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Jan 17, 2018
Dosei Mansion (Manga) add
Saturn Apartments is a delightful slice of life set in space. It delves into many topics such as equality, class systems, chasing after the unknown, family values, finding yourself and many more. It's about life and how a young boy finds his value in this strange world. The cast are fun and colourful and support his journey as a window washer.

What I enjoyed about this series was how they all live in their world and how there was a class system. How everyone lives for different reasons and they are all trying to find why they are here and what they need to do. It's ...
Dec 5, 2017
87 Clockers (Manga) add
Before you read this, know that I am very biased to Ninomiya's works as Nodame Cantabile is my number 1 favourite Anime & Manga... But this was a disappointment.

At first, I quite liked this series a lot. I was in a computer science program at school at the time when this manga first came out [in English] so I was excited to learn about overclocking! Ninomiya really expresses this hobby nicely as she didn't make it too confusing and everything was presented well so anyone reading would understand what it was. The overclocking matches were presented well. They were thrilling and fun. As usual, the ...
Dec 5, 2017
Real Clothes (Manga) add
Makimura Satoru is a mangaka that is well known for writing Josei stories that are based around the industry, the real world. I had read Oishi Kankei before this and I knew what I was getting myself into. That series focused on the food and restaurant industry while this one was focused on clothing and department store industry - retail, basically. I learned so much.

I had expected more romance out of it but it was presented in a very refreshing and different way overall. I liked how the main character evolved here. She starts off as a very weak, average character but grows into a ...
Jun 11, 2016
Bambino! (Manga) add
When people say "cooking anime/manga", the first thing people think of is Shokugeki no Souma. And for most, that's the best cooking series that they've watched/read. I also thought that way until I read this series, Bambino!. Don't get me wrong! I like Shokugeki. But... This isn't just a cooking battle shounen series like Shokugeki.

It's about life, motivations, dreams and how to overcome hurdles.

I would compare this series to Tetsuwan Girl (a sports seinen about freedom, virtue and liberation; one character in Bambino reminds me of the MC in Tetsuwan) and Honey & Clover (a slice of life josei about finding your raison ...
Apr 26, 2016
Tetsuwan Girl (Manga) add
I usually don't write reviews on MAL but I feel like this series is under-appreciated and overshadowed by other sports series. My review will not be very structured but I'll try my best to write about it in an unbiased way. Firstly, this resembles Holyland if I were to pick any sports series. It's about a main character trying to find freedom and strength.

I really liked this series and it moved me. I cried several scenes. It's such a powerful series and our MC, Tome is a really fun character to follow.

Let me go over the flaws. The romance is very strange. I never felt ...

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