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Katsudou Shashin
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
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Saint Seiya: Saintia Shou
Saint Seiya: Saintia Shou
May 5, 1:06 PM
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 4: Diamond wa Kudakenai
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 4: Diamond wa Kudakenai
May 5, 7:51 AM
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Roowanx May 2, 7:03 PM
I get why AnR was a popular theory, it's not really common for shounens to have such a dark and tragic ending, but there were too many issues with it for me to get behind it. Also the shippers kinda ruined it for me lol.. I think I would've liked an ending where Eren wins but Paradis goes into civil war right after, or anything to make Eren realize that what he did was for nothing in the end, I think that would be more tragic and it would show that the rumbling was ultimately the wrong choice.
Roowanx Apr 27, 12:03 AM
Yeah, I really hope she's included in those extra pages, I just don't like the fact that side characters like Rico who hasn't appeared for a very long time was featured in the chapter but not Yelena who's far more important.

Honestly I didn't like any of the fan theories, especially AnR, I think it would've been very unsatisfying since all the characters except Eren die without finishing their arcs. And my biggest problem with it was the portrayal of the rumbling as the right choice or a necessary evil, I didn't think it would be good to end the series with a message like that,

I agree the ending is not that bad, I actually started to like it a little bit better after a couple of rereads, there's still things that I wish were done differently, and I think that if there were more chapters it could've worked alot better tbh, that's why I think (and hope) the anime could fix that. I honestly fear anime original endings since they always screw it up lol, but we'll see..
Roowanx Apr 18, 10:04 PM
Haha yeah, Yelena is still in my heart tho ♥️😂 kinda mad she wasn't mentioned in the last chapter too :(

Honestly I'm not a very big fan of the chapter, I get what Isayama was going for, Eren's plan was actually not that bad and I think it makes sense, but the execution was pretty bad and it felt rushed, I think this type of ending required more than one chapter tbh because now we're just left with so many unanswered questions. But I also feel like the anime could definitely fix the problems with this ending, I don't want them to go for a completely different ending but I hope that they just at least try to improve it a little (hopefully with the help of Isayama like he did in season 3 part 1). What about you, what did you think of it? :)
SoldierDream Apr 9, 8:24 AM
I wonder when will the Saint Seiya score-drop stop for once. Every time I check its page it's 0.01 lower. As if it wasn't already relatively low enough it keeps going lower and lower. If it ever goes under 7.7 I'll be legitimately mad. Doesn't deserve it.
SoldierDream Apr 1, 8:44 AM
Lol no unfortunately it isn't under control anymore. International media are already speaking about the "chilean paradox": it's currently the third country in the world with the highest percentage of its population vaccinated with at least 1 inyection (quite surprising to me since we aren't even 1st world lol) yet at the same time it's currently living an explosive increase of cases seeing its worst numbers of people infected since this started, having now around 85% of its population confined (in theory, because a lot of them go out anyway).

I had told you before I had dodged this measure but now not anymore: all my city is under confinement again and it will be for a good while. But this is to be expected after multiple factors: while 1/3 of our people is vaccinated it's only with 1 dose and you need 2 to be inmune, and some people are a bit ignorant and think because they are either vaccinated or are told that the vaccination campaign has been very successful, creating an apparent sense of success, this has led them to be overly confident and to relax (it somewhat bothers me when I read in social networks lots of people blaming only the government for this, when it's not like citizens are contributing to improve the situation either). Not to mention we are also under the effect of the brazilean mutation which is twice as contagious and that is hitting all the continent, especially Brazil itself whose situation is one of the most critical in the world, they are even having 100.000 new daily cases now, which is simply out of any control, in more less the same way the british one is hitting Europe.

And now some people are saying that the developed vaccines won't even be effective against these new mutations, and that is my biggest fear now. It would mean that all the effort put to fight the virus would end up being in vain and that virtually we are never going to get rid of this ever because the virus will always be one step further our attempts to eradicate it. I hope this remains only a myth.

And yeah this war was incredibly childish. I can't believe some fans can be that immature to create fake accounts to manipulate something as trivial as scores online to favour whatever they are fans of. MAL last year implemented a system to dismiss bot votes but to me it seems that system isn't really working at all. Look for example how FMA:B's score dropped from 9.23 to 9.18 in a matter of a few months since AoT 4 started, when it had never ever suffered a drop like this in the past so quickly. It's not believable. Also the characters ranking is being massively botted as well, so nobody really knows what the true numbers are anymore, so it has become almost a joke. At this point I think MAL's system has lost all reliability and I just don't trust it anymore. In a serious site like for example IMDB something like this would have never been allowed to happen, I don't know why MAL has to be so inefficient.
keragamming Mar 28, 9:48 PM
The moment when it was confirm that it's ending at chapter 116 I knew it couldn't maintain the #1 spot.

An ending is very crucial and that last episode is the equivalent of ending season 3 part 2 at episode 7, no closure nothing.

If it had ended at chapter 122, I think it would have had a chance to maintain the #1 spot maybe not permanently because of the cgi complaints but maybe a lot longer.

I think it will eventually drop below season 3 part 2 not too long from now.

Way too many loose ends are left unanswered, but this might help boost manga sales, very interested to see how it does next week.
keragamming Mar 28, 12:44 PM
Sadly it wont last long at the top.
keragamming Mar 23, 11:25 PM
Well in a couple of days we will find out.
SoldierDream Mar 20, 10:51 PM
Btw... being a huge fan of aot, how do you feel about this fmab vs aot "war" for the top spot?
SoldierDream Mar 20, 10:38 PM
Yeap long time since we last talked, I'm doing fine and you?

Well I should say for now at least I guess, because now that you mention it, we are currently going through our own 2nd wave. In fact, just today March 20 we broke our own record of new daily cases reported with 7.100, which is the highest number ever since March last year. And this very week half of the capital was confined again, fortunately I live in the other half that hasn't yet.

I really have no clue (neither the authorities do) to why this exploded again since for almost the whole 2nd semester of last year we were reporting around "only" 1.000-1.500 new cases daily, but out of nowhere since January this year the curve started rising up again. The only explanation is that January and February are the vacation months of the year and people starting to relax more than ever.

The funny thing is that this is happening right when the vaccination operation has been working excellently. I read somewhere that we've been congratulated internationally by how well the process has been implemented here with as much diligence as possible. As of today we already have 30% of the population vaccinated with the 1st injection and around 15% with both injections. On Wednesday this week it was my turn to receive my 1st one and on April 14 I'll receive the 2nd one. If everything goes well by May most of our country should have received both. Do you have any estimate when will you receive the 1st one at least? Anyway, let's just hope all this finishes soon for everyone.
keragamming Mar 13, 8:33 PM
The problem with that is the waiting time for most of us outside of Japan, Kimetsu no Yaiba is a perfect example for that.
Peeti Mar 11, 6:53 PM
Horror meme.
Peeti Mar 11, 7:18 AM
Eren is becoming everything right now.
keragamming Mar 3, 5:21 AM
Agree all of that was just toxic.

Yes part 1 is ending at chapter 116.

I've been seeing a lot of hints pointing towards a apart 2 than a movie. I think we are definitely getting a part 2.