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Apr 19, 2019
Mike-Honcho (All reviews)
First I want to clear up that I'm not really into shoujo, not specially like or dislike it, maybe it's just that still haven't come across a title that made me come down hard for the genre and so my familiarity and knowledge of it will be somewhat lacking in various aspects.
Having said that, this is my take on "Kamisama Hajimemashita".

Getting it recomended from a friend that happened to be really enthralled with the anime I started reading the manga feeling skeptical and "surprinsingly" didn't really (appealed) to me: the characters, the pacing, the panelling, the drawings, and so on. Again, not terrible, just didn't read more
Apr 19, 2019
kass041 (All reviews)
The plot is actually really interesting and why the characters act like they do is explained nicely. i've read up to chapter 15 (all i can find translated so far) and for a yaoi its a bit slow paced on the action. i actually like that, it makes sence and its not like there's none. Its funny, cute and the main couple just adorable.

Love rivals exiced but are done nicely and arent annoying like in a lot of manga. The side characters are interesting.

My only complain whould be the veryyy slow updates. if you cant handle the wait sorry. but if you can read more
Apr 19, 2019
Frostbytes (All reviews)
"Every story must come to an end, and because there is an end, it's beautiful and precious"- Section chief.

On the first glance, Chichi to Hige-Gorilla to Watashi seems like any other 4-koma manga with plenty of comedy due to its wacky characters and fun interactions. This is partially true, as it's primarily a Slice of Life series with a tinge of melancholy, comedy and romance. Family oriented manga are pretty common these days, yet it just manages to gain that extra stride by doing a great job in certain aspects.

As the synopsis says, the manga mainly revolves around a ragtag family, each having their own read more
Apr 19, 2019
Castinate (All reviews)
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Manga Review
By: Robiko
April 3, 2019

Overall: 8

Plot: 6

This series is one of the, we can say, famous shoujo which most of us know. When you mention Ao Haru Ride, Kimi ni Todoke, the name of this story will also come up. After watching it a second time, I realized why I forgot how the story goes. Well, except for the chicken the characters used to take care of. This series made the reader expect for more, more revelations, more twist, more explanation on why characters acted the way they are. It is a story of a young boy, who don't have a clue read more
Apr 19, 2019
Castinate (All reviews)
Jackass!: Sawatte Ii tte Dare ga Itta yo? Review
-Jackass! Who said it was okay to touch?
By: Beriko Scarlet
January 30, 2019

Overall: 6.8

Plot: 6

There are few stories who tackles the topic ablut having a fetish, or so I think? There are things you will be really attracted to, something that if it will caught your eye, you will have a hard time turning your gaze back. It's rather amusing to see people like that, in which in this case, the fetish of the protagonist is somewhat interesting? This one focuses on the friendship of two guys and how they come to end up being together because of read more
Apr 18, 2019
laldo (All reviews)
- Good artwork
- Decent pacing when the story is being focused on
- Surplus of fan service for my fellow kinkybois
- Some nice laughable moments

- Long-drawn-out boring repetitive filler that never leads to anything fulfilling
- Character development is often skimmed over or forgotten about for the sake of plot progression
- The main character along with every other main-supporting character usually flip-flop their outlooks, judgement, and emotions just for the sake of progressing the story. This is very immersion-breaking and irritating at times.

The story is very lackluster and filled with many pointless arcs that go nowhere. There's too many characters being focused on throughout the series resulting read more
Apr 18, 2019
Oriotiar (All reviews)
It does start quite good, the premise is quite generic for a reincarnated isekai, but the revenge touch is a good idea. However everything slowly goes down hill from there. If i had to pinpoint the moment when it's start to lose in quality it would be when they join the ghoul village.
But unlike a lot of bad/mediocre LN is not that nothing made sense from the begining or that it suddenly goes stupid, it's the combinaison of an accumulation of stupid shit happening and desapointement which make that one day, one little stupid thing is too much.

But let be positif for an instant because read more
Apr 18, 2019
The-Hidden-Self (All reviews)
It's gonna my first review and I'm gonna keep it short, since I just want to convince you to give this manga a try. Basically, Hakko Shoujo depicts the situation of a grown-up man, who's a teacher, and the old lady that took care of him when he was a child, with the twist that this nanny is now a little girl again after drinking an elixir.

The most important thing you should take into account before reading this manga is that its main purpose is soothing the reader. The relationship between Fumi and Hatoko is really sweet, their conversations seem natural, and the way read more
Apr 18, 2019
Kasane (Manga) add (All reviews)
chloqi (All reviews)
If there was a way to simply describe Kasane, it would be that it is hauntingly beautiful.

At first, I was interested in its uniqueness from other manga. It was cruel, twisted and honestly unbearable to read sometimes but it reflects most of what life is. You find yourself sympathising and, perhaps, seeing yourself in Kasane. As a reader, you are first repulsed by her, as are most of the characters in this manga but as the story blossoms, I found myself loving her and supporting her.

As the manga drew to a close, I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding, read more
Apr 18, 2019
ririrora (All reviews)
A very sweet and refreshing story. I liked every single page of it. The art is very beautiful. The characters feel so real you almost feel like you’re there with them. I would sometimes read a chapter several times because it somehow felt different every time. It’s a very simple story yet so intriguing. Mikako is a casual high school student. Midorikawa sits next to her. They aren’t particularly fond of each other at the beginning but with time they start to develop a special bond.
The only reason I didn’t finish it in one day was because I felt it would be a waste read more
Apr 18, 2019
Thatevafag (All reviews)
Velveteen & Mandala is absolutely messed up to it's core but in the right way. It feels like a B Grade Japanese Psychological Experimental film more than a conventional seinen manga. The art is a bit hazy and the manga has a tendency of using weird angles to focus on the characters. This adds to the whole vibe of how the main characters are messed up in the head due to their upbringing in this dystopian Tokyo that is midst of a war.

The story centers around two highschool girls, Velveteen and Mandala who lives inside a tank on the riverside just outside the city. read more
Apr 18, 2019
EOLAnime (All reviews)
Domestic Girlfriend is such a wonderful read. as I write this I am still reading the manga (Chapter 221) and even though I have a slow reading pace I am so hooked since the story and characters are so gripping and I don’t wanna leave without my happy ending, and it's really rare that I even want to read manga so that alone proves how in love with this story I am.

If you are a fan of romance I’d say this book hits its mark and I don’t feel that the comedy in the book ever really makes me lose myself to laughter but it read more
Apr 18, 2019
NotFangFang_ (All reviews)
in short: It's different from the anime, and as of right now, it's better

Art is detailed and beautiful, and it really makes you feel what the artist is trying to depict (e.g. Desperation, anger, fear, etc.)

For the most part it follows the anime, but it fixes aspects such as
-removing the "Boys VS Girls" arc which was a waste of time
-making Ichigo more likeable
-giving other characters development

In later chapters the manga seems to be turning away from the anime, but in a good way. It seems like the author is fixing many mistakes with the anime, which makes the manga very enjoyable, more so than the read more
Apr 18, 2019
Whomwasfone (All reviews)
[This review concerns only the first arc of the story as I dropped it after that.]

Rengoku no Karma is a manga with a somewhat thought provoking premise that ends up being terribly bungled by an author that seems to lack the writing skill to tastefully approach the subject matter. The story is hamfisted, laughably over-the-top and, to top it off, extremely pretentious in the way it's told. It all culminates with a "fake deep" ending that not only left me feeling bad, but also made me wonder what the point of even telling the story was, other than to cash in on edgy imagery and read more
Apr 18, 2019
Demundo (All reviews)
To start off, unlike the previous review, this is a completely biased opinion of mine that will reflect how I feel on this series. This review will contain spoiler to a certain amount. I can't say how much, but it will.

Kumika no Mikaku, or Kumika's Taste is very much a food Manga while being not about food. As you can see, it involves food, eating and food appreciation through out from the start to the end, true to its name.

However, the food aspect really was just a base to tell another story, the story of a fool traveling through the Arcana and learn new read more
Apr 18, 2019
TheHentaiKing (All reviews)
Just personal scratch.
Advised, possible spoilers.
Opinion & Informal

Art: 4/10
Anatomy and proportions had multiple instances of being off or odd-looking. A few examples were chapter 1 when the first victim is kicking the door on page ~20, page ~29 where she looks like she just gained at least 15 pounds worth of upper-body muscle, chapter 8 page ~19 (80), or chapter 8 page ~43. There were some really odd design decisions too. Why were the padlocks on their neck-collars paper thin? Seriously look at them and how thin they were. Furthermore, the chains attached to those padlocks looked like they could be snapped with one wrong fall read more
Apr 17, 2019
Sebascr12FG (All reviews)
never expected a good, story about street fights like this one.
We follow a journey about a guy how have a lot of probelms. And that Mangaka find a good balance betwen fights and character's development.

Kamishiro, Yuu A good main character but no only he is important to that story. Izawa, Masaki, Midorikawa, Shougo, Kaneda, Shinichi all of of them are "unique"
Mori, Kouji art is beautiful. The expressions , the background, is "simple" but work almost prefect. One thing i appriciate is the use of humor simple but work. Is not that kind of annoying humor that is always used for break read more
Apr 17, 2019
Greylifeblood (All reviews)
THIS IS AN ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY OUTRAGEOUSLY GOOD YAOI. That is if you enjoy something with good plots. I would recommend this to many people, they just need to push through a few chapters and I feel that they'd be hooked in only a few minutes. I read a LOT of yaoi and I can say this is one of the good ones.

However, it might not be a very good one to read while in the middle of something that takes up a lot of time. the yaoi is long and requires a lot of attention to fully enjoy it.

The art might be the read more
Apr 17, 2019
XxLockyxX (All reviews)
His resemblance to Bleach made me create a kind of "tie" with this manga. The art is very pleasing and its universe provides a rewarding experience.

This does not exclude the amount of clichés and empty characters in some issues.

I hoped that Jirou's growth would come from his relationship with his grandfather, which really put me down. But still, his ability to act in pairs with Ragou leaves the reader content, for one does not nullify the other's abilities...

I hoped that the relationship between Ichika and Jirou would grow into maturity for both of them, but the support they gave to the supporting character through read more
Apr 17, 2019
Shotooto (All reviews)
I am here as a fan of Fairy tail. A fan that thoroughly understands all of the series faults. Eden's Zero seems to have a cast of characters that is horrifyingly similar to fairy tail. Not to say that it is bad. The art is super cute and cleanly done, but in terms of character design Hiro Mashima seems to have a case of same face syndrome. I understand where the story is going and it makes sense. I'd just like it to have more of a hook. The plot just seems too easy to follow so I hope Mashima has some tricks up his read more
Apr 17, 2019
-Lupa- (All reviews)
Let me start off by saying that if you are the kind of reader than needs a story with rainbows and unicorns where everybody has the happy ending that they deserve, then this is not the story for you. I don't mean that in a condescending way - I just want to make it clear that this is not a heart-warming story, and that I can easily see why some people disliked it.

I would not describe this story as uplifting, or light-hearted, or comedic, or inspiring, or even happy. Why did I rate it a 10 then, do you ask? Because despite how sad read more
Apr 17, 2019
Raventale (All reviews)
What I love about this novel:
1. It is beautifully written! The title is literally what the story is about, a girl who ate a grim reaper-like existence and is now immortal. The flow of the plot from battles to character development to inner thoughts is perfectly paced.

2. The complex characters have serious yet soft moments. Because the MC has a bit of a twisted character due to her childhood experiences, that doesn't stop her from cherishing her subordinates/friends. The relationship/loyalty between the MC and subordinates that develop over the courseof survival/battles is poignant yet tragic. The feels are real.

3. Because of how complex yet read more
Apr 17, 2019
_kukiyomenai (All reviews)
As what the title, translated in English says, “Stay with You in Total Darkness” this manga is not your generic manga, I can say. Although this manga is definitely a fluffball, there is also a very prominent undertones of drama, psychological and even comedy.

I don’t mind much the touch of “incest” (If anyone pointed that out already) here because I don’t think that it is the main plot of this manga. Since it’s tagged as yaoi here in MAL, I’m really glad that it is not focused on R scenes. I like how the two main characters struggled to understand and accept read more
Apr 16, 2019
Arikawa-chan (All reviews)
I am having fun while reading this manga. This is truly the best gender bender
I've read so far. I recommend reading this manga at night time.

Story rating: 10/10
The story is fun, and it has good moral. This is the best gender bender I've read
so far. I recommend you to read this manga, you won't regret it. 'Tis manga
teaching us about daily life, learning more about it.

Art rating: 10/10
Very good, the characters are drawn perfectly, the background is cool and the
shapes of the melons are perfect. The curves are perfectly drawn and is good.
The art style perfectly fits for this story.

Character: 10/10
Oyama, Mahiro is so cute, read more
Apr 16, 2019
DorkOrca (All reviews)
WARNING: No explicit spoilers, but details hint at the vibe and cohesion of the plot.

Aku no Kyouten appears unique at first, but all-too-familiar, as well. The drama is built up steadily, and as the pieces start to come together and characters are developed and expanded upon, you really start to feel like the stakes could hardly be any higher. Unfortunately, the conclusion is anything but satisfactory, or earned. All wildcards built throughout the story are abandoned, all loose ends are dealt with in a flurry of rushed violence that gradually blends together and makes you wonder why you stuck around for 9 volumes.

The art for read more
Apr 15, 2019
BryceBillBob (All reviews)

The first arc starts off very strong, it's got an interesting prison escape story and I'd probably give it an eight but after that the series goes down hill and fills lazily tangled together almost like the writer didn't know how to continue writing the story. As the story progresses Emma becomes someone who isn't fitting to be this series mc since she changes her stance and decides not to kill the demons. The art can also be very mediocre at times but it does have some really good key panels. I also find myself not really enjoying any of the character read more
Apr 15, 2019
MrLegitimacy (All reviews)
(***Review up to chapter 42--End of the Tournament of Power***)
I have been watching Dragon Ball Super on Toonami religiously since the start of 2017, because I didn't want to have my first viewing of it in Japanese. I had long debated reading the manga until it finally premiered that January, because I knew I could just imagine the voices in my head. For some reason I let myself sit through 2 years of terrible pacing and low animation quality before I finally decided it was time to just read the damn manga, and I'm so glad I did. Toyotarou's Dragon Ball Super manga packages all read more
Apr 15, 2019
Place (All reviews)
I've never gotten around to watching 'Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya'. On my list to watch of course, but somebody being that overpowered but never knowing seems utterly frustrating to watch. Of course, it's still on my list to watch so I'll still probably give it a shot.

In any case I picked up this manga for a classic rom-com, but found as I went along that some of the plot runs along an interesting idea reflecting Haruhi's - from the anime/manga mentioned above - power to an extent.

Ohki, one of the two main protagonists - or perhaps deuteragonist - has the ability to bend read more
Apr 15, 2019
ChezAle (All reviews)
Even though I really enjoyed reading this manga, I can't say many good things about it. Basically, the dynamics of the main couple, Kyoko and Izumi, is carrying all the weight. I hardly ever find any of the secondary characters interesting and the overall story is quite cliche.

Then why do I still like it? I find it refreshing. While most stereotypical high school romances focus on the "becoming a couple" through all sorts of events, this series is very down to earth. There are no love triangles, harems, a shy MC that can't confess, etc. The main couple gets together fairly early in the read more
Apr 15, 2019
Yamatu (All reviews)
Where do we start with this manga? how about the name. Just in the name itself you already know it's one of those long names that are a full sentence that ask or begs a question, a meme (if you wanna call it that) that has been crippling the Light Novel community for almost a decade now. Since the name of the manga has a Light Novel title (that is ironically based off a light novel by the same title) you find the main character (a suicidal NEET) waking up in a barn in medieval Europe and finds a sword and ... you know the read more
Apr 15, 2019
DesolatePsyche (All reviews)
Boku Girl 6/7/7/6/7

First things first. My "reviews" system is explained on a blog entry. Which can be found through my profile.

First things first. I define "gender benders" in two ways. One would be where a guy get's a females body, but soul/heart/mind/personality stays male. And other kind I would kind a full conversion. Where a man gets females body and as well instantly or slowly has/will have also a females mind/soul/heart and eventually personality and way of thinking and feeling.

This manga, though. Is essentially a gender tweak. A very feminine boy with girlish looks and girlish personality happens to get females body. Which doesn't change read more
Apr 14, 2019
mentosrush (All reviews)
Watamote is a breath of fresh air. It's not a typical high school manga that showcases the "moe" life.

Tomoko is by far one of the best protagonists. She is the very antithesis of a high school girl. She's a loner, a pervert, and overall just a mess of a human being. All these flaws though make me quite fond of her. Tomoko's cringe inducing moments are probably relatable for everyone in this site (hint:all anime fans are socially retarded).

Now let's talk about the art. Mediocre at the best but it gets the job done. The proportions are correct. The facial expressions are amusing. Although read more
Apr 14, 2019
Saume (All reviews)
Seeing as there's no review of the completed manga and other reviews are all quite old... here's my (spoiler-free) review of this underrated manga.

I would categorize this manga as:
- Action: a bunch of battle scenes;
- Drama: serious tone and not much comedy;
- Mystery: much of the story has the characters investigating and trying to find information to solve the mysteries surrounding mototsumitama;
- Supernatural: story revolves around supernatural beings and the mysteries surrounding them and their powers.

Also of note is that this manga trends more towards being dark than light-hearted. It's no horror manga that just kills all the characters left and right, but there is read more
Apr 14, 2019
Mai_death (All reviews)
This manga is a not so rare find and is pretty generic. There's nothing special about it, but it does have a nice feel to it and it's still a fun read.

The characters are fairly nice, but it's only limited to a few characters. The others tend to be....less than enjoyable due to them having 0 real personality and they don't really do much for the plot, so I wonder why they are even there.

If you're looking for something spectacular, you aren't going to find it here. However, the art is pleasing enough to the eyes and the two main characters are pretty cute read more
Apr 14, 2019
ReLIFE (Manga) add (All reviews)
-Lupa- (All reviews)
I'm not sure what I expected out of this manga, but it definitely wasn't something as introspective, compelling, and well-written as this. I very rarely rate anything a 10, but I felt like this manga definitely merited that score.

-Story: The concept itself wasn't too original. There are a good many other manga/anime where the characters "turn back time" to have fun or fix past mistakes. However, the execution of that storyline was very well done in ReLIFE. The pacing was great and the story was nicely fleshed out. You do have to suspend disbelief for how the whole "relife" process happens in order to read more
Apr 14, 2019
TheHentaiKing (All reviews)
I read the final translated release a day or two ago and finished this manga at 77 chapters. I'll remove this part when the page gets updated.

Just personal scratch.
Advised, possible spoilers.
Opinion & Informal

Art: 6/10
Fine. Anatomy and proportions checked out. Backgrounds looked about average. Not much nature showcases or environmental scenery. Interior details were a bit sparse at times but were fine for the most part. Supporting details looked alright. A few nice-looking impact panels and shots. Overall, the art was fine.

Panel Progression: 7/10
Good pacing. Feelings expressed nicely and panel design was thought out. Flair in a lot of panel cutting. Helpful amount of supporting tones read more
Apr 14, 2019
xcomprr (All reviews)
Rash but skilled and street-wise Ash "Lynx" was picked up off the streets by Mafia Lord Dino Golzine, treated as a "pet" and was the now the leader of many street gangs around New York, Manhattan. Ever since his older brother Griffin was mentally destroyed by a powerful drug, he had been trying to track down the ones responsible. Not long later he comes across a mystery powder from a dying man who mentions the mysterious name "Banana Fish", something he had heard his broken down brother mutter repeatedly. Meanwhile, the timid Eiji Okumura a young journalist assistant is out helping to do a feature read more
Apr 14, 2019
QuiteDeathperate (All reviews)
Obviously no real story to the whole manga, but the sub plots are always a joy to read especially with the most recent one with Rei.

Honestly, if you're looking for something to read and smile your way through and not notice the hours passing by, this is the manga fro you. Its pretty meaty so far so you have a lot to binge on, but as with everything once you hit the end its never enough.

Its easy to get attached to the main characters and the panels with Komi being Komi is just too pure.

Read it. You won't regret it.
Apr 14, 2019
Riza-kun (All reviews)
Okay, so I finished this manga and wanted to write a review for it. I don’t usually write one so I’m not really used to this but here goes.

The manga started off great. Most of the action scenes are really well done and very engaging at parts. Hijikata as a character is really well fleshed out and explored. Same can be said with quite a lot of the characters individually though not all. However, they aren’t really developed that well as a group.

The plot starts out well with good pacing but along the way, at some point near the end, it just escalates way too read more
Apr 14, 2019
DatWalrusBoi (All reviews)
VS - Kitakantou Renzoku Youjo Yuukai Satsujin Jiken no Shinjitsu is a resounding success in the three endeavors it undertakes. It is simultaneoulsy:
- a potent example of how innocents can be wrongly convicted and culprits not caught, allowing the crimes to continue taking place,
- a testament to the importance of journalism in modern society, and
- a vibrant example of the necessity to stay determined when everyone and everything is seemingly set to make you fail.
This manga tells the true story of NTV journalist Kiyoshi Shimizu and his team as they study the cases of the rape and murder of five young girls between 4 and read more
Apr 14, 2019
YosepYRA (All reviews)
To be honest, I came here from watching the anime, thus I've never read Senryuu Shoujo manga before. My impression of the anime is not that good and I come to read the manga without a slightest bit of good expectation beforehand beside cheap reasons like "The Girl is Cute". But surprisingly, what I'm reading is something much.. much more than that. You know when a series really clicks on you on another level, and this series is it for me. Welcome to my review of Senryuu Shoujo, I'll try my best to not spoil anything. Please enjoy the ride.

Story 8
Senryuu Shoujo is a story read more
Apr 14, 2019
Jeyyhh (All reviews)
Okay, so this will be my first review. So bear with it lol

Story: 7/10
Sekirara ni Kiss is a romance manga and it's about a girl who wears a mask to hide her true self so that people will not dislike her, but after meeting a guy who instantly noticed her facade, he made her want to change herself. The story is pretty good and interesting, and somehow realistic to how some people live. Because nowadays sometimes we have to put on a mask to be accepted because we have this thought that people would not accept the real us or who we really are.
And read more
Apr 13, 2019
conquerwithin (All reviews)
Misogynistic. Cliche. Boring.

In essence, terrible.

I thought it was going to get better with character development. But every time you'd think the characters have finally changed, they'd disappoint you again.

The love interest (the prince) commits terrible things against the female main character (FMC) (yanking her hair, strangling her, forcing kisses on her,etc) yet the weak ass FMC grows to love him. In fact the prince continues to act possessive as fuck and like a 5 year old child. But of course instead of developing his character into becoming a better person, the author romanticizes this.

I thought Loki would be better but he's as read more
Apr 13, 2019
Saito-h (All reviews)
In my opinion, the best combination of words describing this work is "comforting." The story boasts an incredible charm, and adopts a storyline of romance not much seen in popular history, for the beginning of conversation we are not talking about "children" (although the main character's wife is 16 years old...) but rather a young adult, which by itself already Makes the story more acceptable. Of Course the plot is not perfect, after all it is not every day that a beautiful girl appears in front of you, saves you from imminent death and propose marriage, all in the course of a few hours, but read more
Apr 13, 2019
Blackjohn91 (All reviews)
After watching the 1st episode of the anime the premise hooked me enough to give the manga a read.

To keep it short, shounen at its finest. Kinda reminded me of Naruto's good old days with the overall direction. Tons of action, lots of drama, comical situations I haven't read in a while, all of them blending perfectly with the otherwise heavy climate. This had me thinking actually, how this manga managed to stay under the radar up till to the point it got an anime. Not enough promotion by Jump, I guess?

Anyway, spoilers ahead.

Story: 10

This is a tragic story about Tanjiro and his sister read more
Apr 13, 2019
skeletalz (All reviews)
Story: 9. The story centers around a group of high school students who are drafted into the army, given some extremely basic infantry training and then sent off to fight in the ongoing war. As far as realism goes, it goes about as well as you might expect from a random group of students with next to no training. The story is thrilling, psychological, and successfully relates the struggles of these teenagers.

Art:10. I really liked the art, the facial expressions are on point, the action sequences all have lines and blur in the right places, the art is good. This smart use of blur that read more
Apr 13, 2019
AncuL (All reviews)
I read everything in one go. with my slowly vanishing memory, here's a quick summary. includes some spoiler

art is great

story is great until the part where aizawa is killed. there were a good amount of mind games and strategies thrown around before that part. afterwards it's just a matter of powerful people showing up and the characters also going stronger. the pattern repeats for a lot of times until the end

the beginning was excellent and gives good amount of suspense, but my feeling of thrill slowly disappears as the boredom and chore of reading the text appears at the same speed

i need more fanarts of read more
Apr 13, 2019
axuirs (All reviews)
I picked up this manga because I wanted to read something that was kind of about "traps", but not some trashy fanservice-y thing like Himegoto. I was pleasantly surprised by this manga and it fulfilled what I was looking for.

One particular thing that drew me to this manga was the art. The characters are really damn cute and the quality of the art remains consistently good throughout the duration of the whole manga.

I disliked the story towards the end because I felt like it sort of went off tracks, or the tracks turned in a sudden direction. I enjoyed the flow of the story read more
Apr 13, 2019
KaadeMichiyuki72 (All reviews)
Tsuki no Ko or Moon Child it's my first Old Manga had my interest in old manga culture that's non familiar with my generation, at first only being interesting because I really love Gender Bender issue in story but who's guess? The story deeper? From the simple art style and complex all the problem and trouble, but still had the simple taste of a mind of a 7 year old? For the first time read it I don't really understand about the egoism that's can attached to someone but now I see we all like that? After realize that.. my 12 years old self had read more
Apr 13, 2019
section9necrosis (All reviews)
"Calm Carefree lazy Stubborn Underestimated Overpowered Male Protagonist"
"ayanokouji kiyotaka , Oreki houtaro, Hikgaya Hachiman , Saitama "

After reading all these you may already visualized , the basic sense of our protagonist

At the time of writing this review i have caught up with the 10 chapters of with the manga, and have completed with 38 chapter of volume 1 in the light novel, So even if my review many not be apt , it will be close how you will feel when you read the main content

First I would like you to completely disregard the user rating provided on this site, read more