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Mob Psycho 100 II
Mob Psycho 100 II
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Toaru Majutsu no Index III
Toaru Majutsu no Index III
Feb 16, 1:13 AM
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Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia
Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia
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Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Feb 15, 1:13 AM
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Edens Zero
Edens Zero
Feb 12, 5:51 PM
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One Punch-Man
One Punch-Man
Feb 12, 2:45 AM
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Wolfsbane Feb 15, 5:15 PM
I still believe MAL can be saved.

Also man, I really hope your life can improve a bit. You a good person. Waht you been up to these past days?
traed Feb 9, 2:20 PM
I never asked if there are allergies. I heard allergies can change every seven years or so.
traed Feb 9, 1:48 PM
I suppose but it can give clues.

Oh well in your case I didn't suspect lyme disease. If anything I would guess at dengue fever or similar but you would have known if you had that. I just was bringing it up since I have suspicions on someone else since she has several physical symptoms.

Guess I'd have to look at sarcosine.

I wonder if the L-theanine counteracts the negative effects of caffein in schizophrenia though. Maybe there are some studies on just green tea.

Apparently the dose you took of omega 3 was half to a third of suspected daily value for adult males. So depending on your diet you may not have gotten enough when you took it. Doesn't take a lot to get it from food though just up fish and nut intake. Though problem with some fish is mercury content
Ardanaz Feb 9, 2:21 AM
No problem! ^^
traed Feb 8, 5:54 PM
Alrighty...also started reading about lyme disease
traed Feb 8, 5:36 PM
There is some other stuff I came across now on alpha lipoic acid. Last link has a little on a type of b3 as well.
traed Feb 8, 6:56 AM
Taking it irregularly avoids that but yeah it's not good for every day use.

Yeah it's probably multiple similar conditions


One way to get magnesium is through epsum salt. Through soaking in an epsum soak of feet though not orally
traed Feb 8, 1:05 AM
Oddly i couldnt find a study on phenibut for schizophrenia attempted before.

Antibiotics? That's total opposite of everything I read. I've read probiotics do the most good for mental health.

Probably was cheap. The good stuff is kind of expensive. I am unsure the optimal dosage for use in mental health treatment. There also is a drug available now ive seen commercials for that is basically just super purified DHA or something.

Vitamin C wouldn't do anything. Zinc, B vitamins, selenium, coq10 and vitamin D and magnesium iirc are what is more related. But that's just where deficiencies often show and i havent seen anything about mega dosing any of those.
traed Feb 7, 5:06 PM
I'd would have to read a lot of studies. It's overwhelming like I said. So much info on so many conditions.

Tried looking into various nootropics ? There are many kinds though. Various racetams, several forms of acetyl choline and there are drugs like modafinil. I also heard some people to do good with depression and motivation from phenibut which is an old USSR made drug. I haven't checked how these effect people with schizophrenia though since only been reading about it for myself and haven't checked studies. Acetyl choline is naturally in the body so that's where you could start looking.

What dosage of omega 3 did you take though? Also some omega 3 is really poor quality supplements it's best from food sources or the high quality supplements.

Of course they wouldn't approve it's not profitable lol there is a version of B3 that is slow release. Forgot what it's name is it is made by a drug manufacturer. Like I said there is studies on it. It's a bit tricky though it seems. The doses ive seen range from 1,000mg to a bit over 2,000mg of B3. Which is way above recommend dose but that was in actual studies i recal
traed Feb 7, 3:01 PM
You should try just taking omega 3 if it doesn't interact with your med. Seems least invasive thing you can do without bothering with a nutrient test to see if you're low on anything which i still suggest doing if you can afford to.

Also like I mentioned im reading up quite a few things about B3 in high doses treating all sorts of conditions including schizophrenia with no other meds present. B3 can cause weird side effects in high doses though and I was reading from a self report of a schizorenic girl at first it can cause physical sickness of sorts that lasts a while but later goes away i guess. There are various studies on b3. Wouldnt suggest this without a doctor telling a proper dosage to use. Also need the right kind of b3 because simple Niacin can cause "niacin flushing".
traed Feb 7, 1:49 PM
Yeah I know. Though I do wonder if they help with schizophrenia and bipolar or not because generally it's not recomended those people do psychedelics because it can trigger mania or psychosis.
Well I think depression is a normal reaction to shitty conditions

Yes but there are some other studies saying same thing that antipsychotics are pretty harmful even though they can be useful. These long term studies tend to be quite small unfortunately. It's difficult to keep track of thousands of people over many years. So yeah it's not best example.

Oh I see hmmm.
traed Feb 7, 1:02 PM
I some time ago came up with the idea of a depressant to treat depression. The intent was to increase serotonin receptors in the long term so once the drugs is stopped long term positive effects remain. Which is opposite the damage anti depressants can cause. Though this was a shitty theory.

Im not sure The pharmaceutical industry is a crap shoot. Anti psychotics actually prevent schizophrenia from healing. I haven't checked this study yet but... Keep in mind this site is pretty biased so checking sources is important but this matches what i already read before.

Caffeine is in tea too but l-theanine reduces negative effects of caffeine. Why is caffein supposed to be bad for psychosis? Is it because the vasoconstriction reducing blood flow to the brain? Or is it the stimulant effect?

Spirulina stops absorption of other B sources by taking their place. I forgot how that works. I didn't look too deep into it.
traed Feb 7, 11:32 AM
If it blocks serotonin isn't that technically a depressant?

Yes I know inflamation is linked. That may be a reason to avoid milk because the casein protein and if I recall right also gluten from bread but there may be other causes of inflamation from grains.

I recently read a case study of a man who took zolpidem (ambien) and it helped his schizophrenia symptoms when on it and caused psychosis if he stopped taking it.

Well cannabis is related to hops ....though hops is expensive too. You still could try mangosteen i mentioned before.

I heard spirulina is a poor source of B vitamins. I forgot why. Something to do with how the body processes it.
traed Feb 7, 9:08 AM
Yeah I figured since ginger is related to turmeric which has the same traits. However I found turmeric may increase serotonin and dopamine so ginger may as well. I'm not sure if that's good for schizophrenia because people with it already supposedly have high levels of dopamine. Only good thing is the anti inflammatory properties. I have been seeing something effecting the GABA pathway might help but it's not too conclusive so i need to look more.

That is probably because they reject what a person experiences as a real experience but instead something "not real" or at least that's how it's portrayed maybe they don't. CBD works with various symptoms but you can't really get that there I assume. Are you able to get screened for nutrient deficiencies? That's the easiest thing you can do. Find what you're deficient in and eat better or take supplaments for that. It improves symptoms in schizophrenia when there is a deficiency
traed Feb 7, 2:05 AM
Drink green tea on intermittent days.

Well I just find my own way but it's nerve wracking I basically have to find some willing people to test things out and get their doctors to say it's safe to try but I found doctors are also incompitent with less common methods so i have to look into safety all myself ._.

Well there has been some success with stem cell therapy for it. I also suspect suramin mat treat it like it's suspected to treat autism but I think a new drug needs made from that.