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Do It Yourself!!
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Yama no Susume: Next Summit
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emperortopaz Oct 5, 10:55 AM
Figured you'd agree, go our favorite seasons I think xD. That makes sense, boo that chance and boo Nintendo betraying their previous Directs by putting it at a bad time; seems we shouldn't have been praising them for how well they were doing! True as I thought about the dragon's blood thing too xD. Aye and figured you'd understand about that xD. Agreed, though true SymphoGAR was great xD. That makes sense about remembering Katja due to having her close by for so long xD. Certainly, a shame we don't have really long seasons any more! Agreed though what is is new as the site's full of idiots xD.

Right for the cute idol show xD. Aye for the silly joke, and no worries as the slender idol fits your type better xD. Right for that, and I wasn't worried even if I bring it up during my blogs for small talk xD. And you aren't a jerk either xD. Thanks for understanding and indeed Rea's great too xD. No worries as I understand, there's reasons Meru and Inori from Topaz's blog have blue and purple skin after all xD. Right, and indeed for the tomato silliness xD. Agreed that there needs to be more fair series like this! Certainly for the old joke xD. Go the series being more fair though sorry Chris hogs fanart for some reason, and I look forward to the blog too xD. Agreed about the climbing girls even if this was a re-introduction, perhaps it's for new watchers or maybe it's because it's been over four years since the last installment and they wanted to remind people xD. Hope early replies are alright too!
emperortopaz Oct 5, 6:59 AM
Right about understanding, and boo Bizarro World fans indeed as they have terrible taste as more seasons should be like Splash Star or Maho Girls xD. Indeed, fortunately I don't think we care much about Sony anyway but I blame them appealing to MURICA too much xD. Great reference and makes sense considering how many times Popp has nearly died; no wonder he's so full of GAR xD. That almost sounds like an RPG where the early bosses are harder due to lack of resources, but funny how the first boss was the hardest xD.

True as I noticed the cute Franxx girl, and go other good roles for you too! Aye, and go not being 2012 indeed where every series trolled you somehow xD. I had forgotten Aya Hirano was Katja's VA but go her and Teresa being another time they were together xD. Aye, and figured you'd agree xD. True about seasons being split up even with popular shows, I imagine it's to give the animators breaks and to let the manga pull ahead so that they don't have to make filler but still xD. Makes complete sense, boo MAL having such terrible tastes xD.

True for that and glad that you eventually watched and enjoyed it too xD. Great joke and comparison, boo indeed xD. I hadn't noticed that but now that you mentioned it go classic Webcomic jokes xD. Aye for the similar hairstyles and slightly similar hair colors too! That's a relief for her red eyes but glad they're good otherwise too xD. No worries as I figure, go us looking for different things sorta xD. Sounds like a perfect body for you, and I was thinking about Rea but didn't think that was what you meant by that comment so great reference xD. It's alright but true I'm not into it as much as you though it's not something I dislike either xD. Sounds great for you, and go cute brides as I understand xD. Agreed about getting the movie! Aye for the funny yuri tomato coincidence xD. Indeed for Yuugiri requiring patience but still being good, and fair about that but glad everyone gets a good amount of pics xD. Agreed about that, though I agree it is one of his better roles xD. Aye and great reference with that xD. Sounds good to me xD. Aye for her being great, and I'm sure that Chris' blog will be great though glad her chest won't be too much of a problem then xD. Thanks for understanding xD.
emperortopaz Oct 4, 6:58 AM
Figured you'd remember and glad you liked the reference, though true YI is a great game unlike TR xD. Thanks and indeed for Chiyu, I blame them being better series compared to the other recent series xD. I figured that's the case, go being able to watch them after you get up, and fair about Nintendo Directs being mostly better this year xD. That's true, Jump series only have a few people die for good and usually that includes the villain xD. Also congrats on beating Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger, great job!

I agree with that, and good ones of course! That makes sense, go Kana Ichinose being good too xD. Cool you remember that too, and sexy plan with Akane <3 (surprised there isn't fanart of that xD). True about having to put up with only one bad show this season and not many at least xD. True about that, especially Haruhi as that started back in 06! No worries though I found it funny xD. Of course for Yor being so great and figured you'd like the plans, as well as Kinako being enviable <3. Aye, boo dumb users! True about that, a shame that long shows are so rare! Agreed about that, boo Miruki being so awful xD. Awesome xD.

Happy Halloween indeed and great reference in the club and title xD. Boo Serena as she's awful but go Junko showing up and being different from most zombies xD. Fair that she's afraid at first and I blame terrible fans giving us the wrong idea about Lily and her show, and great coming out of the closet joke too xD (fair she locked herself inside). Fair that they were hiding back then so Junko doesn't understand, and nonsense as you have plenty of brains xD. Fair about starting and true about the color being cute but zombie-like (even if she had it while alive) and fair about the Chris-like twintails in back. Good point about being grey as it is hard to tell and true about grey eyes being a lot more rare. Go the nice shape, and sorry for the contacts hiding her eyes being red (boo people thinking it's "bad" indeed :/). Fair for the bags too. Makes sense about faces and that getting put into body for you while you separate voices unlike me, and nice to see Junko being alright calling it an "ass" too xD. Halloween miracle indeed and go her cute petite body and her ass being slightly bigger even if sadly she doesn't show it off too much. Go her being blue and slightly patchwork due to being in pieces, no worries for the pun xD. Great comparison to Rottytops I think, though Hsien-ko kinda counts too xD. Nice Junk-o pun too xD. True about me talking about Yuugiri like this and you liking Junko and her blue skin and ass more xD. Nice fanning though bet you'd rather see her skirt go up without her using her hands xD. Nice descriptions of her usual outfit as well as all her idol outfits which look good too as well as all the helpful official art (and go the wedding dress figure too). Go talking about Junko's backstory of being an important idol in the past even if she dies and gets brought back alongside other girls to help save Saga and true the second season ending left a lot to wonder about xD. True about her difficulty interacting and go being so good at guitar too. Go being kind and serious, and nice description of her too with you showing why she's your favorite (and I find it funny that tomatoes are brought up, even if it makes sense with Maki xD). Go her great reception and the show being mostly balanced and true for Yuugiri not getting much in the first season but the second helped, and go Japanese fans liking her the most even if the girls are pretty close fanart-wise it soundds like. Unfortunate MAL has such bad taste, I blame Mamoru Miyano xD. No worries about doing the meta things as it's pretty important to you, and fair about knowledge being well-known even if she probably doesn't know about the internet too much xD. Fair about being more "pure" like idols used to be, and true about the pairings with Ai due to being the most popular duo and getting a lot of shipping (though fair you'd want her to tease a shota fan too xD). Go being a teenhag if only barely due to being 19, and true she shouldn't be considered 58 either xD. And go Maki Kawase doing such a great job on her as well as I agree she has a great voice xD. Great total even if she won't admit to being yuri, and fair she lacks ass scenes and had to leave to help Saga once again. And funny how I brought up Chris as it seems she's coming next time, sorry for her chest and popularity pre-emptively! Sorry for the long summary too xD.
emperortopaz Oct 3, 11:00 AM
True about the bright colors, and I think the character outlines were thicker which makes people think that it's better; obviously their favorite game is Yoshi's Island as not only are the outlines thick but it stars a baby like them xD. True about Kokone doing well surprisingly, go the sandwich ojou xD. Indeed and nice nicknames for the duo there xD. Agreed, boo poor timing for your time zone and the shows airing while you're asleep (well, hopefully xD); it's like they're Nintendo Directs or something xD. Unfortunate and indeed it would have been cool xD. Aye and cool we thought the same thing as great minds and all that xD.

Figured you'd agree, and true about Symphogear and Nanoha being good magical girl mecha series xD. Cool that you understood what I meant and cool liking Miorine more as a result, and cool you remembered Maria's tasty tomato moment and I remembered Vividred had a moment too xD. Unfortunate indeed, sorry you're watching this season and have the pain drawn out as opposed to speeding through it in a few days like the first season! Aye but no worries as the series are good xD. That's fair then, though I should have recognized Minori earlier xD. Boo indeed! True about Earthbound having a speed-increasing equipment, though oddly that one doesn't add luck as that's another equipment slot xD. Agreed about Yor having an ass scene and everything else being nearly flawless for you <3. She needs to sit on Anya on accident or smack someone with her ass xD. Speaking of girls you like sitting on others I figured you'd catch Sumire sitting on Kinako, bet you were envious and hope it inspires a lot of art too xD. That's fair but most of the users are mamocentric idiots so that doesn't work like it should! Cool about the split then and true it's unfortunate that Dai doesn't have one more episode to get into the next rank xD. True that it might just be them ignoring little girl anime and it'll continue hopefully! Hope early messages are alright too xD.
emperortopaz Oct 3, 7:00 AM
Figured you'd like the comparison and true about even the final battle in TR being lame, I blame people being distracted by the animation xD. Agreed for that, poor Blue Cures most of the time! Go our mutual love of dark-haired girls like Elly, and fair she was the first one that you remembered but Celty (for how little she speaks) and Perrine are great (Saeko too but she's yours xD). That's a good comparison and indeed about watching it eventually xD. Agreed for it causing confusion online xD. That sounds pretty great, go the jewel-based-named female group xD (even better if one was "Jade" xD). Great comparison to another shounen series, and true plus there's a chance he'll be reborn from the wishes of the people or something xD.

Aye, and indeed for the two being so similar in a good way and not just like Symphogear or something but that's great too xD. Figured you'd understand, though I'm sure it'll be serious maybe xD. Also Miorine makes me think of Diana from Little Witch, and the tomato part made me think of Symphogear and other magical girl shows xD. Aye for that day has a lot of shows and true for Dai ending soon so you wouldn't have as many (the other little kid animes for me are on Saturday instead so it becomes heavy xD). Indeed about approving of them, and fair about noticing with her serious voice and noticing Hirano, awesome as I'm not too good with recognizing voices like that xD. Hopefully! Unfortunate that the Spanish subs flubbed that joke, especially when the note was translated right, boo obvious mistakes! Agreed about Mirko being a kick specialist, I blame the added luck granted by her rabbit feet giving additional crit chance xD. Figured as much, it helps that Yor is basically your perfect kind of girl nearly xD. Agreed about that, boo the site not being consistent but I suppose that happens with so many users xD. Good point about that mattering for MALgraph, and cool for other Pri series having multiple series as I was thinking they did, but I couldn't see it on any schedules for fall so I was thinking it would be like the Akari generation xD.
emperortopaz Oct 2, 11:15 AM
That is a good description, reminds me of how Crunchyroll showed off the Tropical Rouge final battle as that's basically what they tried to do so boo false advertising! Right for the poor meganekko and thanks, boo Toei! Aye as both of us like her after all, and true about Tsugiko having Mordred's voice even if I heard her before the slender swordsgirl xD. Figured you'd understand the confusion, and true about it starting overnight for me but no worries as I do want to watch it xD. Agree! No worries as I just assumed it had a different name in Europe, and glad you liked it xD. Go you indeed, and that sounds funny about the Jojo and Fist of the North Star references with minion names xD. Speaking of Shounen series I agree that the "Everyone's hearts as one" stuff was great, go Dai even if his first friend sadly died and was secretly a magic item!

Great job with that and fair about watching the show so many times xD. Thanks and true about that though that does sound like something that might come out of their mouths even if it's harder to defend (not that the mecha version can be defended but still xD). Speaking of mecha and girls I enjoyed Witch from Mercury, the duels remind me of Gunpla battles at least for now xD. Agreed about that! Aye about watching it though Saturday is busy, and indeed for Aya and Minori though I didn't notice until she called the other "Minorin" xD. Good plan ignoring Mikuru and unfortunate that the guys don't have a series together that we know about but I liked how one complained that their only role in so long was a high school girl but there was a pop-up saying they're middle school girls xD. Aye for two great girls for you, and I hadn't thought about that but go Mirko's silly anal rhyme xD. Both the series and the character, and aye though think you still prefer Yor xD. Glad to hear that PTE is doing a little better but agreed it probably deserves better, boo people not expecting it and bombing the score as a result! Certainly! Fair you were thinking that PriMagi was ending this week but fair about it having one more episode, I'm not used to the Pretty series so I'm not sure if another season is coming or not xD.
emperortopaz Oct 2, 7:01 AM
That I do and true about the Max Heart final battles being so great xD. Right about knowing about the issue, and good point about Minori also counting so unfortunate for the papaya girl who never had eaten one before xD. Agreed and I do like Elly even if she's yours but if you're asking for a second girl I do lke Tsugiko the coin-user with a cool voice xD. Fair about mainly talking about the original series as I thought you meant the main franchise in general xD. No worries as I understand and go the cyclops teacher indeed xD. Right! Awesome to hear that, and makes sense about Faceball I think it was called here, would be funny to see them try to play it online with emulators though xD (or maybe once GB games are added to NSO they can play it that way xD). Speaking of games great job beating Streets of Rage 4 too!

Agreed! Thought there was something I was forgetting, thanks for remembering or looking it up xD. Agreed about that, boo Madoka fanboys complaining like Eva fanboys xD. Right about the money grinding taking so long, and aye though hopefully it wasn't as rough as having to do the adventure mode with Giga Bowser multiple times xD. Awesome and no worries as I noticed that was on too xD. Agreed about Yor kicking ass, and same with Mirko doing the same now that she's finally getting screentime! Agreed about Uzaki being terrible as usual, true for the clothing roulette and general annoyance but at least the Hayami mom showed up sooner this season xD. That isn't worth the higher point though, and boo mamocentric idiots while Pop Team Epic S2 deserves better! Agreed that Uzaki's fans need to die slowly and painfully too!
emperortopaz Oct 1, 11:00 AM
Figured you'd agree though good point about the fights being good unlike the fights these days xD. Agreed about that, and true about being somewhat Yellow Cure inspiring but true a lot of them are lively, maybe they mean it in the way Yellow Cures tend to be the ones who get part of their backstory edited out for time like with Arisu and Hinata sadly! That makes sense, go your strong but quiet girl and the Yukarin Saki as I agree both are great xD. Great YGOA reference in a way and true about Gundam being serious (or at least mostly, G Gundam is much more fun xD). Aye and indeed for Hitomi the cyclops occasional-meganekko xD. That's a relief, but hopefully none of the ass days get trolled as you don't deserve that! Agreed for your favorite Vtuber maybe, and I can understand that though I blame that game being a good one for multiple people while most retro games barely support 4 at the most xD.

Figured you'd understand, and aye about it being found eventually xD. No worries as I know that it's canon, I just wasn't sure if it was mentioned before Super or not xD. Thanks and I agree with that, go monstrously cute sorta xD. That makes sense plus I think it fit with the theme of the blogs you were doing that month though sadly the series needs more love! Figured those two were your top picks, and I'm not sure and Ether didn't watch it either so who knows! Cool about the melee trophy speedrun video, go doing basically the 100% completion as Tom Nook sounds really annoying xD (though the disk errors they guy playing on console sound awful too). Figure early replies are good too xD.
emperortopaz Oct 1, 7:01 AM
Figured you'd agree about Max Heart having a lot of issues, and true about Hikari and her annoying mascots being another problem though even then she barely had any personality which is unfortunate! Aye xD. True about that and great pun xD. That makes a lot of sense, go goofy ones due tot the higher-ups not caring xD. I can see that as Japan likes visual puns like that, and thanks again xD. And happy birthday to Korone as well, go the retro gaming doggy indeed xD.

Aye as it was lost for a while so heard about it from a Lost Media Youtuber I watch xD. True about at least being successful as a baseball player, though I'm not sure if Kai mentioned he did that as I can't remember xD. That's a good way to look at it and indeed for Faputa's silly name, glad you liked her description too xD. Right about us agreeing and indeed for the Cure joke xD. Aye for Luna, and I remember you doing Akari even if sadly Ginko and Seira need blogs too xD. Though Though I could have sworn someone besides us talked about Seira, not sure who though xD. Cool for early replies then xD.
emperortopaz Sep 30, 10:58 AM
Agreed, and it's not like the second season of Futari was that outstanding so I'd think people would welcome the change but boo Toei and others hating them! True about Goku Black seeming cool from what I've seen, and cool you remember that too xD. True about that though they'd have to censor her and probably too much though it would still be better than Twenty being so annoying xD. Tomino having a hand in making the names makes a lot of sense xD. Agreed and that's a relief, and cool for Glasses Day in Japan, hopefully I do get a lot of good fanart xD.

Figured you'd understand and indeed for the Latino dub, though I had heard about the silly original dub with Zero as I agree that was terrible xD. Makes sense about the power creep and new forms too xD. True about that but true about doing better than Yamcha at least xD. And speaking of shows and silly translations sorta Made in Abyss was very good, and I hadn't heard about Puta meaning that but that's silly about the four-armed brown furry girl's name being unchanged xD. No worries as I understand, she's pretty and dominant-seeming but hopefully the hereos manage to win and I agree that she's prettier than the other rivals though great joke about being named after two Red Cures xD. Glad to hear both things, thanks for understanding as well xD. No worries as there was a lot of information given, but indeed about it being Luna and looking at a sadly underrated series xD. Hope the early replies were alright too!
emperortopaz Sep 30, 6:59 AM
Fair that she was in the first crossovers then, and agreed about Splash Star being underappreciated! Thanks for understanding and makes sense as know you like time travel, surprising Whis and Beerus were won over by fish sausage though xD. That's fair but go even deeper coincidences xD. Great way to describe him and you don't mean Twenty though he's terrible too, and that's a very funny name from L-Gaim as that certainly sounds like a Gundam name xD. That's a relief at least, go Yor being so popular and hopefully she'll continue to be and great nicknames xD (though sorry Miu didn't have more art).

I can see that, I imagine being fans of the franchise helps and surprising that the Spanish Latino dub is the one putting in so much effort xD. Sure seems like that, great way to describe that and I agreed about DBZA helping Tenshinhan quite a bit xD. Certainly xD. No worries as I understand, go the good episode as this season of LL has been quite great xD. Awesome then xD. Glad that you enjoyed Suigintou since I know you like her a lot, and glad that the plot and analysis were good including her body score since was a little worried about that xD. Unfortunately while Lettuce is a good guess (and great "Lettuce Kefka" reference too xD) that's not the girl I'm doing next time xD.
emperortopaz Sep 28, 11:00 AM
Awesome xD. I thought that back in the day they weren't counting Milky Rose, but boo Kaoru and Michiru not being counted as Splash Star needs more love! Aye, hopefully I'll find the time and thanks for appreciating me watching Super again though sorry it's taken so long! I hadn't thought about that but another great coincidence xD. Right about that and I remember hearing about that character's silly name xD. Agreed about that, and aye as I remember you having the same issue with tthat series xD.

Glad you liked that, and true for the dubbed insert song being cool too! True about power levels likely being the main reason too, great DBZA Tenshinhan line there xD. I can understand that, go unique traits like light-colored eyelashes and go Rumiko having that trait for a good example xD. And that makes sense, go Natsumi interacting more with the other girls xD. Hope early replies are alright too!
emperortopaz Sep 28, 6:59 AM
Figured you'd understand xD. True about that xD. I had figured that she was number one, unless you were playing early Toei and not counting her but indeed I do have to watch GoGo sometime xD. And great joke and tweet about the similarities between Hugtto and Cross Ange xD. Right for the poor type, and fair that he only writes it like that in certain media but it's still very goofy xD. They deserve so much better :/. That's fair about both daughters having erotic art that bothers you for different reasons, and I understand the Papaetc Syndrome as I feel the same xD.

That I do, and I agree about Cell's singing being "perfect" after all xD. Awesome about covering "classic" material, and I can understand wanting silly characters like them from earlier in the series rather than a lot of modern things for marketing purposes xD. That makes sense as they look cool! That is indeed fairly unfortunate, but great way to put it and being fair Keke is also your girl I think but I understand liking Natsumi more xD.
emperortopaz Sep 27, 7:01 AM
That I do, and figured you'd understand about that cave but I did find out about the "Ice Cave" being the name of the GBC DQ3 bonus dungeon as I wasn't sure the name so that came up looking for it xD. Agreed about that though I do like the color scheme of Zacian due to being blue, but great comparison to the One Piece mouth sword holder xD. Figured you'd agree, though fair you like Ruru as I can understand about her being your second favorite purple xD. Agreed! Figured you'd understand xD. Agreed about that and great joke about poor Dark xD. Agreed, unlike not-Char she didn't come up with it herself either xD. Speaking of mature girls kinda awesome about next season having two HayaMILFs at once, even if that does sadly mean we have to deal with Uzaki-chan xD. And that's really unfortunate about Kodama Kawashiri scoring higher than Nanatsu no Bitoku, the poor angels deserve better and boo MAL hating female asses :/.

That makes sense about it being in the lead up to the Cell Games and by that point having the Abridged crew were tired, true they probably would have kept him had he been in the Saiyan arc xD. Poor guy indeed but glad you liked the joke xD. That makes a lot of sense, go Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and cool about being able to check out videos of it xD. Indeed about them being so lazy xD. Good point about the white eyelashes xD. That is a good point, and great nickname for that duo of girls xD.
emperortopaz Sep 26, 11:09 AM
Right and fair point about ice being a harsh environment that should be late game only, great reference with FF9 and the ice cavern as the first one that came to mind was the DQIV one though that's about halfway I think (I remember as it's a good place to get Skill Seeds in DQXI xD). Aye for the sorta namesake move, hopefully Zamazenta will get Body Press eventually as he deserves it xD. That's a good way to look at it, though a shame they used up so many great VAs for you in that season! Agree for that and boo Miruki even if she makes the perfect scapegoat xD. Awesome xD. True that both of those mascots are awful, but considering their seasons that isn't too difficult but glad you knew what I meant xD. Great way to describe that, boo shoving so many crossovers, and true about KiraKira making the girls look bad; apparently they want to win with Fairy-type attacks thinking that the others are using Fighting-type attacks xD. I was wondering what made it so funny, but poor lady being named "Ugly Woman Penis" as that's hilarious xD.

Certainly and I was figuring that Kai had skipped that as they did a lot of the filler though fair Abridged skipped it too! Unfortunate about them overcorrecting and giving him confusing names, though "General Tao" makes me think of this dish which sorta fits Toriyama's naming scheme xD. I'd rather it be the faithful recreations and over-the-top, boo EVO ruining fighting games though probably because I'm jealous of the effort they can put in xD. Aye and thanks xD. I didn't notice that but thanks for explaining things xD. Cool xD. True about looking a lot like Anju, I was thinking of a lot of white-haired Aikatsu girls like Lily or Alicia xD. True about the Love Live costumes looking like Team Plasma as I didn't think about that so great comparsion, and I can understand being like Ren and being distracted by video games and not being able to work on something xD.