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Elf-san wa Yaserarenai.
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ZettaiRyouiki 8 hours ago
I guess that works xD. Sorry! Aye though mine doesn't speak French quite obviously xD. Thanks! Boo dumb fans :/. Thanks xD. There were some like that too, but since the newest season has a title change MAL made the thing different xD. Hopefully! Aye since a villain paralyzes the good guys drinking their blood and some types are paralyzed longer than others xD. Aye though then again the Sin Nanatsu loli was trolled with too little fanservice! Cool for that but boo hating girls only shows when guys just lead to fucking manass. Aye! Awesome xD.

True for that! Aye but current KiraKira is worse than Smile too easily xD. You could not watch it from all three :/. Indeed for double standards and people looking for excuses! Thanks xD. Also boo some forum jerk mocking me for hating haircuts, hope all his favorite girls get without explanation buzz cuts :/. Aye for the cute mom being great xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Today, 7:32 AM
I apologize for just having one nickname though, wish that I could remember the one Deus Mast looks like xD. Aye for the Budokai Tenkaichi series was like that, and aye for the silly meme but sorry since might sound offensive! Awesome xD. Cool! Aye xD. Exactly! Cool for that xD. Aye since mine got her name from the Tekken blonde ojou! About time too xD. Aye for the food show needing more love, boo for Aho Girl still scoring better :/. Blame this season lacking many new shows I cared for xD. Aye for returning girls and Shion indeed counts as a sequel girl! Aye since being honest most seasons Videl barely appeared thus might as well put someone relevant right now xD. And speaking about Hero Academia the latest episode made blood types relevant! Did notice the awful horrible busty loli but then again she’s also the horrible Passionlip thus boo liking big breasts being a mental illness ;_;. Boo ten episodes being the mark of doom apparently, and boo people liking mamocentric garbage over decent action shows! Aye since saw Aoba had hers listed when taking her pic and got curious xD. Two days ago and true! Aye and hope she gets Maki’s ass for that obviously would be the best present xD.

Right and sorry! Aye xD. Indeed for filler and the plot being lazy, and true that! Aye xD. Sorry! Boo watching the same game multiple times when in 6 months poor Fresh is still not even halfway for that just feels like being a major dick ;_;. Fair since he was fairly minor xD. Aye! And yet the girl gets hated much like Saito being the jerk yet Louise getting treated like a violent sociopath because nobody pays attention :/. Exactly! Aye xD. Dunno since I won’t be able to buy it until next week! Aye for the dumb praise :/. Though the lead girl’s mom looks cute xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Today, 1:57 AM
I was checking New Game stuff and seems Kou's birthday is the 2nd of August thus cool being one day before someone great's birthday and such for that rocks xD. Also seems Umiko's was two days ago, late congrats to the brown beauty! Also today is Nico's and thus congrats for the cute twintails idol xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Today, 12:35 AM
I noticed that the Gal show has Ogura and other great VAs thus boo wasting awesome voices in shitty shows xD. And boo MAL scoring the generic show decent and better than nearly all QsB things while Sin Nanatsu just catches heat :/. Come on pals the show has TEN episodes and that has been proven the mark of a shitty show xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 1:35 PM
I doubt that you'll ever watch Saint Tail but boo doing the "meganekko ditches glasses for contacts and gets praise" for we hate that :/.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 12:28 PM
I think you will surpass Abridged soon at this pace xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 12:26 PM
I agree with that, and aye for Mazinkaiser Skull and the other one xD. Remember it's a traditional fighter, and Vegeta sorta counts! Aye and also sorry being terrible xD. True for KiraKira starting with 11 filler episodes! Boo. True but Greninja beats most things xD. Surprising srill and sorry for not noticing! Aye for being like a great idol xD.

True for that! Aye xD. Guess that I look forward to the cute idols more! Aye for Shion might appear <3. Not saying ithe season was bad but the plot was the worst part, and aye for GoGo since I always found that funny xD.

I see then! Blame old games not being translated xD. Cool getting there! Fair xD. Awesome for they have proper Spanish unlike the terrible weird guy from Tari Tari case you remember that! Boo. Maybe but still weird xD. Exactly for hypocrisy! Thanks xD. Aye for the fat silly lead being with the most beautiful girl! Thanks xD. Makes perfect sense! Aye, Exactly for that, and seems we got the GuP manga for support xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 7:45 AM
I concur there xD. Also his latest review had a comment where one guy mocked Maho Girls because the main villain didn’t do that much; not wrong but most PreCure bosses are the exact same hence boo singling out Maho Girls outta hate! Counting the bald duo just nine characters xD. Aye! Sadly it’s more unbirthing xD. Cool! Aye and unlike Heartcatch it didn’t copy well xD. Boo indeed and shame for people thinking guys hitting girls makes things funnier :/. Aye! Indeed for Starmie being such a huge threat xD. Awesome doing that but surprising Aegislash was first! Aye for updating because felt 12 was a better number, and indeed but it reminds me of Lily too much xD.

True and cool! Sorry for the confusion either way xD. Aye! Yes <3. Cool for the rings and I hope the pudding helps xD. Being fair the idol shows air on the afternoon while PreCure has the morning slot but still! Also maybe you knew but there was no Aikatsu last week, this one had though xD. Also hooray for PriPara being good plus the next episode looks silly! Aye xD. Figured the kiss was important too <3. Aye and agreed it was cool though I disagree with him Smile’s plot had depth when it was a puddle and not even an original puddle xD.

I indeed did! Boo cheaters indeed xD. Aye! Fair for the early mechanic being confusing then xD. Aye! Thanks xD. Aye! Nonsense since remember I’ve been studying English for soon 21 years and for that got kinda used xD. Aye! Thanks xD. Aye! Worry not about that xD. Cool since I failed to find videos from that part! Aye though forgot what Kosaki’s mark was xD. Indeed for glasses and true for glasses! Cool xD. True! Nonsense for it was great, and fair for both sides being good xD. Aye! Thanks xD. Definitely not with accents, since even in Spanish suck with that! Boo diseases indeed though clearly Chitoge’s hogging was the worst one :/. Cool you got the reference xD. Fair! Indeed for mixing up the costumes xD. Aye! Indeed for the good review xD. Thanks! Aye for another ditching but boo Keima being terrible, especially since he came from manipulating Tenri’s feelings plenty so she’d help him against the evil villain that manipulates people xD. Aye! Indeed and cool about the voice <3. Fair since I only remember from the LiveJournal people bringing up often the two chucklefucks xD. Cool getting the reference indeed, boo Japanese fujoshi having terrible tastes though that makes Accel World more realistic! I read that as her big bun for some reason xD. Fair! Aye for the shafted waitresses xD. Indeed for that! Aye since I did use Proto-Inami for the original short hair puncher xD. Aye for Sumire but don’t worry about that! Indeed for the Bucks Bully but she’d use another nickname obviously, and true for the beautiful mom but that would come next year bare minimum xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 1:29 AM
I just realized that Nisekoi's ending could've been worse: could have ended with Raku actually marrying Marika only for the final chapter reveal that the poor girl died offscreen and now he's married with Chitoge the goddamned Canadian Unitedstatian for some reason xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Jul 20, 11:10 PM
I also updated this for the curious xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Jul 20, 2:39 PM
I wanna clear the joke about Mikage people being terrible was for this dude but seems that he uses h4XX0r spelling for whatever reason xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Jul 20, 1:58 PM
I just found a favorite Pokémon selector site thus got this and love how any fast Water type with Ice Beam can take down the whole thing minus Snorlax with ease xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Jul 20, 9:16 AM
I liked your blog as usual, go Marika! Nice question mark joke xD. Looks like Jun is winning the card game! Nice perfume reference and awesome for smelly foreshadowing xD. The ghost has died! I don't get the Band joke either xD. Hooray for Marika and poor Rize getting called out albeit thanks for that! Hopefully the punch was drawn in sketchy black and white xD. But sorry you had to get sorta hurt and nonsense about being bad either! Also sorry I explain myself really poorly, going to fall back again in being Asperger and growing without friends and also speaking another language xD. Being fair the introduction in my blogs basically is up for grabs, even I handle that rarely! Fair for fanservice woes and actually the word is "mammary" since mammory sounds like Japanese for "charm" yet mammaries just cast bad luck xD. And worry not because was not expecting the Tsugumi thing unless you did the girl! Sounds sexy for "fat smelly ass" and her not bathing <3. The 100 sorries are much like that part in The Thousand Year Door where a guy apologizes 100 times to his girlfriend for losing her ring or something like that though once again sorry :/. Cool for her long hair except for the terrible haircut! I like the sunflower too xD. Cool for her eyes besides the eyelashes and boo coke bottle glasses! Also called "glass bottom glasses" over here for some reason xD. Cool for her simple face! Nice for her glasses too though sorry normally you just get that :/. Anyway poor Chiaki getting gassed out xD. Awesome for growing ass <3. Also good work with the accent though sadly I prefer her polite speech better xD. Though since her accent is her natural speech is good too. Zetchin sounds silly too but not bad either xD. I also like how you make it sound like her ass and not her has the accent. Surprising for the anus part but awesome kissing the best part too included the amazing fart <3. They had lots of anal sex afterwards xD. You are FAR better than me with accents and roughly everything else! Glad her size wasn't too problematic xD. Nice for ass! Boo for the disease :/. Boo mamocentric moments from terrible shows because all characters named Mikage are awful! Cool for her small nipples xD. Awesome for all the outfits but you spelled Tomoe wrong for the last part! Also boo Marika being the fat cow while Shitoge gets Homura when obviously the blonde waste should get the blonde cow and instead let the devoted lover get the devoted lover xD. Nothing wrong with showing ass but not when you are getting piethree! Also awesome scene yet again but sorry for causing so much trouble ;_;. Though thanks for using the cherished line xD. Right for being the most childhood friend heroine from the cast and cool mentioning her great mother! Though boo the illness being used as a cheap excuse to write out the best girl repeatedly and boo Shitoge the ribbon parasite leeching off screentime. Also boo Raku blowing her off twice in that arc and another one too during the final arc though at least he did that personally and not via mail like a certain terrible capture king! Speaking about surprising the other devoted childhood friend that gets cunt punted was not mentioned, though good point referencing Chi-villain during the VA mention and thanks for liking her voice too xD. That two missing heroines remind me of the two missing DokiDoki generals that only appear in one scene briefly and official databooks ended explaining! Cool for her great libido too <3. Forgot about the sextuplets but hope they aren't ugly as sin yet fangirls love the things way too much! Nice mentioning Y-san but sadly Y did this girl get hated xD. Cool checking for her age too! Actually the score merely looks higher, remember that you score out of 108 and therefore a simple rule of three shows I scored higher xD. Though cool for the waitress buddies! Summarizing the card game but poor Riri yet glad you still won xD. Also boo cheating! Nice smell mention xD. Figured too that one was Inami but Hana was surprising! Agreed for Infamy being terrible, the only flat girl that needs redoing is Sumire the one graded way too early sadly xD. Nice whiner pun and stupid fans indeed! Boo favored waitresses again, but cool doing Hana for will fight Shiho some day also xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Jul 20, 12:41 AM
I hear today is the 20th anniversary from End of Evangelion thus hope your blog won't end super weird xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Jul 19, 12:07 PM
I think that guy is Japanese though actually xD. Aye! We only know half the roster tops xD. Fair for explaining the attack name, but then again the episode with the name was the one BEFORE the attack got used! Aye since Makura has a pregnancy attack xD.

Right but not sure! Aye since this season is Doremi S3 except horrible xD. Thanks! Nope but she's a mamocentric panties idiot just like the male lead while the guy is a violent jerk like the girl xD. Indeed! Cool <3. Fixing a sentence should be easier than fixing pics xD.

I understand then! Aye for the eyes closed pic xD. Exactly! Sorry for the unclear joke then xD. True! Aye for Riko's purple eyes being great since bet that you'll blog her eventually too xD. Nope for she was just right <3. Aye! Right xD. Indeed for Topaz had Goldion Hammer and that helps very much! Boo little girls ruining the little girls show. Thanks xD. True! And also GoPri for some reason, Cool for liking the canon kissers for remember the manga did that xD. Agreed! Exactly. Sorry for the confusion, and like I just found out yesterday xD.