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Sticky: Count to 10,000 [GAME] ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
SatsugaiDeAtsu - Jul 23, 2017
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Sep 8, 9:13 AM
The Line Between Fantasy and Reality
SatsugaiDeAtsu - Aug 25
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Paradise Gallery
SatsugaiDeAtsu - Jul 19
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Underdog Runners
SatsugaiDeAtsu - Jul 20
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Paradise Mail { The Ladder Of Wrong to Right }
SatsugaiDeAtsu - Mar 6
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Aug 5, 10:00 AM

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ReinIsAWeeb | Sep 5, 9:48 PM
@SatsugaiDeAtsu I'm glad we can discuss it together than! I'll try catching up while you guys have it on hold~ I know that Naruto is really god but gosh that number count scares me lmao, The story does look a lot more interesting tho, his quest to become hokage makes him meet a lot more people and learn a lot more than Luffy does, so far from what I see its kind of repetitive, they go to a new island, they fight its more powerful person and bam next island. I can say all that but omg its so damn interestinggg, all the characters have this really nice charm to them even Nami's backstory makes you feel a sort of way.

I totally understand how you feel about Sanji tho~! He's true to his morals and would never betray them. Coming from someone who can't bear to waste food without crying because they feel bad I honestly relate with him a ton. Also like you don't find any nice guys like him these days and honestly its all I want smh.
I finished up lovely complex and I freaking loved it, my heart fluttered so much so I really recommend it. Theres also this new show based on a video game where you can basically get the guys to fall in love w/ u it's been on the top of crunchyrolls page for a while its called Mr:Love Queens Choice. (The guys r the hottest omfg and their backstories with the girl r so wholesome and cuteeeeeeeeeee)
I heard the blue exorcist is missing a lot from the manga and they've switch a couple things but all that means to me is 2 different stories with my favorite characters x3
Haikyuu is godly, I really don't want it to end ;-; their story together is so adorable and plus, I don't wanna give up the fact that like my 20 gay ships aren't gonna happens smh. Don't even get me started on the length of dbz fights, I'd die before goku stops yelling and finds some new saiyann form lmfao. I think fairytail focused a lot more with its characters than the fights but I really enjoyed it as a child because I wanted to see some of their relationships advance. The fairytail fights were short and freaking awesome, I got hyped up for every fire dragon roar. I really wish Lucy was stronger though, its true she practically saved everyone in that dragon/time arc but it didn't feel like enough. (I screamed when natsu ran after her to catch her when everyone had given up because it was the wholesomest thing, I would've cried if he didn't)

SatsugaiDeAtsu | Sep 5, 9:21 PM
And finally 799 again, hope we reach 800 lol.

SatsugaiDeAtsu | Sep 5, 9:20 PM
@shortbwead heyyy, thanks for joining. Keeping in mind the convo I was having with Rein, have you seen the shows, haikyuu or one piece? Or blue exorcist perhaps? What are your thoughts.

SatsugaiDeAtsu | Sep 5, 9:19 PM
@ReinIsAWeeb awww, we can discuss OP, I mean, we are as well, it would jog my memory too. Cause the guy I talked to was also someone who was ahead, way ahead of me in OP. And then I went ahead of him. And finally we both are at the same stage but both of us have it on hold. Also, Naruto is a good story, the first season is good for the first 50 eps, and even if you skip to 200 ep straight, it won't harm u, cause, God, does Naruto loves useless fillers. Though still if you can, do watch it. Then comes shippuden. Which is great. I liked it alot, but too damn slow like one piece, ans the filler eps in between arcs out of no where were a pain too. But all in all, I like Narutoes story more than one piece, sadly, one piece wins when it comes to execution of the story.

And hahaha, I feel you when you say about Sanji, but the reason I love him is, his morals about food and hunger, and secondly, he never raises a hand against any lady, and never bad mouths about them. Even if they are villian and beat him to a pulp, even if he's dying, his chivalry won my heart. Also, this reminds me, sanji's arc had an amazing scene that I might say was my favorite in the whole story.

Do tell me about that shoujo anime, I am a fan too of that genre. It feels so good to rub salt in my own wounds when watching shoujo.
And, haha, I check all the available material on an anime before starting it. Helps, you should as well. Blue exorcist was a good show but I heard that the anime didn't gave justice to many important scenes like in the Manga, so I was like, will read the Manga, though that day hasn't come up till now.

And yes, haikyuu, with all that hype, and the story ending, I still never went to the Manga, cause like you say, it's an anime, I want to see as an anime no matter what. Ufffff the hype, it's basically more high than watching a real sports competition. Love it. I don't think the Manga would be able to make me feel the way anime does. So you said true.
And Ahhhh, dbz, even if it was my childhood, I do t want to relive it. And true, dragging fights that way, it's dumb, love fairy tail for this, they wind up their fights within half a ep.

ReinIsAWeeb | Sep 4, 7:49 AM
@SatsugaiDeAtsu Dang- I wish i had someone to discusss op with lmao I feel like everyone I've seen here just started or they're done ;-; I should probably watch naruto after tho bc I've never actually seen it sadly

Ngl Sanji was a close favorite between chopper bc he's literally a hubby who can fight and idk about you but he freaking looks goooood i never thought I'd fall for fancy eye brows but here we are. I'm really looking forward to watching it more but sadly i keep getting distracted (i found a shojo and blue exorcist has another season I didnt know about smh)

I totally understand what you mean with that! I find it super super hard to read shounen manga because it doesn't give me the chills and beauty anime does. (idk if you've watched haikyuu but I could've never gotten my reactions of happiness when they socre a point from just the manga) That's pretty nice tho I really wonder why they drag out the fights in op because it makes me feel like I'm watching dbz all over again.

shortbwead | Sep 4, 6:45 AM

SatsugaiDeAtsu | Sep 4, 6:32 AM
@ReinIsAWeeb haha, I didn't need to rewatch cause, well.... my memory was fresh, and I had been discussing it with my friend, and I mean, I don't have the stamina to rewatch 516 eps.... otherwise, I would have rewatched Shippuden.

And yes, there will be new characters, and each getting their own highlight, and heck, Sanji's past is amazing and so was his arc, it's my favorite arc up till now. Basically one piece just gets better and better. And yeah, Nami, well, she, like you said,...

And i do agree with you, even though i enjoyed the manga, generally, i too prefer the anime always, especially if its shounen, I mean, the voice acting and music really takes the medium upon par to a new level. I just liked the manga more in this case because unlike the anime, it did not felt dragged or long, it felt, hypeful in each chapter, unlike the anime which got boring. though some scenes when watching anime are irreplacable.

SatsugaiDeAtsu | Sep 4, 6:26 AM
We were 799 members, one more to go for 800 3 weeks ago, and now we are 797, just how bad could my luck be, ahhhh !!

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