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  • Treat others as you'd like to be treated ― Do not insult, bash, harass, etc. other members of MAL (not just this club) about their watching or lack of challenge. We all have to start somewhere, and some never finish, but it's the effort and thought that count.
  • Be patient and respectful ― Managing the club, lists, images, etc. is a lot of work and we will need time to create, as well as update different sections of the club. If you don't hear back from a staff member within a week, it's fine to follow-up, but don't be disrespectful about it, please. You can also contact the any other staff members for urgent assistance.
  • Your Lists ― We suggest you keep track of your challenge lists using your Blog function on MAL (it's how some of the member was/am doing it, even before this club). However, if you would rather just post in the challenge threads and edit/update your post as you complete different series, that is also perfectly acceptable.
  • Comments / Suggestions ― There is a thread for any/all comments and suggestions related to the challenges. We ask that you don't post comments or suggestions in the challenge threads for the simple reason that most people want to use their posts in those threads to keep track of their progress, not reading unrelated posts just to get to their lists.

As of June 6th, 2016, it is required that you keep track of your anime watching through MAL with your Anime History set to public. Please make sure you're adding each episode as you watch it (as much and/or often as possible).

There have been multiple issues where it appears questionable whether a member really watched a series or if they're just adding it to their list to complete a challenge. This club is based on each individual member having integrity and being trustworthy, but that belief does not have any "proof" to back it up besides MAL's Anime History record. When verifying that someone has completed a challenge, the anime history is the only proof that member has. If their "proof" is questionable (such as 15 episodes all being added within the same minute and then 30 minutes later marking the series as complete when it has 26 episodes, for example) it's hard to feel the member has actually earned the badge/points the challenge would reward. This new "rule" will probably not be liked and we do apologize that it's becoming a requirement. However, should one person be allowed to "abuse" the trust the club has put in them, it's unfair and rude to those other members that actually tried, stuck to the rules, and worked hard to earn the badges/points rewarded.

Violations will be handled as followed:
  • 1ST VIOLATION ― WARNING: A private message will be sent to the individual in doubt. They will be allowed to explain and/or clarify the possible misunderstanding. Should they have no valid excuse for the violation, any points/badges in question will be officially denied to the member. They will be allowed to "re-attempt" the challenge(s) to properly earn the badges/points.

  • 2ND VIOLATION ― TEMPORARILY BANNED FROM THE CLUB: A private message will be sent to the member notifying them of the temporarily banning. Anything watched during their ban cannot be applied to any challenges, assuming they rejoin or stay in club after the banning has been lifted. Depending on how large a violation will influence the length of time for the ban.

  • 3RD VIOLATION ― PERMANENT BAN: If a member cannot be honest or faithful and clearly lacks integrity, they are not welcomed in this club. By the 3rd offense they've had plenty of time to change, fix, and/or adjust their watching and tracking habits. If, after the perm. ban they still want to redeem themselves, they have to first change their habits of recording their anime watching then appeal in a PM'd to @riho88riho about how they've changed and would like to be allowed back in the club.
Certain "situations" will be allowed for such as marathoning and forgetting to update for every episode. Also, it's understandable that there might be times where you cannot update and do so a bit later. The "problem" is when this is done repetitively to the point of creating doubt which is why the first warning allows for an explanation, but doing this over and over is unusual and will be considered as the member ignoring the club rule/warning.

  • Unless the challenge specifically states otherwise, the time and order you completed the series that might meet the criteria does not matter.
  • Series can overlap from challenges to challenges, so unless stated otherwise by the specific challenge, the series can be counted for both (or more) challenges.
  • Series that are airing and/or hasn't aired may, or may not be listed; they will be added to the list, eventually (usually after they have finished airing, but you can add them to your lists beforehand if you wish to do so.
  • If you complete a challenge with an airing and/or not yet aired series, it is still considered complete as of that day; you may complete the airing/not yet aired series eventually and have the new date added/updated.
  • As of April 28, 2017, please post all turn-ins finished in a period of 24 hours in the same post. This is to make the inspections more efficient.
  • Please only include the upgrade part if you are actually turning in an upgraded entry. This is to avoid confusion.
  • You may use previously seen anime for a requirement if the following conditions are met: You have less than 3 unrelated English translated series to choose from. This means that the three series are independent of each other - as in they're not related to each other (via sequel, prequel, etc). So if you have the options of Gintama, Bleach, and Dragon Ball Z, you'd still need to watch one. Although DBZ is a sequel, it is not related to the other two options. If you feel you have a special case or any confusion, please ask staff for assistance.

  • Before starting a challenge for a second time, you have to complete all previous difficulties (Easy, Medium, Hard, and if applicable Conquered) once.
  • Your second attempted has to be in a new post, with new entries and you must not add anything to your first try (previous post) after completion.
  • You can only do challenges for rewards twice, completing any challenge/difficulty for a third+ time will not reward any points and/or extra badges unless stated other wise in the challenge.
  • If you're already in the process of working on the challenge a second time through but have not completed all previous difficulties, you can "reassign" or "breakup" the difficulty into the smaller ones.
    • For example, if you finished conquered a second time but hadn't completed the other difficulties the first time, you can take the 40 entries from the conquered and divide them up into 30 for hard and 10 for easy, leaving only medium you still have to do before working on the x2 challenge.
  • Only Conquered will be requestable even at x2 stage. The Easy, Medium, and Hard x2 challenges will be the existing series for those badges with just flashing/alternating between images.
  • Any challenges that would require re-watching a series in order to complete do not qualify for the x2 badges.
    • Including, but not limited to: Anime-Theme Challenges, Movie-Series Challenge, Collections, etc.

  • List of 2x Challenges can be found here

  • Mastery is given only to those that have completed every possible difficulty available for the specific challenges allowed; this includes (but not limited to):
    • Easy, Medium, Hard, Conquered (x1)
    • Easy, Medium, Hard, Conquered (x2)
    • Easy, Medium, Hard, Conquered (x3 and so on)
    • Mastery Difficulty (if the challenge has one)
  • Some may even go through x3, so please make sure you're checking the individual challenge thread for requirements (these may also be updated as more material is released)
  • Because of the sheer volume this will require you to watch (usually greater than the Ultimate challenge), the mastery status has been created to give you one of the following:
    • Customized GIF Badge (same size as normal challenge-completion badges)

    • Customized GIF Card (average card size)
  • These will only be customized to include your username.
  • Please make sure to follow the proper procedure to request your badge/card. Unlike with normal Conquered difficulty, these should be requested in the Completion Rewards thread. You will be required to link to each/all of the difficulties you completed for the challenge.
  • Be aware that this status does not grant additional points unless that specific challenge states otherwise
  • Normal x2 Challenge rules apply and must be followed.
  • Mastery Difficulty: this is like an extra stage to make sure the full scope of the challenge is realized. This is not always available as some challenges just have a Mastery reward, not an actual difficulty. The extra difficulty requires you to watch a certain extra amount of series/requirements (varies depending on the original challenge).
    [i]For exmaple: Sunrise challenge requires you to watch Easy - Conquered x1 and then Easy- Conquered x2 after the completion of all 8 difficulties, the mastery badge/card is rewarded with no additional requirements. However, the Production I.G. challenge requires you to watch Easy - Conqered x1 and then complete the Mastery Difficulty which is an extra 80 series. Only after the 5 challenges are completed will you be rewarded the Mastery badge/card.
    • List of Mastery Challenges can be found here

Collections are basically mini-challenges, or challenges targeted at completing everything related to a specific series. While these aren't as hard or intense as normal challenges, they are still time consuming and definitely not as easy you would expect them to be. As such, there are completion buttons which are half the size of a normal button to further indicate that it is a collection, and not a full on challenge.
  • Previously completed series automatically count towards the collection completion.
  • You may choose to set a personal goal of re-watching in order for the series to count, but this is not required.
  • There is no start date — end date is basically when everything has been watched.
  • To qualify as a collection, the following conditions must be met:
    • One of the follwoing:
      ★ 10 or more Entries/Series
      ★ 150 or more Episodes and 5 or more Entries
      ★ .75 Points minimum and 5 or more Entries
      ★ 1 Point minimum and 3 or more Entries
    • All the series must be complete and there should have a low chance of new additional series being made/added.
    • The series have to actually be related either as spin-offs, sequels, alternative versions, etc. (they can't just share a similar name)
  • Since a series must be complete or have a low chance of new extras, some obvious collections will not be listed for a while. However, if it's possible to have a split or stopped point (such as old Sailor Moon and discounting anything new or coming out) a collection can and/or will be made.
  • Due to English-availability, there might be some collections with bonus material. These are series and/or extras that we personally couldn't find subs and/or dubs for easily but they're still listed for if you can find them and want to count them. Please not, bonus material is not required.
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  • Do our lists have to look like the club's with the s and the s?
    No, they do not. As long as the content (the lists themselves) are the same, you're free to add your own creative twist to the layout. Examples would be using the strike through option, not listing the anime until it's completed, coloring coding, etc.

  • If we want to use the club's challenge layout, how do we get the coding?
    All the Challenges/Collection sign-up codes can be fond here. If it has not been created by a staff member, if you select 'Quote' for the post with the list(s), you would only need to copy and paste everything, then maintain and update it as you keep track. You might want to remove the [quote]s from the beginning and end, but as long as you know how to change colors [color=red](for red, obviously) and [color=green](for green) you don't really have to use the s and s.

  • If we already completed a series/movie/etc. before signing up for a challenge, does it still count?
    Depends on the challenge. For almost all of the challenges, yes, it still counts. Unless the challenge specifically states that only anime completed after a certain date counts, then previously completed anime are not accepted. For example, challenge that a previously completed anime wouldn't count: Movie-Per-Day Challenge.

  • Can I add extra criteria to make the challenge harder?
    Here, it's all about testing your anime watching skills: push to the limits, or above if you think you can. As long as it doesn't clash with the challenge, e.g. Adding unrelated series (Pokemon) to a challenge that aims at a particular series (Naruto).

    Examples of acceptable extra criteria:
    • Start date ― because I want to start the challenge I'm doing afresh, I will not use any anime I watched before the date that specified I started.
    • Re-watching ― does or does not count (for this challenge, only the anime I re-watch can be counted or for this challenge, I don't have to re-watch the anime that fits into the list to be counted)
    • Time period ― have to start/complete challenge/series within a specified time period

  • Aren't "collections" just rewarding people for finishing a long series? Isn't that a pretty extreme reward?
    Not really. It's really difficult to finish longer series, especially those over 100 episodes. And while that could be argued, the point is they watched everything that are related to the specific series. Meaning, these challengers didn't just watch a 150+ episode series, they also watched any/all sequels and the movies associated with it. While this is common for some, majority don't watch the extras usually (often people will watch the movies, but nothing extra unless they really loved the series). So not only is the watcher completing long series, they're also getting exposure to the extras (OVAs, Movies, ONAs, Specials, etc.).

    Please note, the button is only half a challenge button size because this isn't as hard as watching a full challenge (depending on the challenge in comparison).

  • There's a part of a challenge that just isn't possible to finish... what do I do?
    Please report it to a staff member. We have tried to go through and personally verify the challenges are achievable ― but we're human and there will be mistakes. If the part/section you refer to is able to be completed, we can try to give you advice on where/how to find a series that'd fill that requirement. Worst case scenario, we will update the challenge by either modifying the requirement and/or removing the requirement altogether.

  • What's the time limit for the challenges? I know the Movie-Per-Day Challenge has certain limits, but the rest?
    We've left that up to the user. You can set a limit, if you desire, but we also left it open for those that want to work on it over time and not feel pressured. As of right now, only the XXX-Per-Day Challenges has an actual time limit (and technically that's set by the user for when they want to start it and thus end).

  • "Watch an ONA in the top 20 ONAs" How exactly do you get a list of the top 20?
    1. Select "Anime Search"
    2. Select "+ Advanced Search"
    3. Change "Type" to "ONA"
    4. Change "Genre Filter" to "Exclude genres selected"
    5. Select the "Hentai", "Yuri", and "Yaoi" genres (or only select one, but technically those four genres don't count since they're not "safe for all" genres)
    6. Select "Search"
    7. Once the results are shown, you should be able to select to sort in order of Rating ("Score")
    8. Pick something from the first 20 listed
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