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emperortopaz Yesterday, 7:00 AM
Right as I love hearing about it, sorry if it was me making you feel that way! And awesome being complete with the storyline as well so congrats with that! Cool about it being a Warriors game with a lot of value and the long story mode as well as having a lot of characters (and the ability to use them freely with it not being too hard either xD). That's a lot of extra modes and fair for the DLC, cool about sticking to the bonus stages and modes which are most useful xD. Boo milking parents though your idea sounds much sexier obviously xD. Right and that sounds boring, you'd think that making the girls dance while singing would be more expensive than being able to reuse designs and the like xD. Figured you'd understand and I'm not sure if I have it as I hadn't been tested xD. True about getting to DB Super though surprised that's longer, but go both Toei series of course xD. Cool you noticed and liked it, nice Chiyu doing the pose as well xD. Fair for the early exception then xD. Agreed, I blame it being the fifth anniversary but regardless boo the poor timing! And speaking of Fate boo Astolfo still getting ass pics, I agree that he deserves to suffer as well as the creator of those images :/. Thanks for understanding that wasn't my intend, and boo dumb holidays again :/.

Certainly xD. Fair she's more based on Ichijou for another Shaft series reference it sounds like xD. Fair that your girls are usually based more on ideas or fetishes, just wanted to be sure so that like Madoka being based on the Tokimeki Homura I can use them for pictures xD. Aye, bet she really cares about her daughter even if they don't play together out of respect xD. No worries as I was just worried, and cool for Rumiko being inspired by the FF Vieras as sounds like she might be a sniper meaning bows (and a huge thong ass like Fran xD). Fair about considering another teacher or one from Agnès's fantasy world, but cool for the sexy spy for the leotard and thighhigh looks xD. Certainly as she still sounds cute, and I hadn't thought about that but good point for the fuzzball monkey xD. Right for that and glad I wasn't the only one to make that mistake then xD. Great joke and certainly as I at least would have had the meganekko keep her glasses xD. Certainly, and no worries either! True about people sadly forgetting about Touhou though Fate is another series that stole a lot of great artists too xD. And awesome you did all the attacks as well, they all look great xD. Sayaka wasn't the one that I was expecting to beat someone with her life bar (as I expected the gamer to do that) but it also fits with her strange personality perhaps more too, and Manhole Surprise Attack sounds funny xD. Go Zenbia's dark hip attack and energy attacks, and her Overdrive sounds very sexy xD. Nice kicking attacks from Rumiko including Roundhouse Kick, and sounds funny she teams up with Eiko to kick the enemy together xD. Speaking of the spy her attacks are very fitting for her personality as well xD. Mirai sounds fun too with all her gaming-themed attacks including abusing bugs as that sounds funny xD. And great moves for Averna including a near death attack, for some reason "Devil Hip Attack" sounds like an evil Kinnikuman attack, go referencing Seiken Densetsu 3's powerful move and wonder if "Wheel of Life" is a reference, and great idea having her able to drain along with the succubus xD. Great choices for everyone as mentioned, and seems Averna has the ability to float or has wings I didn't notice before so cool xD.
emperortopaz Aug 10, 12:01 PM
I certainly do care, I like hearing about the games you play that I'm sadly too cheap to get; sorry for living vicariously through you! Boo cheap products still selling, and true for milking parents for money like most kids shows it seems :/. Figured she was a good comparison! Fair as I think I got the two confused and I apologize, and hopefully Aikatsu isn't ruined though might be funny if it's like Gal & Dino as far as the live action goes! Nonsense, any hate isn't intentional and I'm sorry that I am such an idiot when it comes to social interactions! Speaking of shows for young girls figured you'd like me watching Max Heart and Akazukin quickly would be good, I'm trying to get through at least one ep of the former daily so hopefully I won't have to slow down xD. Also since forgot to mention but I liked seeing Hinata and Nodoka doing the Kamehameha sorta move in the opening of the episode because Toei, not sure if we mentioned that or not xD.

Right, and no worries as I imagine you got the idea after that! Boo making Rin blonde as I hate that too, while Saber mainly gets all the press because she's the face of the franchise though sorry about all the issues with that; Rin deserves far better ;_;. I wouldn't think that, though sorry that it seems that way as that wasn't the intent at all! Don't kill yourself, and you deserve far better on your birthday as well! Sorry for making it worse for you, you deserve better :/.

You never need to apologize for adding more girls, as I always look forward to this (so I'm glad that you didn't kill yourself either). Nothing wrong with being weird but also smart, she reminded me a little of Maekawa from Denpa Onna with her costumes though I imagine you may not have created Sayaka based on her (though I do wonder who you used as models for the various girls, it'll make it easier to make their full-body portraits xD). Nothing wrong with a queen treating the other harem girls nicely, especially since Zenobia knows that they're her daughter's friends as it shows a deeper character than one that's just queenly! That's fair as I blame watching a lot of Pokémon videos and seeing it, but indeed for Rumiko being great though sorry if I was offensive! Nonsense as I like hearing about the details that go into various characters, I'm interested in this sort of background idea so I'm curious about Eiko xD (hearing your process might also give me advice as well xD). Nothing wrong with lolis since thing there's usually one in every group, and Mirai sounds lovely too xD. Nonsense as I know that's something that's bothered you for a while so go Zettai having an eternity with his girls thanks to Averna and I like how she has the FE brown sorceress's name too xD. Nonsense as you shouldn't die, but thanks for understanding how slow I am with deciding things! Thanks for the Miis and figured you'd like me adding the harem girls to the wiki too xD. And no worries as I understand you weren't feeling great earlier today, you don't need to apologize xD.
Yuri-Crusader Aug 10, 8:38 AM
I think we need more wonderful ecchi female only anime's. Like Kenjo Kandagawa Jet Girls and similar. Sadly ass anime's seem to be on a decline

It was such a great opportunity to include lesbians. But instead homophobic writers/pigs cant acknowledge the existence of homosexuals

But soon its Fall and then finally Adachi to Shimamura going to premier . God im looking forward to it

Yes the new Maid Dragon is going to be awesome I really like the first season

emperortopaz Aug 10, 7:04 AM
That I do, and cool about getting the "ending" but not the real one because you have to do sidequests so good luck with them xD. Makes sense they'd put more effort in the older crossovers, shame that doesn't happen now! Right about that and good joke about the "magical weapon" so hopefully she'll use it next time (and good joke about the animation not being finished in time xD). Agreed, and same with Asumi though I imagine it might take an episode or so before she joins properly xD. Right for Shion getting a few performances though I think Yū meaning Akari's former roomate didn't either, and agreed for the fake princess being worse xD. Though that sounds really terrible about the next Aikatsu having live action and battles and mascots, this isn't what we said when we wanted PreCure to be more like Aikatsu so boo the monkey claw! Boo the KiraKira of the franchise but hope it steals more from Pretty Rhythm instead, but boo people hating the things you like best it seems :/.

Agreed for the terrible trio! Right as I know you like Incineroar too xD. True, that would have been terrible as that doesn't deserve any more seasons xD. Getting to the blog sorry about the bad timing involving yet another Saberface being introduced, Rin deserves better and sorry again for her bad blog as I was thinking I put more effort into Rin's even with MHXA having more time! Sorry for having it lack plot because it was a bonus blog, fair for the fanservice though I figured that it went too weak and same with the comedy, and fair for seeming like I put more love into it as I was under the impression the opposite happened! Sorry for being selfish regardless, and sorry again for the bad timing ;_;.

No worries as more blog girls are never too soon and great batch of girls as I understand not being able to resist showing them and go getting to a hundred girls too xD. Sayaka sounds very silly but fun though nice ponytail and go being smart but very eccentric with her costumes but everyone not minding xD. Sounds sexy for Zenobia being Lysandra’s mother and thus a succubus with a huge mature ass (even if they don't "play" together), go being a queen and her long wavy hair sounds fitting, and cool she treats the other girls nicely as I imagine the whole harem does that too xD. And her Ace seems quite silly too xD. Sounds cute for Rumiko being a humanized bunny from Zettai's class (the one he teaches) and cool for loving Zettai as well as being kind to the harem, and sounds cute for her energetic if hasty personality! And go her dark skin, wonder if her Cinderace is shiny for jokes or not xD. Sounds good with Eiko being a spy which means sexy leotard but falling in love with Zettai since that sounds cute, her use of string and rope is likely for sexy bondage reasons, and go being a tease but still giving him sexy fun as a result! Awesome for Mirai the game streamer of classic games and platformers no less, and sounds cute being introverted but cute and passionate; cool being half-Finnish and wearing glasses and having Kaguya meaning the Aikatsu one's VA too <3 (I do hope that I don't call her "Mirei" as I have a problem mispelling that name). Sounds sexy for Averna the god of death/afterlife ensuring that Zettai and his harem endures for all time having sexy fun, go being ageless and her big horns sound good too, go Kaguya's VA, and go her elegant if slightly bossy personality xD (great Ace too xD). Overall great picks as always, and hopefully it won't take me until October for me to create mine xD. And don't die either!
emperortopaz Aug 9, 11:58 AM
Awesome xD. True for Orgemon's fists being more energetic and I see for Gaia making mechanic-looking ones, that explains the mecha comparison xD. Agreed for the obvious xD. Cool about the older crossover movies reusing monsters from the seasons being covered, that's a cool idea as it allows cool designs to be reused xD. And speaking of PreCure I agree that Cure Earth's debut was weakened a little due to the Cures seeming so weak and Earth not finishing off the Megabyogen which I hope they'll answer or address later on, but true that the episode was fine and that I like the girl too xD. True for Haruka not even having a performance shown so boo, and true that Kirara has the worst hair in the franchise; funny how the worst Cure hair is "Haruka" though and for a similar reason as Kirara xD. Of course xD.

Awesome as I wasn't sure, and go throwing Aragi and the Bunnygirl series lead in there with him too xD. Fair that it was for a personal project then, and poor K. Rool being ignored indeed! Fair that the dungeon fights are similar but cool for that, and right xD. Agreed that Eupho S3 would be better news, good point about Reina's random romance xD.
emperortopaz Aug 9, 7:00 AM
I think I remember that, which is funny when a Cure is leaked that way xD. Awesome, and congrats on getting Gaia as her shooting fists attack sounds amazing too; makes me think a little of Orgemon due to him showing up recently but nice Shin Mazinger reference too xD. Agreed! Awesome xD. Glad you liked that joke, and true for Momo and Nana being twins and thus sharing a birthday but that's better at least xD. That sounds cool, go Toei appreciating the monster and having it appear in one of the first crossover movies xD. Right for her hair bun, shame that Maika doesn't take after Snow Black though that's more a butterfly thong than on her "buns" xD. Happy birthday to Haruka Luka the Aikatsu Stars blue hair dancer, at first I thought you meant Kirara but glad it's not the BAAAA-d girl but glad it's not her xD. That too, boo the Social Justice Warriors in Hugtto as well xD. Aye :/. Awesome being sexy-cool and talented, and true that both look tall even though they're middle schoolers xD. That as well, and no worries as I don't mind silly jokes like that xD.

Right, and true though I had forgotten which one that was in xD. Fair but I should have paid more attention to your messages too, and indeed for the wins though I imagine you would have done better had I used characters I wasn't great with xD (and shame for K. Rool not being used on the anniversary of the reveal date as I didn't realize it was that day already). I see for the gameplay being Zelda-esque and thus redundant, and I understand wanting to spend time playing a new game rather than going right to a new one xD. Boo more Maidragon indeed, though agreed that KyoAni recovering is good xD.
DarkWish Aug 8, 10:53 PM
Well it looks like someone other than the automated bot messages remembered xD
emperortopaz Aug 8, 12:00 PM
Fair that they don't have different transformation items and that leads to leaks then xD. Thanks though makes sense both are named after the same character xD. Sounds funny about Joan of Arc but cool for the Fate one looking cuter xD. Boo indeed :/. True for there being some link between the two series xD.

Awesome about beating Shuuka with friendship then and proving their worth xD. Boo today being an awful birthday date then, boo both being Leos though I love how uninspired "Hachi"man having the birthday 8-8 is xD. Agreed! Cool as I liked him too, and aye xD. Cool for both of them having butterfly motifs as I think I remember Maika's accessory xD. That makes sense, boo Legendary Warriors suddenly becoming therapists! No worries as I still understand as shows for young girls don't normally show that, and boo haircuts too :/. Glad to hear that and no wonder you like Bell if she reminds you of the cool model lone wolf xD. That I do as I blame the hair, and indeed as any joke involving Issei being tortured is funny xD.

Thanks for understanding again, and no worries for that xD. Certainly! Great plan chucking him into an open manhole as he deserves that xD. Agreed, sorry that I didn't notice you were using characters you aren't too familiar with xD. Cool about considering getting the DanMachi game, even if you'll have to wait after you get Link's Awakening for your birthday as I understand xD.
emperortopaz Aug 8, 6:56 AM
That too, as we all know that's why they have all the power up item xD. Cool for the upgrade being on sale, and a shame she hasn't joined but go maybe inspiring the name for the lolihag goddess in Zettai's harem maybe xD. Exactly, especially the latter as Takaki is to blame for her probably! Glad I was able to think of a better comparison, and indeed for the mid-game equips making it harder! Seems MAL is occasionally smart and true that AnoNatsu takes a lot from Onegai Teacher, fair that the two AnoSomething shows have the same character designer though that might be giving MAL too much credit for being a broken clock xD.

Awesome about that causing a new trio unit to appear xD. That's fair, boo Momo mostly while Mikan deserved more screentime xD. Thanks xD. Figured you'd understand and indeed, and right for preferring Snow White the cute meganekko though the cute Yukarin is great too xD. Awesome for the highway monster of sorts if you mean the one from the first episode, and cool for one of the late series ones being your favorite as that sounds exciting! Happy birthday to Mia as well as the festival girl Maika, funny how both passionate idols have last names referencing butterflies too xD. And speaking of shows for young girls congrats about finishing Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future, it does sound great and awesome about the evil main villain (especially compared to PreCure ones xD). Awesome for the meganekko boss getting married in the last episode, sounds cute for the Danbooru scene as I can see that being a spoiler but still amusing xD. Though boo the main Rainbow Live girl imagining herself tall and busty, boo starting out so poorly and in a little girl anime :/. Boo Meganee having shorter hair and 2014 being such a terrible year :/. Glad that the series is good outside minor issues, and cool Bell claims beign fluent in Spanish among other languages as she sounds like she'd get along with Juri probably xD. That's a great joke, go Issei thinking Rias became flat and him killing himself out of despair xD.

That's fair, it's something that I need to work on and thanks for understanding about the birthday blogs xD. Thanks for understanding about doing two blogs, and sorry still! True for probably doing her at a better time as well, though don't worry as you aren't annoying or mean xD. Though boo Hideri having so many favorites because people apparently like meme characters, boo being higher than anyone but Maika and that being close so boo MAL users being so in the closet :/. No worries for the posts either, and thanks for remembering the Smash thing still today as I was hoping you would xD.
emperortopaz Aug 7, 11:57 AM
True, this way it gives them a chance to interact with the rest of the cast xD. Awesome, and nice segue and awesome upgrading Warriors Orochi 4 and that new character that's a Saori Hayami voiced goddess as she sounds great <3. That's true, the 3DS was when FE was in full perverse mode it seemed xD. Ah, that sounds more like some of the early-game bonus dungeons in After Years I think, fair that the later game weapons aren't available then xD. Boo indeed xD.

Aye xD. Right! Glad that they were eventually able to rescue the dreams later in the series then xD. Fair for the vague age but indeed for the twins being more apparent xD. Boo parents having problems with slightly erotic things but being willing to have Pink therapists "the-RAPING" PreCure xD. Speaking of which figured you'd be more surprised by me starting Akazukin over Max Heart though glad I started both finally; blame the living room TV not having Max Heart so I started Akazukin out there instead xD.

Fair as Airi's blog was worse for exposition but this still being bad, I suppose I have a bad habit of not balancing sexy and plot and just happen to do it well sometimes xD. Thanks for understanding and true that two blogs this week was a little difficult but I did end up underestimating how fast your birthday would come up so sorry! Sorry again :/. Fair, sorry for not giving the sexy goddess the blog that she deserves :/ (at least right now). Fair for the month of fun blogs, I occasionally have that but only somewhat early on in the year so sorry! Fair for this mostly coming out poorly and thanks for understanding!
Yuri-Crusader Aug 7, 7:08 AM
Well Hibike! Euphonium I consider as Yuri bait and hateful towards lesbian . Firmly putting them in the closet and only letting heterosexuality be in the spotlight . I interpret that as they are saying lesbians shouldn't and dont exist . Or that It should be locket away in a closet

I really dont like it when they constant smother lesbians with heterosexuality. Lesbians also exist and they should have their own anime where they are the stars

Liz to Aoi Tori on the other hand allowing the lesbian to exist without suffocating them with constant reminders that the majority are heterosexual . So I like that one

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon. Is my favorite of Kyoto Animations and are their stronger Yuri . 2 lesbian living together with a child

emperortopaz Aug 7, 7:02 AM
Right, there's probably numerous reasons and it also gives them more time unlike with Ako for example xD. Cool for PriPara having several, even if half lack glasses in idol form! That sounds funny, but makes sense that it was mainly for magazines xD. I guess that the DLC was useful to patch holes in the meta, Water "patching" joke not intended xD. Cool for having red hair and dark skin, but with a more modest design I suppose xD. That sounds insane, boo having so many mechanics as well as not being able to use top tier weapons; it's like the Magnetic Cave from FFIV it sounds like but fair that the bonus boss is more difficult than the final one xD. That I do and indeed for the silly reference xD. Thanks for understanding xD. I suppose that they wanted to balance out the great VAs with meh girls, but boo both VAs having problems picking out good characters xD.

Indeed since I know the feeling xD. Makes sense for that, and indeed for the great artist xD. That makes sense as I thought you were talking about her showing her ass but true for the "Venus" joke, and I'm not sure either as I do think she has a big mansion xD. Indeed about the thing that's either Drowzee/Hypno's inspiration or the tapier from FFVI but hopefully they're able to rescue the dreams xD. Cool about PriChan referencing the other two Pretty Rhythm main girls! No worries as I understand, boo slow subs then xD. Right and same with Yami too, boo shenanigans! I think she's the one that I heard about too, boo changing the ending where she had a strap hanging and parents groups frothing! That explains it as I had missed that the card game was named "broom", that makes a lot more sense xD.

Glad that the blog itself for the coverage and sexy scenes were good, but sorry for pushing too much exposition and plot in the birthday blog :/. Sorry that the interlewds are boring and uninteresting and feel tacked-on, I blame my lack of skill integrating them sometimes and being a terrible writer when it comes down to it! You don't deserve nothing, as I figured that destroying the terrible blonde one would be funny xD. And fair that MHXA's blog was plotless though I tend to do that for the Meganekko Day blogs mainly so that they can be skipped, but sorry again for all the plot in this one as a result. And indeed as I realized that next week would be your actual birthday and I apologize for doing such a poor girl that day too ;_; (and it wasn't for some dumb reason like it being Paizuri Day, that's just awful and I wouldn't do that to you either). I might do Ishtar at some point in the future, though I did mention the Rinfaces in this blog; that's part of the reason I needed to do MHXA and BB since the two look-alike blogs from FSN needed to be updated and I felt that just talking about the two (which have a lot of forms and would need a lot of time) would be boring! Sorry for having dumb plot over a sexy or fun one, and that I still haven't made up for Halloween either (I have no idea how to do that either, as it's not like I can do the opposite of what I did that horrible Halloween month as all the girls are alive too!). And no worries for your comments either, I understand and they aren't cruel either; I know I'm terrible when it comes to the blogs ;_;.
emperortopaz Aug 5, 11:59 AM
That's possible, maybe now they know that the characters will be leaked and moved them up after being found out xD. Cool for four great meganekkos this season, they're really trying to get me to watch it xD. Cool then xD. Great joke for the artist girl xD. That explains my confusion, but shame Super Game Boy 2 was Japan only and the original couldn't run them xD. Makes sense beating the DX version two decades ago, and makes sense that you like using Marin in the Warriors game because of the game too xD. Awesome that both of the girls are great, go not-Snow Black though hopefully she looks similar and thus sexy xD. Cool beating the DLC even if the final boss is really hard! Agreed they caused a bigger problem than the one that they tried to solve, agreed that sex haters are bad! Indeed for them failing at humor, and fair for the older games not being as bad but boo DQ11 forcing it too much and nice comparison to Van as well xD. Cool for Small Battleground fitting that name xD. Awesome, and sorry for not mentioning that as I was playing it a lot while writing xD. That's a relief, and boo trolls indeed xD. As for Re:Zero, cool for the cute lolihag and the lead even calling her that, and nice joke about Chandler's Law but boo the evil mamocentric Noto villainess returning too!

Cool for the title being her main song, and makes sense you felt bad forgetting one of your top girls as that happens to me too xD. Right for her silly theme, and go her hair and eyes indeed xD. Agreed, sounds great for you and good plan avoiding that kind of joke especially these days xD. That sounds great for Shuuka's fat ass being drawn by a PriPara artist, go smart people xD. Thanks as I hadn't thought about Yurika being "rich" but indeed xD. Makes sense for dreams being the focus of the season xD. That's a funny coincidence with the older sister being based on the main girl from the Pretty Rhythm season you're watching now xD. Fair for watching it and PriChan raw, boo slow and terrible subs xD. That is certainly incredible, glad to hear she does so well <3. Makes sense, though a shame Mikan was the only one not at high school so she lost a bit of screentime sometimes! Cool about doing Sophie sometimes to finish the Top 5 sometime xD. Indeed I haven't heard of Escoba, nice joke though I'm not sure which busty childhood friend you were meaning xD. Sounds cool so good luck, and go Miyuri keeping her safe too xD. That's a relief xD.
emperortopaz Aug 5, 7:01 AM
Awesome xD. That's fair and thanks for understanding, fair that two previous seasons added girls like that xD. Awesome and even better about the season having several meganekko xD. Aye, and I see for the Spanish translation of Iron Head being changed with spaces and more referencing a mountain or something similar from what Google tells me xD. True about that, it was mainly the most current games that seem to suffer and poor girls like Keiki indeed :/. True for the exclusive frames, I was thinking that the improved palatte on the GBC games caused the Super Game Boy to offer more colors when customizing xD. Cool you agree and awesome getting LA for your incoming birthday present, being fair the Switch remake does seem to improve a lot and from what I saw of a playthrough should be more enjoyable than the original xD. Awesome doing the DLC stories in Three Houses and awesome about the proud ojou with the cool voice, go improving her ojou laugh and great joke about her practicing xD. Though boo people being happy being fed terrible translations that ruin the characters just because they hate sex to the point of making a girl a lesbian and having her not fall for guys thus changing the meaning behind the relationships except for the the trap and the one who "drugged" her; people in America are truly thin-skinned and people need to stop being so approving of taking sex and other things while rewriting what happens and thinking that's for the best! It's like what happened with Dragon Quest only that at least tries to be consistant xD. And cool about the free stage, sounds funn playing Saturday and trying out the thing xD. Happy birthday to Yoshi's Island as well, hard to believe it was so long ago xD.

Glad that it was still enjoyable and fun xD. Fair as that's a reference to the mammoth in the Frog game xD. Glad you understood, was worried it would be more complicated than I could explain xD. No worries as I understand, I blame people trying to to hit certain numbers to troll people, and of course for supporting you too!

Glad that Shuuka won't be stealing money but great silly title xD. Indeed for Kan'u being sexy and cool for being the third Twitter but a shame forgetting her last year! True that there's many people you missed out on and nice joke about Meganii joke and the goddesses and spirits being unimportant (and that Mimiko lacks a 3D model) xD. Nice introduction still, and nice "bling bling" and idol time being money xD (not to mention her saying her catchphrase xD). Sounds sexy for Kan'u meeting with me and nice joke about Miku and Hibiki going into the sunset in the afternoon xD. Her dark blue hair is really great and fair for a bit of purple, and cool for her ponytail and hime cut as looks great (and cool for her hair accessories too). I agree that purple eyes are amazing, especially with a good tsurime xD. True that all of Shuuka is valuable and glad she enjoys the praise as you head to perversions; fair for lacking measurements but go looking like a little girl anime heroine including being flat and petite (even if she grows) and go growing up slightly inside PriPara as well as her silly gesture too xD. Shame that more girls don't take after Yurika or Tsubomi and her butt punch, and great peaching from Shuuka for revenge <3 (sadly only canon things count xD). Too bad Shuuka doesn't get as many costumes and has a uniform that's nothing special but cool for Rich Venus not involving a pirate's boat and cool for her default costume and golden outfit, as well as the maid uniform xD. Cool being introduced in the "swimsuit" episode and boo PriPara having such difficulty making them, and cool being a rival and having realistic goals compared to dreams xD. Go being better with teamwork and nice joke about Mimiko's personality xD. Go being an ojou character and Celeb type and carrying a piggy bank as sounds silly but glad she's hardworking too xD. Cool for the older sister who is a reference to an older series, and cool respecting Hibiki and doing so well thanks to her training and skill xD (and sounds funny for her favorite food xD). That's not a lot of episodes but glad that she still shows good screentime and development, but boo the West disliking her series and having sub issues as a result! Glad she still gets fanart if not much, and go your readers learning about Shuuko even if there aren't many of us xD (and seems she's depressed that she's not getting paid either xD). Cool for the cute yuri with Gaalala and being a good couple, and true that being a 6th year in elementary school does make her seem closer to being a middle school girl. Sounds funny for the punny birthdays, and cool for Madoka Asahina doing a good job with the ojou speak and Nagoya dialect, and makes sense she needs more roles xD. Fair for the other PriPara girls being in your top 5 but Shuuka still being great in general though seems Gaalala is playing with other goddesses though I'm not sure the game xD. Hopefully Shuuka won't be in danger but sounds great doing the Aikatsu moon twins for your birthday next week <3. And thanks for the birthday wishes once again too xD. Sorry for the long reply though xD.
emperortopaz Aug 4, 7:01 AM
Figured you would be xD. Right for the silly coincidence xD. True I don't mind Sawako too much either xD. Glad you liked that joke xD. That's a relief and true for the other mid-season Cures, but I meant more that I hope that they weren't rushing it due to the pandemic xD. Speaking of little girl anime Kaname sounds cute and go the Pretty Rhythm meganekko even if she lacks glasses while dancing (but go the big circular glasses version being on MAL xD). Boo that indeed! But thanks for the birthday wishes xD.

Agreed, and hopefully not. Cool for Platinum as think a lot of attacks in English were changed in Gen 6 to add spaces, but indeed for the silly Accurate wave xD. Indeed for Sakurafaces being purple, and indeed for Rin not being punished for a different character xD. Right for that, and agreed Tojiko and Seiga among others need more love! Figured you'd agree, though I don't know if I noticed much of a difference between GB and GBC but in fairness I didn't have many GBC-only games xD. Figured you'd appreciate it and it is a shame it didn't leave Japan, agreed it was done really well and I like it more than Link's Awakening xD (maybe they'll remake it for Switch using the new Link's Awakening engine xD). That I did, go getting the Edelgard romance ending as she looks cute xD.

Glad you liked the blog, even if you don't know her at all (other than having a nice ass I suppose xD). Thanks for the birthday wishes once again xD. And no worries for not noticing Topaz's attack, fair that him having that attack isn't based on Pokémon but rather a reference to my old games like this; effectively it's a huge energy blast attack xD. Also that sounds disgusting about someone uploading manass and other gay things on Pixiv, you don't deserve to have this happen and hopefully it stops happening soon ;_;.