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Renai Flops
Renai Flops
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Do It Yourself!!
Do It Yourself!!
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Yama no Susume: Next Summit
Yama no Susume: Next Summit
Dec 7, 6:58 AM
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Touhou Suichouka: Lotus Eater-tachi no Suisei
Touhou Suichouka: Lotus Eater-tachi no Suisei
Nov 29, 7:02 AM
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Amano Megumi wa Sukidarake!
Amano Megumi wa Sukidarake!
Oct 24, 8:57 AM
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Megami no Sprinter
Megami no Sprinter
Aug 28, 6:56 AM
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ZettaiRyouiki 3 hours ago
I figured, just saying I’m not that mean xD. Aye, at least that’s water under the bridge but still boo companies looking for ways to troll Europeans! Cool you did, wonder if by his accent or because he said so xD. Cool you remember them, go the cute girls! Aye, and Erika in the wetsuit xD. Cool for Nodoka getting reblogged, and indeed for Yue plus I mostly wanted UQ Holder mocked and Chisame covered that too! Cool for the boisterous oneesan, and indeed for Karin being second for being funny and cute xD. Of course! Also the latest DB movie is pretty good and you’ll like it, but it requires watching the previous one (which requires finishing Super TV) so get to it xD.

Right and thanks! Aye for Jirachi leaning too hard into the Tanabata thing, and agreed for Deoxys being free with ORAS xD. Boo terrible leads, though in general the plot is ass! Figured you’d understand, and go the singing crocodile and NetNavi as well xD. Aye, the last season wasted 1/3 of each episode in little girls messing around and the rest was boring filler anyway! Still better than KiraKira, but still xD. Aye, go the meganekko for you and proud girl and strong brown one for me! Makes sense, boo confusing buttons xD. Aye, the fat guy from Pokémon doesn’t tell you this about technology! No worries xD.
ZettaiRyouiki 7 hours ago
I disagree xD. Indeed, as Magearna was delivered a day later, almost past midnight everywhere in Europe, and in a twisted difficult way! Aye, go great (If French) YouTubers xD. Aye for your joke, just saying Toei has its own mecha series which are the ones Robot Girls are based on! Aye for the golfer girls, but go Akebi in the sukumizu again xD. Aye so go Yue again! That’s really old, sorry I forgot and asked for a blog on her but Yue works too xD. That she does! Aye as I figure after Mimori was your favorite, and great way to put it xD.

Boo the low leveled not-Maeka bird indeed! Aye xD. Indeed, though Celebi is a relatively easy to obtain Mythical in general compared to, say, Jirachi! Aye for W being one of the best SRW and L is solid too, while K is mostly remembered for its awful original lead xD. Aye! Right, sorry the new Steel/Ghost type sucks but in all fairness Aegislash was a tough act to follow xD. I don’t remember that from Jewelpet but maybe, I think you’re thinking of Shugo Chara as it did do that! Cool so awesome Kaede is cool, but feet are not xD. Awesome for Takumi so go the gentle meganekko for you while I like Purin and Shii (no surprises I take)! No worries, these things happen but sorry I didn’t see your message until 10 minutes later because my new phone is silly xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 7:22 AM
I liked the work, great work with Yue though didn't remember you did Nodoka a long time ago xD. Go two pictures as well <3. And go Fuu next time, and it's Fuu and not Fu as that doesn't even look like a name xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Dec 7, 11:12 AM
I concur xD. Aye, no wonder they say female friendship is shallow! Aye even recently as the Magearna clusterfuck shows, luckily it’s gotten better now xD. Aye, the videos from this guy are cool! Great point for Happy Robo, and sadly Toei was doing Mazinger stuff and Jeeg and the like xD. Aye as Akebi had a little bit of fanservice and Birdie Wing totally would’ve had if it was a few years older! Good luck with Yue xD.

Certainly, and Winona has an illegal Altaria in a Gen 3 game so it really is the cheater type! I sure hope so, I should check xD. Aye, at least in the VC you can get Celebi with it! True xD. Aye as it’s not because it deserves a W though it does, but thankfully SRW L shouldn’t take the L (K should)! Aye, go theme naming xD. Cool for golden eyes, but boo Gholdengo! Aye, Kanon was why I was interested on that season xD. Aye! Right xD. That it does, Kaede using Stomp was cool too but unfortunately neither of us likes feet! Also speaking meganekko with hobbies I wonder if you like Takumi from DIY xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Dec 7, 7:11 AM
I figured you’d see it xD. Aye, figured you’d understand so boo the silly reason! I did, coincidentally this video I saw earlier has halfway a rant on how being European and a gamer kinda sucks xD. Aye or after Reika from Daitarn 3, as she has a friend named Beauty! Aye, go both series winning by default xD.

Right so boo all the cheaters! Aye, so we don’t need to play the minigames only xD. That it did, and true for that red herring! Aye xD. Great pun! Aye as Japan likes using W for double, like SRW W as it’s the first on DS xD.

Great then! Aye, it was a silly playthrough xD. Right! Aye, sorry as you don’t like golden eyes xD. Right! Aye xD. Great reference to a girl I blogged last year! Aye xD. Indeed! Indeed for the silly correction xD. I hope not, and go Akebi coming soon then! Also go the new meganekko from Yama no Susume for you xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Dec 6, 7:28 AM
I understand, after all we gave them all movesets for a reason xD. Aye, boo Anya calling her and Nodoka “allies” for that reason! Aye, boo impatient people xD. Harem Reika is named after Cure Beauty, though I wonder if Cure Beauty is named after the tennis player! That’s a relief xD. Figured you’d see the problem, boo Reviewers and other stuff like World End Harem and Peter Grill causing trouble by being terrible! Being fair Dress-Up Darling was moderate and is alongside Shin Ikkitousen the best fanservice show of the year, but that’s mostly due to no real opposition xD.

True that, and indeed for Iris! Hell think she and her grandpa have illegal Haxorus in BW1 xD. Also saw a guide for beating Stadium with rentals, lost the link but if I find it again will show it to you! Being fair BW was a weak season but indeed for the useless ball xD. Aye, I remember the stage 3 boss being the hardest one in hard! Aye, no wonder you can’t write Kome-Kome without ME. Aye xD. Right for her big needless! Nope, the W here stands for double because Japan xD. Aye and awesome! Aye xD.

Cool and indeed! Glad my silly ninny joke was fine xD. Great name, I think in Black 2 I used one named KingKittan half because I had a mecha theme and half because King Kittan looks like a mix of a star and a banana! Thanks and indeed for the ass cakes xD. That’s fair for her hair but no worries, luckily we agree on her eye so go golden eyes for me! Aye, go her third person talk xD. Boo mamocentrism but glad her silly envies were fine! Aye, boo Clannad being a cheap Kanon rip-off like this was a bad PreCure season xD. Aye, shame Ai Nonaka lacks love! Tomoyo is cool too, just Fuuko is more my thing especially back then xD. Also Word calls her tomboy, Word must be Sunohara secretly! Aye, go Christmas xD. Indeed for two blogs since figured that’d be welcome, and go Akebi as I loved her a lot! No worries, I summarized a bit xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Dec 6, 1:51 AM
I know this is random, but realized we're missing out series with SOME fanservice but not really about it (Think Shana, or Mayo Chiki for a bad one) as most of the few fanservice shows now are focused into perverted stuff ones, which sucks as those are usually worse; boo sex hatred :/.
ZettaiRyouiki Dec 5, 10:49 AM
I knew you’d like that, go them fighting together xD. Glad you saw it too, but sorry she’s not as busty as Patchy! Actually we knew Pucci and the stage were coming, but people still complained for having to wait xD. Great explanation! Aye for the classic ojou xD. I don’t mean it as a bad thing though, Rikka is great and Makoto isn’t bad either! Aye, boo Mana being so overfavored xD. Aye, boo horrible art :/. Thanks for the support though xD.

Surprising but boo cheating at that too, and don’t forget his level 47-50 Dragonite and the level 40 one he has in HGSS! Makes sense for Unova evolution level are bollocks, and true for Iris having a similar Hydreigon but female xD. Aye, and even worse Electro Ball since I don’t remember them doing anything interesting with it, unlike Electroweb! Aye, though I did beat it at all difficulty levels at some point xD. Aye! Right xD. Aye albeit Yui has a Forced Catchphrase and a Deus Ex Machina mascot! No worries xD. That’s fair, go “new” content then! Thorn is meant to be, well, like Yor’s huge needles thingies xD. W-Maneuver is basically an attack where Yuuna charges the enemy and then Ikumi strikes from the shadows! Indeed as Ultimate Form is how end-series upgrades are called in Kamen Rider it seems xD. And good plan having her show even more! No worries xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Dec 5, 10:21 AM
I felt like checking Strike Witches on Pixiv and the first page was ass-less but with several chest pics; truly liking breasts is a mental illness :/.
ZettaiRyouiki Dec 5, 9:54 AM
I gave Ikumi and Yuuna attacks, sorry it took so long xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Dec 5, 7:17 AM
I figured you’d like the idea, go the heroic trio of transforming girls xD. That she is, and looks like Patchy and even dresses once a bit like her! Aye, go getting even more characters xD. Aye, boo derping! Well, I meant more their wigs as Fiona was clearly this girl xD. Aye as it’s the only series half-covered, nothing wrong with Rikka and Makoto the great meganekko but Aguri and Arisu need love too! Mana doesn’t but figured you’d appreciate that, I put a lot of effort in her blog xD.

True for his Rock Slide Aerodactyl as people called him a cheater for it back when Gen 2 was new! Then again Dragon trainers cheat a lot, just look at Ghetsis and his illegal Hydreigon xD. Aye for Iron Tail but Pikachu traded Volt Tackle for Electro Ball (why) and later for Electroweb! Aye as I know I could beat Magical Quest in any difficulty xD. Aye for Fuuko! Cool as I didn’t play that one, but go knowing the franchise xD. True for Man-Nuts and HaruCAN’T (and HikaPU) being awful, but we also got Nodoka, Mirai, and Yui recently! Aye, Jolyne should hit him with a rake xD. Aye so go me reminding myself of it! And cool as was curious, since I don’t think you saw the sequel trilogy xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Dec 5, 6:47 AM
I wonder if this year you'll wrap up the DokiDoki girls as Aguri and Arisu are cool; sadly Mana blows hard, but you can ape my long, long, long blog about how much she sucks xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Dec 4, 11:09 AM
I know xD. Aye, and I figure Yuuna also does crossover fights alongside Ran and Rika! Aye, as Yue is my third favorite Negima girl xD. And aye! Right, I figure that’s why him and Weather are free and not part of the DLC xD. Aye, the sub got them right so it’s not like it’s a copyright issue! Fair as it’s an old anime Japan references a lot so maybe you knew it from a reference, but figured it was a good idea to tell you xD.

Right, at least in Yellow he stopped cheating! Thanks, and aye though Light Screen would’ve helped more as it lost to Pikachu xD. Exactly! Aye, that’s why I played it safe as I don’t know if Konami is generous like Capcom xD. Aye as her blog will come shortly, and that I did and you might too (minor language issues aside) since it’s like a Kirby game but underwater (mostly) and without power copying! Aye, at least they haven’t done another Sue lead like Mana xD. Aye! True for being possibly confusing xD. And Pucci’s first name in the magazines was not Enrico but Roberto; they robbed us of an evil Bob! Thanks, and coincidentally I went and caught up to Darths & Droids; they started episode 8 if curious xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Dec 4, 7:21 AM
I figure you know this but Loyd and Fiona's costumes in this ep were referencing Ace wo Nerae, a classic tennis series xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Dec 4, 7:19 AM
I appreciate that xD. Shame as I like that idea, might work like 5 years before maybe! No worries for Yue as I’m sure she will xD. Right, poor Ume! Aye, it and Pucci with all his Stands were in the PS3 original release but cut from the base game for this release to avoid spoiling part 6 xD. Exactly! Also in our dub they butchered the Fist of the North Star reference by calling Kenshiro “Kenichiro” and removing Raoh’s name, boo xD.

Certainly especially given how simple enemy RB movesets are! Also I’m reminded of Discount Lance and his 10 move Dragonite; maybe if he also had Barrier he’d have won xD. Aye! Nice silly reference, but if anything the future is Lucina xD. Aye! Right, maybe I should’ve picked EASY and not NORMAL. Aye for Fuuko’s favorite game series, the first game is kinda short compared to the others apparently xD. That he is, but helps apparently Toei likes reusing VAs! Aye for both things xD. Cool! Aye as so far only part 3 that lack Italians (maybe 8 too, as dunno), and true for the Queen songs as I noticed that xD. Though Made in Heaven was Stairway to Heaven during magazine releases! Let’s just hope ZUN won’t use Summon Bigger Fish then xD.