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emperortopaz Yesterday, 6:58 AM
Certainly and true she's based on two quiet girls as well xD. That makes a lot of sense, no wonder Kirino's show got so famous but boo OniMai and Imouto Sae both being awful! Exactly and great comparison, as we say the best "Open World" Pokémon game is the GBC TCG one xD. That I did, and figured you'd agree with the better leveling curve xD. Certainly and great pun xD. That makes a lot of sense, especially since I remember someone saying that about the character names too xD. Agreed! That makes sense and hopefully you were having fun then xD. Cool about watching the second to last MahoAko episode, and true about it having some rare good giantess scenes in anime which surprises me too xD. And do watch out as the last episode is a beach one, just a heads up for warning purposes!

Certainly, though a shame the other girls are mostly desserts or something similar so she doesn't fit in xD. Figured you'd agree xD. Makes sense for the red-eyed black-haired slender goddess among others but glad my picks were still loved xD. I hadn't thought of Touhou but that she does, and aye though maybe she's some sort of glitch in the AiPri world too xD. True as Kumiko deserves better, boo mocking her chest and I blame KyoAni! Right for the silly instrument and it being Danbooru's favorite xD.
emperortopaz Apr 22, 10:59 AM
True about both of them being quiet girls, I thought of that after posting xD. Agreed obviously for both things xD. Aye as it was a fun video and showed off that Gen 1-2's freedom wasn't exactly as open as most people think xD. Figured you'd understand and true for the Alola slow engine of Gen 4, but at least the level curve is slightly better than Gen 2's xD. Certainly for the beautiful goddess xD. Boo PETA and its weeds, and that I did xD. Fair point about toy-based anime and shows being along for quite some time xD. That she certainly was, boo being so awful! No worries, but hopefully everything's alright xD.

No worries as I wasn't offended xD. Agreed, I really need to re-read them sometime xD. Boo indeed! Great examples and also include Raikou from FGO and St.Louis from Azur Lane for you too xD (even if the games have many such examples xD). Agreed about AiPri telling us Tsugumi's name, go her being so pretty and hopefully she'll join the cast properly soon rather than seeming like a figment of Himari's imagination xD. Speaking of airing series the Eupho eyecatch reminded me that the instrument called a "bassoon" here has a very unfortunate name in other countries xD.
emperortopaz Apr 22, 6:59 AM
Figured you'd understand though good point about having a namesake in Zettai's harem, helps we both like quiet girls like her xD. Great comparison and go Hiroko being far superior and I don't just mean in looks xD. Exactly and great way to describe it xD. Figured you'd understand, and awesome for the video exploring the, well, exploration of the fifth gen games xD. I might like HGSS a little more, but for full generations BW and B2W2 are certainly my favorite due to all the great quality of life things and stuff to look at xD. I agree that it's neat xD. True as I figured that was the reason you like Aqua, go being pantiless and assy too! Being fair they're probably awful everywhere, but great point about them being named after a certain "weed" as I understand xD. Sure seems like it, especially with less focus on the home releases like DVDs these days! Aye though sorry it took some time xD. That it is, and boo saying "Tropica-shine" or something similar so often, I agree it's an insane amount though fitting considering how crazy her fans must be xD.

Certainly and go our favorites even if Lettuce's name is less tasty xD. Figured you'd like that image, and go both Bob and George and 8-Bit too, great reference xD. I suppose that happens a lot in anime adaptations, but it's unfortunate (and I don't just mean Failgun fans existing xD). I agree with that, the only good things out of them are the girls obviously! That's fair, go eventually finishing it at least xD.
emperortopaz Apr 21, 10:56 AM
Awesome and indeed for the cute twins even if I like Tenka the quiet one more xD. Boo people being so sick and not hating the OniMai younger sister due to her putting the genderswap plot in motion! That's a funny coincidence about Tawawa S2, even if it's like 7 points more than that franchise deserves xD. I blame Gen 4 being more linear but I think Gardenia is still remembered at least xD. Awesome about the children in Awakening referencing the release dates of FE games as that's cool xD. Aye, sadly not as shotacom though but go not wearing panties <3. I agree with that, the signs pointing to animal rights groups having their whole arm crammed up Wonderful's backside is even more glaring and boo dismissing fighting when that's what PreCure should be known for! Agreed about the toys hopefully not selling, boo this season being so bad! Glad you liked the silly meme though xD. Agreed, go having to put up with less Man-Nuts xD.

I can understand that, I blame the others all being great xD. Somehow I could see those girls eating ice cream rather than fighting, but great reference with Bob and George xD. I blame the anime overlapping the manga, but boo the other Hayate series being accurate if messy; great point about Failgun, though I blame them not actually watching the show xD. Certainly, and great point about Genshin and the great name for it too xD. Glad you liked it and no worries as I'm not rushing you either xD.
Jeevasnt Apr 21, 10:48 AM
Cynthia best girl de todo tomino y moriré con esa take
emperortopaz Apr 21, 6:57 AM
Makes sense as I know you love Chiyuki, and agreed both twins are indeed cool xD. Sure seems that way, no wonder younger sisters get undeserved hatred for some reason as they deserve better series! Indeed about the Demon King ending on such a fitting number xD. Agreed, boo both girls! Poor Erika indeed! Go the silly homage relations too as I find that funny too xD. Certainly, my kind of goddess after all <3. I agree it's a shame neither failed, or at least failed yet as Wonderful is still going! But go Healin' Good dragging down Tropical-Rouge at least xD.

That she is and for multiple reasons, at least Mew Pudding is a better monkey girl xD. That makes sense as I can see how it can be confusing, but glad you understood eventually xD. Agreed for the first long season xD. I didn't know that but boo the villain causing the problems as well! I agree with that, he's usually playing console games after all but at least he threw it into the fire xD. Indeed for both, if only it was this "Kaoru" instead xD. Certainly xD.
emperortopaz Apr 20, 10:58 AM
Certainly, and figured you'd like Alstroemeria focus this latest episode xD. Boo indeed and that I did xD. Poor Momo Kyun, and boo OniMai being overly appreciated (and true about OniAi mostly being meh but still better than OniMai xD). Agreed with Jun being gross, and great coincidence with the Hataraku Maou-sama S2 parts scoring like that too xD. No worries but boo Awaki as well as Sarasvati, poor girls having brain damage indeed xD.

Certainly xD. Poor Erika being forgotten indeed xD. Fair about SRW being a year later but still go funny coincidences xD. True about Palutena being great xD. Indeed as I've seen a lot of American shows after all xD. I agree! Right as I felt the same way about Friends S2, Aikatsu deserved better and boo Wonderful or KiraKira being awful but getting more episodes! Boo Healin' Good suffering the most with that though :/.

Indeed about the lying titles xD. Boo idiots indeed, and makes sense, and great comparison to Suruga too as well as your plan xD. That makes sense so boo a spite series lasting as long as it did! That makes sense about the outfits with the studio doing the first season of Hayate xD. Fair their cameos were in the villain's spinoff, though considering the trio of "heroes" perhaps the villain was superior xD. Aye for him playing a phone game involving a horse-headed guy xD. Great comparison, I can see that happening xD. Makes sense about being the worst traits of both genders and thus being true equality xD. Boo Kaoru's many issues, and no worries as I found Haruhi's appearance funny xD. And no worries as I understand not wanting a long reply as well xD.
emperortopaz Apr 20, 6:58 AM
True about the L'Antica duo even having similar names for me, and great description of the duo xD. Indeed for the memetic furry scale xD. Awesome I found it and boo the subs being the one making a mistake though great Peanuts joke xD. Agreed! I agree with both things too, the series deserved better xD. Speaking of things that deserve better boo OniMai having such a high score as for whatever reason, I blame idiots not knowing any better (likely the reason for Star Twinkle as well) but boo so many great series either tying or being worse than it as this site is truly full of awful people :/. Great joke about the Jun genderswap OVA scoring like the devil though xD (still more than it deserves of course xD). Speaking of people with bad taste I think I recall you mentioning that there was a girl who like shota manass from Failgun but this might be the first time her name and image has been brought up but regardless boo such a terrible taste as she doesn't even attempt to apologize for it with her design like Sarasvati does! Though sorry for reminding you of her xD.

Go the joke fitting better than I expected, go looking up PokéMasters early on xD. Aye, especially when he has to go back for her xD. True about speed being very important xD. Awesome that it's the anniversary of two major tactical franchises as I find that coincidence funny xD. True that there were also a lot that I didn't mention but indeed for those three also being created that year too xD.

I can see that, great reference as that sort of fight does happen a lot in US shows xD. And glad you liked the silly reference too xD. I agree with that, boo shipping being such a big problem and yuri shipping in particular seeming more rabid xD. Fair about appearing earlier but the potato girls getting more focus, I agree that the fourth year was cut short so poor girls! Aye, great name for her too xD.

Great reference to the silly Simpsons joke, and true about being unlovely children xD. True it has been some time since a villain but she sounds like an idiot and boo Kaoru! Fair about wanting to look at all three but doing her directly today, and fair being the worst one doesn't sound easy xD. Fair her red color is alright, but boo growing her hair in a time skip only to cut it, boo Nisio Isin being such a terrible influence and great solution xD. Fair the eye style is kinda meh, but makes sense Kaoru's eye color does a lot of heavy lifting xD. That sounds horrible about the franchise and boo turning lolis into adults meaning cows (and also her sister and mother being cows too); boo the title lying so much just like Naked Lunch xD. Boo this show and Kaoru not showing ass, but being moderately good for outfits but boo only wearing them as cows! Sounds like Kaoru lived up to her title of Queen of Catastrophe even if only for you, and fair that trolling the audience would be funny unlike her being such a spoiled brat with a poor personality especially (though nice mention of the cameos for the two famous internet critics but sadly lacking "Zettai" meaning you xD). Boo this series lasting for so long, no doubt it's due to slipping between the cracks and people not realizing it was still going on xD. And her libido sounds absolutely awful both by being a mamocentric not-lesbian and being far too abusive and tsun! Nice pejorative joke though xD. Boo being either too young or too old for the blog tastes, and no worries about blaming her doubly as well as not deserving being a Leo either! Boo Kaoru speaking like a boy but go Aya Hirano even if she doesn't have as many roles as she used to! She certainly deserves a terrible score too, and seems Haruhi came in search of an esper and seems she kidnapped Kaoru to put in a lot of outfits to treat her like Mikuru xD. Fair about not knowing whose coming up but no worries xD.
emperortopaz Apr 19, 10:54 AM
That she is though true about her lack of glasses but that's where Yuika (mostly) comes in xD. I can see that and I remember that silly scale xD. Boo confusion indeed, and I think I found the page here but indeed they don't call it a "goya" xD. Glad you liked that and boo MONOgatari fanboys indeed xD. Certainly xD. That's a relief at least but Momo Kyun deserves better, and no worries about how you put it xD.

Figured you'd agree! Awesome, technology is amazing xD. Great comparison and true she gets forgotten a lot it seems xD. Aye since she can use better equipment and agreed xD. Thanks for understanding and go it being Maki's birthday xD. Aye, and not just because I'm from the year but go Zelda/Metroid/Dragon Quest all getting their start xD.

Awesome xD. But of course, go silly jokes xD. That makes sense about being overly simplified, and I remember that about Souma too though that name caused me to remember this being translated as "Fighting Foodons" xD. Cool about finding it out recently as I understand, and boo yuri fans indeed! That they are xD. That is what makes it so amusing after all xD. Boo indeed! True that the two weren't featured too heavily, though still more time than the potato girls I think, and agreed about Miyabi being awesome and this Kokone being bad while the Spicy one is better xD.
emperortopaz Apr 19, 7:01 AM
But of course, and sounds like a great plan with Sakuya for me <3. Glad you liked the silly comparison, and indeed about being slightly furry xD. Figured that was another bonus even if her hair's short xD. Unfortunate to hear looking up "goya" only has the artist, no wonder the subs didn't recognize it xD. Speaking of the show I never would have noticed that the girls are talking fast (I blame Teekyu training me xD), and agreed saying Monogatari is good is a good sign of how dumb that user is xD. Figured you'd understand, both with my preferences and the black-haired red-eyed cute girls xD. Though boo this site continuing to hate cute girls and like traps, boo Himegoto scoring better than the superior Momo Kyun Sword as that series deserves more love!

Makes sense, boo hiding Sumire's ass indeed! That's a long time so awesome hopefully, and certainly xD. Right about being silly but older games allowing flags to be skipped like that, and fair about Alena being better due to crits but go remembering the mustached soldier with pink armor xD. Seems it was a popular day so go You as well, though don't worry as I don't often remember character birthdays xD. Speaking of birthdays sorta, go Sakurai talking about 1986 and all the things in gaming that came out that year xD.

The best way of stealing life away I assume! That's a relief, glad you like all my silly ideas xD. Thanks for understanding and great point xD. I blame it being literally translated, though boo Demon Slayer having such a terrible localized name over there too, and true I suppose they need to pander to himedashis as I hadn't heard that term (but that perfectly describes what's wrong with so many magical girl series xD). Fortunately it seems that was made prior to GuP, go choosing the superior series to adapt xD. Thanks for the luck as well, and glad you enjoyed the blog including the silly title xD. Certainly about the game with more options and aye as that was a late edit but figured you'd like the Lost Word mockery (and boo Strike Witches pandering to newborns or lacking fanservice indeed). Indeed about Hinaki coming next time, and true about doing all the main characters in Akari's generation; Miyabi is indeed great even if I'm not sure if/when I'd do her, and boo Kokone the local idol (the DeliPa one is far better xD).
emperortopaz Apr 17, 10:54 AM
Indeed about understanding, and that's a relief but agree that the girls should be jealous of Kogane's massive ass xD. That I can and go the nice spanking scene as well as Leopard's Felicia cosplay too xD. Right about the reference xD. That she is, plus having black hair is another good thing xD. Figured you'd like that reference though that's strange about the Spanish subs thinking that they're pumpkin, maybe they confused it with some type of squash instead xD. Aye for the silly meme xD. Certainly about the glasses duo and especially the younger one due to her thicker frames, and cool for Kanade the not-Nico xD.

That they might be, as sadly the Superstar girls don't have measurements but Karin has the biggest that we know of xD. No worries as I understand as you've had a lot of experience reading English and boo modern day-styled localizations! Aye even if I skipped him in my playthrough I think, and indeed though I did like that "just attack" meme and him being on it too xD (Shame it lacked Ragnar though xD). Great nickname for the duo, and happy birthday to Sailor Mars and Cure Diamond xD.

Awesome, and indeed about Zettai feeding Airy his life energy xD. That's a relief as I didn't want to impose, glad you liked my idea xD. That I did, go the silly nickname, and aye as I only know my failings in hindsight xD. That is another issue indeed, and boo Sorcery Fight (it's silly English name) and MAPPA appealing to fujos instead of working on Zombie Land's movie xD. And go the short trap-focused anime scoring so poorly, agreed more shows should follow xD.
emperortopaz Apr 17, 7:00 AM
That's understandable as I only happened to look it up, it is unfortunate she's bustier but go her 91 cm ass indeed xD. Agreed xD. That I did and true about both series mostly starring middle school girls xD. No worries for the mushrooms controlling people as I've played Earthbound after all, and agreed about Akira is the best girl easily xD. Also whenever they show the bitter melon I think of Splash Star which is funny, and same with the meme of Shizuru showing the picture like Domon xD. Speaking of airing shows indeed for the meganekko sisters being good for me xD.

Exactly, go your favorite Nijigasaki and Superstar girls! I agree with that, and figured you'd attempt it raw if given the chance xD. Agreed about that! Great joke and true that the Earthbound Beginnings guy is certainly not a trap unless you count only having him in the party for a short time xD. Aye, poor Iggy! And cool about it being Giorno's birthday too xD.

Glad you enjoyed them all xD. Indeed for your Spirit girl being awesome xD. Makes sense as they are awesome, but I feel bad if I think too much and cause you to add things xD. Glad you understand and fair that doing them all at once was overbearing as I understand xD. Thanks for understanding, but fair that it was only the first example you thought of xD.
emperortopaz Apr 16, 6:58 AM
Of course and go Kogane with her 90HB-breaking ass for you among others xD. That makes sense, go keeping the silly joke until it was time to use it xD. I agree with that, and great comparison to Vividred with both having a lot of similarities (even if Vividred isn't as bluntly yuri xD). I agree, boo that!

Aye, specifically your favorite girls as I know how much you like that! Agreed and true about the SNES Kanon though if translated we'd play it xD (though you could even if it wasn't xD). Agreed, and go avoiding communication woes as agree that causes unnecessary drama so boo other writers being lazy xD. I thought about the same, though instead of the elder horror I thought of Teddy instead xD. I agree with a series needing a cool dog, not that Iggy was uncool but surviving is important too xD.

Glad you liked my various ideas, though hopefully the other girls' outfits are good too xD. I agree, and go Kurumi indeed xD. Sounds awesome xD. And figured you'd understand though sorry if I'm thinking too much about your girls xD. No worries as I understand about me doing the Failtuplets all at once wasn't a great idea (though they all needed to be talked about as they're varying levels of awfulness), and fair that I need to do more Zombie Land Saga girls among other series though sorry about only talking about Yuugiri!
emperortopaz Apr 15, 10:56 AM
No worries as I do that a lot as I'm not good with accents, and indeed for the classic mecha lead's name xD. Great pun and agreed xD. Speaking of the show no surprise that MAL did another dumb thing, boo comparing Twintails to MahoAko as MahoAko doesn't deserve that xD. No worries as I blame things not getting better xD.

I agree, go being silly but also secretly sexy and hopefully inspiring assy fanart! Awesome xD. I agree with that and go Konoha's good taste, it reminds me that Key put out a "16-bit Kanon" trailer for April Fools this year xD. Good point about either being a dedicated hater or a hypocrite xD. I was worried about the exact same, I'm glad they only forced the drama for a single episode xD. That is certainly true, boo the blonde with blue-eyes plague though traps are still worse xD. Certainly so no worries, but thanks still xD.

Thanks for understanding and glad you enjoyed the girls with Xa’ligha in particular being good; figured she'd arrive naked so that's why she's wearing Lily's (extra) cultist outfit xD. Awesome about Kurumi getting good screentime as that's always good xD. That's a relief, go Marin showing ass and Sajuna the lolihag being liked too xD. Exactly xD. I could see that, though considering Aika wants to keep it from getting out she might use Mayoi's skeptical side to help disguise herself xD.
emperortopaz Apr 15, 6:59 AM
Awesome xD. Cool about Kogane of her Nagasaki accent, and cool about Kiriko with her name reminding you of a Votoms near-namesake xD. True about Baiser sadly, go Loco Musica getting a few good ass shots! Agreed, the worst type of person xD.

Agreed that both things are terrible, Karin deserves better! That too, figured you'd understand xD. Agreed about that and true about Kanon and Little Busters sadly being ignored because people praise Clannad far too much! That makes a lot of sense, boo the idol hating idols though I also think that she's on the council of judges as well so she's just proving how dedicated people are xD. That's a good point, boo Japan hating itself and us suffering because we like that sort of design and Mayu deserves better! Boo indeed, and no worries as I still find them funny and being fictional means it isn't a problem xD.

Certainly xD. Aye so no worries again, and that's understandable but you can ask for about anything and I'd try to make it work xD. Exactly, and figured her bangs weren't as silly xD. Indeed, and go Kurumi fitting even better too xD. Cool about Dress Up Darling being good even without a meganekko, and fair about the busty duo though sorry maybe xD. Indeed about Sakurako being more teenage than Lena and thus fitting those two more xD. Indeed about Aika being serious, I bet she gets along well with Mayoi maybe xD. Aye so no worries xD. And glad you liked the pictures too, I always worry about them xD.
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