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Jun 8, 2016 6:38 AM

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Can you collect all the pieces?

☠ E X P L A N A T I O N
What is a scavenger hunt? It is "a game in which individuals or teams are sent out to accumulate, without purchasing, a series of common, outlandish, or humorous objects, the winner being the person or team returning first with all the items." When looking at and reviewing anabnime series page, I realized there is a lot of extra information that you can't "search" for using the MAL search engine. This gave me the idea that you'd have to actually "search" through different anime to find the one needed for the requirements listed here. If you want to contribute a requirement, you can do so either commenting on the blog post or making a post in the suggestions/discussion thread.

Thus I came up with the idea that we could have our own scavenger hunt through the site of MAL and still keep with the watching challenges theme. However, I wanted a different type of badge for these hutns since they will be different from challenges and collections. After discussion with other members, pieces of a map were suggested (by SecretDinosaur I believe) which led to what we have now. Hope everyone likes and enjoys!

☠ R U L E S
  • Each individual hunt is worth .5 points with an extra .5 when completing an entire set. Meaning the total points available is...
    SH #1 - .5
    SH #2 - .5
    SH #3 - .5
    SH #4 - .5
    Full Set - .5
    TOTAL - 2.5

  • Your 'post' is your starting point (aka the date your post is made on); nothing you've seen before (completed or watching) can be used

  • One series per entry; cannot be used for more than one list item

  • There is no time frame but a new hunt will be posted once every two weeks (applies only if within two weeks there are at least 15 members completed)

  • Any type is acceptable but you must have at least 1 type with 10+ episodes

  • Your list cannot be EXACTLY the same as another user (first to turn in gets priority)

☠ P O S T I N G
Keep in mind: this is a challenge that requires you to hunt/search for the series that meet the requirements. Posting openly will expose your list/findings to other members. Thus you have two options:
  • ONE: Make a post in the hunt thread and keep track of your findings/watchings as you would normally knowing full well there is a high chance someone will "copy" you and use the same anime that you did. By posting you are giving up the right to complain if you do the work and someone else uses your entries.
    However there is one rule to those that are posting - you cannot use any anime the user who posted before you used (meaning, if user post #1 watches Naruto, post #2 cannot use Naruto even if post #2 listed Naruto "first" - the order of posting will take priority)

  • TWO: Keep your post in your personal blog. Some do this already but the reasoning this time is because it's far less likely that someone will find/see the series you've discovered and thus "copying" is kept to a minimum. You're more than welcome to make a post in the hunt thread stating your participating but using blog, but that is not required. You can also set your blog to friends only or private - if you do, you will either need to friend me (Riho88riho) or make the blog public when you turn-in the hunt.

☠ B A D G E S
The reward badge is going to be a square "map" piece that all fit together to make a full image of a character or series. There are "still searching" piece images that will be displayed for user use as they're working on the hunt and to show they're still missing pieces of the hunt.

    These map pieces are the same height as the original/normal badges, meaning you can put them in the same line together (or same grouping) without worrying about it looking "weird" or getting everything out of shape/order.

Series/characters selected will be based on two things:
1. "Treasure" in the image with the character(s)
2. Characters dressed as pirates
3. Winner's choice from Discord games New!

As long as the image has one or both of these things, it can be used for future hunts. If you have one you really want to see/recommend you can post a link to the image in the Suggestions / Discussion thread for the scavenger hunts. More people that repond and "second" that choice, the faster it'll get moved to the top of the list for image to be used next.


☠ A V A I L A B L E ☠ H U N T S

"Treasure" Set - SH #01 || SH #02 || SH #03 || SH #04

"Thief" Set - SH #05 || SH#06 || SH #07 || SH #08

"Ferry" Set - SH #09 || SH #10 || SH #11 || SH#12

"Myth" Set - SH #13 || SH #14 || SH #15 || SH #16

"Space Pilot" Set - SH #17 || SH #18 || SH #19 || SH #20

"Wanted" Set - SH #21 || SH #22 || SH #23 || SH #24

"Butterfly" Set - SH #25 || SH #26 || SH #27 || SH #28
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