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Days: 63.3
Mean Score: 5.42
  • Total Entries177
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  • Episodes3,697
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Cardcaptor Sakura: Kero-chan ni Omakase!
Cardcaptor Sakura: Kero-chan ni Omakase!
Jul 22, 1:16 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
Owaranai Seraph: Nagoya-hen
Owaranai Seraph: Nagoya-hen
Jul 22, 1:15 PM
Completed 4/4 · Scored 7
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Days: 12.3
Mean Score: 5.18
  • Total Entries21
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  • Chapters1,937
  • Volumes245
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Claymore Bangaihen: Senshi Reimei-hen
Claymore Bangaihen: Senshi Reimei-hen
Jul 22, 1:17 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion
May 14, 2:26 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Owari no Seraph
Owari no Seraph
May 14, 2:26 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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_Nette_ 23 minutes ago
Well let me learn you about drugs. They are the worst shit ever. Lesson over don't do them. Literally probably the worst time I have ever had in my life was on DXM. Left me strung out for a whole day. I was bedridden and vomiting for an entire 24 hours without sleep.

Haha, I was probably the same way. Better at platformers than I am now. I just can't do real time strategy, it melts my brain.

I just need to start dramatical murder but only when I use my laptop.

Ah, well unrequited love is better than an awful ex. I learned that the hard way sadly.
squideyes Yesterday, 10:52 PM
Thank you for confirming it :)
ViviChan_ Jul 25, 9:36 AM
I did have a great time, thanks!! ^^ wait, it's been 10 days?! Oops hehe ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

ohhh I see... ( _ _ ) maybe you should try to hold your liquor better when you're with people you don't wanna be too open with so that you don't feel like that when you sober up? ( ̄ω ̄ ) well, idk much about drinking so I don't think I can give you much advice I guess... or maybe you don't need any advice actually. afterall, you're an adult (⌒_⌒;)

oh wow, it's getting hotter and hotter here :')) lucky you
that's great! I'm gonna watch more anime in August. right now I'm watching some TV series on Netflix
_Nette_ Jul 25, 12:29 AM
Lol, I murder my Sims for sport and amusement. It is quite impossible to play that game without it becoming an experiment. I used to be better at games but my brain got really fucked up or something and now I can't do much. Probably all the drugs I am done.

Yeah it takes a certain person to enjoy MMOs. Not everyone does.

Exactly, also I bought Dramtical Murder yay. Can't wait to (eventually) play it lol.

Yeah co habing with someone is something for sure. It's tough and lol maybe you will hear more of my ex at some point. She is something else I swear.
_Nette_ Jul 23, 12:40 AM
Don't even get me started on fighting games and how awful I am at them. The only game in any genre I am serviceable in is FFXIV lol.

Sounds like there was some potential mismanagement there to me. MMOs need alot of content in a steady stream.

I see where you are coming from. I hate censorship too in most cases unless I need to play a game around someone else for some reason. Steam is actually pretty lenient compared to consoles like Sony and the PS4.

It's funny I always game with my ex in the room since we share a room we rent out so I am forced to have someone atleast be around me when I am gaming. I really need to get rid of her tbh but there is nothing I can do, lol. But that is another story for not right now lol.
Crow_Black Jul 22, 2:23 PM
Sure i can't wait to see what you'll post on my threads soon! <3
Crow_Black Jul 22, 2:17 PM
I got alot of threads perfect for you to post on.
XxX_Kirito_XxX Jul 22, 1:30 PM
yeah it is my favourite thing to do on mal XD

but i am sorry i cant take ur comment sections virginity :(
ViviChan_ Jul 22, 9:38 AM
Hey!! sorry for the VERY late reply ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ I was on vacation in Bosnia and I just came back home yesterday night (´ ∀ ` )
I had green tea with mint and lemon there and man... it was the best green tea I've ever had in my life ♡(꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)♡ but I also normally buy flavored tea hahaha it just makes my life easier.

hmm I think lime Pepsi would be good but not raspberry Pepsi lmao

well... yeah hahaha ( ◡‿◡ *)

true. I usually feel stupid after opening up too much but it's only my best friend who I open up this much to and I know he won't judge me so that makes e feel less stupid lol

heat is already here man ಠ‿ಥ in Bosnia the weather was nice and rainy but now I'm back to the heat ಥ ͜ʖ ಥ but nothing is like home man... I really missed it
_Nette_ Jul 21, 11:47 PM
Now I never said I was any good at jrpgs in general either. Generally I suck at games.

Wow if the playerbase dropped off fast that's kinda sad.

Oh see just for some reason dramatical murder's art style just runs me wrong. I cant put my finger on it haha.

From my experience they crop sex scenes while keeping the dialogue intact when they can. And haha you would get performance anxiety? Lol. It's really awkward when my ex looks over and sees something gay on my screen lol.
_Nette_ Jul 21, 11:33 AM
It might not be that hard but god dammit I still suck at WRPGs lol.

huh, SWTOR sounds interesting, probably was much better in its prime. But damn that sounds kinda stupid them ignoring KoTOR 2 out of spite, sounds like something Bioware would do XD.

Huh, with such a dedicated brick like that I can see where you are coming from with JRPGs. Grind is essentially a part of them depending on the game. Like Final Fantasy II has alot of grind while IV has a little. And tbf the Persona and SMT games aren't long because of grind, they are actually pretty dense. Like SMT IV Apocalypse had the level curve end at 99 for the final boss using up the 1-99 level scale perfectly without much grind. But I cannot deny grind is a big part of the genre to an extent yes, mostly in the bad ones lol. And I think the chibi models are endearing but that is just me XD

Wow, you like Dramatical murder that much. See there is a barrier of entry for me and that game since I am not a particular fan of the art style lol. Still gonna play it but the art style is a turn off for sure atleast for me.

That's a good way to view online friendships. And haha yeah on the whole criticism part, you really can get that from anyone but not support so you are 100% correct on that.

Haha, well I usually only play VNs on my laptop when I am bored at a my friend's house I visit every week. That's where I beat Togainu no Chi lol. That's why it is important I play the censored versions of these games too since I am around other people lol.
rashthicc Jul 21, 9:05 AM
VaneGran Jul 21, 5:36 AM
Thank you very much for the wishes!!!
MrDongPrime Jul 21, 5:03 AM
Ashhk Jul 21, 3:47 AM
Nice to meet you :)