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Club Discussion
Your First Isekai?
JokuSSJ - Apr 28
14 replies by DawnofNyx »»
Jul 11, 9:58 PM
Sticky: Poll: Summer 2021 Isekai discussion
ThatDutchOtaku - Jun 30
13 replies by hazecloud »»
Jul 10, 4:42 AM
Poll: Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai! Isekai or Not?
ThatDutchOtaku - Jul 3
1 replies by Paladin23 »»
Jul 8, 2:24 PM
Past Club Layouts
TEMPEST_RIMURU - Jun 19, 2019
2 replies by TEMPEST_RIMURU »»
Jul 1, 9:15 AM
The Best Isekai Manga
ThatDutchOtaku - Jun 30
0 replies by ThatDutchOtaku »»
Jun 30, 1:55 AM

Club Comments
TEMPEST_RIMURU | Jul 21, 12:04 AM

A6A6A6 | Jul 19, 11:51 AM
i love isekai and evrey day i want to be in isekai

Sonic5625 | Jul 18, 6:10 PM
@Kerb isekai is New/Re-Life

hazecloud | Jul 14, 3:12 AM
We have movie about cars, we should get a truck kun the animation like cells anime so know details of which component is vital in creating a dimensional portal in transferring souls of those who got ran over.

catjanetiger10 | Jul 13, 11:04 PM
Please hit me truck kun but put me on isekai

Tsukarehateta | Jul 13, 9:37 AM
i wanna get hit by truck kun

Crow_Black | Jul 12, 11:54 AM

Hi would your club like to affiliate ourselves with your club?

Kerb | Jul 12, 6:31 AM
Isekai is LIFE!

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Created: Jan 22, 2019

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