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Captain Tsubasa (2018)
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Made in Abyss
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Shin Mazinger Zero
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Kakegurui Twin
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emperortopaz Yesterday, 11:57 AM
Aye! Sorry again! I suppose but sorry for not getting caught up in all the drama and behind the scenes things! I do care about you, that's why I want to help you out so much but sorry I get bad at it sometimes!. Though congratulations beating Joy Mecha Fight as looks great, seems Dr. Wily isn't the only villain in an UFO and with a mustache xD.

There's no way I'm that bad as I do like asses, but I'm glad to help you out as I want you to know you have support! Sorry for all the issues with Heavy Object, and I don't think Frolaytia is as bad as you think she was! Though it might also be that I'm not able to notice the problems she has either, other than the obvious mamocentric ones I mean xD (though sorry about that). I agree that the show needs more love, but there's no reason to give SekaTsuyo that bad of a score and boo people hating on it! I was once but I've become smarter since the first series, so don't worry as I'm not a fan of it anymore! And sorry for my long summary too!
emperortopaz Yesterday, 7:30 AM
Cool for the colorful then xD. Boo going back as I didn't remember that happening :/. Aye xD. Fair for not being a fan of not-Marika but still unfortunate for her! I suppose but I tend not to get caught up in drama, plus if anything since I'm watching it unofficially it's not like the series really gets anything out of my time (unlike the original which I did watch officially). Still sorry as I didn't think that it would cause such problems :/. Also sorry for lateness as usual ;_;.

Aye xD. Right for great asses! I suppose so, it explains why I liked the first half more but sorry that the fanservice was so terrible :/. I did like Frolaytia, though sorry you dislike her so much! Fair for Godannar though I blame not really understanding mecha at that point and watching the English dub as that was before I really got into subs! Sorry for existing ;_;.

Awesome for your sixth anniversary, hard to believe it's been that long already xD. Cool about taking the advice from Shion and true for actual plot but no worries xD. Nice reference to the previous blog, and true about me probably liking that xD. Cool for Yui, Nino, and Miichiru visiting you especially the last since think you like her and true about not stealing the show from a young girl xD. Seems you had to introduce yourself, and nice joke about "Pain" both from PriPara adding "P" names and the accurate name though sorry! Nice Pawniard joke too xD. Nice cute pose though seems girls have arrived to stop you! Surprised to see a double blog but go Aroma and Mikan the heaven and hell idols! Nice prediction and seems they want to be blogged, even with Gaaruru I think interrupting and joining their battle since sounds funny xD. Fair for the silly tic for language and indeed for doing your blog instead of fighting, even if you have to ignore the fanged girl this time around! Agreed that Aroma is great with her hime cut and brown hair, even if she has gaps, and go long hair and horns <3. Fair for Mikan's red hair maybe not fitting the angel but fair for the ponytail not being as great as Aroma's but both being great xD. Glad the show doesn't spam blue eyes but go tsurime, and fair for the golden eyes being better but not as tarame! Go the secret weapon being glasses xD. Go Gaaruru being a fan of both of us and go foreshadowing sexy times xD. Fair for having slender similar bodies with Aroma being slightly taller as well as PriPara form being taller (even if not much), and a shame for not showing asses but I blame parents groups! The ass sandwich sounds amazing including the Aroma pun and great farts <3. Nice joke about Miichiru being Yurika too and I'm sure you'd love stinky dreams like this xD. Cool for Aroma's gothloli brand including the LOVE DEVI brand she starts, and cool for Mikan's cute frilly outfits even if her brand isn't as great! Cool for the clothing being good though boo finding the artwork being hard because this series needs more love! Cool being childhood friends and great background for Aroma's devil side and the cute story with the drawing as well as the silly named group, and go working hard as well as winning one of the dress pieces even if they lose in the final tournament! Cool for becoming regular cast members too for the last season! Nice joke about Aroma's books and sounding great with her pranks and favorite food! Go Mikan being a good big eater maybe though I understand liking Aroma most xD. Cool for having a good amount of art and returning for the last season as mentioned, but boo the West not appreciating the cute show! Awesome for being an obvious yuri couple excluding the lead and being childhood friends, and go Aroma being in the lead as well as the sexy line from the song xD. Cute confession between the two even if they won't admit it xD. Cool for ages and the series loving punny birthdays as well as Aroma's birthday being relevant as agreed that's cool xD. Cool for Yui Makinio and her "devil speech" including "devi", and sounds cute for Yui Watanabe including her "nano" and "gel" and the two singing good together! Fair for Aroma tying with Shion since know you like both of them though shame they don't have canon ass stuff! But glad they've become allies now, even if Laala went to PriParis and having to wait for them because the not-French always ruin things xD. And awesome for Miichiru coming next and bringing glory for the Pu Kingdom!
emperortopaz Jan 15, 7:02 AM
Right though hopefully their outfits are funny xD. That could be possible, maybe they made the super shots easier xD. Right for the hot springs asses xD. I suppose that's fair, maybe that's why they get tuckered out so quickly xD. Let's hope not, the series just retconned that with past seasons fixing that for the mid-series crossover! True about Honey Cat still doing well and being good rivals, and fair for the twins but hopefully their fortune comes true in another way xD. Also happy birthday to Mio the K-On bass girl! No worries about the Masamune-kun comments either, but that sounds awful for Fake Marika being really sick and rejected poorly like her nickname-sake :/.

Aye xD. But still go classic game music xD. Thanks again for that though fortunately it wasn't too bad, and indeed for the amazing swimsuit ending <3 (hopefully if there's a beach episode it shows asses as much as that did). And fair for me liking Heavy Object more than it probably deserves, it's mainly because I liked following the theme of learning how to destroy the mech and seeing how it pays out. Though boo mocking better mecha series since I didn't remember that while watching, and fair for the bad fanservice including mamocentrism and not showing asses enough! Sorry it cut into your enjoyment of Index, though in fairness this season of that could use more asses! Fair for me overscoring DxD too, sorry for being so awful ;_;.
emperortopaz Jan 14, 12:00 PM
I see for Nature having the least idols as I guess that might make sense xD. That I did and right for the book being uploaded indeed xD. I see for the Japanese version being more difficult, I wonder what made it harder! Fair for being generically bad so not being as painful, but still being a waste of an episode for you! Good example with PriChan, and figured you might remember that as it came to mind when I saw the FMP girls showing ass looking up about Kyouko xD. Speaking of kids shows sorta I dislike the therapists thing too though seeing the former villains fight back was cool (even if it made the Cures look even more pathetic by comparison xD). Also I wonder if the epilogue will give Hana her long bangs back xD (though hopefully not because they got older :/). And true for Aikatsu being great, shame for Honey Cat but hopefully your twins do well xD.

Aye xD. Right as I wanted to make that silly joke too xD. No worries as I figured you wanted to wait until after I got my girls done, and great choices indeed! That explains why I heard it recently, cool for Path of Fiend then xD. That they were or at least fitting, and it does seem awful! Right as that gives the girls more time to shine xD. Also thanks for the warning about the eye damage to the monster, but glad that the episode including the ending animation were good xD.
emperortopaz Jan 14, 7:01 AM
Fair for Nature being sillier as it does sound that way xD. Aye for the great assy teacher <3. Speaking of teachers great outfits for the Aikatsu original trio in glasses <3. Right xD. Indeed xD. That just makes things more complicated xD. Speaking of the series though, great job beating the second game in the series with the Dodge Ball game and the celebration screen with the Statue of Liberty xD. Also the beach episode of Masamune-kun sounds awful, boo mamocentric unjokes as well as mocking Aki, the minor trap thing sounds awful too, boo the pareos and skirt bottoms to not show ass as that's awful, and that sounds sad about the poor meganekko for showing her age and cool for me liking her! Great plan eradicated beach episodes from everything except children shows, unless they want to show bare asses like the Hajimete no Gal but I suppose that was the hot springs section instead xD.

True about still counting xD. I see for Archon being the one who told you that, but cool about the manly VA doing Pokémon in the anime since noticed he did Freezer xD. Agreed and thanks for that xD. Indeed as it looks fun, and indeed for the series being bigger than I expected xD. Also I was wondering about the songs for the harem girls but cool for linking; cool for Marta liking Kingdom Hearts music while Vittoria likes the lovely MGS song, go Ekaterina enjoying the famous Russian game second style song, awesome for Platinum enjoying the fitting queenly music even if it's villainous, cool for Rosa María liking the end boss theme of the wrestling-themed platformer, cool about Yukari the VA liking the Persona 5 song with lyrics, for some reason Path of Fiend sounds familiar but cool for Elpis liking the classic Sega theme, and go Kotori the chef liking the silly Kirby Gourmet Race song xD. For the villains seems Chihiro likes classic but repeating and annoying songs, makes sense for Haruka loving the mamocentric Omega Labyrinth song, and I was curious about Makoto's since I was expecting the Sonic 1 version but the Sonic Chronicles one is really bad xD. Great choices all around and sounds good about the harem stories having four stories with two girls each xD.
emperortopaz Jan 13, 11:59 AM
Cool xD. Right and cool for Celeb being silly then xD. Right though that has mamocentric moments too, hopefully the anime has the teacher showing off her fat ass like in the manga though <3. Right! Cool then, guess you should do that every week xD. Certainly as seems yukionna have a tradition of snowy names, and true for the sexy mom sounding great xD. Figured that's what happened and glad it's better than the Riko balloon mishap, and awesome for the musical mother xD. Agreed as that would be nice <3. Agreed for the coincidence xD.

Agreed xD. Right xD. True for the Sticky Web though on Dewpider it's an egg move xD. Certainly xD. Right but nothing wrong with silliness xD. I see for Japanese voices as that explains why you found out Yukarin did one of the voices, and that sounds funny about the manly-voiced dog xD. Right as I remember saying that, I did end up 100% it though a lot of the secret levels were hard xD. Also great job beating Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu as looking at it I could tell it was related to River City Ransom which is awesome (didn't know that was the third game in the series though xD).
emperortopaz Jan 13, 6:59 AM
I find it funny too, so go the great coincidence xD. Thanks though poor Emi, and fair for Celeb being an idol type xD. True as I remember that <3. Boo indeed :/, and fair though I'm just considering this studying the enemy xD. Great way to describe the brains battle, and figured her appearance helped xD. Cool that Kitarou was better this week, wonder if looking up Nekomusume images helped xD. Cool about the Cure Beauty voiced Yukionna as well as her mother helping xD. I see for Mel's name being changed due to it being spelled out I'm guessing, and cool for meeting Sara's singing mother xD. Sounds great for Rinka's mother wearing glasses and a sweater since sounds sexy <3. And that's funny about both girls' dads having glasses and moustaches xD.

True for the ship franchises, and aye xD. No worries but thanks for telling me this sort of thing xD. That's fair but still nice reference xD. Right as I liked the reference too xD. Aye since the spiders have cool abilities too xD. I see then, I was thinking that's what you meant and wasn't sure but no worries xD. Glad you understood and true for the small-nation princess Liz xD. Right xD. Of course so great job, and right xD. Also great job beating Mega Man 11 and in Spanish too, if curious I beat Wario Land II some time ago but forgot to mention it!
emperortopaz Jan 12, 11:58 AM
Figured you'd agree, and even better about all your favorite female VAs doing moms and the silly term indeed xD. Right as seems she's the "Yellow Cure" of the group but hope we do see Emi's family even if the creators haven't thought of them yet xD. I see for her being first Celeb idol as that kinda makes sense for it to become a more ojou brand after xD. Right for the classic anime girls in SRW xD. Figured having to write about the girls was a reason xD. Right! Aye for Shiho being a great mother, the only way she could improve is having more screentime xD. Makes sense about wondering if the Quints/5-girls anime was good or not, as the cast of VAs look good but do know that it is mamocentric so some caution is advised! The main reason I'm watching it, other than the voices (which include KanaHana as a lazy girl), is due to its rivalry with the BokuBen which is also about a harem of girls being taught by a poor but smart student xD. Cool that the Kaguya show ended up being funny as I was curious about it, though I imagine the lead girl looking great for you helps xD.

Glad that you liked her and it wasn't too strange, and fair for figuring I meant cannons xD. I'm not sure for the different kanji as I'm bad at that, and indeed for their similarities xD. Indeed for fangs and right for the sharp-toothed idol xD. Glad you understood and right for the silly last name xD. Great joke about the various Sabers and their colors, and right xD. Right as I remember that, she even wore a earring that may have been a reference to Midori from Luluco xD. Right as silly comments are great xD. Right for that, and agreed as I just picked the two as I liked both Bug-types xD. Right though I'm not sure what you mean by "wins" and aye xD. That's fair as I originally had her coming from Germany but I wasn't sure on the name (and already had some Germans like Alexis and Lydia), then I thought that it would be funner to think of her as being from an unknown area for a mystery xD. Or maybe she's like Kaolla Su and the princess of some small island nation xD. No worries as it fit her well, though having more villains will be difficult xD. Aye <3. That's fair but they were really good so thanks, and right though no worries for Kiki's lewd name as that's a funny coincidence xD (though boo random censorship).
emperortopaz Jan 12, 7:02 AM
Figured you'd understand, poor priestess though xD. Though cool for Ogura also doing the lolihag mother in the Masamune-kun series, especially with them calling her a "lolihag" xD. Right for that and nice joke indeed xD. Right xD. I think I remember that, seems Ema's family is unknown and she just has the lacrosse team sadly enough! I see for the princely reverse trap also using it then xD. That still seems really good so cool, and boo Stars being awful! Right <3. Awesome then, fair for Rain in the Rising Gundam then, and indeed for Faye being way back in the day xD. I see for the last two teams being difficult, good job with that! No worries since I had my harem that you had to write about xD.

No worries but still thanks xD. Fair for Kanna's cuteness being different but figured you'd understand xD. Good plan talking about the tank mother as I know you like her a lot xD. Great description xD. That's a relief, and indeed xD.

Glad you liked them, and fair for the ship girl surprise but glad you liked her and her fitting game xD. Indeed for being elegant and good point helping train the strong girls though by "weapons" I mean warship-style weapons xD. Glad that Suika works since found it funny making a loli have the name "Watermelon" or something similar I think, and good point about the resemblance between her, Hiroko, and Mei xD. Indeed for being a giantess sometimes and she has two fangs (one on each side) but indeed for not being like the shark idol xD. Right as I based her on Palutena and indeed for the double-I last name as that was on purpose but I appreciate you asking xD. Right! Close enough, just don't tell her about your confusion and I imagine they do like swordfighting together even if they have different styles xD. Right for Yuugiri being elegant, and right for the very memorable voice xD. Good point for the naginata buddies xD. I'm sure Nao does really well, and nice point for being from England but liking Mexican food xD. Thanks! Right as it's quite sad, but glad that you like Amelia though the spiders is a funny coincidence xD. Cool you like inventor types as she's based on Lucca personality-wise, and right for favoring the current newest Pokémon and dark skin xD. I'm not sure what she's based on visually though since I can picture the look but I can't name it xD. True for her interesting name and glad that the CreepyPasta choice was appropriate xD. Indeed since horror is bad but sounds sexy <3. Glad you liked them and cool about doing the Miis too, you did a great job as always and I like how you kept the tradition of using awful face options for the villains xD.
emperortopaz Jan 11, 12:06 PM
Good point as I skipped that show for obvious reasons, so I sadly ended up forgetting about that role xD. Thanks for understanding and summarizing xD. Agreed and boo gender bender shapeshifting too! Exactly, or at least shoot it and put it out of its misery xD. France seems to always be a problem xD. Aye xD. Right as I can't remember if we've seen her family like the other three leads or not! Fair for being the ojou brand kinda xD. Certainly especially if it's better than Aikatsu since that's already really great (Stars aside xD), and cool for PriPara being fully subbed finally <3. Agreed for the funny coincidence xD. Figured that was the case so hopefully Fuu is a meganekko in those scenes xD. Good point about that, go Rain taking over the Shining Gundam and no worries as I wasn't expecting her to make an appearance at all xD. Fair as I've heard of that, cool about beating the sports game then xD. Sorry about the slight lateness too!

That's a relief since was worried xD. Figured that could help so cool, and of course xD. True for that having fanservice though the good kind unlike Maid Dragon which catered exclusively to mamocentric idiots xD. Cool for being relieving, and that makes sense as I'm doing the same though I was more curious if Taeko had enough screentime to blog properly xD. Right xD. Fair for the nopan causing broadcast difficulties as I blame the French yet again, but glad that West-favoring aside Chio is fine xD. True for paying extra for a translation is better than not having one at all xD. Indeed and I understand about asses still being downtrodden sadly enough!

As said finished the girls, hopefully you like them:

Hope they're good, as I still have problems with things like names and VAs and that's what takes a while xD.
emperortopaz Jan 11, 7:05 AM
Makes sense xD. Agreed since was hoping she wasn't going to have to wait until after Hugtto was over for new roles xD. Go the great coincidence xD. Makes sense as the it took me a while to make all of them, and fair for the delay but it wasn't your fault xD. I did finish them, but figured that today has long replies I might wait until at least later xD. Also boo DAL S3 starting poorly with the terrible joke of women being bad cooks and all the mamocentric scenes including Natsumi's poor outfit and shapeshifting as sounds terrible! Nice one about Kurumi avoiding it so far due to the series being garbage, but hopefully she still shows up and improves the show xD. Also speaking of shows that sounds funny about Fake Marika from that one revenge show as that sounds funny, but boo wasting nopan as that is a major issue indeed; I blame Infinite Stratos's second season for that! Cool for Aki's sukumizu buttshots keeping her as the best girl though xD.

Right for this being similar, but nothing wrong with that xD. That's fair, I just wasn't sure about it xD. Awesome xD. Right, I wasn't sure if Emi was an actual older sister or if she was just like that to the other idols xD. Go mature villainess ass then xD. I see for Celeb Laala then xD. Aye, though not because I don't want to as it sounds amazing xD. That too, and great joke about Trump's terrible vote xD. Also neat about Mai-HIME being added to the mobile SRW game, especially with Natsuki being Vittoria's cosplay xD. Speaking of SRW cool about Fuu being confirmed though shame she doesn't wear glasses due to being a magical girl, maybe she will in conversations xD. Would be nice for Hikaru as she was brought up recently and go Ruri being confirmed, and agreed for Rain joining Domon as a co-pilot maybe xD. Also great job beating Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball Bu: Soccer Hen, I don't know anything about the game but congrats still xD.

Glad that you liked the blog and title, and that's a relief since wasn't sure if the comedy bits were good xD. Indeed for the blog nod! Right as braids are cool and glad you understand xD. Indeed for Albedo and glad that you knew who she was as I felt bad doing two groups of girls you might not know, but great joke about the Xenosaga villain xD. Indeed and I thought that was funny too but I suppose these seasons were early, but indeed for the twins being the main case xD. Fair as Lust Fiend is a manga-only character, and true that Duck Team aren't villains but I wonder if you'll blog Taeko of the big volleyball ass sometime xD. Glad that you understood about that and indeed nothing wrong with that xD. Sorry as I forgot that the finale for Chio-chan had manass as that does sound more traitorous, sorry for talking about her but hopefully the girl herself is alright! And true about HanaKana redeeming itself eventually xD. Speaking of asses and Chio-chan true about the rare girl into girlass being portrayed as such a deviant, though in general a lot of the characters have major flaws but girlass needs proper lovers! Indeed for foreshadowing xD.
emperortopaz Jan 9, 12:00 PM
Figured that was the case, go the sexiest sort of uniform xD. Makes sense for both, and thought I recognized Ogura's voice so awesome xD. Cool for Kakegurui starting, shame for the nasty moments but glad it isn't too bad so far xD. Right for his weapon and indeed for the classic movie xD. Fair but go the great sexy coincidence xD. Thanks for understanding and true for harem stories likely being next week, sorry for the delay but thanks for understanding again xD.

Cool as I do that with character songs sometimes xD. That I did though I'm not sure what the difference between man maid and butler is as I'm guessing that's something from the show xD. A shame but bet she'll still do well xD. Great reference as I didn't know that xD. Right for all the cute idols and me discussing a lot of them, and true for Aine and Ema likely getting blogs eventually and maybe others too xD. Right and no worries since it's a long show and you couldn't be sure, happens to me all the time xD. Aye and true for the Hugtto swimsuit episode wasn't bad, especially Purple getting an ass shot I think xD. Right and figured it was something similar so boo "gap moe"-type outfits! That I didn't as I don't know if or when I'll get to it, and hopefully I won't remember the summary if I do xD. And cool for "Igo" being the original name for Go maybe xD. Right xD. True about Minami though she sadly loses her glasses while on stage, but no worries xD. Awesome, if I was better at that a lot of my girls would xD. Aye as he deserves punishment after that! Thanks for understanding though still sorry xD.
emperortopaz Jan 9, 7:30 AM
Right xD. That's exactly what I was thinking of too, as think the uniforms in your harem are the same types too xD. Agreed, and wonder which girl out of them is your favorite even if we haven't seen much of a lot of them xD.

Awesome xD. Cool as I was thinking that was a reference to Kurama, and indeed for the famous nerdy movie xD. That sounds like Shiho so I wonder if the comparison was on purpose, and aye <3. Thanks for understanding and letting me take some time as I want to make sure all the girls are great xD.

Awesome talking about PriPara this blog, that explains why I wasn't familiar with it and great title too xD. Poor Chiaki, but good plan finding Laala to use her Prism Voice to heal Chiaki as that's a funny way to describe it xD. Boo Stars being a terrible ripoff! I see for Katja being recruited but hopefully imitating an idol didn't hurt! Nice glasses adjustment too xD. Nice job following the megane Meganii butler and taking his entrance, even if you don't pull a Locke from South Figaro xD. Cool Sophie wants you to talk about her and I imagine she'll do well, even if she avoids further questioning xD. Fair for the other girls talking though no worries about not crossdressing as I wouldn't want you to have to do that too (and nice water fan cleaning xD). Agreed that's part of their charm and nice shinai attack with the Pokémon joke too xD. Shame Shion is going to "defeat" you but nice Sunrise pose and go doing the blog on her! Great reference to a classic game scene as well as all her idioms, great job with them xD. Fair for being suspicious of you too, but go explaining yourself (and I like Aikatsu after all xD). Fair as PriPara does sound great and go blogging Shion! Fair for the header giving it away but it was still a good joke xD. Agreed that Shion's hair is excellent in color and true for the bangs and ponytail being great (and I do think the volume and decorations help xD). Go her golden tsurime eyes and fair for the girls having eyelashes as I understand that, and I understand about not remembering if she wore glasses at any point xD. That I do and nice speech gimmick being thrown back xD. Shame for lacking measurements but go being pretty tall and being slender sounds great, and cool for swordfighting too! Awesome for Shion showing slight ass but boo little girls anime not allowing swimsuit episodes! True about all girls needing ass pride and nice line from Shion xD. Fair for the school clothes but go the kendo clothing, cool for all the PriPara outfits including the black and white for the theme but becoming colorful after the Cyalume Change, awesome that she loses her pareo as that's good, and cool for being a vampire even if the show really likes them xD (and Lovely Shion sounds like when Miyabi from Aikatsu has to wear something different I think). Awesome for joining due to being inspired by the main trio but being friends with them, and go being put on the genius team even if she loses! Cool for having a Divine Coord but jobbing again, and shame she doesn't show up more in Idol Time but go being a mentor, and I see for the long finale xD. Agreed as Shion sounds great, go being noble and kind and being smart as well as her color theme being based on Go and her four kanji idioms including "igo" for the "Go" joke maybe xD. Cool for butting heads with Dorothy and being a mentor even if Nino is oddly the Pop type. Cool for cool rock styles too and cool about even her food daifuku referencing Go too xD. Awesome for being one of the six main girls with plenty of screentime and love, even if the West lacks appreciation for the series sadly! Cool for pairing with the meganekko at least as a non-idol, but unfortunate it leads to them bickering! Boo the West twins but nice joke about the trap getting eaten, and fair for the pairings with Laala and Hibiki making less sense xD (though shame Iroha doesn't get mentioned). Great ass rubbing and smack even if only canon things count xD. Awesome for being in middle school even if she doesn't get much older and nice Go Day reference for her birthday xD. Cool for Saki Yamakita doing well and singing even if there was an initial surprise, and great score to! Fair for being after the series and having to go to Paparajuku but first Axe Bomber-ing the trap xD (and that movie buttshots sounds terrible too, he deserves pain xD). I see for the weird ride as I understand, and sounds like there's a special anniversary blog as well as Laala coming up! Great blog as always though sorry for the long summary, and sorry about the lateness too!
emperortopaz Jan 8, 7:01 AM
Figured you'd agree xD. Cool you like them too xD. That is way too overused and boo, and agreed that asses deserve more attention as there needs to be tight-bottomed girls like Vividred xD. Right for that helping xD. That I did, though hopefully we see her fight next episode xD.

Right! Agreed and hope you liked that nickname too xD. That makes more sense as I was thinking her other moves were from another series, but indeed for Monty Python being where the Holy Hand Grenade originated from xD. Right, she was a lot stronger than I imagined! Makes sense as not much is stronger than a tank, and agreed especially with ass crushing <3. Indeed for the daughterly combo and figured you'd like that silly dance move xD. Aye for the powerful cake cutting-based attack xD. And sorry for not having the girls done since I was suddenly asked to do a lot of work that one of my friends procrastinated on (it was D&D busywork), sorry that they aren't all done yet :/.
emperortopaz Jan 7, 11:59 AM
Exactly and great reference to the pool farting girl in Gokujo as something like that would make these bad episodes more tolerable xD. I see about being anime only, and indeed it was silly xD. Cool about the cosplay and in-show nickname as I like those types of parodies xD. Fair point about fearing manass as I understand but hopefully this doesn't mean that it will come up later xD. Boo mamocentric clothes making it worse, and boo indeed! Cool about Aki showing her ass so she's not just best by default xD. Also cool about Pastel Memories having a busty meganekko, I did notice that so I'll probably watch that soon though a shame she's a fujoshi though xD.

Of course! Figured that might be a factor and I see for the regular Wii having room for 200 xD. No worries as that happens, just glad you remembered in time xD. True about Power Whip fitting the femdom fruit xD. Aye but no worries, and figured that was the point xD. Right and indeed for the big steel snake for the big girl xD. Cool though I wonder which movie you mean as I'm probably thinking of something different xD. That sounds hilarious and seems Vittoria is stronger than I expected xD. I see for Ekaterina bringing a tank to a magical girl fight, and right as sounds sexy xD. I figured that was the case but wasn't sure, and cool for Sayo joining Yuno and Liz for daughterly combos xD. Awesome for the reference to classic dances and Haruhi's in particular, though wonder if the Gainer pose would work too xD. I see for the cake cut move being from Wedding Peach movie as that seems appropriate xD. Thanks for understanding, and fair for Umiko and Anko ramming with their ships and then hitting with waves from the sound of it xD. Thanks for understanding, and of course as more girls are always welcome xD.