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Days: 233.3
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Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko.
Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko.
4 hours ago
Completed 12/12 · Scored -
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai (Shinsaku Animation)
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai (Shinsaku Animation)
6 hours ago
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito 4 - Nikushimi no Kioku kara
Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito 4 - Nikushimi no Kioku kara
6 hours ago
Completed 1/1 · Scored -
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Days: 93.6
Mean Score: 8.47
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Fudanshi Bartender no Tashinami
Fudanshi Bartender no Tashinami
Jun 20, 8:03 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Return Survival
Return Survival
Jun 17, 10:09 AM
Reading - · Scored -
Farmer of Spirits
Farmer of Spirits
Jun 17, 10:08 AM
Reading 30/? · Scored 9

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eivann Jun 12, 5:52 AM
WOAH you're a math teacher and a Fujoshi ? I STAN
HimeCrycho Jun 7, 9:03 PM
Thank you so much for the friend invite! This club has been the absolute most welcoming club I have ever been in!
Coaghim Jun 4, 10:38 AM
Yes I deleted a post of mine on your profile. After asking if the 'Lone Necromancer = Seoul Station's Necromancer', I also wanted to ask if 'Ranker Who Lives A Second Time = Second Life Ranker'. So I copy-pasted my deleted post and inserted that second question ^^ I didn't want to spam you a gazillion messages on your profile, sorry for the mess ^^

I'll expand the list later and make this latest adjustments. I only hope they won't drown in a huge plan to read list :p haha

Yeah it feels good to finally have an official MAL page for these webtoons :D Plus now I can put them in my favorites! ^^

What is an arcanist? Good question! I have no idea :P I haven't played that job yet. But it is ranked under magical ranged DPS, just like Black Mage. So I guess it does offensive magic spells from a distance. Maybe instead of dealing damage with ICE & FIRE spells, like the black mage does, it perhaps deals damage with other kind of spells like Wind & Earth? I'm not sure.

Currently I have maxed out 2 tanks (Dark Knight and Warrior), 4 close combat DPS (Monk, Samurai, Dragoon & Ninja) & 1 healer (white mage). In the near future paladin (currently level 80), gunbreaker (68, starts at 60)), black mage (86), reaper (starts at 70), bard (76), machinist (starts at 30) & dancer (81, starts at 60)) will all be maxed out awell. It's a work in progress :p FYI the jobs that start at a higher level is, because they got implemented later in the game when new DLC dropped. Like for example in the latest DLC, called Endwalkers that released in november 2021, we got sage and reaper as new jobs. Both of them start at level 70.

One hit teacher.. nice! I loved GTO, Great Teacher Onizuka, so yeah I can give this one a chance to ;)

Aaaahhh so Doom Breaker = Reincarnation of the Suicidal Battle God, this is one you recommended before! :D

Wauw Loser Coin sure has an actual theme in it :D Bitcoin crazyness hype :p :D
Coaghim Jun 4, 5:41 AM
Apparently I missed some earlier update of the list. Turns out that The legendary Moonlight sculptor & Skeleton Soldier also have a MAL page now :D
Coaghim Jun 4, 5:14 AM
While putting the webtoons in my MAL manga list, I added some more that looked interesting and you scored rather high :D

Doom Breaker & The World After the Fall

Lol I almost did not add Return of Mount Hua Sect :D Funny to see the name got changed into Return of the Blossoming Blade :P

Question -> Is the Lone Necromancer = Seoul Station's Necromancer?
Ranker Who Lives A Second Time = Second Life Ranker?

Uff that took longer then expected :D It was easy to move those I already red, harder then those I don't really know :D But I think I adjusted everything now.
Coaghim Jun 4, 4:17 AM
Eleceed got added? Haha nice! I'll add those in my MAL list and take them out the list on the profile page :D

Well in FF14online you make 1 character and you can freely switch between your jobs at will. There are 4 tank jobs (paladin, dark knight, warrior & gunbreaker), 5 close combat DPS (monk, samurai, dragoon, reaper & ninja), 3 ranged DPS (bard, machinist & dancer), 3 magical DPS (black mage, red mage & arcanist) & lastly 4 healers (white mage, scholar, sage & summoner). That's quiet a job list eh? :D Lastly there's another job which is the exception of the entire bunch which is blue mage. This mage learns magic spells of enemies and can only use such learned spells. This class is apparently so overpowered, his max level got capped to 70, instead of 90.

Ah yes true, psycho pass s3 has longer episodes. I'll try to work on it :D The FLCL movies on your list, are they the anime or added content to the anime. I haven't seen FLCL yet. When I wanted to see it, I couldn't find it. Now I have found it.

40 Days?! That's more then a month :D GANBATTE ;)
Coaghim Jun 3, 9:53 AM
Yeah we have holiday on monday to! :D Haha

Yeah I have seen in the club there were more webtoons on MAL database. I checked them all, but didn't notice Mount Hua sect and Mercenary Enrollment were among them. So it's probably a list I haven't seen yet :D

Haha Dance Dance Danseur, we will see :D I'll tell you if I liked it... or dropped it :p Haha

I did watch Psycho Pass half and half. Loved the first season, so good. Second season was ok, not as great as season 1 sadly. Then, from my understanding, you need to see the movies in order first, before beginning season 3. I think I checked out the first movie? Can't recall it atm. So no I haven't seen the entire serie yet, but I really liked the first season.

I tend to not read the manga, if there's an anime. Plus I personally like manhwa more then reading manga. I like the flow of the panels and colors over black & white, but don't tell anyone :P I don't want to get persecuted :p Haha

Yep leveling jobs is indeed the biggest part of the fun. I started as close combat DPS (Damage Per Second), after that picked up Black Mage job which is a ranged DPS, then I moved over to Tank jobs and like last week I finished leveling my first healer to level 90 :D Healing is pretty fun to, but quiet some responsibility! :O You have to keep the team alive while dealing damage yourself :P

Yeah I don't like to confront cliffhanger kun weekly :D That's why I had the idea to pick up everything again once Eleceed hits chapter 200. Almost there! Just 1 more big month (5/6 weeks) probably & the 'reunion' can commence! Pretty hyped about it to be honest :D

So now, you are trying to watch 1 movie a day for a month? I haven't seen much movies myself, I watched some, but I don't really focus on them. Most of them feel short compared to the 12/24 episodes format :D
Coaghim Jun 3, 4:53 AM
No, once I catched up, I update my list and it sits there :P Once Eleceed hits chapter 200, it will be my signal to start catching up on all manwha's :D Mount Hua Sect and Arcane Sniper will be 1 of the last to catch up since I just catched up with those fairly recently :) Also looking forward to Mercenary Enrollment tbh :p

In the meantime I'll just read new stuff :D If I stop gaming so much FF14 atm :P FF14 online is a MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online), meaning while you play the game, you will come across a lot of players that you can talk to and play with. Atm it has a free trial till your characters hits level 60 (it goes to max level 90), then you'll have to 1 buy the game and DLC & 2 pay a monthly fee to be able to play. I have reached the end of the story, now I'm just leveling different kind of jobs for my characters. Despite playing the same content over and over again, because you play in a different job, it offers a different kind of gameplay style which is quiet refreshing. By doing this, your knowledge of the game expands which is prepping you to tackle the harder content lol Purely for bragging rights I guess :P It's my first MMO game & I have to say I really enjoyed playing through the story, such a big huge adventure, really well done. Despite playing a lot, I did start watching some anime after my game session.

So so sooooooo disappointed in Shield hero... I barely recognize it. I won't drop it for now, but chances are very high, I won't even check season 3 when/if that comes out.

Since many find Komi cant communicate so great, I tried it and WTF :P Nah not my thing -> hard DROP :p (SORRY I know you're working on the elimination of your drop list ^^)

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai, not great either, but at least it makes me chuckle. Something Komi couldn't do at all.

Spy x Family, loved it. Lovely characters, nice vibe in the serie. It remembers me of the Great Pretender.

Next I plan to catch up with Kingdom season 4 and the new episodes of Legend of Galactic Heroes. (I never saw the original old anime)

Oh I also checked out Kawaii dake ja Nai Shikimori-san. Not really great either tbh :( So not really impressed by the current season :D

I haven't checked Dance dance danseur yet, but I will squeeze it in soon. Fingers crossed :D I hope this one won't disappoint like all the others :p haha

Lastly I also catched up on Love is war season 3. I'm not loving it as much as the first and second season, but it's ok. It feels like it is moving to a definitive ending which is good.

I'll wrap it up here before this message becomes an essay ;) Have a superb weekend!
Coaghim Jun 2, 2:28 PM
Haha well... He needs to clear all the 2nd disciples which are 10 and he already got 3? I don't think the strongest of the 2nd disciples will give him much trouble, but cliffhanger kun knows this is his moment to shine lol

So yeah 3 chapters might be just right, 2 chapters seems to short. After all the sect leader and co will have reactions to MC's performance :D
Coaghim May 27, 10:47 AM
Cliffhanger kun ruined my fun in Mount Hua Sect! :D It took a while, but I catched up :D What an awesome manwha! Thx again for the recommendation!
Ciezul May 22, 8:17 AM
Hi there!

First of all, you should read THE FABLE. It's a seinen manga, based on a contract killer. But, it's a kind of parody manga. I have been reading it for quite a while. I feel that it will never get an anime, which is a considerable loss.

Mount Hua is on its peak. I can't wait for next ch. And for Nano, the next chapter will be very very interesting as that new girl trying to kill mc, that girl whom I thought going to be one of the love interests, will surely say that she was testing.

Yeah. topic to talk is getting shorter and shorter. 😅
Kingofglory77 May 16, 8:07 AM
Oh i understand the wano arc everyone is talking about. Nice! Thats so good of you to give them chocolate, i actually cooked for my mom and she enjoyed the food, sadly enough i wasnt able to sit down and eat w her
Ciezul May 10, 8:14 AM
Well, though typing a long reply needs more time, it's kinda interesting tbh. There are so many things to talk about...

You might hear about EID. Bangladesh is a 90% Muslim population. So, it was more like a national holiday than religious. Eid comes twice a year and it's the BIGGEST event for us Muslims. You can compare Chritsmas with Eid. As for my country, it's not that prosperous, has a lot of corruption... BUT people here are very friendly. I mean very friendly for foreigners. You can check Dodo Explorers... they had tons of videos on Bangladesh. They are a couple from Romania who visited and stayed in Bangladesh for a couple of months and explored here and there. So, you might find some videos interesting.

Our film industry is very weak. The reason is that India has some big film industries and since Bangladesh is India's neighbor, it has lots of influences aka remakes from Hindi movies. BUT We have some great movies like The Clay Bird , which was nominated for a best foreign-language movie at Oscar.

Tyrannosaurus Azteca... O.O .... the rating is just wow... is that a Hungarian movie?

Can you suggest some good Hungarian movies?

Now... Back to the business...

For Kenma from Haikyuu... He is, like most haikyuu characters un-hateable. though outside karasuno, I love Bokuto most.

I loved Nano's last two ch. I mean killing an elder and giving that smark to instigate that elder was very satisfying. Since he is now an heir, I am sensing an Orthodox vs Unorthodox battle in the future. 200 ch? YES, I am ON.

Dance Dance Danseur wasn't that much intriguing for me. Is it enjoyable? I mean what is the main theme?

FAL isn't hard. YOU need to do almost NOTHING. But selecting your team and swapping titles can be challenging. I am also a beginner and trying for the first time. So, my knowledge is kinda limited. I am participating for the fal badge.

Mount Hua is getting a REAL thrill nowadays. Asura might have uploaded a new chapter when I am wringing since it's Tuesday. I am going enjoy it like Nano and ORV.

Are you reading any good recommendable Japanese manga nowadays?
Kingofglory77 May 9, 9:07 AM
Also did you do anything for mothers day if i may ask?
Coaghim May 7, 11:57 AM
Ah just to make sure, I replied in PM ;)

If you have a soar throat of all the yelling, drink warm milk with honey ;)