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Poll: Upcoming Isekai Summer 2020
ThatDutchOtaku - Jun 24
8 replies by Pharuney »»
Aug 4, 2:04 PM
Your Top 5 Isekais?
Peacefinder - Jul 1
9 replies by Aceu_da_weabu »»
Jul 30, 12:13 PM
Sticky: Introductions
Slowe_Seb - Jun 21, 2019
18 replies by sahhary »»
Jul 26, 11:30 AM
If you were able to reincarnate in another world, what would you want to be?? ( 1 2 )
Darkness_JCRmn - Nov 17, 2019
57 replies by Paladin23 »»
Jul 24, 4:39 PM
Sticky: Changelog
TEMPEST_RIMURU - Feb 2, 2019
1 replies by TEMPEST_RIMURU »»
Jun 24, 3:59 AM

Club Comments
Fate19 | Today, 2:19 AM

Baran45 | Jul 31, 8:08 AM
@holymatias Thank you, your previous suggestions were very good and I will write to you when I need new animes :D

holymatias | Jul 30, 9:52 AM
@Ad12345, I've watched both and my opinion is that rotsh is not a rip off of re zero. It might be that some characters are similar, but the stories definitely differ. I also found rotsh slightly better compared to Re zero (although that is totally my opinion. ). Nonetheless, rotsh is certainly an anime I would recommend people to watch. ;)

@nooberlator, my opinion is that Log horizon is a very nice isekai anime to watch, although maybe it depends on what you are looking for in isekai anime. (hope this helps ;) )

@Baran45, I did see that most of my earlier recommendations to you have proven to be enjoyable for you. So here are some more of my recommendations which I hope will also be to your liking. ;)
- Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria
- Log Horizon
- Zero no Tsukaima

That is most of the good Isekai I know (although I still have some titles for you if you want), I do have some other anime that might be to your liking based on your list, but since you asked specifically for isekai I will keep it at this. You can always send me a message if you want more recommendations from me. (or you could just look into my anime list XD)

Ad12345 | Jul 30, 12:20 AM
Hey guys this question is for those who have watched both rising of the shield hero and re zero I wanted to ask that if rising of the shield hero is the rip off of re zero? No offense for rotsh fans I'm just asking a question because I'm planning to watch rotsh and a youtuber indirectly says that the characters of rotsh are a rip off of re zero.Please don't harass me.

nooberlator | Jul 28, 7:55 AM
I have a question, Is Log Horizon a good isekai anime to watch?

Baran45 | Jul 28, 2:13 AM
hey i have already watched a few isekai animes and have already read my first manga "Solo leveling" and wanted to ask if you can recommend some good mangas or animes that fit the isekai genre. Thanks in advance 👋

ThatDutchOtaku | Jul 7, 5:46 AM
Did you know the Isekai Club has a Discord server?
Well you do now! --> <--

ThatDutchOtaku | Jul 1, 11:19 AM
@sa_overlord23 Rimure did a great job on this one :D I've only done the Discord so far since I'm a extremely lazy Otaku

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