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Katarina to Manabou
Katarina to Manabou
Today, 2:40 AM
Completed 9/9 · Scored -
Luo Xiao Hei Zhan Ji (Movie)
Luo Xiao Hei Zhan Ji (Movie)
Yesterday, 4:07 PM
Watching -/1 · Scored -
Monster Musume no Oishasan
Monster Musume no Oishasan
Aug 3, 2:56 PM
Watching 4/? · Scored 3
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SpeedRoidGenm Aug 1, 11:25 PM
SpeedRoidGenm Jul 21, 3:10 AM
Thanks man! <3
VampireXxBrianna Jul 20, 4:47 AM
I agree. and sadly the job didn't happen 😔
SpeedRoidGenm Jul 15, 4:35 AM
Same here.

I'm turning 24 in about 7 months and need some time off here cause i got exams again~
SpeedRoidGenm Jul 8, 2:33 AM
how are you bro?

just tired and bored XD
kaitonic Jul 6, 11:37 PM
Oh okay.
SpeedRoidGenm Jul 1, 12:00 PM
Thanks man.

Heck a 5d's sequel is still better than modern anime tbh.
kaitonic Jul 1, 8:57 AM
Well season 2 going to be great if they adapt it right. The next arc Rimuru will killed 100000 people to become a demon lord..
SpeedRoidGenm Jun 28, 11:43 AM
1. Yup, but temporerality, atm at courses for diploma

2. The Simpsons where the shit in the 90s and gave zero fucks

3. Despite 5D's has production prodlems, it still better than the latter seasons and the previous

4. Drop those, because too much work and decide to start my future clean~
SpeedRoidGenm Jun 28, 4:35 AM
Hang On I'm gonna replay to this in a minute.
kaitonic Jun 25, 1:47 AM
Oh Rimuru is not the most powerful. There are a few characters that are stronger than him like Veldora and Milim.
SpeedRoidGenm Jun 17, 1:07 AM
It also didn’t help that ARC-V’s main series writer was incompetent and he was just like a an assistant writer that provides scripts from the other writers and when he writes something it comes out from what the director and other writers wanting to say or do...

Maybe not wanted, but it was Dark and usually what I imagine when I hear 'Adult'. The head writer wrote the most depressing, miserable, war-laiden series possible, with infalliable corrupt police, a cult like army, the main character is broken worse than Shinji Ikari, and we see a man beaten to death with pipes on screen. That's pretty 'adult'. VRAINS is a good runner up for technically pretty damn adult. No nevermind every time YGO tries to go more serious/dark, it gets slapped by Japanese TV Standard & Practices and angry parents, because it airs in a children friendly time slot and currently airs after Boruto.

The Yugioh Arc-V ending wasn't accurate. The episodes should conutine little more. I think the story should be detailed little more.

* The episodes should show Yuya vs Yusho.
* Zarc is alive in baby Layra. What happened to Ray? Writer should add a story of her.

Again, its like a Precure, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider with out giving us much more info dumps.

SpeedRoidGenm Jun 17, 1:04 AM
On what was wrong with the production, since you asked, bro:

• Katsumi Ono, the Director, is kinda well known for "It sounded like a good idea at the time" (see 5D's and Symphogear).

• Zaapa Go, the writer probably most committed to Yuzu and Masumi being good (a known porn comics and novel writer) left after the Masumi vs Yuzu rematch, likely due to creative differences.

• Kamishiro Tsutomu, the Head Writer, had never run a show that was his own original ideas, all his work prior was existing novels and comics and video games. He likely got ARC-V for his work adapting the wildly successful second TV adaptation of Hunter x Hunter. Kinda like Shouji Yonemura and Maekawa from Toei all over.Also either by incompetence or malice, he kept trampling on decisions by his fellow staff that were more normal YGO, for more 'edgy' decisions.

(See Sergey falling nobly to his death by one writer, follow up episode had Tsutomu write he gets beaten to death with pipes, lmao)

• General production issues w/ anime. Since deleted tweets by animators claim scripts and storyboards were consistently late by the end that they were drawing without any idea of what they were doing or were forced to scrap days of work.

On top of aging and understaffed studio.

But yeah it was a huge mess.

Near as I can tell the Producers tried to hire The Ultimate Super Team to make the ultimate anniversary show, except instead of making good content, they amplified each other's worst traits, lmao.

SpeedRoidGenm Jun 11, 11:25 PM

This video explaine why i am not part of any mainstream media other than FOX's Simpsons~
SpeedRoidGenm Jun 11, 10:40 PM
Take your time bro~