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A Kite
A Kite
Dec 1, 8:01 AM
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Bible Black
Dec 1, 6:53 AM
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Time Gram
Time Gram
Nov 24, 5:35 PM
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Spiritual Police
Spiritual Police
Nov 8, 7:00 PM
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Super Seme-sama to Toki wo Kakeru Ore
Super Seme-sama to Toki wo Kakeru Ore
Nov 8, 6:55 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 8
Nov 8, 7:11 AM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 8

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Huskkay Yesterday, 12:31 PM
I had to google Enya because I drew a blank on that name. "Only Time" was the first search result and I immediately recognized the music. Gladiator is a pretty good movie, but not on a must-see level in my opinion. Over the top can be quite entertaining, but yeah, it depends on what you expect and what you are in the mood for. Given, it has been some time since I saw Gladiator, so I might be looking through nostalgia-tainted glasses.

Mhm, mhm, so you saw 300 while you were in college. On a completely unrelated note, when did the first BL book "accidentally" end up in your shopping cart?

TheBigGuy Dec 5, 2:45 PM
No, it's not. It's an outdated cliche.
ChouunShiryuu Dec 5, 10:19 AM
It's lacking more in manhwas like i couldnt find Wǒ Shì Fèi Chái here recently, but i guess the manga database is much more okay relatively. I just don't use it since it's manual tracking and im kind of a new MAL adopter. joined like an year ago and already used tachi (before mangarock, and even before pocketmanga/quickmanga, mangafox [orig] etc)
LauJoestar Dec 5, 10:09 AM
- It's 56 chapters+
It would be very rare of me to pick it up

and why don't you try reading something that's a little long? You will miss out on pretty nice stories if you only go for the short ones every time

That's what I would like, to look for a job. I did secondary school and high school but I want to try next year to do a higher degree in audiovisuals, I would love to dedicate myself to something that has to do with that. But it wouldn't be bad to find some part-time work in the meantime
What do you do? are you still studying? you work?
lindapearl Dec 5, 7:02 AM
I don't play any instruments. It was never something I was good at or interested in. In elementary I played the recorder since it was mandatory. I was more into doing art like drawing or painting than music but lost interest over time. Plus my parents didn't want me to waste my time drawing instead of studying. I recently started painting again and making clay figurines with my sister.
Hekshi Dec 4, 9:54 PM
im more surprised u like mandarin considering ure not very fond of thai or cantonese lol

oh u know whats popular in Pakistan as well?? and yep i checked the movie (only the first 20-30 mins tho^^;) and it was super fun :3 hopefully i get to finish it later
MonkeyDnatsu Dec 4, 7:52 AM
Yes it's the same thing but different parts of the world prepares it differently. Like even in Trinidad you can make pelau differently depending on the person.

Mac and Cheese is very common in the States. But Macaroni Pie is something that we got from the British when they came. A lot of people in Trinidad also make it differently from each other too.

Yes Centrist is the term.

Our politicians are a different breed lmaooo. Here is an example let's say the opposition party opposes something that the ruling party proposes. When it's time for next elections, the opposition might win elections this time and propose the same thing that they opposed years ago only for it to be rejected by the current opposition who was once the ruling party lol.

Besides the lying aspect of it, politicians have our entire country spinning in a circle for years upon years. And it wont get any better because politicians use race and religion to gain votes since in our country there are primarily two parties. One is predominantly Indians that are mostly Hindus and the other is predominantly mixed race but used to be predominantly Africans that comes from a variety of religious backgrounds.

So here is what they did, the Hindu leader decided to take Africans into the party to remove the bad stigma but that didn't really work out because the most of the Africans either left on their own after some time or were fired.

And also the African leader decided to take in people from different races and religions to remove the bad stigma but that also didn't work out because he tried to diversity his cabinet by mostly appointing people in ministerial positions from the 1%.

*1% is a term we use in Trinidad to describe the top 1% of family earners, usually its families with foreign blood such as Chinese, Arabic or white. A more recent meaning would be people who are rich usually upper-class families or millionaires.

The problem with Trinidad and Tobago is that Africans vote for the African leader while Indians vote for the Indian leader. And usually races in Trinidad and Tobago are all usually concentrated around one area so it's make it very easy for parties to win certain seats.

Just a quick run down of how politics work in my country, that's why I mention that the whole Left and Right thing isn't really practical here lol. Because it dosnt matter what people do or say because their votes are guaranteed.

I don't really care who belongs to what movement but my issue is that if you are promoting a particular movement then you should keep that to yourself and your peers, don't go around shoving that down everyone else's throats.

LGBT+ should also stay far away from kids, let them make their own decision when they are mature enough to do so.

I also think people should be evaluated mentally before even considering body altering surgeries.

And yes parents should be the ones talking to their kids about things like sex or any other sensitive topics related to it.

People just need to make better judgement and have common sense when voting. A lot of people think Islam and Muslims are the same lmaoo
ChouunShiryuu Dec 4, 5:21 AM
non non~ i track em in tachiyomi ᕙ(⪧ ͜つ.⪦)ᕗ much better that way. You need only the ones you're writing a review of in your list as a precondition to writing them. mal rules.
Shino Dec 4, 12:10 AM
Tbh, I hardly have time during daytime - However, I would always end up reading whenever I have difficulties in sleeping at night. Though I have been really busy since last week since my house's renovation is nearly done and it requires some detailed checking and touch up before they even handover the unit to me. I have sent some pictures of my new apartment to you on Discord, as promised.
DoisacChopper Dec 3, 10:15 PM
has to be both. I think my main attraction is to cute things and little anime girls happen to be the cutest thing ever created. Pair that with Japanese voice acting, which I absolutely adore and you get the perfect waifus and even husbandos...
There's height gap which I like (for girls smaller and bigger than me) and the age gap, you could add individually to a loli if they're blood related like a little sister is really attractive or a lolibaba mother/aunt which I love seeing in doujinshi.

They have the potential to have purity factor being innocent little virgins to defile as well I'd also love if they had gap moe and decided to dominate/ sexually advance against me aggressively potentially like those loli succubi will tend to do.
I think it'd be real nice to be able to pick them up, carry them around give them piggy back rides or have them hanging in the air while doing other things hmm
I'm sure it'd also be nice for someone like Senko to pat my head and tell me everything is alright, bathe together have meals and be pampered/pamper them in other cases
There's so much to fixate on really I just love em like I love other types of gals but it depends more on the character individually than weather or not they're a loli since there's many ways I'd love to love any given trait like my traps and futanari girls, lolis shota they all have their own merits not all the same
Kempiniukas_Esu Dec 3, 1:49 AM
So weeding are done? how was it? did ya like it? tell me everything about it , what ya wear what color and etc , tell me everrrythingggg in details ,

- our weedings europe mostly we meet up at the church ( mostly only big family member meet in there or people who can't meet in the evening ) if you not like big family only like good friends or something like that we meet up only after the church at evening , after the church they going do photos visit many places , and evening everything started 5-6pm everyone going to like big rented place and celebrate it , have big weeding organization person who tell us what to do like playing games until like 1am and then cut a cake , and the end he leave and we have music to dance yourself , so everyone already drunk like monkeys and trying to dance until 6am xD ( forget to mention couple uncles already in alcohol coma sleeping on the tables and couple of them super drunk trying impress everyone with not funny jokes ) thats your europe weedings :D

- i am normal for now , weekend lazy cold so was at home , and not rly my life still in a mess so until its get better idk i hope next years , still waiting worst part , that part didnt come still , so ye , time only will show :D
Huskkay Dec 2, 10:06 AM
That's the movie I am talking about:

It won five Academy Awards but unfortunately has no BL in it, so you are not missing out on anything.
Hekshi Dec 1, 10:44 PM
“Do you have preferences towards which languages you like more than others? Phonetically speaking.”
hmmm phonetically i like how tonal languages sound in general (mandrin, cantonese, vietnamese etc). whenever i hear ppl speak it feels like theyre singing its quite nice. oh and italian lol what about u?

“Not in Hindi, tho?”
in hindi as well. and english, japanese, turkish, russian, french, spanish, korean, mandrin, thai, taiwanese (the movie u recommended to me recently lol) and german. i just realized i havent seen a single movie in a scandinavian language before 🤔
lindapearl Dec 1, 4:56 PM
The kalimba piece sounds nice. It looks easy to play but it’s probably not.

Do you okay any musical instruments?
LauJoestar Dec 1, 3:16 PM
I already realize that the vast majority of things you read are BL xD in fact I think you are the person who has read the most BL that I have ever met, it is impressive, totally the goddess of BL

I personally like to read romance manga, although not completely xD I like romance but the following happens to me. I love romances when the couple takes a long time to become a couple, that they interact and do things but that they are not a couple until the end at least. Because if they become a couple so quickly I get bored, that's why the vast majority of romance mangas bore me. But in the BL I can tolerate it more

Btw, the other day I read the manwha of The Pizza Delivery Man and the Golden Palace, have you read that manwha?
I really liked the couple and it surprised me

And as for university, no, I'm not going. I finished my high school studies and then I took a higher degree which didn't go too well the 2nd year, so no, I never went to university.
you go?
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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