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Days: 1,719.1
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Sousou no Frieren: ●● no Mahou
Sousou no Frieren: ●● no Mahou
3 hours ago
Watching 4/? · Scored -
Ganbare Genki
Ganbare Genki
4 hours ago
On-Hold 5/35 · Scored 2
Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Season 3
Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Season 3
4 hours ago
Watching 9/13 · Scored 6
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Kouguu no Omega
Kouguu no Omega
2 hours ago
Completed 14/14 · Scored 1
Sekai de Ichiban Oppai ga Suki!
Sekai de Ichiban Oppai ga Suki!
2 hours ago
Completed 83/83 · Scored 1

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JeonLaura 8 hours ago
Hi, Thanks for accepting my friend request. Nice to meet you! ^ω^
Aramtheanimeman 12 hours ago
I accidentally miss clicked and forgot to check{thanks for reminding me tho}
Testarosa Nov 27, 10:32 PM
Thank you so much for accepting my friend request! I'm really glad we connected. Looking forward to getting to know you better and sharing interesting conversations!
Atmogenic Nov 26, 2:15 AM
animejas Nov 23, 6:25 PM
I still don't think its that good but I have been a bit more entertained than I expected watching this cour. Some stuff is dumb as hell and the story has a bunch of issues but I haven't been bored with this part besides a couple episodes. Looking at the other shows I had at a 2ish rating, I felt like DMDP for the time being at least is a little better. Not like its a dramatic increase.
Kollapse Nov 22, 2:26 PM
>but it often doesn’t even know what it wants to do.

And to me that's probably one of the worst things any show (anime or not) can do. I've actually loved countless dumb anime that appeal to the lowest common denominator...I mean look at my 8 and 9 ratings, I gave Prison School a 9 for god's sake lmao.

Because to me, at least these shows recognized their strengths and what they wanted to set out to do, and they played to them. Sure they might not amount to anything great, but they didn't try to bite off more than they could chew and I have to respect that. The fact that TYE is just jumping from genre to genre kind of sounds to me like they're trying to throw whatever they can against the wall and see what sticks. Like, I'll gladly take a very dumb but succinct and well-executed show over one that tries sticking its head far up its own ass trying to do everything and failing miserably at it.

>What comes after like revisiting places and finding things you never thought of previously as well as reminiscing and realizing the value of the times you spent back time that you had previously taken for granted.

That's more or less what I like about Frieren too, I really like how they've been able to knit together some of the little vignettes from Frieren's past into her present-day story. And each story we get from her past actually applies to the present day situation, so in a way we're getting to seamlessly learn about and understand two casts of characters at once. And also unlike TYE, the major themes ("fear of being forgotten to time", "appreciating events and people before they're gone") are sort of omnipresent but they never get overly preachy. And these days, I feel like few manga or anime achieve this sort of balance, so mad respect for Frieren for managing to do it!
Kollapse Nov 20, 11:47 PM
Came across your review for Fumetsu no Anata e and have to say that I very much agree with a lot of what you're saying.

Now I actually dropped this anime like two years ago because of how unbearably awful the melodrama got near the final third of the first season, but the reason I'm revisiting it now is because time and time again while I was watching Sousou no Frieren, I would have flashbacks to this anime in particular.

Because after all, the general premises are undoubtedly very similar. Yet, the existence of Frieren just highlights to me how bad Fumetsu no Anata e was. Where Fumetsu tries to pull at your heartstrings by making up artificial, high-fructose corn syrup characters with no value that get abandoned/killed within the timespan of an episode or two, Frieren actually takes the time to build up characters over time and use them to actually convey a point, instead of going for cheap emotional appeal.

Anyways to prevent this from becoming a mini-essay, wanted to just say I agree with your take. And based on your profile picture, glad to see you're enjoying Frieren as well!
Aegis_Inato Nov 19, 5:27 AM
mate... you have Mean Score: 2.11 Is it for the meme or for hate ? I hope the first...
Aegis_Inato Nov 19, 2:16 AM
Do you have standards for voting?
I only see the spam 1 of all anime, Is very sad for me :/
A-G-Shard Nov 18, 12:14 PM
Thanks for accepting my request. 😊
SunlitSonata Nov 18, 7:04 AM
Heya I know it’s been a bit since we’ve talked but for the record, if you’re interested in the Scott Pilgrim anime, I highly recommend not watching it unless you’ve at least seen the 2010 Edgar Wright movie, let alone read the original comic series.

It is absolutely worth understanding the general nature of how Scott Pilgrim plays out before watching the anime to see all the fun ways it plays around with the characters and dynamics for comedy and drama. Some of that stuff could feel disconnected without that sense of understanding and expectation for the characters in its ensemble.
ZechAnimanga Nov 15, 11:54 PM
No, I never bothered to check my letterboxd since I'm inactive. But I might do it now lol. Just followed you
Origen16 Nov 15, 9:35 PM
road to 1.0
Angroooo Nov 15, 4:44 PM
lol that comment was legit 3 years ago
ZechAnimanga Nov 15, 12:13 AM
I thought about watching it for ironic enjoyment. If it's that bad, I might watch it with a friend.
I see that you just finished Kentoushi. Just when you thought Chargeman Ken was atrocious but this is a new contender lol
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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