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Spy x Family
May 16, 5:04 AM
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Shiguang Dailiren
Shiguang Dailiren
Apr 2, 11:19 PM
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Batman: Gotham Knight
Batman: Gotham Knight
Apr 2, 7:44 AM
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Shitsuren Junkie
Shitsuren Junkie
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Sensei, Ijiwaru shinaide Kudasai
Sensei, Ijiwaru shinaide Kudasai
11 hours ago
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Hajimete dakedo Camera no Mae de
Hajimete dakedo Camera no Mae de
11 hours ago
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149597871 Yesterday, 6:26 AM

If you say so. (Sheesh!)
windyscar May 26, 3:07 AM have you watched this? Is it good?
Shino May 24, 11:55 PM
I guess even when the world started to care and talk about 'gender equality' over the recent years, there are simply too much things that can't be entirely 'equal' in this issue. Most of the time, I still find it rare for women in certain countries to speak up for their own rights especially when they are experiencing domestic abuses from their family. /sighs/ As someone who grow up seeing my parents quarreling and even broke stuffs when I was little, I believe that some men behave like trash BECAUSE their spouse accepted the fact that they are one while choose to tolerate with it - Even when they are being totally unreasonable. Which is technically why I left my hometown and start living at another town because I couldn't stand how the atmosphere in my home was
149597871 May 23, 7:10 PM
Hell, Yeah! Do you have any better ideas?

As long as you don't stay under the sun for too long between 11 and 4 (also, apply sunscreen), and have enough drinks, the beach is probably the place to be. Like... duh... are you sure you are not the alien here (or robot, whatever).
-YaoiBoy- May 23, 9:23 AM
And it's not like it happens only in big and strategically important cities, it's just a general tactic. Well, my friend keeps insisting that "in all wars cities were defended like that", which contradicts the information I have, but I honestly have no mental strength left to check for facts or ever care at this point :)
Anything could happen, but I hope that, at least, it won't get any worse and will simply continue to maintain the current level of horrible, if not get better.

Pretty much everything :) I only need to rewatch the original Pokemon, at least partially, fully complete Candy Candy and re-read Death Note manga (not exactly old or childhood, but I swear that I remember reading it before, so I'll just do it again, for accuracy). If you were interested in something in particular, I think it all should still be visible in recent updates :)
windyscar May 23, 7:39 AM
Wanda's confusion ends with wandavision lol. She gets a massive upgrade in the movie which nobody expects.
>potential new Captain Marvel - Is she really gonna get replaced by someone else as capt marvel? That sucks. We will get more info on that when ms marvel drops, thats in june.
>capt. marvel's mom? I totally forgot what happened to her in the movie. In the comics: She was from an alien race and as per these analysis videos i see she didnt die
>The villainess was underwhelming - I felt that too about Agatha. She was defeated way too easily. But there is more to her story. We are going to get a full series just for agatha. There has to be some good reason for her actions, she literally led wanda to her scarlet witch powers and of course the darkhold.
Have you watched moon knight? It's the official introduction of the anti-hero moon knight to mcu. It isnt connected to any other mcu characters afaik. But it is a great show.
Mayhem_666 May 23, 5:05 AM
Yeah, I do watch them from time to time.
149597871 May 22, 1:03 AM
It is usually somewhere between 30 and 35 during the summer. Rarely, there are days when it can get a few degrees hotter than that. And well, pools and beaches are some of the best places outside one's home (assuming you have air conditioning in your home, of course) where you can be during those days. Like, if it's too hot, you can just jump into the water. Sunburn is always a problem, though.

>I like a peaceful like and it's peaceful here.

Yeah, I was just joking. I know it probably won't happen even in a million years.

Hmm, that arm on the image looks a bit weird. It's definitely not mine.

PaladinAlchemist May 20, 11:36 PM
Yeah, it's only a strong "bond" right now in Vanitas. Though, I swear Vanitas' female love interest is waving more death flags than already dead characters, so only time will tell. It's the same mangaka as Pandora Hearts, which teased heavy at first, then it turns into an OT3 with no romance between anyone. It's hard to say where Vanitas no Carte will go. I'm just hoping for at least one unbelievably hot blood drinking scene between the two - for magical power reasons it hasn't happened, but it's getting set up at least.

I haven't watched The Cast Files of Jeweler Richard. I think I watched the commercial, and got too much second-hand embarrassment from it. I don't know why, it's usually ones chuck full of a specific kind of looking anime pretty boy. But I get it really bad with some anime, and it makes it hard to enjoy watching it. It's why my list is nearly void of anime based on Otome game or idol anime.

I've noticed anime always tend to tone stuff down, whether it's violence or sexual stuff. So it's not surprising they toned down the stuff in the Jeweler one. They toned some stuff way down violence wise in Vanitas, and Golden Kamuy just skips some arcs because anime won't touch some of the content. They also took one arc and pushed it to an OVA despite bing pretty important to the overall story. It looked like there were gangster wars happening, but it turns out the two weren't political rivals, spys, etc . . . but gay lovers having a spat. It was set up perfect (esp because they weren't pretty boys at all, but older, kinda goofy and rough looking guys you'd NEVER expect anime/manga to take down that route), but ofc anime has to skip any LGBTQ+ content because reasons.
Mayhem_666 May 18, 1:40 PM
I think I came across this anime, but didn't add it cuz it had too many episodes.
Mayhem_666 May 18, 1:39 PM
Wow, the song is so beautiful, especially the piano part.
Mayhem_666 May 18, 1:38 PM
I think that I found it on a dance YT video and when I searched for it on Spotify, I found the original version (the one with lyrics) cuz the one in the YT video was a remix.
-YaoiBoy- May 18, 6:50 AM
Well, a lot of the big cities closer to warzones are targeted, of course, like mine, but no one asked our military to hide inside those cities and endanger civilians, it's a terrorist tactic. They shoot from inside the cities and sometimes are getting shot back at. Some people can justify it however they want, but I never asked to be a living shield. It's only logical that under these circumstances there are civilian casualties and damaged buildings, not to mention that both sides can make mistakes, which lead to unintended civilian casualties + intentional provocations are also a thing. As for people, well, I hope most of them will come to their senses later, but I don't see any prerequisites for widespread revolts, regardless of the circumstances. Not under the current massive propaganda at work, which can present anything as a good development :) but who knows, maybe I'm being too pessimistic, we'll see.

It depends entirely on the region, as I've mentioned :) in the western regions, aside from an occasional air raid siren, it's not that much different from your everyday life. But why only the last few weeks? I think these region have been witnessing a steady increase in population since February.
149597871 May 18, 3:40 AM
Hmm, well.. first, it's far from the beach, second, the transportation is inconvenient. Also, my neighbors are idiots, and the only grocery store got closed. But most importantly, I'm just tired of living here, I guess. I need something fresh. Like, a change of pace.

Anyway, how's all the freedom now that you are living on your own? Any revenge partying? I mean, I still remember my first year alone. Like, damn, if I was living with my parents for like the past decade, I would've turned that new place into a den of debauchery by now. Okay, okay, different culture and all. I get it. Not even clothes scattered on the floor, though?

>Such a.... human thing to say 😂
Eh? What you even mean by that?
Shino May 17, 1:10 AM