Kuroyukihime "Black Snow Princess, Snow Black, Black King, Black Lotus, Hime"


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Kuroyukihime (黒雪姫)

Age: 14-15 years old
Birthday: September 30, 2032
Blood Type: A
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Orange
Class: Year 2-3 Middle School
Height: 159 cm (5'3")
Weight: 48 kg
Occupation: Black King
Legion: Nega Nebulus (Leader)
School: Umesato Junior High School
Avatar: Black Lotus
Level: 9
Type: Darkness Element

Equipment: Terminate Swords, Mystical Reins, Neuro Linker
Favourite Quote: No need to be afraid of the end, because this world is infinite.

The main female protagonist and leader of the Nega Nebulus legion, her real name is unknown. Her pseudonym is Japanese word play with Snow White. Beautiful and popular, she is also the Student Council Vice-President at Umesato Junior High School. She has been a Burst Linker since she was eight years old.

She is a very calm and patient person, a girl who constantly loves to drink tea, if it is in school or in a restaurant. She is not always that calm and patient as she can sometimes be rude, angry, or jealous even when some girls are starting to flirt with Haruyuki. She is also a girl who is wise with words and can talk manipulatively to another which they see it as annoyance. She is also a smart and clever girl, knowing the details about the "Brain Burst" game, since she was once known as the "Black King". The Brain Burst is not her only knowledge. She also has knowledge about wired connections or anything network related, as she can tell and give information in the smallest details. She even knows the steps of the networks that has been used.

Voice Actors
Misawa, Sachika
Buckland, Kira
Yang, Jeong Hwa
Moeller, Mareile
Saroli, Delphine

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