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Edocchi 7 hours ago
Gintama is at its best when it blends the comedy and serious moments perfectly. I have my own reason why I love Gintama 2011 so much. If I were to assume all Gintama seasons as stages of life, 2011 is the adulthood phase. It's where you really enjoying life to its fullest without thinking much about liability, going to school and got lots of memorable moments. Something that you'll miss so much when you grow older. I'm still 20 and already feel that lol. I really miss my life at 15-17, it's the pinnacle of my youth. I even decided to go abroad just because I was bored and didn't wanna waste my youth, like Kimari.

And Gintama 2015 is like when you're already in college/work and, perforce, you'll soon need to think about many life problems. It's tiring as hell. While Gintama 2006 is the 0-14 yo phase. It has lots of cute moments, but many of it were just introduction (some were really amazing though).

Now we're getting to the last(?) season of Gintama. I heard a lot of good things happen in the manga, so I'm really looking forward to seeing how this will end. The OP is so damn beautiful

And I hope your parents' relationship will get along
AllHailLelouch87 Today, 5:38 AM
Mm, I see you are now watching Gintama Silver Soul 2. What's your opinion about Porori and SS 1? From my point of view, they're a bit weaker animation-wise, and some seiyuus seem to have forgotten their roles (Tomokazu Sugita, for example). Otherwise, they're not bad at al, but not as good as the other seasons.

From your favourites list, it seems Gintama has got lower. Is it because of the latest seasons? Sunrise should return, IMO. Their animation and direction was way better...
Edocchi Yesterday, 4:49 PM
Many ppl say the same. I exactly know why they and you say that. As for me, issa strong 9/10 and an absolute AOTY of 2017. I prefer it to Enchousen for some reasons.

First, it's not divided into 3 arcs like Enchousen. For me a 12-episodes season is better that way. And story-wise, it lived up to my expectation cause I always wanted Kagura's backstory to be revealed fully. Yea the first half was pretty dull. The shifting tones from comedic to tension-filled is not as natural as before, it also lacks in battle choreography.

But this season has sense in it which I particularly love. Themes like love, family, protecting the ones important to you, are the meat of this season and it's all portrayed beautifully through the fights. Gintoki vs Kamui vs Umibozu, with Kagura in the center as the one who connects the three, and Utsuro as the real enemy. This season ensures that Gintama's characters can be so manly yet sensitive at the same time, especially when it comes to protecting the ones they love. Gintoki and Takasugi originally fought under Joui's flag. But as that 'incident' happened, they're like losing the purpose of life. They no longer fought for team's sake and objective, they started fighting for themselves. They then chose the different path though, Takasugi to the dark side where he retaliates against the misdeed that the world has done to him, and Gintoki to the grey side where he backs to zero and does nothing. These two paths are the nature of egoism. Now if you think about it, Kamui and Umibozu are just like Takasugi and Gintoki. Kamui's against the world, and Umibozu traveling space while beating aliens and defending the world. That's what they think they do, when in reality they just fight for their own sake and do it for fun cause they have no actual purpose of living since they lost Kouka. Gintoki's existencial crisis has long disappeared since he met Otose and create Yorozuya, but not for Umibozu's family. That's the point of this arc. To gather all those holes and fill it up in a single move called love. I might not remember my laugh from this season. But I can't forget the tears and joy after the fights end. My family life irl is just as terrible. My parents divorced two years ago, and I never go along with my brother since then. I probably watched this season when I was in the lowest state of my depression. I was very touched. Gintama is more than an anime for me, it's my second family.

Oh, and about Porori-hen, it's actually slip arcs, chronologically it's part of Gintama 2015. I said that the first half of it was boring right? Porori is even worse, but sure it has its own moments and I had some fun with it. And Silver Soul arc actually has the same problems that you said with Rakuyou arc. I guess it's because the change of the main director
Edocchi Jul 16, 3:55 PM
Ikr. Even if I like Gintama and Gintama' more, Shogun Assassination & Farewell Shinsengumi are still standing there for my #1 and #2 favorite arc of Gintama series for their pure awesomeness. I gave 10/10 simply for these two last arcs, although for me the first half of this season was kinda boring and I had issues with its production values since they just changed studio and some animators.

The Yorozuya x Shinsengumi moment had me crying like uugh, and Shigeshige's death is one of the most touching death in anime history. Two beautifully-crafted arcs of the most beautiful anime, I'd say it's the peak of Gintama series.
AllHailLelouch87 Jul 16, 2:15 PM
Yeah, almost al Gintama characters are lovable. The only one I hate is Sadasada Tokugawa (the shogun's fat uncle). He was so hateable and every single time he appeared on screen, I got angry XD. I'm glad Takasugi killed him at the end of the arc.

Well, animation was inconsistent at times at Rakuyou arc, although it managed to end interestingly. If only Sunrise returned...

Oh, he really seems interesting. I heard that he's proud of his power and underestimates everyone except Saber XD

I don't really have a favourite character. I have what I like to call my "VIP zone" XD. Its actual members are Gintoki, Kagura, Meruem, Senjougahara, Rintarou and Kurisu, and they're my favourite characters ever. My other 4 favourites change when I want to change them, and I like to alternate between waifus and male characters.
AllHailLelouch87 Jul 16, 12:52 PM
Yeah, I remember being absolutey hyped for every single episode of those two arcs. Also, the Gintoki vs Takasugi fight became my favourite battle ever, even above the HxH fights (which are amazingly written, animated and planned). It was so emotive and incredible. The Farewell Shinsengumi is my second favourite (it was pure epicness as well), with the entrance of Utsuro. So, how has your top 5 favourite Gintama characters changed? Mine is Gintoki, Kagura, Takasugi, Hijikata and Sougo (no specific order).

What do you like so much about Gilgamesh? I haven’t seen him yet, so no spoilers please XD

I was impressed with Bakuman, because I didn’t expect it to be so well done. The thing I loved the most was its charismatic characters and its creativity. The only characters I didn’t like were Nanamine (he was so annoying) and Miura (he seemed like a total incompetent in the manga industry XD).

I’m really looking forward to Fate/Zero, but due to my obsession with finishing animes, I have to wait for it XD
AllHailLelouch87 Jul 16, 12:26 PM
I see you’ve finished the Shogun Assassination and the Farewell Shinsengumi arcs. What’s your opinion about them? They’re my favourite Gintama arcs, and I think you know why :P

So, has Gintoki become your new favourite character? Has your favourite Gintama character top changed at all? Just curious XD

I watched Bakuman a few days ago, and I liked it a lot. What do you like about it? My favourite characters are Hiramaru (he is so funny), both Ashirogi Muto members and Eiji Niizuma. I also find Hattori’s laugh so funny XD

I’m watching at this moment the first Fate season (Fate/Stay Night, from Studio Deen). What do you think about it? In my opinion, animation is not bad and soundtrack too. Shirou is a bit annoying, though. Looking forward to seeing Gilgamesh, even though Saber is my favourite character at moment.
xShinigami3125 Jul 14, 5:57 AM
Okey good because the extreme expressions/reactions of the characters don't really get across in the anime also it does look a bit cheap at times but it's only the first episode so hopefully it ll live up to the manga.
xShinigami3125 Jul 14, 5:22 AM
U gave grand blue a 10 after episode 1 so you seemed to have loved it. I would advice you to read the manga cuz in my opinion it's better.
Edocchi Jul 13, 1:50 PM
Gintoki and Hijikata, heh?! So what's your opinion on episode 231 (Funeral episode). That's prolly the best stand-alone episode in all Gintama for me. That ending was a total big troll. I laughed and cried at the same time lmao. GinHiji is also a strong combination for tsukkomi-boke, aside from Shinpachi ofc. Another golden episode of those two is episode 175 (Dentist episode). The only thing waylays me from putting Hijikata in my fav characters is Mitsuba arc. I still hate him just like how Shougo hate him for a reason, y'know that.

Also, just fyi. My favorite arc of Gintama' is Kabukicho 4 Devas. Second is a short arc in episode 225-226 (Jail arc). These two arcs are what make Gintoki up there to be my fav character of all time.
Edocchi Jul 13, 4:06 AM
If I have to name it in order, it's; Gintoki->Kagura->Kondo->Takasugi->Tsukuyo-> others

You might be surprised seeing Takasugi & Kondo there. The reasons mostly are in Gintama 2015, so I won't spoil anything. They are both great leaders in their own way. Takasugi seemed like a pure evil in the beginning, but his motives are nothing like that. He's the truest cinnamon roll in the entire series tbh, one of my fav villain ever. For Kondo, I consider him to be the 2nd funiest character after Gintoki, idk why but everytime he appears on screen, it's always the super funny episode. The same for Shogun tho xD. And Tsukuyo, cause I ship her with Gintoki. She's also funny, especially when Gintoki is around, and when she gets drunk. By the way, don't miss the OVA (Love Potion arc). You can watch it now, or after finishing that season, up to you. It's the sweetest arc for GinTsuki shippers <3
AllHailLelouch87 Jul 12, 1:41 PM
Hey, I see you completed Gintama': Enchousen. How much did you like the Ikkoku Keisei arc? It's my second or third favourite arc of the entire series.

Now, which are your favourite Gintama OPs at the moment? Mines are 13, 9, 5 and 17 (and probably 21 too).
AllHailLelouch87 Jul 10, 9:56 AM
My favourites are Gintoki (of course), Kagura, Takasugi, Hijikata, Katsura and Sougo. I find them to be the funniest (except Takasugi, he's simply an awesome character, you'll see it later in the fourth season), especially Kagura when she's doing random things. I find her so adorable :D
AllHailLelouch87 Jul 10, 9:53 AM
Oh, I also love Tsukuyo, she's a very good character and also funny when she's drunk XD
AllHailLelouch87 Jul 10, 12:37 AM
So you really love the Shinsengumi crisis arc... It's very touching and Itou's death was very well made, it's also my second favourite from the first season.

Good choices as your favourite characters, I didn't expect Shinpachi and Sarutobi to be there :P

Have you watched the popularity poll arc? It's my favourite comedy arc so far, alongside with the Ryuuguujou arc. That opening 8 paint version was amazing XD