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Days: 175.7
Mean Score: 6.80
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Yesterday, 3:55 PM
Watching 13/103 · Scored 7
Banana Fish
Banana Fish
Yesterday, 3:54 PM
Watching 12/24 · Scored 8
Shichisei no Subaru
Shichisei no Subaru
Yesterday, 3:54 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 1
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Days: 40.3
Mean Score: 7.43
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Deadman Wonderland
Deadman Wonderland
Sep 12, 8:45 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Sep 9, 6:32 PM
Completed 7/7 · Scored 8
Yakusoku no Neverland
Yakusoku no Neverland
Sep 9, 1:38 PM
Reading 102/? · Scored 10


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Edocchi Yesterday, 11:19 AM
Just as I hoped. It's an episode focusing on Amadeus
TakesatoKeita Yesterday, 6:15 AM
What do you think if you watched S;G0's anime in different ways, it could be either binge-watching it as soon as this season ends or by watching it weekly like most people do these days? And would it change the way you opine about S;G0 overall?
AllHailLelouch87 Sep 18, 1:20 PM
I doubt they will do giant fillers, since BC's anime has a very slow pacing, while the manga has a fast pacing, what makes it more enjoyable (at least that's what manga readers say). But yes, we are talking about Pierrot, let's see what they are going to do... At least they are not doing the same as Toei with One Piece: gigantic recaps at the beginning of each episode and making some scenes longer in order to adapt 1 chapter per episode. That's very frustrating, since One Piece's story is one of the most interesting and best written among shounen.
AllHailLelouch87 Sep 18, 1:08 PM
It's too easy to make memes with UBW's title. I just couldn't resist it XD.

Yeah, episode 49 was good. Animation wasn't at Madhouse or Ufotable's level, but at least it was something. Haven't watched ep 50 yet, though.

I hope it gets better as time passes. Some manga readers say that Black Clover is one of the few shounens that gets better over the time. I just hope Pierrot doesn't bring us those gigantic fillers as they did with Naruto and Bleach. Fillers are the only reason for me to not watch them.
AllHailLelouch87 Sep 18, 12:41 PM
You're still watching Black Clover. I'm surprised, since you definetely don't like it (I'm aware of your OCD to not drop any anime, though XD). What is your opinion on it being aired for unlimited time?

I had to do the pun. Black Clover: Unlimited Episode (doesn't) Works. Sorry for such a bad joke XDD.
Edocchi Sep 17, 10:09 AM
I watched Happy Sugar Life only for HanaKana's voice lol. But I can't stand yandere stuff, so it kinda put me off. The only yandere I like in anime is Ringo from Penguindrum. She has so much layer as a character and her childish motive is justified in some ways.

Now I wonder how the ending would be. I have no idea about the VN. But hopefully it will be a proper conclusion for Amadeus/Kurisu. There's no way Okabe would keep on living with her around like that xD
KANLen09 Sep 16, 11:28 PM
Hellew friend! Liked your Island review: Short and concise!
Ryuseishun Sep 16, 12:03 PM
Damn I'm glad I'm not the only one up in arms about how selfdestructive Island was.
Edocchi Sep 16, 8:18 AM
Understandable. But for me, score doesn't have that kind of meaning behind it. It's just a scale to compare works. Like, are you really sure you like Satsuriku no Tenshi, Happy Sugar Life, Harukana Receive, and other anime of this season more than Steins;Gate 0?? If we look from another perspective, you giving SG 0 low score is just because it didn't live up to your expectation. The other anime are just playing safe and u have no expectation of them, so you didn't mind their flaws. That's kinda unfair for me. Cuz I believe you like SG 0 more than those bunch of mediocre shows you gave 6-7.
Edocchi Sep 16, 7:51 AM
Still haven't change your mind after episode 21, eh?
I personally think SG 0 at worst still deserves 7 solely for the nice idea.
Apple_BS Sep 14, 8:58 AM
don't you like Tsundere?
Apple_BS Sep 13, 10:49 PM
As the title, incest is a definite ending
I think the ending is how it going to end best though, maybe because I read the novel and didn't miss out the whole volume cut in the anime
Apple_BS Sep 12, 8:44 AM
There are Kirino fans, Kuruneko fans, Ayase fans, and some Kanako fans, but rare to find Manami fans haha
Apple_BS Sep 12, 8:24 AM
Am not going to spoil anything, but didn't find anything interesting from Manami :P lol
Apple_BS Sep 12, 8:05 AM
Eromanga Sensei I could agree with you, in fact, I disappointed way before the anime is aired, when the novel published around 3-4 volumes.
And actually, I am very bias toward Oreimo, because of sentimental value XD