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-YaoiBoy- 10 minutes ago
Think about it as if it's a potentially interesting experience lol
I also think it's good :) I guess he was very social to begin with and making so many new contacts was a positive experience for him. Before that, I was basically the only person he communicated with, maybe that's why he was so clingy and annoying. I don't know why he was so rude though, but doesn't matter now :)
Sure :) trying before giving up is good. I don't know how to describe it, but even arguing is different with different people. Even when we had several arguments with my best friend many years ago, I wasn't even able to get mad at him lol I just desperately wanted to understand him and his point of view better, I had no negative feelings whatsoever. And with other people I was extremely irritated and mad at them, adding such situations to my grudge list lol but it's also fair to add, that some people like to wriggle during arguments, instead of trying to understand each other - it's not their goal to reach and understanding, and they're dishonest. So maybe it's good to be mad at them, especially if they're supposed "friends". It kind of hurts, when a "friend" takes you for a fool, feigns ignorance or purposely sabotages a discussion in their favor.
Pretty awful :) but if supporting gay rights in some countries can be considered "trendy", there always will be people, who would use it to their advantage. Either to simply feel good about themselves or promote their religion as something "ward, cuddly and accepting" :p among other things.
I'm not from an English speaking country either, but shouldn't there be an equivalent for that word in your language? O_o Weird, if there isn't :) people not believing in anxiety is nothing new though. I had (have) some problems with such things and although no one mocked me or anything, people rarely take it seriously. Like my dad, who admitted that he and people in general don't take such things seriously. And this admission happened after a woman he knew jumped out of the window and died, because she had panic attacks and couldn't properly sleep for weeks or so, and wasn't put into a hospital in time. So yeah, people should take such things seriously!
I don't know of any religion teaches you that, maybe lol

Oh, and you really are sensitive!

Said you while having sadistic thoughts :P

Sometimes I'm forced to lie. The more people pressure me, the bigger the chance I'll lie! Although I always try to be as honest as I possibly can, at least not lie outright, simply concealing information is an acceptable compromise :p
Poor you! Traumatized by ecchi harems :( I sympathize. Although I wonder how much I'll hate them myself, probably a lot. Maybe I'll make an experiment in the future :p

I'll leave the honor of deciding whether the next message should be private or not to you lol or you can do the same to me and force me to decide :P

Don't worry, I was asleep already :) did you send it by accident?
-YaoiBoy- 9 hours ago
Embrace the dicks, but not dick people :P they should've praised you more too :( I don't really know if my "friend" changed or just became closer to his real self :) kind of looks like he changed though. I've known him for more than a decade, his new behavior is really different.
Yeah, taking first steps can help, but when you're really not compatible, it shows :) constant arguments, but without any positive effect. Feels like you understand each other, but at the same time it's not possible to agree on anything. Opposites attract is bullshit lol I don't believe that.
It's a bit complicated, yes :) I just meant that religion (or rather separate representatives), that supports gay marriage, is very business like. So, if someone decides to use propaganda, that gay people need to be destroyed and it would be popular, those same religious people would support the destruction of gay people, even though they supported the marriage before lol that's what I despise, when someone changes their views to something popular and convenient, and has no consistency in their beliefs. And what do you mean by creating the word "anxiety"? O_o
Well, if we're talking about zombies, then probably think about what they can do and try to prevent it lol I don't know :p

I would appreciate both kissing and patting on the head :3 I'm very ticklish, it can be used to torture me :p I'll even give you bonus information, I sometimes can be aroused even by the wind! lol My body can be very sensitive and it's easy to provoke certain...reactions :p you don't even need to be human to do that lol

I just don't want to create problems for others, as stupid as it sounds :( I just like honesty, if someone has some diseases, they should just be responsible about it and inform people, not conceal it, like some people do. But it can be hard, I understand that too. I wouldn't even mind being with someone, who isn't "safe", but other people would treat those that have HIV as some kind of evil aliens. Lack of understanding and sympathy also discourages honesty.
I don't think I've ever even watched an ecchi harem lol and it's understandable, shared interests are important. Others can say what they want, but I don't find people, who don't watch anime or play games, interesting. Frankly, I'd even call some of them very primitive. So yeah, I consider stuff like anime important, when you try to get closer.
Well, if you trust me enough, you can also share more private thoughts and details through private messages as well, if needed. It's not like we must write everything in comments for the whole world to see :)

Hail your dark soul! :p
Almost forgot to save this message lol
-YaoiBoy- Yesterday, 2:34 PM
Lol, thanks :3 it's mine, of course, I can prove it :p

I understand that, I'm a 100% introvert, I get burned out pretty quickly. But I just mean not being a dick, I guess :p some people just don't seem to understand that and like to impose their world view, not to mention they do it in a wrong way. For example, when I act upon my irrational desires, some people would try to criticize my actions with rational arguments, it doesn't work that way! And vice versa. You need to understand where someone is coming from, before you can criticize them properly, so to speak. Anyway, that's a bit off-topic :) well, that guy just stopped sarcastically insulting me and being a dick, kind of worked lol now I feel better about him, despite that negative history. It wasn't even a case of me doing something stupid and him trying to stop me, he was just being mean for no real reason, part of his past attitude, it seems. When he became more "chill", I felt a lot better being around him.
It is, although I believe that some people are destined to be truly close and some aren't. Call it fate or whatever, I don't believe effort actually is that important in becoming close. I mean, through effort you can kind of pretend to be close and in ideal relationship, fooling yourself, but is it really true?
Yeah, I was mostly alluding to Abrahamic religions, when I said about killing :) and that's the thing, science actually proves things, but religion doesn't. I think it's a very important difference. We can only trust in science when it comes to understanding this world, because while it's not perfect, religious view of the world is even more shaky and unreliable. I mean, gravity exists, but when it comes to God, it becomes extremely convoluted and difficult. Although I don't believe either stance should be used as an ideological weapon. I mostly dislike religions because of their anti-gay stance though lol and those, that support gay marriage, I kind of despise, to be honest. It's like they're subverting their own believes to cater to some minority. On one hand, it's admirable, but on the other hand - pretty pathetic. Trying to stay relevant, like some cheap greedy corporation.
Well, if anything can happen, it's only logical someone would want to prepare for zombies :) that's why I called it stupid. While I believe anything can happen, it doesn't mean we should prepare for everything our imagination can come up with.
Sometimes people can be gross at kisses, that's true :p I'm not trying to advertise myself, but I'm pretty good at it lol I don't think kissing me would be gross, at least I hope it's not :p no one complained yet lol and yeah, my body is pretty sensitive, including my head and hair, so I like pats on the head ^_^

Yeah, protection is important! It was just weird and disheartening hearing that guy (whom I talked about above) saying that almost every week one of his acquaintances got an HIV :S so crazy. Why are people not using condoms?! I even used to take tests, even though I knew I was healthy, just to have them, in case I'd need to show them lol sounds silly, but I wanted people to know that I'm not concealing anything and I'm healthy. And some people can't even seem to understand that protection is important :/ as for hands, maybe it's indeed an introvert thing lol. I just like to be close with people that I don't even know from the start, it's very hard for me to be formal and distant, I hate it. And I'm also very glad you felt comfortable sharing some things, puts a smile on my face :3

Well, your dark sadistic soul is pretty interesting :P
I keep copying stuff all the time as well, besides saving in a document lol I'm just afraid of power failure and all that. I don't want stuff to disappear, those messages are pretty long :(
-YaoiBoy- Yesterday, 6:45 AM
I bought 1 momo-kun today, to eat it in your honor lol

I think they are frowned upon everywhere, more or less lol in "respectable" social circles at least :)

Indeed, why not make me feel that I want to be around that person? Like with that guy, I definitely want to be around him a lot more than I wanted before, but those negative memories and all that stuff keeps me from wanting to see him. If only he didn't behave like that in the first place, maybe we could actually be a little closer. Now it's just weird, we have a more trusting relationship, but more distant at the same time lol
Yeah, Buddhists seem pretty chill compared to Abrahamic religions, that's for sure. I prefer to go with the agnostic approach, so people would leave me alone lol and I do have a mindset that absolutely anything is possible, because humans can't reach beyond their own brains, so to speak. So, our perception of what we consider reality is limited by what we are, we can't perceive outside of our limitations as human beings. Doesn't mean we must kill in the name of such questionable existence as God or seriously prepare for a possibility of zombie apocalypse lol
His hair was falling down, when he was in a position above me, and every time he leaned for a kiss, all that hair would be in my mouth instead lol you remind of a protagonist from my favorite BL visual novel Dramatical Murder, who hated when someone touched his hair, although there was more to it, but that's spoilers and I don't spoil :p I love when someone touches my hair or pats me on the head, feels like I'm transforming into a cat lol
Intelligent, but also cute and kind, I remember :P

Biting nipples is great! Yeah, he seems horrifyingly boring :( I'm honored to be the first one you talked with about him :3 but I wonder why the honor is mine :p
Yeah, you're definitely not the only one, those experiences can do that, so I wouldn't worry :) especially when with someone, who is so anti-nipples lol if you have some worries about it, you can tell me! Well, I use my hand a lot, so I'm not ashamed of the truth :D and also the weird thing I often mention: I use my right hand for that even though I'm 100% left-handed, it's a mystery why lol I'm glad that it's easier for you to talk to me :3 superficial communication is so tiring and annoying, I'd rather talk about my hand and its use than about weather lol but some people don't appreciate that kind of familiarity, of course.

I'll bring your dark soul back to light using white chocolate :P
Oh gosh, I'm always so afraid of that! I create a MS word document, where I save everything I write, from time to time, so that it wouldn't vanish, before I send it. I truly sympathize :( I hope you were able to say everything you wanted, without forgetting things.
-YaoiBoy- Yesterday, 2:19 AM
Sometimes they don't seem to understand the jokes lol but I assume most of the time they just pretend not to.

True :) one on one interactions are the best, you can fully give yourself to another person.

Exactly, he kept calling me egotistical :/ it seems to be a trend too, when people are used to you always compromising in their favor or agreeing with them, and then you suddenly want to do what YOU want for a change, you suddenly become egotistical lol well, no one called me an altruist, when I sacrificed my own plans and time for them! And it's not like I wanted to do my own things just to annoy them, in that situation there was a clear reason why I wanted to avoid him. Forcing others to spend their time with you, when they don't want to, and then calling them egotistical is just priceless.
Welcome to my unforgiving club lol poor monks :p speaking of religion, thankfully, I'm not from a religious family, but my grandmother on my father's side had a "phase" of being a braindead orthodox christian, very aggressive and horrible behavior she had, trying to convert everyone and everything by force :p typical. Like those people, who don't understand what the hell they're doing, but do things because they are "cool", like a lot of people in any subculture lol since I was "formally" a part of one, this mindless behavior looked to me really similar. One more reason why I don't like hanging out in a group of people, who supposedly share the same view and philosophy, I just don't want to deal with this incredible amount of mindless and superficial people.
Lol I remember his hair getting in my mouth all the time, when I was with that guy who had it long xD I'm sure I was just unlucky, but still funny. Your relatives understand nothing! It's beautiful :3 I'm always drooling over guys with long hair, when I see them on the street lol and it makes everyone look better, in my opinion. But medium size is great too ^_^
Only two people (or three, including me) is not enough for statistical purposes :) and maybe indeed you're only attracted to someone you admire.
Most likely :) as I said, I'm the only child and I've never been around kids in my life.

We're vampires it seems :p that guy could've at least let you bite his neck :3 and I'm truly sorry you had such unsatisfying experiences. Can't say I have tons of experience, but it's between 10-20 guys, I'd say, which can be considered a lot by some people, and some of them I met more than once. And it's not like I had dirty passionate sex for hours with all of them, most of those encounters were really stupid and awkward experiences fit for anecdotes lol that's why I sometimes wish I had none, there are only several that are worth remembering and actually left me with anything more than feeling empty inside, unsatisfied and depressed.
Oh, don't worry! Such unsatisfying sexual experiences can make you feel asexual, I can attest. I've been abstaining from sex for more than 3 years now, it's just a chore finding someone, meeting them etc., I'm tired of it all and just lazy. I've often questioned myself if maybe that lack of positive experience in almost all cases is the result of me being simply unlucky in choice of sexual partners or actually me being asexual all along? But anyway, I have my hand, my dirty friend and my anime boys, what else do I need lol

Dark chocolate is bitter :( I like sweet things! But I don't actually mind dark chocolate from time to time, as something exotic.
Good to know :3 well, at least they aren't short and have tons of content lol
-YaoiBoy- Jun 16, 1:54 PM
Of course! In the name of science, we must spread yaoi for educational purposes :P

That's understandable :) sometimes I trust myself a lot less too, depending on the situation.

They mostly just make a serious face or ignore it lol
Well, someone just had a very wild imagination :p I read some, I just don't remember what about :)

Yeah, it certainly is better for someone like me :) 3 people is a crowd already lol and it's easier to support meaningful relationships with less people.

Having a magical staff would be nice ^_^ well, he was just clingy and it resulted in an abusive relationship, as much as I don't like that term, since people throw it around everywhere all the time. He would reprimand me for not answering his messages in time or not commenting long enough on something he said or sent, or meaningful enough, in his eyes. In the end, I was just afraid :p I was like "oh no, I'm going to start Skype and his messages will be there, what am I going to do" lol I was honestly scared of showing myself around places, where he could see me, because it was stressful, like I owe him some kind of perfectly timed and articulated response. And personal meetings were full of sarcastic and passive aggressive behavior, it was horrible :) eventually, I just couldn't take it anymore, I explained how many times he stinged me, how painful and how unbearable his aggressive and clingy behavior was. Then we would stop communicating for ~1 year, he then phoned and apologized to me, we resumed our communication, but it was kind of not working that great, although everything was visibly better than it was before :) too damaged to salvage properly. And it's like that these days too, just don't really want to see him often, or at all.
I don't have a secret voodoo doll of him, but I'm pretty vindictive, I have a veeery long memory, I don't forget things, good or bad, and I have a hard time truly forgiving people :) I have all those bad memories, so it's not possible to be truly close, not that any of us need it at this point.
The bisexual guy I mentioned before actually had hair as long as his lower back! So long and looked pretty nice. And then he decided to have short hair -_- aesthetic betrayal :p
Hmmm then maybe it's not as easy as I think :) but I'm pretty sure I could distinguish between them pretty easily.
Lucky you :) I feel very uncomfortable even around 1 kid, maybe because I was never around them in my life. I just don't know what to do, I panic lol

A little bit of pain never hurt anyone, although that sounds contradictory lol I think I may have some interest in light BDSM stuff too :p I'm myself guilty of roughly grabbing guys by the hair and lightly biting their necks lol I don't think anyone was into more passionate and rough stuff though, but my sexual experiences are mostly a disaster anyway, both thanks to my partners and to me, but that's another topic :p sometimes I even wish I had none at all lol and I also had that problem of not having gay/bi around me. I think one of my close acquaintances was bi, he had a very weird behavior, like he wanted to try it with a guy, but was afraid or whatever. Either I'm delusional and have a big ego or he made advances and wanted to have sex with me lol I swear he was acting weird, like he was hoping I'm going to make the first move. Otherwise, he was acting like "mega straight" all the time too :)

I don't like dark chocolate :p I like milk chocolate the most (with almond, for example) and white also. Phew, that's a long message and tons of my biography it seems lol I hope you don't mind, I got carried away a bit, remembering all that stuff :p
-YaoiBoy- Jun 16, 5:44 AM
It's just that I don't want to remove them (and they could track me anyway, so what's the point), but at the same time I feel like they're holding me back with their presence, it's a weird feeling :) I can't just post a dirty yaoi picture without feeling like I'm being watched lol so I kind of decided to make a "fresh" start and move only the people I care about to that new place. And the other one will remain as "official" social network profile, just in case.

I never trusted anyone else to assemble my PC for me lol and, actually, I remember when I was buying some parts, I was persuaded to get different RAM and it had actually some weird and unexplained compatibility issues with the other stuff! So much for trusting so-called "professionals" :)

Well, I do try to talk about naughty things with everyone at least once :D some people don't like that lol
Lol would be hard not to laugh :p yeah, sometimes some naughty thought visits me and I barely hold myself back.
Yeah, I don't know much about omegaverse, but it's a bit weird, true :)

Since the amount of people I communicate with reduced significantly (it was basically just my 2 friends only, on a regular basis for the last 3-4 years, before registering here on MAL), I don't have to worry about secrets and all that stuff too much :)

You really wanted that staff lol yeah, it was the star version picture too! I think he even drew some cards as well. But no, I don't like that friend lol he was passive aggressive a lot, mocking me for years, that bastard :p now, after having a more robust social life, he got better. I don't know whether he just became more at peace, when he got tons of new contacts, became socially active and satisfied his social needs, but he is definitely more considerate and just far easier to communicate with. But, it's kind of too late, damage was done and so I only try to see him once per 2-3 months or even less. Those are enjoyable meetings, but I'm just unable to feel close to him after all the shit that he did and what happened between us. So, he is not really a friend :)
Now you have even better hair than Tomoyo hehehe.
Well, I think I had "those" thoughts when I was little, I just didn't recognize them as such :) someone can say that I just imagine things and rationalize, but it's pretty easy to distinguish infatuation and a simple admiration. There were people and characters I admired, but there was an anime character I clearly had a crush on, for example, when I was 9 :) and about kids, I'm uncomfortable around them lol they're unpredictable, it scares me and makes me anxious :p
I think I have a similar reaction lol I've already mentioned that although I have no preference for height, I have a thing for someone short, maybe because I also find it cute and want to hug them lol that's understandable about tall and strong, if you can't hurt them, what's the harm :p I wish someone wanted to tie me up! Aside from my close friend, all the people I've been around/with were so boring, bleh. Not a single interesting kink or demented fantasy lol

Yeah, I feel weird about coffee :) it would be good for me though, since I have a bit lower blood pressure than normal, but I don't like it, unless it's with milk + I feel anxious after it sometimes too :)
No, it's great! At least for me :)
-YaoiBoy- Jun 16, 3:24 AM
Yeah, I just don't like the idea of being easily tracked by all those people, so that they can annoy me. I want them out of my life!

I spent a lot of time planning how to assemble it, because all the new stuff was unknown to me, I had to understand all the characteristics and how they depend on each other :)

It was just a joke between me and my friend, a moaning competition lol well, it's not like I talk about naughty things with everyone :) doesn't always work lol but it's easier for me, when I do. I don't have to repress myself. I look pretty innocent too, maybe they don't expect something like that from an innocent looking person :p but do you think naughty stuff often? :p
You'd know the anatomy and stuff, very good doctor, I'd be proud :P

Indeed, but I was, fortunately, warned about secrets incoming, most of the time :p

Yeah, I remember reading something like that, but I didn't remember, that there was mainly one author :) pretty funny, yes :p
I had a picture of Sakura's staff for years, my childhood friend drew it as a present and it was hanging on the wall like a painting lol I think it lies somewhere else now or maybe it's gone, can't remember. Towel is an interesting idea lol was probably a nice wig xD
Maybe it's cute :p but I wanted to touch him all over the place too, not only hug lol yeah, I'm not a big fan of children either, keep them away from me lol
Tiny is cute fufufu :p my best friend is also quite short and when he gained some weight, he was complaining about being kind of like a penguin too lol

I don't remember, I think we had tea after all :p we had to drink something and I almost never drink alcohol or coffee. And I hardly doubt it was juice or something like that :p tea, most likely.
And I love green tea with mint :3 peppermint can be a bit too strong though, but the regular mint I really like.
-YaoiBoy- Jun 15, 1:09 PM
Well, I needed some pictures for my fake social network page, just to keep it BL-themed lol a place, where I can run away from all that baggage of people I've gathered throughout my life and only the few chosen ones know about that place ^_^ but MAL is also a nice place for that kind of escape.

I understood that perfectly though lol maybe how you assemble a PC or somethings :p all the characteristics and stuff :) again, useless info, unless you're a gamer. I assembled my PC on my own, but that was many years ago, I don't really care about new games these days to actually do stuff like that.

Well, I was just joking, because I have my moans recorded somewhere lol so it seemed appropriate :p what do you mean by my life being different than yours? :)
I wouldn't mind being a BL expert hehe. PhD in BL field, professor of dirtiness and naughtiness :p

Damn, I almost missed one paragraph again, had to edit the message lol no problem, I'm also happy to listen to your complaints :3 and same! I actually even kept a secret of a person, who became somewhat of a distant "enemy", I just couldn't bring myself to reveal something, that was entrusted to me in confidence. Sometimes I feel like a repository of unrevealed secrets lol so many people told me different stuff in confidence. So yeah, I'm also one of the listener types :) but sometimes I talk too and never shut up lol although very rarely.

Weird, Tomoyo and Touya is quite an unlikely pairing :p and how she didn't know? Did others troll her or something lol btw, I was Tomoyo, when I was a kid :P when we role-played CCS characters with several...friends, I guess? I just don't like throwing that word around :p well, I thought of them as friends, when I was a kid.
Yeah, I remember wanting to hug and touch that one boy in kindergarten :D only 5-6 years old and already so dirty lol I think I started to remember myself around when I was 5 years old, maybe a bit earlier, but only fragments, as you say. But I remember a lot about kindergarten.
It seems we both were victims of tropes lol but I was always rather tall. I'm around 186-187 cm or 6'1/6'2 now, can't say for sure, need to take some measurements :) but was one of the tallest guys in class, that sort of thing.

It was kind of scary, of course, since it was so sudden :) you're hoping for tea and getting a bisexual threesome instead, that's definitely scary lol I was in a bit of a shock, not going to lie :) even though I wouldn't make a big deal out of it, it was a very stressful situation, probably because it was so unexpected. But it's ok :) now it's more funny than anything else.
Now I want some tea too lol but I drink too much green tea already, need to tone it down a bit. Maybe some chamomile instead, it's kind of bleh, but I'm used to it already.
-YaoiBoy- Jun 15, 10:16 AM
Correction, those things are just in chat history and stuff, they aren't my collection per se :p not until I claim them lol my personal collection is only 31, actually :D I chose some that I really liked.

What would you like to know better, something about PC structure or about software and stuff? :)

Yeah, I remember being very sad about Kaworu, when I watched it the 1st time :) *hugs Shinji and Kaworu* :p there, hope they don't mind lol now they'll be waiting for your hug too :3
I had no idea what BLCD is, now I know too :p maybe I should record something like that too, people seem to like my moans lol but yeah, it was hard, it's like ~7 years wasted on a mix of pleasure and suffering :p mostly suffering though, at least I've managed to purge those feelings, so that they wouldn't take even more time.
We need to get PhD in BL :P

Your complaints are appreciated :p well, battle shounen is battle shounen, what can you do :)

Yes, demon will help your sadistic side to flourish :p

I like "sha" more than "sya". "Sha" looks so sharp, a pleasure to look at and "sya" feels like I'm squashing some maggots and slimes in my hand lol it's just the different transliteration systems, I assume. And I prefer the one, that uses sha, shu, sho and not sya, syu, syo. I always felt that the former variants were closer to the actual sounds pronounced. I didn't even suspect Touya and Yukito, I was so surprised, when I re-watched it :)
Yes, my path to dirtiness started from childhood lol always wanting to touch some guys in my class, even in kindergarten! My younger self belongs in some shotacon manga lol but yeah, one of those guys was my first unrequited love.
Well, nothing special :) they live nearby, so my friend told me "hey, why don't we go for a walk all together and then stay at his place?", I didn't mind, nothing was suspicious here :p he was a bisexual guy I was meeting from time to time for...educational purposes lol and since they live nearby, they became acquainted through me too. So, it was nothing special, just a joint walk and a visit :) I don't remember why I was on the bed (I wasn't drunk or anything, I just don't remember lol), but things started to...happen :) I freaked out, of course, there is not a single drop of bisexuality in me and seeing my friend so close and naked made me panic. Well, it's not like my friend forced to do anything with her, but she was there, they started doing stuff, he started doing stuff with me and I was panicking, since I was only mentally prepared for tea :D so yeah, I ruined that grand plan :p but the moral of this story is: never take gay to a surprise bisexual threesome lol
-Sonal- Jun 15, 7:51 AM
-Sonal- Jun 15, 7:31 AM
Is it? I assumed Bollywood would be more popular
-YaoiBoy- Jun 15, 6:15 AM
That seems like a pretty accurate angel manager description lol

My collection is actually pretty small, but I have a constant supplier lol my friends sends me a lot of stuff, so if I ever need to create a collection, I have like thousands of great different pictures and gifs I can use :p

I'm glad I taught my grandparents the basics of using a PC :) well, my grandfather was using it a lot, since he was a math university teacher, but others didn't really need a computer for anything. But still, it's nice to at least know some basic things like e-mails, Skype etc.

Kaworu is cute :3 definitely deserves to be a favorite hehe. Such a short appearance, but so memorable. I'll hug them for you :p or maybe you'll feel better about touch in the future and hug them yourself :)
I agree, although you can't dictate your feelings :) I've been in love 3 times, all 3 times were unrequited, since those were heterosexual guys. No one was a jerk, per se, but people reacted differently and it was probably annoying to everyone: me, them and people around us lol guess I'm a part of that trope, in a way haha
Yes, we're such inquisitive people, don't you think? You have educational purposes, I have scientific purposes :P lol I don't know much about Midoriya, but I don't mind you complaining, if you don't mind :p maybe I'll try to at least watch the 1st season some day, considering I watched the 1st episode already, but my mind decided to repress it and make me forget lol
Maybe you need a demon >_> but it would be nice of you to teach that angel how to tie up boys properly lol maybe like this xD

I watched the Japanese version, but also dubbed on TV, of course, and same, I didn't read between the lines :p well, it was obvious that Shaoran (I like that pronunciation a lot more, but I don't mind calling the one from Tsubasa a Syaoran, to differentiate) was attracted to Yukito, but even that moment didn't exactly register with me lol I guess it was too early for me to understand those things, although I remember having some kind of romantic feelings for guys as far as when I was in kindergarten, not to mention some anime characters later, when I was 8 or 9 :)
Lol sounds pretty innocent xD but that happens. When I was almost forced into a bisexual threesome by that infamous female friend and a guy I knew (and they also knew each other), I also thought we were going to just drink tea lol that's because I never expected them to do something like that, at all, and try to drag me into it without a warning.
-Sonal- Jun 15, 6:08 AM
So you can speak Hindi?
-Sonal- Jun 15, 5:36 AM
Yeah, knew it. Only some of the most popular 90s shows received a dub. I never watched any of them, tho.
I grew up watching dubbed and English cartoons.