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SPARTAN_119 2 hours ago
I see for Topaz liking Teana, though it clearly isn't for one of the usual reasons, and given that in the official art, at least is StrikerS, she doesn't appear to be significantly larger in the chest area than Subaru, I suspect it isn't the other reason either XD! Personally, the main thing I remember about Teana is her yuri with Subaru. Indeed for all the blog girls enjoying some assy fun, except the villains. For that matter, I believe even some of the villains ended up enjoying being spanked by Katja xD! Also, makes sense that Subaru is best of the new girls of StrikerS, but not counting the returning girls like adult Nanoha and Fate. I would say that adult Hayate also scores pretty high (albeit not quite as high as the other two), as you will see in her blog when I get it finished. That being said, looks like Topaz might be getting another delivery next week, though I'm not sure how much he'll like this one XD! I think you delivered the Monogatari girl he'd be into last year XD!
emperortopaz Yesterday, 11:58 AM
Right and good luck xD. No worries as I understand, it's just that Aine is the avatar of the series and that's the main issue so sorry they're shoving her into almost every episode :/. True for at least becoming friends as opposed to Ako and Mahiru just appearing and not really having much actual interaction! Right for the terrible issues xD. Figured and nice name, though sorry more childhood friends don't get the love they deserve :/.

Awesome xD. Great nickname and right! I didn't consider that, but indeed for being a skeleton and thus not actually having eyeballs xD. Fair for going backwards and cool about beating MM10, and cool about playing MM9 as indeed this counts xD. Sorry about mamocentrism being so terrible ;_;.

Fair and sorry for getting wordy when reviewing blogs, I just want to make sure I touch all the topics! Glad you liked the comments, and sorry about things being so awful ;_;. Don't die!
emperortopaz Yesterday, 7:27 AM
Don't worry as I understand and go getting further maybe xD. Right xD. Glad that the episodes aren't Venus Arc horrible yet as agree that they're good with minor issues mostly, and indeed for sadly forgetting the teams gimmick though maybe they wanted to show off the uniqueness of one of the famous unit this episode xD. Agreed and good comparison though I hope that's not the reason as they deserve to perform soon xD. Indeed and right for not yet showing the lessons they learned in Stars xD. Speaking of shows thanks for the warning about the eye damage, like this show needs more issues xD (though it wasn't too bad overall, helps that it was a nicking shot from a laser rather than something that could have been more brutal). But indeed for Issei getting punched being a good point, nice wishful idea too xD. Should have known, boo that :/. Agreed that having it be Debora for the exclusiveness would have been cool though I imagine you'd like it if they chose Flora too xD.

Figured you'd appreciate the girls having those attacks xD. Thanks, figured it was fitting xD. Agreed for mages being sadly mistreated! No worries as I only could think of Pisard since I saw his episode recently (at least somewhat) and he's a guy, and I thought of the Smile villains trying to take over Reika's student council election too xD. I see about being destroyed by it's own eye beams, though hopefully not in the eyes itself as that's fine xD. Congrats about getting the two MM Legacy Collections, and especially since you now own MM8 too xD. Speaking of games I blame Senran fanboys for that terrible thread about Blazblue breasts :/.

Getting to the blog, the club comment sounds humorously inappropriate and great King of Braves title! Cool about going into the next dimension and the various dub DBZ jokes xD. Go Subaru rollerskating in and introducing herself promptly xD. Agreed that there's nothing wrong with talking about good series alot, and no worries about Lindy being underscored thanks to her updates as I'm sure she understands xD. Nice reference to the second OP Katja, though I agree that Teana should have the chest service instead (and nice guns joke too xD). Fair that she needs to leave to do that, and true about the ancient blogs are still canon xD. True about the short hair being an issue though true about being a tough punching girl, and cool the headband helps though I do understand, she needs to be like her sister and grow her hair long xD. Glad that Nanoha not spamming green eyes helps (though shame for blue eyes being common) and true that it goes good with her hair color though I had forgotten that she had a golden-eyed form so cool xD. Great thick glasses reference though think you still like them, but I still found her confusion funny xD. Cool for her height being good even if she's short though agreed that short strong girls are good too, and true about being melee and not beam-spammy xD. Fair for her bust though still sorry, and true about being a cyborg and clone as that makes me think of Metal Gear for some reasons xD. Cool for having some nice ass moments including the transformation, and agreed she's one of the assier girls of the series even if Fate is so powerful xD. Great mooning and offer by Subaru to kiss her fat smelly ass, especially if she becomes addicted <3 (even if Chiaki isn't proud of your ability to write while doing it xD). Fair for the military uniform being bland especially without pantyhose, but cool about Subaru looking better in her belly-showing Barrier Jacket, and cool for having some side cosplays and having ass focus too <3. Go being a dedicated girl with a goal and serving under Nanoha, and cool for using "Mach Punch" too xD. Cool for saving Nanoha and fair for not being as good as the original two series but still better than anything that came later, chronologically at least xD. Cool about training the next generation as well. Cool acting feminine and being kind and gentle, and still fighting for others is a great personality trait. Fair for the silly Wing Road as I found that funny, and agreed that Subaru was awesome! Indeed about the praise and fair for maybe liking her fifth due to how awesome the other girls are xD (though considering how characters many there are that's still impressive xD). Go making you kiss more too! Cool for Katja returning well-fed! True that Subaru is probably the most popular StrikerS new girl, even if the show is old (and boo people forgetting). Would be nice if she had more to do in the new series too, but that might be for the best xD. True for being naughty and yuri with Teana (especially as Subaru is the one in the lead), and go referencing the rainbows meme xD. Fair for not minding her slightly older ages as much now, but I understand liking Subaru more in her original age xD. I hadn't noticed Chiwa Saitou did her so awesome as I do like her, though agreed that the NanoFate duo is just so powerful xD. Cool for mentioning Subaru's self-pronouns xD. Fair for needing more exceptional moments, and even better if Subaru gets a bigger ass and more scenes <3. Glad that you mentioned the similar VA as realized that when you mentioned Subaru's VA, but boo Hitagi showing up like the crab that she is! Hopefully she won't get a chance to staple you either xD.
SPARTAN_119 Yesterday, 1:36 AM
Just saw your blog, and awesome for Subaru finally making her appearance, even if she was confused about Katja wanting to drink some soma, but going for Teana instead. Hope Subaru doesn't get jealous XD! In any case awesome for both the glasses and the assy fanservice. Seems that in spite of being less straight than your average rainbow, Teana still likes having her fat ass kissed. Also, looks like Katja managed to have her fun with Teana in time to see your fanservice scene. Also, awesome for Subaru scoring pretty well in her various area, including her "rainbows are straighter" meme and being the best girl introduced StrikerS. Cool for her being voiced by Chiwa Saito as well. Good idea for her training to become assier in order to reach Nanoha and Fate's level. Of course, at this point another girl with the same voice shows and sadly, it's isn't Homura XD! Don't worry, I'm sure Subaru and the other girls will deal with this "crab problem".
emperortopaz May 22, 7:04 AM
Fair for getting Medli first due to requirements xD. Awesome and hope it's enjoyable! Agreed! Exactly and I like how you describe that, and aye for the plot exclusion xD. No worries about complaining about Aine, true that there's been a lot of episodes recently centered around her but I suppose that's how current shows have bias so sorry :/. At least the Mirai did the concert alone and they didn't shove Aine into yet another one I suppose, but boo not showing off the teams gimmick! Hopefully after the introduction episodes we'll see the girls perform properly, especially the other two main girls! I agree that Mio being featured next episode helps, but indeed for the focus and special treatment being bad! Speaking of over-favored characters boo the Longplays channel having a Bianca bride playthrough of DQ5, unless you're trying to trick me with it actually being Debora instead xD.

Agreed, and being fair Jade, Haruka, and Yui also have ass attacks too xD (that's "Bite of the Jade Scorpion", "Tanline Breaker", and "Dislodging Strike" if curious). Fair as I thought of that reference as well, nor is he a Devil Knight xD. Figured you'd understand and boo IS hating mages when they're usually the best offensive class! True for Mercelida and other motherly examples too xD. Exactly, and I think that other PreCure villains disguised themselves as teachers too so shame about not using that idea! Indeed for the funny similarities, and cool for Kitarou fighting a giant skeleton youkai then as hopefully this one didn't get killed by an eye injury xD. Right, hopefully it'll stay good xD.
Archon_Wing May 21, 4:52 PM
I think I've said before that it's hard to do screencaps of Kyoani shows because individual skills are not too good; apparently most people just aren't photogenic in their shows sadly. And right Kyoani is still leagues ahead of 8-shit but they'd get leeway. Yea, since the answer to best breasts is bigger breasts thus causing a singularity. Meanwhile asses are the opposite and are generally too small but at least I've not heard any complaints about anyone's ass being too big, except one character in Harakana Receive was conscious of it and was quickly told that's just complete nonsense xD Incidentally, even Yuiko Kurugaya thinks breasts are overrated and people are silly for thinking about it too much, saying that Kud is perfectly fine the way they are in an odd moment of lucidity for Key.

Well every game needs its own derp to take on first, though if you had to deal with 8 derpy Kyoani characters that would make it very hard to decide. Incidentally the Mega Man games without a clear 1st tend to be more frustrating and Mega Man 3 has the oddity of some robot masters being weak to more than one weapon. I guess they just didn't like them? Mega Man 7 also has the 2 weakness thing but it has the issue of only being able to fight 4 at the start thus you'll be using the Mega Buster to fight 2 of them likely and also probably why I never bothered recording that game xD

And then there's Mega Man and Bass where the weapons are shit and don't even really work on their "intended target". Especially the Magic Card (it's as lame as it sounds).

But the worst is Dynamo Man (not to be confused with Dynamo). His "weakness" is the copy shot. The copy shot creates a clone of Mega Man which should serve as a distraction but it doesn't and all it does is fire pellet shots which is certainly not what you want to fire at bosses with due to the invulnerability frames. [Also why ki spam never worked in DBZ] So why does it even work? Well, he can arbitrarily use a healing thing that comes down from the ceiling and has 2 sides. You're supposed to use your clone to destroy one side while you destroy the other and he slowly heals his health until you do that. There's no limit to how often and how much he can heal so if you botch it once, you've basically wasted all your time. Also, there's no energy tanks in the game. Example: https://youtu.be/XgOn4d819s4?t=384 Also I see they don't bother using the weapon which doesn't surprise me.

I liked the video. Right, those are annoying and sadly some of my favorite characters have terrible fans, not that I let them bother me too much xD True with shy girls never becoming sadists. Closest we have is like Homura maybe. And disappointed Hifumi never went that way.

Yea, just speaking for what I know. Ah, but are the towels any good? That somehow reminds me of how Portugal usually gets cheaper stuff in games they're in. Like Age of Empires 2 having their units costing less gold thus also having cheap monks (monks only cost gold) while Spanish ones convert enemies faster. Both of them have bonuses to gunpowder where Portuguese ones fire more accurately while Spanish ones fire faster. Unfortunately since they usually come in expansions for games, they tend to get somewhat derivative abilities, thus often being Luigi to Spain's Mario. And then they added Italians to ruin this analogy.

Although this is still better than Europa Universalis 4 where you can't form Spain proper unless all of Iberia is under Christian control. That would be fine and all, but the problem is you have to rely on Portugal to not screw up and lose random bits of land and we all know how reliable AI allies are thus being the equivalent of an escort mission but with countries.

Meanwhile, apparently the best strategy is to deliberately get your heir killed at the start because he sucks. [I wish we had that option for anime studios] The best way to do this is to have him lead an army and every time the army does something, he has a chance to die thus if you don't want to go to war, you'd just keep shuffling it around until he trips and dies I guess. Sadly, I've lost too many generals to just moving.

Incidentally, if you play as Portugal, it can form Spain too but I don't think that's much of an interesting topic. Finally, the game disables achievements unless you pick the no-undo ironman mode so tons of restarts and thus boo.

Right, I think that will happen but unfortunately nobody annoying has died much to my disappointment. Also, best girl is https://myanimelist.net/character/93539/Tsuyuno_Yatsumura and the quick description makes it pretty obvious, and meanwhile Frieza just needs to refinance his evil empire I guess.
emperortopaz May 21, 11:59 AM
Awesome xD. Fair for having to do work all around Adventure Mode but still good job! And cool about getting the Gundam game so go coming early I think xD. Figured that would be the case with her nice voice and bodysuit ass xD. I see then, boo that meme as I still remember it getting used all over! Fair but indeed about figuring out how to beat Rydia before summoning Titan and right about spamming Flare as that's hilarious as she wouldn't know Fire xD.

Glad you liked the strikes and ramen power, and figured you'd like Mari's ass attack since figured it was appropriate and my side could use more ass-element attacks xD. Fair as was thinking he was dressed like a pyramid but I see about that guy building a pyramid instead xD. Thanks again xD. That too, it was hard to notice as I could only find an animated image xD. Right for basically being the same thing but at least it's another name xD. Cool about Kitarou having the human girl's mother appear and even better having Akiko's VA as that is very fitting xD. Speaking of mature women true about Purple not fitting the school uniform, she should have obviously been a teacher instead xD. Great name for Homare's new attack and I like the monster maybe being Miyuki from my harem too xD (though shame about cutting the braids I suppose). Good point about Ruru becoming Mecha-Ruru being original, seems this series is looking up xD.
emperortopaz May 21, 7:04 AM
Right for the nostalgia xD. Great job beating it then and fair about unlocking more characters xD. Fair for Ann being your favorite by default right now, but think she'll still do well even once they appear more xD. Boo both issues indeed! Fair though I'm not sure which meme you mean then xD. Nice video of using glitches I think to beat Rydia over and over again while keeping Kain in your party, it's especially funny once Rydia joins too xD (with Flare no less).

Aye xD. Agreed and hopefully you like the ones I gave the girls xD. Didn't realize that it was from a pyramid villain as that matches both even further xD. Thanks then, though did them and hope you like them too xD. Indeed! True as I didn't notice her hair was so bad, unfortunate xD. That too though at least Fates called them something else on the one side I think xD. Aye for the girls having weapons xD.
teubert2 May 21, 5:22 AM
" Adult men should like big asses, breasts are for hungry babies." by that logic, I can say "Adult men should like big breasts, asses are used to sit on toilets.".

Oppai is love, oppai is life.
emperortopaz May 20, 12:00 PM
Thanks and indeed it is plenty fun xD. Fair for getting closer and I see for the Legends additions and stuff making it longer xD. True for Prinz fitting ass growth the best xD. Cool about asking your favorite I think to pose nude xD. Right and fair for that guy being a genderswapping guy instead but still something you have an issue with xD. Right and boo terrible memes, shame for ass memes dying but sorry the mamocentric ones have longer lifespans!

Awesome xD. Exactly for the big maps xD. Right for the two sisters xD. Cool about the DS remakes properly splitting the two classes then so people aren't confused xD. No worries as I figured that was the case, I like silly moves anyway xD. Awesome for Tsubasa's great inspirations then xD. Fair since I thought Menace had attacks from there for the same reason though Nebetah still has one remaining too for the reference, and great name for that show xD. Thanks for understanding too xD.

Thanks for understanding, and cool for liking the main cast being themed xD. Aye xD. Fair for the specialized mages as I didn't think of them, and nice name for Souta xD. I'm not sure either, but it does seem to be something they'd use on a flyer xD (like Haar, maybe). Right that Miku isn't the pure sort of dancer like Ninian and more like Tethys or Sylvia sorta xD. Figured that would make sense xD. My bad for confusing the two rival sword classes but indeed for the strange promotion xD. Thanks for understanding, and boo the games lacking mage variety too! Indeed plus Reisen is known for her spear while Selvaria has a big fancy sword xD. Right though no worries about that slipping your mind xD. Of course xD.
emperortopaz May 20, 7:02 AM
Awesome xD. Indeed, it's been too long of a break though I'm only on volume 19 out of 27 so I still have a ways to go xD. Awesome about maybe having the story finished, good luck if you're still working on it xD. Indeed since sometimes that happens xD. Agreed as it sounds stupid, though good idea about Prinz becoming assier (though in fairness all ships should become assier when upgraded xD). Also cool about Persona 5 having a Sugita art guy join the main cast xD. In other shows boo Mahou Shoujo having a not-Hideri trap as that's not what they needed to steal from that one Raising Project grimdark show, though maybe this one will be killed in a grim manner for you too xD. Boo the terrible Oppai Challenge as there's far too many of those already, and I've heard about people misspelling that term as I blame memes but sorry that people think that terrible words and breasts are funny :/.

That he is and figured that was the reason xD. Fair for mounted units being liked by experts especially in Genealogy xD. Fair for not being sure about which Soldier Karin is closer to xD. Right, and glad you liked the joke xD. Right for Nebetah xD. Aye and glad you liked the comparison, great name for the sisters too xD. Fair that the two classes were the same early on, and right xD. Exactly, nice comparison too xD. Right! Awesome about adding the two new girls to the SRW spreadsheet; sounds like Chiharu means business by throwing cards and charging with her chair since I imagine that looks silly, great idol moves from Tsubasa as that makes me think of Seira from Aikatsu and also think Rola used a guitar sometimes too, and cool for Noriko taking moves from famous Shounen Jump series xD. Fair for changing the brown girl's attacks though I think Nebetah's were a reference to Menace's, but her attacks now fit her more and I like how Miyabi has Space CQC like in Nyarlko maybe xD. Hopefully I'll be able to add my girls and their attacks soon xD.

Glad you liked them and true for lacking Lords as didn't think of using them xD. Indeed for Topaz and Maeka's magical family! Hadn't considered that as I gave Jade a strong class while Kaede uses swords, but that fits even better than expected xD. Right as I had difficulty finding more base classes but cool it fits well, and hadn't thought about that as I just gave him Priest as Cleric is a female-only class xD. Right as that's what I was going for and indeed for Natsume xD. Exactly, and also because she's to lazy to walk places xD. Cool that classes like with Kaguya fit well as again had difficulty figuring out base classes xD. Indeed for Miyuki being defensive and Miku likes showing off, even if she's not as musical as say the idol girls since they already had a theme xD. Right for Hitomi and Mei both being fliers xD. Nice name for the duo of Charlotte and Fumika since with the former I wanted a class with healing and bow-use xD. Fair for Hinata also being a Mercenary and true for Fates though Sacred Stones also had that promotion option xD. Right since she's a genie and I couldn't think of a better base class so sorry xD. Makes sense as I didn't want to use it either, and fair as didn't consider that being an option for Marika xD. Nice name for them and good point for the Taguel class though they can't transform, and fair as Natsuki is the best option since she has a dragon-like attack like the Ikkitousen girls do xD. Fair for summarizing and no worries about that, but glad you liked them all xD.
Archon_Wing May 19, 2:11 PM
Yea but it had shit blowing in the wind and stuff. But yea Maid Dragon at least looked different. Right most would be drawn and quartered if it was anywhere near as bad and likewise if Kyoani did the same thing with Rewrite they'd probably get praised anyways. Right, there seems to be a checklist of terrible things you must do.

That is true, but I guess what happens in practice is not what happens in reality. It's now the Penguin Armor instead of Falcon Armor. The thing about X6 is that while the new armors provide different utility (aka use this armor to pass an arbitrary obstruction like the Gaea Armor in X5) the thing about X6's armor seems like they're bad in its own way. For example, the Blade Armor is more mobile but then the X Buster is so bad it has trouble handling regular enemies. The Shadow Armor is immune to spikes and does a lot of damage however it can't airdash and literally cannot clear some sections without parts. I guess whoever designed X6 had a thing for swords because that's what the game seems designed around and at some point you should just find Zero and play as him. Though it also reminds me of Mega Man and Bass where the game seemed designed for Bass and Mega Man was an afterthought. Yea, but then you'd actually want to lose.

Sure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1l9hsLo2Qg Right, people are just lame like that. Yea it ends up well and great for those without good memory I guess.

Well Shippers in general tend to ruin everything, and a subset of shippers that (admittingly) gets rejected a lot tends to be a bit crazy. Especially when you know people hate Fate because she exists and thus a shipping obstruction to some other crappy ship, it is bad. I'm sure you have too many examples to list. This is why you don't read the whole thing and only cherry pick things of choice; I did that with Darkness for sure xD The only problem comes when to stop otherwise you'll run into shit like one of the girls has a dick because you obviously clicked on a yuri thing to see dicks. :S

Boo Americans only knowing like 4 countries and Europe which isn't a country. But oh well, we tend to screw up other countries' names pretty good. Though we did spell France of all places right! [But then we call them the French] But I suppose it gets even worse in Asia. China is nothing like that in Chinese. And then there's the whole Nippon/Japan thing. Apparently both cases were the fault of the Portuguese as mostly everyone else borrowed their terms. And sounds about right for Franxx.

Finally, Mahou Shoujo Site has actually gotten better again, though I still wouldn't call it good. I would have actually say last episode was good, but of course they can't have that and introduced a trap magical girl who also has the same god damned ribbon as Hideri . And I suppose he's not that awful of a character for trap standards but for this and the show, it's pretty stupid. On the good side though, we had bare ass from the best girl and all things considered that was good since that other annoying cowy character could have ruined everything but didn't! Also ....
emperortopaz May 19, 12:03 PM
No worries as I understand and agree with that xD. It is indeed a lot of fun, and if I did my research right the last volume I got came out in May of '05 meaning I had to wait almost 13 years to continue with it as I could never find it again xD. Awesome about beating the story fast again and cool for getting all the extras as well! Thanks and no worries! Aye for bad scores in the past, and checking back I did mention something like that xD. Nice joke about Yamato the ship, shame if she did indeed get bustier but I don't know if that's true as it's hard to tell (boo if it is true though :/).

Great job as always, and true for Zettai supporting his girls though it's funny to see a Lord use staffs-only xD. Right for the axes because big asses xD. Fair about Genealogy classes being stingy though wonder if they get the crit bonus some other upgrades do xD. That she does xD. Don't worry as I figured Karin had good stats like the Tellius soldiers, helps that one of my favorite girls is in that group xD. Right for both! Fair and I bet that their mounts are tired yet extremely happy xD. No worries as I was thinking that was the case, cool for being consistent and letting Cecilia keep her horse xD. No worries as I didn't notice that, but no worries about Nebetah's classes as she still sounds cool xD. No worries as I was just making sure with the class changes I wasn't familiar with, and cool since Shion and Yukiho are the same xD. True for Mercenary and Myrmidon being opposite and true for Shrine Maiden fitting well as I was curious if that was added or not xD. Awesome and cool for the exclusive ice tome maybe xD. That's fair but nothing wrong with that as they fit well (especially Chiharu as remembered that she has Micaiah's VA too xD), and glad summarizing wasn't an issue xD.

Speaking of classes I got mine done too! Hopefully you enjoy them, and no worries for summarizing either xD.

Hope you like them all xD.
emperortopaz May 19, 7:07 AM
Fair point about them then xD. Boo indeed ;_;. That's a relief and agreed xD. Glad you liked it and since you asked it was Excel Saga xD. Agreed! I see for Hyrule Warriors Switch coming out, and hopefully that means that you were the one to get it xD. No worries xD. Indeed, I have a bad habit of describing scenes poorly so sorry! No worries! Sorry again! Of course, sorry about not thinking ahead as much as I should have! Speaking of my blog no worries about mentioning Dokuro being over-scored, sorry as that was back when I was horribly mamocentric and terrible, boo Dokuro taking advantage of that!

In better news cool about the harem FE classes! I'm surprised that Zettai starts out with Staffs-only but go being magical, awesome name for Hiroko's end class as sounds sexy and go using all weapons, cool for Asuho and Rin the axe classes, I'm surprised that Sayo and Marika don't get a second weapon when they upgrade but great choices still, and cool for Yuno being a Mage Knight as that surprises me (though being a chuuni fits that xD). Cool for Ayako's majestic class, fitting for the strong Setsuna to be a Hero and for Akari the idol to be a Dancer, cool for Yuuko being a bow-using flying class after upgrade, cool for Karin's war-knowledge making her into a Soldier though that's a good class, and cool for Tamaki the Adventurer doggirl xD. Awesome for the robot girl Ruri to be a defensive general and makes sense for the vampiric Lili to be able to use Dark tomes (though never light ones which is fitting xD). Cool for Yoshiko's class fitting really well and her upgrade fits her well too, awesome for the healer Reika and I like how most of the adults have mounts too, cool for Liz being a Sniper though surprised that wasn't Cecilia instead (though Nomad fits her well too), go the strong honorable Anna, cool for Nebetah being another axe-user, cool for Miyabi's use of ranged weapons too, a little surprised that the Great Knight doesn't get more weapons but wonder if Maunaloa and Aika are the respective red/green cavaliers, and fitting that Heren is the Manakete xD. Cool for Fen's sword-using class and wonder if Ran herself is a Shrine Maiden in canon but cool class still, go Anko having a Spear because fishing maybe, bet that Tsurara is Ice-focused if that's a thing like in the Radiant series, and cool for Nadia being a stealthy lockpick as she's used to hiding things xD. Fitting that Umiko is a Pirate while Shizuka is an Oni as well, cool for Xenia having a divine class and one that attacks physically too, go Chiharu apparently working in a holy office and using light magic, cool for the rival Tsubasa to use Dark magic and also physical attacks too, and go the manga artist Noriko using spells and spears as sounds cool xD. Sorry for the long summary though!
emperortopaz May 18, 12:01 PM
I wouldn't call them that, but sorry mature women aren't more praised! It's not nonsense as I found that trivia funny xD. I do see the problem and sorry people draw such terrible things and force manass in tags ;_;. Sorry for liking the cuter meganekko more than the older serious-looking one! While that is an issue these days it's because I'm trying to read and upload an old manga that I downloaded in late April after not seeing it for almost ten years, sorry my nostalgia got the best of me ;_; (and I still have a good amount of volumes left if curious). Nonsense as it is important, boo FE being so awful as this isn't even the first time Tharja had this kind of issue so boo Nintendo and mobile games in general being awful ;_;.

You shouldn't be insulting people just for having different tastes! Fair and sorry for being colorblind sometimes! Fair for other blogs having excuses, but sorry for being hypocritical at times! Sorry for not apologizing sooner about how awful the series is and not warning you properly, but sorry for having fanservice as I wasn't even intending on it being mamocentric (really, I did not mean to imply that they were using their breasts at all. I imagined it as the two pretty much squeezing me between their shoulders/sides, their heads at the level of my head which is how Esdeath could tease my ear (which was with her mouth)). Sorry for my terrible habit of making normal service sound mamocentric, that seriously wasn't my intent at all but still sorry ;_;. Sorry for having brain damage and liking dumb shows sometimes! I hadn't imagined that it was going to be that mamocentric, sorry again that it came off like that and sorry for my poor tastes too! Fair as she did in both the manga and anime, sorry for having bad tastes too ;_;. I didn't intend on recreating it at all, I just mentioned it for completion's sake so sorry about the blog bothering you so much ;_;.