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Undead Unluck
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Urusei Yatsura (2022) 2nd Season
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Oniichan wa Oshimai!
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blueraven1979 1 hour ago
My elbow isn't 100% but it's better than it was on Friday.
Sometime Saturday afternoon when I was stretching, I heard a pop and it started
feeling better after that. So it's slowly getting better. Still need to rest it more though.

Yeah there are definitely state differences and the biggest changes are among the regions.
I know from the internet that the northeast is faster paced and is more health oriented.
The Deep South is a lot slower paced, mostly conservative, and has more religious people.

Here in the Midwest there's a lot of hardworking people. The upper Midwest as a whole tends
to drink a lot more especially in the winter. Bars are open to 1 or 2 AM in the morning.
I know my state likes frozen pizza more than others. We have several kinds whereas most states
only have a few. The Milwaukee area where I am has a lot of frozen custard fast food places like Kopps
and Oscar's Frozen Custard. Kopps as a whole is more popular but I've always preferred Oscar's.

Kopps has relish in their hamburgers (which I consider disgusting. I've never liked relish.)
and their frozen custard is too rich. Oscar's custard is perfect in my eyes. Plus Oscar's has good
sloppy joes, mushroom Swiss burger, California burger (which is a hamburger with tomato and lettuce. It's even better with
ranch sauce and ketchup added to it), and I like that they have a different sandwich of the month every

There's differences in a state as well. For example most of Wisconsin is rural but Madison and
the Milwaukee area are different since both are bigger areas. Yoopers in the far north of the state
sound more like Canadians. Yoopers is short for upper peninsula. The upper peninsula of Michigan
which is attached to the state I live in Wisconsin also has the Yooper accent. So do parts of Minnesota.

I agree with you about wine. I've only had red wine a few times but I liked it. I've drank less than
ten times in my life since I turned 21. When I was in my early 20's when I was still in school, I learned
that wine has a lot of sugar in it and I prefer to get my sugar from desserts so that's why I don't drink.

You're welcome. I'm glad you liked the John Oliver videos. There's a few more I still plan on sending
you this weekend. Plan to send you more Dodo videos as well.
namicolors Yesterday, 1:43 PM
thanks!! 💞
TrainLucifer Yesterday, 1:01 PM
Thank you so much!
captjoe213 Yesterday, 11:52 AM
thanks! I appreciate it!
Drakath_V Yesterday, 8:01 AM
Hello! @Ashhk
I’m happy that you’ve accepted my friend request!
Nice to meet you!

darashicle Yesterday, 7:31 AM
Nekoberg Yesterday, 7:25 AM
Whoa thanks man you remember my birthday?!
Or you got notification or something?
Y'know even my real friends didn't remember my birthday. Well i don't blame them we got exams next week. Everyone got to do some preparation and stuff.
Oh forget it, how you doing?
blueraven1979 Yesterday, 7:13 AM
More Last Week Tonight videos.
The duck stamps video is one of my favorites.

In the second one I don't like the slander against Chex. It's a good cereal.

Last one for now.
RobertBobert Yesterday, 6:49 AM
By the way, about the topic of our conversation. Recently I saw the translation of the extra to the latest volume of Mieruko. And what do you think? Since the description of the yandere character's introduction included the word "attracted", a number of shippers not only declared this to be confirmation of romantic attraction (the text contained only the word attraction, without any clarification and the context hardly clarified this) or forgot that this page was posted in the volume before its ending, where the reason for yanderness was explicitly stated as "wants to have friends, but doesn't know how", but even tried to romanticize it and portray it as wholesome, although the character is clearly portrayed as an obsessive admirer. That is, people expect it so strongly that they are willing to make a series of logical errors one after another in order to turn the slightest possibility into what they need.
seulkennerz Yesterday, 4:36 AM
Ahh, competitive games like valorant, overwatch, rainbow 6 siege, COD, or dead by daylight? I’m the same way, if it’s a competitive game, I’ll just watch someone else play it. I know that with those types of games, I’d probably rage easily (ᯅ̈ ) It’s probably why I’m more interesting in story-based and indie games where I can make choices to change the story. Calming for my mind LOL. Other than replaying the mario games and playing the persona ones, do you play other games as well?

That’s what sucks about micro-transactions centered-games, especially when enjoying the game requires those exact types of purchases. I haven’t played any MMORPG games and I think the longevity factor of it is great, especially when most games have an end to them or ones that you need to wait for the story to progress.

It’s so cool to think that in the future we’ll find things about games that we never thought would be possible. Oo, thanks for the idea! Now I’ve got to look at 10 year old speedruns and compare them to now. Can you think of a game that has a lot of people still speedrunning it? Or one that you think has changed the most in terms of speed running now and 10 years ago?
Tohbuu Yesterday, 4:36 AM
Yes, definitely. I'm having some issues with a friend of mine or how I act with her at some point, I do get some jealousy here and there but everything is fine. 2 or 3 weeks ago I told her that I liked her. Even before the confession (I do so tell myself that it was) I liked her since we met like 2 or 3 months ago when we invited her to our Minecraft server. We always played until 4 am to grind the game and all that for almost 2 or 3 weeks of playing Minecraft together. Those moments were only short-lived it made me sad. Nowadays even interacting with her feels like I am forcing myself so much that it makes me crazy. I may have talked about this to my friends but they're not serious at all about my situation cause my friends and my crush are like close (close friends). Sorry for saying this out of the blue but I would like to see what is your perspective on what can I do, some friend of mine said that I should stop because I have no chance with her. I remember when I said my confession to her that it was my first time and it was her first time as well, she agreed to my confession, but as time went by, it was kinda of tiring to keep going on cause I felt weak to realize my intent when I confessed myself to her.

As of right now, I finished watching Black Rock Shooter and even started the game. My current anime I think will focus on finishing the last season anime's. Kinda missed watching again at this pace, to be honest.

Can't wait really for summer, cause I wanna take part in jobs so I can make money out of it, but I'm kinda lazy so I think imma have to discipline me self xD
Taioxn Yesterday, 3:57 AM
Thanks 🙏🏻 ... I forgot today is my birthday xd
missantihero Yesterday, 1:14 AM
Where are you going?
blueraven1979 Feb 23, 4:48 PM
Thought you might like this reaction to Lost in the Pond.
Lewis (the reactor) is a cool guy. He would fit in very well here in the US.
Also just so you know not everyone in the Midwest says pop.
My area says soda and so do parts of Michigan.

Anyway I've Canadians say pop as well so Midwesterners have a lot
in common with Canadians. Mostly those in the rural parts. I don't live
in a rural part of the state but we do have cheese curds here and so do Canadians.

Also here's a Last Week Tonight video. I love his web exclusives.

strawbunnymonstr Feb 23, 4:33 PM
Thank you so much! <3
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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