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I'm a simple man with simple things who only likes one thing and one thing only "BIKINI ARMOR" hence i compiled a comprehensive list of old retro anime and new modern anime that prominently feature what i like to perfectly describe as "BIKINI ARMOR".

I'm a simple man with simple things who only likes one thing and one thing only "BIKINI ARMOR" hence i compiled a comprehensive list of old retro anime and new modern anime that prominently feature what i like to perfectly describe as "BIKINI ARMOR".

I'm a simple man with simple things who only likes one thing and one thing only "BIKINI ARMOR" this isn't about beach episodes but full fledged scantily clad mature adult women fighting in provocatively revealing and skimpily risqué bikini battle armor within a high fantasy setting thus i compiled a comprehensive list of old retro & new modern anime that feature "BIKINI ARMOR"

Bikini armor is a female-exclusive fantasy armor that only covers the breasts and pubic area and leaves the cleavage, midriff, thighs and legs exposed. first appeared in western comics like Conan and Red Sonja then adopted by master mangaka Osamu Tezuka Sensei in his masterpiece titled "Prime Rose". The bikini armor saw a huge boom from the mid 80's to mid 90's and declined sharply afterwards, nowadays the bikini armor is a staple in fantasy anime such as Queen's Blade and Bikini Warriors.

Usually worn by attractive female warriors to maximize exposure of body parts such as the cleavage, midriff, buttocks, hips, thighs, legs. The top part covering the breasts is either a bikini top or shaped much like a brassiere with metallic reinforcement. The bottom may be a bikini bottom, a thong, highleg or lowleg panties, pelvic curtains, tribal loincloths, open skirts, briefs, short shorts, hot pants, chaps, side faulds along with some accessories like blade sheaths, scabbards, holsters, helmets, hairbands, headdresses, crowns, tiaras, diadems, hats, forehead gems, forehead jewels, forehead protectors, capes, pauldrons, bracers, gloves, gauntlets, elbow pads, knee pads, shoulder pads, chokers, necklaces, ear rings, neck rings, jewelry rings, belly chains, body ribbons, stockings, piercings, tattoos, scars, belts, cuffs, bandages, masks, makeup, circlets, armlets, arm straps, armbands, bracelets, shin guards, thighlets, thigh straps, thigh bands, anklets, wrist guards, corsets, capelets, collars, garters, pasties, harness, arm & leg warmers, vambraces, codpieces, high heels, Greek sandals, boots and greaves.

Check out the HAEVEST webmanga by Daimaou K officially hosted on the Altneues website (it's named haevest not harvest) it's similar in the type of humor and action to Queen's Blade and Bikini Warriors by which i mean badass babes and warrior women fighting in bikini battle armor within a low/high fantasy setting also see Youhei Kozou's Spunky Knight, Osamu Tezuka's Prime Rose & Princess Minerva manga.

Bikini Warriors
Cream Lemon
Choujigen Densetsu Rall
Choujin Gakuen Gowcaizer
Dirty Pair
Dragon Half
Dream Hunter Rem
Elf 17
Genmu Senki Leda
Iron Virgin Jun
Jungle de Ikou
Kill la Kill
Kouryū Densetsu Villgust
Legend of Lemnear
Majuu Senshi Luna Varga
MAPS Densetsu no Samayoeru Seijin-tachi
Maris the Choujo
Megami Paradise
Mujigen Hunter Fandora
Nanatsu no Bitoku
New Dream Hunter Rem
Ozanari Dungeon
Princess Minerva
Queen's Blade
Rakushou Hyper Doll
Ryū Seiki
Sin Nanatsu No Taizai
Slayers Films & OVA
Time Slip Ichimannen Prime Rose
Tobira wo Akete
Voogie's Angel
Waza no Tabibito

Video Games
Age of Barbarian
Alisia Dragoon
Amazon's Running Diet
Athena/Full Throttle
Blades of Time
Blades of Vengence
Brandish Dark Revenant
Code of Princess
Conan Dark Axe
Chaos Breaker
Dark Awake
Dahna Megami Tanjo
Dead or Alive/Xtreme
Dragon's Crown
Dragon Knight
Dragon Quest 3/4
Eyra Crow Maiden
Faria World of Mystery & Danger
Guardian Legend
Golden Axe
Heavy Metal FAKK 2
Kill la Kill IF
Lollipop Chainsaw
Melfand Stories
Mugen Senshi Valis
Popful Mail
Princess Minerva
Rumble Roses/XX
Scarlet Blade
SNK Heroines
Tehra Dark Warrior
Tera Online
Time Gal
Trials of Mana
WaiWai World
Wing of Madoola
Xena Warrior Princess

Aeon Flux
Red Sonja
Power Girl
Dejah Thoris
Bikini Cowboy
Power Princess
Jungle Fantasy
Ghita of Alizarr
Wonder Woman
Aspen Matthews
Jungle Girl/Queen
Witch Eternity Comics
Lady Death/Demon/Hel
Witch of the Black Rose

Heavy Metal
Fire And Ice
Lady Death
Wonder Woman
Chainmail Bikini Squad

Popful Mail
Wing of Madoola
Mugen Senshi Valis
Pepsi We Will Rock You

Music Videos
ERA Infanati
Cheeky Girls
Katy Perry Roar
Kate Bush Babooshka
Spunky Afro Tiger Jet
Benni Benassi Satisfaction
Aqours KOKORO Magic A to Z
Was Not Was Walk The Dinosaur
Alex Gaudino Destination Calabria

Honorable Mentions
Prince of Persia Warrior Within Shahdee
Nier Replicant & Automata Kainé/A2
Darkstalkers Morrigan/Felicia
Street Fighter Cammy/Elena
Mortal Kombat Kitana
Ninja Gaiden Rachel
KUF II Spellsword
Toshinden Sofia
SoulCalibur Ivy
SNK Athena
Fran FF12

Momo Kyun Sword
Manyū Hikenchou
Sekai de Ichiban
Sengoku Otome
Senran Kagura
Valkyrie Drive
Samurai Girls
Space Cobra
Cutie Honey
Agent Aika

Top 13 Bikini Armor Characters

1. Leina / Elina / Claudette / Tomoe / Risty / Echidna / Aldra / Alleyne / Cattleya / Melpha / Irma / Nowa
2. Paladin / Fighter / Mage / Dark Elf / Hunter / Valkyrie / Kunoichi / Cleric / Black Knight / Nekomancer
3. Gracia Ul Naga "Naga the Serpent" Saillune
4. Emiya "Prime Rose" Tachi
5. Youko Asagiri / Yuuko Asou
6. Maris / Sue
7. Kahm / Mona
8. Lemnear / Vierra
9. Princess Minerva / Dynastar
10. Lipumira Gweiss / Dain
11. Phaia (Spunky Knight)
12. Moka / Mink / Yoni / Mii
13. Techni Depagaa / Jun Asuka

Top 13 Bikini Armor Manga

1. Haevest (Official & Free Webcomic on Altneues)
2. Prime Rose
3. Queen's Blade: Rurou no Senshi / Hide & Seek
4. Bikini Warriors
5. Slayers Special / Slayers Special
6. Capricorn / Outlanders
7. Legend of Lemnear
8. Dream Hunter Rem: Alternative / XX: Ao no Kikan Kishi
9. Spunky Knight / Extreme / XXX
10. Ozanari Dungeon / Naozari Dungeon
11. MAPS
12. Dragon Half
13. Waza no Tabibito / Iron Virgin Jun

Top 33 Bikini Armor Anime

1. Queen's Blade / Rebellion / Vanquished Queens / Grimoire / Unlimited
2. Bikini Warriors / Special / OVA
3. Time Slip Ichimannen: Prime Rose
4. Legend of Lemnear: Kyokuguro no Tsubasa Valkisas
5. Maris the Chojo
6. Genmu Senki Leda
7. Outlanders
8. New / Dream Hunter Rem / Yume no Kishitachi
9. Princess Minerva
10. MAPS / Densetsu no Samayoeru Seijin-tachi
11. Slayers Perfect / Special / Return / Great / Gorgeous / Excellent
12. SF Choujigen Densetsu Rall (Cream Lemon)
13. Nanatsu no Bitoku
14. Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai
15. Mujigen Hunter Fandora
16. Tobira wo Akete
17. Elf 17
18. Ozanari Dungeon: Kaze no Tou
19. Kouryuu Densetsu Villgust
20. Capricorn
21. Majuu Senshi Luna Varga
22. Dragon Half
23. Megami Paradise
24. Iron Virgin Jun
25. Rakushou Hyper Doll
26. Choujin Gakuen Gowcaizer
27. Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel
28. Jungle de Ikou
29. Kill La Kill
30. Waza no Tabibito
31. Momo Kyun Sword
32. Ryuu Seiki (Dragon Century)
33. Sengoku Otome: Momoiro Paradox


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I saw the Bikini Warriors I gave it 1/10 but I still got satifaction.
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They certainly were. When you watched anime back in those time periods, it was interesting to see how the shift and tone changed as the years progressed.
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Yea np, my fellow man of culture. And also great boing boing gif pict 👍

From which anime does that gif pict come from?
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