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Days: 202.4
Mean Score: 7.22
  • Total Entries1,695
  • Rewatched1
  • Episodes14,260
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One Room 2nd Season
One Room 2nd Season
7 hours ago
Watching 6/? · Scored -
Yama no Susume: Third Season
Yama no Susume: Third Season
7 hours ago
Watching 6/13 · Scored -
High Score Girl
High Score Girl
Yesterday, 7:43 AM
Watching 5/? · Scored -
Manga Stats
Days: 43.5
Mean Score: 7.31
  • Total Entries310
  • Reread0
  • Chapters7,835
  • Volumes659
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
Jul 22, 8:31 AM
Reading 72/? · Scored 8
Anne Happy♪
Anne Happy♪
Jul 22, 8:30 AM
Reading 35/? · Scored -
Ane Log: Moyako Neesan no Tomaranai Monologue
Ane Log: Moyako Neesan no Tomaranai Monologue
Jul 22, 8:29 AM
Reading 70/300 · Scored 7


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ZettaiRyouiki 7 minutes ago
I forgot saying besides Code of Princess EX also got Crossing Souls and Cosmic Star Heroine which are both pretty good xD.
ZettaiRyouiki 7 hours ago
I apologize for my rude posts, sorry for being a shittty friend :/.
ZettaiRyouiki 7 hours ago
I agree being awful yet Americans love this shit, wish you fucks got nuked :/. And also English because nobody cares about Europe like always! Maybe another day, today I would feel like spent too much money :/. I figured because someone has this shit irrational fear of spoilers and forces everyone else to get bent. Too bad I have personal traumas involving Galko and such :/. Right. Boo fucking Kaede ruining everything, hope she ends getting her glasses replaced by contact lenses ;_;. Still shit anyway hence boo :/.

Cool but sorry for causing trouble! The first two seasons were terrible and took months :/. Right. Boo awful characters :/.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 1:19 PM
I must say Yama no Susume was overall good but trolled my birthday big time; not only there was barely any Kokona let alone her ass but for some dumb reason Kaede got chest bounce, boo troll shows :/.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 12:10 PM
I actually meant EX and not X thus sorry, and boo fanfic translations since this game suffers that xD. Thanks along other games! Cool knowing the girl already xD. Aye! Fair for tan and true for Galko counting too for being imouto too xD. Boo! Thanks xD. Aye for the duo being cute! And aye xD.

Sounds great then! Awesome xD. Which beats the slow speed some had like Milky Holmes and others! Agreed for both xD. Aye for keeping the infamy for the name! Agreed xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 7:54 AM
I was impressed with Aikatsu Friends this weel, finally an episode about Honey Cat that was actually pretty good xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 7:25 AM
I blame how translators think they know better, one of the games I got for my birthday was Code of Princess X and the translation removed a chest unjoke but ADDED one where they call the main girl a goddamned prostitute, sure that’s better and far classier too xD. Aye which is why mentioned that, original name is Martina case wanna check! Fair for not having that DLC but alas xD. Cool for Kale since was thinking it was for her but was unsure, and indeed for that! Cool for gyaru imouto but for some reason doubt she resembles Rika Jougasaki the superior gyaru imouto xD. Also boo pool! True but Ikkitousen has a strong fair basis and SenRACK KaBOOBra does not xD.

True for the silly failed forms and go Satan since that’s where his best streak starts! Exactly xD. Sorry for my bad English then, and indeed for the sexy villainess <3. Aye but glad High Score Girl only was a little late! Aye for the score increase though boo for both Harukana and Tonegawa staying lower xD. Speaking about High Score Girl the creepy ugly perverted girl is called CHIHIRO thus keeping the name awful! About time too xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 1:13 AM
I just saw TNK will make the second Senran Kagura season thus ensuring it will suck, sorry about that xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Aug 12, 1:10 PM
I just noticed High Score Girl scores a little better now xD. Not a lot but glad people are liking the series <3. Sorry for this xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Aug 12, 12:09 PM
I blame being Japan only after, and speaking about the DQ11 TDB for some reason was renamed Jade for the Western release because xD. Aye for that! Boo crunchy wet textures, and at least used the DLC for that assuming that game has that xD. Wonder why kale but nice cheap ace and cool for the awful fighting game! Indeed xD. Aye <3. Right and wonder how Sunoharasou was this week! Aye xD.

Maybe and aye! Indeed for think Gotenks finally appeared xD. Aye! Indeed for that xD. Yes! Aye for was serious the good way xD. Sorry for the word use maybe, and go Purple bubble butt! Aye xD. Agreed as this week was troublesome for Captain Tsubasa was two days late! Thanks <3. Also yes for OPM S2 being dated finally xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Aug 12, 7:45 AM
I also like how Island just showed the Yukarin's bare ass again xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Aug 12, 7:30 AM
I find surprising your sudden fast pace with DB but not complaining xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Aug 12, 7:17 AM
I would love Enix game music, but that goes more on the DQ Theatrhythm that sadly never came outside Japan because sadly SE thinks that we hate the Dragon Quest franchise big time xD. Indeed! It was but still xD. The lettuce thing is just since when people ask my least favorite food I say that though it’s fine inside hamburgers, thanks for that, and glad the Senran Kagura joke was fine! Awesome xD. That they are which means we need indie anime makers! Lame xD. Same here but worry not for being unaware! Aye xD.

Definitely for that, and true for bad fans who think the main character is the hope of the universe! Great joke and indeed xD. Indeed for the eye bacteria issues, also note a running gag is white cells get covered in blood when killing bacteria and the like but otherwise it should work well! Aye since I found funny they added such a Topaz girl this episode xD. Aye and that aside it was actually a really good episode about war! Aye for the costumes being dumb, especially since PreCure was nicer and even allowed the sexy Purple to run around without pareo xD. Right since I was surprised, especially since one scene had the other girls splash water on her face and the glasses didn’t even budge! Also boo High Score Girl slow subs xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Aug 12, 2:13 AM
I also noticed than when listing harem stuff we miss the anti-harem duo for obvious reasons xD. Anyway case curious Chihiro likes lettuce best and uses Bird types with MissingNo. for the ace and her favorite game is Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus but please take no offense for this for mean good fun only! Sorry xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Aug 12, 1:13 AM
I came here to report about little kids anime fanservice xD. First and best Kitarou just had a good buttshot of Mana the human girl showing why shorts beat skirts <3. Second and worse is PriChan since we had the swimsuits episode, and while an improvement from last year since the girls actually wore swimsuits and they could be shown for more than five seconds you could tell there was censorship going seeing how all girls for some reason wore swimsuits with tank tops, minus green Sara who had a weird open shirt with her bikini top, and all either wore skirt bottoms because sure or had denim shorts. Even adult Meganee had a goddamned pareo despite being allowed a bikini top with nothing else! But for the better news it was otherwise a good episode and blue meganekko Rinka luckily wore her glasses for the whole episode minus the stage song which kinda helped xD.