle mixed in because it's not a shoujo manga without a love triangle, right?

The manga follows Haruno Mitsuki, a loner girl who struggles to make friends. She finds solace in her work, which is across from a basketball court with she holds precious to her as that was where she met her childhood friend, Aya. The cafe where read more
Nov 15, 2017
valisihaud (All reviews)
The original Devilman manga is certainly a tough to follow, it's one of the strongest works of Go Nagai from the 70s. With the high exceptions that one might have concerning new matriel, shin Devilman manages to be both underwhelming in comparisan to it's progenitor and what it set out to deliver.

As far the premise goes, it's no different from any other educational episode of a children's cartoon, except with the requisite violence and nudity that one would expect from a Go nagai manga. All of the tropes of this kind of set up are accounted for, be it the forced interactions with historical figures read more
Nov 15, 2017
DrYumYum (All reviews)
Criminale! is a very light-hearted, fun to read, stress relieving anime. I absolutely adorbed this manga because of mainly one thing: the characters. The characters are awesome as they all possess unique characteristics that make them shine. Basically TLDR: read this manga. I loved it and you probably will too. Now lets go to the review:
Story 8/10:
The story in my opinion was nothing special. I've heard many of my peers think that the story was unique but I thought it was solid. Basically the main MC is a criminal magnet and because of this has never made friends before. Due to his strange powers, read more
Nov 15, 2017
topazio (All reviews)
I am writing this for whoever comes across this manga and feels immediately discouraged, even though this review might never make it up to anyone's eyes.

While the top reviews can be said to hold truth, as one can easily mistaken it as a straight out horror collection like Ito's work, looking at the title of this collection (Seeds of Anxiety) and considering its content, I am more inclined to say that the author's intention with most of the shorties was to picture little and naive anxities or paranoia of our daily lives routines rather than to build up atmosphere for a ghost story; like when, read more
Nov 15, 2017
Aarquen (All reviews)
STORY 8/10
Tokyo Ghoul has an interesting story. The story takes place in a world where exist creatures called Ghouls, who cannot whitstand food eaten by humans (except coffee), needing to eat humans to survive. Thus, there is a human organization to fight these ghouls, the CCG (Comission of Counter Ghoul), initiating a true battle between races. In this context comes Ken Kaneki, a young university student which suffers an accident and receives transplanted organs from a ghoul, becoming a human-ghoul hybrid, the "one-eyed ghoul". Therefore, Kaneki is in the middle of two worlds, he doesn't feel human anymore and he struggles to fit in the read more
Nov 15, 2017
beradonna (All reviews)
Like most Suehiro manga, the art is absolutely gorgeous but abhorrent as well. I got my copy of Yume no Q-saku off of Amazon for about $13. It was fully in Japanese, so I really just "read" it by looking at the pictures but it was essentially just really gross porn so there's really no true plot or point in reading it. If you're familiar with any Suehiro manga, it had its usual tropes *cough cough* (I'll let you figure that out on your own..). Unlike a lot of guro and h-manga in general, both the male and female characters seemed to suffer equally. It read more
Nov 15, 2017
PowerMetal (All reviews)
Generic/cliche story and characters trying to hide under pretty words, slight philosophy and mainstream sugar coated darkness. Complete with same old formulated, generic/cliche, eye rolling “sympathize with me”/”like me!!!!” scenes, some of which really hurt identity of key characters and the story.

Tired/predictable story formula:
Suicidal girl meets “him” > you know what happens > you know what happens > you know what happens > end. In between, skippable/unimportant/boring dialogue and drawn out events to force the story into the next stage of the formulated story…well most of the time anyways. The surprises aren't worth reading the whole story.
The ending was decent tough, somewhat beautiful but read more
Nov 15, 2017
SovietWeeb (All reviews)
Bokura no Kiseki is a story that i have been meaning to read for over a year at least. This is a story that i always put myself off from reading. May have something to do with a sense of dread i would have with this or maybe because i'm not a fan of Female to Male Gender benders.

This story took me over 11 days to read and this is something very abnormal for me sense i can read over 140 chapter stories in 4-6 days and this only has 55 stories as of the review.

One of the reasons i had with finishing this read more
Nov 14, 2017
jmsjrdn (All reviews)
Here's my take after reading all 24 enigmatic chapters of Sakamoto Desu Ga? by Nami Sano.

Have you heard of the guy in class 1-2? He's so majestic, he's amazing, and he is the epitome of perfection in every way. Have you heard of Sakamoto?

The story revolves around Sakamoto and the people that admires him, adores him, envies him and tries to outdo him in and out of their class 1-2.

It is fun to read how Sakamoto handles tight situations with ease and beauty, and how he makes simple mundane task become awesome and reach a level of refinement that only a paragon like him can read more
Nov 14, 2017
Henshin (Manga) add (All reviews)
Faiazation (All reviews)
Before you stop reading it seeing the hentai tag,I should tell you that it's not your run of the mill hentai.I first heard of the manga's name from someone's favorite manga list.I was initially interested to see what this manga was about because he had the likes of Oyasume Punpun,Solanin and Kingdom in there as well.By the first chapter ended I discarded it just another manga where a teen would constantly be having sex with bunch of guys and would end in her turning into pretty much a slut.Boy I was wrong.The manga was actually quite disturbing in its portrayal of one's downfall.It highly reminded read more
Nov 14, 2017
Rinshuu (All reviews)
If you've ever read and enjoyed works like "Yotsuba&!", "Barakamon", "Usagi Drop" and "Azumanga Daioh", you'll probably love this series too!

The manga follows two brothers; the older brother, Ryuuichi, who's an high school student and his younger brother, Koutarou, who is a toddler.
Due to a tragic event, Ryuuichi and Koutarou lose their parents, but they're taken in by a gruff older lady lovinlgy called "Obaa-san" (grandmother) and her butler, Saikawa.
Ryuuichi has to work in the "babysitting club", a club where teachers from the school drop off their children, as exchange for living with and studying in Obaa-san's house/school and the manga follows the adventures read more
Nov 14, 2017
Hexakiller21 (All reviews)
(Contains very super small spoiler)
Im not gonna lie i like this anime its probably one of my favorites but its also one of my least.

The story of fairy tail is kinda bad it could have been so much more better it had a lot of potential to be one of the best manga/anime of all time yet it was ruined For example lets say one of the main characters die "Oh i like that character" Then i cry but then i realized this is fairy tail so i read the next chapter and "oh so he isn't dead" some how gets healed by the power read more
Nov 14, 2017
SmitMcPhee (All reviews)
Nếu như ở phần trước (với khía cạnh là fan của Nishino Tsukasa) phải nói đó là một tác phẩm thành công rực rỡ của bà. Với việc khắc họa rõ nét tình cảm đôi lứa ở tuổi mới lớn và cả những ước mơ mà các nhân vật muốn theo đuổi. Và điểm nhấn duy nhất của truyện chính là khoảnh khắc Manaka Junpei (main lead của truyện) đã quyết đoán hơn với việc dứt khoát với Toujou Aya và Kitaoji Satsuki. Cuối cùng là một kết thúc mở với cô nàng hot girl của trường là Nishino.

Và bây giờ, tôi khá thất read more
Nov 14, 2017
SeaTactics (All reviews)
It’s not every day a subscriber or anyone recommends you a manga of this caliber. You see shortly before reading this manga I read the manga Oretama. But a subscriber has recommended me a manga that surely should be considered a Hentai… yet it is not a Hentai, it is in fact a normal manga with a story. That being said, do not read this if you’re under the age to do so it is incredibly graphic. But I will say this, if you do choose to read this, it’s a short manga that is pretty funny all things considered.

Link to video version of read more
Nov 14, 2017
Kikeron (All reviews)
Not a terribly bad read for those of us who recognize talent and objective worth but could use a considerable improvement in character designs on a large scale.

Story-8 being that it expands outwards and encompasses a massive world for the Straw Hats to travel. A true Adventure story I like to see more of although Whole Cake Island kinda lags.

Art-Although characters like Dogtooth, Sanji, Zoro, Franky, Ace, Law, Jinbei, and Bartolomeo possess memorable and tough looking character designs that attribute doesn't usually get carried over to the other members of the cast like in Bleach and the background characters for good portion of the read more
Nov 14, 2017
wolfy_ (All reviews)
Another great potential wasted by a pathetic main character.

The female lead is fantastic, she's true to herself and goes after what she wants, the side characters presented up until chapter 7 were decent enough, but the main character follows the same template of every shonen lead in ecchi manga. A pervert that pretends to be a nice guy, a coward that runs away every time things get uncomfortable.

And honestly, that type of main character is just no fun to follow around.

If you don't have a problem with this type of character, then you might enjoy the story more than I did.
Nov 14, 2017
Hotaku97 (All reviews)
Put those drama/romance manga on hold, read a fluffy story instead!! I'm sure every romance lover would enjoy this story as it evolves around one-sided towards mutual love. From the beginning it shows that there will be nothing special in the plot, only slow love developing between the main heroine Miko and Matsunaga. Nothing else.

Their story of falling in love looks so natural it will make your heart melt!! The art style is fluffy and... hmm, how should I put it?
It has a tasty feeling... Cute maybe?? (you'll get the ''tasty-cute'' joke once you read chapter 3 or 4). While we learn read more
Nov 14, 2017
FunkySpider (All reviews)
Writing a unbiased review on one of your favorite manga isn't easy but I'll give it a shot. In an industry were the definition of rom-com is condensed to self-insert black haired reserved boy meets [insert archetype here] girl, it's refreshing to see something with some actual character and charm. Ore Monogatari can be summarized as the following: Giant intimidating high-school boy falls for cutesy 4ft tall girl. Spoiler alert, they confess their love for each other by the end of the first volume. Normally this would be something I wouldn't want to spoil but this is why I have such a fondness for this read more
Nov 13, 2017
chrissy_poo (All reviews)
"The book is better than the movie/series/whatever!" Yup, we've all heard it, and from my experience 99 times out of 100 rehashes, remakes and adaptations pale in comparison to their source material. Unfortunately the Utena manga fits into that rare, mythical 1% zone. In this case, the source material is indeed a mere shadow of its adaptation.

Not to say the manga is bad. It basically covers the first arc of the show and then jumps to the very end of the last arc, so you're getting what is generally considered to be the best parts of the series (I'm a bit of a black rose read more
Nov 13, 2017
ChinarAnime (All reviews)
Almost as good as Jurassic Park. One of my favorite films of all time. I can't pinpoint a legitimate flaw in this film. It's just that good. It's really a character study, and you really root for the protagonist to win in the end, especially when you fully understand his thought process and why he does what he does. The cinematography and writing are incredible and it contains one of my favorite third acts of any film ever. This film is most likely far superior to the real life story it's based on. Darren Aronofsky and Steven Spielberg, two of my favorite filmmakers working today, read more
Nov 13, 2017
stupidninja (All reviews)
Does the 3 episode rule in Anime apply to Manga as well? It's been 3 chapters and I really want to talk about how much potential this manga has. I might delete this review after 20 or 30 chapters have come out, or when it gets more popular, but I sincerely recommend people read this manga! Golem Hearts has been a joy to read, and ever since the one-shot I've been wanting a serialized manga of it, and I'm so happy with it so far.

Story - 8

Kinda weird that I give an 8 to a story that only has 3 chapters so far, so rather read more
Nov 13, 2017
69thStreet (All reviews)
Story (5): I'm sorry, I only read 2 chapters and gave up halfway of the third chapter. It's boring to read, the characters don't have anything to them that wants you to keep reading, all of the jokes are cringe-worthy, and there's nothing to want me to see the next chapter. Plus it's not really believable, who the hell gets bullied for having an anime voice.... and other than that, it's a woefully cliche story that you read before. Without having to read the other 10 chapters, I can already tell you how'll it end, how they meet the other characters, how they dealt with read more
Nov 13, 2017
stm84 (All reviews)
The story is so painful for like 30 chapters.
The beggining is so awful that I just kept reading because I was hopeful that Erika and Kyouya's story would change somehow. It did, but not as much as I expected to become a good manga.
Maybe I'm overanalysing but Kyouya's character is so abusive and Erika is so insecure that makes me want to die.
He freakin thinks that love demonstration to Erika is a favor that he's doing for her. Like WTF? AND SHE ACCEPT IT?
I dont know I think the ending got a little better but not enough.
It feels like her childhood read more
Nov 13, 2017
CrazyLasagna (All reviews)
Alderamin of the Sky (Manga) was somewhat of a disappointment for me. I started reading it after watching the anime, and I was expecting the manga to be better. To my surprise, I found it to be worse. The anime was far more fleshed out with the story and the characters, along with extra content that the manga needed. Also, some events seemed completely meaningless in the manga in which the anime had made meaning off (ex: Kanna). Overall, the manga I found to be just OK. However I am not saying the manga is bad, it just missed my expectations. My recommendation is to read more
Nov 13, 2017
KuroiKikyou (All reviews)
I did like this manga
But I just couldn't feel any emotion reading it, it sounds so... robotic.
I don't know how to explain, but when I was reading it I just felt the characters to "robotics".

I am a crybaby, I even get red when a character confess to the one they love, I even scream sometimes while reading, I get out of breath, and so on
However with this manga I did enjoy the story while not feeling anything while reading most of the stories, I just couldn't feel any emotion in their lines.

It is a good read, just emotionless (in my opinion).
Nov 13, 2017
SeaTactics (All reviews)

Starting off with the characters we have Kobayashi, a 25 year old woman living with multiple dragons. She works a normal boring desk job and is friends with Saiyaka, an Otaku just like Kobayashi. Kobayashi also has had a sort of falling out with her family some time ago, not really talking about her family, or even her past. She seems to be melancholic, and a very lonely woman until Tohru comes around, who she immediately takes a liking to. Although Kobayashi does have a problem with expressing the way she truly feels emotionally, she does seem to be a good person at heart and read more
Nov 13, 2017
misterkafuuchino (All reviews)
I don't really have a plan on writing any reviews. But after seeing this one being almost unnoticed and not getting the attention it deserves I decided to write one. I wanted everyone to know that this manga is one of the greatest hidden gems that was serialized in Jump SQ. This is going to be my very first review, and probably my last so please let me have some of your time and read this.

If you like simple, cute, and pure romance, you'll definitely like this one. No love rivals, ship already sailing at the first few chapters, cute moments between the MC and read more
Nov 13, 2017
OVERPOWERED99 (All reviews)
ART - 9

A modern society filled with the minority being normal people and the majority having some kind of unique power. Reading this manga means to enter the world of heroes and villains.

The story has this aspect that potentially could blast off into something great. You have a boy who has a dream of becoming a hero, similar to other Shonens out there. He's given a power, marking the start of his journey and aspiration of being the number one hero. Enrolling into a prestigious hero academy opens up to a whole bunch of characters out there. Right of read more
Nov 12, 2017
SxM (Manga) add (All reviews)
kamui90 (All reviews)
I didn't have big expectations for this manga, but I was bored so I decided to read it.
I was pleasantly surprised. The first story is bittersweet, but I liked it. It's about vampire and a girl from a count family, But it is not a happy love story. It has a terrible twist.
The second one is definitely my favorite it's about a couple of students who can see ghosts and it's hilarious and at the same time adorable. Then you get the epilogue for the first story just to remind you of the tragedy. All in all great read.