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Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World - The Animated Series
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World - The Animated Series
Yesterday, 10:54 PM
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Osomatsu-san 2nd Season
Osomatsu-san 2nd Season
Yesterday, 9:11 PM
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Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
Oct 14, 8:31 PM
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3-gatsu no Lion
3-gatsu no Lion
Oct 12, 1:41 PM
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zanpakutoflames Oct 15, 7:33 AM
:D I can't wait to see Quell (to hear Shuu's voice) and Growth!
Any idea if there is a TsukiPro seiyuu event in the future?
Comic_Sans Oct 14, 3:06 AM
Comic_Sans Oct 13, 4:42 PM
Osomatsu-san is back

All hail our lord and savior Jyuushimatsu
Swiggy Oct 11, 3:37 PM
It's not something I'm super duper familiar with besides looking at videos on the tubes, but if it was fun then that'd be cool! ;o; I think the only way you can rent games now in the U.S. is from like Redbox or Gamefly. We used to rent games from BlockBuster. :C They used to allow rental of small cartridge games like Gameboy stuff, but they ended up stopping that (probably because people were stealing them). We also had a place called the Wherehouse. It's all gone now. Maybe there's a rental place near you hidden somewhere? ouo

Yeah! Like the guy at Target gave me four Charizards (two to my mom who gave me her codes)! OO: I figured it was because the city I was in (Bullhead City, AZ) isn't all that big on anime and stuff (also, most can hardly even pay their rent). Then for Marshadow today (back here in Cali), the lady gave me two! o3o I totally thought I was going to have to hit up another Gamestop for a second one. This is so fun! It's like catching Pokemon in real life kinda! Wait, Canada doesn't have these events?? Also, did you get your Pikachu with a regional hat yet? o:
zanpakutoflames Oct 8, 7:33 AM
They look different from the TsukiUta series, but still good I guess.

Hurry and watch it! The OP Burny is awesome!
Swiggy Oct 7, 11:44 PM
Just saw! dkjsfhjksd It's like yooo! Exploring the ultra wormholes looks like it's going to be legitimate too! Maybe they'll throw the soaring option in? ;u; Agh, there used to be. My brother and I would hardly ever buy games; we used to just rent them over and over again until we beat them. It's a shame they don't do things like that anymore (as far as I know), but maybe someone does. Might be something to look into!

Have fun and be safe!! Oh crap, I was just at Target today and I saw the Charizard but I totally thought I had to buy something to get it. Oh crap. I need to see if I can go back.;; I can't believe I didn't even ask.
zanpakutoflames Oct 7, 9:32 AM
And they look a bit different compared to Tsukiuta haha
I hope the concert animation for this will be as good as Tsukiuta's.
zanpakutoflames Oct 7, 9:25 AM
First episode was great! When they said, your senpai are waiting, I thought... Could it be? Could it be??!!
Then Hajime and Shun appeared!!

Growth dancing would be something to look forward to! Can't wait for the next episode(s)
Swiggy Oct 5, 11:18 PM
No worries. I honestly don't expect people to reply in the first place just because I know folks have stuff to do.;;

Well then hype! :U

Totally don't blame you.;; Hopefully pictures are allowed! Thanks! ;o; Good luck on finding what you plan to get or at least see!
Swiggy Oct 3, 7:36 PM
And even with Lusamine, they still could have done more for her. I do think using her children as a means to show just how much she desires control of some type was a really good choice. As for the others, maybe they'll get more in Ultra Sun and Moon.;; Rest in peace, Plumeria.

Since you're borrowing the game, that makes a lot of sense and is actually very considerate of you. I've been trying to get through everything without walkthroughs for the most part.;; I tried.

Thanks.;; Not even seasonals? I haven't been to a Pokemon Center! There are two in Washington though, so maybe I can go to one of those one day when I return to the wonderful state in which I kinda wish I lived! ;o; Have fun at the former Pokemon Center in NYC though! It sounds like the Pokemon version of the Disney stores! So cool! ;A;;;
Swiggy Oct 1, 8:57 PM
Malasadas and Lillie, but there's always room for one more. :U Jk, the fandom just makes the two really adorable. OTL Couldn't help it.
That's understandable. I didn't mind Guzma, especially after checking out his house and talking to his parents again. It pierced my heart a little to see that he really was just a kid with big dreams who fell hard. And then you see his eagerness to be something-- to succeed, so when you see how he blindly clings to Lusamine because it makes him feel like he's good for something, it kinda stings. Still could have been more to him though. Like, he has the makings of a great character, but they could have pushed it more. Plumeria was really bland though. Like, yo, what happened? She could have had so much more to her. :C I mean, I don't dislike her, but they really could have given her something better.;;

That works out! And thanks! Should have went back to the researchers in the first place.;;

Right! I mean, it's not even like nothing happens though, but it still maintains a sense of ease. Ahh, I have to catch up after I finish the Anime Watching Challenge then!
Swiggy Oct 1, 5:09 PM
I do also like Gladion. I low key ship him with Hau.;; There aren't too many characters I dislike in Sun/Moon if any though! As for thinking Type: Null was a glitch: SAME.

Wah, you're good. I accidentally made Tapu Koko faint and had to restart. The cons of grinding and being too extra...;; Also, where did you find the first Ultra Beast?

Yeah! Hopefully! Totally content with the little slice of life island style they have in the anime, but seeing the storyline would be really great too!
zanpakutoflames Oct 1, 8:11 AM
Oh yeah, Tsukipro is starting this week. High hopes from the trailers.
Also, have you seen the PV for the Idolish7 anime? Announced for the Winter season
zanpakutoflames Oct 1, 7:51 AM
Those. look. AWESOME!!!! Especially Soshi :)
Swiggy Sep 28, 11:57 PM
Not that Gladion was too stressful either I guess! But Hau was just easier to deal with, yeah. Plus, he'd probably cheer you up if you lost to him. Gladion's just gonna give you crap.

Oh, okay! That's one of my latent ships, so I'm down for that. :U

Congrats! They don't even give you time to save and like collect yourself! It's a shame! XD Apparently, you can try to catch Tapu Koko again later if you didn't the first time, but geez. You got through it though! :'D Oh gosh, the bit before the Battle Tree sounds tough.;; I haven't done that yet and have been trying to fill my Pokedex instead, which I'm making that double as training. It sounds like it was intense stuff though. But for real, you finished the game so fast, holy crap. O:

The cutscenes were so cinematic! O: What a time to be alive! It's like they became a lot more comfortable with the use of sprites like these-- with the exception of certain facial usage or lack of it.
I guess the plot is technically not over?? Because there are those Ultra Beast things they want us to catch too. Dunno how far they'll go with those though-- I mean the next installment is actually called Ultra, so I can only assume they'll expand on Ultra Beasts in Ultra Sun and Moon. Ugh, that's it. I'm buying Ultra Moon when it comes out. Can't take it. At this point, I'm just dragging out my adventure for as long as possible because I don't want it to end. OTL