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Kimi no Koto ga Daidaidaidaidaisuki na 100-nin no Kanojo
Kimi no Koto ga Daidaidaidaidaisuki na 100-nin no Kanojo
Yesterday, 7:06 AM
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The iDOLM@STER Million Live!
The iDOLM@STER Million Live!
Nov 26, 7:17 AM
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Touhou Suichouka: Lotus Eater-tachi no Suisei
Nov 29, 2022 7:02 AM
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Amano Megumi wa Sukidarake!
Amano Megumi wa Sukidarake!
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Megami no Sprinter
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ZettaiRyouiki 3 hours ago
I obviously concur, we need no traps but if they exist they need to be good like Mariya, Nagisa, or Lily xD. Aye and even then it depends the game, as Super Paper Mario was a translation of a translation despite TTYD being from Japanese! SMRPG is from English too, but I blame Square for that one xD. Agreed, though they were a trio as the Not-Infamy from the other Working was there too! Aye for Kanade and also Karin the Niji idol xD. And figured you might want Ami even if she’s not first! Aye, hopefully they won’t delay it yet again xD.

Certainly as makes sense! And aye for Dende, seems Toriyama forgot about his growth spurt xD. Aye even if not your kind of voice I think! And true their hair isn’t right but both have miracle asses at least xD. True for Toei being bored of doing Cure seasons, explains why they sometimes outright don’t fight! And figured you’d see the resemblance xD. Also remember to watch GoGo and the Super Hero movie, sorry I’m so annoying! Today went well actually xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 7:13 AM
I figured you’d like my silly reference xD. Aye, boo Najimi and Astolfo and Hideri and all other overloved shitty traps that should die horribly! That they did, Nintendo only started translating from Japanese since 2010 or so xD. And even then only the holy trinity of Mario/Zelda/Pokémon, fuck Fire Emblem and Xenoblade I guess! Of course, as Jun teamed up with Infamy and seeing the terrible waitress get mocked never gets old xD. Aye, go Perrin for me and all other short dark blue hair girls I seem to like (Ami from Sailor Moon is yours though)! Aye, though it seems the 5th of December date isn’t being delayed again xD.

Right for Piccolo’s growth spurt, and indeed for Warrior Clan Namekians growing fast! Which reminds me of Dende being tall at the start of the Boo arc and then shrinking later xD. Aye for Hazuki while her twin is Mai Kadowaki, both have very cute voices as I wanted the twins to sound cute! And indeed for Nana Mizuki voicing the first idol and best friend of a Yukari Tamura girl xD. Aye, both seasons had dull nonsense plots though in all fairness Hirogaru reminds me of Max Heart because both have alright episodes but as a whole build no plot! Thanks for the support xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Nov 27, 11:09 AM
I agree, boo the bad kind of c-c-combo breaker xD. That makes sense, boo Najimi pandering to traphumpers! Aye as European gaming translations tend to have less memes and be faithful xD. Aye as I remember you calling her something like that during her blog villain appearances, and go Kaya! That’s fair as I didn’t buy it, but thanks for the wishes as Perrin needs more fanart xD. Aye, Tokiko is awesome! Indeed, hopefully I can do her blog next week and mention that xD.

That he is, go unexpected ages! Being fair she never had too many, but indeed both are great and are in Zettai’s harem for a reason xD. Well, Delicious Party is alright other than Amane issues, but true as Hirogaru reminds me of KK and TR and that is bad! Boo :/. Exactly! Aye, go today and glad you don’t mind xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Nov 27, 7:22 AM
I noticed that, especially on this version where I miss the perfect timing for basic attacks and fail to KO enemies as a result xD. Great Najimi joke, sadly they don’t resemble each other! Aye, like I saw recently again Nintendo of America used the doge meme in a Zelda game and Europe didn’t xD. Thanks! Aye so boo Jun being more September, and go Kaya the German (I think) waitress xD. Fair as the siblings appeared in the first pic for both DLCs, go Carmine for you again! Aye, like her shipper side xD. That would be great, go Tokiko being dommy as it fits obviously! Aye, it said that much in Pixiv xD.

Right for that, like Piccolo’s Makankousappou having a silly name because he was 8! Aye, and while I mentioned Kugimiya note Moka and Yukari also have good VAs for me xD. Right, boo copying the previous season too! Aye, boo praise and the grossest kind of praise :/. That they are, and great reference yourself xD. Aye, I would mention the official version but I forgot! Also today went well, just to show I don’t complain exclusively xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Nov 27, 6:13 AM
I wish this user a slow, painful, agonizing death :/.
ZettaiRyouiki Nov 26, 11:21 AM
I guess we’re just bad at timing xD. Aye, I liked a joke that compared him to a Bleach villain that uses his powers to pretend he was an old friend of everyone and fuck with Ichigo’s mind! Exactly, boo not thinking of the long-term xD. Thanks! Fair as only realized today, and glad you liked the pun xD.

Fair as it’s been a while, boo not favoring the ghost waitress over the lame one! Also I remember liking Kaya best, even if she was implied to be yuri xD. Aye, they were silly! Aye, hopefully she gets good screentime in the second DLC as her and her otouto are in both xD. True, think it was in the second season where Ren’s gamer side was revealed so who knows! That is true, go Aoi Koga and Tokiko going “How adorable” <3. True, her Pixiv page mentions her overwhelming popularity xD.

Thanks and go Blue being silly, then again he’s 14! Aye, go the series being fair xD. Aye, Kurumi is cute even if the other 3 main girls appeal to me more (Kicking dual persona vampire, black hair cute witch, Kugimiya kuudere yuki-onna)! Aye so boo that xD. Aye as it reminds me of Golden Sun dragging out the “the parents aren’t dead” twist! And true Smile only pretended to have a plot but still more than Hirogaru has xD. Aye, boo haircut scares! Great joke, sadly I only thought of that one scene from The Princess Bride xD. I did like both, and Chizuru calling Roco “Coro” makes me think of Koro being Katou’s first name for Cube in LAL in Japanese! Thanks, glad you liked it xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Nov 26, 7:19 AM
I love how Hirogaru is trying its darndest at having the least plot ever, it's making Max Heart look like Legend of Galactic Heroes xD. Also go Yor being awesome as usual, but boo the haircut "joke" being on poor taste especially this year! Hope you liked Konomi being cool xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Nov 26, 7:16 AM
I almost forgot, but since Subaru from Mayo Chiki was beloved by everyone, near flawless, and her "flaws" were cute and not an issue, she should be renamed Mary Suebaru xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Nov 26, 7:15 AM
I understand and can’t get past sixteen jumps, and true for accessories xD. Aye, considering he was everywhere I blame Nomura! Aye, seems otherwise it’s a short game so I blame fear of rentals xD. Aye! Indeed for the brain of the Moon and the pure beauty <3. Of course xD.

Right for the 0ther good shows, but boo Arashi not winning despite her name being on the title because short-haired waitress bias! Fair enough, as said Nintendo of Spain was weird at the time xD. Aye, but go Carmine for you as I believe you like the two-color hair sister! True for Mei lacking AWESOME hobbies xD. Aye, sadly Saori Hayami is taken! Right, though Mafuyu isn’t that old. Exactly xD.

Definitely for the silly idea! And great joke about Mario, clearly he’s made of the giant LEGOs Blue used for his Gym in Gen 2 xD. Aye! Well, the Hinagiku thing is because Ameri is, like her, the student council president xD. And no worries for Kurumi was cute otherwise and Iruma (the show) is fair! Aye, shame PreCure fans defend garbage like it and KiraKira while hating Delicious Party and not for Amane :/. Aye, go KiTUSH apologizing for her “trendy” zoomer tastes xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Nov 26, 2:41 AM
I learned Carmine from Pokémon is named Corin in Spanish; reminds me of a certain FE lead, no wonder she's divisive xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Nov 25, 11:13 AM
I agree, and also the Super Suit and Jinx’s Belt though those are more extra stuff xD. I meant more the general NTR (FF7 counts too), and seeing how a Fire Emblem game had it too maybe it was something in the water! Hopefully, but seems Spike McFang has a crap localization and was made harder in NA so I hope it’s the Japanese version I play xD. Aye, especially since he’s the easiest MM9 boss already! Aye, go all three plus Eirin and Junko <3. Of course, you’re great xD.

Boo indeed but great name, if only it was still the Zetsubousketch studio! Aye, and don’t forget Golden Sun had a Golem attack with two bitchslaps for a Spanish Big Brother reference xD. Aye for the mad scientist and tsundere! Agreed, and a sexy voice as well xD. That they can’t, boo! Thanks xD. Right, go Ayu! Indeed, a shame xD.

True that! Aye, reminds me of a joke of 4K!ds dubbing Jojo and claiming Cioccolata was made of LEGOs xD. Exactly, go coincidences! That’s fair, I feared Ameri would be a hog like Hinagiku for that reason but she plays fair xD. Aye, boo topical jokes and Tropical-Rouge being a joke! Aye for Ikuyo and one of the pics was the one I showed you indeed xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Nov 25, 7:24 AM
I can see that happening, go most ultimate equipment being buyable or found in the final dungeon because it’s an old game; FF10 glares at this xD. That they do, poor Booster got his previous bride stolen because someone in Square at the time had a weird fetish! Aye, the only RPGs we didn’t get are second rate ones like Secret of the Stars or The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang xD. Aye for the charge being cool, coincidentally Mega Man Maker is going to add Galaxy Man (A MM9 boss actually) and the sample vid had the charge and the slide, which felt illegal! Aye for Yukari and Kokoro, and true I didn’t mention Seiga but I do like the wicked hermit <3. Aye, but I’m sure will be a good blog xD.

Certainly, anime needs more weirdo shows like the stuff SHAFT used to do! Aye, reminds me of Miror B. being named here after a Spanish equivalent of American Idol contestant; GCN Nintendo was unhinged xD. Aye, sadly I don’t think your girls make couples in any of the seasons unless you count Shiki and Mei! Aye, that’s because Tokiko is awesome xD. Aye, the joke was she was called too old to be a maid yet she was the most maid-like from the cast! Aye, as incomprehensible as her popularity xD. True for Rika and Hanyuu, but Ayu would fit the series more! Of course, glasses and asses are underrated xD.

Right for not having a sad plot, and aye for the novel! Aye though I don’t see Fugo cutting his body around like Cioccolata did, and aye for the meme line xD. Exactly, as Marshall in Spanish starts with “M” too! Aye, the Hayate part is mostly for Iruma himself as he had a harsh life until the show’s beginning, is talented and friendly, and has trap moments xD. The RosaVam part is because of the “human goes to demon/youkai school” plot! Aye for Hayate and Spanish sitcoms do that unfortunately often, no worries though as your references are timeless xD. I sure hope so! Aye, poor Ikuyo and coincidentally DUMBooru added two assy pics of her now which I consider her attempt at an apology xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Nov 24, 11:13 AM
I agree they are, and aye plus Geno who doesn’t wear pants either xD. No worries as she does “hook” with Booster of all people, and agreed! No worries, think we ended getting all the good SNES RPGs America got even if some took 14 (CT) or even 18 (Earthbound) years xD. Fair for the retro sequels, hopefully you can as both are fun if you don’t mind lacking the slide and the charge! Aye for Yukari being my favorite along with Kokoro <3. And good luck with Chen again xD.

Right for that, it’s a very SHAFT show in a good way! Aye, poor him having such a silly name xD. Aye, plus some fans pair Umi and Eli too so go my other favorites as well! Aye, they’re all original mecha from SRW, Granzon is the original superboss from the franchise even xD. Aye, not only she’s 35 and pretty but has a very maid personality in a good way! Boo Infamy somehow causing damage like she was Giygas xD. Fair as Echo-Two uses “boku” so I was cautious, might be an Ayu thing so worry not! And agreed Touya needs to see the error of her ways and get her glasses back xD.

True that! Aye, but he didn’t because Araki was depressed at the time and didn’t want to write a betrayal plot; instead Fugo gets his own novel it seems xD. And I saw once a user say he could’ve been in Cioccolata’s place as both have the same type of Stand (but not the same as Star Platinum)! Aye, that’s why I mentioned it as it’s the translated version of his nickname when I talk Spanish xD. Aye, despite the series being a mix of Hayate and Rosario + Vampire! Makes sense, and fair since South Park is like Hayate and brings up topical things too much and feels extra outdated xD. Aye, go the silly reason! I hope she’ll do well, even if this the series where one girl (Ikuyo Kita) asked for Spanish omelet with Dutch sauce xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Nov 24, 7:17 AM
I noticed which is why he wears them all the time once they’re in the shop; also oddly Peach can equip them xD. Boo Square indeed, though poor Valentina being called a hooker indirectly! Congrats on being so fast xD. Makes sense for that and true for Mana games including Evermore but I was focusing on turn-based ones! Cool so wonder if you want MM11, and indeed for good game design xD. That I did, great job again! Indeed Yukari is better, though I do like Ran and Chen too but obviously a lot less xD. And no worries for Ran being serious, I understand and you did a good job again! And same next week with Chen xD.

Nothing wrong with that, Nino is the main guy’s love interest and she’s weird like everyone in that show! I hope so, then Vivian will remain a trap and Grubba will sing about the penis xD. Aye, go the tsundere couple! Cool you remember, and aye for Tokiko piloting Granzon the black hole-shooting mecha from the Koyasu guy xD. Aye, go Ranko! No worries xD. Right, boo Infamy causing brain damage somehow! Also pretty sure Echo-Two (or whatever) was a boy despite my subs claiming otherwise, hope I’m wrong but boo interrupting Konoha to show traps xD.

Great pun and agreed! Aye xD. Right, since he said he wanted Fugo to come back as a villain! Figured you’d like that name better xD. Aye, it’s not a pervy series at all (trap crap aside) but still! Aye, blame Canada as South Park says (not that I have seen it) xD. Aye, boo BokuBen taking so long as I bet Mafuyu is dragging her ass! Speaking about pink girls go Bocchi being licensed by the same publisher, in spite of the BokuBen issues normally they are good xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Nov 23, 7:15 AM
I liked Ran's blog xD. Sadly she's a fairly okay girl and the blog, while not bad, wasn't particularly impressive as a result! Not your fault, hers for being serious. And go Chen next time xD.
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