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Beelzebub-jou no Okinimesu mama.
Beelzebub-jou no Okinimesu mama.
Nov 30, 7:40 AM
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Nov 30, 5:47 AM
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Fruits Basket 2nd Season
Fruits Basket 2nd Season
Nov 30, 5:42 AM
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Dengeki Daisy
Dengeki Daisy
Nov 30, 5:46 AM
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Hana to Akuma
Hana to Akuma
Nov 30, 5:46 AM
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Taiyou no Ie
Taiyou no Ie
Nov 30, 5:46 AM
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the censorship wasn't fully gone, in episode 5 they went back and forward between red blood for the more bloodier scenes, but yet tiny instances of blood, or just when they started bleeding it was white, and made for weird transitions, that was not as awful as the first episode, but still stupid! I wanted to also say I've seen 2006 anime with better animation then this, like Kenichi, Reborn which has over 200 episodes, into 2003 FMA came out, heck even Studio Pierrot made a really old anime, with animation that looks far better then this, and Pierrot doesn't hold up anymore in story, direction or animation at all lately! Animation doesn't seem to be hitting the high points it used to! It's like companies just care about continuing the stories people have come to love, for getting money sake, instead of making something that will stand out as the next best anime, like most companies seemed to have attempted in the past! I'd say manga would be the way to go with Nanatsu no Taizai!
AnimeboyAnubhab Nov 30, 10:34 AM
I am on the side of Justice and Logic. I completely support decisions that satisfy both conditions, so there's nothing to thank me about.

Whoa, you are putting so much significance to my simple one-line story?! That's amazing :D

That's great! I believe you should take a personality test here, if you haven't:

I am staying as a Paying Guest, since I am not a very great admirer of Hostel environment. Hostel peer groups play a significant role in making or breaking your career, so I felt it's not worth taking a risk. Moreover, I wanted privacy and no interference with my studies, that's why I made this decision.
There was a vote conducted in our class for the Class Representative, and almost everyone voted for me (I still don't know on what parameters they felt like electing me). But yeah, I like this responsibility even though it sometimes gets really cumbersome.
Mei-o_Scarlett Nov 30, 5:08 AM
cause all 950 chapters are eleased as 1 page chapters daily

then they release it as manga vol, combining like 16 page as 1 chapter, and like 7 chapter into 1 vol
so 8 vol and 56 chapters

dont mind the vas
King_of_Salt Nov 30, 3:37 AM
Great to hear about "GE" I'm also putting it on my list, the author just make good material.

Uhh I see, Sankarea disappointed you, as for Yamada-kun it will be an over-all joy, when I get to reading it. :D

Sucks to hear that you have little time, try your best to not stay away from what we love the most.

Lol, yup author is definitely a woman, she's the best.

My boy been through the ringer, Desu <----(Petelgeuse)

Owari no Seraph, I'm hoping it never ends, but you show catch up it gets super juicy with the Angels. ;D

CommanderPhoenix Nov 30, 2:14 AM
Currently finishing the Kara no Kyoukai series, then there's numerous anime films i want to watch.
Starting with Seishun Buta movie and I wish i had access to the Saekano movie but since i don't either Konosuba or i'll go back to another series i put off forever (Monogatari).

Also figuring out what light novels / manga to start reading, and i think i'll start with the Saekano light novels and see how i like them. That's about it for December. For the longest time i didn't care to read manga it just didn't captivate me like anime, but something changed when i was watching Hi Score Girl II and really wanted to find out what happened next. Then all of sudden i'm reading chapters of it and now i feel like an idiot for not doing it years ago.
HairyWeeb Nov 30, 1:53 AM
You’ve already watched so much, i need to do some binging to catch up -_-... Anyway yea glad you accepted, we have a few favorites in common and it’s always cool to share that with people, especially fairy tail ^~^
CommanderPhoenix Nov 27, 12:16 AM
Hi, i actually finished Kakeguri recently myself. Seems like you quite liked it.
It really reminded me of classroom of the elite. Anyway are you planning on watching anything in the near future?
it really sucks that nearly all animation wise, quality is going to powerpoint and gifs animation lately, in majority of the newer anime, like Fairy Flail, One Pun Man, and Seven Deadly sin Smeliodas and many more great anime! like I'd honestly prefer if they did cg it, even if it was their usual cg quality, bcoz this is just really poor, and stupid, and there was some more silly censors in episode 5, and 6 was decent, a 3000 year old remake on stuff we have already seen done better in the original, -_-, heck episode 5 wouldn't stop swapping between white then red blood, it was kinda disturbing, the censorship, isn't helping, it's just making it worse!!
JAKE_LUVS_ANIME Nov 20, 10:28 PM
eh Seven Deadly Sins, got... better, not great, it still has odd censors with sunlight gleam, and blood at the start of episode 2, but other then that, the animation is still poor, at least the CG is low, something A1 did a lot, but they did an amazing job of it, while this, it's like they forgot CG existed unfortunately, and the stills are still everywhere, sorry for the pun, and big spoiler ahead... this arc about Dianne and King, was a great start, bad execution, spending 3000 years in the alternate universe past, when the sins were only 2 alive, of Meliodas, and Elizabeth, in only men bodies, of the enemies, and censorship, is now officially gone for now...
JAKE_LUVS_ANIME Nov 19, 11:09 PM
I can't believe this, so I just started the seven Deadly Sins season 3 (as I don't consider that 4 episode sequel/remake of the final episodes of season 1, a season 2, as it really didn't touch on anything important, while yes it cleared minor plot holes, but they really could have continued on from where S1 ended off!!)

And I was a huge fan of A1 pictures adaption of the SDS series, even enjoyed the movie for what it was, the animation, fights, story, everything felt like a win, except some minor censorship, and minor pacing issues, but the pacing issues had been resolved by the time the second season came out, but Studio Deens adaptation has already made me immediately feel like dropping from the first episode, it was that poor!

Not once I don't think I have wanted to drop an anime from the first episode of the new season, of something that I used to love, (well apart from Tokyo Ghoul RE, but then again, I never really found a love for the anime, not even season 1, it was the manga that made me love the story!)

But now minor spoiler warning, we have stills for nearly anything, bad guys punching themselves, return of the sunlight b*oby censors, when they weren't in SDS before hand, and white blood.... WHITE BLOOD, WHY? well I can see SDS lost to no nut november lol, had to, but seriously this heavily flawed now, I might stick to it for a few more episodes, but I unfortunately don't see the show anywhere!

What A1 should have done was take maybe even a 2 year hold till they continued, or even Studio Deen waiting a bit longer before jumping in! Because this is really poor!
It's been a while since we last talked, u algud?
_TheWhiteWolf_ Nov 11, 7:00 AM
Haha, well yes. Such people are a pain. And I had to run away from such people. Maybe I am spineless??

I suggest you to watch Darker than black ASAP. I mean, if you don't I'll...…… Wait. Why does this scene feel so familiar
Yeah, that feeing...……...I still remember it. I want to read 50 manga and feel something like that now, smh.

Well I've rewatched Haikyuu like over 10 times, FMA:B...………...Idk how many times I watched it and one bl anime like a lot of times!! It's just that all the anime you watch are to your high liking while that is not the case for others. Or so for me.
I really need to watch Steins Gate and Boku Dake ga Inai Machi now. You got me there.

I'm okay with the drum beat...………. But the rest...……….. I remember this one serial where a lady's granddaughter gets married and this woman looks like a 20-ish yr old. Not even a single grey hair strand let alone white. Serial Logic.

Lol, bgm Here comes the Hotstepper But yeah.....Sounds pretty badass, though you're quite cute according to me. smacks head Saying guys are cute ain't much of a complement baka

Oh yeah, shojo manga...……… Have you read Dengeki Daisy?? It is my most favourite!!!

Thanks a lot.... And idk? I just wanted to do it and...…………..Voila!!
AnimeboyAnubhab Nov 10, 10:40 AM
Well, I would say that even after having ominous hindrances and hurdles in your life, you know it pretty well how to deal with most of them. Sometimes, the best way to tackle an issue is by ignoring it completely and exiting the stage at the right moment and let others do their things in their own way. I stand with you for your brave decisions.

I am amazed that you actually you put so much effort in deciding your username. This is exactly where I suck the most. While I was signing up for MAL, I was pretty confused about selecting my username; but then I finally went with what my school friends used to call me, "Animeboy".

That's superb. In Psychology, have you studied about MBTI personality yet?
And YES! My hardwork and preparation completely paid off and now I am studying Electronics and Communication Engineering at one of the most prestigious colleges of the country! And guess what, I am the Class Representative too! ;D
CommanderPhoenix Nov 9, 10:50 PM
This just aired:
I'm waiting for it to be released with subs i'll let you know if i find it before you. It's technically a prequel according to MAL.
CommanderPhoenix Nov 9, 10:45 PM
I really enjoyed Re:Zero when it was airing, but 12 episodes in i put on-hold and didn't finish it till 2-3 years later after the full dub release. Re-watched from episode 1 and loved it even more. With Fairy Tail it was on-hold for a few years then i continued where i left off (Fairy Tail 2014) and grinded through it. LOVED IT. Whenever i find an anime that makes me feel strong emotions i look for a theme song i can listen to regularly to keep the memories / emotions alive. The most recent show that had that effect on me was Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend.