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Kakkou no Iinazuke
Kakkou no Iinazuke
4 hours ago
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Delicious Party♡Precure
Delicious Party♡Precure
5 hours ago
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Summertime Render
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Kubo-san wa Mob wo Yurusanai
Kubo-san wa Mob wo Yurusanai
3 hours ago
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Kyou no Yuiko-san
Kyou no Yuiko-san
3 hours ago
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Aharen-san wa Hakarenai
Aharen-san wa Hakarenai
3 hours ago
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RobertBobert 2 hours ago
Are French and Dutch roots already mixed in Belgium?
RobertBobert 2 hours ago
MAL is such a MAL. Does the first episode of the new Gundam make references to Utena? Does the show have two female leads? Half of the people (of course, many of whom create pages are less than 2-3 years old) have already called it "confirmed yuri". Classic.
Matt108 4 hours ago
yeah, I would recomend it to pretty much anyone. It is all I think about besides playing league.I am gonna post chapter 4 today i jusst need to make some changes my editor asked me for it. Did you read the other chapters already? Chapter 3 is my favorite
Soulsfear 5 hours ago
Boruto is going to be as long as Satoshi's journey I feel like that just might end with 2019 version.

It's mostly the dragged on things towards the end of 1st cour just to be finished in one episode in the following cour that was split and then 2nd half of cour was that guy that went through many powerups that in the end mere main female lead push off the collapsing cliff killed him for good (lol) since he was spiked through the sharp-spike shaped rooftop of one of the towers xD It definitely had hype moments and some of the spells were really great and the uncensored violence towards our males as well (while females..they had to be censored no matter how damaged or if they were naked since just remove nipples and the between legs h*le and you good to go lol).

I see..well,for me it's seen as well planned adaptation to let the recent Higurashi be forgotten even quicker since that's how the 8.6 score screams for itself.Not to mention this has more modern shounen demography targeted hence why it ''hits'' the people not to mention it's full adaptation of manga in only 2-cour which Banana Fish did as well but that obviously is roughly the same in score years later..we'll see how long the simping for STR continues.

I guess you chose that Berserk 2012 TV-edit version to might cover the whole trilogy in 13 episodes then if they don't add anything new footage wise despite someone saying it should have extra cuts.

Sora no Otoshimono..what else xD That sure got forgetable to you quick or the PTSD from it is cured at this point it means xD
But well,I'll definitely look for the next Overlord movie as a cashgrab if they cramming 2 volumes into it instead of giving it two movies.

With Kaguya I don't mind since it's normal for finished series of that genre gets movie instead.I mean the post-Ishigami Crisis stuff could be the 3rd final cashgrab movie and that's it.
3miL 5 hours ago

RobertBobert 8 hours ago
So you have Dutch roots? Or did your grandfather simply live outside the French region?
Matt108 Yesterday, 8:05 PM
lets just say its a long story lol. Read my tag for it. Tell me when you read it!
trig0 Yesterday, 3:24 PM
since you're reading it, is Boku no Kanojo wa Saikou desu good?
RobertBobert Yesterday, 12:57 PM
Do your relatives belong to the French part of the Belgian people? I heard that the Belgians are divided into people related to the Dutch and people related to the French.
RobertBobert Yesterday, 12:28 PM
And what kind of mentality and part of French culture does your city and region represent?
Joshhhp Yesterday, 10:34 AM
Ye the ending of S2 wasn't the best but they'll might keep the big performance for the next season, I'm glad that they announced after many years otherwise the story would definitely feel incomplete. I think what made the ending a little worth for me was the last interaction between the MC and her sister, that was one of my favorite moment in the series
RobertBobert Yesterday, 10:33 AM
Well, I know a lot of girls who think that nakama-power are super gay, etc. Apparently yuri fans watch female shows the same way.

I have the impression that Europe are more culturally diverse, as Europe is an easier target for migration than the US. Plus, EU globalistic propaganda. But you understand, I have not been to Europe and I can only judge this on the basis of the media.
Soulsfear Yesterday, 8:10 AM
Ye..who knows what they plan to develop for anime onlies since reading the manga only won't give you answers to some of the things that are touched upon but not as much as it might have been foreshadowed in anime in some way..
Not to to mention if Wano went for 150 chapters in 50 months then god knows how long people are gonna wait for timeskip in Boruto (lol).

Ye..the ONAs are pilling up xD And Bastard might be a pass for you unless you're up for ''6/10'' series that has no conlusion in horizont..unless the sequel would be anime original supervised by manga creator that didn't touch its work in over 12 years (lol). definitely has the simp effect for the similar badass cute looking lead (female this time compared to male lead Bojii) like in Ousama Ranking and so comes the similarities like 1st and 2nd cour being different and several of the episodes in total really having that movie like quality as well and then the happy ''like nothing happened'' ending as well like out of axed manga from 90s xD

With Eternal Boys (despite me not planning to watch) I think it might to do something with the show itself having 1-hour slot or something.

Well,if they really go SnO final movie route that the movie is going to be speedrun then gg.Hence why the franchise became dissed so quicky and droped in score hard for both S1 and S2 while 1st movie was great and the only thing that people cared about apparently that didn't watch the initial seaons at its prime when it was airing :S

But've got Kaguya-sama movie as a we need the remainder of Ishigami Crisis saga to get crammed into movie and then the stuff after for the 3rd and final movie as I can't see the staff giving it S4 after the projects that A-1 picked up and SAO Progressive being the movie series which means no ''EIGHTY-SIX'' sequels in horizont for the whole decade xD
RobertBobert Yesterday, 5:55 AM
People are simply not at all interested in the topic of friendship in any form, they only need to fantasize about the relationship of the characters.

Because it's part of the snowflake generation mentality. I don't know about French upbringing.
Matt108 Yesterday, 5:06 AM
whaat? no! its inspired by the 30 years war an legend of the galactic heroes. I hate 86. Anyway, you gonna read it?