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My final thoughts on Netflix avatar

I really enjoyed it, a lot of scenes I felt were handled better in Netflix version, I think the animation othough really good, doesn't hold up as well as the cartoon did, the fight coreography is amazingly done, but some scenes did look a little stiff at times, acting was a bit off at times, but better then the mess of the Last Airbender!

I felt that the face stealer arc was a little rushed, expecially so towards the end, I'm glad it has a similar feel in music, and grateful they kept in cabbages man, Bumi seemed better handled in Netflix too I reckon!
Speaking of which, Are you watching Netflix Avatar Live Action, I just saw the first episode, and i'm really enjoying it!

I even thought a majority of scenes were handled better then the cartoon, which I already consider a masterpiece, I might give it another episode, but I have to head to work in a couple hours, so yeah, can't watch all of it yet...
JAKE_LUVS_ANIME Feb 20, 11:49 PM
Yeah I deffinately will share my thoughts lol

I did end up giving another episode to Metallic Rouge before deciding to drop, but I will surely check it out again, when it's finished airing!

I did just watch twenty five twenty one trailer, and didn't really look like something I'd enjoy...

what's wrong with western anime?
You like RWBY, Avatar, (I guess Scott Pilgrim, but barely in western category) Castlevania didn't you?

Also there's a berserk fan project currently being animated that I think could be counted? I felt the first episode was a bit meh, but the second ep was rather good...
JAKE_LUVS_ANIME Feb 14, 11:06 PM
Well I checked out Ninja Kamui, that was actually really awesome, it's being produced by Warner Brother and Adult Swim as well, was why MAL was slow on putting on their database, bcoz, they nearly chose not to consider it an anime.

Mal database isn't really that well constructed if you ask me on what they do and don't consider anime, but oh well...

I really reccomend it if you didn't know about it, and get the chance.
Sorry I didn't mean that the animation is bad for Solo Leveling, I just feel like they're setting it up to do similar to what they did with SAO.

Ishura I did give a few episodes to, I was kinda liking it, but I figured I might watch it later on when finished.

Sasakii and Pii, I only really watched the trailer for but yet to try... It does look interesting tho

Yeah Bucchigiri was quite fun, I've only seen the first episode so far.

I did just find out about a anime, that look interesting, that is airing, that I didn't notice at first, I get the feeling it may have been missed due to the fact it was an original anime, and I checked before MAL had it up: Ninja Kamui, so I might choose to give it a go tonight if I get the time...

I actually haven't watched any anime since my last message, I did watch Boy Swallows Universe a couple days ago tho, which was really good, really dark too!
YubiYuub Feb 13, 2:14 AM
cool hito @_@
Nya_chan5623 Feb 7, 6:34 AM
Yeah, I'm actually considering just going for something like that, what about you? How is uni for you
Yea I totally agree on Tokyo Revengers, tbf especially their delinquint side just seems high school Japan trope more so, then middle school, unless involved due to family, I can't see that many middle schoolers all being the delinquint type!

I haven't continued Metallic Rouge, since it's 2nd ep, I don't want to drop it, but I also don't want to continue lol

"The wrong way to use healing magic" is 1 I dropped on first episode, just couldn't get into it.

Mato Seihei, I actually did enjoy, I don't know why I dropped it out of my list tbf, I guess, lowest in my list of enjoyment?
But I somehow still have Metallic Rouge lol...
I'll give another shot lol
Didn't know it was by author of Akame ga Kill, which I personally didn't enjoy, anime was very OTT, loud MC, generic cast, okay story, very freaking poor ending!
and I don't think manga was that much of an improvement, with it's ending either!

I overlooked 7 Loop, so will try later...

a Sign of Affection, I dropped, because I don't currently feel up for a Romance show, but is certainly 1 I will pick up later down the line!

I am deffinately not enjoying Solo Leveling, I'm only watching it, due to being overconvinced by hype train, and finding crap instead, much like how I felt about Makima Sword Art Online, and Naruto (anime/manga not character) and more!

Solo Leveling is just screaming SAO all over again to me, poorly written MC, doesn't help he prefers solo, just like Kirito, feels rushed, in a bad way, animation is, blended I prefer to explain it: the normal odd colour pallette to hide the poor animation like SAO did, just this time more so bland then flashy!

Gushing Over Magical Girls was for me an immediate drop, I was kinda hoping for something similar to DxD plot only magical girls instead of demons, but instead we get a s*xually assualting lesbian mc who is 12, feels like fbi was going to break down my door the whole way through the first ep!!

And the other anime I dropped that I didn't exactly want to is: Classroom Elite S3, (never enjoyed S1 or 2, was only in it as I felt like it may get great later on, but lost all interest for now...
The Unwanted Undead Adventurer, for cliche reasons.
Tales of Wedding Rings for cliche reasons.
And the Foolish Angel Dances With the Devil, didn't like comedy, but love the story!
Nya_chan5623 Jan 31, 5:07 PM
Yea same feeling, maybe it’s just not a thing for us now xD Its my last sem in HS before Uni but I’m not sure what to pick between engineering, business, or anything 3d modelling/arrangement related
JAKE_LUVS_ANIME Jan 14, 12:27 AM
Yeah that is rather annoying, but thanks for trying again, after having a issue with your reply the first time!!

So gotta agree about Netflix Death Note, it was so terrible, there's actually a lot of Live Actions on Death Note, 5 films, and 1 Live Action tv show, also talks that the director of Stranger Things wants to create a Death Note film, after finishing Stranger Things, which I am looking forward too if he is...

Uh I guess I'll explain a bit, there's the Japanese trilogy LA Death Note, where they make Light even more evil, and Near isn't in it kinda, which is why I think it's the best live action ever, coz I hated Near, and to get rid of him was a huge improvement! I can't really state more without spoilers

The Death Note TV Show was at times downright terrible, at times fairly good, so basically I don't think it's worth it, Near and Mello, take on more screen time, and are mass murderers, is how they try and discover who Kira is, a lot less screen time for L, Light, and Misa Misa, all the boys, look prettied up like a typical fan girl korean music artist if you understand what I mean?

Of course you know the Netflix 1, and then there's a film, that's supposed to be a sequel to the original trilogy, that's not easy to find, it had a good concept, but didn't really go anywhere! there's 7 death notes, and Misa is gathering them all to ressurect Light, it's not explained well at all how that works lol, Light and Misa have a son too, (Death Note Light up the New World was the name)

I don't think a lot of Ghost in the Shell is worth it, a lot of the media has not aged well, I can only really reccomend the first ever movie, as that is a literal masterpiece, really surprised me, it's also what inspired the Matrix films, if you liked those?

Oh and the Laughing Man series (still talking about Ghost in the Shell), it's slow, but it has a really interesting concept!

I do see the hype for Bebop, but yeah definitely not a god anime lol!

I'm kinda skipping a bunch of anime from this season, that I usually wouldn't, just because, I still have 15 anime, to watch, from sequels and previous season still going, and I was starting to struggle on catching up with my I think over 30 anime list of last season, despite doing really well for like 7 weeks, on keeping up...

I might pick them back up if I get more time later lol...

Uh I kinda liked Tokyo Revengers lol, I like it's story, the characters are really poor tho if you ask me!

Metallic Rouge, is seeming alright so far, kinda cliche, to me, but I might keep up with it, I think I'm mostly looking forward to Frieren tbf!

I feel like Scott Pilgrim anime needs to be seen second, because, of the whole evil Scott going back in time to stop Scott from dating Ramona, and I feel like it be incredibly confusing to new comers, if they see the main character killed off with in the first episode, also the film had more character development for Knives and Scott, but otherwise I felt the show was better!
Nya_chan5623 Jan 13, 9:24 PM
Yea mostly busy in uni nowadays, but I'm trying to be more active this year. I guess I'm not as active on Discord much anymore because most of the people I know (including you) are not active as well either, and new people keep coming up so I kinda feel out of place lol so ig I just vanished hahaha xD It's kinda lonely sometimes so I'm trying to find a place to sort of belong to yknow and keep doing gfx and meet new friends. Kinda sad but not really, it's just part of life ig.
I generally don't understand the incentive that all live actions were awful in the past, lol, I mean, yeah sure we had downright horrible adaptations, like Dragon Ball Evolution and Avatar the Last Airbender, but Death Note's original 2006 trilogy live action still to this day is the most best live action adaptation I've seen!
And the only other ones I hate that are somewhat recent, is Netflix Death Note, Parasyte, Attack on Titan and Zom 100.

Unpopular opinion but I think the Cowboy Bebop live action also improved upon the anime, as I found the anime to be quite boring upon viewing, while I Absolutely loved it's live action.

Also I personally never had an issue with the Ghost in the Shell Live action, yet that 1 was incredibly hated upon release. Not as good as the anime at all, but deffinately don't think it deserved the hate it got!

And any anime, just as well can have bad adaptations, like Tokyo Ghoul, Promised Neverland, Deadman Wonderland, the list goes on!

Hope the job goes well for you!

I'd reccomend waiting on Dangers in my Heart, as it is seeming off to a slow start, but that's my thought.

I really loved Blue Exorcist's first season, I actually watched having not known it was partially filler, and thought it managed to conclude things well enough, and was quite confused when I heard about Season 2, that I ended up researching, and still liked season 2, but not as much as s1, and from an anime only stand point, doesn't really fit in well I think!

Dr. Stone is quite a bit slow paced especially so the anime, it's not your typical battle shonen, the only thing I think it succeeds in is probably the best world building I've ever seen, but it does take a bit of episodes to start to notice it!
Hey mate, you enjoying the new year?
Been a while, so thought I might send a comment and see if you're doing algud?

I checked out Dangers in My Heart's second season out yesterday, still quite a bit enjoying it, also checked out the new season of Ao No Exorcist, I remember hearing apparently the manga goes downhill, but didn't really expect it to be that bad, but not sure if it's due to the studio change as well?
Midievalfantasy Dec 30, 2023 6:44 PM
Thank you. Fairy Tail is amazing!
Akiyama2000 Dec 19, 2023 1:41 AM
True. The Quincy Invasion Arc Part 1 wasn't as good as the original series. It just felt like something was missing. But the animation was way better than the original series. That's why I rated TYBW Arc Part 1 a 8.6 and the original series a 9.7 out of 10. I think TYBW Part 2 is way better than Part 1. I would rate part 2 a 9.2 out of 10. But I think Yhwach is a better villain then Aizen. As yes Aizen did injure the soul society captains while yhwach and the quincies were able to kill some captains. But I think writing wise Aizen is better while Damage to the soul society wise Yhwach is better. And yes watching the filler is definitely, mathematically, mythologically, logically not worth it. the damn filler is what made me drop Bleach 2 times!
I would say to skip the damned filler and watch the canon parts of Bleach.
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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