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Cinderella Girls Gekijou
Cinderella Girls Gekijou
May 24, 9:06 AM
Watching 7/13 · Scored -
Frame Arms Girl
Frame Arms Girl
May 23, 7:08 AM
Watching 8/12 · Scored -
Aikatsu Stars!
Aikatsu Stars!
May 23, 7:08 AM
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Stop!! Hibari-kun!
Stop!! Hibari-kun!
May 20, 8:51 AM
Reading 14/53 · Scored 6
Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!
Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!
May 1, 11:26 AM
Reading 114/? · Scored 8
May 1, 11:26 AM
Reading 345/? · Scored 8


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ZettaiRyouiki 5 hours ago
I can confirm there is indeed a bath episode and a beach episode because creativity xD. That said the bath episode is much better because lacks manass and this being the Blu-Ray has uncensored girlass which is pretty nice! Sadly it still had dumb mamocentric talk with tumors envy along randomly making the girls wear the suspenders only costume the ojou wears in the game, but it still beats DxD any day xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 2:38 PM
I saw the NetoKusoge dreaded beach episode xD. The good is the main girl and the teacher had some asses, hooray for teachers being assy even from less than ideal shows! But boo the tsundere's horrible covering sailor swimsuit and boo the ojou having a pareo with a revealing top entirely lacking support for that sucks, and boo censor fail with the bathing lead making us see fucking manass :/. Also like how the preview had the lead telling the tsundere Konata's line about status and scarce value in reference to her flat chest xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 1:04 PM
I have great news for Saban has lost the PreCure license now, hooray and such xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 8:07 AM
I liked your blog as usual, go Ako! True that Ako joins last but don't call Kotoha and Aguri mascots now xD. Aye for Riri also fighting but true for making more sense! Mocking KiraKira never gets old xD. Thanks for showing the vids too! True the ambiguously lesbian duo was still there and hounding for screentime xD. Boo possible haircuts but go hair growing with transformation and being good! Aye for eyes matching hair alright but pretty sure her eyes are pink xD. Hooray for glasses even though they are probably for the disguise! Awesome for cute face and liking looking sorta dommy too xD. True for doing all the meganekkos and Honoka wearing glasses in the ending does not count! But there are some minor girls you could cover like DB and some moms xD. Hopefully the next season has a meganekko and a Pink that is actually likable and really awesome like Tsubomi and Mirai and unlike Ichika and others! True for being taller in the black form because tall boots xD. Fair for chest and that does happen! Cool for her varied wardrobe and glad you like bodysuits too xD. Indeed for Ako's great snarky tsunkuudere personality but boo for becoming worse when yellow! Expected this for libido xD. And for age! Awesome for Ako doing second best from her show since expected that but shame you didn't mention at any point I like her the best from this season xD. Cool for doing Cammy's drill kick but boo immature and silly jokes! Looks like you'll have to fall into OG1 tactics and waste all her EN until she won't use her dumb barrier xD. Certainly but think this would fit more Z-Moves doing damage to Protect users regardless! Nice for Lavos though that'd be far easier xD. And awesome work for referencing the King Mammoth since wasn't expecting that <3. Indeed for being tough and breathing fire! Not the floor becoming lava but awesome for Beat finally snapping xD. Aye for Mamowine though Rikka would help there! Nice combination attack xD. But boo being healed again from the lava! True for the children's game and nice references xD. Nice idea for farts and poop! Cool for Aphrodite coming back since really like her explanation too xD. And AWESOME for Aphrodite in my favorite pose with bare ass farting a massive fart <3. Great joke for the jump cut since I was thinking of doing something similar xD. And indeed for Aphrodite saving the day with teleport! I would expect that would change now Aldra has been defeated, but seems not xD. But surprising for Tamaki next time, cool doing the old guy lover! Maybe since that seems kinda unclear xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 7:20 AM
I also wanna confirm episode 7 like usual is the dreaded beach episode, get ready for extra whining xD. Sorry for the comment before but seriously fuck suffering from Zessica Syndrome and changing clothes to be more mamocentric forthey never make them less mamocentric or show more ass and naturally both is basically impossible! Also find kinda funny despite all the other girls being tumor freaks the flat loli is the popular girl because generic guys in this show are smarter than Issei seems like xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 7:03 AM
I know this is rather silly, but NetoKusoge really pissed me off when Sette the newbie class changed into Summoner and somehow this entailed the change from her shorts into a skirt but her reasonable top turned tiny to show underboob and cleavage; either thing would be bad alone but still sorta forgivable, but together are pure shitty mamocentric bias and makes me wanna set on fire all cowfuckers :/.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 2:34 AM
I found out Mirai and Riko's birthdays are June 12th and November12th respectively case this helps future blogs; sadly Kotoha lacks one but fans went with December 3rd because the Smartome toy came out that day xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 12:07 AM
I have good and bad news xD. The bad are Magikarp Splash was released "worldwide" but obviously Spain was left out, because releasing the game when for Europe was midnight wasn't bad enough; like this is the 6th time that Europeans get screwed for Pokémon stuff since SM came out and that gets annoying :/. The good are today is Tsubasa's birthday thus congrats to the GAR sword magical girl xD.
ZettaiRyouiki May 24, 2:16 PM
I wanna add Pixiv has like 1.5 times more Meltlilith fanart than Passionlip stuff thus awesome xD.
ZettaiRyouiki May 24, 12:25 PM
I would assume xD. Aye for Kuntam Robo the unfortunately named! One that looks playable for sure xD. That sounds terrible, boo having twice the bad episodes! I will see xD.

True for that! Aye for Aikatsu overdoes eyelashes but Kirara is the worst xD. Right for that! But the straight option is fine too xD. Indeed for that and since is about bullies and deaf girls maybe it has elitist bias too! Aye for the turn off plot xD.

I appreciate that! Aye xD. Right! Thanks for that xD. Aye! Boo the awful rapist team. Agreed and aye! Exactly xD. Aye for maid and maybe spats since seems Takahiro likes that! Cool getting the silly reference xD. Aye and know Inu x Boku was in the roulette <3. Aye for perfectly logical popularity for both girls and boo haters! Cool xD. Aye and figured! Fair though all are anime only characters xD. Aye! Indeed for the great but sadly unknown imouto xD. Aye for you get Saber and her variations too! And the Sakura ones but Meltlilith for the obvious xD.
ZettaiRyouiki May 24, 8:03 AM
I totally concur xD. Boo! Aye for adding “Power Rangers” presumably due to the recent movie xD. And aye for the game’s weird choices, remember two Idolm@ster series are there! Indeed for better fanservice though at least NetoKusoge didn’t make the game have just one class xD. Aye! Thanks for the warning and that includes warning there’s one of the dreaded beach episodes xD.

Right and seems after the mind break the mom comes back! True for the healthy imouto xD. Boo! Indeed for Rola but boo Kirara and her creepy eyelashes xD. Aye! Right xD. Shippers ignore common sense after all! The movie isn’t that bad, just not #4 good and were it instead from another studio and a regular TV series it would score much worse. Aye for the other movie since might actually have good things but the plot just sounds nasty xD.

I appreciate that! Thanks xD. Right and aye! Indeed xD. Indeed! Thanks xD. Aye! Good point for the future tool xD. Indeed for that! Aye for facesitting <3. Right! Aye xD. True! Indeed for having lovely hair and glad you liked the awful wordplay xD. Glad that Mine’s pink eyes sound good! Fair for the manga also had another called Cosmina but she was from Shura’s rapist group and hence quite awful. Thanks xD. True for being the shortest but still shame for her hip size, and boo Leone being unfair! Exactly. Boo being the only female sniper without a big ass xD. Indeed about that though awesome for the threat <3. Aye for she needed a maid outfit or something for variety! Thanks and aye xD. Indeed! Aye for the rifle with Prevail being silly xD. Aye! Good idea for the cool clothing roulettes, though in the manga she summons an actual roulette with other series from the magazine and threatens to send Tatsumi somewhere bad xD. Right for losing to the title heroine and against the cool villainess, and boo the terrible hate indeed :/. Indeed for happy endings too! Thanks for understanding xD. Aye for that! True but we may have two sadists xD. Indeed for author bias and figured you’d like that! Aye xD. Indeed for that, and aye since they also were all in Failgun and the show failed! Aye though Io kinda helps xD. Glad you liked the magical girl descriptions while the third was Akazukin and MGW has all three! Aye xD. Nonsense! Indeed for Saber being overly popular but sorry. Aye xD.
ZettaiRyouiki May 24, 12:28 AM
I also say NetoKusoge starts weak and makes SAO look good; was gonna say Log Horizon but they don't deserve being compared xD.
ZettaiRyouiki May 23, 3:07 PM
I apologize for my tirade against high scoring movies, but that "your name" thingy apparently is about a guy and a girl switching bodies and that sick thing somehow is the best anime has ever made; fuck MAL users being mentally ill :/.
ZettaiRyouiki May 23, 2:37 PM
I love how Koe no Katachi has surpassed Steins;Gate for the ranking because it has the KyoAni bias and the movie bias yet nothing else :/.
ZettaiRyouiki May 23, 7:17 AM
I sadly concur xD. Aye for FF4 also lets you get Rydia learn Firaga before basic Fire for similar reasons! Aye xD. Shame! Right xD.

True for forgetting the mom and how Akira’s imouto was ill! Thanks xD. Agreed :/. Though luckily Aikatsu was awesome xD. Boo endless crap! Aye xD. Indeed for Akko saving the day and aye for ojou are sometimes tsundere too! Great joke considering fans pair them all the time xD.