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Amanchu! Advance
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Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa
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Super Mario-kun
Super Mario-kun
Aug 5, 11:01 AM
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Made in Abyss
Made in Abyss
Aug 4, 10:09 AM
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Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen
Aug 4, 8:50 AM
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emperortopaz Aug 15, 12:00 PM
No worries as I figured you weren't serious, and right for Europe needing more respect! No worries! Awesome both games are fun as they look cool, and that is funny about Crossing Souls being made in Spain but having American references while Cosmic Star Heroine pretends to be Japanese, nice joke though hopefully the Japanese game won't think that they're making an Italian game for stupid reasons xD. Thanks for explaining it, sorry about that happening!

Certainly, and thanks again! No worries but thanks as well! Cool about the stalling play being used in the recent World Cup though wonder if that chapter was made before that game or not xD. Right for watching more stuff! I didn't know about the hunters killing an old couple, boo removing that scene as I thought their appearance and dog-murder seemed random! Right for seeing Poisonny the first female villainess finally face the Cures too xD.
emperortopaz Aug 15, 6:58 AM
Sorry that Americans and especially loud ones are so horrible, and sorry that game companies don't care about Europe enough :/. Fair but I still like hearing about the games you get xD. Also cool about Crossing Souls the cool game based on 80s culture and stuff with the cool art style, and Cosmic Star Heroine the steampunk RPG that looks really awesome as well xD. Right though less of a fear and more that I like being surprised, sorry if it's affecting you so poorly though :/. I didn't know about that, sorry for bringing up trauma then ;_;. Sorry for the poor moment still ;_;. Sorry that didn't help then :/.

No worries about that! Fair as I didn't remember that, sorry for that :/. Right :/. And no worries for feeling down as that happens sometimes!
Ayato-Hiragi Aug 14, 1:50 PM
How was your day?
emperortopaz Aug 14, 6:59 AM
Fair though no worries about that, and boo fanfic translations as that sounds awful though I wonder if it's in English or Spanish xD. Cool and wonder what the other games you got were xD. Aye though only her name and some basic information, I try not to learn too much xD. Right and figured you'd like Galko being mentioned xD. Boo indeed! Agreed that the two working hard was cute though I also expected that something bad would happen from the girls training too hard xD. In other shows shame about Yama no Susume being good but also trolling you on your birthday with very little Kokona and also Kaede having chest bounce ;_;. Seems they thought your birthday was Sunday with the Island Yukarin showing bare ass and the Kitarou human girl showing hers a little too xD.

Agreed since I like this arc, though I imagine it's because I also like Boo a lot more than I expected I would xD. True for Milky Holmes being slow, though at least the shows aren't at SHAFT-curse or Symphogear levels yet xD (I can't remember if Milky Holmes was that bad or not). Figured you'd agree xD. Right for the infamy with that name continuing xD.
Ayato-Hiragi Aug 13, 3:33 PM
Happy birthday!
emperortopaz Aug 13, 11:59 AM
That's probably what happened and boo that type of translator, and I see for the Code of Princess X having a chest unjoke removed but boo calling the main girl a prostitute! Also congrats on getting it for your birthday too xD. I figured that was the case and cool for Martina as I thought that's who it was xD. No worries as it sounds like something they'd have xD. Cool you caught that joke then even if you weren't sure, and right! Right and indeed as she doesn't look like Rika for many reasons though one is that she's the tanned sort of gyaru too xD (though remember that Galko is an imouto too xD). Agreed for doubling up on swimsuit episodes in a row! Fair for Ikkitousen being more fair especially compared to Senran and great nickname too xD. Also agreed that the episode of Aikatsu Friends was good, helps that it wasn't about the duo being opposites and instead being a good pair and working hard xD (plus I agree Maika looks cute when scared xD).

Right and cool as I remember hearing about that and had been looking forward to it xD. No worries as I thought it was a funny comment, and aye <3. True for only being two days late or so, seems that's about average for the not-licensed shows this season xD. Right as it should have a "High Score" and shame that the yuri volleyball girls or the middle aged worker guy shows aren't liked more! That's a hilarious coincidence, go another poor Chihiro indeed xD. Aye, go another show to look forward to next year xD.
emperortopaz Aug 13, 7:01 AM
Right for that probably being the reason, and boo translating names randomly for Western releases as I thought we were past that! Though it is funny considering the Jade in my harem xD. Right xD. Makes sense for textures, and I'm not sure if that game had that sort of DLC but I could see it too xD. That was more a DBS joke for the not-Broly girl, and glad you liked the cheap ace and awful fighting game xD. Sunoharasou was more mamocentric as the Ayaka's gyaru imouto finally showed up and they all went to a public pool for more forced chest moments! Speaking of cheap pandering true for TNK doing the second Senran Kagura season though maybe we could be hopeful and have it be more like the Ikkitousen season they did xD.

Figured you'd agree, and indeed both for Gotenks appearing (I found his incorrect combinations funny xD) and also Boo becoming friends with Satan xD. Thanks xD. Cool for being serious the good way then xD. No worries as I thought it was on purpose as they didn't seem very swimwear-ish but that sounds sexy for Purple <3. Boo troublesome weeks then and Captain Tsubasa being so late as well! Though good to hear that High Score Girl is doing better these days, and cool for people liking the series now that the complainers are gone xD. Of course <3. And indeed for OPM 2 finally being dated for next April xD.
emperortopaz Aug 12, 11:59 AM
Fair as I didn't know that there was a DQ Theatrhythm so boo that not coming outside of Japan when there's lots of fans, though would be cool to have those characters/songs on the hypothetical game too xD. Makes sense xD. Fair as I was thinking it was your personal tastes and no worries as I understand, cool, and aye since bet she modded the game to increase tumor size even further xD. Aye and I figured it out somewhat; Shun's favorite food is Kale protein drinks, her type is ??? and ace is Arceus (I had considered Bad Egg or using "Shadow" as a type too if curious xD), and her favorite game is "Fight for Life" xD (more so for its reputation and I wanted a fighting game specifically too xD). Agreed, especially ones that love girl asses and will show the big studios a lesson by rolling in their riches xD. Though speaking of asses go the Yukarin girl showing her bare ass in Island xD. Right for Isucki, just like the show itself xD. Thanks for understanding xD.

Figured you'd understand, and I blame the dub for that as well as people not being able to appreciate the original voices xD. And indeed for watching lots of DB as it's been good and I've had time xD. Glad you liked it xD. Right for the issues and fair as I've seen things like that though fortunately it seems silly which helps xD. Indeed for the funny coincidence xD. Cool for the episode being good too! Great way to describe them as "costumes" as sounds appropriate, and true for Purple's sexy adult ass without pareo xD. Go good surprises then including the glasses not moving when splashed xD. Agreed, hopefully it won't have Symphogear levels of lateness!. Also happy early birthday as well!
emperortopaz Aug 12, 7:01 AM
I figured xD. Right especially games like Evermore or even Enix games from that time period like ActRaiser or the Soul Blazer Trilogy xD. And that sounds dumb, boo thinking Western audiences like the dumb guy with slight change over the cute playable granddaughter! Speaking of games fair for ignoring the anti-harem duo as I thought that was on purpose xD. Cool for Chihiro liking lettuce though I'm not sure why, nice reference with the Bird type, and no worries as I'm not offended for Senran Kagura being mentioned xD. Hopefully I'll be able to come up with things for Shun, I'm already thinking of some xD. That makes studios sound like game companies, boo not wanting to appeal to missing niches and instead wanting all the money when they're just fighting over the same crowd :/. Agreed, especially since all it did was reconfirm nothing could be done with the collars at the moment! That's possible, though I'm not sure which episode it was xD. Awesome xD.

Aye xD. Right though nothing bad meant by that of course, and aye though that's probably the bad Z fans who didn't watch the original first and don't realize that humor is an important aspect! I suppose that's just because Alexander Graham BEL came so early but indeed for being strong but silly-looking xD. I might watch Hataraku as it does sound good, but thanks for the warning about the one-eyed bacteria with the Zelda weakness! Cool about the Natural Killer Cell tough girl with bangs over her eye as that does help xD. Speaking of recent shows cool for Kitarou giving Mana the human girl a buttshot thanks to shorts, I agree with them being superior xD. I see for PriChan being better than last year especially with more than five seconds but boo such censored costumes with tank tops (mostly) and skirt bottoms/denim shorts, and even censoring the adult sounds dumb! Glad the episode itself was good, especially since the blue meganekko Rinka wore her glasses most of the time xD.
emperortopaz Aug 11, 11:58 AM
Great way to put that, and boo indeed xD. That would be great indeed and especially if they look at new games to take music from, but the West not getting Krile seems unfair! Right and true for Karen losing her nice black dress! Indeed, let's hope next week is better! Right as you'd think that studios would be making shows to cater to girlass-lovers to get that sadly underappreciated audience! Right and it was terrible as there was an awful scene where the lead was looking for magic circuits and somehow that lead to fondling the elf's breast like it was a joystick! That's true, like with last week and Chio shaking her ass all around while trying to escape the window xD. No worries as I figured it wasn't me after a little bit, and I was reminded of a clip from Family Guy where not having Christians sped up technology by like 1000 years or something xD. Nice Seinfeld joke I think, and indeed about liking the joke xD.

No worries, and glad it was fine xD. Cool for the great assy girls getting good blogs then <3. Certainly xD. Right for Boo's house and the Z-Sword breaking; for some reason this arc is the most DB-like to me as it keeps up the humor and silliness even with the dire threat xD. Right for Gekidrago's really strange transformed form, and true since I remember Bel's silly cellphone form for example xD.
emperortopaz Aug 11, 7:01 AM
Aye, especially as the most recent Honey Cat episode was mostly Ema! Right, maybe it will get a remaster for Switch or something xD. Fair for at least being worse than the older ones, maybe I shouldn't have thought of Sabrina's changes as hers were certainly terrible xD. No worries! True for the more-ecchi series having more pervy stuff, hopefully Harukana does better next week! Certainly, though only your side as I don't see why those things are so hated when people seem to enjoy them! Though boo the terrible defamation from Chio-chan as seems that Friday was an awful day for shows, boo portraying people into asses as gross ;_;. Also boo not even showing asses due to the skirt type as that makes it even worse! That sounds like a funny idea too, sorry people like me (or worse than me) are such blemishes on the world! Also nice joke as I agree with traps and great joke with the tofu, especially the last part as that's humorous xD.

Thanks for that then xD. Thanks again, and thanks for understanding too! Fair for being really poorly chosen, but thanks for understanding! Thanks for that, though still sorry for the occasional mamocentrism and wish that the world was more balanced! Glad that the Shizuru blog was enjoyed and cool for Haruka's blog helping xD. No worries, but thank you for that xD. And no worries about missing me watching more Kai and PreCure, but SS3 Gokuh fought Boo who then defeated the potato mage, and Trunks and Goten have started to learn the Fusion Dance. Later on saw Gokuh leave to the afterlife, Boo create his people-house, and Gohan break the sword xD. In PreCure finally saw Gekidrago's ultimate form meaning his silly shark/aquatic creature version and his defeat too xD.
emperortopaz Aug 10, 12:01 PM
I can at least hope, she could use more focus! I see then, boo not continuing with the franchise when there's a lot more games like that that could be made! I see for the author following game canon and boo the new and un-improved costumes from the remakes as that sounds terrible :/. Probably not, but I remain hopeful! Hopefully it wouldn't and same for fanart, but boo that terrible thought :/. Fair for Vividred being the same, I'm not sure why mamocentric series are so terrible though think other than the eyecatch the last episode of the latest DxD had very little fanservice for example! But still sorry asses and flatness are so disliked it seems ;_;.

Sorry for the issues! I suppose but it's more that I didn't think ahead, and I still put in a lot of effort for this blog though sorry for Airi's poor blog as always! In retrospect I probably wouldn't, sorry that my word choice ended up being so poor that it ruined the whole blog ;_;. I suppose and sorry for pandering to myself so often ;_;. At the time I didn't know that Rize's blog would include that as the fanservice scene came up very late in writing, but still sorry for that problem too :/. No worries for the post but thanks for the apology still, I understand that sometimes you can get heated after episodes like this so sorry it comes up so often :/.
emperortopaz Aug 10, 7:04 AM
That probably is a reason, but hopefully Maika gets more screentime soon! No worries as it was a silly thought, and cool for the Hokkaido idols indeed xD. Right! That is pretty unfortunate, hopefully the next game (if there is one) will have more plus Evermore songs! True as I thought of mentioning that version of Red but assumed that they were separate and the Special one kept his cool Eevee xD. Agreed and would be cool if Simon is heavy too, and awesome for your guesses about the specials! Poor Luigi indeed xD. Also cool about Dark Samus being created in America as I didn't know that, hopefully this sets a precedent for more American-created characters like Mike and the Evermore guy that I'm not sure if has an official name or not xD. Also cool for Diddy and K.Rool being European-created! Aye though that makes her sound a lot sexier as it makes me think of her in just the apron xD. Also boo Harukana not having buttshots this episode, I suppose this might have been a more serious one but sorry there's not more series that show off asses prominently anymore ;_;.

Glad that the blog was enjoyable, including the service with Takane and mostly Shizuru xD. Cool for the blog being done well and scoring about what you'd guess (and true that had that scene not existed she would have done better). Fair for the ending seeming like a cocktease, it didn't go too much further as I wasn't sure if you were open about that fetish or not and I didn't want to put you in an awkward spot! Though I do understand that having the giantess fun was enjoyed but thanks for understanding another reason I was worried about putting it in the blog xD. Glad that Juubei was a good pick, and I figure I'd leave Yukimura to you as she seems like she'd grade better with you xD. Plus poor Juubei had her blog planned last year during the waitress month, but she was booted as I needed a vampire blog quickly xD.
DarkWish Aug 9, 4:32 AM
Thanks xD
emperortopaz Aug 8, 12:01 PM
Right xD. Aye! Unfortunate that Maika gets less fanart though I blame not having as much screentime, hopefully something soon will help her catch up! I see for the potato idols as that made me think you were mocking their faces but I know you mean Nono and Risa though I didn't know they were sexy too xD. Figured you'd agree and glad that bias aside Nagisa isn't bad xD. Forgot about that silly reference, it's understandably been a while xD. Agreed for the cool coincidence xD.

True about the other franchises having more variety xD. Awesome reference then xD. Agreed that Megalomania is a great song, and I see for the main theme and medieval chapter map theme being your favorites otherwise xD. That's cool, and I'm surprised that something like that isn't brought up more often with Special discussions as that's really interesting! That's a relief <3. Also go all the new characters including K.Rool and Simon, though poor Luigi xD. Agreed as it does look great, hopefully I have a chance to play it sometime xD. Right and good to see they're finally giving her some focus since I know you like her a lot xD.