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Thrilled to work in Switzerland ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ญ โ€“ great opportunities and fantastic financial benefits. Grateful for the wonderful work culture and quality of life. Excited for the journey ahead! ๐Ÿ˜Šโœจ

Thrilled to work in Switzerland ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ญ โ€“ great opportunities and fantastic financial benefits. Grateful for the wonderful work culture and quality of life. Excited for the journey ahead! ๐Ÿ˜Šโœจ

Welcome to My World of Anime and Manga! ๐ŸŒŸ

Hey there, fellow otaku and curious visitor! Thrilled to have you on my profile. ๐Ÿ˜Š If you're here, chances are you're keen to know a bit about me. That's awesome, and I'm all for making new friends who share a passion for anime, manga, or just life in general. Feel free to shoot me a friend request or drop a comment on my wall - I'm all ears! ๐Ÿ“ฌ

๐ŸŒŸ About Me - Jรฉrรฉmy at a Glance:

Personality: Sociable, a bit shy, but get me talking about something I love, and I won't stop! ๐Ÿ—ฃ๏ธ
Polyglot: Fluent in French ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท, English ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง, Spanish ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ, and currently dabbling in Chinese ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ณ.
Discord: Jรฉrรฉmy#9864 (just let me know who you are when you add me!) ๐Ÿ’ฌ

๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท From Paris to Dreams of Canada ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ:

Born and raised in the romantic yet bustling Paris. Forever thankful to my hardworking parents for their sacrifices. ๐Ÿ’–
Dreaming of a quieter life in Canada, with Toronto's stunning skyline in my sights. Montreal could be a great start too! ๐ŸŒ†

๐Ÿ“บ Anime and Manga Journey:

Childhood memories are filled with "Naruto" ๐Ÿฅ and "Detective Conan" ๐Ÿ”, thanks to TV.
A special shoutout to my dad for introducing me to "Dragon Ball" ๐Ÿ‰ - my first unknowing anime experience.
Nowadays, I'm more into manga due to a hectic schedule. It lets me dive into stories at my own pace. ๐Ÿ“š

๐ŸŽ“ A Glimpse into My Life:

Student: Pursuing mechanical engineering (I graduate soon) ๐ŸŽ“
Hobbies: Judo ๐Ÿฅ‹, piano ๐ŸŽน, and immersing myself in the magical world of Ghibli movies ๐ŸŽฅ.
Music Vibes: A mix of Pop ๐ŸŽต, K-pop ๐ŸŽค, and J-pop ๐ŸŽถ. And yes, I'm a K-drama enthusiast too! ๐Ÿ“บ
Zodiac & Personality: Cancer โ™‹ and ISTJ - a blend of emotion and logic. ๐Ÿง 

Likes & Dislikes:

๐Ÿ‘ Loves traveling ๐ŸŒ, Asian cuisine ๐Ÿœ, playing sports ๐Ÿ€, hanging out with friends ๐Ÿ‘ฅ, and a big fan of cats and dogs ๐Ÿฑ๐Ÿถ.
๐Ÿ‘Ž Not a fan of pretense, rainy days โ˜”, lies, noise ๐Ÿ”Š, and early mornings โฐ.

Events & Conventions:

I love attending anime events like Japan Expo in France ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท and specific anime conventions, particularly for "One Piece" โš“. Recently, I even participated in a Rakugo session to celebrate the manga "Akane-Banashi" ๐ŸŽญ.
Beyond Anime: When I'm not immersed in anime, you can find me running ๐Ÿƒ, playing volleyball ๐Ÿ (thanks to "Haikyuu" for sparking that interest!), or exploring various restaurants with friends ๐Ÿฝ๏ธ. And while piano used to be a part of my childhood activities, let's just say my drawing skills are... uniquely abstract ๐Ÿ–ผ๏ธ.

๐ŸŒ Travel Adventures in 2023:

2023 has been an extraordinary year for me, filled with memorable travels. Here's a snapshot of my journeys:
๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ Canada (Montreal): Battled through snowstorms in February. Despite the freezing weather โ„๏ธ, the heartwarming people ๐Ÿ‘ซ and relaxing sauna experiences ๐Ÿง– made it worthwhile.
๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ USA (Florida): A mix of work ๐Ÿš€ and pleasure ๐ŸŒด. Participated in a school project on rocket design and later enjoyed the sunny beaches of Miami. The huge food portions ๐Ÿ” and lively parties ๐Ÿ’ƒ, especially among the Spanish community, were quite the experience!
๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฑ The Netherlands: A serene family trip exploring beautiful gardens ๐ŸŒท. Capturing the tranquility and beauty was simply amazing.
๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡น Austria (Vienna): A brief visit, yet so enriching. Vienna's stunning cities and museums ๐Ÿ›๏ธ left a lasting impression - a place worth living in.
๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ฎ Finland: An adventure with friends to see the aurora borealis ๐ŸŒŒ and sled rides through snowy forests ๐ŸŒฒ pulled by foxes ๐ŸฆŠ. While Finland's high living costs are notable, its beauty and the recent accolade of being the best country to live in are undeniable.

Dream Destinations: Japan ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ต and South Korea ๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท top my travel wish list.

Life's Philosophy:
Life is a complex tapestry of experiences ๐ŸŒ. We might not always grasp its lessons immediately, but they shape us nonetheless. My mantra? Live fully, lose with grace, and always dare to dream again. Life's truly beautiful when you embrace it fearlessly ๐Ÿ’ช.


Watching this season

Last completed anime

Favorite ANIME / MANGA genre

Anime & Manga Favorites

๐ŸŒŒ Anime Loves:

Isekai Wonders: Love the blend of reincarnation, fantasy, and magic. Intrigued by characters evolving from their past lives in new worlds.
Hidden Power in School Life: Drawn to stories where the protagonist is secretly overpowered, navigating school life in unique ways.
Emotionally Charged Tales: Captivated by anime that evoke deep feelings, making me empathize with characters in poignant situations.
Mystery & Investigation: Engrossed in unraveling mysteries and finding the hidden culprit.

๐Ÿ“š Manga Corner:

Survival Game Sagas: Thrilled by the intense drama of life-or-death survival games.
Shonen Spectacles: A fan of the classic shonen genre with its action-packed and engaging narratives.
Psychological Depths: Fascinated by the exploration of the human psyche and manipulation in psychological manga.


Chitanda Eru's "I'm Curious" in "Hyouka": Chitanda's inquisitive nature, captured by her iconic phrase, drives the story's mysteries. Her curiosity is infectious, drawing viewers and the protagonist, Oreki, into the heart of each puzzle.

"I Want to Eat Your Pancreas" Wholesome Moments: The film's touching interactions, particularly the simple yet profound moments between the main characters, highlight the beauty and tragedy of their fleeting relationship, leaving a lasting emotional impact.

"Your Lie in April": Kosei's Piano Performance with Kaori: This scene symbolizes the transformative power of music and relationships. Kosei's emotional journey through music, guided and inspired by Kaori, is both heart-wrenching and uplifting, depicting the duo's deep connection.

Meeting Between Shin and Lena in "86": The poignant first meeting between Shin and Lena reflects the complex themes of war, prejudice, and understanding.

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Ayanokoji (Classroom of the Elite): Intriguing for his intellect and secretive nature, Ayanokoji's skill in manipulation and strategy makes him a uniquely unpredictable character.

Lena (86): Her empathy and fight for justice in a harsh world showcase Lena's strong character. Her efforts to bridge divides in a discriminatory society highlight her profound humanity.

Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul): Kaneki's transformation from a shy student to a formidable ghoul captures a compelling narrative of self-discovery and moral struggle in a grim world.

Elaina (Wandering Witch): Elaina's love for adventure and independence, along with her wit and curiosity, perfectly suit her journey through diverse worlds, making her a captivating explorer.

Yato (Noragami): Yato's growth from a lesser-known deity to a more respected one, while retaining his humor and kindness, makes him a particularly lovable and relatable god.

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Dragon Ball GT: Gokuu Gaiden! Yuuki no Akashi wa Suushinchuu
Dragon Ball GT: Gokuu Gaiden! Yuuki no Akashi wa Suushinchuu
Yesterday, 3:23 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
Dragon Ball Z Movie 10: Kiken na Futari! Super Senshi wa Nemurenai
Dragon Ball Z Movie 10: Kiken na Futari! Super Senshi wa Nemurenai
Yesterday, 3:19 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 8
Dragon Ball Z Movie 11: Super Senshi Gekiha!! Katsu no wa Ore da
Dragon Ball Z Movie 11: Super Senshi Gekiha!! Katsu no wa Ore da
Yesterday, 3:18 PM
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"Oshi no Ko"
"Oshi no Ko"
Yesterday, 12:48 PM
Reading 146/? · Scored -
Juujika no Rokunin
Juujika no Rokunin
Apr 16, 2:12 PM
Reading 157/? · Scored -
One Piece
One Piece
Apr 7, 3:32 PM
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EWY 8 hours ago
Thank you so much, i really appreciate it! :)
Mugiwara_boshi 10 hours ago
Thank you so much for these kind wishes and for this beautiful Frieren picture <3
Hoarfox Apr 16, 11:08 PM
I tend to not have issues with time really. I have too much freetime currently and that just leads to me being rather bored most of the time. I used to have a few dropped anime like A certain scientific railgun. But, it was for the 0 drop badge on malGraph or ani+ its called now.

The issues I had with Frieren (the anime) is that the characters are just kinda weak. That is due in part to both Frieren and Fern being emotionless characters known as kuuderes. And Stark is just kinda there. While Fern does show emotion sometimes (mostly just anger), she still fits the robotic nature of a kuudere. Now, it makes sense that Frieren and Fern are both Kuuderes considering Fern was raised by Frieren. And Frieren has lived a long life. Although, Seris or however you spell their name still shows emotion despite that. It was just hard to be invested in the characters I should care about, and if they all died I wouldn't have cared too much. It just makes the character interactions miss for me. Another issue being the pacing felt off. Like it started off with a nice pacing, but towards the end it just felt rushed. Also, the ending didn't really feel that satisfying to me. Oh and I wish the adventuring and combat bits were a bit longer. Everything just kinda felt over in a single blow.

A lot of the anime I watched on TV as a kid isn't why I got into anime as they were just cartoons to me at the time. InuYasha was the first anime I saw as a kid and I watched it off the reflection of a floor As it was on TV when I was supposed to be asleep. Someone who lived with us at the time watched it, and it was the only way I could. Lucky Star was the first anime I watched knowing what anime was and I watched all the episodes on youtube.

I started S1 recently and am only 3 episodes in. I don't really care for it that much so far, and am going to mostly watch it for Eris. Eris was the main reason i even heard about Mushoku Tensei and added it to my PTW. I can't think of any of the top of my head. I don't really look at stuff like VAs, Studio, and Genres much outside of just when i add something to my PTW. Only genre I really avoid is BL, but I've seen a few by accident cause I didn't know they were BL or notice the tag.
Ompats Apr 14, 8:58 AM
Hey! It's been quite a while.
Well, not that exciting, but I got the opportunity to present a few classes. I was sure I'd be nervous, but I wasn't at all so it was actually a great experience. Other than that it's mostly been marking and admin though my colleagues keep life interesting.
I'm glad your work is satisfying! More than 40h is a lot. Officially, 37.5h per week though we also sometimes have half day on Fridays. We do work overtime however during marking season to get it done ASAP. My biggest issue has been juggling work and doing my masters which I've mostly been trying to do over the weekends.

Thank you! I got my results last week Friday and I passed! My colleagues and I were so stressed, but luckily we all passed. I was convinced prior to the results that the tax tripped me up enough to make me fail. ๐Ÿ˜‚
We have both public and private schools, yes. Though both you need to pay for, I think the private school in general turn out to be more costly.

That's understandable, I also generally follow others' cues unless I know them really well. We're complete opposites though since I'm a very physically affectionate person, though it's likely something I just picked up from my family.

When I'm stressed I tend to lose my appetite so during exam periods I mostly just eat because I have to. My sleep is relatively unaffected, since I try to keep to a strict schedule. Either way, my brain is mush by 8pm.
I don't really have any good reason to be interested in French, it just sounded pretty, my parents had a few books on it (they also tried learning it at some point) and my school presented a few very uncoordinated classes on it. As for my level, think a baby who is just learning to speak. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
C'est difficile, mais ouis. S'il vous plait, parle francais avec do I say it'll be good practice? At least it's typed, my pronunciation is a nightmare. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Lol, idk how to explain it when I've very little to compare it to. I do think South Africans are known for their dry sense of humour and sarcasm.

Thank you for the tips! I've made a jogging buddy which helps me keep a regular exercise routine. As for the rest, I'll definitely try to implement them too. Most of the time Idk what I'm doing in my masters, so time management and goal setting is difficult.
As for how to deal with stress, I'm going to regurgitate some of your own advice - keep yourself healthy with exercise, sleep and a well-balanced diet. Those helps for most things, I guess. Other than that, take it one day at a time and only focus on what is within your control on any one given day. While it can be difficult to implement, if it's outside of your control the best you can do is to hope and pray it turns out well, then to wait and see. Overthinking it generally just leads to more stress. Depending what you're stressing about, you can also have a 'Plan B' in place if something doesn't work out exactly like you hoped.

Academia itself tends to automatically include a teaching component, whereas in practice it'll probably have to be showing new recruits the ropes. If I had to choose one subject, it'd be accounting. At the moment I'm teaching tax which is also interesting, though it changes rather often so I don't think I'd want to continue with it in the future.
I don't know about making a positive impact, I just want to help students grasp concepts more easily. It's terrible to be a student and not know why or how to do things.

Oh, I phrased that poorly. I meant if the internship has to exceed 2 months in order for people to get paid, then what do interns do during those <2 months for living expenses. Though you mentioned a scholarship, so I'm assuming that might be how?

The mountains are lovely! Also, it looks extremely cold!

Well, my jogging buddy and I for example would change the time we go jog to avoid jogging in the dark. We also take a dog with us.
Other than that, we're careful of valuables - keeping it out of sight and close so as not to become a target. I heard that when the 2010 soccer world cup was in SA, a lot of foreigners' things got stolen since they weren't used to being as careful. If I'm driving on my own, I'd avoid driving at night and having my doors locked at all times. My mom once had someone try to open her car door in broad daylight when she stopped at a robot, but luckily her doors were locked. Most houses have high walls and dogs for security.
These are just the basics that I think most people do. Do you do similar things?

Uhm, I'm not sure what would count as community events and traditions. South Africans tend to enjoy barbequing a lot, which tends to be a social event. There is also a place you can go dance in the town, we call it 'sokkie'. (You can skip to around 01:15 if you want to get an idea what it looks like, this is a easy song to dance on.)

I still haven't watched the Haikyuu movie either. I haven't been able to find it on the site I normally watch, so idk if it'll just be released on there at a later date.

Loving the Apothecary Diaries meme, recently finished watching it and really enjoyed it.
I also enjoyed the MC of classroom of the elite! :)
I'm also watching Frieren atm, it's actually quite fun.
gyuxz313 Apr 11, 1:44 PM
hi, sorry for the super late reply:000 nice to meet u<33
firstly thank u for accepting my fr:))) i’ve been super busy with uni stuff as well recently, but thankfully it’s calmed down a bit, for now…
i started watching anime after my friend recommended that i watch aot!! i was super hooked!
as for my fav genres, i reeeeally love shoujos!! psychological animes are also super interesting… i can honestly watch anything i think!
how about you? how’d you start watching anime and what are ur fav genres?:0
Enescu Apr 5, 2:46 PM
bro what's up with these comments
Hoarfox Apr 4, 2:00 AM
It's nice to see someone who is quite friendly in the anime community. It honestly just feels like if you aren't ready to defend your favourite anime with a three page essay, then you just get told what you like is bad. Or just other toxic things in general. Just decided that the only way to truly enjoy the medium of entertainment is to distance myself from the anime community. I appreciate you accepting the friend request. Overall I'm doing pretty good. Just suffering from the no drop curse with Sailor Moon. Don't really enjoy it, and it definitely hasn't aged well. How are yourself?

Spice and Wolf used to be my favourite anime before I ended up watching Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. Holo is the real number one waifu. I'm sad we never got a season three for the original all the way back then. Although, Passione has been doing a good job with the remake that is currently airing. Sure, only the first episode is out, but I have high hopes for it. It gives me nostalgia back to when I watched anime on my phone. The chemistry between Holo and Lawrence continues to be excellent. And there was one other thing I was really excited about, but its a spoiler if you haven't read the LN.

Plastic Memories was a bit unfortunate as I got spoiled on it. Not due to anyone telling me, but I used to use this one site that you could watch anime with people on. Anyone could create a room, but there wasn't a preview or anyway to tell what people were watching unless you entered a room. I randomly joined a room and I happened to see one of the final episodes of Plastic Memories. The person told me the name of the show and that they were near the end so I left. I waited for a few years before I finally watched it, but I still remembered the ending. Didn't stop the tears from flowing though. The site wasn't all bad though as I also found out about Haikyuu!! that way.

I see that you have Apothecary Diaries and Frieren in your favourite manga. I haven't finished the anime for Apothecary yet as I'm waiting for a friend to catch up with me before we finish it together. How did you enjoy the anime adaptations of them, and did you think the studios did a good job with them? Personally, I've really liked what I've seen of Apothecary so far and I am glad that it is getting a season 2. Frieren had a few things I didn't like too much, but it was nice overall.

I started anime because of SAO. And to this day I still like it, and prefer it over Attack on Titan personally. I also liked the fairy arc of SAO. But, really I saw someone watching SAO in a free period and I asked them about it. If I was to pick it'd probably be Ecchi and Harem. One day I'd love to have an Ecchi, Harem, GL anime. Although, Gushing Over Magical Girls from Win24 was pretty close to that. I extend the same questions to yourself.

Have a good day yourself!

Deltalpha Apr 3, 2:24 PM
Thank you so much for this warm message and picture! ^^
-Sonal- Apr 1, 9:10 PM
I'm going to keep my responses shorter because you love to keep detailed replies, and the more detailed any comment is, the longer I take to respond to it - but I like to reply quickly to people's comments!'

> For you, is money more important the passion you have for your job ?
It's a government job that deals with public on a regular basis. There's no person in the world who'd say they would do this job for passion. We all do it for money lol ;p

> What about you, do you work overtime sometimes ?
Very rarely. It's a government job so it's not really expected from you. In fact, these days since I have a back problem, I'm not attending office for more than 4 hours every day, while on paper it's a 10-5 job ;p

> I even eat at a restaurant Indian for a colleague birthday, it was really yummy although super expensive.
You've never tried cooking Indian food at home?

> Do you have some traditional dishes that you eat during some special events ?
Nah, I eat Indian food daily, so when I go out, I prefer eating food that isn't North Indian.

> but in a way other nationalities are forced to learn French, because some workers don't speak English
Yeah, I've read about the French being jerks to people who don't speak French, forcing them to learn a new language, instead of talking in English. Is that true?

> It's not the case in India ? I mean between two people doing the same job ( one being lazy and the other being a hardworker), they will get the same salary ?
If it's a government position, it doesn't matter how much you work or how many hours you put. You get paid the same amount as everybody else in your position. I can't speak for private companies, but at least there you can re-negotiate your salary if you're not happy with it.

> And you don't have national holidays where you don't work in India ?

> Now i'm suffering with aches and pain.
Ahaha. Welcome to being an adult. The older you grow, the more your body will ache and the longer it will take for it to recover lol

Ah, I didn't know France and Switzerland have open borders. That's quite an envious position you have - the salary of a Swiss but the expenses of a French person.

effy_ Mar 29, 5:44 AM

I can imagine how busy you must be so thank you so much for finding the time and answering the message. just hope that you know, you can always answer on your own time, whenever you feel like talking. I understand that sometimes you might be busy and other times, just not in the mood. both legit reasons. (I mean you don´t have to answer at all if you don´t feel like it!) I hope I don´t come off as pushy.

I do like to drink coffee, but just as you I try not to go overboard. I keep it to two cups a day. what about yourself?
also when I am not abusing the copy machine, I try to chat with my colleagues. get some inspiration, some tips etc. luckily, we don´t really have any interesting "other" colleagues to gossip about so we keep all that civil. mostly, no one really has the time. when I do have some prep time and I am already done with everything, I just watch youtube videos that I could potentially use in my classes. I try to avoid striding to do non-productive stuff because I can easily fall into this loop of "killing my boredom" by some stupid things like ... youtube videos about kpop :D.

I guess some people are just built different, as they say :). as for your question. I don´t really associate myself with such people and frankly, I don´t care enough to know how they manage their lifestyles. I guess something like "birds of a feather flock together". I don´t drink nor I smoke so I naturally spend more time with people with similar attitudes. I suppose some of my colleagues might smoke and drink in their free time, but luckily they are keeping those things private.

oh yeah, I guess everyone buys stuff in France if they can, right? that must be exhausting but also salaries are much higher so here are the bonuses. I do groceries only if I really must, I hate shopping... too many people and wasting money. if I go though I always make myself happy with an oat bar which is on the expensive side. and then I keep hating myself for wasting money :D.

what languages and skills are you learning? as for me, I would like to improve my French but all I ever do is just watching French videos on YT and hoping that it will stick to my like a glue :D. had I have a reason to try harder, I probably would, but I don´t like working for nothing (a rather capitalist approach :D) so I really don´t have a motivation to stick to any sort of routine. I would love to teach French one day, but the secondary language (after English I mean) here is German and most schools don´t offer any other options to pick a language from... plus, French is hard so .. eh, yeah, youtube videos :D.

my parents were very overprotective. they were very chill when it came to grades, I didn´t have to study very hard. they always told me if I fail, it´s my problem and if I don´t get into uni, it´s my life and I will have to be a cleaner so if I want to do it, it´s up to me. I didn´t have to stress that much over things I didn´t want to. but they did not allow me to go to parties or even play outside much. my mum especially feared letting me play with other kids due to safety reasons but also bad influence. she didn´t want me to join any sort of gangs or do anything crazy so i was at home. sure, I had one or two friends but I wasn´t allowed to go to any clubs as a teenager and I could only come home from school. I could grab a cup of coffee here and there with friends but my parents were overly controlling and I had to let them know where I was, when I was leaving and when I was coming home and never before it was dark outside! it was boring and I never had any will to fight them so it also reduced any possibilities to have fun or to have more friends because I was "very weird" in the eyes of normal kids.

as for me as a teacher, I am a pushover. one of those teachers that you can bully, throw things at, roll eyes at and all that. I am not very charismatic so I am not very popular, I just do my job and go home.:D

just as you, I also didn´t have any huge emotions about my school days. sure, school was ... there. a place to go to every day, do your job and come back. I didn´t think much about it - no hate, no love? I think nowadays kids are much more negative towards school. they would rather prefer to stay inside - sleep and play computer games. they also want to make sure that you know how much you suck as a teacher and how school should be either fun for them or die out :D. I mean, maybe some of us hated school or hated specific subjects but we weren´t vocal about it and I would never tell into a teacher´s face they were boring.

when I was a teenager I was a massive movies fan! I wanted to write critics, I used to read the "Premiere" magazine, I used to have a diary for rating all the films I have watched, I used to binge watch SO MANY FILMS. films and music, I loved Placebo. was an avid fangirl, had a blog since I was 12 where I would write about music and films even though I didn´t have the internet at home and had to go to the Internet cafés. that was my all. I also read a lot.

tbh, there is nothing much to visit in the Czech Republic. I would not add it to my radar either :D. can´t blame you.
I do live in the mountains, in the north of the CZ so yeah, a couple of times. the town is in the valley though and going up and down when you need to walk like 3 km is just exhausting :D. it´s like daily mountaineering :D.

I really like how responsible and organized you are ! of course unexpected events can throw anyone off! but you are surely one of those people that just .. deals with them and even if you are freaking out on the inside, something is telling me you are still pretty chill on the outside. are my assumptions right?

soo where would you rather live? in France or Switzerland? something about how pristine and proper Switzerland is just annoys me, I dunno, I would like to visit, but otherwise it just doesn´t excite me as such. I am asking why do people like Switzerland and why I can´t see the appeal? what am I missing? but I have no doubt that it is a beautiful country! like I can see it in pictures but somehow it just does not do it for me.

when you interact with others do you speak French or English? I know some companies use English as their official language to accommodate everyone.

wow at working at CERN! don´t have to be a scientist to actually understand what an achievement that is! congrats! that´s fantastic and as scary as the future might be, I am sure this internship will give you a solid head up in your journey.

hmm, I think I have talked about casual racism that is wired up with dark humour here. lots of people being close minded and complaining about everything is a national sprot as well as just throwing any problems at "the evil immigrants!". there is a certain sense of ignorance and victim mentality, but apart from the negative stuff, the Czechs are chill. sure, some are loud and rowdy, but don´t you meet such people everywhere? they are generally chill, not very hot headed, they are not huge extroverts. some might come off as cold. a lot of Czechs spend a lot of times outdoors - usually cycling, skiing or hiking. water sports are also popular, a lot of people do kayaking, rowing and all that. generally, I´d say they are quite sporty. they don´t really like tasting new food or are not very interested in meeting new people from other countries. I think the Nordic countries get some slack, they are viewed as solid, strong, beautiful and peaceful. France is popular too. but if you were Black, you´d get a lot of stares, not necessarily out of malice, but definitely some unwanted attention. with anime and kpop becoming more and more popular in the world, even here, Asian culture (in general) is more widely accepted. kids are starting to see the differences between the countries and people might actually take a guess rather than calling someone from Vietnam "Chinese". that´s why I have mentioned "causal racism" a lot of people would not even apologize, they´d just say "aren´t you all the same?" and not even feeling bad about their own words. the problem is ... they don´t actually mean to offend anyone, it just never crosses their mind that people would be offended by that. but try telling them they are Russians and they will kill you :D. (not literally, hopefully :D) there is still a long way to go. a lot of them just refuses to see the bigger picture. if they don´t like one European law, they are immediately against the EU etc.
but again, they are not bad people, it´s just what growing up in a post-Communist (or Communist) country does to you. give them 30 more years :D.
yet, there are also many chill, awesome, friendly, funny people. I am pretty sure if you came over, a lot of people would ask you where you are from (you´d probably have to explain your ethnicity because here, French is still you know ... different and I don´t mean necessarily just white, they´d actually ask a blonde person how come they are French :D. we are running on stereotypes here :D) I have Nordic features but I was born in Ukraine and sometimes I joke about saying I am from Sweden or Norway and they ... believe me :D. but I promise they´d be just sincerely interested in knowing where you are from. they are also very pleased to see that people are interested in their country so if you actually ever stumble across anyone willing to talk just telling them how you like the country and maybe adding some specifics, I am not even kidding, the ices are gonna be melt and they will be deeming with pride and joy :D. it´s a small country, what can you do :D.

for my colleagues. I try to be a helpful, responsible and nice person. there are some people I talk to more, there are others I don´t... I try to engage in little chit chats as much as I can to keep a friendly atmosphere because I am well aware that I need connections to get things done, but I am an introvert so I don´t go out with my colleagues or do any lunches together. I have some friends from my previous school that I hang out with but that hanging out is mostly going on short trips. I hate pubs and I am not a big fan of restaurants. I like cafés! you must have many cafés in Paris. do you have any favs? are there any good cafés in Geneva?

I wouldn´t say that Timmy has any particular habits. he is a horrible despotic king at home, but he is a real darling during walks. I cannot praise him enough .he is very responsible and follows around. he likes walks, loves the forest and always guides me well even when I feel like we are not going the right way. he is a mixture of a terrier and they are known as hunting dogs which shows in him. I don´t let him run free because he is careless and there are roads everywhere and also he would probably run away and come back in three hours with something in his mouth :D but I let him guide the way and just follow along. I try to never engage with deer or cats, they often live their lives. some cats follow me and if I see they are home cats I pat them and when it was winter I threw them some food in the snow because it was so chilly. (I got some fish for breakfast so I shared). otherwise I let them be, I just smile stupidly and wave at them :D.

but why? here a lot a of people travel to Germany to shop (believing the products are of higher quality there - debatable) or because they work there and get better pay, but you know, you gotta know German for that. in Switzerland/France situation it must be different after all! no language barriers (at least when it comes to the French canton). that´s just odd. of course I can understand shopping for some small stuff in your city, but why wouldn´t you go shopping in bulk in France since it´s the most logical decision?

there is a set salary for teachers as they are paid by state. it´s not that simple. you are paid according to your contract and how many years you have been teaching.

I am a migrant myself so I just try to talk about my own experience and my views and try to persuade people, as you have said, that immigrants can contribute to a society. but I understand that change takes time and a country that small might be fighting desperately for its own identity in such a globalized world. this battle cannot be won with aggression or negativity. each generation will be better as they meet people from other countries, travel and hopefully will not only get negative but also positive experience. I have a friend who hates immigrants despite herself living in the UK for 2 years and having a sister who has been living in Finland for years now as well as travelling abroad many times in her lives, but her experience with foreigners have never been good so she just writes everyone off, silently luckily. not in a way that she would hate and discriminate openly, but she would immediately close the borders and forbid people learning English :D. but I swear she is a nice person otherwise, we just avoid that topic altogether :D.

would you say that the French kids are more excited about school? what would be the reasons? as for me, I am all for unschooling. I think we need a change of system. all kids should be educated until they are 12 and after that they should be allowed to choose the classes that they want to specialize in. we should also support homeschooling and stop penalizing kids not going to school at all. a huge problem here is, we are supporting underperformers here but kids who are overachievers are either pushed to study at competitive grammar schools or they are forgotten in the classrooms that have to be downplayed according to kids who don´t care because "we can´t fail them so we need to make it so easy that everyone passes".

I mean, I think you are asking a bit too concrete questions. it´s not as if Czechs are that different from Germans, Poles etc. who is gonna go surfing here? or do barbecue? since we don´t have the weather :D. I guess it´s pretty standard.

what is interesting though is that I have recently got a message from a Brazilian online friend and he mentioned that in Brazil there are classes like dancing or martial arts etc. that are public and free of charge, actually you can attend them even as an adult. I think that might be a solution right here. kids here can attend plenty of afterschool programmes but they are done by privately and they need to be paid for and that is not always cheap (depending on the chosen sport). also adults don´t really attend any "hobby" classes. that would be perceived as weird (unless we are talking yoga, pilates etc. but like martial art, drawing, playing an instrument? that would be weird to start in your 40s) and you have to pay for everything.

when it comes to writing, I try to let them describe pictures, scenes in films, youtube videos etc. starting small is the key. first, I ask for three sentences, then five and I always let the options open. if they want to practice more, they can write freely and engage their imagination. if they don´t, I usually ask them for specific number of sentences. sometimes it´s just the topic they might find difficult and other times they write more. there are of course people who will never like it, but that´s life.

well watching the kids becoming teenagers is awesome :). developing their skills, their personalities and such. it´s fascinating from a human point of view, isn´t it?

I usually make a salad for breakfast, then I eat something sweet for a desert because I cannot help myself and with my colleagues we usually bring some biscuits or pies to work so that everyone can have a sugar refill during the day so I can´t resist and then I have lunch/dinner at home with a small desert as well. what about you? any tips on losing weight?

also, you are so young! you should not be bothered by weight just yet! keep it chill!

apothecary diaries is excellent so thank you for the pic. I really like that it is a romance not only about romance. I like medical stuff though I am not in the field, so that works for me and as I might have mentioned I find herbalism really interesting. I also like anime set in historical settings. Jinshi is a great guy, MaoMao is a great character and my faovurite Luomen needs more screentime. what about you??

all the best
take care, stay healthy and safe
all the good stuff to you and your family
kihel Mar 28, 8:00 PM
I don't know if I have a list of things to do before I die. In the meantime, I'm sure I'll try to do some things I'll never be able to do again.

No, there's no job, no moving departments, no change in my life at all. Although I read in your comment that you were glad there was a big change, I think that was a translation error in my last comment, because there is no real change. Sorry.

No, from my point of view, "renting a girlfriend" is not a normal feeling. I think there is something wrong with both the person renting and the person being rented.

I can somehow understand that the mentality of Europeans and Japanese is different. It doesn't bother me, and I think the difference is natural because we grew up in different environments. Sometimes I think it's interesting when I meet Japanese-like people from overseas or MAL.

How do you think society's attitudes toward work-life balance and financial support systems affect individuals' decisions regarding employment and household chores? but I have not thought about it deeply, nor do I want to, so let me leave it unanswered. If not, I am too busy just commenting on your writing, since you do not have any.

Well, in many ways, you can't tell what's going on in someone's head from the outside, and sometimes an affable person can be a psychopass, so I don't think looks are everything and image is not everything.

In the past, some anime OPs did not match the content of the work, but I think that many of today's works match the atmosphere of the work.
JJK and Freelen don't ring a bell when I'm told the names of the songs, though I don't watch the anime at all because I read them in the manga and don't feel the need to watch the anime. I guess my favorite anime songs are the ones related to Neon Genesis Evangelion and the ones related to Slayers.

I think a collection of books and manga books is a very personal thing. The level of importance is different for everyone.

Not every old manga is worth something. Also, depending on whether the store you ask to purchase them is staffed by someone who knows what they are worth or someone who doesn't, the price will be assessed differently. There are certain conditions and other reasons for that. They may be out of print, first edition, have an obi, have a small circulation, be by a popular manga artist, and so on.

I first became interested in manga when my mother bought me a copy at a limited-time used manga book sale at a supermarket. I think I am at the peak of my reading. I can't read unless I have a certain amount of free time, or time to read. I think I've probably been reading at a pretty high pace for the past few years. I think I've been reading about 1,800 books a year for the past few years. I'll probably slow down the pace eventually, but for now, I'm undecided.

When I check out a book from the library, I choose a mystery novel from an author I have read and enjoyed in the past, but sometimes I read a book because I like the cover of the book, just as I do with manga books. For manga, I feel that I am less particular about the author or genre of the book than I am for manga, since there is a pattern of borrowing a book just because it is a new release.
Figurines are expensive in Japan, I think.
The weather is fine today. There were many rainy days this week. There are some cherry trees. Though the cherry blossoms haven't bloomed yet.

You are working in Switzerland now, aren't you? I think it's a good place to work because they say the working environment is good.

Today is the end of the work year, a day that marks the end of many things. I feel that time is passing so fast...April will be here in a few days.
CherryLollipop Mar 25, 9:10 AM

Well, I don't think I've had so much HW lately. Also I do some stuff before hand, so I manage well. I also have enough time between the school works, so the DL's aren't so hard to match.
About procrastination, well.... I do that still, but I think I've gotten better with it now and tend to do work fast and then be lazy lol.

Nah, it's not embarassing. I don't understand how people learn Japanese through anime ahaha. I took courses & self study online, but only learning via anime is unbelieveable.
Well, lately I feel like I have to read a lot, the texts are getting more complicated too, like subject about politics and such, so it takes some time. I'm not too familiar with Japanese politics system so even if I understand the words, I need to also understand the contents haha.
It's interesting though.
And yes, I hate writing reports too.

Ohh, you sound so diligent worker! That's cool.
But isn't living in Switzerland also more expensive?
Of course I'd like to work comfortably and earn a lot, but I think to me, most important is that I enjoy doing it. After all, I will have to spend like 40+ years doing that, so...

20 Swiss Franc for lunch?? omg, don't you get discount?
That's quite a lot...

Tbh, I don't know the ceremony is, haha!

Well, I think it depends on a lot of stuff, if you feel welcome or not. Of course, anywhere you go, culture shocks are present.
But what I have understood, Finnish people can be quite racist, though I suppose that might be changing with new generations.
I think Finland is ok, country for raising children, but I would avoid Helsinki lol.
Yeah, I think it is because we have quite low population compared to other countries, so there is no room for inequality. Yet, there is some things that are uneven, like the salary. Men's euro is about 80cents for women on same job...

Ahaha I have the same with thinking that I have a bad taste lol
Oh you don't drop animes? wooow, I could never ahaha
I used to have that mindset, but I feel like I don't want to waste my time for boring ones...

I don't think I had any favs this season. Everything was quite ok.
Did you have favorites? I see you enjoyed Frierien a lot!
And do you have planned what to watch next season?
I'm looking forward to kuroshitsuji!!

Yes! I would like to have a pet in the future! In my childhood, till now, I, or my family, have had a pet, so I think I would feel lonely without.
But I understand, that would be quite a chore ahaha.
Are they your pets? Do you live alone or why do you have to clean everything?

Hopefully this week will be fun for you <3
peaceink Mar 24, 11:40 PM
Thank you so much!! :)
xPinkVenom Mar 24, 2:45 PM
I have a lot of doctors in my family and lawyers. I'm going to be a cardiothoracic surgeon.

I'm looking forward to watching Yuru Camp, Hibike Euphonium, Sasayaku You ni Koi wo Utau and Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai.

The transition was pretty easy. When I was living in Japan I did went to an international school, so I pretty much spoke English most of the time and were surrounded by other kids that were not from Japan. There are certain things that I miss about Japan.

CamomiIe Mar 24, 6:47 AM
Thank you!! ;w;
Itโ€™s time to ditch the text file.
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