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About Me

- Started watching anime consistently in 2020. Before that, I watched Dragon Ball on DVD and little else on TV.
- I tend to gravitate towards shows featuring Action, Martial Arts, Sci-Fi, Mecha, Superheroes and anything manly/womanly.
- I can enjoy stuff from any decade, but my favorite is the 80s.
- Recommendations are welcome, even if it's something unlike what I usually consume, I'm open to trying new things if they interest me.
- Feel free to send a FR if we have similar taste or want to talk.
- I speak both English and Spanish.

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Helianthus_E322 Mar 4, 12:40 PM
Hey man, thanks for accepting the fr.

Very based list, still always happy to see people so devoted to retro Anime and see some absolute classics in your favorites. Still need to complete Saint Seiya one day, still don't know why I stopped halfway trough been way too long ago. My Uncle watched Dbz on TV in the 90s and Is a huge Anime fan, his favorite character is also Piccolo what's a huge coicendence.
Golfi Feb 28, 12:08 PM
Eso te iba a preguntar, lo del remake. Entiendo la sensación de que si algo está bien mejor no volverlo a tocar. Pero quién sabe, quizás lo hacen bien y te termina sororendiendo.

Jajajaj totalmente cierto lo de no confiar en un cura. Lo que me gustó de Stay/night es lo distinta que son las primeras dos rutas, pensé que iban a ser casi iguales pero terminaron tomando rumbos totalmente distintos. Estuvo bueno. Espero que con la tercera ruta sea similar.

Si, hay muchos mangas antiguos sin finalizar o totalmente abandonados. Es una lástima pero es lo que hay. Y que las editoriales traigan licencias antiguas por ahi es complicado a no ser que sean muy famosas.
Golfi Feb 27, 4:26 PM
Siii, tnego en mente ver HNK. Es una obra que sento un gran precedente ! Así que es un clásico que creo que todos tenemos que ver !

Respecto al orden mi opinion es que ya sea que veas uno antes o el otro antes, siempre hay parte de la experiencia que vas a perder. Yo vi primer Fate/Zero entonces ya iba a Fate/Stay night mucho más enterado de todo. Entonces la disfrutás mucho y con más entendimiento por así decirlo. Pero por otro lado, verte Fate/Zero antes tiene la desventaja de ya saber todo lo que pasó en el pasado y quemar un poco la sorpresa por así decirlo. Ya prevees gran parte de la trama (más que nada con protagonistas como Kirei, que ya sabés como es jajaja) Si te ves Stay/Night antes creo que vas a ir mucho más motivado a ver Fate/Zero. Y en cierta forma, vas a disfrutar mucho más Stay/Night desde el lado sorpresa por así decirlo. Como digo, ambos ordenes tienen cosas que ganas y cosas que perdés.

Yo debería seguir tus pasos y solo leer mangas terminados, ya estoy siguiendo demasiados en emisión jajaja Ya me impuse la regla de no seguir más mangas en emisión (y siempre termino fallando jajaja)

Claro, la OVA abarca demasiado poco. Gunnm es una obra medio pionera en lo que hace y también lo considero un clásico que hay que leer. Si alguna vez tenés el tiempo te la recomiendo.
Golfi Feb 27, 12:49 PM
Si, concuerdo totalmente. Los personajes se roban todo el show en Ashita no Joe. Diría que es el mejor spokon que vi/lei. Ojalá que lo lleven a Argentina ! sería tremenda licencia.

Pudiste seguir Hokuto no ken de chico? O lo viste ya de grande? Todavía lo tengo pendiente.

Está bueno fate/stay night ! Yo termine de ver la sengunda ruta hace un mes aprox. Me gustó mucho. Ahora me queda ver las películas de la tercera ruta. Te viste Fate/Zero?

Respecto a los mangas que estoy siguiendo, estoy siguiendo casi todos los que están en emisión. De los que más destaco son Kingdom (mi manga favorito), Atelier of Witch hat (muy muy bueno) y Jujutsu Kaisen. Diría que son los que más estoy disfrutando de los que están en emisión. También estoy tratando de terminar algunos que había empezado, como Bakuman y Air Gear.

Otro manga que estoy siguiendo con mi club de lectura es Gunnm. Ahora estamos terminando ya Gunnm: Last order que es la secuela. Muy buen sci-fi. A vos que vi que te gustan mangas o animes de los 80' creo que te podría gustar mucho ! No es de los 80' pero es de los principios de los 90' (se estrenó de hecho en 1990).
Golfi Feb 27, 8:36 AM
Todo tranqui por suerte. Veo que terminaste Ashita no Joe hace no mucho. Me leí el manga el año pasado y me fascinó. De los mejores mangas que leí, que increible obra. De las que estás viendo y/o leyendo actualmente cuál te está gustando?
Golfi Feb 26, 4:44 AM
Muy buenas ! Cómo estás?
bronycon42 Jan 2, 7:26 PM
Tommy_Wiseau_03 Dec 25, 2023 10:15 AM
Yo my dude! Merry Christmas
bronycon42 Dec 23, 2023 7:35 AM
Tommy_Wiseau_03 Nov 18, 2023 7:58 PM
Oh yeah, he told me about it when I first talked to him, but sorry man I do not.
bronycon42 Nov 18, 2023 5:53 AM
Tommy_Wiseau_03 Nov 15, 2023 8:56 AM
I agree. My uncle, who's way bigger into anime/manga than anyone else in my family loves Seiya lol. DBZ and the other big 4 are huge here, especially One Piece. I tell you, Everywhere in the SoCal area there's at least one One Piece related thing lol. I'm jealous of you guys, You guys seem to get more manga than we do. All we got is All Shounun Weekly and a few Seinin and that's it. Bro, I just want there to be an Official translation of stuff from Shounen Champion and Young Animal lol.

We too homie, once I'm done with Seiya I'm gonna watch it. You'll like it, It's not 100% manly, but it does have some very manly moments. Also, the big titty goth girls love Yu Yu, so that's a plus lol. That's true homie, I have tons to watch and read, it might take me some time, but I'll have stuff to work forward to after a hard day's work.
Tommy_Wiseau_03 Nov 14, 2023 9:06 AM
Same here brother! I love to have connections with people, even if they don't like anime/manga and only like wrestling or something else.

So far I am homie! Oh yeah definitely, I'm hooked on it and I can't wait for the later half because I love special and grand final arcs! Me and Findog were talking the other day about certain anime being popular or a classic in a region and pretty much unheard of in another. Yu Yu Hakusho is popular here in the States, but not in Europe or South America. Don't worry, 2020 is when I discovered HNK, you're not alone lol.

I know that the series is based on manga from chapter 1 onward. Yeah, Gologo is like an Easter Egg lol. Golgo never misses his target. Hahahaha When I first watched The Professional and he was having sex with that chick, I was like "Is homie not enjoying it or is he just so manly that even a hot chick riding him doesn't phase him?" Lol. But, I really do need to watch the series, I don't watch it because I couldn't find it on any streaming service or YouTube. Then I found out about Anime Suge and dreams have come true lol. Pretty much everything on there, except 100% Hentai lol.
Tommy_Wiseau_03 Nov 13, 2023 11:25 AM
Oh yeah, man! I love just anything violent. I guess that's what happens when you grow up watching horror movies and death match wrestling lol. I completely agree, most critics don't even understand what either either watching or reading. Kawajiri's the man! I remember watching Ninja Scroll at 9 years old and my mom came in and grounded me on the spot lol. Oh same here homie, I saw your review for Otokojuku and I saw your page I know you are a classic and manly enthusiast like me! I totally get that, I don't mind being friends with people who don't have similar tastes as me, but I like to be friends with people who I have things in common with. In this day and age yes we are! Some people I know don't even watch to give the class and manly stuff a chance.

So far it's good! I can't argue with you there, I am just a sucker for 80s rock, metal, and pop, and Seiya's soundtrack fit the bill perfectly. I have to say that so far favorite is either Shiryu or Hyoga, but that might change. Don't worry my man, I won't so far I'm loving it!

Also, I see that you Finished Gologo 13: The Professional and Queen Bee. I love The Professional, It's up there with Kite as one of my favorites and Mister Duke Togo is just a Sigma Chad lol. I haven't watched the 08 series though.
Tommy_Wiseau_03 Nov 12, 2023 9:03 PM
Hell yeah, Joe delivers! It's awesome that new people are finding out about Joe and other classic stuff! Rikiishi is definitely that guy, one of the coolest and most unrated characters of all time, but Joe is the man too lol.

I found out about Kakugo and Mad Bull from a video by the YouTube Channel Marvelous Videos on Violent OVAs( I recommend them, they also talk about comics, movies, TV shows, and other nerdy shit). I know I sound like a broken record here, but Kakugo blew me away. I agree man! I wasn't expecting there to be really positive message behind it, but I was wrong again! The Tactical Fiends are some of the ugliest POS I've ever seen lol. Especially Hamuko and Eikichi. I have to say the fight with Rai is my favorite. Yes sir!!! Definitely also the most misunderstood too!

The OVA is great! Yeah, it only covers the small arc where Kiich and Iron Kiba meet, which happens a little after the beginning. Iron Kiba is My second favorite villain after Raoh. Fuck yeah dude, Private Emotion was all I listen to after watching the OVA lol. Danny is such a gangster man, homie is like a manga encyclopedia! Yeah, it does suck that it's not finished, but hopefully, soon it's all done so we all can enjoy the craziness, and hopefully like Baki and Bastard!! Kakugo, Tough, and a whole bunch of others can get a new adaptation!
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