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velveteenvamp 5 hours ago
thanks so much for the links, I honestly had no idea that there's so much extra periphery material! I've been super into manga lately, I seriously can't put the Elfen Lied manga down. I think that the Mirai Nikki one I mentioned was only released in Japanese, but I'm sure you can find a scan and translation online if you're so inclined!
Kamikaze_404 10 hours ago
Apologies for the late reply yet again, my laptop shat itself in the middle of me typing up a reply which deleted it and... I got frustrated after that lol. I refuse to do anything about it the thing that caused that to happen however, because I treat my shitty thinkpad like a beloved pet... Anyhow........

I think Oyashiro-sama, seeing as it's some sort of plague (or demon manifesting as one, same thing at this point) was likely released by Mi-chan's ancestors at some point. Some demon worshipers think they are in fact acting upon the will of God, so I wouldn't be surprised if Higu tried pulling off something like that. It may either be a known folklore demon, which would make sense, or something similar like a "hungry ghost". I think at this point the identity of Oyashiro-sama is more of a "what" - as in what kind of entity manifesting it really is - as opposed to a "who". However, I can also see the series making it out to be a dead person from one of the head families manifesting as a demonic plague of sorts. So far, however, my opinion regarding the identity of Oyashiro-sama stands closer to my former assumption. At this point though I'm not ruling anything out lolz.

I suppose I'm not explaining it well! Tl;dr: when she's a real one...

Nothing to be impressed about, I was simply an emo teenager and I still fit that description a wee bit even now. I am thankful for the fact that I can naturally withstand even the noises of a jet engine being passed off as music, however. Makes life a little sweeter :^). Thank you for the Nile tracks in your other reply, I'll be making a playlist with all of them now for easier listening! (please do not fail me soulseek...). Based Ramses mention btw, very respectable warrior leader. Ramses the Second was one of the greatest Pharaohs if I recall correctly. Bless him and that reference...

Damn, I did expect you to have tons of musical experience like that but I'm still very impressed! I respect that a lot about you, it's amazing to be able to do so many things. I guess I'm so wow'd because I myself lack musical skills, but nonetheless that's still cool as hell (or as... ice? Hell isn't cold...). I'm quite jealous of your extensive music collection, I can only imagine the things you're capable of with such tools within easy reach! Being into music is simply proof that your soul still shines in some way... It's the most "human" of arts imo, if you get what I mean.

I looked him up and... God bless, you really performed with him?? He looks like such a friendly old dude going by pictures, I can probably guess why performing with him was fun and relatively chill. I assume you've made a lot of great memories through experiences like that. I guess mainstream celebrities tend to follow a more... well, what to call it... predictable pattern of music? Sounds very cool still!

Gonna be honest, and you may call me a poser for this, but I'm not familiar with him. I am familiar with the name "Savage Garden", though - and iirc from the like one song I've heard it's pretty neat. Insane that you could at least mostly replicate the voice of a famous vocalist! But yes, I suppose it IS better to remain unknown. Those who want to hear you will find you for sure, it's better to leave such matters in the hands of fate as opposed to the... hands of marketing... I admit I have much more respect for musicians with your kind of mindset. Playing for profit has pretty much ruined modern music, since it forces you to basically adapt to the tastes of downies if you want to reach any "goal" tied to such a path. I actually didn't really realise the profit was so small. Makes what's happening with modern musicians all the more baffling. Selling your soul for less than 50k? Fr...? God damn.... I suppose most record labels were ran by... people with shady intentions and origins, to say the least. It's a shame, but what can you do... Surprised artists even put up with that but they basically had no choice. Aye, concert prep sounds like an utter nightmare - seeing as you're doing it out of love for the art, there truly is no point. Still, it'd be cool to someday listen to your stuff. I'm curious what will come out of the mind of someone as experienced as you are in such a variety of styles and whatnot. I don't really expect you to answer this, but do you mind spoiling any concepts you're working on at the moment? In terms of genre, feel, whatever...

Hah, that actually sounds a little like what my dad did during communism, except he'd make his own CDs by somehow tapping into nearby foreign stations in Eastern Europe (I think his faves were Bulgarian electronic music radios...). He had a similar business and was also a DJ as a result of it. Really cool that you managed to turn your gig into kind of a global thing, though! I am incredibly salty that I missed the times for such things... Born too late for CD business, born just in time for zogterprise. Sigh..... I guess the guys that kept using you as a marketing tool actually had some brains in their skulls! Not only is it incredibly cool to do but I imagine their popularity increased as a result of your doings. I wish there were more things like your CD doings around, that'd be so cool. Also... One man black metal band?? I can kind of see it but man it must've been hard as hell to even pull that off let alone sustain it. And... sigh. Of course scammers shut down such an interesting project. I suppose. You see this is why we should nuke the houses of anybody slimy enough to pull such utter shite. This is why I'm so violently against modernist cringe. It literally allows events like that to happen by spawning the most monstrously malefic bastards imaginable. I assume the plans will be abandoned forever, ey? Ah well, in another world I'm sure the dream is alive still!

In regards to the websited.... Fuark... Headbangin' rn.... Layout rapes, thank you for this. This sounds incredibly promising... I'll take your vague memory as a suggestion and start off with that one (the album cover mogs also).

I have, aye - although I haven't listened to them assuming my memory isn't failing me (my brain is a mess 80% of the time). It's still better than nothing, and at least you don't shun your culture like a retard (like some people.... coughdegcough). You may find yourself happier if you can ever be arsed with a deepdive into Portugese culture. Hell, it may even inspire some of your future musical adventures. Folk metal is cool but it suffers from a critical deficiency of "hell yeah".

Ironic indeed! My experiences have taught me that there's no such thing as a real coincidence... In regards to Madoka, I'm gonna be honest I'm seriously on the fence about the whole thing. The crowd it attracts stinks like a farm and my fiance says that visually it's amazing, but in everything else it lacks (I trust his opinion because he's cool and intelligent and has seen like a years worth of anime lmfao). I'll put it on my PTW since you're suggesting it though, because deep down I truly want to believe in the Magica of it all... Madoka shrine goes hard, you should let the world admire it once again (why does that framed image kind of resemble Orthodox iconography in style??).

Engraving is pretty cool, we need more psychotic catgirls immortalised in the world. I don't assume that you did it yourself, since it probably requires a laser machine that's bigger than your entire body... But then again for all I know you live in a tech mansion.

Gonna be honest I completely forgot Yu Yu Hakusho existed but I'm glad you've reminded me, it looks like great fun! Also... the mythology tag is making me quite curious. Might actually watch it soon... Interesting that you're comparing it to HxH like that, but honestly I can see it from even a glance. Kind of regret not watching this before HxH, but alas!

Weird that Wolf's Rain is split like that, but I do appreciate you telling me that (since I likely would have not watched the OVA otherwise). It's hard to tell whether or not Wolf's Rain is kind of like a werewolf type of deal or if it's something much more unexpected. Either way, the premise is quite beautiful imo... Maybe I should get on my plan to watch list more lol. Seriously, though... What kind of thief steals..... anime discs? And only some of them? How odd...

You see, I'm on the fence regarding the manga and the anime. The reason is because I'm quite intolerant of sexual content in general, and I know the anime has some but it's basically all covered up - ime, manga tends to be a lot more extreme in such themes, from sexual content to gore. If the anime truly sucks then I may have to either look more into the manga or simply give up. I seriously hope it doesn't suck, since "innocent to fucked up" used to be one of my favourite styles in media. I also saw a lot of people saying "cool premise, poor execution" about the manga also, so at this point it's just confusing!!

Haha, yes I am! It's pretty good! I actually wish I had more time to read it, but life keeps me rather busy these days. Tenma is hilarious I admit, but personally I like Kenji a little more. He's kind of like Tenma but with the added benefit of being a low-IQ pseudo-yakuza. I may or may not prefer him over Tenma also because I think Tenma's love interest is shite. I guess Ooji has its moments, and some scenes with them two can be funny, but Ooji is also incredibly punchable. He acts like an effeminate AI... That's a pretty nice wallpaper, actually! Did you post it anywhere or did you just make it for yourself?

Satoko blingee 4lyfe wtf... We need more higurashi blingees in the world, you've convinced me (it'd be funny to take one of the more extreme scenes from the show and blingeefy it).

velveteenvamp Yesterday, 6:12 AM
I thoroughly enjoyed Mirai Nikki! I finished it in just under 2 weeks which is extremely fast fpr me. I thought that the characters were great and I found the story very compelling, it kept surprising me and I was really pleased with the ending. I watched it dubbed and enjoyed it. I bought the blu ray, I'm sure I'll watch again soon! I also bought the manga that centres around Minene's backstory, she was absolutely my favourite character so I'm excited about reading that!
Kamikaze_404 Apr 19, 9:59 AM
Edit: The side of her I mean is her stronger side, the non-wimp one. The cross scene actually made me well up a little for her... I appreciate such strength in characters even if it's tragic as all hell, and am a little allergic to the "beaten dog" archetype in media lol. She's still a good character thanks to the fact that she's much more than that, so wahey! (I forgot to write this part I'm stupid)

Gonna be honest I don't quite know what to think of the mysteries yet. I kind of dislike what they did with Oyashiro-sama's curse, revealing it to be a pathogen or whatever... I understand what they were doing and technically a pathogen is kind of like a demonic force manifesting into reality materially but I wish they didn't Plague Inc. the concept. It would've been much cooler if the thing itself was an actual demon since much more could've been done with it and demons aren't just "oooo scary imp that exists independently" or w/e, but I guess I can't expect the creators of a gore anime to know much about demonology lulz. Other than that, the show was great. I have a sneaking suspicion one of the main families of the village released a pathogen into the wild themselves at some point in antiquity, although not necessarily for malicious reasons. There ARE demon-worshippers that legitimately think they're interacting with divinity, and it wouldn't be completely out of Higurashi's waters to pull a "demented priest tries to cleanse the earth with virus" or something. I expect to be very wrong in this but if it does happen then God bless Higurashi.

Well, Blame does also have it's own highschool-esque comedy spin-off, I'm not surprised something like Eva got something like what you sent me lol. Lowbrow humour of a certain kind has a special place in my heart, I'll def check it out.

I, too, go apeshit at lockers that won't open with my credit card. I wish I could blow up things with the power of my single hand also...

Jokes on you, I love death metal. I'm also into harsh noise, so not many genres can phase me anymore (I'm not deaf yet, surprisingly enough). Thank you for the songs, I'll check them out when I have enough spare time for it! I've actually seen them before on RateYourMusic, and I think one of their albums is already in my backlog... Coincidence? Who knows....

I recall you saying you were a musician a while ago in some thread, honestly impressive that you've had such experiences. Respect especially in regards to playing with celebrities, that must've not only been nerve-wracking but also difficult and rather demanding. Would you ever do any of that again, if given the chance? I think you should definitely try your hand out at making a proper album someday, whenever possible. It may not be the same as playing on live CDs, but still. It'd be interesting to check out, and I'd like to if you ever decide to post it here on MAL.

Damn, I've actually been looking for more Romanian music in that vein but so far I haven't made much progress in finding good stuff... If it's not too much trouble, could you shoot a link or two my way again? To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if your ancestors did do that. A lot of peoples before modernity made "discoveries" of that kind way before they were officially recognized by "the powers that be" (the west lol). I'm not very familiar with Portuguese culture at all but from the little I know, you've got a nice heritage behind you. Do you engage with your culture much?
DollzchanAi Apr 18, 1:23 AM
Do you collect Friends or do you cherrish EM?
Kamikaze_404 Apr 17, 12:18 AM
If you saw the state of my e-mail inbox you truly wouldn't be... some call me a demon for this.

Y'know my memory may be failing me but it's a shame that side of Satoko wasn't shown more. Didn't expect her to get tortured Jesus style and act like that though lol. I suppose under your circumstances it makes sense finding solace in these things. It's a true shame that you've gone through such things, though - but such is life, sometimes...
I've had this experience with media also although I admit not to the same degree. I'm a little jealous of the place you grew up, that sounds so lovely... I assume you don't live there anymore?

Ah, I see. Yeah that's exactly why I dislike the structure the anime has decided to go with from the first season... It's a wee bit charming for what it's worth, but it just created... this confusion lol. Oh well, I guess that's all the more reason to watch Higurashi! Thanks for the tip regarding Kai, I would've definitely missed those otherwise. Kind of excited to watch it now...

God bless, not only is it a cute little village but also a literal heritage site??? What a nice place (thank God Higurashi isn't real.......). Thank you for the link!

I suppose it is, aye... Yet, I still want to believe in better... Akagi indeed does make mahjong a brick-shitting experience. Never knew grandpa sports could be so #swag. I don't expect this to happen but it'd be funny if Akagi somehow taught people how to play mahjong. I'm going to be honest I can't really imagine that narrator's voice beyond a really funny British accent. I've heard of the comedy spin-off, and the only endearing thing I've been told about it is that there's a barbecue scene lmfao. I wonder how diehard you have to be to sit through all that for barbecue...

Funny that you mention it, Dragonball Z was also my first completed anime. TV used to be something else.... But I suppose you're a far bigger dragonball fan than I am, from the sounds of it! Although I'm gonna be honest I don't think the dub for DBZ would be... well, of acceptable quality lol. My husband actually remarked on this recently: the Japanese seem to have an understanding of theatrical performance that is far better than the understanding of it in the West currently - and I definitely agree with this. There's no other way to interpret 99% of english dubs being bad!

Never knew Nemo had an anime... Nemo shaped you into the anime fan you are today....

Never thought I'd ever see Smosh again. I got smoshed. Be honest with me though... Is it actually funny? There's many types of "so bad it's good", and 50% of those types get worn out after the first half hour...

If you think about tail too much, I kindly advise you to consider: amnesia.

I'm curious, what band is that? The pendant is rather cool, although the symbolism is a little all over the place but I think I get what they're trying to go for, assuming their research into the subject was properly done (e.g: they didn't appeal to modern-day Kemetics). Gonna be honest I've been kinda searching far and wide for a band like that, maybe my search will finally come to an end...
Kamikaze_404 Apr 16, 7:21 AM
Apologies for taking so long to respond, I don't look at notifications (currently there's 99 in my inbox...). Out of curiosity, what do you mean by "Satoko and I are alike in the best and worst ways"?.

I see, I'll definitely be watching Kai then. I'll admit, Higurashi is very weird for me. I quite like it, it's just... well, I haven't seen much like it before, I guess. The writing in it isn't stellar and the "multiple ending exploration" structure the anime seems to have adopted from the VN is quite clunky but at the same time I can't be mad at it... Not to mention, you were right. Crazy shit happened right after the episode I was on when you posted this. Some insane asylum stuff. It's cool and, surprisingly, it also managed to disturb me a little (this is rare with anime...).

The anime itself honestly just makes the VN seem even more endearing. Great advertising, I suppose! The second season of Kaiji was decent but imo they flopped a little, especially with that Pachinko arc... I understand Kaiji as a whole has Dragonball Syndrome but... really, brother...? Is the dub narrator funnier than the japanese narrator? I know the JP narrator used to narrate for wrestling matches or something like that, he's pretty good.

FriedVibes is funny. I don't know him nor do I interact with him, but he's got good humour!
velveteenvamp Apr 9, 10:46 AM
no, not at all! I'm just usually not super chatty on here because the app doesn't work and accessing the desktop on my phone makes it super small and hard to read

yes, I've noticed how impressive the soundtrack is! I'm really enjoying the show, it ticks all of the boxes for me <3

omg, speaking of Corpse Party, I've recently started playing it! I don't have a tonne of free time unfortunately but I've finished chapter 1 and I love it. I knew roughly what to expect from watching Tortured Souls, but actually being *in* it is something else. I'm impressed by how solid the writing is and how good the atmosphere is, especially for a pixel graphics game.
velveteenvamp Apr 9, 8:11 AM
I am! and I'm absolutely hooked! I had a feeling that it'd be my kind of show and so far, it's terrific <3
DreamWindow Apr 1, 2:53 PM
Cool. I'm down, will be a few minutes so I can get something to eat, but I'll message you when ready
DreamWindow Mar 27, 11:16 PM
sentenced to the box for staring

idk lol i just wanted an excuse to send that
DreamWindow Mar 27, 11:08 PM
DreamWindow Mar 27, 10:16 PM
Kamikaze_404 Mar 24, 5:39 PM
I must say that forum post is certainly.................... something. Lol. He seems to belong to the worst group of pseuds - that of midwits. More intelligent than the average person maybe (big, fat "maybe"), but certainly not by much at all (false confidence and cope certainly make up for it, though). Good as laughing stock but not much else...
Great taste, Higurashi so far is cool (I admit I'm a sucker for shows with that kind of charm too...). I'll take your word for it and pick up the pace then, very excited for it.
Rinenka Mar 19, 11:24 AM
Your satoko arts are amazing. You should draw her with Rika. She feels lonely.
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