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Dec 17, 2020
this is a lighthearted VRMMO isekai in the same vein as Infinite Dendrogram but a lot less dark it centers around Maple a new game trying out her first VRMMO her unorthodox character build and play style leads to her becoming overpower that she like a game boss but she just play the game with her friends having fun and making more friends

if you like SAO, Gun Gale Online or Infinite Dendrogram but wanted something more lighthearted this is the anime for you it has a great art style and Voice acting cast that enjoyable for the whole family
Jun 7, 2020
a late 20s salary-woman gives up a career to become a NEET or as she put it as she chose the NEET life she an elite NEET a few year later her gaming life and real starting cross which is a problem thanks to her anxiety that let to her NEET life and the fact she plays a guy online.
this is a light hearted awkward comedy romance that easy to watch. the secondary are great the anime doesn't really have any secondary plots although one is hinted at in one or two episodes. the anime does have somewhat of an annoying shipper (teasing read more
Feb 5, 2020
this battle school anime is a mixed bag with some lighted hearted ecchi moments dark moments (think rising of the shield)

our main male character is a F rank student not because he lazy but his soul weapons is not unique but hard to understand using the traditional measuring system and butt of many jokes. our main female character is a princess an A rank student that come from her kingdom to prove her natural talent that been honed with much hard work that become room mates

this a great anime with a little bit of everything action, drama (family, political, romantic), romance a few characters that read more
Feb 4, 2020
a computer programmer is ieskai by reincarnation into the body of a young noble boy in a world of giant demon beast (monsters) that are fought off with magic and huge robots called knight runners. As a major mecha otaku this cause them to throw himself to magical and combat training so he can pilot on of these robots.

this light hearted isekai series with minor drama and darker moments it. it has a one side romance and two beta romances. This is a light hearted with little to no fan service, a high medieval fantasy action/adventure, and minimal political drama with an overpowered read more
Feb 4, 2020
An extreme shut-in is isekai to a world almost exactly like his favorite MMORPG as his character an extremely high level an in the MMORPG. his character is a demon and he seem him as a unofficial boss/ demon lord of the game.

Summoned to this world by a flat chested cat girl and a buxom chested elf unable to be himself he must put on his demon lord character persona to function.

This a lighter hearted, ecchi, comedy with some action and drama although mostly light hearted this anime as some darker moments that include torture, rape and a very creepy siscon this switch read more
Jan 21, 2020
an average high school boy get accidentally killed by god being a nice guy he doesn't throw a tantrum and is reward with being isekai to a fantasy world with magic as god put it fireballs, lizardmen the works. God give the young man magical abilities and a good (godly good) boast to his memory, strength and stamina along with letting him keep his smartphone and tweaking it to world in the new world.

it the start of a laid back very PG-13 isekai, action, adventure, harem with a main character that as overpower as he is clueless about his party members feeling about him. read more
Jan 21, 2020
Goblin Slayer is a dark fantasy anime in a Dungeons&Dragons like world but unlikely most anime/manga and the like the Goblin slayer not the big hero is a working Joe that hunts the weakest of monster. Despite hunt goblins and only goblins he reach the third highest rank in the guild.

this is an anime you watch when your done with the normal light hearted slice of life or the pg-13 everything works out in the end action adventures and want something that keep you on edge and hoping for the best and almost surprised when Goblin Slayer pull off something crazy.

this does have monster read more
Oct 31, 2019
a overwork but kind computer game developer is sucked into a fantasy world he find himself just level 1 but with some high power abilities that is use to save is life and become god like in this new world. he passes himself off as a low level merchant but has no problem help people in need this lead to him building a harem and befriending many.

it a harem ,fantasy anime one thing that may put some people off is that most of his harem are legally his slaves not that he treats them in that way but it should be noted
Oct 31, 2019
Kio an average highschool boy but at a family event to honor the the ancestor he meets Eris a cat girl from space she befriend him or he befriend her but he get pulled to political and cult intrigue but with the help of his neighbor/ childhood friend (a gun nut and CIA field op candidate), a classmate/ movie buddy (a girl with a hidden power, past and job) , his well contact and mysterious uncle and his teacher he make his way through earth first official contacts with aliens.

this a harem, comedy, fan service anime with some political and relationship drama is a very read more
Oct 31, 2019
Gate is anime where a gate between japan and a fantasy world complete magic, elves, bunny people and dragon are real the fantasy world launches an invasion that turn back my the MC an officer the JSDF that otaku and lazy. the MC thank to his heroic action (just to same a comicon event) he put into the the scout force sent to explore and come to make peace with the medieval human kingdom that invade. he lead a reconnaissance force trailblazing into this unexplored lands meeting elves, cat and bunny girls along with human from the kingdom that invade japan and ruined the comicon read more