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Hugtto! Precure
Hugtto! Precure
Nov 21, 7:23 AM
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Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode
Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode
Nov 20, 12:20 PM
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Himouto! Umaru-chan R
Himouto! Umaru-chan R
Nov 20, 12:20 PM
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Nov 12, 8:39 AM
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Musuko ga Kawaikute Shikataganai Mazoku no Hahaoya
Musuko ga Kawaikute Shikataganai Mazoku no Hahaoya
Nov 10, 7:23 AM
Reading 28/? · Scored -
Stop!! Hibari-kun!
Stop!! Hibari-kun!
Oct 20, 11:58 AM
Completed 53/53 · Scored 6


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ZettaiRyouiki 11 hours ago
I see then xD. Aye! Also beat the Electric trial case curious xD. Mostly like Hyrule Warriors and indeed! Aye xD. Right! Aye since she requires high stats but high stats make you meet the other girls and that means more chances the girls get angry and bomb your relationships with the other girls xD. Aye for us having Black Friday without any context! Aye xD. Indeed! Shame but alas xD.

Fair for that! Thanks xD. Aye for her one piece navy blue swimsuit under her usual clothes! Maybe xD. Aye since the first game is weird with character choices! Surely <3. Aye for GoPri being like that but least princesses getting fancy dresses has some logic unlike cake makers! And indeed for mature Lumière being gone except for being a plot convenience xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Today, 7:26 AM
I think few games are that bad xD. Meant the Araquanid things instead! Aye but I’d rather have the giantess from the BW2 movie obviously xD. Not that much, but now got the Fates cast entirely thus hooray and such! Though sadly think I’m gonna focus on clearing Ultra Moon first because reasons :/. Right! Aye xD.

Indeed! Aye xD. True for Saekano using that! Speaking about galge seems the LP site added one on the Tokimeki Memorial games and they’re pretty neat, though boo making the childhood friend too hard for getting xD. Aye! Right xD. Certainly since I joke we’ll end celebrating Thanksgiving at some point! Aye but it’s not looking good right now ;_;. Aye and boo :/.

Exactly for that! Aye xD. Fair but still boo splitting the girls. Aye! Sorry for not getting that :/. Aye! Shame xD. Right! The memetic sukumizu reminds me of Lana the trial captain though the anime did actually give her something similar xD. Aye and sorry! And sadly not flatulent xD. Aye other than making her join since the first game, and go mecha references! Aye xD. Indeed! Certainly for having the cute Hayami loli too <3. Aye for that, and while talking KiraKira boo the Cures this season being so weak and needing to be saved by several Deus Ex Machina over and over, though the franchise was about GAR girls and not about damsels in stupid cake dresses xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Today, 6:50 AM
I know that Sin Nanatsu didn't have the best designs but holy crap these are fucking horrible and hideous, like seriously why do damn all the girls have cleavage except to remind us unsightly retard magnets exist yet skirts everywhere because the world hates asses :/. And fuck even more the comments, despite issues Sin Nanatsu was an alright fanservice anime and definitely million times better than shit garbage like DumpxDoodie and Dorkness and Gayjo and all the stuff these dumbfucks praise, fuck the masses for lacking common sense ;_;. Why yes today is being kinda shitty and I'm feeling really depressed :/.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 1:40 PM
I forgot mentioning the Bulma's voice homage, thanks for that xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 8:10 AM
I liked your blog as usual, go Nitori! Also you almost forgot her title too xD. Your blogs are cool! That said you should really plan things better and stop forcing traditions over common sense, namely boo interrupting the Maho Girls blogs with this when the Touhou blog could have get pushed into December just fine. Anyway good work catching Nitori with a cucumber trap xD. Not sure what Kanako has with fitting inside cardboard boxes but go her fat mature ass <3. And boo Nitori escaping but glad it fixed itself with ease xD. Cool for her twintails and bangs being good and the hat being cute bald rumors aside, but boo not being longer! Boo blue eyes xD. Cool her face does well! Unfortunate for the fanart being all over the place but cool for being loli xD. Shame for the key! Shame about the lack of costumes but agreed sukumizu would help well with that xD. Cool about her cute shy personality but boo becoming a money grubber! Also case care Fantasy Maiden Wars sadly barely helps with giving her standout scenes but one of her Spellcards has a cool effect in that it makes the afflicted use the Water terrain which for most characters means a mobility loss while she gets a mobility and damage boost; also she has a Full Armor version with more firepower albeit also bigger deployment costs, this references the ZZ Gundam but not sure xD. Shame for perversion! And for age xD. Good work making cute and adorable Nitori admit she has a huge ass <3. Cool for sukumizu too! Fair for coming back xD. Cool for Kotoha being there and healing for safety and getting blogged eventually <3. And go Mirai being next, case you wanna mention this she and Riko seem to be crutches now and appeared during the KiraKira movie to bolster sales because Japanese are smart and like the awesome mages over the weak cake girls xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Yesterday, 6:55 AM
I almost forgot, but happy Thanksgiving and happy birthday to Maeka among other girls xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Nov 22, 12:17 PM
I remember that, there was one part where you killed trees for logs but nothing this bad xD. Aye and sorry maybe! Fair and indeed since those get silly too xD. Aye and indeed! Also case curious beat chapter 5 and got all the Awakening cast so now Fates comes next, split into two bit routes hence will do Hoshido's route first for Sakura the cute loli xD.

Indeed! Forgot about that xD. Aye for cool outfits! Very xD.

Boo! Thanks xD. Fair! Thanks xD. Indeed for the silly game! Maybe xD. Right <3. Aye tho Japan likes that xD. Fair! Aye xD. Indeed for the weird sweets girl, and Ogura needs flat love! Awesome <3. Maybe and sorry xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Nov 22, 7:38 AM
I guess not xD. Aye and beat her with ease, also Nihilego with the mighty horse! Congrats and awesome, now you know why Hawlucha was helpful xD. Aye! Agreed xD. I think some games from the most recent Christmas specials were newer, but agreed about talking about crappy adventure games! Worry not since aside from a certain cow sister I don’t mind the issues much, though will wait one month and get the DLC pack with the Christmas money naturally xD.

Exactly for that! Aye xD. Right though she pilots nothing so it’d be like asking for Ranka and Sheryl being playable! Aye for all the “Yu” idols showing off ass, and dreams was breasts but worry not for the mistake xD. Indeed <3. Aye since it’s probably my favorite outfit of her right now, and aye especially with the “Our meeting was surely fate” and “Girl meets girl” lines too xD.

Thanks and boo Imouto whatever being awful! Not sure if you saw Archon’s latest messages but it keeps surpassing itself at being awful xD. Agreed! Sorry xD. Indeed! Aye for the silly joke and boo cutting short plots xD. Sorry! Cool for “snitch” since only heard of that being the smallest Quidditch ball for some reason xD. Aye and nothing wrong with Signum but she’s more yours and all such usual stuff! Aye xD. Boo the issues! Indeed and “monocle” comes from the first Scribblenauts game letting you enter Over9000 and giving you a monocle for that xD. And indeed for the awesome growing ass <3. Aye and boo the meganekko who should date Haiji for obvious reasons! Aye xD. Nope for thong sadly! Certainly for being squishy <3. Aye! Right for the reincarnation theme being somewhat unique and boo xD. Indeed and boo :/. Nothing personal and sorry if it sounded otherwise! Aye xD. Indeed! Boo series without info xD. Indeed for Sakura and Hotaru being awesome but indeed and boo Ogura being trolled! True xD. Aye and actually she’s meant to be your blog birthday girl! Thanks for only remember the chest one from a caption thus good work xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Nov 22, 6:58 AM
I ended getting FE Warriors because children resemble their parents and my mother loves spending money xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Nov 22, 12:50 AM
I wanna mention the latest PriPara episode had Yui shake her ass while doning pink shorts, sad when shows for little girls put more effort on ass stuff than adult series xD. Also next episode is about Miichiru and looks awesome thus hooray <3. Also Laala wore again her butler outfit, case curious this has the latest performance so you can see the costume; why yes their Making Drama is very yuri xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Nov 21, 7:38 AM
I concur there, note the sidequests often involve fetching items from a city to another hence the comparison with backtracking xD. Right for that, sadly didn’t face yet Olivia because things happen but almost there, did get Magnemite and Mudbray evolved at the least! Agreed especially the dumb face matching one xD. Aye and agreed about setting the next one! And good point for the terrible and stealing game but it might be too recent for his usual fare xD.

Right about the bowling ball being cool! Aye and shame on Miichiru not wearing the maid dress xD. Agreed for that! Nonsense since these things happen. Also cool Macross Delta debuted into that mobile silly SRW game though Mikumo obviously is not playable xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Nov 20, 12:09 PM
I will be fair and say Terranigma has more sidequests than outright backtracking xD. Sorry! Beat the Grass trial with Hawlucha with ease and aye for Popplio though sorry I'm leaving Rowlet for last xD. Indeed! Awesome for that, and aye especially the first one since some levels were minigames and failing them meant repeating the previous regular level xD.

Awesome for that! Aye for the clown car though prefer the Smash version wirh its drills and gloves xD. Aye and Butler Laala looked great and got fairly decent fanart! Also heard the Dragon Ball and YYH original manga turn 33 and 27 respectively today thus congrats xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Nov 20, 7:19 AM
I will say Illusion of Gaia does neither of these things, but Terranigma does and particularly a tough boss asks for a few extra levels xD. Meant more Magnemite quite obviously! Indeed for that and for the record beat the Fire trial with Brionne thus hooray xD. Aye for more Kahili being welcome <3. Thanks since it’s doing fine xD. Right! Also new AVGN video with Robocop games and while the ones for NES are new to me the Game Boy ones I did play and they’re certainly horrible games xD.

Exactly hence why avoiding that was recommended! Good point about the classic villains as I was thinking something similar but thought of SMW Bowser first for some reason xD. Aye and for proper accuracy mean she wore for a song the butler outfit the male idols used while other main Yui had the maid outfit from the girls instead! Aye for scores being fairer now xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Nov 19, 12:16 PM
I just like the game xD. Aye for the magnets and screws! Aye since 60 power rocks earlygame, and you will see why soon xD. Indeed for having balance and indeed I love the cute golfer <3. Nope for used Alolan Dugtrio of the fabulous hair! Being fair earlygame has few spoilers xD.

Certainly since better safe than sorry, and indeed for the silly jokes! Aye for being both his current editor and his previous ones though being fair clowns and old men make for terrible final bosses xD. Agreed and aye! Also tomorrow is also Laala's birthday thus congratulations for the main girl from PriPara who recently crossdressed xD. Aye :/. True for Elza the pirate, boo Venus ARRRRRk girls again! Luckily they get better now hence worry not xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Nov 19, 7:21 AM
I second the motion xD. Aye though might be wrong with this! Indeed for Magnemite fitting better xD. Luckily had Wing Attack since it won with that, and also beat the water Totem thus hooray for the wrestling bird! Aye and Scald was changed with Change Beam for balance, and indeed since Kahili even appears xD. Right since wanted to in the original games and never did! Aye and awesome getting the games, hence why I avoided going into detail much xD.

Agreed for that! Aye since is pretty good, case curious here but skip the Boo section obviously xD. Right :/. Aye! Boo for all the bad writing lately, and figured Mai deserved the praise xD. Aye for Yume being good, but boo too much Aria and not enough Ako either way :/. Agreed about Lily appearing more and true about being pirates for Rei is even into swashbuckling xD. Boo indeed since Fuji-san was awful enough she deserved D- and yet she was considered better than Cures and Aikatsu girls and that just feels offensive towards the young girls! Thanks xD.