Shuumei Sasaki

Sasaki to Miyano
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Sasaki to Miyano: Koi ni Kizuku Mae no Chotto Shita Hanashi.
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Sasaki to Miyano Movie: Sotsugyou-hen
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Sasaki to Miyano
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Hirano to Kagiura
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Sasaki to Miyano: Koushiki Anthology Comic
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Shuumei Sasaki (佐々木 秀鳴)

Birthday: June 17
Blood type: O
Height: 183 - 186cm
Likes: likes sweet things
Love interest: Miyano Yoshikazu
Sexuality: Not confirmed, has a preference for both genders.

Initially, Sasaki is introduced as a bright and cheerful, if overly eager, upperclassman; however, this is not necessarily the whole picture. He can be rash and impulsive, acting or speaking without thinking of the consequences or the people around him. Though he does have some friends, Sasaki is something of a loner. In flashbacks, with his family, or when he is alone he is usually shown to be gloomy and quiet, often repeating the phrase "it's annoying."

Sasaki Shuumei is one of the two eponymous main characters of Sasaki and Miyano. While he has a reputation as a bad boy, he is very affectionate towards Miyano Yoshikazu and enjoys spending time with him. He is dating Miyano Yoshikazu.

(Source: Sasaki and Miyano Wiki)

Voice Actors
Shirai, Yuusuke
Vázquez, Carlo
Goff, Kellen
Neves, Gabriel
Portuguese (BR)

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