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Kiratto Pri☆chan 2nd Season
Kiratto Pri☆chan 2nd Season
6 hours ago
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Gegege no Kitarou (2018)
Gegege no Kitarou (2018)
6 hours ago
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Ojamajo Doremi: Owarai Gekijou
Ojamajo Doremi: Owarai Gekijou
7 hours ago
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 4: Diamond wa Kudakenai
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 4: Diamond wa Kudakenai
May 19, 4:39 AM
Reading 102/174 · Scored 9
Shin Mazinger Zero
Shin Mazinger Zero
May 18, 10:00 AM
Reading 19/43 · Scored 9
Kakegurui Twin
Kakegurui Twin
May 5, 2:49 AM
Reading 18/? · Scored 8


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emperortopaz Yesterday, 12:02 PM
Certainly, so hope Erena gets a good episode xD. Agreed! Great pun there xD. Seems all the sitcoms you watch were good then, unless there's some I don't know about xD. Right xD. I figured that you'd remember it was coming up, as well as the cute vampire who will likely be talked about xD. My mistake as didn't realize Gold Experience and King Crimson both have golden faces sorta but true for both being in this part, I see that even you get confused sometimes xD. True since Jump fanservice is so mamocentric and figured that the warning would be good! Though sorry for the episode having manass since there was any in the chapter so boo the terrible adaptation adding the worst possible thing without adding more girlass in return, boo the preview with Mafuyu marshmallowing as she deserves better, and sorry again for suggesting this series since was hoping they'd remove all the terrible things instead of adding worse things ;_; (hope that the girls are still good, fanservice aside, but still sorry ;_;).

Figured you'd understand though sorry for being such a child sometimes but no offense taken xD. That's a good way to describe it, fitting since she's sorta awkward herself xD. Thanks for understanding xD. That could work too though girlass could always use more representation, but indeed for the unfair double standard! Agreed for Tsubasa being so great, and I understand that she's too low when she's likely the secondary protagonist! But glad Hibiki is still being more popular than Chris xD. Right for that! That sounds like what nerd or geek has become over here too maybe, great comparison to The Incredibles line as well xD.
emperortopaz Yesterday, 7:02 AM
Agreed, much better than Hikaru easily xD. That sounds silly as well, boo terrible translations but fair for the puns being alright xD. Good point about having to dye clothes being annoying xD. That's a relief then, and true for Modern Family also being good, glad that the sitcoms were cool xD. Right! Figured that her fang might help xD. Agreed, I noticed because I wanted to see how many more blogs until the vampire one xD. Also cool for the MUDAMUDAMUDA battle, that did look incredible and go King Crimson I think since he's one of the few stands I recognize xD. Speaking of anime, BokuBen has a bath sequence so just as a warning there's chest service so just want to warn you!

Certainly, and fair though they might turn up low regardless xD. Figured you'd understand, and no worries though if it helps one of the girls I planned to do this month had the issue of needing a few more chapters translated and I wanted to read them so sorry for doing the unfair girl xD. Cool that you understand the confusion, shame I got Riri's weapon wrong so long ago xD. No worries about that xD. Aye, though hope girlass stages start becoming popular again xD. Also happy birthday to Tsubasa the great GAR magical girl indeed <3. Fair that Hibiki and Chris are more popular, at least Hibiki has the excuse of being the lead but sorry for the busty Chris the original redeemed villain being so popular! That is a funny point about the three being like the sword/brawler/gunner Miis xD. Also cool that today is Towel Day as that's awesome, and that Geek Pride thing sounds awful xD.
emperortopaz May 24, 12:07 PM
Awesome xD. Agreed, poor Erena needing more screentime! I see about only translating half his name as I agree that's dumb, and fair for the Ace Attorney names being alright for pun reasons xD. Makes sense about missing the red clothes and there needs to be a way to trade outfits in that game xD. Exactly xD. Cool you were worried, though sorry about the slight haircut!

Right xD. No worries about that xD. Good point for the blond hair and meh eyes, true for the other girls being better though Saya has a fang too though not sure if the other girls do or not xD. Cool about that being somewhat right, and aye as you might be able to tell from this blog as I've been off by one ever since Umaru's blog and just barely noticed in time to correct this week's number xD.

Figured you'd understand that and nice nickname for the duo xD. That's a relief for the rescores then xD. I suppose that's a good point, I suppose that it would make it seem like that but it's more that I haven't done an H-series girl in a while and wanted to do one with a little more personality than just their libido xD (though in fairness, the connections she had to Jian was another reason I wanted to talk about her). Fair for your reasoning as I understand it too! That makes sense about Riri's weapon change, I suppose that it's me being stubborn so sorry but for some reason I always picture her with a scythe xD (personally I think it's because I got confused with Haqua's weapon and outfit for some strange reason xD). No worries as I understand, I didn't mean to be as mean-spirited as it was mainly for fun xD. And glad that you understand about this being my blog too xD. Aye :/, but glad the manass stages are gone xD.
emperortopaz May 24, 7:02 AM
Aye, and that I did xD. Fair for Madoka also needing some focus, but Erena still needs more love! Agreed, and right for that being an issue all over, nice point about King Kai and various other silly name changes such as a certain Phoenix and his law series xD. Great way to describe the duo <3. Fair for that being special for the 300th blog xD. I see for Boss Borot and the open cabin as I think that's the face but sounds like it's not as fun and wish they got more usage indeed! Glad you think the same way, though good point about being dumb and splitting colors as hope they don't do that either! Agreed and true for the pregnant fun not being as bad xD. Aye, and you mean particularly the farming one xD. Also agreed for TBBT's finale being good, I'm glad that Amy didn't lose her glasses in her makeover xD.

Right, and don't worry as I figured that was the case with Chiaki xD. Right for the lethal myth and terrible president xD. Indeed and thanks for understanding since realize she's really terrible for you in multiple ways! Figured as much and fair for Hajime being more interesting though nothing wrong with Saya the childhood friend, just that she's tsundere I imagine xD. I see about Hasta and Daruku being mixed up and doing the windy girl last month while this month might be a great brown girl! No worries for the mistake as I understand that can happen xD.

Glad that you enjoyed the rescores, and fair for the two girls but I'm still several weeks ahead so sorry about not doing Frolaytia or Esdeath but they're likely coming (though not next week). Sorry for the blog being so terrible, though I tried to keep mamocentrism from invading the blog portions but still sorry! Fair for me being mamocentric and stubborn, and fair for the explanation for Riri using a different weapon not being good enough so sorry for being such a terrible person ;_;. Also sorry about Nintendo deleting assy stages, unless they're gross manass of course, while Pyra's chest stage is safe as that's just terrible and sorry for the double standards ;_;.
emperortopaz May 22, 11:58 AM
No worries about that xD. True for Madoka's dad arriving just in time and nice reference, and right for selling merchandise xD. Glad you like Madoka despite the attention she gets, but agreed that Erena needs more love while Hikaru needs to be less obnoxious xD. Aye, figured you'd like that xD. Right! Thanks xD. Nice example of the Spanish translation ruining the wordplay of the sniper while "Soge" is useless, they must not have understood the pun which is a shame and probably all too common! Right for both issues but indeed for the scenes xD.

Certainly, and sounds like a good deal for me <3. Makes sense but doing Lusamine recently helps too xD. Makes sense about Sky Girls joining SRW as that would be awesome, even if they'd even have to skip out on the space levels or give some plot reason to allow them to be used xD. Right for the trio of ships! Same here, heard that customization is back so hope I can wear glasses xD. I agree that sounds gross, boo girls wetting themselves! Cool about making sure about that as I wasn't sure, but cool xD. Boo that Minori indeed, and go Iori being great xD.

Of course! Aye since know you like both hungry girls and ojous xD. Makes sense, but still go Chiaki the Yuru Camp meganekko too xD. Figured that was a reference so cool, and I see for the myth being international it seems! That explains why it was so terrible then xD. Cool about that then! Boo for chest woes and terrible bath scenes! Agreed, and right for Heavy Object trolling you so much! Boo indeed! Right for fans and true that I didn't mind the Hajime focus but I was still waiting for Hotaru's return since the show was missing her fun energy xD. Right for the silly reference and hope you enjoyed it, and true for possibly liking shotas xD. Indeed for the terrible trap which trolls further by being wind-powered and wonder if you'll be talking about someone from his show or with his VA next! Thanks, and thanks for understanding xD.
emperortopaz May 22, 5:54 AM
Maybe but still sorry for the surprise early message, but no worries still xD. Aye for going well too xD. And agreed that the new toy was useless, I was waiting for Prunce to tell them that wishing was useless but I suppose they couldn't say that in a show for kids (though this was far from the first time that there was a useless trinket-making machine in PreCure xD). Agreed that Madoka was great though I was thinking that was just my purple biased opinion so glad that you though that too, and agreed that Hikaru the never-learning should leave though that could be said about many Pink Cures sadly xD. Aye for Aine being cute but not prepared, though Mio had a cute moment thinking of all the penguins xD.

Agreed, Japan needs to honor mature ladies more! Boo lazy stereotypes indeed, and hope you liked my silly surrender joke xD. Boo Spanish translators disliking non-Spanish words, hopefully the win screen doesn't give people heart attacks though xD. Also a shame about OPM trolling both of us today, boo eye pain with the big monster as well as Saitama's hip attack so boo manass!

Great comment in the club as was funny, and great re-reviews too! True for Azusa being great especially for you but great total! Go Yukiko as I figure that's the case with game characters and great score as well (funny both do the same xD). Fair for Otoha's odd headgear and her series needing more love, I blame Strike Witches becoming popular so Sky Girls needs something new to remind people of it xD. Fair for Takao's series still ungoing but boo being horrible and nice reference to the boats but boo the overpopular cow indeed! Makes sense you wish Caitlin had Hilda's fat ass, but nice score indeed and true for Gen 5 being best! Go assy ojous like Bertille and her doing better now, and I see for her eye color and shame about the original game studio's weird fetishes! Fair for the wedding OVA though go Cecilia having Ichika pat her ass and compliment it growing still, not sure if that was before her original blog though xD. Boo Sernia getting trolled as she deserved that victory, but glad she does well otherwise even if her series could use more love these days. Nice joke about 2014 being Kana Hanazawa's dumb year, and boo Minori being so terrible as well as her show though nice joke about her bangs xD. Boo Idolmaster having far too many girls these days but go Iori the sweet Kugimiya ojou still being good! And nice 3000 years joke xD.

Nice summary and great Simpsons title too xD. Fair for traveling far and no worries as that's mostly what small towns smell like xD (and Katja is sadly right too xD). Cool finding the shop easily and catching Hotaru eating sweets, and I like how you describe your scoring too xD. I'm sure she understands too and nice intro! True that I should do Hajime sometime but cool she remembers the blog still xD. I see fro the Spanish sweets and nice comedian joke from Katja when you bring up a good point xD. I see for Pop Rocks though wonder if there's a meme saying that people die from drinking coke and eating Peta Zetas over there, and nice history of the sweet though I'm not immediately sure of Katja's ZP joke xD. Go saving them for later and her comparison to another sweet xD. Cool for her nice haircolor and hairband but I understand about her short hair and bangs issues! I understand for her eye color though true for the concentric circles xD. Nice old Disney movie reference and Chiaki's silly idea though HIPnosis sounds far better xD. Shame lacking measurements, but I figured that her large breasts would be the main issue so boo, and I think the second season had a bath scene at least but not sure but boo the bait and switch indeed! Nice name for BASS and like the Mega Man joke too, and makes sense for the first episode bare ass but the rest of the series not showing ass at all as I do remember Heavy Object having that issue. Boo BASS being so awful even though it has "ass" in it's name xD. Sounds like Katja taught Hotaru HIPnosis and you easily became her ass's property it seems, though shame right now she only wants you to finish the blog xD. Makes sense for her sadly mamocentric gothloli clothes, but glad the occasional costume helps though boo being mamocentric indeed! Nice summary of the events, and nice joke about Japanese sweets xD. I agree that her personality and love of dagashi are great, and agreed that she really makes the show. Nice joke about "bad taste" from Western fans due to the nature of the series but glad Hotaru is well-liked, and I thought the same about the second season so boo! Nothing wrong with that, though hopefully you enjoy Hotaru's self-made unchoco and I like how you were never actually under hypnosis xD. True for the romantic feelings and even you prefer Hotaru, though it is a shame about her naïve and masochistic moments, and true for being slightly shotacom I suppose which helps xD. Cool for being a high schooler and hopefully not an overdeveloped middle school girl, and cool for being a Leo if that's true! Agreed for Ayana Taketatsu doing well and think there was a moment in the first season where she did a Kansai accent I think xD. Go liking Hotaru so much indeed, and true for the gap being proportionally bigger! Shame about the eldrich horror laying in wait, and not just because he's from outer space though it's funny you talked about Iori this week too xD. Sorry about the long summary, but go Hotaru still!
emperortopaz May 21, 7:00 AM
No worries as I suppose it was bad timing for a joke like that xD. Thanks for understanding, but no worries! Thanks for understanding, and it went fine though most of the time was them getting through my beard as I like having them do that rather than doing it myself xD.

Agreed for Junko needing more love, though one could say that all mothers need love especially of their fat mature asses! Good point for that kind of stereotype being world wide and just being based on where a person lives and how far away the people are xD. Great joke but poor Spain, and true for France being a country into NTR as even in relationships they surrender xD. Speaking of Spain that sounds funny about the Spanish translation calling Teddie Osito meaning little bear (which reminds me of an old kid's show over here xD), but I see about still being "Teddie" on the win screen as that sorta sounds like a mistake or the developers being lazy xD.
emperortopaz May 20, 11:56 AM
Fair as I was mainly making a joke, sorry about it not being funny! Nonsense as I remember and liked her too, but sorry that sometimes I get confused by names! Sorry for my terrible memory too :/. Sorry that your morning was ruined by me ;_;.

Agreed, boo not drawing Madoka's mother as she deserves art! Not sure, but I do feel bad about forgetting it :/. Boo the average MURICAN thinking that Spain and Mexico are similar, I blame location-based knowledge because people here hear more about Mexico more than Spain! True for Spain being ignored even among European nations, sorry that France gets all the attention ;_;.
emperortopaz May 20, 5:48 AM
Figured you'd agree, and aye though "Leo/Leon" could be a guy's name xD. Aye! Thanks and that's quite a coincidence but cool for the fantasy heroine named after the ZnT knight girl as I remember her I think xD. Cool about finding out about Bravely Default had a manga too xD. That's possible as they do have a lot of banners, but fortunately I usually don't try too hard to get characters and I'm not bummed about not getting them either xD. Fair for that being the Japanese nickname while Tri-Attack is in Engrish already xD. Sorry for the early post too, though it's because after crossing guard I had to get a haircut!

Right as I was thinking of the redeemed villains like Eas or Siren too but Regina counts among those sorta as well, and that's a relief for Eyeone losing popularity xD. Indeed for Mari the assy teacher's great pose xD. I was thinking it was something with Ruri, boo thinking the cute translator meganekko looks better without glasses xD. Agreed! Also sorry that it's so hard to find anime characters from Spain because you keep finding Hispanic/Latino guys, agreed that they aren't the same either so sorry for people being confused! We just need more characters from Spain like Juri or the G Gundam guy to make it known that they're not Hispanic xD.
emperortopaz May 19, 12:01 PM
Glad that Leona was better than Henri because forcing attention to the trap due to bad writing is terrible xD. No worries but thanks for being concerned xD. That it was xD. That's four times too many, but glad that the rest was good and cool for the cute witch since wonder if the JRPG girl in your harem is named after her xD. Thanks for that xD. True for FE Heroes being bad sometimes though I can't remember any particular examples xD. Great nickname and good point about Excadrill getting sent to Ubers due to being so fast in sand xD. Fair for that being written differently though it shares the same three "elements" kinda xD.

Figured you'd enjoy that, though true that having a villainess be popular in general would be good though a mature one and not one with one eye for example! Makes sense and if curious that pose is how Mari ends up during "Junk Home Incident" from the MGW OG game xD. And true for flustering from the bra more, it's a shame that he can't appreciate her teacherly ass more! Agreed though at least the anime skipped that, and I think I remember that with the Nisekoi author but I'm not sure sadly xD. No worries as I still appreciate the thought, and boo delaying Riri's manga while JoJo comes out earlier (moreso for the delay I mean xD). I'm sure that you will xD.
emperortopaz May 19, 7:02 AM
Right xD. Makes sense for the trap being bland, not that we want PriChan or Aikatsu to fall prey to INCLUSIVITY like Hugtto so he can remain the lone poor example xD. Though sorry that I've been slacking on the better version of PreCure! And cool for PriChan having Rinka wear Meganee's glasses over her own as that sounds both silly and cute xD. Speaking of kids shows boo Nezumi farting as obviously Nekomusume should do that instead, but cool for the episode being about the Freeza-voiced vampire and cool for Agnès the witch! Good point about the LP and thanks for understanding! Certainly, glad I could help xD. No worries, it's why I like playing against friends rather than strangers xD. I see for Nintendo at least avoiding the most scummy tactics! Speaking of Nintendo awesome about liking a lot of the Gen 5 Ground types as I agree that there's a lot of great ones, and Landorus is cool indeed even if overused in doubles xD. And true that Stunfisk is at least unique, and that's funny about the Tricolor Punches though I'm reminded of Tri Attack too xD. Thanks but no worries xD.

Agreed, would be great if a mature villainess got a memetic ass but that may be asking too much of Japan xD. Thanks for understanding xD. Figured Kurisu's teacherly ass would help but was worried they wouldn't show it as well as they could, but indeed for the lead's poor taste! I can say that as in the Rizu manga chapter she wasn't wearing glasses near the end and he said she might look good like that but not with contacts either at least xD. No worries as I understand, and I'm glad to hear that she was going to be a special occasion blog since she's such an important girl to me <3.
emperortopaz May 18, 11:58 AM
That's not whining at all, I understood how difficult it was xD. Sounds funny for the pair then xD. Nothing wrong with talking about SRW skills as I like the series xD. No worries though sorry that you're depressed and my warning likely didn't help :/.

Don't worry as I understand that, I'm not good either xD. That's not annoying at all, I like being reminded or explained things xD. Fair for not being sure about the companies, I wouldn't expect you to especially since you don't play mobile games xD. It's alright, I've learned to live with it xD.

You never know though, like with Yuuko getting a lot of assy pics! No worries xD. And indeed for the exceptions xD. Sorry about the terrible episode and making you watch this, and fair for JoJo or another series with eye damage so sorry again :/. Also boo Inu x Boku releasing so slowly over there, that would have been great about blogging Ririchiyo for my blog anniversary but boo that plan being ruined ;_;.
emperortopaz May 18, 7:01 AM
Agreed for that being one of the most ridiculous fights, though I suppose that happens with "Legend" battles but this one was particularly bad xD. Of course xD. That does make it even funnier, I though you were joking with them being Japanese but if they're actual ninjas that makes it better xD. Fair for leadership auras being enough xD. Right xD.

Awesome then xD. Fair that you're like me and don't take things too seriously when it comes to games xD. I did remember that scene but didn't realize that was the proper nickname xD. Right, like when Chisame was small or the cosplay contest xD. Thanks xD. I see for TPC being at fault, I wasn't sure the difference but boo Nintendo allowing other companies to use their properties in scummy ways! Aye, and I think I remember that but cool that the only thing it needed was cleaning as that sounds inexpensive xD. And I see for cleaning the stick occasionally too, I remember ruining my 3DS stick due to not cleaning it properly and it remains broken xD (though that's because the pad broke off).

Understandable and agreed, there needs to be more Cures like that xD. She certainly is, if you couldn't tell xD. Glad that you enjoyed them then xD. Cool that you thought about that so good guess, and indeed for Yui the plump kendo girl xD. Right for the mother and enemy giantess being exempt due to being special xD. Also for the standard BokuBen warnings do note that Rizu may marshmallow the lead guy and he may get flustered by the teacher's bra (he goes to her house and finds it on the ground, it shouldn't mention her chest at all); could be worse still and they seem to be skipping a bath chapter and a pajama chapter (at least for now) but hopefully you enjoy the episode otherwise!
emperortopaz May 17, 11:59 AM
I think I used Metal Killer as well but great plan with Franklin Badge also working as I had a lot of attempts too xD. Thanks! Makes sense and great job once again xD. Thanks for understanding, and great joke about the Canadian duo xD. That's a fair point, go saving accuracy skills for the bosses xD. Aye since realized it while listening to music, but go the silly coincidence xD.

Figured you'd understand xD. Fair for seeming more original xD. Right, I can still appreciate it even if I'm not an expert at the games xD. Cool for the Japanese name then xD. Agreed about girlasses needing more attention :/. I don't get it either, maybe it's just my nostalgia but I remember the festival arc having more scenes with Chisame and Negi if anything xD. Agreed and another great name for the Naru-rang xD. Aye as it sounds gross :/. True for all the terrible phone games and Nintendo treating Pokémon as a cash cow to milk the mobile market! True we could use another Ranger game, I could see it using the Switch's touch screen for example xD.

Awesome xD. I hadn't heard about that but it makes sense, go that guy's good taste maybe xD. That I did but no worries xD. Glad you enjoyed the theme and the quiet beauty indeed xD. Right <3. Glad you liked the reference xD. Agreed for her gift birthday, and glad you liked the pic <3. Fair about sounding Korean then, good guess! Fair but figured Shouko was obvious due to sharing the name with the harem girl but Megumi inspired Yui the kendo girl while the upcoming girl was one of the characters that helped inspire Jian (though sadly this girl's not as strong xD).
emperortopaz May 17, 7:03 AM
Glad to hear that xD. Aye since needed to cheese it with Simon's whip and Eggplant Wizard's ability to heal after a KO xD. Aye so now I'm on the other map! Makes sense, both look really time consuming especially if you make a mistake at the end! Good point since forgot about Akari's generation having donuts, forgot about the adults and true for the vampire hunter episode being fitting! Right, and I see for PriPara having a pair of half-Canadians as that seems random (and go beating up the trap once again xD) and cool for the African girl so hope that PriChan will get some cool foreign girls eventually xD. Right and fair that Elza and others weren't just for diversity points xD. Fair as I wasn't sure if there were enemies that are difficult due to evasion, but fair for being really sturdy already xD. Right :/. That would be funny, but true it's good that that isn't their name xD (though it is the name of the first ending from the first season of Friends xD). That's good to hear, and right for Hiroko <3.

Agreed, or at least the ones with problems and aren't just evil in-series xD. That's possible but no worries and agreed that assy grade schoolers sound great like those two examples <3. Agreed, and poor Ai still lacking a color pic though unfortunate about the Kakegurui S2 girls having the same issue including Miroslavia xD. That's funny about Tekken 7 keeping the silly input xD. Agreed xD. Right since I basically play Smash and that barely counts as I can't keep up with competitive matches xD. Great name for him xD. Also boo Danbooru being such an idiot, Rikka obviously deserves the ass tag more than Medium Breasts as her ass is far more famous! It could be because the "medium breasts" tag is used more often in general, but regardless sorry for mamocentric sites ;_;. That sounds terrible about people supporting Chisame as that makes no sense, but I guess the people who are reading UQ Holder are idiots in general and nice comparison to people liking terrible relationships as I agree that this and Chihiro make no sense! Boo Japan hating shy girls indeed, and I agree that it's terrible that "Naru" won once again so boo Akamatsu doing something terrible! Nice joke about him deserving bad luck for his terrible taste too as well as the "Naruing" xD. Also boo Shelly being so ignored for ass art and that sounds disgusting about finding Matt art instead, boo manass and the universe hating you so much ;_;.

Glad that the rescores were enjoyed xD. Certainly and great nickname, boo MAL! Right for Erika and Itsuki and good point about being a tambourine girl like Iona xD. Indeed for Yuri, and true for HapiCha doing far better than any non-Maho ones since so boo! That's a relief but still sorry! Fair as it was a short and forgettable show, but boo that and Aria's issues too! Right for CHESTato appealing to me really well, and figured you'd like that joke xD. Agreed for KyoAni's terrible fanboys but glad Mirai's re-review was enjoyed xD. Aye since she deserves it <3.

Awesome for the blog too, and cool you liked the silent theme as I was worried xD. Right for her hair, and indeed for her expressive eyes and face being great xD. Right! Right about Shouko lacking measurements, but go ass indeed xD. Boo! Right, and glad that the facesitting scissorhold was enjoyed (as I certainly liked it <3). Glad that Riri's appearance was enjoyed as well as the jokes, figured the Aikatsu Friends joke was fitting considering Aine also wanted a lot of friends xD. Agreed <3, and good point about leveling up from her! Aye for the surprisingly good libido xD. That's fair, she may have been 15 when the series began and her birthday is in December xD. Seems I've gotten predictable, but those are some great glasses <3. Indeed and right for Riri! Fair as she's a manga character like the theme, but indeed for finding out eventually! Poor girls indeed and true for the Korean manhwa girl xD. Glad you're looking forward to it, and wonder if you saw the harem girls minor theme this month xD.