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Hataraku Saibou (TV)
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Zip_Zip 6 hours ago
Yeah! I do.

Jokes aside, playing piano is not that big of a deal, it's an easy instrument compared to let's say violin for example.
Do you play any instruments or if not is there an instrument you would love to play?

Glad you like some of those I presented, Don't worry we can't have 100% the same taste. That would be very boring wouldn't you agree?
Dragonforce on Guitar Hero? I don't know, I only played the second one and can't remember it on the song list.

Electro, well it's not usually what I listen to but I'm pretty open about anything, I will give it a shot.

Beethoven: Yeah, I also like this kind of style, It's good music. Beethoven pieces have vibrant kind of energy to them, full of emotions.
NF: Not my cup of the tea but it's decent enough for me.
Aviators: Good song, I like the lyrics of this one!
Bodyrex (Electro): It's alright.
Play (Electro): This one is hot, I like it much more. Thanks for the suggestion~
Oomph: Bombastic!
Woodkid: I like his voice.
miss A: Interesting choice,
Argentinian song: 10/10, dun dun dun from 1970 but still very sweet~

Link is very feminine/ androgynous (typical elfy character), except for those HYAH sound he makes lol
Im afraid I just played Ocarina of Time but I wanted to play Zelda: Twilight Princess and Majoras Mask and Breath of the Wild someday.
Any videogame waifu? I dont know what games you played, that would help to decide which waifus to include.
Let's see....

Aigis from Persona 3, cute robot

Little Busters: Rin (Visual Novel, cute cat loving girl)

I could probably list a ton of waifus I find attractive/cute.

I' dont know if im into furrys, I mean I have Nanachi in my favorites for obvious reasons but hmm
I think Gardevoir is really really cute, is that already considered "into furrys"? I dont like pictures with to much sexual content behind them, like Gardevoir with big tits...I like the pics more kawaii~

Renamon was the favorite of some people I knew back then when the anime aired, I was always more a fan of Lillymon lol

I'm not pretentious and say what's right or wrong.
Furrys, Maids, Robots, Hentai, Yuri, Yaoi, Cat girls, Meganekko, Lolis or the almighty Tsundere.
Hell, I have a female Insect in my favorites that pretends to be a kawaii maid lol can't get worse than this.

Games as a kid? I guess Pokemon was the number 1, all my childhood friends played it starting from Gen1 to Gen3, (I played all Gens by now)
Marios Games, Banjo Tooie, Crash Bandicoot, Super Smash maybe I can think of more....What about you?

He is a gentleman after all lol
Cosmos Mar 15, 8:07 PM
ThousandBirds_ Mar 15, 12:57 PM
Don't lewd the loli dragon
Zip_Zip Mar 15, 7:04 AM
1.These are some troubling examples, especially the 3. one. We are quick to judge and if someone doesnt share our opinion hes automatically wrong..
Yeah I think many even those preach that every life is sacred (lefties) would take a chance like that and cleanse the earth of the people they despise..

3. "In times of war, every hole works as a trench" LOL that sounds desperate haha
Alright, I will. If I find something incredible I can share it with you.
4. Thats troubling....They don't know when to quit and make the country bleed for their greed.

Yeah...Well, for research purpose only, my friend. I only had the purest Thing in mind nothing more. And to buy a little Weed.

Haha yeah, Resident Evil as kid isn't easy
Oh shit yeah I remember that part, there was something on a pillar? close by and I didn't know how to grab that thing. (At the end part of the ship in the Shadow temple)
I didn't had a favorite dungeon but I always liked the scenes and the songs with Zelda in disguise. I already liked traps before I knew what traps are huh?

I see okay, I never had the chance to play it :/

That Shallchair xD
Truly magnificent Ainz-Sama I read that in Demigurges Voice lol
Read the LN, combing Berserk and Overlord nice! Gotta read it.

gigaparsec Mar 14, 9:56 PM
Tu preguntaste sobre hacerlo en clase xD Eso se me hace peor jajajaja

Y no, no la conozco
gigaparsec Mar 14, 9:24 PM
Ah, es verdad, también existia esa xD

Pero me referia a esta:

Es una muy antigua que pasaban en un canal educativo. Se me hizo muy similar en el hecho que los protagonistas son los globulos rojos xD. El anime que te menciono se llama Hataraku Saibou.
gigaparsec Mar 14, 8:39 PM

Pues además de Boku no Hero, la verdad es que no. Pero vi que en la temporada de verano saldra uno que es como personificacion de celulas del cuerpo humano y ese si ve interesante xD mas porque me recuerda mucho a una caricatura que veia de niño.
Zip_Zip Mar 14, 4:06 PM

gigaparsec Mar 14, 3:08 PM
Solo en Normal, no estoy tan enfermo xD aunque hubo algunos que no complete y la verdad llevo tiempo sin jugar. Mis favoritos son el 8 (el primero que jugue) y el 11.
gigaparsec Mar 14, 10:46 AM
De Star Wars :) porque el Halcon Milenario es conocido por "haber recorrido el Corredor de Kessel en menos de 12 parsecs", aunque usaron mal el término porque el parsec es una unidad de distancia y no de tiempo xD.

Me fascinan los temas del espacio y de la infinidad del universo asi que por eso me puse gigaparsec, que son unos 3 mil millones de años luz.

Además mi waifu de Touhou se llama Parsee asi que crei que quedaba perfecto :B (aunque no tenga nada que ver jaja)

Esa imagen del muro si me hizo reir xD
gigaparsec Mar 13, 9:17 PM
Bueno, en el caso de un doblaje en acento argentino se tendría que rehacer toda la película; pero los modismos que te mencionaba solo son durante algunas escenas o dialogos, o solo a algun personaje le dan cierto acento, por lo que el resto del doblaje es lo mismo. Ya que mostraste el ejemplo de Los Increibles:

A veces son los actores los que se quieren divertir con su trabajo y hacen eso xD como el caso de James de Pokemon. Ese actor siempre hace chistes donde puede.
gigaparsec Mar 13, 8:20 PM
A Vedito lo conocí con sus animaciones de "Cuadradito y circulito" pero honestamente le perdí el rastro a sus videos. Lo menciono porque con él escuche por primera vez el acento cordobes xD. Un youtuber argentino que me gusta mucho es Marito Baracus.

Los nombres me suenan :o pero nunca habia visto esos videos jaja. Y los doblajes mexicanos casi siempre incluyen el acento o modismos xD es normal. Incluso muchas peliculas de animacion, sobre todo de Disney, tienen version neutra y version mexicana.
Fuchsia Mar 13, 7:39 PM
You've awakened the beast, i'm the undisputed king of recommendations.

Ravages of time, Gunnm, Ubel blatt, Dorohedoro, Aoi Haru, Happiness (unironically), Basilisk, Afterschool war activities, Onanie Master Kurosawa, Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhou etc etc
gigaparsec Mar 13, 7:31 PM
Que voz tan sensual (no homo) xD

De hecho casi no se te nota acento. Solo era una pregunta random por el thread de ponerte un comment en el perfil :B

El cordobes se me hace muy gracioso (culpo a Vedito xD)
gigaparsec Mar 13, 7:23 PM
Tenés acento porteño o cordobés? xd