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Apr 28, 2018
(This is a prelim review, so I may or may not submit a new review after this series ends, or may end up just resubmitting this entirely.)

For the most part, anime series that showcase the realities of life are usually really solid or even great. Here, this is not the case at all. Over-the-top edginess DOES NOT equal good storywriting whatsoever, and series like Ousama Game and this series are near perfect examples of what NOT to do when making series with dark elements and plot points. Also, this series seems to lack a true sense of identity: it's as if this series hasn't made read more
Apr 13, 2018
One of the most hyped-up anime films in the recent years, Kimi No Na Wa tells a story about two completely different people: a boy from the city, and a girl from the countryside...both wanting to break out of the shell of their rather redundant lives. By the sheer chance of fate and a big help from the oh-so-supernatural essence of the cosmos, they go through a weird case of experiencing each other's livelihood....via body switching. From there, the drama and romance begins...

It took me a while to actually get myself to watch it a good while after the blu-ray and DVD versions came out, read more
Mar 28, 2018
There are five main types of anime series that I recognize:
-series that excite and appeal with their jam-packed action and jam-packed plot/conflict
-series that intend to make us laugh our rear ends off or cringe in pain
-series that are meant to be relaxing and fun while showing the characters’ social activities
-series that drag us through a complicated and sometimes exaggerated drama of romance
And finally:
-series that intent to take us on a roller coaster of feels with the intent to make us think deeper about life, learn important lessons, and/or watch a main character’s 180 degree development.
Some anime series may combine two or more of these read more
Mar 26, 2018
AHHH YES! A series about moe but loveable anime girls who desire to go camping, aka Girls Gone Camping (jk LOL)! Now, it doesn't seem so appealing at first, considering it's slice of life and mostly focuses on girls, with pretty much NO males in sight. But it's honestly a heartwarming, laid-back (no pun intended), and funny series to follow with characters you can actually relate to well from real-life experiences.
So I'll try to keep it as simple as possible while making my cases clear.

STORY: Honestly, it doesn't need a story structure like that from almost all action, mecha, shounen, and thriller series; that's not read more
Mar 26, 2018
We've had series about edgy card games where everything is on the line, mechas to save the planet, battles of magic and technology for the sake of domination or peace....and then, we get the lighthearted series where the japanese "chess" game known as shogi means everything in the world in this story. And yes, I know, it's lolicon bait, but honestly, that's not what's really important here. It's a shame that people are probably sleeping on this series, cause it's quite enjoyable in its own right.

STORY: It's a fairly good setting where shogi means everything like Duel Monsters are with all the yugioh series. I read more
Mar 26, 2018
I'll just say this: This series is for pure comedy and enjoyment, but right now it's really outdoing itself in terms of comedy and has such a charm that people really shouldn't find a reason to hate.
I'll keep this as brief as possible:

STORY: This series doesn't really have some sort of serious story or plot, but that's totally fine; this series' purpose is to present the everyday lives of two very good friends in middle school who play a one-sided game of trying to embarass the other, with Nishikata always getting the short end, which is always VERY funny. It's one great hell of a read more
Mar 24, 2018
There are certain anime series that get you wondering "what the actual frigging hell am I watching"...Pop Team Epic is an epitome of that kind of series. Even though it is meant to be a shitposting kind of series, shitposting doesn't actually mean good comedy (I'll go into a bit more detail about that in my review). It had me to the point where I was questioning even why this became an anime series in the first place. I'll be frank with this, even though I'm probably gonna anger some crazy fans: this thing is actually qualified as TRASH.
I'll try to be brief with this read more
Feb 15, 2018
To start off, I'll describe this anime series in four words: great plot, pathetic ending
Now before anyone gets mad at me, lemme try to state it the best I can while keeping it simple, cause why I legitimately enjoyed the series, I can't help but get irritated by a handful of the glaring flaws it had.

STORY: Even for such a generic setting and genre, this series actually did very well in its niche in terms of the plot, for the most part. The pacing is actually very good compared to the numerous other light novel adaptations, especially of the same genre of "magic / supernatural read more
Feb 1, 2018
Instead of your typical romance series, this story takes up on a little twist where a 17 year old high school girl falls head over heels for her 45 year old manager of her part-time job. I must say...this series is such a brilliant reprieve from your usual generic love stories, and it doesn't try forcing stuff, either. I will try to be a bit brief with the details while explaining the best I can.

STORY: An unfortunate accident for our main heroine turns out as a new opportunity in the most unlikely of situations. The story really shines due to the way of how unique read more
Jan 30, 2018
Before I start off, I highly advise to not listen to the reviews that complain about something as if they’re expecting lots of action and/or overloaded focus on the MC. Trust me, those are not very helpful if you’re one that actually likes other equally important aspects of a series that focus more on the settings, story, and even development of supporting characters.

There are mixed reactions of how the first Overlord season went: some were raving about how OPed Ainz is, as well as his servants/guardians, and watching him display such power all season...while others felt like it was the elephant in the room. So read more