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Warau Arsnotoria Sun!
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Overlord IV
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Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari
Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari
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Monster Musume no Oishasan
Monster Musume no Oishasan
Sep 20, 5:57 PM
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Potion-danomi de Ikinobimasu!
Sep 16, 7:00 AM
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Hirugiku Sep 22, 12:05 AM
Lol for sure it wont get another season, I doubt it was even popular and they showed everyone at the end of the episode, you only do it if there are no plans for another season. And im really happy they did that, I at least know there is nothing interesting for me. I thought maybe some girl would be "interesting" with bad personality, but everyone seems to be extremely docile. Even with Roxanne , I originally thought that the slave trader was so willing to sale her off due to her bad personality, but nah.

Also unless you wanna watch it for sex scenes, isnt it just better as a light novel? the very slow-paced, slice-of-life stories are better to read imo. Especially considering that anime always skips some details.

Btw I really hate crunchyroll subbers, like I mentioned previously with the "Yes master" that last episode had a lot of these, and you can even hear that some said "Hai" and some said "Hai goshujinsama". Yet it was all translated as the same thing. I think it makes a difference. And that's just what i caught, just how many other parts do they translate incorrectly? :v
I'd rather read novels it has good translations :v
Hirugiku Sep 20, 12:41 AM
Yeah the episode was pretty good, everything will probably be resolved next episode already tho.
"Political drama" is great lol, I think some referred to their means of attack as a "biological warfare" which is something i've heard for the first time lol.
Oh yeah, Casper sensei was great as well, glad everything worked out for her (In parallel world everyone is weirded out that she is happy to still continue working instead of finally getting a retirement lol). I wasn't sure why Farma needs her, can't he just do everything by himself? I guess he wants to make a widespread medicine that will reach everyone. He doesnt have a teleport so it'd take him a while to travel everywhere.

Oh, it was in the very beginning huh... Well, similar to Ryouma
Hirugiku Sep 18, 11:42 AM
The cutest mask ever <3

Also kinda funny that the guy that reeks of death and looks like death himself was responsible for the spread of white death and black death in the story lol.
Hirugiku Sep 16, 11:50 PM
Really? that's kinda why I dont like the story as well. Oh so that's his backstory? That's a pretty weird backstory... Is it from light novel? Does he sometimes mention anything Earh related? Like Ryouma would frequently mention his harsh job or his father and mother.
Hirugiku Sep 15, 8:28 AM
Does Michio gets the hate? What do you mean by a better job with his back story? well, now that you say it, I guess we dont really know that much about him.

Really? so even you can not like some isekais, that's unexpected... there are some prominent ones in that list as well.

I see, some familiar titles in there.
Hirugiku Sep 14, 12:23 PM
Hey hey, nice seeing you again. Are you still enjoying harem dungeon? I remember you saying you liked it a lot, but then again I think you like everything isekai related, right? I personally really can't seem to like it, its definitely not my thing, its as far from it as possible >_>
Did you like Sherry? at least something new happened, it felt like it was the same thing the past 8 episodes lol. Btw don't you think that Sherry's design feels a bit... out of place? like it doesnt belong to this anime? her hair I mean, maybe its just me...

As for Farma-kun, I know i've been singing praises about it since first episode, but now I kinda feel like taking it back... I just slowly lost interest, maybe also not my thing. Can't help that I dont feel worried for him in the slightest, I know he is gonna overcome everything extremely easily. That being said, the anime has high production at least.

I'm not gonna read the novel afterwards... btw what about you? planning on starting any new novel soon? or what have you been reading lately? I'm planning on reading Tate no yuusha or Girl with Average abilities aka the girl Mile who can easily defeat a few dragons >_>
LucLuc19 Aug 27, 11:18 PM
cookies are great ^^
Hirugiku Aug 26, 11:10 PM
lol all 3 you mentioned got an adaptation haha
Hirugiku Aug 26, 5:53 PM
If you approach everything logical like this, then nothing is surprising :) Yet there are still a lot of stuff that doesnt get adaptations or sequels and there is no guarantees that everything will get its adaptation.
Hirugiku Aug 26, 3:13 PM
Can't believe its getting an anime, we just talked about recently lol.
LucLuc19 Aug 26, 5:26 AM
you're welcome and nice to meet you too ^^
Do you like cookies or kebab? :3
Hirugiku Aug 10, 1:53 PM
lol having printer and having problems with printer name the more iconic duo lol.
But do you get what I mean by Reader's mode in iphone? I wonder if android has something like that. Btw I probably wouldnt like reading on android either, they are huge aren't they? my iphone is small and easy to hold in hands.

unfortunately the translation stops at volume 5. It's ongoing, you can even check release dates on chapters or in comments.

"i think Farma and Ryoma could be friends" lol for sure.
"I usually think it must be magic or the god/gods assembling the best people to help the isekai person out" lol I think you are overthinking it, if it was that complex, the author would explain it. But its good to believe in something, unless its disproven.

I think we'll have a bit more than that, or at least I hope so. I wonder who the father is fighting in the opening too, so we'll probably have something interesting in this season.
Hirugiku Aug 10, 12:57 PM
It didn't work out? why?
There is also this site [url][/url]. I can find any LN I want and get a PDF version. I then download PDf on my phone and read from there.
"that doesn't have pop up every five minutes or weird background colors" I read on Iphone and there's a really cool feature called "Reader mode". Once you are in Reader mode you dont see ads or anything else that's annoying, you just see the text and images.

For harem labyrinth,
or LN
that's the same translator that you mentioned.

But I see, you couldn't wait any longer and gave up on waiting for the paperback version lol. I can definitely relate lol.

Isekai yakkyoku is like kamihiro(Ryouma), its pretty crazy how similar it felt. Yeah there are no slimes or adventuring, but still...
"shop was not popular from the start and he had to make makeup to get he ball rolling" its great, its great, facing hurdles and all.
"it was a good thing Lotte did the survey" I liked it too, I try to forget that she is like 9, I just think of her as 12 instead lol.
I like cosmetics part as well, it makes sense that he'd have to do it in his previous life, being paid well to do that lol.

I do wonder what the story is gonna be like apart from the shop. For now it feels like Kamihiro had more stuff...
Hirugiku Jul 28, 2:17 PM
Oh, she didn't voice her character as well? really? didn't watch Nagatoro and definitely didn't hear about the dub.

Seems like anime adapts in a similar way to manga, while novel is less ecchi and more story, and other isekai stuff.
Btw maybe a silly question, but can't you print your own paperback version if you want to have something to hold in your hands?

"in hidden dungeon Noir state that isekai people from japan had introduced miso and chop-stick." Really? he did that? I don't remember.any of that. If anything it looks like an excuse because how else can he explain that they have chopsticks lol.

If that episode was censored then I apparently dont know what censorship is lol. Also its probably the first time I've ever seen anything like what we've seen happen. To be honest I kinda agree with what someone said "if I wanted to watch hentai then I'd watched it". Sorry i'm probably no fun, but I'm more into story, progression. As far as ecchi goes it was a great episode though, and that's why most people watched the anime in the first place probably.
li0w0 Jul 28, 8:16 AM
Thank you!