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Dekiai Yakuza ni wa Amayakasarenai!
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Hsuya67 Apr 13, 11:08 AM
Heyyy!! Ah it's all right. I'm glad you took the time aside to wish me. Means a lot, it really does.Thank you very much!!! Well I had cake haha. Nothing special, I had a long weekend lined up so I decided to go back home for my birthday. So yeah went out to have lunch with the fam.
Lilly99 Mar 18, 9:55 AM
Thank you very much 😍🥰💫
HassanGh Mar 5, 2:01 AM
I'm more than a month late, but I've barely been on this website recently. I just wanted to wish you a VERY late HAPPY BIRTHDAY🎉🎉!!
I hope you had (and are still having) the greatest of times!
CosmicDreaming Feb 14, 8:05 PM
booo you meanie
cooldogmom Feb 3, 1:19 PM
Happy birthday!! I hope you have a lovely day! Do you have any fun plans? 🥳🎈🎉

A__A A__A
( •⩊•) (•⩊• )
(>🍰>) (<🎁<) omg this is so messed up lol
Hsuya67 Feb 3, 9:10 AM
Ah well, what can I say. I'm a man of my word(lmao). Of course I'd wish you on your birthday!!

Oh that's totally fine.No problemo. I'd absolutely love to talk again but I wouldn't want it to be at your expense. So please feel free to take your time and sort your stuff out. There's no hurry at all. I've still got a good 90-95 years left on earth, ain't going anywhere anytime soon.

Well my day got better already :)
Hsuya67 Feb 2, 9:25 PM
Hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a great day and a lovely year ahead. Have fun!
lemon1melon Feb 2, 6:28 PM
Happy Birthday!! 💗
I hope you are having the best day!

Seanthezon7 Jan 24, 11:47 PM
Thanks so much, I appreciate it!! :) Best wishes to you 😁😊
gurlgloom Jan 14, 4:30 PM
heyyy! sorry, haven't been active but thank you so much <3
cooldogmom Oct 26, 2023 3:57 PM
Omggggg I'm so sorry I never responded to this 😭 please don't hate me. Thank you very much <3 you updated your profile :O it looks so cute once again! I'm sure you spent a lot of time on it, so I'm very impressed.

I spent time with my family and we went out to eat at my favorite Thai restaurant. Nothing too exciting! The following day at work, my PI made a cake for me and someone else in my lab who had the same birthday as me. I don't usually do anything exciting on my birthdays. How do you celebrate your birthdays?

Yeah, you're completely right. Futaba was really annoying in that regard. Like just move on from the past now!! The fact that she refused to move on was so much worse when we found out what happened with his mom. It broke my heart.

Honestly, the comedy in Ouran was phenomenal. I laughed during every single episode. Its such a unique story too! I wish they made more anime like Ouran. I also appreciate the old animation style. What about you?

I tried to like asmr, but I couldn't get into it. I'm not a fan of hearing people whisper in my ears. I love that you cook! How often do you cook and what's your favorite thing to make? What do you usually plant? I looooove houseplants, especially anthurium, and hoyas. That's honestly my biggest hobby other than watching anime. I have over 100 plants so its a little too much hahaha How are you liking the new anime this season?
wierd_fishez Oct 22, 2023 7:59 AM
Aww, thank you! These past months, most of my writings consisted of film and music reviews & analyses. I was just mostly inspired by the amount of great reviews and analyses that I've read and that made me feel like I want to write something like that as well.

Oh wow, a fellow writer! And no, you're not overreacting! It's totally understandable how that event would lead you to lose your motivation to write again, especially when you've exerted time and effort into your writing. And it's physically and mentally exhausting to craft a fictional world, so to go back and creatively rewrite your ideas again after your notebook was damaged would've been really draining on your end. I imagine if that happens to me, I would also surely lose the drive to go back to it... You really seemed to enjoy the process though! It was a good thing you had friends who were willing to read your drafts and receive feedback from them. That imo is one of the characteristics that make a writer (and artists in general) a great one :)) It means you want to grow both as a person and a writer!

Thank you sm!!! 🥹 Sure, I'll let you know if I've written one! I've been reading fanfics on and off since the 2020 lockdowns and the amount of well-written stuff on AO3 and Tumblr is just so inspiring. Heck most of them are even better than the original material ahaha. Back in August, I stumbled upon an archive of Satosugu (from JJK) fics that were originally published on AO3 but have been circulating online for quite sometime now (because the owner of the account deleted their works and someone managed to save copies). Reading one of their works about the particular ship made me want to write something as great as that as well. And writing fics is generally recommended among writing communities, especially if you're planning to write an original one! Sort of like a practice where you not only learn in the process of writing, you also get to write about your favorite characters or story <3

I get that, especially in anime, where every genre is visibly filled with old and tired tropes... It's also common in mainstream manga but at least there are also tons of underrated and non-tropey stories the medium have to offer!

No problem! And enjoy Sakamoto Days!! As the story progresses it only gets funnier and stupid lmao. I agree that it's very funny aha I just adore its dry and deadpan humor. I was surprised too when Sakamoto spoke for the first time lol I thought he was gonna remain silent for the rest of the story.

Like most JJK fans, I have problems with the current direction of the manga... especially now that Gege killed off that white-haired idiot lol. I hate to say this but the writing is not really objectively good, and hasn't been since the most famous & hyped arc ended (the current arc in the anime). I love Maki! Honestly she's the only woman in JJK who is decently written when compared to other female characters in the manga. I also love Nobara but idk she's been out of commission for about two years now... Satoru (the white-haired idiot) & Suguru (his bff)'s dynamic I also adore <3

RIGHT??? It's funny because Sajou's VA is also the same with Eiji's (the black haired MC from Banana Fish) VA!!! And also you have Kamiya Hiroshi as Kusakabe, who also voices Levi!!! It was a weired experience coming from days of binge-watching AOT then watching Doukyuusei! T_T I wholeheartedly agree that the animation is not overdone. It has its own style that is different from mainstream anime styles but at the same time, the animation is just so simple. I also liked how quiet the movie is...that silence imo allows for nostalgia to seep through. When I was watching it, I was instantly reminded of our rural town where I grew up.

Banana Fish is definitely one of those things you don't want to watch when you're not ready for sorrowful moments to come, so I get you. It's the same with Devilman Crybaby in a sense. Have you seen Given?

It's totally okay! I appreciate me some lengthy and in-depth replies! I'll give Harukaze a read sometime (I mean I definitely have to because I read the prequel right?) Omg Nagisa Furuya's works were also some of the earliest shounen ai stuff I've read. I've only read Tomo Serizawa's other two works but I also found them good! Enjoy Color Collection!!!

I haven't really read that much GL & other LGBTQIA+ works sadly but I'm planning to! I saw you've read Kabi Nagata's works. They weren't easy reads for me tbh but I admire how raw her stories are. Recently I finished Our Dreams at Dusk and thought it was fantastic, validating - and a bit heartbreaking. A few months back I tried to read Boys Run the Riot but had to put it down because the pacing is too quick for me to be emotionally invested in the characters...but I'll give it a go again one of these days. How about you?

Hotaru no Yomeiri sounds interesting, will also give it a read. YESS! Now that you've mentioned it HAHA Skip to Loafer & Hirayasumi do look kind of similar, especially style-wise. I haven't began reading either of them yet but I'll let you know what I think!

HMM good question. I was about to say Nana but was surprised that it's marketed as shojo :O for josei, I guess I'd give it to Honey and Clover, even if my heart thumps a little at the mention of it lol. For seinen, I'll choose Dorohedoro and Run with the wind (prettyyyy sure the latter is a seinen one O_O) I haven't watched any josei that much but I'm planning to see Shōwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjū one of these days. How about you? And have you seen any of these?

Sorry for the really late response. It has been a very busy week >_<

Btw your new profile looks so good! <3 I love the colors and the pictures you picked!
wierd_fishez Oct 11, 2023 7:19 PM
Np! :))

I'm mostly a nonfiction writer, but I've been dabbling in short story writing these past few days to prepare for my undergrad thesis. I'm actually thinking of writing fanfics because I'm a huge fan of them!

I totally get u! Am also kinda hesitant to air my criticism towards mainstream shounen sometimes because I feel like chronically online people will crucify me for my opinions lol but objectively the genre is filled with problematic and overused tropes it's getting tiring (tho tbf every genre has problems like that, for ex. shoujo like you've mentioned). that's why i find sakamoto days a breath of fresh air amidst mainstream shounen works that are ongoing rn. it's very funny and has some of the most creative panels I've seen so far. content warning though if ur planning to read it: it's really violent if ur not into that kind of thing, though nothing too graphic.

i have loooots of things to criticize about jjk lolz but let's just say after a certain popular (and arguably the best) arc, the writing's gone downhill. it's just sad to witness it really because the material has such interesting characters but the majority of them were just kinda set aside...

I don't have a specific genre that I actively consume but since I'm also getting older, I find manga or shows with adult cast to be more relatable, so I sometimes go out of my way to look for those, so I'd say I prefer seinen, josei and slice-of-life? But ofc I also watch or read stuff with teenage characters as its main cast haha it's just that I kinda get picky and selective when it comes to those sometimes.

I also like BL! Now I'm wondering what could be that anime you were watching that introduced you to the genre haha. Doukyuusei is just great isn't it? I haven't read the manga but everything about the movie (except the teacher ofc) is just so good - from the handling of the conflict between the MCs, to the animation, to the music and the voice cast omg. I've read tons of BL and yaoi works and I'm glad for u that Doukyuusei was your first BL! Honestly such a stellar introduction to the genre. Banana Fish was my first "BL", although it isn't officially tagged as shounen-ai, but I refuse to believe it otherwise lol, then followed by Given. I saw that one of your fave manga is Harukaze haha its prequel was actually the first BL/yaoi manga I've read :)

These are all interesting! I'm planning to read Bokura no Chikyuu no Arukikata and Mitsuya-sensei no Keikakuteki na Ezuke but I'm waiting for them to finish first. I haven't read Harukaze but I love Old-fashioned Cupcake (haven't finished it though) and Our Dining Table! Hotaru no Yomeiri looks good, too. Maybe I'll give it a read. There's this BL work called Color Collection that I just finished reading recently, and it was one of my memorable BL reads so far. Right now, I'm reading Sakamoto Days, Vagabond, Blue Period and put JJK on-hold lol. Planning to read Skip to Loafer and/or Hirayasumi as well!

It's totally okay, take ur time! I also replied late anyway, sorry for that. We all have lives outside this app after all. Am also not the greatest at time management so I feel u TT My comment got too long but I also hope we can keep in touch, hanakocheeks-san!
wierd_fishez Sep 25, 2023 10:57 PM
You're welcome!

I forgot where sadly...I did see your profile somewhere and was intrigued by your profile picture, visited your account, and found your profile design cute - it's simple (at least compared to some profiles I've seen), but comprehensive and detailed. And those Tamen de Gushi pictures really complement your design! That's why I added u if u don't mind

I get what u mean. My interests are really diverse haha I just pick up whatever anime or manga I feel like watching/reading, or will be beneficial to me as a writer. I don't like mainstream shonen though mainly because the tropes are tired and I'm so over them...I can excuse JJK (even if the writing's meh these days) and Sakamoto Days solely for the cast.

I see you also read shounen ai/yaoi! I'm so into them! Any recent reads that have become your favorites?
cooldogmom Sep 23, 2023 1:13 PM
Yes lol I got all mixed up. My sister had Blue Spring Ride in her favorites so I decided to watch it. Then I saw your forum posted and I really liked what you said which is why I went to your profile 😭 I'm sorry for the confusion hahaha why didn't you like Blue Spring Ride? I feel like Usui was really smooth with his actions and what he said. But I completely agree, very worrisome.

Oooh, I'm going to have to look into those next! I absolutely love recommendations so thank you for that. I'll keep you updated when I watch them. I haven't watched Kamisama Kiss yet, but I looked it up and it looks so cute. I've watched a very few amount of shoujo, so I have a lot of catching up to do. The very first shoujo anime I watched was Ouran High School Host Club, and let me just say that holds a very special place in my heart. What's funny is that it was also the first anime I saw.

So other than anime and manga, what other interests do you have?
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