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Kuroko no Basket
Kuroko no Basket
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Afro Samurai
Afro Samurai
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Ao Ashi
Nov 23, 12:00 PM
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Takopii no Genzai
Takopii no Genzai
Nov 23, 11:55 AM
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Aozora to Kumorizora
Aozora to Kumorizora
Nov 22, 5:05 AM
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I just thought it was the most action packed season, and Eri was quite cool in it!
I can't explain why I enjoyed One Piece movie 6 so much, without spoiling it.... Yeah I enjoyed Platinum End too, not so much the power ranger enemy, but otherwise it was still good!
Just came back from the cinema and seeing One Piece Film Red, it's my second most favourite One Piece Film now, Film 6 being my most fave, wasn't expecting Uta to be the enemy of the film, it felt like it dragged for a little too long but typical of One Piece, I really enjoyed the songs as expected! Hope we see more of Uta in the manga and anime, because she was done really well, and love to see her become more cannon!
SetsunaDeAtsu Oct 30, 8:02 AM
Kawaiiii Satsuuuuu
Bleach wasn't my first, it's 1 of my first...
my very first was odd eps of DBZ or One Piece Pokemon etc, but very first to start on ep 1 from was actually Fairy Tail too lol, Bleach being second, and may have been first anime I finished...?
Tbf I think I gotta agree with your opinion on Bleach a little bit, apart from the fact it never picked up in hype after the soul society arc, of course as u know, I hated the Bount arc directly after the soul society saving Rukia arc, but for me, Ichigo vs Grimmjow, Ulquiora, Aizen, and all those other events in the Arrancar arc, were some of the best things to come from Bleach IMO!
But yeah it did also give off the impression that it was never supposed to be 600+ chapters long with side story galore like Burn the Witch, and Hell Verse etc and the asspulls all throughout TYBW othough I still enjoyed that arc, it was 1 of the worst manga only arcs!

Golden Kamuy is currently airing it's 4th season, and could be ending anime wise sometime soon, as manga finished not long ago! Along with Tiger and Bunny 2 Part 2 and Jojo Part 6 Part 3, is getting released in December sometime, is what I meant when I said I'd watch those sometime eventually!
Same goes for Mob which is on it's 3rd season currently, and Spy x Family Part 2, Sorry for not adding in the sequel name/part name along with the titles!

Berserk Memorial Edition is a TV rehash of the movies with some new scenes and (supposed to be) reanimated old scenes too for a 10 year anniversary thing also, this got made just as the Memorial's first episode aired, and I have no clue what it's counting down for!?

I felt that MHA was always just a boring average shonen, up until the 3rd season, but as for the 4th season, I felt like that was the best season out of the lot, only for it to take a nose dive, and go so low in season 5, that I can't really see it picking itself back up from!!

And not sure who told you about To Your Eternity, because I really liked it's adaptation!
JAKE_LUVS_ANIME Oct 11, 10:45 PM
Not a fan aye? How far into Bleach are you
I myself enjoyed it straight from ep 1, but it was 1 of my first anime I saw, and nowadays only find myself to be actually thoroughly enjoying everything by the Arrancar arc... (still love the arcs before that tho, even the filler was good imo, apart from the Bount arc, which is 1 of my least favourite filler arcs in any anime! Some of the filler arcs even changed the story and characters really well imo)
It's also my most fave of the big 3, but understandable if u don't think the same! Also to a certain degree you could jump into Bleach TYBW with no knowledge of the previous anime, as it be the same as how I hear fans skipping straight to DBZ, or DBS or skipping Jojo parts, horrible but good way to keep up without being spoilt of future events to come, and they did reintroduce the main characters and plot in ep 367...

I have listened to One Piece Red music already on youtube, and it's amazing!! All the songs!
Uh should probably have started Chainsaw Man actually, forgot it got released as been busy with work and rebinging Bleach, on ep 26.

What anime have you got planned from Fall season to watch? Coz I've got a lot and curious on your choices?
Sunday consists of Spy x Family, Yowamushi Pedal, To Your Eternity, Blue Lock, MHA (maybe, I have low hopes for the current season, as the previous was kinda trash) then mondays Gundam Witch from Mercury, Bleach TYBW (was supposed to be a tuesday release, but got leaked early) Berserk memorial edition (only for hopes of a remake of the 2016 series) tuesday Golden Kamuy, wednesday Eminence in Shadow, Chainsaw Man, thursday Mob Psycho 100, Saturday Mairimashita, friday Urusei Yatsura remake
Also eventually Tiger and Bunny and Jojo part 6 as they get released all at once! And am watching One Piece somewhat weekly, and caught up...

Totalling to 17 anime, no plans on dropping any, but no clue if I could possibly keep up whatsoever!
JAKE_LUVS_ANIME Oct 11, 12:15 AM
Good to hear
Algud take your time!
LUCKY, I'm in NZ and I have to wait till November 6th before it's available in my cinemas, and I don't want to watch One Piece Red any other way than theatres yet!!
Just been rewatching Bleach tho currently as ep 367 got me hyped up and wanting more!!
Lxzee Oct 10, 5:46 PM
Happy Late Birthday fren! ♥ (We're 3 days apart lol!)
Scholar_Weeb Oct 10, 7:47 AM
That's nice. Thanks for accepting again.
Scholar_Weeb Oct 5, 5:50 AM
i thought, we were friends here from our first contact.
Mrassassin124 Aug 29, 12:06 PM
when the teacher speaks in class this dude tells them to be quiet,.
jajeet90 Jul 27, 9:25 AM
great fairy tail review
JAKE_LUVS_ANIME Jul 24, 11:41 PM
Sorry I never replied earlier, wasn't sure what to reply with, as thought I already mentioned all I needed to about my thoughts on Slime...
I still don't feel like anime being anime would necessarily fix my issue I had with season 2 part 1,

Most of the recaps I mentioned were actually OVA's but Chrunchyroll mixed them in with season 2, and I ended up having to trudge through them, not knowing at first they were recaps...

Anyway, I caught covid recently, and been kinda absent from anime recently, been seeing A Series of Unfortunate Events, His Dark Materials, Stranger Things, and other movies or shows...

And just wondering how you been?
Sorry I missed the date, just found out, but happy birthday, hope it went well!
Danielf6 Jul 12, 9:47 AM
I've never seen you before, but happy birthday!
Kevin10th Jul 12, 4:21 AM
Happy Birthday Satsu. Wishing you all the best for your 22nd birthday :)
Coolest1234D Jul 12, 1:11 AM