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Days: 230.7
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Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love Comedy
Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love Comedy
Nov 25, 1:19 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Maoujou de Oyasumi
Maoujou de Oyasumi
Nov 25, 12:03 AM
Watching -/12 · Scored -
Hachimitsu to Clover Specials
Hachimitsu to Clover Specials
Nov 24, 1:59 AM
Watching -/2 · Scored -
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Days: 91.1
Mean Score: 7.05
  • Total Entries300
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  • Chapters14,267
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Nov 24, 2:22 AM
Reading -/117 · Scored -
29 to JK
29 to JK
Nov 24, 12:19 AM
Completed 29/29 · Scored 7
Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta
Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta
Nov 23, 10:56 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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Mesacboy Nov 22, 11:40 AM
Hi, sorry for the delayed response! I did warn you I was inactive haha
I think I remember getting the friend request, but I mustn't have known it was you. Feel free to send another, I'm happy to join that server! I can't promise how active I'll be but I might pop in every now and then to say hello :)
Thanks for the offer!

Yeahhh, Ayanokouji especially stands out to me! He would've been on my favourites too but I just didn't know enough about him and his motives from the anime alone to really make that decision. Was looking forward to Elite season 2, but that never came sadly.
Asta was on my own faves too at one point, but he got replaced... He'd make the top 20 if I had one for sure (lucky you and your MAL supporter privileges smh)

I get you! Whether or not we like or resonate with a character isn't a fully conscious process hahah. We don't decide "I will like this person".
Niceee, I'm actually only a year into the course at the moment lol. Enjoying it a lot so far though.

I see what you mean! Personally I liked his character development, seeing him go from an anti-social incel to a functioning member of society... but I only liked the final result. I wasn't really a fan of how he got to that point. It just felt like it happened kinda abruptly, rather than focusing on him gradually opening up more and more to those around him. This is me going off of a vague memory of the show though so I might be totally wrong here, but I just wish there was more focus on his development rather than it happening silently.

Obviously I prefer his character in season 1/2 vs. season 3. The reason I love him so much is his grumpy and pessimistic charm, and that starts to fade in season 3. BUT, I still think of him as the same character. He still went through the personality phases that made me love him in the first two seasons, so I still consider him an amazing protagonist. The way I see it is that he developed into a better person, but someone much less interesting and unique as a result... but I'm fine with that. He's better off how he is now rather than how he started imo.
Those are my (summarized) thoughts on him lol
KimikouJapan Nov 3, 11:09 AM
I am a fan too, the problem with fairy tail is that it's so long, so sometimes I want to watch something else, but now I really want to finish!
KimikouJapan Nov 3, 11:08 AM
Thank you so much for the recommendations, I'll definitely read it :)
Mesacboy Oct 31, 1:06 PM
What's up dude, thanks for the request!
I usually don't accept requests nowadays since I'm super inactive on here (outside of updating lists), but I'll make another exception lol. Sorry in advance if I reply slow from time to time, life has been on the hectic side lately.

I appreciate you resonating with my faves! You've got some neat ones yourself, though they're much more varied and diverse than mine lol

Nice observation with the whole psychology thing. It wasn't actually a conscious decision to have so many characters on there like that, but I'm currently studying psychology and it's one of my interests, so yeah I guess it makes sense haha

Of course, I'm actually rewatching Oregairu right now (though at a snail's pace), so that sounds good to me. I'm curious what fuel you may have for this "heated discussion", do you not like him?
clarissa3658 Oct 3, 8:45 PM
Oh boy, I feel like a need to give an in-depth review for that haha. I think I watched it back in 2018 or early 2019 so it's not fresh in my mind but I'll do my best!

The short version is I couldn't stand the amount of miscommunication, esp in the second season. Sawako was so clueless and kept shooting herself in the foot, I mean she is in a situation where the feelings are mutual between her and her crush and yet... ~sigh

For e.g. I'll always remember the scene with her and Kazehaya where they're at school and he confesses to her "That's right. Kuronuma, I like you" and she replies "If you say it like that, it could be taken the wrong way" like omggggggg
Wait now I'm mad, I need to get the transcript lmao -
Ok this is literally how it goes:

Kazehaya: I did those things because I like you. I've never treated you the same as everyone else. I like you, Kuronuma. Do you like me?
Sawako: *cries*
Kazehaya: But...I guess your 'like' is different to mine?
Sawako: Yeah...

MAN it got me riled up - I remember I ranted about it to my friend during lunch the next day XD I thought it was the dumbest thing I'd ever seen. I just hate when they drag the story on for no reason

The rest of the show was good though, it had a lot of things I liked about it. I loved Kazehaya's character, Sawako and her friends, the comedy, the art style, and I loved the OPs (esp the 2nd!)

I gave the manga a higher rating though. Once they finally got together and the story went on - it was really good!

So yeah, in answer to your Q - I would have probably rated it higher if it weren't for the amount of unnecessary miscommunication & drama, and the frustration it gave me. Otherwise it was a decent anime, and for me I still consider a 7 a decent score nonetheless :)
clarissa3658 Oct 3, 8:45 PM
Hahaha I guess I truly am a millennium baby! How lucky that both of us 2000's-born never have to worry about remembering how old we are ;)
sorry not sure what you mean
I don't know if I'd consider it a 10/10 yet, but I feel like it might be for the final episode, don't know if you have watched the latest episode, but looks like all the witches are going to fight each other in the final episode, could be quite interesting!
Anjira Sep 7, 3:23 PM
Haha oh really? I guess I will take that as a compliment. But yeah I’ve loved anime for a long time lol. Some of my first series were Sailor Moon and Dbz and then I started to branch out into different genres once I started to grow up.

Oh nice. Here in the US we have all of the Ghibli movies on HBO max and last one I watched was Porco Rosso. That was really funny and charming and I enjoyed it. And my top 3 would have to be Howls moving castle, Totoro and Ponyo. I know howls has a lot of plot holes but I loved the world building and characters so much. Oh, and Kikis delivery service was very cute as well, recently rewatched that. And yeah the two spirited away movies that I think get too overhyped are spirited away and princess mononoke. While I enjoyed Mononoke it’s not my favorite and it was crazy long. I had to take multiple bathroom breaks during it lol. And wind rises is another one I really need to watch, it looks beautiful. And I could use some more inspiration myself.
Anjira Sep 5, 9:36 AM
No worries when you can reply reply I don’t mind. And nice! What ghibli movies did ya watch? I still have some to go through myself like Castle in the sky and only yesterday. Also I want to rewatch Ponyo cause that movie was so freaking cute.

Ah okay I will stay quiet about spoilers then. For me I prefer to watch shows as they are airing usually so the discussion stays fresh but I find that it works more for original anime than one based off of adaptations. Also I’m not much of a binge watcher. I’ll usually watch a couple of episodes of something and then be like I gotta go do something else lol.

Oh yeah Emiya is a really great character and Unlimited blade works is a great character arc. Gilgamesh is a fantastic antagonist who you know is a horrible human being but you can’t help but like them a little bit as well. If you like Gilgamesh I would also recommend checking out the Babylon anime but also make sure you are at least a bit familiar with the fate grand order universe before you do cause it can be confusing.

And for me, Saber is the first female character I truly resonated with. About ten years ago during college,(yeah this will show my age), I finished the original fate stay night visual novel after playing for 100 hours. I completed all of the arcs and got all of the bad endings so I had a special ending with Saber and it was just so beautiful and I was so touched emotionally and from then she’s been my one true which since. Obvious spoiler warning but you can watch it on YouTube. It’s called fate stay night Realta Nua ending.
I change my mind about Re:Zero, huge spoiler for the latest episode, so I won't say anything about what happened, but dang, I'm shocked, I'd like to hear your thoughts when you watch it!?
Anjira Aug 29, 8:27 PM
Ah it’s no problem! A few weeks ago I couldn’t comment on anybody’s pages because of the captcha issue so thankfully that had been fixed. Also you may see me on but sometimes I’m just updating my list from an old third party app. But I do try to get back to everyone in a timely manner haha.

Yeah I don’t get all of the beef with Re zero either. This season is amazing, (and if you’re up to date let’s chat about it)! But like all I ever hear is the banter over which girl is better and not the actual quality of the show. There’s a similar issue with the Fate Stay Night community too. With the heavens feel movies that are out it’s bringing up a lot of Sakura hate again. Like, Saber has been my waifu for over 10 years since I played the original visual novel but I 100 percent Sakura as a character and Heavens Feel is actually my favorite story arc of the game.

As far as Monogatari I generally watched as it came out but the latter parts I kind of watched out of order. I really need to one of these days rewatch the second season and everything after that to get a refresher, (I rewatched the first and nise recently so).
JAKE_LUVS_ANIME Aug 29, 12:53 AM
good to hear
JAKE_LUVS_ANIME Aug 27, 12:20 AM
ac works
Also wondering what's your thoughts on the latest Re:Zero season, I'm so far not liking it as much as the first season, apart from the latest episode and (spoilers if you're not caught up) when Subaru goes through the witch trial and gets to admit his troubles to his Dad, which he had been wanting to do for a while.
Terminator19708 Aug 25, 9:25 AM
I would have given Kimi no Na wa a 4 or 5, but while I was watching the movie, I was constantly looking at the time, and I was pissed at the end where those two did not get together. It was the most boring anime I have ever seen. The reason why I found it so boring cause on my profile about 95% of the anime I completed are action, horror, and thriller (my favorite genres. However I found comedies, slices of life, and romance anime pretty boring. Now that does not mean I don't ming few comedy, slice of life moments or romance moments, I just don't want them to be the main theme.