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A Republic of The Holoist Society
Club created by _cjessop19_ and Adimus_prime
Main goal: 10k members.

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Club Discussion
GOTM -22nd Edition - March Madness Champion Akeno Himejima
HoloisHolo - Apr 16
1 repliesby KitsuFrost »»
2 hours ago
GOTM 23rd Edition Nominations
HoloisHolo - Apr 16
2 repliesby gunny92 »»
8 hours ago
Poll: Finals: Marin Kitagawa vs Akeno Himejima
HoloisHolo - Apr 10
15 repliesby Insaner »»
Apr 11, 9:55 AM
Poll: Final Four Match 2: Akeno Himejima vs Rin Tohsaka
HoloisHolo - Apr 2
5 repliesby PenkoPenko »»
Apr 8, 1:23 AM
Poll: Final Four Match 1: Marin Kitagawa vs Yor Forger
HoloisHolo - Apr 2
7 repliesby HoloisHolo »»
Apr 7, 10:57 AM

Club Comments
Punkero | Yesterday, 10:46 AM

Antalk | Apr 16, 6:06 PM
I hope everyone enjoyed the Special March Madness edition of GOTM. Let us know if you want to do it again next year.

HoloisHolo | Apr 16, 10:18 AM
Congratulations to Akeno for becoming the champion of the Special March Madness edition of GOTM. Akeno proved a great amount of superiority and culture over her opponents.

Voting is now open for the next GOTM competition

HoloisHolo | Apr 15, 2:50 PM

Punkero | Apr 15, 1:54 PM

HoloisHolo | Apr 13, 6:36 PM


Punkero | Apr 13, 8:41 AM

Punkero | Apr 11, 6:55 PM
Planning on a B&W2 replay soon

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Members: 5018
Pictures: 25
Category: Other
Created: Jan 31, 2021

Club Staff
_cjessop19_ (President)
HoloisHolo (Secretary)
Kempiniukas_Esu (Secretary)
MelissaWolf (Secretary)
Coolest1234D (Officer)
idfk_san (Officer)
J3StErRR (Officer)
MechKingKillbot (Officer)
Nori_neesan (Officer)
Punkero (Officer)
SaintZeph (Officer)
sspookyboogie (Officer)
Voila_ (Officer)

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