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Felix-san Yesterday, 8:18 PM
I will say it in Spanish because is the only way to show my indignation

DIOS MIO esa m***** de sitio no volvió a la normalidad
¿Cómo estás?
santacruz1912 May 23, 10:43 PM
Hola un gusto
gracias por aceptar espero que nos llevemos bien :)
estta May 22, 5:19 AM
Oh wow nice job .o.
I would've never have guessed lol
estta May 21, 1:22 AM
You're welcome :)
I see haha^^;
And I have no idea sorry, I just know that I got the render from here.
But other than that I have no idea, sorry
estta May 20, 1:14 AM

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Marsune May 20, 12:09 AM
Gracias a ti, me alegra que te haya gustado contando con los puntos negativos
Yo creo que poco a poco va evolucionando
A mi me gusta mucho realmente y mi personaje favorito es Tokoyami (el cuervo xD)
THEAnimeHERO May 17, 8:25 AM
You're welcome. Devilman Saga took a long break before more scans came out. Japan has 7 volumes out and last eng scans I read nearly finished vol 3.
THEAnimeHERO May 17, 5:57 AM
Xellos! :)
tanis01 Apr 16, 9:54 AM
Pues pede ser ambos, por ejemp,o en death note tiene tanto escritor como dibujantes

Pero igual cuenta si tiene dos que hacen la historia, por ejemplo:

Estoy seguro que alguna ves vi un manga con 2 escritores y un dibujante (3 estaban involucrados en el manga) pero no lo encuentro, igual asi contaria

SheyCroix Apr 16, 2:43 AM
Feliz Cumple!
MrVestacus Apr 12, 8:18 AM

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Mikochondria Mar 3, 3:08 AM
I ended up finishing Homunculus. Overall it was... okay-ish. I felt quite a few things about it was overrated. The art wasn't THAT good, it was preachy rather than thoughtful, the psychological aspects were mediocre, but that might just be me not liking amateur-ish/outdated psychology in manga, and the entire manga felt like a wait for a pay-off that never came as well as a lot of things just making me raise my eyebrow and go 'really?'.

Still, I liked the 2 main characters (to some extent, our lead certainly wasn't likeable as a person) and when the manga didn't try to have a message and just was about characters interacting with each other I liked it, and it made up for the things I didn't like to some extent. And the art was still good, just not amazing.

Still I'm glad I read it, so thanks for the rec.
ShadowMonkey Feb 28, 6:34 AM
Ah yes, now this is my type of dementia. Thanks for dropping the recommendation, it'd probably be a while before I'd remember to watch it haha.
ShadowMonkey Feb 27, 1:16 AM
Oh, thanks! I've heard about it but never got to watching it. Gonna check it out today.

It's not like I disliked Tenshi no Tamago, I was just waiting for something Interesting to happen but it never really did.
Revenga Feb 26, 6:30 PM
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