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Days: 828.7
Mean Score: 3.67
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  • Episodes51,753
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Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu.
Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu.
23 minutes ago
Watching -/13 · Scored -
Junjou Romantica 3
Junjou Romantica 3
24 minutes ago
Watching -/12 · Scored -
Dear Boys
Dear Boys
26 minutes ago
Completed 26/26 · Scored 2
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Days: 584.1
Mean Score: 4.00
  • Total Entries1,124
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  • Chapters100,908
  • Volumes7,114
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Samurai Deeper Kyou
Samurai Deeper Kyou
8 minutes ago
Reading 40/308 · Scored 4
Kokoro Connect
Kokoro Connect
10 minutes ago
Plan to Read · Scored -
35 minutes ago
Reading 66/? · Scored 9


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donpax Yesterday, 10:27 AM
> Idk if that was intentionally a snarky comment

I tried to not shit too much on your taste because we're not so close yet ("close" lol), but I still left a bit of friendly snark in my comment :)

> If I simply liked teary drama, then I wouldn't have such a huge problem with To Your Eternity or Your Lie in April.

Yeah, my bad, for some reason I overlooked the fact that you've given many teary anime low scores.

> I enjoyed the coming-of-age development of the characters at the time

Hm, their development was mostly about accepting one-sided love and letting it go and eventually felling in love with another person, right? That's a good and relatable topic, but I'm not sure if it was executed that well, considering most of the conflicts were resolved by the catastrophe. I mean, literally, it didn't just affect the characters, it single-handedly took care of like the half, if not more, of the love parallelepiped.
J-Tea-Chugger Yesterday, 8:24 AM
tbh I think you said tbh too many times.

Jokes aside I will take you up on that offer.

It'll be interesting after watching Vivy I'm watching SSSS.Dyanzenon where I know the person behind both the highest positive review and the highest negative review. Looking forward to it.
J-Tea-Chugger Yesterday, 8:17 AM
Also it seems the transition from season 1 to 2 is quite the drop. Is it worth after season 1 just finishing or even if its bad is it still worth giving a go at-least?
J-Tea-Chugger Yesterday, 8:08 AM
I have not watched that, I'll be sure to keep that on my Radar once I've finished some other shows.

J-Tea-Chugger Yesterday, 7:21 AM
I'm finding the Fight Choreography in Vivy to be absolutely spectacular but the story isn't exactly the best.

Do you have any suggestions for shows that could be on par with that show's fight scenes as-well as potentially a good story?
ChinKyung-Min Yesterday, 6:49 AM
thank you~ (* ^ ᴗ ^)o
J-Tea-Chugger Jul 22, 4:08 PM
v Those Tears are a result of absolutely amazing storytelling, Violet Evergarden #1!! v
donpax Jul 22, 11:26 AM
Initially I was gonna ask: "How much Shiroi Suna no Aquatope is similar to (shitty) Nagi no Asu kara, because they look similar, but you gave Aquatope a 7". But it turns out you liked Nagi no Asu kara as well lol. How come? I guess you like teary dramatic works, considering that Violet Evergarden is #1 in your favorites?
Buzinga Jul 22, 8:33 AM
i'd say that hataraku Maou- sama is a good isekai tooo!!
KP_SENSEI Jul 21, 8:36 PM
Hey,What kind of a show is the legend of galactic heroes??
Arvanitis Jul 21, 4:30 AM
Same, tbh shows I really hate are my 1/10 ratings, but 2-3/10 might have interesting elements but not for me. And there are also these shows that try to be intellectual but aren't, lol.
Arvanitis Jul 20, 7:23 PM
Nevermind, we know better than them :D

I've just checked our Fate and Kara no Kyoukai ratings and it was interesting how similar they are, somehow. It also seems we have a kinda similar rating system and it's nice to see how you use all the numbers from 1-10 equally. Fun fact; our common anime mean scores are 4.4 and 4.4. Your future list updates will definitely be interesting, haha.
Arvanitis Jul 20, 7:09 PM
Hey there, thank you for your kind words and the request! I think due to some conveniences Link Click ended up being very overrated, so I had to share my thoughts. The OST is great though, lol. It was my first chinese anime and it was definitely not a good first impression, considering its mean score and all.

P.S. I love that Sakura pic! Best route, best girl.
HaXXspetten Jul 19, 10:52 PM
Yeah I've seen worse things since back then as well but I certainly remember getting pretty triggered watching that thing lol
__meyeri Jul 19, 7:57 PM
Yeah, especially Komugi! You can really see how she played such a big role in him becoming more 'human,' despite the influences of the other ants. Komugi taught him what it meant to love someone, and their relationship became so beautiful :'(