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Sasaki to Miyano: Koi ni Kizuku Mae no Chotto Shita Hanashi.
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Lovers' Kiss
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Hazbyn Sep 23, 4:48 PM
Don´t worry about it.

Hahaha, I have never heard of that song in my life. Although, I think several songs are actually weird or repeat their lyrics until the end; for instance, Pa Panamericano and Around the world from Daft Punk.

Nope, it was the real deal. It somehow makes it hard to take him seriously. I think I mentioned it before, but Yamato´s voice actor from Digimon also sounds weird, it's like hearing an adult instead of a kid.
I know Kyou Kara Maou but haven´t watched it completely. Honestly, I just watched some episodes expecting Yuuri and Wolfram's relationship development. What was the name of the character you are talking about?
At first, she appeared in her Gothic Lolita outfit just being a sadistic terrorist wanting to kill Yukiteru. Several episodes later, during a moment of angriness, she started to fight him and then decided to sacrifice herself to help him reach the eleventh diary holder.

We were talking with a friend about how Alyson Stoner could not use her abilities properly. She was a dancer, so making her do that piano scene in the first movie was a waste of her talents as a dancer.
Demi Lovato has a weird mentality. Honestly, after reading that she did not consider Selena Gomez a friend after Selena was there in several hard times, I came to dislike her.
Back in the day, I disliked it, I always wanted to have straight hair.
You will not regret it. Ashita, Kimi no Mono ni Shite can give you an overload of sweetness. They are such a cute couple.

I consider that scene to be the peak of romance, not going to change my mind hahaha. I read Boy Meets Maria a while ago, I loved it. Even though the stories are different, I think one of the reasons may be because the couple has a blonde boy and black haired boy. The blonde boy is assertive and deemed as beautiful, and the dark-haired boy has a caring personality.

Yeah, it seems he does not understand a part of his own language. It happened during season 4, during the beginning of the training camp. I remember it since it was one of my favorite anime of all time. Don´t want to judge you, why did not you like it? Was it the fandom shipping everyone with everyone?

That kiss scene was intense, funny how Saki saw her school crush and her future husband making out. I did not like the way Shun and Satoru ended so abruptly.
That dance was amazing. I watched it again from time to time.
I hate harem anime a lot. I hate the most that several harem anime have amazing openings.

I liked it. I think it gave more background to the blonde kid.
I like queer characters. What kind of representation appears in Percy Jackson?

Me too. In my country, there are never suitable candidates. There are either fascists or liars. The mandatory vote started this year I think.
I have also tried to find LGBT-friendly. Aside from Ao no Flag and Shimanami Tasogare I think there are not many. I am more into a family friendly with BL tough.
For real? I think this is my first time seeing one, what others are there?
Hazbyn Sep 11, 12:54 AM
The most complaints I hear nowadays is how Reggaeton is not music. It´s true that some songs may not be the best, and can also be vulgar as hell, but to start attacking fans and even the singers are disrespectful; and, many heavy metal fans enjoy criticizing them. Although it may be a problem happening only in my country.
There are several kinds of people, and some fans tend to look down on the music genres they don´t like.

Now that you mention it, I remember that in the remake of Digimon Adventure Yamato, or Matt, sounds really older. Have you ever heard the voice Goku has in Japanese? He sounds truly weird. Kind of like a little girl. Do you mean babies whose voice actresses be older women? I have never ever heard of it, is it something that happens often? The only babies I remember in anime are Baby Bel from Belzeebub and the baby cast from Gakuen babysitters.
Yukiteru was selfish, I cannot remember why Yuno was so obsessed with him. Her past was downright depressing, but I agree she was unlikeable. My favorite characters were Akise and Minene Uryuu. I remember Minene started as a hateful character, and then I was sobbing after she died.
I remember reading that some stories were changed completely after being adapted and others were shortened. Plus, the order of some fights was altered.

Yes, she said she was not able to conceive the number of cringe things she was made to do hahaha. They were young and were getting paid at the end of the day; moreover, I think some of their careers started thanks to those movies.
I wish I have fully wavy hair. It is more curly than anything, it is more noticeable when it is longer though. I remember that trend, I always wanted to follow it but couldn´t hahaha. A classmate at college ironed my hair one day, I actually liked it a little bit. I tried to do it at home and it was a disaster.
If you want, try to read Ashita, Kimi no Mono ni Shite. It´s amazing how beautiful and sweet the story was. The art style is superb and the main couple had a cute relationship.

That is a valid critique. I did enjoy the manga and the main couple; my favorite part was the second to last chapter where they confessed their relationship to the sickly boy, and then they went to the beach and had that conversation in which the happy guy professed his desire for studying medicine to always be prepared to help his boyfriend. Yet, they never actually mentioned what was his disease and how serious it was. By assumption, I think it was maybe a heart issue, or maybe pneumonia.

I remember talking about Haikyuu with a friend who was learning Japanese. Kageyama, one of the main characters, does not understand Japanese very well and when he went to a training camp; an upperclassman did not specify the instructions aside from using Hiragana; long story short, he had a hard time reaching his destination. My friend explained to me how hard it was the Japanese alphabet and then I understood why so many students in anime fail in Japanese literature.

I don´t remember very much about Shinsekai Yori, I hated that Shun and Satoru ended their relationship so soon; I liked their relationship. I think I left it unfinished. I don´t remember what brought me to Kyoukai no Kanata, but I loved all of the main characters, their chemistry with one another was smooth and funny. Plus, that dance scene was amazing.
I haven´t watched Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai either, mainly because I also tend to avoid Harem anime. I brought it up because the English translation of its title sounded deep, like the other two anime above.

Yes, it was that story. I felt it like that at first, but it was clear during the final part of chapter 1 that one of the kids was in love with his partner. I have a fondness for the story; it was not the best, but I think it was interesting. Yes, there was a small arc explaining the background of one of the kid's parents, who his real mother was, and the circumstances of why she couldn´t be involved in his life as a kid.
I don´t know a lot about Percy Jackson, aside from him being the child of a god and that he had a half-brother who I think was a cyclops.
Hahaha, I know. It was still a good read.

Yes, I think a year ago it was made mandatory. Not going means you have to pay a fee for not fulfilling your duty. At least in my country, there is an ongoing war between left and right. Mainly because all who are from the left are labeled communists and the people from the right tend too conservative. to the point of sounding fascists.
Lately, I have been way into BL. I forgot I wanted to start Shounen Note and started reading Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou, but I will definitely keep it for my next read no matter what.
I think characters tend to sexualize her more. Anyways, Okaeri Alice needs to develop her more. Sometimes she acts strong, then is vulnerable, then it seems like she is manipulative and abusive, and then that she is acting out of love.
Sep 6, 2:44 AM
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Hazbyn Sep 3, 6:56 PM
Hahaha, don´t worry, we all have our dark past. It is impossible to not get passionate about something we like. In the end, it is like you say, if we enjoy it that is all that matters. To be honest, one thing that really makes me mad is when I hear people complaining about music genres nowadays. I listen to a little bit of everything, but by experience, I learn that Heavy Metal fans are some of the worst fandoms ever.

Hahaha, I get that feeling, I also want to re-watch some old anime in Japanese. I tried some years ago to find the original version of Digimon, but I couldn´t find it anywhere. Honestly, somehow Spanish dubs are good and the voice actors actually suited the characters; but, English dubs always feel so weird since 10 years old kids sound like a salaryman in their forties.
I know Mirai Nikki it´s not perfect, in my opinion, it has the worst main couple ever, but I still have some fondness for it. Maybe because it was one of the first anime I ever watched.
The little girl was the only one who survived the anime. While in the manga, she did participate in a battle and subsequently died. The opening is a masterpiece, it summarizes the story amazingly.

I never actually thought about it. It is true, in the first film the only instance when everyone sang together was during the final concert; it was more realistic. The dances in the second film were embarrassing, I remember watching a Tweet from Demi Lovato saying she could not believe the number of cringe things she was made to do hahaha.
Me too. My hair is a mix of straight and curly, but long is more curly. It was a fashion trend back in the day to have straight hair and I could never have it that way hahaha.
It is not that long, I think the main plot develops in 5 chapters and the extra one is about the main couple doing it. Overall, the story was amazing and deep, the main lead learned the hard way what self-love was.

I loved Natsu Yori Aoku. Personally, I consider the main character to develop amazingly and were perfect for each other. At first, it seemed like one way, but the two were attracted to each other from the very beginning.

That is true. In Japanese words are pronounced mainly the same as the way they are written. I know remember some people in high school saying that Korean was easier than Japanese, I tried to read some lyrics from songs and the pronunciation was completely different.

The cast was funny, to be honest; as I said, once you get over the cringe from the first episodes it is actually a very enjoyable anime. But it requires a lot of effort though hahaha.
I have noticed that too! There are so many anime titles that translated sound amazingly deep. For instance Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the boundary), Shin Sekai Yori (From the new world), Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (The world only god knows).

I kind of hate it when that happens. I dislike when the plot suddenly changes to another couple who appeared out of nowhere. One of the few instances I liked was in Shinkuu Yuusetsu, in which the perspective of other people and characters are shown. It was a unique story.
Junketsu Drop follows an inside conflict in a school, between the students from the department of science and the athletes. The main characters are one from each group and developed a secret relationship. It was funny.

I will read it after tomorrow. Tomorrow is the election to vote for a new constitution in my country, and according to the laws of my here, I have to be one of the people receiving the votes from the voters to count them at the end of the day. So, it is going to be a long day.
If it is another story from the author of Shimanami Tasogare then it is going to be the first in my plan to read.
Yes, she was sexualized at school by some classmates. Then, outside a convenience store, she is harassed by an upperclassman.
Hazbyn Aug 31, 10:30 PM
I wholeheartedly agree with you. And it is not only for anime viewers, but also for fans of Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, and many others. I was glad when I saw how kids nowadays are not that idiots as people I study with.
That is the issue. I can understand if you want to remain friends with another person no matter the charge. But don´t try to throw people under the bus to protect your friend, that is a shitty move. Plus, what your friend did is not going to be erased no matter what, that is simple to understand.

I have seen some dub clips on YouTube, and I don´t want to disregard the efforts of the voice actors by saying this, but their voices in anime characters sounded so pornographic that it was horrible. Especially when some characters who are just teenagers have deep voices in the dub; it is frankly a little bit disturbing.
Me too, I still hate his death. It was far too brutal.
The anime ended with one of the kids surviving, and I think she also passed the story to other characters since she was the first person watching everything happening. Most of what I remember is that I love the opening and the 2nd ending.

I liked it too, although there were just a few catchy songs. I think the first film was acceptable, it was fun and had good drama, but the second film is kind of hard to watch. That chant still makes me cringe just by remembering it hahaha. I remember liking Kevin Jonas with his hair straight in the first film, but as an adult, I cannot stop thinking about how emo he looked hahaha.
Hitotsu Shika nai Mono was about this college boy with an inferiority complex due to his twin brother being more outgoing and always being surrounded by people. So, after hearing about a gay neighbor, he decided to try and became sexually active with several men while also using his twin´s name in an attempt to defile him. But, his self-loathing ways start changing after becoming friends with a stranger in a bar.

I also read Natsu Yori Aoku. It was the story of a popular kid with no friends and a sickly lonely boy who one day became friends, and things escalated quickly. I was not expecting it to be some sort of hentai, but the overall result was beautiful. The relationship they formed was purer and more supportive than most stories I have read.

That is why I love Spanish, sounds do not change that much while pronouncing them. I tend to copy and repeat dialogues and look up the words I am not familiar with to try and introduce them into my speech. I also tend to speak in English out loud when I am alone at home, and I try to read books and manga in English.

After a while, it was not so bad, some moments were hilarious. But I can understand if viewers dropped it after episode 1; I had to stop it several times to handle it.

Personally, I did not like it. At some point, the story starts focusing on the main couple's kid and his best friend, and I did not like how some of the adults in the story acted. I think I will try to re-read it again someday, but I am not that interested, to be honest.
Never heard of it. I will check about it. I don´t remember reading enemies-to-lovers before, if Ijimekko ni Fukushuu! and Junketsu Drop count then those two are the only ones.

Shounen note sounds interesting, I will add it to my plan to read. I saw some panels on Google and the art looks cute.
Somehow, I feel the trans character is extremely vulnerable to anyone who was not part of her childhood. For instance, her childhood friends succumb to her whatever she wants, but against bullies or other students, she does not have a voice and became helpless.
Hazbyn Aug 29, 10:28 PM
That´s true, not everyone can have access to the original source. It is like watching anime that are currently streaming and not yet on legal streaming services. Or they attack the ones who do not have the money to afford a legal streaming account. These days people are only finding reasons to attack the rest and that´s all.
It truly was; I read that for the documental against Michael Jackson they actually used fake information, and also fabricated several lies. A classmate from college is a strong fan and defendant of Michael Jackson so I know a lot about the issue and how dirty Oprah was to save her friend.

An English dub scene I saw on YouTube, which I actually think was an amazing job, was a scene from a recap ep from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. The voices behind that dubbing did a terrific job, I was captivated by it to be honest, hahaha. But Digimon was another story, it was destroyed by the English dub.
Trying to remember, I think the first anime I ever saw on the internet was Mirai Nikki after it is emission ended. I remember watching it because I liked Akise. Then, in 2013, I decided to watch Free and Brothers Conflict out of curiosity, and then I escalated into a viewer throughout the years. We have basically had the same outcome hahaha.
Yes, the manga has a completely different end and some stories were changed in the anime adaptation. I read on Wikipedia that the manga author did not appreciate those changes. But, to be honest, I liked the anime adaptation; mostly because I am a sucker for happy and wholesome endings. Plus, I saw that the manga ended cyclically, with the same events repeating again and again.

Hahaha, the producers truly hated Sharpay. She did not deserve that kind of life, hahaha.
I saw that video too. I did not notice that in the movie, maybe because it was of the few songs I liked from the movie, and then I was screaming when watching the video hahaha. To be honest, that weird leg dance Demi did while singing is, at least for me, iconic.
Yes, back in the '80s and 90´s characters died in tragic and dark ways. Like drunk driving for instance; it happened twice I think, one in Growing pains and the other one in Clueless.
Never heard of the Growing Pains BL, was it good? I am currently reading a lot from my plan to list I am thankful for it. I found some amazing stories such as Futari no Lion and Hitotsu shika Nai Mono.

I don´t think I will ever get used to speaking using schwa. I cannot convince myself I am using it right.

I understand that feeling. When I watched Boku no Tonari ni Ankoku Hakaishin ga Imasu sometimes the cringe was unbearable. After three episodes I was able to ignore it and I actually liked it. But I don´t think I can re-watch it, some moments were painful.

I actually know a little bit about it. Back in the day, gay was used as an adjective to describe happiness, I read it on a paper for a class in college. I never thought too much about it aside from being a funny coincidence, but now that you mentioned the story I think it is genuinely brilliant.

I was also confused about what I was talking about so I went back to some previous conversations hahaha.
Here U Are is not on my list, but I will give it a chance someday. I was talking about Salad Days, the art looked stunning.
The manga about childhood friends to lovers was called Complex. I did not like the art since the main characters changed a lot from one chapter to the other.
I don´t remember reading too many stories of that trope, but I still like the friends-to-lovers type of stories. Or classmate-to-classmate.

They did an amazing job in the songs made for the anime. They were powerful and completely captivating. I think the author has an amazing talent, drawing a music manga has to be an extremely difficult task, but she did an amazing job.
Somehow I don´t know how I feel; the only trans character in the story is constantly being sexualized and fetishized by the rest of the characters. I currently don´t know if she truly has feelings for other people or if she is just playing with them.
Hazbyn Aug 24, 9:56 PM
Watching the original source is an option, not an obligation. You can stay with the adaptation without watching the manga or the book. Plus, attacking people for not knowing about the better source is just childish.
I know Oprah was an icon for the Americans, especially because of her talk show. But, in recent years, I read what I told you, that she was doing her best to help the rapist and abusers that were close friends with her.

The English dubbed version was horrible. The Spanish version was more accurate and kept the score and some dialogues from the Japanese source.
In my country, several kids grew up watching anime, without knowing it. Almost everyone watched Digimon and Pokemon. Aside from the ones I watched on TV, I don´t actually remember when I started watching anime on the internet; I think it was because of Naruto, but aside from that I don´t remember very well.
I remember looking up dark anime, and that is how I watched the anime Bokurano. Honestly, I haven´t watched Gantz, it does not call my attention that much. Honestly, I command anime that can be dark and twisted without bloodshed.

Now that I remember, the movie was about Sharpay trying to be independent. I don´t remember where she went to be famous, but her dog became the famous one instead hahaha. That is all I remember from watching the first minutes of it.
I am not in TikTok either, I mostly watch the videos on Facebook or Instagram. Some videos can exaggerate a little bit, but it still funny; especially the ones from people imitating Camp Rock. I love those vines the most.
I remember watching a Nickelodeon segment called Nick at Night in which several sitcoms from the '80s were aired. This one called Growing Pains was extremely dark, with characters killing themselves, drunk driving, and struggling with mental health.

That vowel is in almost every word of the English vocabulary. Several words and parts of speech have an alternate version using the shwa. If I am not wrong, it is because it is a way to speak faster. Although I dislike it a lot.

Really?? Without being sarcastic, I thought it was a serious anime about magical boys. Was it good??

I have never once in my life heard of the MOGAI system of labeling; I am going to read about it in my free time. The thing is that Bisexuals love boys and girls and Pansexuality is almost an upgraded version of bisexuality.
I never heard about that either, but makes sense. Saying gay may indeed be easier than explaining in detail to some people; plus, I can understand how lesbians are fetishized by some people.

The art convinced me to read it, so I am going to binge-read it one of these days. I think there was a manga about two childhood best friends who grow up together until they finally started a relationship. I read some chapters but did not like them though I don´t recall why.

It became one of my favorites, so I remember several details hahaha. The people behind those koto songs in the anime are genius.
It feels like the author is trying to fetishize being transgender somehow. I am going to keep on reading it just to see how the plot develops, but I still got mixed feelings about it.
Hazbyn Aug 22, 1:16 PM
It is the same as watching anime, if the smallest detail is omitted then there is a huge uproar in the comment section about how it is better to read the manga. I am not going to counterargument that there are some sloppy anime adaptations, but in the end is up to the viewer to decide which he or she prefers.
That is normal. Sometimes we all want to make excuses to defend someone we really like, that is what being a human is all about. Just think about how are there so many people who still lie to defend what is left of Bill Cosby's reputation as the father of America. Did you hear about Oprah donating money to a fake documentary about Michael Jackson to make him look bad during the trial of Harvey Weinstein because she was closer to the latter? That was messed up.

I do the same. Sometimes it is a guilty pleasure to watch them, but it is impossible to ignore cornily or cringe scenes, bad dubs, or things like that. I consider the dub of Digimon to be the biggest slaughter ever hahaha, the music and dialogues were slaughterers.
That is true. Japanese shows and anime used to be way gorier than the current ones; the fun part is that no one said a thing about it. I remember watching Yu Yu Hakusho after school like it was a normal show.

I never watched her movie aside from the beginning, was it that boring?
I agree 100% with that, that chant was heinous and cringey as hell. I don´t know who come up with the idea that doing that horrible dance was a great decision. I love the TikTok videos of people making fun of Camp Rock, especially the ones where people are doing questions such as did they go all the way from one camp to the other doing that?
Nowadays, one of the few shows I cannot watch without feeling cringing is Zoey 101. I caught a glimpse of Nickelodeon streaming the show again, and although I liked it as a kid and still like it a little bit, Zoey being a goody two shoes is annoying.

All and all, the only vowel I cannot stand is the ə, I can never convince myself that I am saying it properly, and that frustrates me the most.

Isn´t there a magical boy anime called Binan Koukou or something like that? I looked up it and Wikipedia has it under the tag Mahou Shounen.
I think I will like it. It seems different from other BL stories.

I know, their definitions make them sound kind of the same. Maybe Bixesual is an outdated term, but still, everyone is free to label themselves the way they want. You know, that is something that always called my attention, that some girls call themselves gay and other lesbians.
I think Touya was 14 and his teacher was in her 20´s. And then, when she was older, she fell in love with a kid and no one said a thing about it.
I am still in episode 3, but so far I am enjoying it a lot. The first opening was familiar to me, and then I realized the singer was TK.

Then the protagonists were finally adults. If they stopped loving each other because of a small argument, then they were never in love in the first place. But, it is clear to say that there was character development for the main characters instead of a happy-ever-after kind of ending.

I don´t remember their voices at all hahaha. I remember they cut some scenes that weren´t that important, but the final product was remarkable. I started reading the manga right after episode 3, I really loved the pace of the chapters, especially when Akira was introduced; I hated her more than her grandmother in the manga, and then I came to understand her darkness and where her self-loath came from.
I think there is so much happening in Okaeri, Alice that I don´t know where to start.
Hazbyn Aug 18, 10:30 PM
It is surprising to me how there is not a single fandom that is not toxic. There are levels of toxicity behavior, but some fans tend to cross several lines. Calling out the show viewers for not reading the original source is ridiculous. Especially, if those viewers didn´t know in the first place that there were books.
I know what you mean. That is why I don´t have a celebrity as a hero. Sooner or later everyone who works on television shows its true colors. I do not want to disregard her work on giving the LGBT community a place on Television, but the moment I read how much of a horrible person she was backstage when the cameras weren´t filming, I lost my respect for her. Hope she can change her ways, though.

I don´t want to complain against Power Rangers because I enjoyed the franchise as a kid, but several episodes can be just scenes from the source with a horrible and childish dub. Some clips used in the American adaptation were so sloppy that the Japanese actors were not even changed.
Super Sentai was not afraid to kill rangers. For instance, one of the most popular Super Sentai shows was Jetman, and in the final episode, one of the main characters was killed just to show kids that even after winning heroes can die.

I know, High School Musical can be toxic, especially because I don´t think that Sharpay was your classical villain who bullied the main heroine. I did not watch the third movie, but I hated that right until the very end Sharpay was screwed.
I consider Camp Rock one of the most cringiest movies ever made. I cannot erase from my head that piano scene in the first film, it was the top cringe for me. It was only dethroned by that Camp Rock chant in the second film.
I love that video. I don´t know much about pop culture, but that actress and that video are iconic.

If I am not wrong, Japanese and Korean are from the same family language. They shared some roots with one another and with some other languages too. I just started watching the show Derry girls, and I realized there how much English has changed in different countries. Nevertheless, I still that accent is cute. I know it does not have anything to do with the main topic, but I wanted to mention the show hahaha.

I know. I read that the main character is a trans-boy who became a magical boy and fell in love with his mentor.
Hahaha, then it was nothing like the magical change of clothes from some other shows. I remember Tomoyo always having a new set of clothes for Sakura.
I think I am going to start reading it next week since I going to have some more free time. But still, Salad days is a funny title.

A Bisexual is a person who likes both, men and women. On the other hand, a Pansexual is a person who falls in love with people regarding biological sex, gender, or gender identity according to google. I seriously don´t want to sound offensive with this, but by today´s standards, they are actually quite similar in my opinion.
I just feel like that teacher went from Touya (Who I think must have been at least 14) to someone younger than him. It is difficult to ignore that aspect of the show when it was so romanticized. Moreover, if I am not wrong, even Sakura´s parents were a teacher and a student.
I want to watch Monster someday. From time to time I tend to watch long anime, right now I am watching Psycho pass.

I don´t judge by your opinion, you are in your right considering it lacks something. A friend and I both feel the same about Violet Evergarden, we thought that it has beautiful art, splendid animation, and very wholesome stories. But, we think it was a little bit boring. I would like to see that approach in Given, so far the manga is trying to create conflicts out of nowhere. Also, I like what you say about loving someone through their hard times, it made me remember the show Bojack Horseman when a character found out she had her fifth miscarriage, was in a drunk-depressive state, and broke up with her boyfriend for not supporting her in her pursuit of being a mother; and, for only loving her when times were easy.
Hahaha, I keep a list on my cellphone of manga chapters that were either funny, wholesome, or comfortable; all mixed up.

I kind of love that they introduced me to a new instrument. It was the same as in Koto oto Tomare, a high school club about a traditional Japanese instrument; but, I think Kono oto Tomare did a better job, especially because the anime did not end in such a confusing cliffhanger.
I will give my opinion after reading New York New York someday.
Have you read the manga Okaeri, Alice? I seriously have mixed feelings about the whole story.
supermario4ever Aug 15, 11:16 PM
I don't remember to that song, but I have the CDs digitally, so, I will listen to it. :)

Yes, in fact Shindo is my ideal character like an ideal for me. I was crying for him, when he ran so sick. I like that he never supposes anything bad about people, and shows always his bright side. I wish I could be like he is.
supermario4ever Aug 14, 11:16 AM
Ah, I'm listening to this song right now, and it's quite happy and cheerful song, I like it. ^^ The song is somehow simple, like the old classic anime songs, which are yet lovely. Yes, the ending song can bring out odd emotions from you.

Yes, he really looks like a BL-character. But if you ask me, Shindo as well, because he's also mellow. I would feel relaxed near him. ^^
supermario4ever Aug 14, 10:32 AM
oh, I don't remember to the Sarazanmai no Uta (it wasn't audible in the ep8, which I was watching now), but I have the singles (digtally), so I will listen to it. By the way, I think, the ending song is somehow sad. At least I always feel like as if I want to reach something, which I can't and it's painful to me.

Yes, this team was very important to Kakeru. That otaku character was Ouji, the Prince. Yes, he was funny, but how learned to run... That's really wonderful.
supermario4ever Aug 14, 8:08 AM
Yes, you are right! And I also like that "yokubou" song, which I strongly believe that it has a kind of message.

The Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru is a really unique anime, because the guys do their best to live their jolly like, but their personal struggles are strongly sensible. My favorites are Kurahara Kakeru, because I love his personality development and Sugiyama Takashi, who always sees the positive side of the people, and it makes me strength for the harder times. :)
supermario4ever Aug 14, 7:24 AM
Well, I really found the Sarazanmai too weird, but I think now I understand, what does it want to express on its own way. ^^
Yes, I also like the bright colors of the Production I.G animes, and the emotions are also well illustrated. Haikyuu!! and Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru are from them, and both are the part of my life. :)
Hazbyn Aug 13, 2:42 PM
I personally love Avatar and I would watch it again someday. But, attacking her is still unjustified regardless.
I used to like her a lot; her outspoken personality and charisma were remarkable. Yet, the complaints against her bad attitude were impossible to ignore, especially one claim of Ellen verbally abusing a kid.

SIU truly deserves a break from time to time. With such long and weekly chapters, it is understandable that he has wrist issues.
My nephew watched the show on Netflix, and several lines were utterly corny hahaha. There were dark moments, especially one season that ended with the season villains defeating the Power Rangers; forcing them to leave the earth.
I learned long ago that Power Rangers were adapted from Super Sentai. I watched some Super Sentai shows and, despite being also corny sometimes, were amazingly dark. Characters die from time to time, blood splatters everywhere, and villains kill a gunshot.
More like a book. I used to enjoy drawing, but I had zero talent.

Sad, but true. It is funny watching teen movies as an adult and realizing how toxic the characters were. Especially the ones who were supposed to be the heroes. I watch a tik-tok video made by the actress who portrayed Meredith Blake in Parent Trap, she was drinking wine while telling her point of view. It was hilarious.
Some people have so much talent for editing. The person who made the first edit did an outstanding job. Plus, the animation for the video game is amazing.

I think that the hardest part has to be the writing system, especially the Korean one since it has circles in some characters. But that is just my opinion. Nevertheless, it does not sound that difficult to learn from what you are saying. It sounds like learning English if your mother tongue is Spanish.

Magical Boy seemed interesting; based on my interpretation after reading chapter one, it could be different from the usual genre. I can understand Syaoran being a magical boy, did Sakura and Syaoran's outfits appear by the magic or did they change into them? I cannot remember that.
I remember watching some sort of a magical boy in Magical Girl Raising Project. He was a boy who was able to transform into a magical girl.
I read three chapters of Pirouette into My Heart. I like that the main characters met as kids. It put a lot of depth into their relationship. Plus, the mother of the boy doing ballet is super supportive of him.
I am reading it under the name Salad Days hahaha, it sounded a little bit weird in my opinion. I am going to look up the meaning of the name.

I like that gender did not matter in that anime. I read that Sakura was pansexual, so gender was never an issue for her. Plus, most of the cast is also part of the LGBT and nobody, inside that fictional world, cares about it. The only thing that conflicts with me about the show is how underage relationships, and teacher-student relationships, were so normal.
I have seen it, but mostly sporadically. I personally enjoy it when the characters die by fighting. It made the show more serious and different.

I like that the two guys ended up as best friends. But, somehow I am not satisfied with it; something lacked.
I am currently reading, very slowly though, the book Cloud Atlas. I somehow enjoyed the premise of the story; but, the English used is so specific that it is a little difficult.
Hahaha, I sometimes re-read the last two chapters. Those are some of my comfort chapters.

The anime in my opinion was not bad. The opening change in the middle of a 12-episode anime was weird, though. I enjoyed the main group's chemistry with one another, but that ending was disappointing. I read that the manga ended, so I may take from where the anime ended just to know what happened.