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Club Discussion
Voice Actor/Actress Challenge ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
riho88riho - Mar 24, 2016
272 replies by julesliana »»
37 minutes ago
Sticky: 🏆 Challenges Turn-Ins (v.2) ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
SheyCroix - Aug 18, 2019
4,554 replies by RainBlu89 »»
2 hours ago
Sticky: ❌ Invalid Entries ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
riho88riho - Sep 14, 2016
3,454 replies by MegaManBK7 »»
3 hours ago
Sticky: 🍰 Member Birthdays ( 1 2 3 4 5 )
Kreyul - Jan 1, 2018
202 replies by julesliana »»
3 hours ago
Shiritori Challenge ( 1 2 3 4 )
riho88riho - Apr 17, 2018
159 replies by Helvian494743 »»
6 hours ago

Club Comments
TheFlyingOrange | Sep 14, 2:03 PM
No, but one has been suggested by Wyvern in the suggestions forum.

TempestoGod | Sep 14, 12:54 PM
Just curious, is there a Doraemon challenge?

SheyCroix | Sep 10, 4:07 PM


Hello everyone~

Our friends at the 🍂 Yggdrasil's House of Anime & Manga 🍂 are celebrating 50 rounds of one of their special events:
the Anime Roulette.

In order to make the celebration that much bigger, we have joined hands~
Hopefully that will make it more fun!

The idea is simple: we will reward our members for joining and completing their event, which is something similar to a secret santa.

If you are interested, please check more info on their thread here.

UnwantedLoli | Sep 8, 7:11 PM
@SheyCroix oh thank you! I didn't notice it there lol

SheyCroix | Sep 8, 6:27 PM
Heya @UnwantedLoli, have you read our New Member's Guide ?

In there we try to answer that and a couple of other questions. If you still need help, please don't hesitate to mention me on the Queries thread to help you out~

UnwantedLoli | Sep 7, 1:11 PM
The Completion Rewards require points, how do you get points? By completing challenges?

SheyCroix | Aug 22, 5:21 PM

✨ The Alpha-Seasonal Special Challenge has been released!

✨ The Shinichiro Watanabe Collection has been upgraded to a challenge.

✨ The Recommendation Challenge got something of an important update.

— we have removed the rule of watching the first anime recommended, instead you can now watch any anime so long it appears recommended (by someone other than you, just in case)

— your starting anime should be a completed one (previously airing was allowed); if you started your challenge already with an airing title, contact Imyreld
💮 Make sure to check the updates log or join our discord for our updates and announcements. 💮

SheyCroix | Aug 20, 4:59 PM

Hey everyone~

We are currently celebrating a couple of big things! We have:

The 50 monthiversary of our, well, monthly challenges xD
The 3rd anniversary of the public release of our HoF
and 100 rounds of the HiScore challenge !

To celebrate them, I'm holding several giveaways on our discord server, so come and join us~

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