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Jan 27, 2019
[Spoiler Warning]

One year ago, smart PreCure fans were devastated. KiraKira had been terrible and hurt the franchise for all time. But there was hope left, for Hugtto was starting. Surely a more traditional season that brought back physical battles would be much better, right? ...Right?


Story: Easily the worst part of this season. The story is awful beyond words. Now I'm not expecting any masterpiece from little girl anime created to sell toys, but at least some sort of consistency and logic and basic writing skills are expected. However series composer Tsubota blows her nose at things like proper writing and consistency. The series is choke read more
Jan 28, 2018
WARNING: Spoilers all through the review! Considering how bad the plot is honestly this might actually help out...

KiraKira is just awful. Back then PreCure fans would fight among themselves on which season was the worst one. Some claimed Suite was awful because it was not as good as the previous two, some that DokiDoki was because the main heroine was the center of the universe, some that HapiCha was worst because Blue sucks and smart ones that it was GoPri because the princess theme was dumb. But now these discussions have stopped since we have the unarguably worst season ever: KiraKira.

There is absolutely nothing redeemable read more
Dec 26, 2016
This is the worst anime ever.

This anime has no content; no worthwhile characters, no epic action, no funny comedy, no gripping drama, no nothing.

What it has, however, is big breasts. Tons and tons of big breasts. All the time. All the goddamned time. The one time a girl is flat, she grows. The main girl is nicknamed for her cup size. All the men love big breasts. Everything is big breasts.

And I hate big breasts. As men should, they're ugly and cause nothing but pain and trouble for girls. So watching this drivel was freaking torture. Adult men should like big asses, breasts are for read more
Jul 26, 2016
Ah, Go! Princess Precure or hencefort GoPri for simplicity. Quite the popular and beloved season for some reason. Most fans say this is one of the if not the best reason. However, some of us believe this is quite the opposite and this is easily the WORST season from the franchise. Why? Just keep reading...

WARNING: This review has SPOILERS all over! Nothing extreme, but spoilers.

Story - 4

The story in GoPri is already one of its weak points. For starters the main structure is exactly the same than in DokiDoki, that aired two years ago. And before you go "But Zettai, every single season from Pretty read more