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Little Witch Academia
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emperortopaz 9 hours ago
Makes sense xD. Awesome keeping the spoiler and go Dende still being fine at least for now xD. Agreed about picking the superior Cure from that team xD. Right for Takaki's horrible mamocentric swimsuit episode and boo hot springs coming up, but that I did xD. Thanks for understanding my issues, and no worries xD. Indeed, poor Persona 4 protagonist doing so poorly! I see about the computer either getting fixed or getting a new one in 3-4 weeks, boo long waits indeed!

Of course xD. Indeed for Satsuki being cool and figured that was the case, and I see for the red light district as didn't pick up on the name but cool for liking the flirty accent xD. Makes sense about Ciara's Canadian name and right but in a good way xD. Right for Himari and I see for the Western meat dish to contrast her sister's favorite as that sounds cute xD. Figured you'd understand and my bad with Romancing SaGa 2 being turn based, but indeed for the twins being great xD. Agreed for Haruka's many-reference name, and glad that Coco herself wasn't trouble and using her seashell mermaid form as I understand xD. Fair for the two not knowing each other and I do understand about being from another realm xD. Certainly, sorry if it takes some time though xD.
emperortopaz Today, 7:04 AM
Figured that you would, go Rikka's great ass <3. That sounds funny, as if he was replaced with a look-alike and feinting was how they figured it out xD. Boo indeed! Right for Gohan beating up Boo to the point where he ran away and they even found Dende since was worried he was eaten xD. In Futari the shota villain started falling for Honoka as I'm sure you can understand xD. Though boo Senran still being awful as always with horrible mamocentric episodes, nice reference to the AVGN's rants though xD.

Thanks for understanding, and true though I'm bad at being mean to people xD. No worries as I understand and sorry about Ayame having a similar issue too! Right for adults, especially for me xD. No worries! Cool as had forgotten that it was starting I don't visit the site as often as I used to so thanks for reminding me xD.

Awesome for all the harem members (and villain), as indeed it has been a while xD. Cool for Satsuki the tall teen with great-sounding hair, cool for Hime/Akko's VA as well as the series named Mushibugyou, great classic Japanese video game due to being a naginata girl and bet she's god friend to Yoshiko, cool for traveling the country for revenge, and cool for being lewd but you'll have to explain her accent xD. Awesome for the older witch Ciara though I'm not sure where her name comes from but her eye/hair color sounds great and go Zakuro's VA too, great Canadian food and classic Western-made game Secret of Evermore, cool for Zettai's hometown being warmer as makes sense and go being such a nice witch helping out the other harem members, and the broom joke is great as I can imagine that xD. Himari sounds very cute being the shy loli twin with twintails and Illya/Sanya's VA and Mea's maid outfit, seems she's secretly Garfield maybe, go being a good student that gets wrapped up with her twin due to the duo always being together, and cool for the problems as that also sounds like when her pants cause her ass to spill out xD. Go Hazuki being a part of the harem too and looking slightly different from her sister due to low twintails, nice sorta-classic loli voice though I'm not familiar with her cosplay but the MAL page has her in a cute outfit, awesome for both liking classic action SNES RPGs and nice twin Colosseum Pokémon team, seems she's the troublemaker one but go being bolder and teasing Zettai openly, and go both having potential fun together <3. Great villain in Haruka with obnoxiously huge breasts and the creaky old lady voice, makes sense for her terrible hair and eye color, hopefully Coco isn't trouble herself, nice joke with the mamocentric favorite food and game, boo overpowered snake-dragon but very fitting, I understand being a demon king though wonder if Agnes knows her, sounds awful for her goals as Luna's goal is much better and go being foiled so much, and boo her Issei minions xD. Great girls as they sound great, though I'll have to think for a while about my choices but no worries xD. Sorry for the slight delay too!
emperortopaz Yesterday, 11:59 AM
We can at least hope, as fanart seems to appreciate her ass! Right for that sort of silly play as well! Fair for using it for convenience but nothing wrong with wanting more variety! Sorry for the studio having a bad track record with mamocentric unjokes ;_;.

Really, I don't plan to make girls out to be poorly scored on purpose, I want to do it fairly! Which does usually take away some of the point of having villains, so sorry :/. I suppose, but like I said she seems to be letting that aspect go, and I think that I score ojous lately more than I probably should with Mero is an example of that! True but that's what I gave most of the Monster Musume girls as they seem to be adults, I think! Sorry for being so terrible, but no worries as I understand that you don't really mean that and were just lashing out due to being betrayed (still sorry about that though :/).
emperortopaz Yesterday, 7:04 AM
Makes sense, and indeed about her ass getting the screentime she deserves <3. Makes sense and indeed, like the twin shoot and all that xD. No worries as he just came to mind when thinking of Italian characters, but no worries about using Hawlucha instead as I know it's one of your favorites xD. Right for that! Indeed for Sariel being great <3. Right xD. Also boo the vampire anime having a breast unjoke as it deserves better, sorry for existing as well ;_;.

Sorry the blog wasn't great, but keeping Mero above the lolis wasn't my intent! It's more that she's apparently getting better that helped her out, and for personality I wasn't counting the NTR part as that would be under libido (though even then it's such a big part of her that I still had to mention it). Sorry I'm not dead though ;_;.
SPARTAN_119 Oct 17, 2:13 PM
Sorry for the slow reply, but yeah, I'd say that explains the whole thing about Rikka. Shame they haven't put that into practice in the anime, at least not yet.
emperortopaz Oct 17, 12:02 PM
Same, as it looks great! Agreed, hopefully her ass gets featured well in the show as a result <3. I didn't know that the new Captain Tsubasa remake aired late, nice joke about doing that to keep kids from climbing poles and probably other dangerous sports stunts xD. Awesome about learning English through games, and great job as always with the language! That's understandable, wonder if you have a Talonflame or something named after this guy because he uses a bird Gundam xD.

Cool for the laptop letting you write, and cool for doing last week's request as I still remember the girl xD. Of course, as your blogs are great! Right about her body, as well as her and her franchise needing more love! Cool for the great demon being next as she's very fitting for October xD.
emperortopaz Oct 17, 7:32 AM
Aye! That I was, so hopefully I can find time to watch that episode soon xD. I had heard that but that sounds amazing about Rikka, go Trigger creators being so smart and inspiring great fanart <3. Exactly and I noticed them calling them "legendary girls" in the episode, at least according to subs, so boo not being proper "legendary warriors"! That would be nice as sounds like it would be more like Symphogear, but we want that for action and not to make it even more edgelord as that would be terrible too xD.

Of course! Right as that reminds me of how my Belgian grandmother learned English through comics and TV shows, and awesome for Golett and great description xD. Cool about the characters all being named after Italian anime characters as I don't know too many of them, but awesome for Lucchini and her friends xD.

Awesome getting the blog done as I was really worried, and fair that you're using an old laptop that works poorly but at least you're for only using it for writing as I was worried what was going to happen to Sariel! Nice blog comment and go her very great title too! Nice for the mysterious voice introduction and fair for the assistants picking up candy as sounds like the lovely voice has plans <3. Great use of "pamper" too and you not thinking you're worthy to be pampered and her talking you into it xD. Great hug that flusters you and even better ass grab <3. Awesome she enjoys having you fondle her ass too, even if she punishes you after! Great Marvelous Marshmallow Hip reference and bet her bouncy ass felt great <3. Go continuing as you write your blog as well! Fair for the color not being great, even if her mature-looking braids and sticking-out bangs that look appealing, and true for her maybe-headband with wings all making her unique and cool xD. True for her heterochromia and I understand about her golden eye being best, at least other than her third eye but still xD. Great anal exposure even if she's teasing you with potential farts xD. I understand about Sariel being really busty and being the biggest of at least the virtues, and her chest scenes also giving problems but glad her height, her great ass, and her cool wings help make her body still do well <3. True for lacking measurements but go being big and shown bare as well as her Marvelous Marshmallow Hip for bouncy facesitting, agreed more girls need scenes like that <3. Shame her fanart isn't assy and there's not much to begin with though! Awesome for giving you a reward with her Evil Third Eye though <3. Nice calling her kind indeed xD. Cool for her default outfit being good mostly, other than her underboob top but go her loincloth helping and I agree she has a great sexy vibe (and fair for needing to show her ass more). Cool for her golden bikini and the croupier outfit as didn't realize that the game people had a name xD. Nice background about Sariel and fair for the concept of opposing the sins but go the messiah training and the wacky plots, hopefully the series gets more love and more episodes xD. Figured her motherly personality would do well, and go being playful but also punishing like a good mother <3. Great joke with the Evil Eye and makes sense about needing more screentime! Boo the series not being too popular and same with Sin Nanatsu, even if Sariel is a one of the more popular angels as I understand the franchise needs more love! Makes sense about wanting more art of her, even if her real deal is pampering you properly in real life! And nice warm smile too! Go Sariel not minding showing off and doing naughty things though I thought it was more she didn't realize how sexy the things she did but maybe she does know as that sounds sexier xD. Agreed that Sakura Nakamura needs more roles as she did great <3. True for short anime standards she did great, and sounds like Sariel is going to pamper you even more after the blog <3. And sounds like Satania is coming next so awesome, and no worries about this long summary so feel free to summarize as I understand the issues!
emperortopaz Oct 16, 7:02 AM
I completely understand xD. Cool about knowing more stuff and figured you'd understand xD. Fair about the meganekko starting to wear her glasses next episode, and right for the Kai episode! Figured you'd agree, though I too enjoyed seeing Haruka frozen as she does represent everything wrong with the series and fanbase xD. That's fair, but I can at least be hopeful for a reboot coming xD.

Agreed <3. I didn't think of that but great comparison between the angel and devil idols xD. That's funny about the trampolines appearing during the appeals xD. Also cool about playing Pokémon X in Italian as that's really interesting, but the Shiny Golett is amazing so great job as I think you like the Ultraman ghost xD.
emperortopaz Oct 15, 11:57 AM
Right xD. Cool about Xenovia's buttshots helping then xD. Right as she's quite cute xD. Right for the season starting with a "summer" episode it seems xD. That makes sense though sorry that the American history and wordplay gave you problems, in fairness I probably wouldn't get Spanish equivalents xD. Fair for the silly obscure words needed, glad that you eventually found out what you needed though xD. True about starting Gridman as it indeed was quite nice, and fair for Kai as it was the episode that Gohan returned to fight Boo though he hasn't actually started fighting yet xD. Agreed for Hugtto being ridiculous, and boo the Splash Star/Happiness Charge girls being frozen but hopefully they get free soon! Also hopefully by having this be a big all-Cure showdown it means that it's the last season since a finale like that would be a fitting going-away xD. Right for Himote House's Sailor Moon ending as I thought I recognized the outfits of the girls xD.

Not just assy but also motherly too <3. Indeed for the childhood friend angel xD. Fair that flying idols were common in PriPara S2, for some reason that reminds me of the special appeals in Aikatsu and all the training they do on trampolines xD. That makes it even worse, boo failing so quickly ;_;. Though glad that the warranty should help hopefully!
emperortopaz Oct 15, 7:03 AM
I figured you would xD. Aye ;_;. Right, and shame that the last volume took quite a bit then! That I do so thanks for that, though I still like her description xD. Agreed for both of them loving each other and being adorable <3. Indeed though the episode was late over here too as the season didn't start until September xD. I see for the American trials being hard, and some other shards being hard enough and other shards needing weird so you had to change the language as that sounds silly xD.

Aye xD. Figured that Sariel was the right answer so awesome <3, though figured you'd like Irina still despite her show being awful xD. Cool about Ange being her sorta namesake when it comes to performing then, sounds cute xD. Also that sounds incredibly awful about the computer, boo needing another as I think this one was only about a couple years old ;_;.
SPARTAN_119 Oct 15, 2:21 AM
At least as far as I can tell, it has to do with some of the official art especially this one:
SPARTAN_119 Oct 14, 8:44 PM
Saw the first episode, didn't notice too much overt ass service. Does she get more in the second episode? She definitely has been getting quite a lot of art on Pixiv.
SPARTAN_119 Oct 14, 1:38 PM
I'm wondering if your starting Gridman had anything to do with the amount of ass art Rikka seems to be getting on Pixiv.
emperortopaz Oct 14, 12:00 PM
Agreed that the series needs more love! Great joke there xD. No worries as I was just curious, and boo not being able to turn on as that's the worst feeling ever ;_;. That sounds unfortunate, boo not finishing Qwaser and instead finishing DxD; hopefully they rushed out DxD and can now concentrate on the better series xD. Cool about Gridman having a meganekko, even if she's kinda evil and only wears her glasses at home, she does need more pride xD. But it does look cool so maybe I'll check it out xD. Agreed that Friends was amazing, I agree that learning more about the great moon sisters and their past was really great <3. Cool as I was wondering when it was starting xD. Also congratulations about beating Scribblenauts Unlimited, hopefully it was a lot of fun as some things can get silly xD.

Right about the game being silly! That she was xD. Cool for being from a recent show, looking it up made me realize that Irina is an angel but while you like her I think that the girl is more likely the mature Sariel <3. That is a funny coincidence, cool for the top idol from PriChan having a "special appeal" including wings and flying, now she needs a devil counterpart to be like Aroma and Mikan xD.
emperortopaz Oct 14, 7:01 AM
Figured you'd agree, especially with the example I gave xD. Agreed for having hope! Boo indeed :/, wonder if the same thing went wrong or what happened. Though in good news cool about the DxD manga ending over there and finishing the mamocentric nightmare xD.

Of course, and indeed for remembering even if I didn't think of it until you mentioned the game itself xD. No worries as I'm sure that there will be plenty of opportunities in the future for the cute angel xD. Far though wonder which angel you'll be talking about, if I'm familiar with her at least xD.