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_Unit04_ May 27, 8:28 AM
Ty for accepting 。・:*:・゚☆
Rihon May 27, 6:09 AM
ur comment about this thread was on point :) admiration
Unloveable May 27, 6:02 AM
it works! thank you so much, it really helps! ^^
Playcool May 26, 8:25 PM

I do feel you, for me having 9 episodes around that was a waste, I mean some were funny to watch, but it felt like everything could have been made in less episodes, leaving alot of extra time to do something else that would improve the anime in other ways.

So you only like Tomoya? I like the Tomoyo and Kyou the most, yeah Ushio being born is when things get real, but I would say since the beggning that AF was at least a bit better than most Clannad garbage boring episodes.

Ratting, views and number of eps, too many familiarities for my liking I would say. Well I wont see it in the near future, I have it on my list for ages, one day I guess.
I liked the art of Tatami so at least I have something to like there.
Unloveable May 25, 9:51 PM
hello there, mayuka! i found you on forums and i just want to ask this one question, how do you edit photos (on your forum profile and signature) to have this small, blue (or black) lines as borders and white line after it? its so common here to use in MAL, but until now i still dont know how to get those line right.. please help! sorry for bothering you, have a nice day ^^ (and nice layout you got there! (^・ω・^ ))
Ayumu_yuu May 20, 5:01 AM
Check that one out and lemme know what u think!

Done with violet evergarden? (it has btw a manga as well if u can't wait till s2 u can read instead)
theshinsengumi May 19, 4:37 PM
Thank you so much!! And the artist's twitter has a pixiv link too, which means now I'm probably going to spend my evening on an UtaPri Pixiv rabbit hole haha

Reiji is my boy, but Masato is one of my favorites too and that art was just too pretty!!
Ayumu_yuu May 19, 2:20 AM
I'm blessed to have been of any use to smb who's got a list like urs hhahaha

If u're into reading (bcs I'm not really a manga reader) I can suggest some shounen ai, "Moritat" (korean manhwa), it's mindblowing till the very end
theshinsengumi May 18, 8:44 PM
Hi! I saw one of your comments in the forum and ended up on your page and I absolutely LOVE your profile picture. Is that the full image or is it cropped? What's the source?
Ayumu_yuu May 18, 2:12 PM
U've completed too many for me to suggest anything haha

I see u r a into yaoi, hitorijime my hero maybe?(I checked and u haven't seen that yet) and also ling qi (has 2 seasons), mainly average yaoi shows
megalo box (sport anime) is a good one this season, still airing
OMG I know, u haven't watched violet evergarden, that's a must from this season!
Check them and lemme know what u decided :p
Ayumu_yuu May 18, 11:42 AM
Yeah Indeed, like fav = loving from the start(even for me haha)

Well dépends what u r interested in :D do u Watch seasonals? or tell me the genre n I might pick up smth for u :p (even tho I'm deff not the most active human in the anime Community hahaaha)
Ayumu_yuu May 18, 11:15 AM
I knew it's a great piece of art, but guess was unable to reach further than ep 9, I'll deff come back. The first épisodes are sucha mess, if u ask me what's it about I'll disappointedly say "no clue"

but Thanks!!!
Ayumu_yuu May 17, 2:41 PM
Hey, it's quite random but I've seen ur comment somewhere saying ur fav anime is shinsekai yori, well I started watching it awhile ago but can't keep myself ending it. Maybe bcs I didn't get its message? Can u tell me what captivated ur attention while watching? I need a hint to move forward :< Thanks in advance!!
A_Haiku_Unloose May 16, 12:05 AM
Oh wow, I will, definitely, thanks!
xDreamix May 15, 2:27 PM
Hmph, thanks anyways.