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WELCOME TO THE HOLOIST SOCIETY A place to let your love and obsession for our beloved WiseWolf run freely without judgement. Let's uphold the Ways Of The WiseWolf to unite the world under the One True Waifu, so that we may usher in a new era of global peace and prosperity United Holoist Society Republics Dere Girls Alliance Ecchi Federation Holo Interviews Holo's Card Club Holo's Music Club Holo's Pack Holo's Spa Big, Fat, Voluptous, Round, Anime Tiddies Bibliophiles and Manga: Cute Girls Club Elaina & Bill Belichick Share The Same Facial Expressions NFL Club Spice and Wolf Super Cute Girls FanClub Trash Taste Fan Club Waifu Feet Federation MAL Communist/Socialist Party Russian Hentai Club Soviet Russia The Holoist Society are defenders of The Romanticism Movement and are proud to be allied with The Romanticist Rebellion The Holoist Society has expanded to Discord Click here to access The Holoist Society Discord. Please wait for one of us to verify you as a member The Holoist Society has expanded to YouTube
  1. NEVER SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT HOLO - Result will be banned and sent to The Holo Mountains
  2. NEVER CRITICIZE HOLO - Result will be banned and sent to the Holo Center
  3. Any images that contains uncensored nudity are not allowed to be posted (according to site rules)
  4. Be nice and respectful to one another
  5. Do Not post Eris from Cat Planet Cuties here - Result will be sent to The Holo Mountains
  6. Anybody who says Me and Holo aren't together, will be sent to The Holo Mountains
  7. Anybody who says we are a cult, is threatening the territorial integrity of The Holoist Society
Currently in the Holo Mountains: asuramaru1 (Has decided to live there)

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Happy Birthday Holo!
HoloisHolo - Feb 5
3 repliesby Klefki_of_Awsome »»
Feb 20, 1:10 PM
2nd PV of Holo is too cute!!!
Link___ - Jan 31
1 repliesby HoloisHolo »»
Jan 31, 10:25 AM
Happy New Year to The Holoist Society
HoloisHolo - Dec 31, 2023
2 repliesby Klefki_of_Awsome »»
Jan 1, 8:02 AM
Holo's Christmas Address to The Holoist Society
HoloisHolo - Dec 23, 2023
4 repliesby NASHILUKA »»
Dec 25, 2023 6:21 AM
HoloisHolo - Jun 29, 2023
8 repliesby HoloisHolo »»
Jul 19, 2023 9:57 PM

Club Comments
Klefki_of_Awsome | Yesterday, 8:17 AM
@HoloisHolo I see~^^3

Bruh, wtf was that??x'DD

It depends for me tbh.. If I see that I have no time to read before bed, and still want to do something, I'll read or game a bit, but otherwise I usually try to read before bed, or I just straight up go to sleep, lol..=v=3

Thank you!:)

Sorry 'bout that..^^'33

HoloisHolo | Feb 26, 7:09 PM
The path is still long, but Holo is finally coming home. Not just the anime, but also spiritually. There are people who will not like the world being united under Holo. But what we are doing is taking back what is ours after it was taken from us 15 years ago with the end of Holo's Anime.

HoloisHolo | Feb 26, 3:07 PM

Because Holo art and pictures of Holo must be taken seriously


Yeah it is not good to be on computer and phone before going to bed. But I still do it anyways lol

I like Saori's look
Reading the d4dj wiki about her, I can see how she is relatable

Even more confusion lol

Klefki_of_Awsome | Feb 24, 8:56 AM
@HoloisHolo Oh OK.. I personally thought the NecoArced Holo art was funny imho, but ig that was just me, lol..^^'>3

Yeah, reading helps me sleep better, as opposed to gaming or doing stuff online right before bed...x'D>

My fave is Saori, she's relatable af, lol!xDD

Yeah, dw about it, I didn't expect you to get that, lol..^^'3

fausifahrial | Feb 23, 10:00 PM
impatient T.T

HoloisHolo | Feb 23, 9:16 PM
In April, Holo's anime will be on. And it will be time for the Defence of the Hololand!

HoloisHolo | Feb 23, 7:02 PM

No they are not approved. Myuri is trying to claim she is Holo's daughter to gain equal status to her in order to overthrow Holo. Myuri being Holo's daugther is completely false and not possible. And we have had multiple wars against Myuri in which we liberated the people from her tyranny.

And I saw NecoArc Holo art, that is not approved by the Commission. But NecoArc herself is ok because she is a funny meme character

Yeah same I think it helps you sleep to doesn't it. Atleast for me it does.

Haha yes Noa is the best D4DJ character. Or atleast most relatable lol.

So you are building a new deck with new Pokemon? Me reading that XD

Klefki_of_Awsome | Feb 23, 10:06 AM
@HoloisHolo Cool!:>

I'm guessing arts with Myuri in it aren't approved..?^^'3

I see!>:D>

I also get tired when I read, because I read right before bed, lol!x'D>

So Noa is your favorite?XD

No, it's not.. It's Pokémon related. You probably won't get what I'm saying next, but I'm building a live shiny dex for the second DLC, and from scratch, so not using pokémons I already had and stuff, so it's taking a bit of time since the items I need to get those shinies is only dropped in raids and I have to farm them and it's a lot of days of doing that before I can even do the rest..:/

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