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Maomao (猫猫)

Age: 17
Birth place: Rokushoukan
Hair color: Black (WN), Dark Green (LN)
Eye color: (Black (WN), Purple (LN)
Height: 153 cm (5'0")

Maomao became a maidservant to the Emperor's harem after being kidnapped and sold. She used to live with her father as a pharmacist in the red light district and is very knowledgeable about medicine and poisons but isn't very interested in other humans.

She is skinny and short, and her plain face is covered with freckles.

  • Herbal medicine: Having been taught by Ruomen, one of the best pharmacists in the country, Maomao is an excellent user and maker of herbs—so much so that she makes her own unique medicine, which she often tests on herself.
  • Poison resistance: Because she constantly experiments with poisons on her own body, Maomao has developed a mithridatic resistance against drugs and poisons. Whether afflicted by snake bite, aphrodisiac, alcohol, or hallucinogenic mushroom, her body is able to resist the effects, and she is able to consume the same alcohol content as multiple grown men combined.
  • Perception: Having been raised in the red light district, Maomao is very good at dealing with and manipulating others. Along with her experience and knowledge of herbs, she is able to deduce and solve problems more effectively than most. In spite of this, she does not consider herself intelligent by academic standards, as the only thing she can bring herself to study is medicine.
Maomao's name is derived from 猫 (māo), the Chinese word for cat. This reinforces the fact that she is often described as a cat or cat-like.

(Source: The Apothecary Diaries Wiki, edited)

Voice Actors
Yuuki, Aoi
Lo, Emi
Rault, Émilie
Patta, Gigi
Portuguese (BR)
González, Desireé