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MD Geist II: Death Force
MD Geist II: Death Force
Sep 25, 3:02 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 6
Soukihei MD Geist
Soukihei MD Geist
Sep 25, 3:01 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 6
Red Ash: Gearworld
Red Ash: Gearworld
Sep 25, 3:01 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 5
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Asura's Wrath - Kai
Asura's Wrath - Kai
Sep 24, 5:51 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Dr. Frost
Dr. Frost
Sep 22, 3:17 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Crash Bandicoot Dansu! de Jump! na Daibouken
Crash Bandicoot Dansu! de Jump! na Daibouken
Sep 8, 8:25 AM
Completed 14/14 · Scored 5


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_cjessop19_ Sep 20, 7:37 PM
It's about time I started the series, been wanting to start this for the last couple of months, but I watch catching up to Black Clover.
Olde-Jo Sep 19, 4:12 PM
Thank you, my friend.

I've never played Street Fighter, but, nonetheless, I added it to my plan-to-watch list.
I'm assuming you viewed my profile in order for you to say that the nudity might turn me off. Honestly, I find nudity unnecessary in story-telling, however, nudity being minorly apart of a show won't turn me off from watching it; nudity just won't enhance my experience if that makes sense. Gore can enhance an experience, nudity can not.

Once again, thank you ever so much for the reply, buddy. I truly appreciate it.
Olde-Jo Sep 19, 10:24 AM
Hey, pal.

I was just wondering if you'd answer a question for me regarding your forum picture and signature: What shows/games are they from?

- Take care, buddy.
Ninachu Sep 15, 5:29 AM
Thanks for the add! :D Always good to meet a fellow Saint Seiya fan.
petran79 Aug 22, 1:30 PM
One reason I do this is because many series like Hutch were heavily edited or mispromoted, so a rewatch in a proper and modern context are necessary. Other series got similar treatment. Eg Lazerion , a mecha that I liked back then, only got 26 out of 47 episodes in Spanish and Italian dubs, leaving the story incomplete. In Greece we got even less episodes. English version of Maple Town only got 39/52 episodes, usually edited and did not show the sequel either.

Unfortunately when reviewing or mentioning those series you either stumble on connoiseuers with thousands of series and no time to bother with them or rating them hastily , usually based on the dub and with a low score or people who write positive reviews but are not that much active , so it is difficult to track them and discuss more about old series. Even fansubbers that bother with them are usually from USA, so they did not have access and comprehension to the non-English dubs reception and popularity to draw comparisons.

Currently I am at a phase where I will try to learn Japanese seriously , planning to enroll to a cram school and learn few other languages, so I'll try to cover more of those dubs in a few years.
Snow_Shovel_101 Aug 19, 6:57 AM
Snow_Shovel_101 Aug 18, 6:48 AM
How’re you liking Monster so far?
Ferien Jul 22, 8:11 PM
Hola! me encantaría responderte con detalles pero en estos momentos estoy concentrado con asuntos académicos, estudiando para mi examen de carrera final. Solo inicié sesión por única vez para actualizar mi lista con lo único que voy a haber visto hasta fines de Agosto, un título que había estado esperando ver hacía tiempo y que por la gran expectación que tenía no pude resistirme a ver ahora mismo jajá (la película final de Digimon). Prometo responderte mejor para entonces, pero ahora tengo mi cabeza en otro lado.

Por el momento te digo que sí, a mí también me sorprende, o sea Naruto por sus características siempre fue para mí uno de esos títulos que tenían pinta de "potencial nuevo integrante de mis favoritos", siempre tuve la impresión que me gustaría mucho, pero jamás pensé a tal nivel de ser mi nuevo número 1. Ahora, eso sí, ayuda que los sentimientos estén super frescos, recién salidos del horno, tendré que ver si logra mantenerse como #1 en el tiempo, pero eso sólo el tiempo lo dirá jajá.

Como trivia, lo curioso es que el nombre Naruto por ahí entre 2006-2008 me generaba harto rechazo, porque escuchaba y leía en todos lados que era "la nueva Dragon Ball", y que amenazaba con ser "el nuevo rey" del animé y cosas por el estilo, y yo como fan de Dragon Ball eso obviamente no lo toleraba jajá, y era parte de los que sin siquiera haberla visto, le tenía recelo y hablaba mal de ella igual, todo esto en mis años de adolescente inmaduro. Pero eso ya definitivamente cambió :)
Spyro Jul 16, 10:03 AM
Thank you! That's exactly the reason why I've thought it out and made a Wix for it.
My list just kept on growing and I wanted to give myself some kind of push to watch the anime from my on-hold list.

So far it works out really well for me.

I also agree with your profile: Latin Spanish dubs are good! My Spanish is so so but there's so much available in Spanish dub.
Adnash93 Jul 10, 12:45 PM
Yup, I think I will rewatch Asgard soon and see if my opinion on it changed (for better or maybe worse, lol) or perhaps it remained the same. It is worth watching again even if only for one particular moment: Siegfried's final attack on Poseidon that was a perfect culmination for the general story of Asgard Warriors (all of them) and one of the best if not the best moment in the entire arc; surely it was one of the most dramatic scenes in the entire anime.

I highly recommend reading "The Lost Canvas". It's one of the best mangas I have ever read and I won't lie if I say that in general it might be considered as the best manga set in Saint Seiya universe, surely in terms of its quality. I haven't seen its anime yet (though I'm planning to do it), but it's sad that there are only two seasons of it with no further seasons on the horizon. That's mainly the reason why I chose years ago to read the manga instead of watching its unfinished anime adaptation.

As a prequel it was way better than Next Dimension and it's a shame that it is not canon. Don't get me wrong, Next Dimension is not that bad, however while its art style resembles old Saint Seiya, its plot feels like repeating old themes over and over again and after a while it feels mediocre. As Saint Seiya fan I enjoyed it nevertheless, but objectively speaking it is really average. Another con is, as you already noticed, its irregular schedule, which if connected with the fact that it has been ongoing since 2006 doesn't help with being interested in it all the time.
Adnash93 Jun 26, 8:24 PM
Yeah, Divine Cloths of Gold Saints were thought out really well and their design was really good and majestic. About them being shiny and bright, for me they were not like that. In action they looked like just upgraded Gold Cloths and did not look odd or something; they fit into the general look of Cloths. The only moment I recall in which Kamuis were shining and were full of sparkles in an extraordinary way, was when all 12 Gold Saints were presented with their Divine Cloths in the finale; but for me it did not feel odd or something. It was just an effective way to show how magnificent and divine the Divine Cloths are. ;-))

Going back to Asgard arc, I know the feel, haha. I also liked two things you mentioned: snowy landscapes and the theme cross-overing Greek and Nordic mythology inside Saint Seiya universe. The latter was especially important universe-wise, because as you noticed it showed that the idea of Saint Seiya's world might be expanded by other mythologies, not only stick to Greek mythology (although with keeping its status as dominant for the story).

The transition to Poseidon arc would've looked better I think if there was no Asgard arc. In Saint Seiya manga the transition was quite smooth and balanced, while in the anime adaptation Asgard arc was so good (idea itself, setting, characters) and its finale was so epic (Siegfried's sacrifice, Poseidon behind all the ruckus in Asgard), epic to the point that in the end the last arc of Saint Seiya anime in which Saints faced Poseidon himself felt hollow and looked worse for many people, just because the previous arc (Asgard) was so good.

But of course I'm not implying that it was a bad idea to have a filler that good. It's quite the opposite: I'm glad Saint Seiya had that kind of high quality and polished filler.

What's more, for me as well Asgard arc is the best filler arc I have ever seen. That's why I dared to call it as a model filler arc for all animes; I mean, how should a filler arc look like to be very positively recepted. Asgard arc had everything to be called as a model filler: high quality audiovisuals; fresh and original idea for the story that was not present in the source material; no elements that would've been contrary with the main story or fundaments of the canon as seen in the source material.
Asgard arc had everything I mentioned.

I might rewatch it in the nearest future. Not only to remind myself some good moments from Saint Seiya anime, but mostly to see if after years I can appreciate even more this arc. Technically I already do (as you could notice above this comment, when I was praising its elements), but back when I finished watching it for the first time years ago I only saw it as "fine".

(Sorry if in some sections of this comment I was unclear a bit, too general or I have made mistakes. It's quite late in my country and I am sleepy a bit, but I wanted to finish my reply and share my thoughts today, before going to bed. ;p)
THEAnimeHERO Jun 23, 7:28 PM
Sure I'll take your friend request.
Adnash93 Jun 22, 6:28 PM
I also liked this spin-off. Gold Saints deserved a show dedicated only for them. Despite some minor flaws related mostly to animation and artstyle in some moments, it was really a fine anime. Some people disliked it, accusing "Soul of Gold" of being a pure fanservice (the plot centering around Gold Saints) and simply a base for new action figures to sell. I can counter that kind of words with a simple sentence: "maybe, so what?". ;p The anime was good and pleasant to watch for me as "Saint Seiya" fan and the fact there was a lot of fanservice in a form I mentioned above and/or the main purpose behind creating of this anime was for advertising new action figures of Kamui Cloths of Gold Saints was not a problem for me, especially when all Kamuis differed among each other, they had original designs and they looked simply very good.

About Asgard arc, back when I saw "Saint Seiya" for the first time, I found Asgard arc as interesting per se, but it was definitely not my favorite arc to be honest. It worked as a solid filler with fresh and original story supported by (as you mentioned before) very charismatic new characters, but it's just... Nordic mythology - while I like it personally - felt quite out of place in the setting focused on Greek mythology. Perhaps of that many people, from what I noticed, see Poseidon arc only as a fine story arc, simply because they liked the previous arc in the anime adaptation (Asgard arc) more.

Maybe I need to re-watch Asgard arc after years and see if my opinion about it changed from just liking it and respecting as a very good filler (I would even say: "model filler in terms of quality") to seeing it more positively (or negatively). ;-)
Adnash93 Jun 21, 6:22 PM
Well said, hehe. I see you are currently watching Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold. What are your thoughts about it so far?
Adnash93 Jun 21, 5:22 PM
Thanks for accepting my friend request. Good to see a fellow Saint Seiya fan and somebody who also enjoys classic animes. :)