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Hidamari Sketch
Hidamari Sketch
Aug 8, 6:11 PM
Watching 2/12 · Scored -
Aug 6, 5:12 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 5
Yu☆Gi☆Oh!: Hikari no Pyramid
Yu☆Gi☆Oh!: Hikari no Pyramid
Aug 5, 10:17 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 5
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Ao no Exorcist
Ao no Exorcist
Aug 14, 4:21 PM
Reading 7/? · Scored 7
Aug 14, 4:20 PM
Reading -/22 · Scored -
Ima, Koi wo Shiteimasu.
Ima, Koi wo Shiteimasu.
Aug 14, 4:20 PM
Reading - · Scored -

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JikoSama Aug 12, 1:40 PM
thank uuu fariooo
Stardrake Aug 11, 12:53 PM
Well, they had to make it more appealing for younger audience. Though, I don't know that version you watched but, dubbed version censored even this "lite" version of Yu-Gi-Oh! LOL I still think it's good anime (if I exclude Duelist Kingdom arc where rules didn't exist xd). But, I do get why you felt like anime is missing more Season 0 vibe.

Original manga? It's been on my shelf for quite some time, yet I still haven't touch it. I picked up too much anime and manga for my own good and now I can't claw my way out xd. I will get to it eventually.

About Bokurano... I don't know about manga but, as for anime... I'm not quite sure what you're exactly looking for but, if you want standard mecha anime, this ain't it. Without spoiling anything I'll just say this is like 10% mecha and 90% something else.
DigiCat Aug 10, 10:00 AM
Fario-P said:
is gud vampire animu??

Best vampire animu i've watched so far :3
CCC47 Aug 8, 10:08 AM
Yeah hahaha... I'd have to plan by car or train (or bus?), and I'd probably make it into a day trip. Oh wow, Windows 7! I remember Windows 7. I really liked Windows 7's set-up, but now I'm used to Windows 8. That's how I felt about Kaguya-sama at first. I'd recommend watching season 1 and then judging it. The first 6 episodes felt eh, but then another character was added to the mix and everything got a little funnier. Yeah, the mind games kind of slow down after a while (I can't speak for the manga, but from the anime I know they do slow down). They still pick back up once and a while... Ahh that's fair. You can always come back to it another time!
smoltulip Aug 4, 3:25 PM
Ohh, would After Story be a first watch for you too? I hope you get a chance to re-watch the first season and finally watch After Story! I'm amazed at how much depth these characters have, it's really neat to watch.

Who was your favorite character back when you watched the first season?
Stardrake Aug 4, 11:27 AM
Oh hey, thanks for invite! :) Sorry, I wanted to reply to your last post sooner but, I wanted to wait until you finished Yugioh to hear what do you think about epic thumbs up farewell. At the same time, wanted to share at least some sort of feedback on Bokurano, however it took me too long to finish the show so, yeah... I messed up lol

Anyway, thanks once again and feel free to talk to me whenever you feel like it :)
DigiCat Aug 4, 9:44 AM
Oh, i guess Saiki could be considered 2 cour then, 120 episodes is 5 min episodes, so put toghether in 20 min ones it's more like 25 episodes
DigiCat Aug 4, 9:26 AM
Fario-P said:
huh, didn't realize Saiki K was that long... for some reason I had the impression it was yet another modern-day 1 cour anime

What does 1 cour mean?
DigiCat Aug 1, 4:46 PM
Fario-P said:
welp looks like you gave up on the thing Detective Conan supposedly ripped off fast, I don't see it on your updates now

also why SAO lol

Didn't give up, it's on my PTW list, will watch it once i've caught up with Conan, so i guess in about a year or two 🤣🤣

I liked SAO anime
CCC47 Aug 1, 2:02 PM
Haha I see... then I'm glad you like it there!

Maybe! I'd have to plan a full day to travel there though, so I probably won't be going anytime soon.

Yeah :(. Ooh, what kind of Windows 10 laptop (Dell, HP, ...?)? I've thought about getting a Dell or HP instead of the ASUS, but I really don't know what I want. I wish shopping came easier to me lol.

Oh, that makes sense. How did the first volume make you feel about the series?
DigiCat Jul 31, 4:48 AM
Fario-P said:
huh never heard of this anime before

Someone said Detective Conan was a knockoff of this, i interpreted it as "Detective Conan is great, and if this is what inspiered Detective Conan i wanna check it out" 😂
smoltulip Jul 27, 9:12 PM
Oyakodon is just chicken with eggs cooked in dashi stock, served over rice! My fave recipe for it is this one, but there are tons out there. It's a really comfy meal and relatively easier to make. It's been a lifesaver, especially lately because I have zero energy for cooking most of the time~

Oh, by the way, I started Clannad, and I'm not sure if I'm going to make it through both it and After Story... I literally just finished episode 9 yesterday, and I've already cried multiple times lol. I'm going to be brave and continue on, though. I'm really enjoying it, even though it did take me a little time to warm up to Tomoya and Nagisa. The humorous moments are really, really funny, and I like the atmosphere it's going for, overall.
Stardrake Jul 25, 9:09 PM
Please, by all means. It would be most welcomed considering that anime has 50 episodes xd Also, feel free to share thoughts on any anime or manga you find interesting that might be worth checking out :)
smoltulip Jul 24, 7:41 PM
No worries no worries! I'm always patient when it comes to replies, especially because I'm a bit slower with them these days, too :3
Ohh, and definitely, if you're in the mood for sci-fi/AI action, it's an amazing watch. I really appreciated the angles of AI sentience/purpose that were explored in it. And Vivy herself is a really compelling character! You'll have to let me know if you ever give it a try!

Rice balls sound so good! I made oyakodon this weekend and it's currently my go-to~ I love when I can just throw a bunch of stuff in a pan or a pot and call it a day, hehe.
_-_Sally_-_ Jul 24, 4:35 PM
Well, anything's possible. The Ghibli movies are watched by a lot of people, including those who aren't technically even "anime fans," so it's possible that someone would give it away, not realizing its value.