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WELCOME TO THE HOLOIST SOCIETY A place to let your love and obsession for our beloved WiseWolf run freely without judgement. Let's uphold the Ways Of The WiseWolf to unite the world under the One True Waifu, so that we may usher in a new era of global peace and prosperity United Holoist Society Republics Holo Interviews Holo's Card Club Holo's Music Club Holo's Pack Holo's Spa Big, Fat, Voluptous, Round, Anime Tiddies Bibliophiles and Manga: Cute Girls Club Elaina & Bill Belichick Share The Same Facial Expressions Gatto Nero NFL Club Spice and Wolf Super Cute Girls FanClub Trash Taste Fan Club Waifu Feet Federation Cоюз Cоветских Xолоистских Peспублик (Union of Soviet Holoist Republics) MAL Communist/Socialist Party Russian Hentai Club Soviet Russia The Holoist Society are defenders of The Romanticism Movement and are proud to be allied with The Romanticist Rebellion The Holoist Society has expanded to Discord Click here to access The Holoist Society Discord The Holoist Society has expanded to YouTube
  1. NEVER SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT HOLO - Result will be banned and sent to The Holo Center
  2. NEVER CRITICIZE HOLO - Result will be banned and sent to the Holo Center
  3. Any images that contains uncensored nudity are not allowed to be posted (according to site rules)
  4. Be nice and respectful to one another
  5. Do Not post Eris from Cat Planet Cuties here - Result will be sent to The Holo Center
  6. Anybody who says Me and Holo aren't together, will be sent to The Holo Center
Currently in the Holo Center: asuramaru1 (Has decided to live there)

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Waifu Elimination Game
HoloisHolo - Aug 31
9 replies by HoloisHolo »»
Oct 3, 9:54 PM
Beat The Pic Above You
HoloisHolo - Aug 31
2 replies by HoloisHolo »»
Sep 16, 9:27 PM
Anime Against Humanity
HoloisHolo - Aug 31
5 replies by HoloisHolo »»
Sep 1, 5:26 PM
Major Announcement: Unity For Holo Rally
HoloisHolo - Aug 31
0 replies by HoloisHolo »»
Aug 31, 2:28 PM
Holo Interviews #11: MrBrawlz
HoloisHolo - Aug 30
0 replies by HoloisHolo »»
Aug 30, 7:14 PM

Club Comments
HoloisHolo | 5 hours ago
Holo Sea Song!

TheBigGuy | 9 hours ago


HoloisHolo | 9 hours ago

Haha looks like such a cute and funny story

TheBigGuy | 9 hours ago

Indeed. She's from the currently airing anime Beast Tamer.

HoloisHolo | 9 hours ago

Adorable cat girl!

TheBigGuy | 9 hours ago

HoloisHolo | Yesterday, 11:19 AM

Holo's howl has magical properties like that of when she is able to summon wheat at will. So Holo Carbon Capture technology seeks to convert the magical properties from Holo's howl into a magical field of energy that will be released into the air and capture all the Co2. We have the technology but we need it to be more widespread.

Klefki_of_Awsome | Oct 4, 5:25 PM
@HoloisHolo Wow, that's good, I'm rooting for her!xD9

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