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Sakura Taisen: Ouka Kenran
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Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai!
Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai!
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Dakasete Kurenai ka?
Dakasete Kurenai ka?
Jul 15, 4:33 AM
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Jul 8, 2:31 PM
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Ako- May 11, 12:10 AM
you have so many "badass" men on your profile
it makes me wanna throw a moe girl at u
qeesa Apr 18, 3:17 PM
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

it is my masterpiece.... i will officially never EVER make anything as badass/awesome as that.... NEVER
qeesa Apr 18, 11:24 AM

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Maffy Mar 10, 9:26 AM
Hahaha true! Thanks to the MRCs I have come across entries I probably wouldn't have otherwise. Glad that the timing worked this time :D I've been binge-reading manhwa too, but most have been disappointments (which I expected since I mostly choose romance and their romance is usually "so bad it's good" kind of thing :'D). Well, either way, good luck with MRC and hope it turns out as one of the good choices for the challenge :D
Maffy Mar 10, 8:51 AM
Oh wow! You made my day :D I was pretty much convinced no one would read the review since the manhwa is mostly unknown, but I wanted to give it a try and push it a bit forward, juuust in case. So, I'm very glad you found it and I hope you do enjoy the story! Also, thank you for the comment <3
Kreyul Feb 25, 12:12 PM

Ryoota Feb 2, 2:59 AM
Thank you, Schlopsi now you really showed the right points of what you really did not like.

Yes, I agree with you that it failed in certain parts, it could have been better, but it was not so taken advantage of in all this. BUT in spite of this all the film in general definitely can not be labeled as "junk" why ignore the whole process, and just go on the final conclusions or have anger rage of some specific points and see it come of it as everything negative does not if it does! this is very sad;

You keep saying the animation is below average, is not it? and that he had several other works with better production, so where?
(you said you saw it in the movies, you had talked about it before?), if you did not understand, then it was my mistake. But you could look at the Bluray version of the movie and tell me if you find the same mistakes, and the forest?
because I just watch the bluray.
and how all BD is better ...

(Many of the movies, series, show static scenes, and inconsistency.) Even in the Commercial Version, they can not take 100% of the defects, you could look at the same errors. )

Narrative and enrendo: Here you spoke of the things that bothered you, very well, as the characteristics of the characters, and unique traits.
This I can not disagree or support, because this is subjective, if the characters pleased you goes from person to person. But, I found it particularly convincing, given the atmosphere and surreality of the film.

What I mean by all this, the first time I looked at your review, and saw you just unloading your hatred, you just could not stand doing nothing, I'm a very lazy person, so I can not think and write everything that I want it in one text.

When you have an anime, movie or anything, if you have parts that I did not like what I found unnecessary I do not go out calling the movie bad, without seeing it as a whole, are you understanding?

The whole conclusion is subjective, it depends a lot on person to person, if they liked the characters, enrendo, the crucial moments, this is own opinion.

I liked the movie, the points you said did not bother me, yours is not perfect and not even close, but it's a good movie!
If you see the Bluray version, and still say that the animation sucks, really dude you must be crazy, Do not get me wrong;
Ryoota Feb 1, 2:41 PM
Come on, again and I hope to reach consensus this time around.

"My childish and arrogant way of telling someone that he did not see something just because it does not follow ideals and opinions" I honestly did not understand.
and secondly I already knew of his anger about the film, he had no impartiality whatsoever, he did not present a coherent text and he did not know how to judge correctly, of course, we all have different opinions. But different opinions are valid when it is subjective, what you wrote there is not a fact, it is just a written frustration.

I agree with you on some points, you wrote, wrote ... and did not leave any result only your frustration subsided and added more other good points. (Do not tell me that it's an arrogant and childish way of not accepting opinions) I CLEARLY ACCEPT YOUR OPINION OF NOT ENJOYING THE MOVIE, BUT TO SAY THAT THE FILM IS A NO-BASED TRASH NO IGNORING THE CREATIVE PROCESS, ANIMATION, SOUND AND DREAM SEVERAL THINGS, IT IS SAD.

Let's bounce back, is the film the weakest in the trilogy? are you sure? and the design of "Shisha no teikoku were beautiful?" Point me where and when this happens.
My opinion: (Are the designs of the film realistic, a justification for this design, are they simple? In a way, yes, did you want some characters with colored hair, totally ignoring the primary proposal of the film?) Of course, you did not like it , OK. but call it ugly? really?

You said that there are several other Works adapted "Cheaper" with the better look, right?
cite at least 3, of course you should know ... (Remembering that Shisha in teikoku is animated by Wit Studio and Geno Studio is new ...) Adapting a work costs money, of course ... give money in the hand of a weak director, is loss of money. If you do not have animators Keys pro, you will not be able to do a good job. But how did the film get that smooth animation with a small staff? Magica? High funding? I ask again, do you know what a good and bad animation is? (Animation below average ... I can not get rid of this.)
Speaking of lighting I found it quite acceptable, I liked it. Because, usually Cyberpunk works have a darker mood, the scenario plus the Storyboard I liked nothing amazing, but remembering what study or staff is the best. (If you disagree with that, okay :)

I do not remember where the GC action scenes went bad ... you could show me, you remembered that, you should know (Only if you want, I really do not remember where.) I can even agree with you if you show me the contrary!

As I said before the film is not perfect, there are several problems and the problem that bothered me the most was 'OST' for the same reason as before, failed to fulfill its role in delivering in an abstruse way the sound that the scene represents, often taking a song with those simple touches in the key scenes or persecuting, sometimes hitting here and there, but in general is not something notorious or worthy of applause ...

The characters, really could not cling to any, no striking feature they had, but they are soldiers and soldiers are disposable, no? Obviously the central characters are and should be more developed than the rest, the film is based on the experience of 'Clavis'
could they have better characters? Could.
Could the characters have a striking feature? Well this is now subjective. The secondary characters are linear, yes; I do not deny it.

Story and plot: You said you liked Itoh's interesting ideas, right?
but in this one you left saying that the plot was random, look, but had a reason for all this did not have? is not necessarily random, The intelligence department group was hunting the man behind genocides in poor, poor countries and they will, Clavis' own friend says, "Do we have to risk our lives to correct their mistakes?"
I also did not feel feeling in any moment, they have reasons for it and it is not about personal revenge. It is the story of a soldier narrated from his point of view, doing his work with his group and going behind the root of the problem.
Could everything be better? Yes, adapting your original material more consistently and improving where you can improve it, but taxing my colleague "Trash", think hard. The final conclusion was not the most elaborate, but it was acceptable. Clavis wanted to make the wish of Lucia and John Paul, made him disobey orders and in the end, give what he gave.

Speaking of the villain, I could not clearly understand his real motive, make this series of barbarity a mere pretext to say: "this is all to protect the people I love, I did not find that valid could detail this reason better.
he wanted a world without that system, the capitalism of the film.
in the scene that shows other characters using money, there it is perceived that that world divided in 2.

better detail this reason.
he wanted a world without that system, the capitalism of the film.
in the scene that shows other characters using money, there it is perceived that that world divided in 2.

Conclusion: I have nothing against you not liking the film because it has not delivered its full potential, I repeat the project did not have a large financing and talented people involved. But he did deliver something above average! But as you went by the hateful side, and saw the movie as a great shit. this is not my problem, because you simply did not encompass generally about as many of the possitive sides as the negatives.


Do not take my answer as something arrogant, or anything ... I am anyway. Let's say it's Brazilian blood (lolol)

I liked you, for not having run away and ignored me, but trying to prove your point.

Credits: I hope you have clearly understood my text, because using google translate sucks!
Ryoota Feb 1, 7:48 AM
Very well.

The text will possibly be long.
I'm sorry for any grammatical errors, I'm Brazilian and I'm using the translator.

Introduction: first call the film "junk" and second I also like constructive criticism and arguments, but it seems that with you is not quite that, because as 'YOU' said my comment is annoying you, how so? Do not like discussions ?! but I was hoping even is your answer.

Analyzing an anime requires knowledge and impartiality of the facts that are in its composition. Come on, the movie is not perfect is the last of the Itoh trilogy today.

Animation: Contrary to what you say animation is precarious, is not it? Do you know what a fluid animation is, and another not? the animation of the film is well above the average, even for a "new" studio the action scenes are detailed passing a pleasant climate, together with all the other realistic layers involved, the design of the characters are particularly acceptable, the key scenes of first-person action is also very good. After all, the animation is not perfect leaving frames inconsistent in certain parts. The project did not receive that much money, but they did a good job, what other cheaper movies with better quality?

Sound and BGM: 'OST' is not the strong point of the film, in action scenes she could not represent the feeling (no feeling), often repeating the same "Track" OST in general was not at all noticeable. (Ah, but there's the EGOIST group present, so what ... I like the group but it's only in the end that it appears, not as an at least literary composition of the song.)

History and plot: As usual the 'Satoshi Ito' likes to deliver something quite different from what you find on the market today. Cyberpynk, and looking at this sub-genre in a broad way you find something really really nice and nothing "exaggerated" (possible is the most up-to-date future in developed countries you will see!) The plot preaches somewhat complex ideas about cultural warfare and moral values. Especially about ethnic differences and socialism in countries affected by genocide. The villain himself, who was not the real evil, wanted to divide the world, all this in his radical ideas, killing many people for freedom and peace. "A world where you have security, less privacy or a conservative world" Free "or controlled by the meta-language of the villain himself, this is all subjective whether you believe what he did is right or not. , in addition to accounts with several references, the central characters obviously more developed than the others, only the central, secondary characters have their personalities not well built, after all the story is told from the point of view of the protagonist Clavis Shepherd. John Paul himself could exclaim more because he was doing it, showing clear and convincing ideas to the plot, it bothered me a little.The film is not ashamed to show the war as she it is in endless brutality.

Well, that's all I can think of right now. Your review is meaningless and does not consistently cover what it really is, makes me think that you do not know what you're talking about ... the original won the "Nihon SF Taisho Award"
Does not that mean anything?

Well, this was all my opinion, but going out calling something garbage or anything without trying to understand what it is about seeing both the qualities or the defects is something very ugly.
Ryoota Feb 1, 3:56 AM
Hello, I saw your "Review" by Gyakusatsu Kikan and simply your comment does not make the slightest sense, it seems that you took it from somewhere or did not understand the movie.
AngelHana Jan 22, 6:06 AM
your most welcome. Sorry for the late deliveries >.<"
AngelHana Jan 22, 5:34 AM

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