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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S
Sep 15, 12:16 PM
Watching 11/12 · Scored 2
Love Live! Superstar!!
Love Live! Superstar!!
Sep 13, 9:39 PM
Watching 7/12 · Scored 8
Sep 12, 9:52 PM
Watching 11/120 · Scored 8
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Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
3 hours ago
Reading 276/? · Scored 9
Hataraku Saibou
Hataraku Saibou
Sep 15, 10:44 AM
Reading 19/30 · Scored 8
Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super
Sep 15, 8:34 AM
Reading 56/? · Scored 9


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emperortopaz 4 hours ago
Glad I can be so helpful xD. Makes sense, I did notice that but go pruning useless parts xD. Right about having the Switch upgrade even if we don't have folders or more styles either yet xD. Speaking of games, I had never thought about the reason the P-Wing was called that (I just figured it was due to "Power") but it makes a lot more sense that the name comes from Patapata meaning the Japanese name for the Flying Koopa Troopas xD.

Great nickname and indeed for the senpai trio though I do tend to remember Alicia most xD. Right even if it is funny xD. Right for your type of girl, and thanks for the blog wishes as well xD. Glad it went well too, with no backpedaling xD. Awesome for Yuuna being great, glad you liked the story including the puppet show silliness (which is a reference to the first episode too xD), and awesome you enjoyed everything <3. Aye for Rain coming up, and true for Diana since I was planning to do her sometime next year so no worries xD. Fair that Yukarin only has two roles this season, that's still a lot for her these days (and boo Rika's terrible show indeed) but I understand wanting to hear her more xD. Though cool that she has a role in Naruto Shippuden which you recently watched with your mother so you still heard her quite a bit xD.
emperortopaz Sep 15, 11:58 AM
Aye, always happy to help support you xD. Figured you'd agree, and I see about that coming by default as thought it was for streaming purposes or something xD.

Figured you'd agree, and true that Aria sadly lacks meganekkos but has a nice kuudere and oneesan-type characters xD. Agreed for all the thievery and laziness on their part xD. Cool you felt the same, and indeed for Sumire being silly and fun xD.
emperortopaz Sep 15, 7:00 AM
Awesome then xD. No worries as even people who speak English as a first language are terrible with it, and you aren't dumb at all xD. Boo trolls indeed, but hopefully this channel will survive and the universe will allow people to like female asses more! Also I'm curious as to what you plan to do with the "stream room" chat as it sounds interesting xD.

True about being better than the mamocentric perverse girl, boo her though I'm not sure if the imouto is better than the anime "Aria" or not xD. True about all the eye issues but no worries, I blame the creators for having that be the solution to so many puzzles, and glad you liked the reference xD. Certainly, and nonsense as you aren't causing problems at all xD. And indeed for the Ren focus being great, wouldn't have expected her to be the "poor ojou" archetype, and agreed it's a shame people didn't vote for Sumire (or at least not enough for her to get positive votes xD)
Exosfeer Sep 14, 2:44 PM
Thank you for accepting my friend request, Cheers to a new awesome MAL-friendship♥♥♥!

emperortopaz Sep 14, 7:01 AM
Figured you'd lke hearing that xD. Right about it coming to mind, and that makes a lot more sense so thanks for explaining that xD. Thanks for understanding about my confusion then xD. Certainly, and go not opening it to strangers who come in and sink the ship so to speak xD.

Agreed though good point about the Love Live imouto in glasses xD. Agreed and it would make for a good Halloween one due to all the strange looking creatures maybe, and aye though not one that makes slow things go faster xD. Good point about both ojou shooting arrows even in Cure form, and great name and alien joke too xD.
emperortopaz Sep 13, 11:56 AM
Right about checking out and playing the demo a little xD. Aye as that's what came to mind first, and I suppose it makes sense that breaking the shield reduces defense (and let's hope Arceus doesn't learn about "Plate Break" xD). Fair that it's a local meme but go silliness and fitting the team too xD. Fair about being better in order as I thought that this was the "first" part so my bad xD.

Agreed, and boo the third poochie meaning the original meaning Aria too! I hope he plays that game too (same with Hoshi wo Miru Hito/Stargazer and Limbo of the Lost), and great point about the bottomless black hole that you can't escape from xD. Right about seeing it more recently than you xD. Hadn't thought about Erena and Madoka being like Nao and Reika as in a relationship between a girl with a huge family and an ojou, but great point about the copycats running deep in PreCure xD.
emperortopaz Sep 13, 7:00 AM
That I do, and go Ashley indeed and saw how hard 9-Volt is with his skateboard and yo-yo so poor classic gamer kid indeed! Cool and indeed, funny enough my Aegislash would also be reducing it's defenses but with Shell Smash instead xD. I hadn't heard about that but awesome about Dragonite being used for national pride and to mock separatists as that sounds funny xD. Certainly for the jokes xD. That's fair as I have the complete version so I could have started with that one, but indeed for getting Klink's missing family member right xD.

Boo both and great nicknames for both girls xD. Agreed! That I do and indeed for the Christmas milestone though I wonder what he's going to pick for #200 regardless xD. No worries as it's been a while for you while I saw it earlier this year, and great comparison to the earlier Smile which copied Yes 5 as seems TR is plagiarism of plagiarism sorta xD.
emperortopaz Sep 12, 11:58 AM
Makes sense, and fair that unlocks require using the whole cast and thus some characters being harder to use as a result (and true that they didn't want to make the popular girl gimmicky for her fans xD). Always glad to, and I hadn't heard about that but that is awesome and go Snorlax with Close Combat as that would be really cool xD. Awesome for memes though I'm not sure the Dragonite meme meaning is then! Great nickname for Hydreigon and German science is the strongest, great Chrono Trigger reference, and indeed for the Gen 1 real world references xD. Right and sadly that wasn't one of the options but you still got it right as Hagurumon is who I used xD (I like machine Digimon in addition to the insects xD).

I suppose that's true but that only makes it worse as it makes the self-inserted characters lack concentration and will always be where the action is! Agreed about that and agreed that TR, Hugtto, and KiraKira are all terrible shows so boo Bizarro World residents xD. Aye xD. Figured you'd like that idea, though fair that one per month would put #200 around Christmas and give more time to work on them xD. Aye for Minori and true for the plot being lame, it's even worse if you realize that I watched Yes 5 recently and Komachi had a similar plotline but at least Nuts (no Man- this time xD) gave constructive criticism!
emperortopaz Sep 12, 7:00 AM
Right about the awesome Steins;Gate joke too, I found that funny xD. At least you can "anchor" her then, but still boo making the meganekko hard to control! At least Ashley is great though, including both flight and shooting in any direction xD. Glad that I can be helpful as I'm always happy to support, and good point about the event Sableye as that might still count xD. I imagine that's because you're more familiar with Spanish culture while the others are harder xD (though I did think of Hydreigon for Germany due to the name, while Raichu's Pokédex mentions Indian elephants in certain games (Gastly's too, but I think you're only doing final evolutions) so maybe that could count for "India" xD). And speaking of -mon games, indeed about finally getting Cyber Sleuth and I imagine you can figure out which of the three my starter was xD.

Glad you liked that, and indeed for the similar vague girls doing whatever and using that to but into other girls' plots! That I did, go Healin' Good being great xD. Fair as I had to look it up to make sure, but I did recognize the VA and indeed about it explaining a lot about the TRUE hero xD. That's a relief, and glad you liked my reference to the video xD. Though I wonder if he'll put out two more videos before Halloween so that one will be #200 as both tend to be pretty big events xD.
emperortopaz Sep 11, 11:57 AM
Glad there's other things to do like unlocking stuff and awesome about all the microgames already xD. Awesome for Penny having giant glasses in her lab, but that sounds like a difficult way to move or at least one that you have to pay attention to work correctly (though hopefully she's not constantly shooting either xD). Thanks for that, have some more like having Saeko's "Ink" team having Octillery, Grapploct, and Kingdra due to learning Octazooka (Smeargle as well, plus brushes are used for calligraphy) or Nene having Golisopod and Samurott due to looking armor-like xD (and specifically like old Asian-based armor). Also Madoka can have a Durant due to their dream world ability being "Truant" and Komala due to it always counting as being asleep xD. Fair about having to remember that, and that's a good idea for Cecilia but sadly you can't do that with Karin's German team xD. Great wordplay pun there, true that those series are often terrible so "ten" meaning "heaven" is ironic xD.

Great way to describe Man-nuts who has a brain smaller than a walnut, and good point about how uninteresting she is as well as I hadn't thought about that but great comparison to Raki who was very similar! Right about Toei not being very smart and that showing, and great plan bringing back the mostly female cast of Healin' Good! Speaking of Toei it's funny how Nova the overconfident self-proclaimed hero is voiced by Bakugou's VA xD. Right as that makes the series seem even more ass-hating! I hadn't heard about that saying or at least I don't remember it but it is funny, but right about Greendog being a lame surfer game that deserves lava only xD.
emperortopaz Sep 11, 7:01 AM
Certainly and aye xD. Fair that the storyline is short, though fair that's not the TRUE ending but hope you'll still have fun playing the game more xD. No worries as I understand, figured it wouldn't change until later anyway and glad you liked my ideas xD. Awesome you added them, and I was curious why Yuuko had the USA team but teaching English makes sense (and a British team someone else already had xD). And indeed for the Megami Ryou show having 10 episodes adds to the fact that 10 episode anime are terrible xD.

That is certainly true, no wonder Man-Nuts gets so much attention as it wouldn't be inaccurate to call her the dumbest Cure so far xD. Speaking of Cures good point about Toei missing out on an obvious pun with TR getting Cure Rouge if Yes had been available, but that would be Toei being smart and as we've seen they're anything but (it's likely why they have problems writing characters smarter than their writers xD). Awesome then xD. Cool I had it right and glad that sounds so great too xD. Right as you can't forget the sexy part! That's a relief then xD.
Klefki_of_Awsome Sep 10, 1:11 PM
No Problem~!^^>
Yes, I did, I'm surprised you remember me saying that, haha~xD>
Well that's one more reason to look forward to them, I guess!>:D9

Legend Arceus is like if Genshin and Tekken had a child and it just happened to be a Pokémon game, lol~!xD>
emperortopaz Sep 10, 11:57 AM
That I did and great joke xD. Great joke there and awesome wordplay xD. Awesome getting the game, surprised you were able to beat it so quickly but great job and nice silly Wario god too xD. Indeed for the awesome Pokémon theme teams, and glad you liked my ideas but will wait until you get home to post them xD (and thought of Sayo and Eiko both having an Inteleon too). Fair about being on your phone at the moment as well xD.

Agreed! That explains a lot and why Blue Cures get shafted into doctor roles, man Sango and Asuka must both be geniuses xD. Glad you liked it since I was worried it was a while since their shows xD. Aye xD. Indeed for more fanservice though not separated like interlewds tend to be as well xD. Makes sense, go enjoying their powerful gases that you'd breathe and enjoy while the stench damages others xD. That makes more sense, boo Keijo confusing me and only thinking of asses as far as combat and not that they're sexy! That's a relief, and thanks for understanding about my bad eyes xD. Aye for my forgetfulness xD.
emperortopaz Sep 10, 7:00 AM
I never thought about it but I can completely understand that, great point about them being a random Western animation joke xD. Right and glad you liked my joke though that sounds even funnier about seashells being a slang for female genitalia in Argentina as now that makes me think of perverse jokes involving the attack xD. Agreed and fair that you'll have more time to play than with night dialysis xD. True that I don't have a lot to say but indeed for the spoilers xD. Cool about the movies being good for being stand-along too xD. Awesome about building teams based on traits of the harem members, I understand it getting hard as that's a lot of Pokémon you have to think of xD. For some that I thought of Eiko's "spy" team could have Pokémon with "Infiltrator" or ones that disguise themselves like Zoroark, don't forget about Rotom-Heat and Vanilluxe for Kotori's "cooking" team, Rumiko could use a Cinderace, I think Claydol could fit Ingrid's team (Silvally too if you want to include that since it's sorta-legendary), Platinum could probably have a Steelix and other long serpentine Pokémon, surprised that Yurika is lacking Aurorus since he was brought up but love the Gal & Dino reference, for Lili don't forget Gliscor, Ayako could use a Kecleon due to the shop in Mystery Dungeon games, and Shizuka could use a Conkeldurr, Sawk, and Torchic due to that one silly imagine spot in the anime xD. There's a lot more ideas that I have too, though I'm not sure your method to keep the same one from popping up on too many teams xD.

Awesome xD. I remember that terrible idea, and great joke about them eating too much and that causing dumb baby thoughts xD. Figured you'd agree as I know you like both girls, and poor Hime indeed! Aye and let's hope they don't pull a Bakemonogatari then, boo delaying the last few episodes as if this was an Actas series like Girls & Panzer or Long Riders xD. Aye xD. Right about the silly reference, and thanks xD.

Glad you enjoyed Tsubasa's blog, and fair that more fanservice would have been good as I understand xD. Fair that I could have had Tsubasa use her "Noise" against the noise and there wasn't any gassy pay-off, and that I was too preoccupied with her combat and not wanting to make it ass-focused since I was thinking you disliked when asses were used as weapons too much! Cool that the minor Noise attacks weren't too bad and cool for the review and story were good xD. Fair about my mistake about Tsubasa's eye color and indeed her's aren't as purple as Chris, nice way to describe my bad eyesight xD. And indeed for Yuuna next time too <3. Sorry if I forgot that Kuroyukihime and Cure Passion's blogs were good examples, I can't remember if you mentioned it but I probably blame my forgetfulness though!
emperortopaz Sep 8, 11:57 AM
Maybe it should have stayed a fossil but at least it's new life is better than the Galar fossils, and great comparison to Paras and your dislike of traps xD (no wonder Fire-type have so many "trapping" moves like Fire Spin and even one named "Shell Trap" xD). Agreed! Aye since silly mistakes are the best kind xD. Unfortunate, boo dialysis always getting in the way though maybe it'll be delivered early and you'll be able to play it Thursday or something xD. No worries as I understand, and no worries as it's not like this was a big spoiler as between advances in technology and movies having higher budgets (as well as the creator not having a breakdown) I could imagine that they were better even if the series should be watched to understand things further xD.

Glad you liked that joke xD. I don't get that either, I think people are just being picky with the series that are decent and making up things to reinforce their wrong ideas but sadly they just become more incorrect; granted I wouldn't have minded more Kirara storylines or Hime being treated better but notice that they actually had episodes about them and not having the Pink Cure inject herself into plotlines for no good reason! Fair about fitting her but hope she improves through Sumire's lessons, and agreed about joining for my sake xD. Great FFVI pun and agreed that only having that many episodes would suck though the delays and late start made me worried but fortunately it should be going into the next season xD. Thanks for understanding, and that is very fitting about Astolfo being pronounced as "garbage" and true both are French words xD. Agreed about that, and great Twins reference as I can believe that xD (though in this case Danny Devito is the one with the larger chest xD).