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Sousou no Frieren
Sousou no Frieren
Nov 21, 4:20 AM
Watching -/28 · Scored 10
Kud Wafter
Kud Wafter
Oct 31, 10:41 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 8
Kaginado Season 2
Kaginado Season 2
Oct 31, 9:47 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 9
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Regressor's Life After Retirement
Regressor's Life After Retirement
Today, 7:53 AM
Reading 17/? · Scored 8
The Academy's Undercover Professor
The Academy's Undercover Professor
Today, 6:56 AM
Reading 75/? · Scored 9
The Male Lead Monster Lives Under My Bed
The Male Lead Monster Lives Under My Bed
Yesterday, 12:02 AM
Reading 37/? · Scored 8

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Lexie-92 Today, 2:31 AM

(●っゝω・)っ~☆HIYAH☆ Thanks Accepting My Friend Request ❤
Nice to meet chu. How is it going?

Empireotome Yesterday, 4:05 AM
Yes I completely agree, a calm place without noise surrounded by nature is something that no one can deny is a paradise.

My team needs Pyro and Hydro characters >.< That's why I want to get Diluc, I think he's a very TOP character
And for Hydro I really want Yelan >'< She's a diva ✨ As I also need characters with an bow, she is the perfect combination
Thk YOUU Rimuru-kyun I believe I will make it

Choosing is the hard part ahahah But when the time comes I will decide And which one will you want?

Yes I will eheh bye bye
CodeNameKitty Yesterday, 3:26 AM
Helooooo Meow chuuu doing? o3o Izh sooo happy to see boochi the rock on your list its amazing <333
Empireotome Yesterday, 1:44 AM
YEEEH It's like we're in paradise eheh, Otaku life is very good, isn't it? ahahah

OOH Jean is also a good choice, I like her too... but Diluc is still first ahahaha
Thank you for your strength ^-^ I'll try my best |*Gambare*|

OOOMMMMGGGGG I had forgotten about the Cloud Retainer *choc* It's a very difficult choice >.< But I'll try Navia .... and the Retainer ... I will leave it in God's hands 😉

I hope you have a good day XOXO Rimuru-kun <3
Empireotome Nov 28, 9:32 AM
Yes, it's the best time of the year hahaha we waited 12 months to celebrate Christmas >.< I also usually spend my holidays watching anime, reading, eating eheheh just resting. I love it when it's cold and we're wrapped up in the blanket drinking a hot drink eheh *peace of mind*

YEEEH It was in version 2.3 I think I started. Mondstadt will always be in my heart, although there are many nations, the first one we will never forget ^-^ It really has a fantasy design, right, those stone castles, the little houses with fireplaces, the bridge aaaah it's very beautiful. I'm sad that I didn't get Diluc... I really want him on my team *cry* >.<

YEEEEEES!!! Navia is a charming warrior, I love her, I hope I can have her on my team '-'

OOOOOW Thank you very much for the gift ❤ I loved the strawberry cake
Empireotome Nov 28, 7:06 AM
YEY!! It's good that you're also staying at home for the last week of the year. I really like Christmas/New Year's Eve, it's such a magical time, right?

True, I started playing 1 year after the game was released. And quickly 2 years have passed since I've been playing Genshin... now remembering it makes me feel nostalgic >.<

I will definitely try my luck at Navia. Since she appeared she has captured my attention, I think she is so beautiful and strong, a woman I want on my team.

Ahahahah I can't give you a gift physically but here's a digital one

Empireotome Nov 28, 4:29 AM
HI Rimuru-Kun ^-^ I'm happy to know that you are well and that you can rest a little without exams eheheh

Yeh, the nation of Natlan also seems to be very interesting.
There's so much happening and everything so fast, isn't it?
In a short time we have already discovered 5 nations... there is still a lot to discover but our journey is closer to the end than we imagine *cry* (but nothing to suffer in advance eheh)

I played a little this weekend. I started the archons quest ... I was very sad about what happened to Navia ... didn't deserve it

My work is going well. I'll be able to take a few days off at the end of December yeeeh *clap* I'm going to stay at home for Christmas eheheh

Yes I receive ^-^ I also deliver gifts to other family members. Do you usually receive it?
Empireotome Nov 23, 3:15 AM
Hiii Rimuru-kun ^-^ I'm fine, thank you very much, and you?

Today 11/23 It's Wriosthesley's Birthday!!! EEEEEH ahah *pats*
Currently the Fontaine archon missions are my favorite >.<
HEEEEE I have to complete it this year *determined*
I have to start playing again, it's been a long time since I stopped

Have you been playing lately??

We are approaching Christmas, the days are getting short (work, home, anime, genshin .... many things) >.<

Well Continue your good studies and good luck ≧㉨≦
Empireotome Nov 20, 4:57 AM
Hi Rimuru-kun how are you?

Just to let you know that I haven't played the archon mission yet 🤡
I believe!!! The first part of the mission was super interesting!! Genshin never had a mission like this, I found the idea very innovative >.< The fact of investigating and looking for clues is exciting, isn't it?

I will set a goal of completing the mission before the end of the year ahahah

How are your studies going?
Empireotome Nov 15, 9:00 AM
OOOH I'm curious now hehehe I'm going to try to play this weekend ^-^

If you have some time, watch the anime, it's wonderful!!!! I love the animation and the story is very interesting.

And Tokyo Revengers, have you read the manga or watch the anime?
Empireotome Nov 13, 7:35 AM
Hey Rimuru-kun I'm fine too '-'

uuuh >.< I haven't played the archon quest Yet. I'll see if I can find some time this week or next weekend. <.<

Yeh ahahaha SASAGEYO Forever !!!

I'm not watching Sousou no Frieren ... I saw a lot of people saying good things about it and it will probably be the best of this season... but I still won't watch it (at least not yet).
I'm more interested in Kusuriya no Hitorigoto. It's an anime that captivated me from the beginning >.< and I'm LOVING IT!!!
Empireotome Nov 9, 2:52 AM
Hey Rimuru-kun how are you?

I already asked you for friendship in Genshin ^-^ I haven't been playing much these last few days >.>

Regardless of the ending, I think that anyone who is a true fan liked and will always like SNK '-' I speak for myself, I have been following this group's journey since the beginning and I am very happy to be part of it. Eren wasn't created to be a hero but a human who had to make difficult decisions and seeing his evolution was exciting.

No anime will fill the void that SNK left... but let's remember the good times it gave us >.< It will forever remain in my TOP 3 favorite animes eheh.

Is there an anime from this season that you are following?

Empireotome Nov 7, 5:14 AM
Uhu studying and working at the same time is tiring but you gain a lot of experience eheh Good Luck.

There are so many people participating and for you to be one of those chosen is a huge joy .>.<.
I never bought it Welkin. I don't usually spend money on games, for me a game has to give "tools" to get the resources ... even if it means twice the effort, but in the end we managed. That's why Genshin is my favorite game eheh ~-~

I finished watching the last episode ... Of course Shingeki never disappoints me.
In my opinion, the author was under a lot of pressure at the end, which is why there were some scenes that I didn't like very much... it seems like there were missing pieces or the explanation wasn't very convincing. But in the end, we realized all the suffering that Eren was going through alone and the decisions he made to save his companions. Although I think there were other ways to solve it and Armin himself also mentions this.
The most incredible thing is that in the end it leaves a great life lesson... and it happens to be a reality that we are unfortunately going through because of the war.
Anyway SASAGEYOU !! ahaha

Watch the last season. Seriously I would be very happy for you to see it and draw your own conclusions ^-^
Empireotome Nov 6, 8:14 AM
Oh Nice keep up the good work ^-^ I'm not studying at the moment, I'm currently working and everything is going well eheh.

Thank you very much Rimuru-kun >.< I'm very Happy !! I've been playing Genshin for two years and participating in community events but I've never won anything. Finally, all the effort over these two years paid off and is very rewarding ^^
Ahah Don't be sad, your turn to achieve something will come <3

Luffy is the Best >.< All the crew members are amazing and I'm very happy that Yamato can be part of it too

Exactly. I'm also confident that I'm going to like it as I've always liked all the episodes, it's not the ending that will disappoint me now.
Empireotome Nov 6, 4:25 AM
Hi Rimuru-kun How are your studies going?

Hehe I have new to tell you ... I participated in an event in the Genshin Impact HoYoLAB community AND I won a Blessing of the Welkin Moon YEEEEEEEEH!!
First time I won something in the community EHEHEHEHEH. >.>

Yes One Piece is AMAZING!! What is your favorite character? (I know it's a hard question)

Many people didn't like the ending... but as I always liked this anime and consider it one of my favorites I believe it won't disappoint me >.<

Yeh... It's sad ... but sooner or later it would end
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