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Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou
Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou
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Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden
Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden
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Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
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Star Strings yori
Star Strings yori
Nov 21, 1:10 PM
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Five Star Stories
Sep 30, 5:45 PM
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Mujina into the Deep
Sep 29, 10:02 PM
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ChouunShiryuu 5 hours ago
It eases a bit in the coming eps but it's just as bad. The serious edginess is kinda there but they have a genre shift next ep onwards, it's more comedy-ish XD It has one decent ep with anal toys and dragons, i guess, no spoilers though.

I dislike the everybody put your hands up parts XD the charas look autistic in the normal show as well, the music just makes them that much worse to still be annoyed with them above and beyond the show haha
SgtArchDornan Yesterday, 7:26 PM
Cheers mate
SgtArchDornan Yesterday, 7:23 PM
Could you resend it I forgot to change my setting to allow club invites
SgtArchDornan Yesterday, 6:00 PM
Oh yeah sure I would love an invite
Ichijo_HikaruHDD Yesterday, 5:37 PM
Nice, let's do it in the future

Yeah, the movie felt a bit like that. I remember the joke coming out of nowhere too. It's not like that scene near the end of Satantango where the two characters are trying to rewrite the letter full of curse words just for proper bourocracy, which was already building on the themes of the mismanagement of attention to the town or between the people. You can watch Elephant Sitting Still in YT with english subs by the way if you are interested

I reached the second opening of One Piece. You weren't lying when you said Oda was inspired by Treasure Island, but what I didn't know was that the animators for the opening where inspired by the Treasure Island anime XD



By the way, what a disappointment for a second opening, it's mostly clipshows. The first one was almost always doing background animation and crazy camera movements
MonkeyDnatsu Yesterday, 3:04 PM
Yea the famous bath episode lol

yea most likely it will be a task of making a potion, fighting monsters or finding your way out of a labyrinth kinda exam. But they most likely going to measure mana levels and strength of magic blasts etc
MonkeyDnatsu Yesterday, 2:31 PM
Yea it could be that there was no build up but maybe her party members rubbed off on her actually, that would make sense.

Yes more jokes, tournament arcs and battle shounen fight scenes.

What;s next? Maybe a bath scene next lmaoooo. Nah that will definitely be out of place for the theme of the show so far.

Yea that cloud scene was funny haha
Kraanerg Yesterday, 2:15 PM
I'll ask them about it. I also don't hear from them since I returned from the event where I found someone to edit the book and told them, beginning of this month I guess.

Both things, he will send words and said he can also make something based on my music. He wrote some very avant-garde science fiction and did excelent records, kinda like The Fall, he wrote lyrics and the performance, music was made by some backing band following instrunctions or not. But I really love big part of the music, love the atmosphere in this one and his second record also have some electronic experiment and weird shit.

Yeah, Wirtschaftswunder!

I know, me too, I'm probably reccomending Mami Chan for the fourth time haha.. but I feel bad for her, I feel like she was underrated.

No, haven't watch Mahoromatic. I'm having a laugh so easy with anime synopsis lately. I mean, the basic cliche ones are already super nonsense if you put them beside any western shonen-equivalent thing.
MonkeyDnatsu Yesterday, 2:14 PM
MonkeyDnatsu Yesterday, 2:07 PM
Actually Frieren behaving like that is out of character, from episode 1-9 she is stoic and then all of a sudden she starts making sexual jokes and stuff lol. It's probbaly just for comedy relief.

It would make more sense if Fern behaved exactly like Frieren because she is her teacher and mother who spent over 9 years with each her. But then this brings up the whole timeskip thing again lol, we dont know if Fern interacted much with Frieren at all but as far as we're concerned, Fern was a bit different as a child but turned out exactly like Frieren personality wise.

I think Fern and Stark's interactions were somewhat funny and it's nothing crazy like silly faces, over reacting or chibi characters.

Frieren and Fern's interactions with those jokes are not that funny because it feels like they are just trying to "insert jokes" here but the bed scene with Frieren waking up late is in character I think. The other scene that was kinda funny was the elf exercising in the cabin and Frieren walked him calling him a pervert lol
SgtArchDornan Yesterday, 1:48 PM
Where did you read the rest of nekojiru udon?
Kraanerg Yesterday, 1:20 PM
"Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden"
Lol.. for some reason I can't wait to read your review for that XD
Kraanerg Yesterday, 1:18 PM
OK, I'm sending the version I have here to the guy who'll edit it just for him to take a look and know what kind of material he will be working with. I'll contact Lorenzo this weekend, I'll be free for doing it. Another busy month but I'm finally finishing all tasks and goals for the year, except for Manga Zombie that got delayed for good, quality reasons. I also played live in Rio with some classic avant-garde composer/writer here, and met one of my favorite brazilian writers, which I'll probably write some music for his new adapted stories into poetry. Released three albums in a row and just about to finally release that one with ex-Kraftwerk/Neu! member. I barely heard music some of these weeks. But I'm catching up with your new links now, that neue deutsche welle group you sent first, I never heard of and is solid crazy stuff! Thanks for that.

Since you're sending toy/children music, ever heard of Mami Chan? She was a dear friend, I used to trade letters with her, I have some here and also CDs.. she passed away years ago. Her music is in between Picky Picnic and that other side project of one of the members, actually more childish, that you even sent me briefly ago and I always forget its name.
Check this record!
This one is also pretty good

I guess she was part of Dragibus once, which is another toy music group with some punk tendencies if I reccal correctly, but also good.
Ichijo_HikaruHDD Yesterday, 12:15 PM
The shootist is a nice one. It doesn't aim for the ambitions of Unforgiven but it also doesn't throw all its themes away at the last second. Don Siegel is the director and he was Eastwood's "teacher" of sorts, he was inspired by him to direct his own movies so all came round to it. Say, when I go live alone would you like to stream watch that one sometime? I don't know a good computer program to do synchronized streaming with other people, maybe Discord works for that but I used it for two seconds before

Hu Bo did only that one movie then commited suicide. It's an interesting one with its characters, though I feel he hadn't quite grasped how to portray the theme of growing lack of humanity with the mastery of Tarr. It's extremely unrelenting in its cynic nature while Tarr would throw out a couple of comedic moments in there to remind you it's a satire after everything, and the movie becomes very optimistic at the last thirty minutes (out of 4 hours) which felt a bit forced when I watched it. The way it uses music can feel a lot like an amateur indie project at times, which is why it's such a shame he wasn't able to direct anything after this
Ichijo_HikaruHDD Yesterday, 10:01 AM
Bela Tarr said Turin Horse would be his last one, and after his successor, Hu Bo, killed himself after making An Elephant Sitting Still, I think he may have even less of an incentive to make another movie :(

Honkytonk Man and Perfect World are my favourite from him, though Bridges of Madison is up there. I give Unforgiven the same score as you do (the scene where the sheriff talks about the bandit with two "pistols" is a classic, I'm sure you remember it XD) but the ending left me a bit confused as to what Eastwood was trying to say. You spent the whole movie portraying your character as a now pacifist and how he never resorts to violence because of his marriage then you make a classic satisfactory revenge shooting to make the viewer feel catharsis, instead of either a) portray the final shootout as a tragic reminder his lack of violence resulted in his friend's death or b) have Eastwood follow pacifism until the end then deconstruct and analyze the ideals his wife had implanted on him. I prefer The Shootist with John Wayne as an actor's final goodbye to western than Unforgiven
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