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Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen
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Hug tto! Precure
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Inu x Boku SS
Inu x Boku SS
Jan 31, 3:32 AM
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 2: Sentou Chuuryuu
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 2: Sentou Chuuryuu
Jan 12, 9:45 AM
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Girls & Panzer
Girls & Panzer
Jan 10, 10:25 AM
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emperortopaz Yesterday, 11:22 AM
Figured and I had remembered he was voiced by Sheldon's VA but I had forgotten that Cilan liked trains and science too xD. Exactly, but I suppose that they wanted to try something different not just with not having gyms but making the player character feel like a side one (hope they don't continue with this xD). I suppose that's fair but hopefully as this isn't a fighting game I think it shouldn't be too mocked xD. Indeed for more PreCure and right for the vacuum monster, shame that they don't do things like with the footprint as I liked that touch xD.

Cool for mocking that kid as well xD. That's fair about the arm wrestling tourney helping, though speaking of the class rep angel I wonder if you liked how she could manage her sisters well xD. I see about being more enjoyable overall then, and right for counting xD. Agreed as the last thing this series needs is a PAC, but figured you'd agree Hotaru should return xD. I agree with it being amusing, and I see for having so many Japanese people in the sequel as I remember you mentioning the issue some time ago xD.

Boo indeed, as the professionals make me look terrible but I suppose that's all fighting games xD. That would be cool if the Switch gets an upgraded Sm4sh, I agree that more heavy characters would be good and especially females I imagine xD (Wendy doesn't count xD). No worries about that xD. Agreed though sorry she loses to Raika, the cute teen deserves more love! Also sorry for the early replies, but would be late otherwise and feel free to respond at normal time, sorry for this :/.
emperortopaz Yesterday, 7:05 AM
Indeed for the great pantyhose leader, and figured you'd agree for them being weird xD. That's a great way to look at it, but agreed it does really detract from the hero being a star! That's a relief for the two popular Pokémon then xD. Indeed as silly moves are great, and fair for that sounding funny but fits Fen pretty well I'd like to think as both Ryu and Ken are martial artists xD.

That he does and indeed, and cool that the series mocks his looks too xD. Boo indeed, especially since it was the last episode too so boo poor final impressions! Thanks but still sorry! Fair for the less-mamocentric series being better it seems, though I might count the R+V manga even if the girls are still mostly-human xD. Speaking of anime that is sorta a shame about the Dagashi meganekko having ass focus, but hopefully once Hotaru returns they'll remember to have her show her ass instead xD (also a shame she hasn't returned either). Though no worries as I do like her xD. Also that's a really funny name for the Time Bokan 24 ending song, it does sound like the name BokuMega's ending would have xD.

Indeed about the cool silly name, and awesome though sorry for EVO people loving Melee too much indeed xD. Thanks for understanding, and no worries as you've seen I have that problem with overthinking too xD. Agreed for Raika and hopefully I remember to bring up that point as it was a shame that the cute Miu sadly was so underappreciated!
Archon_Wing Feb 23, 12:18 PM
You know, i really shouldn't dig up stuff like this, but.... https://www.reddit.com/r/anime/comments/5tr2ic/i_just_realized_that_kyoani_is_really_good_at/
emperortopaz Feb 23, 12:02 PM
Good point about the first GSC gym's TM being similar, agreed for the first Gym Leaders being bad at that but go Roxanne fixing that error I think xD (minus the trio in the original BW giving you Work Up but that's because their gym is strange xD). That's fair, thanks for understanding! Figured that Lillie's uselessness would be a major difference, great way to put it too xD. No worries as I don't mind him being popular though sorry if he's become too popular! Fair as I had to check to make sure, and boo delays indeed! No worries, I know it takes time to think of ideas and remember them all too xD. Certainly and fair for the elemental attacks though I found them fitting, and cool as I was wondering where their combination move came from but cool for taking moves from those games as I find that fitting too xD.

Aye! Fair as I did look up an image of him, indeed for his silly pointed if fuzzy hair and long face/mouth too xD. Fair though sorry as I didn't notice you were that close, sorry for being so late ;_;. Boo indeed and sorry for terrible people like me ruining great moments like this :/. Fair for the show being good but not as good as the others xD.

Great name for it and fair for his silly Spanish name as I did see that though I did mention him telling the girls to play melee instead of fighting him xD. Sorry about overthinking it and being awful then ;_;. I think it's more that I know where this arc is going, but sorry about making it seem like NTR as I understand that issue :/. That's possible, I did use her manga face due to looking cuter but glad you approve xD.
emperortopaz Feb 23, 7:04 AM
True for Rock Tomb being better in-game, though at least both are on-type unlike Bide xD. That's fair, sorry about making you say "boobs" so often then! Agreed, and not just in Pokémon either as mature ladies need more love in general! Agreed and great comparison though at least Mana fights sometimes xD. Indeed for the top spots and no worries, I pointed out Mimikyu as he's my favorite Gen VII Pokémon xD. Right, and fair for Akamatsu being lazy though think UQ Holder is a monthly publication (though even then it's been delayed so much xD). I had forgotten about that but awesome about that joke being used as a running gag as that's funnier now that I know where he's from xD. Glad I remembered correctly then xD. Also awesome about finishing the harem attacks as that is great and I do care, sorry I'm slow with them though! Great ideas for everyone too, I like Yuuko's silly cooking moves, how Fen and Setsuna have a combination move, all the foreign names plus subnames to explain them, and how the ojous get great moves like Reika's plant-based attacks and the European girls learning elemental attacks xD.

Fair for that then, but no worries xD. Right since they sound awful! Aye <3. That I did and indeed xD. No worries as these things happen! Right xD. I see for carrot hair instead of being mostly bald xD. Figured she was up there and thanks for understanding xD. Also sorry about not being there to warn you about the last episode idiocy, I was hoping I'd be able to warn you but also wanted you to be closer so sorry about waiting too long ;_;. Sorry it was so awful with the skirt/capes and bikini tops (with Hime having special poor mention) and especially Manami with her padded chest; still sorry for not warning you ahead of time ;_;.

Speaking of blogs glad that you enjoyed most of it, including the fight and plot! Fair about Love not having fanservice, in truth I had considered having the clover combination attack turn into an ass attack instead (since the leaves of the clover are heart-shaped and thus somewhat ass-shaped xD). Then I'd have the four training on you for practice in a flashback, but I overly second guessed myself as it was seeming like I was mocking the attack and I know it's one of your favorites! Plus while Setsuna and Love were fine I was also afraid you'd feel bad about Miki or Inori getting the same treatment. Love's comment was supposed to hint at that, but I forgot to change it once I removed that scene so sorry :/. Fair for the problematic Soushi part but don't worry as it's not as serious as it seems! Fair as her picture isn't the main one, but you do know her as she's Raika.
Archon_Wing Feb 22, 8:53 AM
Ah, should I learn more about Rory? She appears to be a dommy goth loli from what I've found out about. Mamocentric shows are good for nothing; sometimes mamocentric scenes slip into good shows to confuse people but that's about it. Too bad they took all the bad stuff. Right, not sure why that kind of trolling got so popular. Yea I have no idea what happened; it just seems like Kanon wasn't that popular and to make things worse it's probably more popular in the west because of Kyoani unfortunately. It probably gets known as the show "also done by the people that did Haruhi" Also boo Free for having so many seasons, it's like K-on for Fujoshi except K-on censored fanservice!

Yea, for some reason that also reminds me of how popular Felix from Re:zero is, also voiced by Yui Horie. And I have no idea why giant enemy crab is so loved, sure she shows her ass during showers (Of course this nobody picks this reason) but is nothing that special for this series plus it really doesn't make up for being a terrible person. I'd like to comment on Sento from that Kyoani show in this too. xD And yea, you'd take that Tsubasa who does anything the above do anyways. Proof that it makes people stupid. Yea, PA Works seems good for that. Sadly you know they'll never give you a shirt that says ass though; you're just going to have to find one with Anaru on it.

It's sorta both anyways. Kotomi's pies cause people to hallucinate anyways and you know Japan has even more draconian laws than America about drugs so is pretty clear. And then there was Hecate chilling around. Especially when they're not smart at all; honestly if one is to be a scumbag at least don't make it that obvious and be more subtle-- they probably are Prison School fans xD I could, but that would be a bit hypocritical on my part xD
emperortopaz Feb 21, 12:01 PM
Agreed as at least the bugs have less defense and are x4 weak compared to say Onix where using Ember is still nearly better xD. That just sounds terrible, boo Kanon 06 having fewer views than a special as it deserves more love! Right xD. I see for the specials being original as I wasn't sure, and indeed for the free words though do note that I don't use the second term for similar reasons to using "ass" once was xD. Cool for the Famicom Disk System and Starfox also having their birthdays today xD. Which is a shame as she's great too, but boo Lusamine being so low indeed :/. Don't worry as I understand about Gladion not being to blame but still making Lusamine look worse, and fair for Selene doing well and anime Lusamine being liked but boo terrible taste and perhaps trolling too! Cool about Incineroar and Alolan Ninetales doing well, and same for Mimikyu even if it's a little overexposed now xD.

That makes more sense, boo Oda taking breaks but I suppose that's to make sure he doesn't get overworked xD. I see for Japan getting it too so boo Europe being hated indeed ;_;. Fair as I didn't remember the Bob & George one (though that did inspire me to take a look back at it xD), but indeed for the cool sudden final boss xD. I see then, that makes a little more sense as I figured that they were there due to being in Railgun too but boo Kuroko showing up as she wasn't too important in Index! Though I suppose she had a pretty good teleport fight in the second season I think, but still xD.

Fair and my bad, I suppose you weren't doing your tradition back when that show aired xD. That I did, and I see for the Citizens of Earth reference as those snakes sound awful! That's fair for both being sadists xD. Awesome xD. Agreed <3, and fair for her eyes being kinda reddish though not as red as when she's excited xD. Right <3. Great "upfront" joke maybe but indeed for everything else being better including the nail focus being noteworthy xD. Agreed that the uniform is quite good, and cool for looking at pics xD. Agreed excluding a certain moment for me but no worries about that either, and fair for Kaiji being taxing but agreed about Yumeko looking better xD. Agreed and cool about having some ass images still xD. Fair for loving gambling the best xD. I see for the reference being Mafalda and that boy makes me think of Charlie Brown for some reason xD. Fair but indeed this was funnier xD. Agreed for both great VAs <3. No worries as I know she's one of your favorites too (though not as much as say Yohane or Kanan), plus I have a bad habit of delaying great girls due to plot xD.
emperortopaz Feb 21, 7:02 AM
Indeed, at least they gave Chespin early Rollout to make the Bug early gym easier but still xD. Glad you liked that great joke xD. Figured as much and boo the series having poor priorities :/. Aye, excluding early ones that deserve more love like Kanon (and not Clannad as that gets too much already xD). Agreed, I somehow blame the same people who like GoPri over Maho Girls! Aye though I think Xebec did the best that they could considering the manga, but sorry still! I hadn't thought about that as sometimes the specials are ignored, but boo using the wrong word :/. Thanks for the birthday wishes for Ririchiyo and also Zelda too! Speaking of games sorta I agree it sucks that Lusamine wasn't higher in the list of favorite characters (I blame females making up a high amount of votes for everything it seems). Though I'm surprised that Lillie is so high, I blame the anime for her unfair overexposure xD.

Fair, but OP is half that yet still 13 volumes under the halfway point! No worries xD. Hopefully not! Sorry about America being the only ones to get the Mega Man Legacy Collection physical release, I suppose that getting it digital-only is better than nothing but still sorry for companies favoring us so much! Speaking of Mega Man I think great reference to Gamma the Peace Bot I think, but cool about actually having a good final boss and not just basic boring showdowns xD. I agree that Failgun isn't really a mecha anime (unless there's some joke there I don't get) so there are much better series to put in the crossover game, boo both not really fitting but at least for Kuroko isn't voiced xD.

Great blog as usual, nice title and reference to another black-haired gambler you did too xD. Awesome that Chiaki's first like was a reference to Setzer xD. I think that the snakes is a different reference but I'm not sure about it (though Katja's line also applies to the FFVI gambler too xD). Great entrance and laugh by Yumeko <3. Indeed about being beautiful too! I'm not sure if the pantyhose odors is what Katja meant but great for you <3. Sounds like a very lucky coin <3. Glad it's not two-headed like Edgar's too xD. Good plan blogging first before the games so you don't forget xD. Agreed that Yumeko's hair is extremely perfect, go the variety almost making you put her above maximum xD. I'm surprised as I thought she always had red eyes but brown must be close for me, but go doing well again <3. Go playing and Yumeko having you kiss her ass since sounds amazing <3 (and even better that she enjoys it too xD). Go kissing for a few minutes too! Agreed that the ending was awful and boo being a terrible ending in general too, but glad that she does well including her legs and amusing faces too (and fair for the nail polish even if it's not something you enjoy xD). Boo lacking ass and boo pleated skirts too! Fair for canon things only, but go Yumeko making you smell her gambling fart <3 (especially as it seems she fermented it too xD). Shame about mostly wearing the school uniform, even if it's a pretty great blazer one with nice colors and pantyhose xD. I see for the white jacket official image and a shame for lacking variety outside the cute idol clothes too! Cool for the ring as I hadn't noticed it xD. True for the crazy school and Yumeko doing well in it, and boo negativity but fair for Kaiji being superior even if Yumeko is a much sexier lead xD. Agreed her perverse looks were great and go being smart and observant even when taking risks, and indeed for being nice too! No worries as I understand her being your favorite, and not just for looks xD. Surprising that Yumeko gets a max score in reception but good to see she's so loved, even if she needs more assy images xD. Fair for being paired with the male lead though I thought that she had some implied yuri with Mary or the president though that might have just been in my eyes xD. But still go her gambling orgasms and being both naughty and maybe sadistic <3. Great joke with Yumeko knowing that it would end up on its side, though I'm not sure Katja's joke as seems to be a Spanish one (no worries as it was still funny xD). Nice censorship about getting "chocolate" from Yumeko and ending up full xD. Shame for lacking a specific age but nice score regardless, and knew that Hayami would make her get a perfect score (though I didn't know about Noto doing the voiced manga version as that's fitting too). Great score too, and awesome reference to Zelda as well xD. Sounds like Dia the beautiful idol is coming up next too, which I will certainly appreciate <3.
emperortopaz Feb 20, 7:06 AM
Agreed, though being fair not a lot of regions are as Grass-friendly as Kanto seemed xD. Indeed and that I did xD. Cool about seeing that yourself, and even better about programming bombs in your dub as makes me think that Trunks was the one whose father was a brilliant scientist xD. Thanks for understanding and indeed for the awful merfails! Cool about watching the Hajimete no Gal OVA and I see about it matching the main show though sadly without the bare asses I imagine, still sorry for all the chest scenes too including Yui being mocked! I blame the different opinions on the fanservice shows to be due to KyoAni bias though there were times where Gal's art was quite poor (but even then the score probably shouldn't be that low). Also boo all the hate that the original Aikatsu/second season of it is getting recently when Stars should be the real one to dislike! Agreed that most of the DreAca girls are great, much better than the mostly-generic sues in Venus Ark, and good point about Stars only looking good compared to KiraKira while PriPara is far superior xD. Shame about the Keijo specials being dumb too, the mamocentric focus is to be expected (even if it's still dumb) but the manass just sounds awful ;_;. Boo not using "ass" either, at least the other subs had the excuse of being done by dumb companies trying to appeal to the dumb masses but the specials being done by fans should know better! Sorry for existing too ;_;.

I didn't realize that OP was trailing behind that far! Unfortunate as I can understand regretting not beating a game, it's one that I really want to beat someday too! And I see about it being one of the last bosses no matter the choices then, that's alright as I understand the confusion so no need to apologize too harshly xD. Also that is a funny coincidence about the LP site adding the SRW L LP with Frontier as we were just talking about it xD. I was thinking of them hopefully getting assy fanart as that would be perfect <3. True for Homare's cute reactions! That I did, and indeed for the silly dialogue and good fights even if the girls aren't used to their powers yet xD.
Archon_Wing Feb 19, 6:09 PM
Addendum: Yea I meant stoned xD Also I have no idea but read my stupid rant about modern anime discussion (no it's not just that site, it's really everywhere): https://forums.animesuki.com/showpost.php?p=6201571&postcount=60
emperortopaz Feb 19, 11:59 AM
Figured you'd like both, and agreed for Meganium being a huge disappointment and making all Grass starters look worse xD. Cool for the gameplay being slightly improved in addition, and I liked the Bardock joke which reminds me that in Miitopia I happened to find a "Kung fu Scientist Vegeta" who wanted to train which I found hilarious xD. Thanks and of course for your joke too xD. Right for the screentime issues, and no worries as I understand as I was dreading you reaching that moment so sorry about not warning you properly!

That's a good point, though think it still as a long time to reach the lengths that KochiKame got to xD. Cool about you looking it up, and cool about being based on one of the three possible Seiken Densetsu 3 final bosses' attacks as that explains why I didn't recognize it xD. Agreed and agreed for the others having sexy mothers, especially if they become famous and get a lot of screentime <3. Exactly xD.
emperortopaz Feb 19, 7:02 AM
Makes sense, which is a shame as Venusaur is really great xD (though I do like Torterra too). No worries as I understand xD. Sounds great and cool for the second game having a better plot but hope it's still fun gameplay-wise too xD. Right xD. Agreed, though now it's the battle of ultimate pink idol bias and only one will survive xD. Great comparison to the old GameFAQs contests xD. Also I had forgotten the serious meganekko from the Centaur show, but indeed it probably would have helped had she had more screentime xD. Though sorry for not outright mentioning the mermaids were topless, I had thought that I had mentioned it but sorry about not being more clear ;_;.

Right! I suppose that's fair, though I'm surprised that hasn't actually happened yet xD (or at least a famous enough one that I've heard about). Agreed for the silly Dugtrio though I wonder where that silly attack Pipimi used is from xD. Aye and hopefully about it being less dumb! True for the lovely office lady mother, hopefully there's good mothers for you too xD. True though you used Z-moves instead of summons which is unique enough xD.
Archon_Wing Feb 19, 1:28 AM
Indeed, she overpeformed and then the show couldn't accept it; as we all know A-1 pictures often detests excellence. The mamocentricism and dumb humor are definitely related.Well, someone has a mod that allows for a peach icon, though I wish that was in the main game xD And indeed those evil worshipers should walk the plank! Sounds unfortunate. Damn Kyoani and their pointless yuri (and sometimes even yaoi) bullshit makes me glad they never did Little Busters otherwise we'd get some shit nobody cares about to waste time with. Wait they already do tons of that. In fact it seems like almost every one of their shows does something to troll the audience. This also reminds me that someone once got mad at me for claiming Kanon looked "cleaner" than Clannad.

Right, self-explanatory and thus Monogatari is especially irritating when everyone seems to be deliberately picking worst girls! Then again, I thought Hanekawa was okay until things went way south. Hitagi goes without saying as she was only decent in like 1.5 episodes (but then again when not threatening to kill someone is a good day, well); did you ever review her? xD Indeed that thread blows hard as people were mistakening breasts for everything. And yes, damn disappointing memes. Also good that you reviewed Ririko; though I imagine she'd be less afraid of people from Spain after that incident. Just don't wear any funny shirts. Oh wait! I should make a joke about this kind of shirt. xD

Oh btw, wth happened in Attack on Titan 2? Somehow I forgot to even talk to you about it.
emperortopaz Feb 18, 12:02 PM
Right! True about sadly not being popular though I wonder if that's because Grass is a pretty poor type sadly enough! Indeed about there being a lot of shows I've fallen back on so sorry! I see for that route being generic but glad the gameplay was good as that's most important at least to me xD. Fair as I figured that's what you meant and wasn't sure, and indeed! Certainly, boo going for the boring battle between Elza and Yume xD. Also disliked how they were giving Mahiru points past the halfway mark, obviously Elza cheated and hacked in votes or something xD.

Cool about finally appearing voiced as I was waiting for that xD. I did hear about that, I wasn't thinking about that but that fits even better xD. Cool about Pop Team Epic having Naruto guys while the ladies were from Shin-chan as I agree that was cool xD. Don't do something like that, hopefully the fanartists won't make as much art of her due to not being new anymore xD. Indeed as I noticed when looking at her roles, but cool for being in Hugtto as the lead's imouto xD. Right and thanks for remembering that xD.
emperortopaz Feb 18, 7:03 AM
Exactly for those terrible additions and more! Great way to describe it, even if Quetzalcoatl is electric so it's more the mascots of RBY even if Blastoise isn't an ice-type xD. Certainly, sorry about making you wait! Agreed for the silly fanart xD. I see for the first game's plot being pretty standard as I suppose that does happen sometimes, but hope it was still fun xD. Great nickname for her, and makes sense that you will increase the score once she returns!

Right for the great-sounding girl xD. Boo indeed! That's a good point, cool about them following along with that and even better if they make a Tokiko Abridged one-shot to parody that it got replaced by Kai xD. I see for the memetic reveal, luckily I hadn't heard anything about it xD. Fair about MAL's problem being more lacking good taste xD. Sorry about DanMachi getting another season and also a movie, sorry Hestia continues to plague you :/. In better news agreed about Amina Sato's nice measurements though a shame she seems to not have many roles! And boo Oriha as I forgot just how bad she was xD.