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I don't actually plan to watch most of my PTW

I don't actually plan to watch most of my PTW

I literally started watching anime because I ran out of anything western to watch.

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Shiguang Dailiren
Shiguang Dailiren
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Shiguang Dailiren II
Shiguang Dailiren II
8 hours ago
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Mugen no Juunin: Immortal
Mugen no Juunin: Immortal
Jan 23, 3:14 PM
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Bad Boss
Bad Boss
Yesterday, 4:34 PM
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Toxic Burn
Toxic Burn
Yesterday, 4:31 PM
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The Love Doctor
The Love Doctor
Jan 27, 2:27 PM
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ang3lala Yesterday, 2:46 PM
idc more favs for dahye is a win for me
ChouunShiryuu Jan 27, 9:41 AM
That's the best analogy to describe that, yeah. Would have actually been bad if they pushed that exact same amount of content into maybe 36 eps (hypothetical), that'd be RPG episode pacing in starat game content.
ChouunShiryuu Jan 27, 5:01 AM
Personally, the pacing was a bit too fast for me. I liked how fast the episodes were in what they adapted, just not how fast the story went by. It felt more like an abridged novel or surface level summary. Compare this to its manga adaptation for example, an episode worth of content is split into a dozen 40 page chapters. See the fort siege for example, it actually feels like a siege to some extent. The anime was like the youjo senki anime adaptation, decent on its own but not good enough relative to own source, youjo senki is esp much inferior to its manga adap.
ChouunShiryuu Jan 26, 12:57 PM
Don't get me started on the average anime dude, i'd take him over natsuki or eren in their respective shows as MC any day.

It's more for getting attached to the world and its charas if you can feel involved in the world by empathising with the MC more. It's not a character driven story so yes, it didn't need one, but feels nice if they do have one.
ChouunShiryuu Jan 26, 12:18 PM
Ikr, Honestly it's one fight after the other with siluca being support for the generic honorably nice guy chara. The main two charas didn't have any such well developed dynamics, not to mention if it was a roamnce it'd be so damn boring with those 2 charas so in a way you can't even perceive any deep bonds from such generic charas. If the charas are good and exciting, you can at least be tricked into seeing a significant bond.
ChouunShiryuu Jan 26, 10:32 AM
"Normies are why we can't ever have anything nice" almost felt tempted to drop this, but the unhinged exaggerated raging about NTR is pretty much a part of the community's heritage lol. It wasn't even that bad and it's like a side chara. I'm surprised it got people THAT riled up. Imagine the poor sucker that sees the romance discussion and thinks the FMC is getting NTR'd, I mean i'd have that perception lol
ChouunShiryuu Jan 26, 8:32 AM
loool I can understand why since the charas had a possibility of getting together and they were into each other+hot chara design for that queen. It depends on how bad the melt down was, like if it was about that episode in an episode discussion or it was rampant and present in every discussion about the show for a huge amount of time. Personally, these meltdowns are fun ngl.
ChouunShiryuu Jan 26, 3:29 AM
I mean the anime heroine is super idealised so the reactions are just that much more extreme, kinda natural in a way. The jarring part is dudes getting triggered at NTR from the boringggggg absolute, complete moeblobs with no discernable personality except being nice and airheaded. But if you think about it it makes sense considering moeblobs' entire existence is as something that is nice to our MC kun always and extremely non-judgemental. So they can love anyone and everyone and are kinda like madonnas to some guys. So the exact kind of bro that's into that chara is pissed when there is even the slightest bit of NTR even in pornhwa or generic dojin lol.

Specifically these things, or their korean equivalent with the noona looks lol:-

ChouunShiryuu Jan 26, 2:11 AM
It is tough to understand info from action mangas if you read them too quickly at first but you get a bit more used to it after you've taken your time on a few, but it's always relatively more tedious. That "lilith" bdsm title is a lezhin pornhwa XD, ofc it's not going to be tame. The pornhwa vets have this huge overlap with NTR vets, so that speaks volumes about the genre.
slenderblak Jan 18, 6:29 PM
your wrong on so many levels for saying subaru and emilia didnt get enough/didnt get development at all
tchitchouan Dec 23, 2022 3:10 PM
i'm more interested in character designs.
tchitchouan Dec 23, 2022 12:00 PM
thank you for accepting me.

i like Masane and Aishela too because they wear a bikini armor.

tchitchouan Dec 23, 2022 11:42 AM
indeed, agreed.
soniyay Nov 15, 2022 8:05 PM
JaniSIr said:
I would have been super special unique, but Violet Evergarden is responsible for 90%+ of those favorites...

she is so lovable/// cannot help ... iss okay !!!
Sciadopitys Nov 6, 2022 6:21 AM
JaniSlr said:
But do you know how to use the 3 clamshells?

Sure I do! You just slide them along the bum and scoop up all the residual waste...I would hate to be the next guy in. Nasty. lol Yeah, that was a good film. Silly parts, but highly entertaining.