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Boushoku no Berserk
Boushoku no Berserk
1 hour ago
Watching 9/12 · Scored -
Kamonohashi Ron no Kindan Suiri
Kamonohashi Ron no Kindan Suiri
4 hours ago
Watching 9/13 · Scored -
5 hours ago
Watching 9/12 · Scored -
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Dr. Frost
Dr. Frost
Sep 6, 11:48 PM
Reading 191/? · Scored -
Oniichan wa Oshimai!
Oniichan wa Oshimai!
Jul 20, 2:39 AM
Reading 52/? · Scored -
Serial Experiments Lain: The Nightmare of Fabrication
Serial Experiments Lain: The Nightmare of Fabrication
Dec 14, 2018 7:46 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7

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FlyingShark69 Nov 27, 7:11 AM
If you ever get the IRC channel back up, I'd be interested in joining, if possible.

Nah, you're cool. I'm more interested in discussing broad subjects relating to the NEET experience, nothing to do with personal information.

We're clearly living through a period of commodification of internet culture. It seems that spots - mainly forums and blogs - that promote meaningful, durable discussion are being progressively shunned in favor of fast-paced consumerist logic based social media.

Do you subscribe to any particular belief regarding this matter? If so, do you think the suffering so prevalent in the NEET condition - excluding the obvious cases of mental illness - has to do mostly with circumstance (i.e. money, lack of interpersonal relationships, physical unactractiveness etc.) or with an intellectual stance of pessimism?

Could sublimating these negative feelings into something transformative as a cope heal the damage caused by years of isolation and brain rot? Or are we simply unable to escape our social cravings?

Also, do you feel like there is an epidemic of intellectual laziness within the NEET subculture?

(I'm sorry if this came as too interrogative. It's simply a rhetorical device in order to instigate discussion.)
FlyingShark69 Nov 27, 5:36 AM
Hi. I'm very thankful for your efforts on keeping the NEET club alive. I never posted there, but It's been a great outlet for non-NT NEETs that aren't on Discord and other social media ever since r9k became cancer.

This might seem out of nowhere, but are you cool with discussing some questions relating to NEETdom?
deg Nov 26, 1:49 AM
we need hopium and copium
deg Nov 26, 1:09 AM
mental disorders kills free will (even if its an illusion) and willpower i just realize that
FelinesAreDivine Nov 23, 8:43 PM
Yes i was. And it was Your fault. If you didn't make disgusting food with Your eggs i wouldn't have busted out the triple barf emoji. i had to reach out to deg on Anilist to get me unbanned

i'm sorry You're not feeling well, but hopefully my return to MAL will help cheer You up ^u^
FelinesAreDivine Nov 23, 9:21 AM
Here's Your Wednesday video. i would have gotten it to You yesterday, but Your taste in eggs is so bad that You got me banned for the past week. Thanks a lot!

deg Nov 19, 2:01 AM
i guess so
deg Nov 19, 1:54 AM
nah since 5mg is the lowest maintenance dose for haloperidol afaik and i do not want to risk relapsing so hard that haloperidol becomes ineffective
deg Nov 19, 1:22 AM
if i do not take my meds regularly i go crazy more for sure meaning the voices are more loud and noisy that i get more frustrated and angry because of no peace of mind
Amityblight Nov 18, 9:59 PM
I just came into so I'll talk to you in 10 hours from now then I will crash.

Hope you do something about that.
Amityblight Nov 18, 9:47 PM
Gameplay - this game gameplay is meh not complete shit but pretty bad
Graphics - this shit look like the original Xbox lol.
Story ( if it has one) - story the best part but told through slides ;/
Price point - 44 dollars for PlayStation premium like me 50 for everyone else
Soundtrack - good soundtrack but it's from the show
Art. - it's ugly as hell lol

Deadly premonition ugly too and gameplay meh but the story amazing it made up for it
Amityblight Nov 18, 9:19 PM
"See you Mr yo." Lol.
This game sucks ass XD
Amityblight Nov 18, 8:50 PM
Lol. It's great but this game sucks
We saved meril and hand cuffed t dog and we killed Rick lol
deg Nov 18, 8:16 PM
yep no problem, its hard everyday for me, thats why im mostly online distracting myself away from the intrusive thoughts or voices because they disable my clear thinking and it makes me frustrated thats how it becomes a vicious cycle sometimes that i get angry its because im frustrated i cannot think clearly or have a peace of mind, haloperidol 5mg still works for me though it makes the voices less intense but they are still annoying me everyday
deg Nov 18, 8:04 PM
i actually know that the voices im hearing are hallucinations the problem is they are intrusive thoughts too meaning i cannot think them out or i cannot have a clear mind to shut them down, my mind becomes mindless, like the saying goes chronic fear is the mind killer and since the voices are mostly chronic fears thats how they do not let me have a peace of mind most of the time especially when stressed out or lacking sleep like i have for years now
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