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Hey guys~ It's me! HimeCrycho!

Hey guys~ It's me! HimeCrycho!

I watch all kinds of anime. You are likely to see some random obscure anime on my profile because I watch a lot of things for challenges. I really like a mixed bag of things. The only thing I really couldn't care less for is avant garbage :P very rare exceptions to that one. For other hobbies outside of anime, I like to try out new recipes. Nothing like some yummy food to go with your anime, am I right? xD

Places you can find me:
Youtube- Randommirokulover

2024 Goals
[ ] Declutter my closets
[ ] Win a race
[ ] Finish at least 3 games I've neglected
[ ] Finish watching Bleach
[x] Fix up the office

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Port of Wormy
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Sayonara Rose Garden
Sep 5, 2023 8:10 PM
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Klicksey Yesterday, 1:53 PM
btw btw,do you have discord? if you ever need any more hard to find animes you could dm me there 💀
Klicksey Yesterday, 1:50 PM
Np! 😭
Klicksey Yesterday, 1:49 PM
its on Nyaa just search up "Gridman Universe" ,just found it also i think it has subs
Klicksey Yesterday, 1:46 PM
Got it raw off some torrent website cant remember which one 😭😭 ,imma try to find it again and send you the link if you wanna
Kingofglory77 Feb 18, 2:36 PM
Yeah im hoping so. Who was your fav character
Johan Feb 17, 12:21 AM
LOL go to sleep xD.

But ya glad you're enjoying it ! I appreciate the company.!
Kingofglory77 Feb 14, 8:16 PM
Hey, i saw wotakoi in your favs and that is one of my fav romance anime. I wish it would have gotten a season 2
Johan Feb 2, 8:00 PM
LOL i couldnt stand Drew at first, but ive grown to accept him. The one I really can't stand is Harley, he's so insufferable, I highkey want to punch him in the face, even though he's fictional :| LOL. But yeah May's a good girl, and Torchic is my favourite Pokémon actually, ive always kinda wondered how that correlates with my love for May, is it like, May buoyed my love for Torchic, or vice-versa? Either way, yeah its not too surprising they're heavily correlated for me.

Re: Kwan he's one of my closest friends on here. We been rolling together for years. We still to this day watch series together. In fact, i'm probably the only way he's going to watch real shows lol. Otherwise he's 100% shorts. Yeah he's a good guy and I talk to him daily. I havn't updated that section in a while actually, I kinda made it cause i just got so frustrated and annoyed with all the fake/fraudulant accounts. (Coolest1234D) you know, amongst others lol. Like, to me, its about being human. You can argue its just cartoons, which is a fair point, but my counter point is if you have to lie about the cartoons you've watched, what else can/will you lie about? So I really do have disdain for many of these people. Like I'm prideful, and I got to my numbers legitimately, and I've put in a lot of work over the years, but there are people like Pinapples, Kwan, Lanblade amongst others who put in disproportionately even more effort than I have, so to me its just disrespectful to everyone who is legitimate. Thats just me, I don't like to see people gaining clout or attention for illegitimate nonsense, I'm pretty passionate about that. Regardless, Kwan, and I are working on a project somewhat regarding this actually, so I won't speak for now until its done lol.

As for Conan / One Piece , look, my name is Jimmykudo3000, like thats my name since i Joined the internet, Yes, derived from Detective Conan lol. It was my first AIM username back in 2003. I also am hyper completionist, and look i do like DC, its a good show, the episodic nature works for it since its mostly just episodic mysteries, with the overarching plot of the Black Organisation, etc. That being said, I made a list of about 50 , what i consider to be excellent / masterpiece level shows you can watch for 1,100 eps (the # of eps Conan and OP are). I would NEVER recommend these long running shounen to anyone. I will always advise take that 1000 eps and disperse it. Will you love every single solitary one of the 40 or 50 i picked out, ofc not thats impossible. But even if its only 20% of them that you love, its like would you rather watch 10 masterpieces of invest 1,100 eps of time into something like OP/DC.

As for Bleach this bet still gives me PTSD. February 2017. Superbowl. Patriots/Falcons. My buddy is a massive shounen fan, and iirc thats right around the time bleach mangaended, and he had been bugging me for years to watch it. I had seen some eps here and there, and the super formulaic, filler-laden shounen were never really my thing. Its too repetitive. Bleach specifically is like every single epsidoe just goes from one fight to the next. Which look i like action, but not at the total expense and degredation of world building, character development, etc. Even Naruto did better than this. So i was always against bleach so the bet was that if the Falcons win, I get $100, and if the Patriots win I had to watch all of bleach, with my friend. Well idk if you follow Am. Sports at all but yeah, Falcons were winning 28-3 and then threw it away. I think i was more mad about having to watch bleach than missing out on the free 100$ . lol

Also, my discord is enfumu, if you're on there and wanna add me.
Johan Jan 30, 2:51 PM
At least Pokémon Advanced has May :O. But yeah pokémon in general is so formulaic and mind numbing. I guess part of my long-term-ish goals, is to finish catalouging MAL's entire DB, i want to clean up my on/hold and watching lists, some stuff there that's been marinating for many years, and yeah also to finish catching up to current on the Pokémon franchise lol. I caught up current to Conan last year finally, which was nice, Dragon Ball i just caught up to recently, so i guess that leaves Pokémon and Digimon left, which i started some yrs back. Other than that, yeah just keep moving a long. I'm a "shorts" monger so i try to watch all of the shorts too, so i mean as I catalogue the DB, i usually watch all the shorts as I go.

I wasted 512,000 seconds of my life on Bleach all because i lost a bet LOL. It's a rough one.
Johan Jan 29, 6:55 PM
>finish watching bleach

Good luck lol
SheyCroix Jan 14, 5:53 AM

save and rehost
or just use the image link

congrats on achieving those points~
(if you have other rewards requested and pending, give us time to get there)

SheyCroix Jan 13, 6:38 PM

save and rehost
or just use the image link

congrats on achieving those points~
(if you have other rewards requested and pending, give us time to get there)

CsillaLoli Jan 11, 7:18 AM

Apologies for the delay!! Let me know if there's an issue with your card(s).
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Naturdays Jan 8, 1:36 AM
Thank you again for the wonderful present of anime recommendations i really appreciate it, and hopefully we can chat sometime about manga/anime sometime!!!
SheyCroix Jan 7, 5:50 PM
uwu they are! ♥
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